Construction Emoji

A sign used to indicate roadwork or construction. Generally shown as yellow and black diagonal stripes, and often used to physically block access to a road or area.

Construction was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Construction Sign” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🚧 Black And Yellow Striped Sign

🚧 Roadwork

🚧 Roadwork Sign

Unicode Name

🚧 Construction Sign


🚧 U+1F6A7




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.      🚀      a paramount Frenchman   💡  a juror       🚧      an acquiescence

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55 days left yaa amry ❤️🚧

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Shaila is 🅰️vailable💋Naughty💋 Gona Tease Till U Beg!💋Travel🖇️Host🚧LYNNWOOD🚦078 617 1601

Omo Iya Eleja ‏@motivatedgeorge

@smartalphabets Still under construction 🚧

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Traffic lights 🚦🚨🚘🚧 em Teresina

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邪鬼眼でも治水旅がしたい🎄🎋🕯🔮✨宇治平等院鳳凰堂 ‏@SMLanimetanbou

【🚧FEMA Region IX⚠️】FEMA Offers Free Advice on Repair and Rebuilding at the DIY Home Center in Thousand Oaks

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Yellow tape around his body it’s a fucking homicide🚧

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Clothing line in the making 🚧

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EVERYBODY GOT PROBLEMS (Click link in my bio) 🚨🚨🚨🚧🚧🚧

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⚠️🚧ROAD WORKS REMINDER🚧⚠️ Water main relocation works will continue on Verney / Balaclava Road intersection. Traff…

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Take 🚧 when it comes to your data. #DoD #GovernmentAgencies #IoT Read how 👉🏽

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YNW Flexer🐍🌎 ❤ ‏@1Dfinnz

not Virgils, Off White🚧

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Let's Bop! 🎶 The John Peel Centre  📢 Road Closure Notice  🚧  🚘 ⚠ -

⚖️ ‏@cocovschanell

Texas ain’t gone not never have construction 🚧

__Monique ‏@ImDEE_Answer

My knee is under construction 🚧😂

HALFOFYOU ‏@halfxyou

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⏫ the fact 📝📰 that he did 🕴️ something gay 🧔🍆🍑💦💦😱😍 and it makes absolutely 🙏🙌 no sense to 2️⃣✌️ say that you 👶🤓 are…

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In probing the McCabe-Rosenstein coup against Trump, AG Barr MUST question the ringleader: 🚧Barack Obama🚧👏

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🚧🚧🚧🚧ATTN: All High School Players in Arkansas! Fill out a free PBR profile so when we come see you play this HS sea…

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Out Now!!🚧🔥🚧🔥

Anahi ‏@iamAnahiPonce

@nikki_barrera It’s been under construction 🚧 for like 2 years now 🙃

Pittsburg Police, CA ‏@PittsburgPD

🚨🚧TRAFFIC ADVISORY🚧🚨 Please avoid the area of Leland Rd. and Loveridge Rd. due to a traffic collision that is under…

Jorshta ‏@JorshtaMusic

🚧🚜👷🏼‍♂️ new proyects

White River State Park🌿 ‏@WhiteRiverStPrk

🚧 UNDER CONSTRUCTION 🚧 You talked and we listened, White River State Park will be adding permanent restrooms befor…


Every time a police car turns into my hood, I jump over another fence. So this minute I'm doing ok.🤣🤣🤣🚔🚧🤸‍♀️

⚜️♦️Nupe 4rm Dah Boot♦️⚜️ ‏@nupe4rm_dahboot

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Trailhead ‏@trailhead

🚧 Reminder: Webassessor will be temporarily down for scheduled maintenance tomorrow, Wednesday, February 20th from…

Phil Gilmartin ‏@PMGilmartin

@LindaLindadrake Sometimes she gets Bruno going at it too! 🚧🕳🚧

TampaPD ‏@TampaPD

🚔🚧#TRAFFIC should avoid the area near MLK Blvd between 26th St & 30th St as Tampa Police conduct an investigation.…

Tree Pittsburgh ‏@TreePgh

@Dippy_the_Dino Bud I think you mean |🚘| 🕳️ | 🌳_______________ | 🚧🚍 | | museum | | | |…

Blaise ‏@blaisem21

Hey you 🖐😍out there beyond the wall 🚧😤 breaking bottles in the hall 🤪🍾 would you help me ❓❓😏🤞

CACC Softball ‏@CACC_Softball

TWICS 📝 (6) Week in Review DEFENSE 🚧 Putouts (C/ 1B) Huston 26 CParker 18 Mitchell 13 Putouts (Other Positions) Ho…

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Summertime/25th birthday >>... 🤫🚧

ruaTimeTraveler2? ‏@ruaTimeTraveler

@Cinnabon 🌨 Hoosier🙃 from Greenwood Indiana🖖✌ Dodging Chuckholes 🕳🗯%&$🚧

Dee ‏@DiniRodriguez15

Target in Clark Patio Set under Construction 🚧. @CarolLpez11 @GabwithAb

SEAFOODSTEW4 ‏@seafoodstew4

@MattMulcahy Like beauty, GREAT is in the eye of the beholder😍😡.........or which side of the fence you're on🚧

beMatrix ‏@beMatrix

Under construction 🚧 @bematrix at @EIS_event, Santa Fe #Mexico 🌵#eventprofs #Intercontinental

Great Northern ‏@GNRailUK

🚧👷️ Engineering works are taking place tonight. ℹ️More info - 🗺️ Plan ahead -…

Dark ‏@DarkChaptersGG

🚧Dark under construction 🚧

City of Cambridge ‏@cityofcambridge

🚧 Heads up drivers - Fountain St will be closed between King & Jacob on Fri, Feb 22 at 9pm until Sat, Feb 23 around…

Pheasantland Industries ‏@Pheasantland

#TransformationTuesday calls for another before & after! This Game Fish & Parks is finished and ready to go. 🚧

💦👅💎Beejay💎👅💦 ‏@beejay15649605

🚧🚧New song drops soon (Dey Gee by @Jvst_Daniels )🚧🚧

Sleepy Hollow Group ‏@sleepyhollowgp

🚧Caution🚧 Aeronautical Engineers at work ... top secret space mission underway at our half term camps…

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Shamsu Mua'zu Saraki ‏@ZuShamsu

2019 we are goinying to vote for president buhari in shallah 🚧🚧🚧

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TMA Bucks ‏@tmabucks

🚧 Be informed before you hit the road! #BucksCounty road work, traffic restrictions & construction updates are alwa…

Dippy the Dinosaur ‏@Dippy_the_Dino

driving through Pittsburgh like: |🚘| 🕳️ | _______________ | 🚧🚍 | | museum | | | |…

Ernst Eck ‏@ernst_eck

Feminists are a 🚧.

kylieluvr ♡s teshseok ‏@busanpoet

we are experiencing a teshseok LOCDOWN 🚧 non teshseokers dont interact and instead go celebrate two years of love today

Sheri ‏@marshmelones

Goodbye gross concrete slab! 🔨 🚧

SouthWestWater Help ‏@SWWHelp

🚧 In Your Area 🚧 - PL2 - Plymouth - Melville Road - We are pleased to advise that supplies are now restored followi…

ForHerCosmetics ‏@forhercosmetics

🚧 New Material Posted Click ⬆️ The Link In Our Bio To See What forherlashes And @ForHerCosmetics Is Up To 💋💕

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