Construction Emoji

A sign used to indicate roadwork or construction. Generally shown as yellow and black diagonal stripes, and often used to physically block access to a road or area.

Construction was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Construction Sign” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🚧 Black And Yellow Striped Sign

🚧 Roadwork

🚧 Roadwork Sign

Unicode Name

🚧 Construction Sign


🚧 U+1F6A7




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Westfm97.5 📻▶️🎶🎙 ‏@WestFM9751

🚧🚦West Fm 97.5 #theLockdown😷 #sunsetdrive Np📻 Hip Hop - @AugustAlsina W/ @discmasterbone & @DJBLACKBOIGH…

Westfm97.5 📻▶️🎶🎙 ‏@WestFM9751

🚧🚦West Fm 97.5 #theLockdown😷 #sunsetdrive Np📻 Reminder - @theweeknd W/ @discmasterbone & @DJBLACKBOIGH…

RaiderMarijuana 🖤☠️🌬 ‏@MsBossyLeo

I like the crack down on commercial construction 🚧’s not essential

DFDS Channel Freight ‏@DFDSChnlFreight

ROAD CLOSURES 🚧 M20 J9-J11 Both directions. Overnight carriageway closures from 30th March to 26th April for…

First Star Safety ‏@FirstStarSafety

Directional and way finding signs are helpful in stressful situations. Contact us today, let us help you come up wi…

The Wood Team ‏@thewoodteam

Virtual Closing ✍️ today with Marc Rutenberg Homes- can’t wait to see our sweet customers’ dream 🏡 break ground!🚜🚧…

Frey Electric ‏@FreyElectric

We're hiring! The following positions are available: •Service Manager •Project Manager •Estimator •Security…

One L ‏@AWiseLatina

@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse What infrastructure are you referring to? we are still waiting for the bridges and roa…

JayFeather #GIVEUSTHESAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ‏@TdpAtlaTlok

@AbdulkarimAbba_ @MrLuckyToBeBorn Wrong answer!😡😡🚧🛑❌🚫⛔

DFDS Channel Freight ‏@DFDSChnlFreight

Freight Traffic is free flowing @DunkerquePort Busy @calaisport & @Port_of_Dover with buffers in use 🚧 Calais sail…

Kyle Tharp ‏@kylewilsontharp


ABC Pave & Seal Coat ‏@ABC_PAVEandSEAL

Does driving through your 🚗 parking lot feel like you’re on a bumpy dirt road? Pot holes cause tremendous wear an…

Cabal Inspections ‏@Cabalinspection

Are you sure your home is ready for the final walkthrough? 🤔 Contact us to learn more about our New Construction In…

Fable 🍑 ‏@ac_islaluna


🏁DEDICATION🙏🏾 🐍 #mambaout ‏@401sbigmeach

Fuel and go ......🏁🚧

ひTre ‏@SmokingProd

French Montana & Max B - Tonight (Coke Wave 2) via @YouTube 🚧🚧

‎‏ً ‏@liafchoi

Pinned under construction 🚧

Kirk ‏@krathjen1973

@AnkenyHawksAD @AnkenySchools @Ankeny_Hawks That construction 🚧 🔨 site look way cleaner / organized than any projec…

Arizona DOT ‏@ArizonaDOT

* LANE BLOCKED * L-101 WB near 56th Street: Right lane closed for a crash. 🚧🚧🚧 #Phxtraffic

Nathan ‏@lsmith143187

@REALCURVYMAMA you need to stay inside beautiful...….I bet when you walk around outside you cause wrecks and shit.…

Better Than TV ‏@Kevin_CoolAss

Why you Wana play when I know where you stay and where you lay your head 😂😭💯🙏🏾🚧✔️

ItsSlowMo👊🏽 ‏@slowmo_UA

Throwing On A Dope Fit Just To Stay Home🚧

BELLA & CO. ‏@Bella_NdCo

Good morning 😃☀️ our website is currently under construction 🚧 We are double checking inventory, our website will b…

kat 🦕 ‏@earthIouis

@Louis_Tomlinson wish 💫 i didn’t need, so much of you ❤️ i hate to say, but i do 💍..... never been so defenceless 💔…

[email protected]@RachelP2565

@judyamccluskey @Alexis_3323 @Cmisotti15 @MikeMcCluskeyHD @Erin_HD2565 @HomeDepot2565 Can you add some flashing lig…

Fly Nashville ‏@Fly_Nashville

🚧 Construction Updates: Baggage Carousels 6, 7 and 8 will be closed until mid/late April due to renovation work in the Baggage Claim.

Chris Wookey 🚍🚍🚍💙💙💙 ‏@wookey_chris

@NXC_Alerts Ok national express Coventry Alerts 🚍🚧🏘👍

I said I'm geeked and I'm fired up! ‏@wednesdaepapi

🚧 Mans at work!

SickEmSunny🐾💯™ ‏@SunnyDee23

Sometimes my Mind Get the best of me .. I be having to Go about My Business 🚧

cpaddict ‏@cpaddict2

@avvblanc really has this regular cab on point! Check out that set of @cpaddict bumper light brackets at work! - 🚧🚧…

Chris Wookey 🚍🚍🚍💙💙💙 ‏@wookey_chris

@nxcoventry Ok national express Coventry 🚍🚧🏘👍

Lee marling ‏@Leemarling

@afneil construction 🚧 needs to be closed down today

postkneejerk ‏@postkneejerk

#COVID19 “Breaking-out iz impossible. Breaking-IN_ iz INSANE❗️” @Vidarshnu @Wyrdo_Mk2 @Zombiekinghouse ‘ESC🌬PE…

postkneejerk ‏@postkneejerk

#COVID19 “Breaking-out iz impossible. Breaking-IN_ iz INSANE❗️” @StandardOrder @TheDaniMan @TradFuturism ‘ESC🌬…

Southeastern ‏@Se_Railway

🚧 Engineering work affects services via #GrovePark on Saturday via #Dartford, #BromleySouth and #DoverPriory on Su…

🩸♠️ ‏@_MoneyyMontana

niggas just b eating bitches pussy bc they cute bro that shit lame now your mouth got that shit too 🚧🏌🏾💥

Samuel Burke ‏@SamuelHBurke

🏠 📺 Best home-studio stories I’ve heard from TV journalists happening while on air: 🔔 Amazon delivery ringing doorb…

Fan Art🐹🌙 ⁷ ‏@tteoktinnie


Elisia Alonso WBTW ‏@3lisia

🚧 All public beach accesses are now CLOSED in SC 🚧


‧₊ ♪ › 𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐏_𝐎𝐔𝐓! / 🚧 * ﹫’skz. [ ## EARLY NOISE ] SPOTIFY 𝐗 STELLAR KIDS. → वीडियो / (𝙚.) : Naruto, Gaara, Nathan…

The Culturvated Agency ‏@vokarondon

Midnight “Shawn Wick” by Shawny Binladen (sb_bdz ) It’s a yellow take over 🚧🍾🧟‍♂️🍾🚧 #Yaya #YellowTape #950 #WCF…


‧₊ ♪ › 𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐏_𝐎𝐔𝐓! / 🚧 * ﹫’skz. [ ## EARLY NOISE ] SPOTIFY 𝐗 STELLAR KIDS. → वीडियो / (𝙚.) : Ishvi, Qian, Kéd ver.


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‧₊ ♪ › 𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐏_𝐎𝐔𝐓! / 🚧 * ﹫’skz. [ ## EARLY NOISE ] SPOTIFY 𝐗 STELLAR KIDS. → वीडियो / (𝙚.) : Group ver.

Kidwells Solicitors ‏@KidwellsLaw

As an employee, home working still means: ☕ You're entitled to breaks 🚧 Your employer is responsible for Health & S…

Kesap Clean ‏@KesapClean

Post Construction 🚧 cleaning in progress. Email us at [email protected] to schedule your deep clean today.…

leng it!! ‏@iam_agha

@AttahIkharo jail please ⛓🚧

Think on your sins 🦠 ‏@freedoom_79

@LivesMorgoth I struggle to sit on the fence but, it's probably the best place to be. 🚧

Better Than TV ‏@Kevin_CoolAss

Need to Join A League!! Pay A Camera Man Give NBA Buckets like The Old Days 😂😭💯🙏🏾🚧

[email protected]@OurAmericanLife

@mspence6 @RealMattCouch Yeah, I do miss that too. 🌅🚧😢

#godspeed⚡️🙏🏼💰 ‏@herb_jr

Hate wearing hard hats 🚧

HabboFunFM ‏@hffm

🧰🔨🚧Fancy yourself a builder? Want to win 100c? Check out our new competition in our #QuaranTime series and try your…

D. STARKS ‏@DoranStarks

Bouta crash Atlanta (and I put that on YOUR God). Stay Tuned.. 🦾🚧

BradleyStokeRainbows ‏@BSRainbows

We have been working on lots of different interest badges at home over the last couple of weeks, here are some pho…

Teresa ℒ ‏@treelevitt

@ParkingTPS Now that Marie Curtis Park is blocked to traffic, people are going to illegally park along 42nd street.…

Central Cabarrus HS ‏@CentralCabarrus

🚧Chromebook Support Message

Sliley Rimando ‏@slileyR

🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧 #YugiohChat #TechTuesday META FASHION RUNWAY currently in #DuelLinks meta scene, ■Darklord strategy…


🚧BEAM SETTING PLANNED FOR WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY🚧 (4/1 & 4/2) Interstate 75 northbound in Findlay will be restrict…

Jimmy Duvall ‏@JimmyDuvall

Day 7 from the #quarantinedrawingchallenge: VOLCANO -Many ways to solving these challenges. Sometimes it’s random..…

Cho Seungyeon ‏@niccoteinxxx

account under construction🚧

Embodiment ‏@embodimentband

🚧This is an important public announcement 🚧 Listen to @PrimordialRadio. That is all.

Lawrence, Massachusetts Police ‏@lawrencepolice

Eastbound lane on Haverhill St between Broadway & Franklin St closed for gas line work 🚧

ConstructionSheep46 🐏🐑 ‏@Computer46Sheep

🚧Shear Time! ✂️🐏🐑🐑🐏🐑🐑🐑🐏🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐏🐑🐏🐏🐑🐏🐑🐑🐏🐑🐏🐑🐏🐑🐏🚧


#TRAFFICALERT🚧 As of 8:30 a.m. two out of 4 lanes are still blocked on I-75 in #MonroeCounty. @GDOTWest says the ar…


🚧 🛠️ The #DOFUS shop has been temporarily disabled to address some minor technical issues. Our teams are currently…

Liz Sullivan ‏@LizSullivan

To be lucky enough to have a mayor who’s smart, proactive, listens to experts, informs his crisis response with liv…

Peyton2Luck 🏈 ‏@Peyton2L

#TouchDownTuesday Xavier Rhodes goes the length of the field for a TD #100YardPick6 | #RhodesClosed 🚧 | #Colts

Mrs Black ‏@cooksanna

@RTclass2019 Dougie is making his into a construction site 🏗 🚧

Lawrence, Massachusetts Police ‏@lawrencepolice

🚧⚠️Road Closure⚠️🚧 🦺Jackson St. Will be closed to Northbound traffic from Garden St. to Haverhill St. 🦺Summer St.…

Lawrence, Massachusetts Police ‏@lawrencepolice

Inman St closed from S Broadway to Brookfield St for sewer work 🚧

DJ SLIM OR DIE!!! 👽👹💀 ‏@KojoVhyrus

#TheJamesAndKatahShow W/ The Best Mid Morning Radio Duo @Papjay007 & @MrKatah together with the Music Man…

Kae. ‏@KaeLaschelle

really bout to be ducked off until this quarantine over. 🚧

Bruce Crawford ‏@redlester7

@RobHarris Was it the Fac51 tribute on the shoulders? 🚧

postkneejerk ‏@postkneejerk

#COVID19 “Breaking-out iz impossible. Breaking-IN_ iz INSANE❗️” @pirusana @PsychicTrainer1 @spart1cus ‘ESC🌬PE…

Arizona DOT ‏@ArizonaDOT

SR 95 NB near Portico Drive: Right lane closed for crash at MP 202. 🚧🚧🚧 #aztraffic #parker

Lawrence, Massachusetts Police ‏@lawrencepolice

Newton St closed from Andover St to Border St for sewer work 🚧

Arizona DOT ‏@ArizonaDOT

* US 89 LANE CLOSURE, please share * US 89 SB near NF-9128F: Right lane closed for a crash. 🚧🚧🚧 #aztraffic…

🤖💬 Saki (Realtor Chatbot) #RealEstate #PropTech ‏@RealtorBot

BENEFITS OF #REALTORBOT Bots can generate leads more efficiently than a human and improve customer service. A Real…

SUNO FM 89.4 ‏@SUNOFM894

🚧𝐃𝐨𝐧'𝐭 𝐌𝐢𝐬𝐬 𝐎𝐮𝐭 𝐎𝐧 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐌𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐈𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐃𝐫𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐓𝐢𝐦𝐞 𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐰 🚧 WALI is all excited to entertain you with interesting seg…

benny nascimento ‏@bennynaximento

Back to the real world today 🚧

NOT Port Authority⚠️🚍 ‏@PGH_BUS_INFO

🚧🚧 Delays possible on The T Due to mechanical issues With a couple of trains

FAKE.LOVER 🌹🏌🏾‍♂️ ‏@DormahP

Afro trapping like hoteps with dope left Though i often write my default is to go left....🚧 #godmc

NOT Port Authority⚠️🚍 ‏@PGH_BUS_INFO

🚧🚧 Delays possible on The P68 Due to mechanical issues With a bus

NOT Port Authority⚠️🚍 ‏@PGH_BUS_INFO

🚧🚧 Delays possible on The 43 Due to mechanical issues With a bus

Doshi Stolpman ‏@Doshi_Stolpman

- bridge construction complete 🚧 Animal Crossing Dodo code: 8QGJ5 #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons -- Reopening gate --

Ganton School Hull ‏@Ganton_Hull

❗️CONSTRUCTION IDEAS❗️ 🚜🚦🚧🏗 👉🏻ALL YOU NEED: - Toy diggers, trucks, cars etc. - Toilet rolls, - Yoghurt pots, -…

postkneejerk ‏@postkneejerk

#COVID19 “Breaking-out iz impossible. Breaking-IN_ iz INSANE❗️” @OccupySchagen @orca_waves @pancraziovaleri ‘E…

FindIngDaTruth ‏@lh_mardy

@james53810090 @sameolds8485 @okguuuurl @newscomauHQ Your stimulus packages are important. Fact is construction in…

postkneejerk ‏@postkneejerk

#COVID19 “Breaking-out iz impossible. Breaking-IN_ iz INSANE❗️” @LimogesRobynne @MetaStoicism @Nonkelsjef ‘ESC…

PK Chin ‏@pkchin888

Live on #CoronavirusOutbreak Temp medical locations around #NYC. #Fox5NYtraffic🚉🚘🚌✈⚠🚧🚦🚔 w/Ines.🌞☔❄🌈 w/@AudreyPuente…

sheppard _alan 3️⃣✝️1️⃣(-_•) ❤️😉💣⌚️🇮🇲 ‏@avi32_

@NikuKazori Good morning ☀️😃🌞to my beautiful, gorgeous, 🥰❤️😘😍, and favorite morning amigo, Amigu Niku! Have a safe…

tyler ‏@crane2420

What is happening to 65N @ Keystone construction 🚧 wise starting tomorrow? @WIBCTraffic @TrafficWise @INDOT

Walsall Council ‏@WalsallCouncil

⚠️Please be aware that Chapel Lane in Great Barr is currently closed in order to allow Cadent Gas to undertake emer…

Reap (Reaper Mike) ‏@reap24 ⚠caution🚧 Side effects of #ReapVideos can and may include excessive twerking, booty bouncin…

PK Chin ‏@pkchin888

#Mar31st #TerrificTuesday #StayCalmWeWillPrevail🇺🇸 #WeAreInThisTogether Good Morning Mary Calvi , Elise,Reena, Chri…

💲EF LUCI ‏@TheRealSefmoney

They want to do construction 🚧 mad early on my blk 🤦🏿‍♂️

Fabulous_Emeka ‏@FabulousEmeka1

If 200 followers are not small for you Retweet and drop your handle so we follow you💯😍🚀🚧

🇮🇳SaVe #Humanity @Save Earth🇮🇳 ‏@beautysonu

# matter of thinking’s 🤔🚧🇮🇳🇮🇳🙏🏻

Mat Llewellyn ‏@mat_llewellyn

⁣ The UK Government has stated for the Plant & Tool Hire Industry to remain open to support key workers & essential…

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