Crying Cat Face Emoji

The cat variant of the Crying Face Emoji.

Crying Cat Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😿 Crying Cat

😿 Sad Cat


😿 U+1F63F




Tweets For 😿

Mpho Mokoena ‏@Rudystreetalk

GOD I want him so badly😿😿😿#mycrush

✨ ‏@Yomijeo


Tinkili ‏@T0nkicat

@metalinangelo It's just so goddamn sad... I'm trying to console myself by thinking that one day, we'll land on Mar…

mata ‏@gloriaxvincent_

aaAaAAaaAahHhHhHh my heart!!!! #MMKMoiraAndJason 😿💖

C_A ‏@Tofusheen

So freakinggggg sadd😿😓

Señorita Noodlepuff 💃 ‏@Noodlepuff1

Yoongi did a voice while I was sleep 😿😿😿 Et tu, Yoongles?

🖤 ‏@niecaxxgunio

Thank you God for making me feel this love right now 💛😿💘

$¡£&F®€ð ‏@siegfred_1

Dis App Ointment 😿

Claire Marie Grecia ‏@claireeeeyyyyyy

I'm starting to regret everything in the past now.😿

lois gryll ♥️⏪ ‏@winkerbelle_

@multiology blame my heart for spitting such words 😿

Jamieloathestrump ‏@JamieCableGuy

Get that fucking camera out of my face 😾🙀😿

dora ‏@PNMGeee

im an apologetic cat meow meow 😿

Love&Light Reminders ‏@loveandlightrem

LET’S GO 😹🙌🙌🙌 Embrace and envision the growth instead of feeding the fear and paralyzing by analyzing 😿 You have to…

S’mores ‏@iamdeecanizares

Malapit na kaarawan ko pero I don't think I care anymore😿

18. vitamin Chuu! ・ᴗ・ { 4(thwave.) } ‏@chuuagom

⠀ ❪ 여덟. ❫ pleathe go away from my life, i’m sick by seeing your username on my timeline. . 😿✊ ⠀

Aayushi🎀 ‏@30Aayushi

And who's crying again! 🙈😿

.•♫•♬• Hαɾɾყ Pσƚƚҽɾ •♬•♫•. ‏@Arshiya_abid

@BTS_twt Major missing 😿 @BTS_twt #WeMissYouSeokjin #WeLoveYouSeokjin #WeMissSeokjin #WeMissYouJin 😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿

새롱이🍑 ‏@yook0731


labliii🌟 💎 ‏@aroha_levelee

That's why i'm already broke when I got to know about their concert here in ph..i wanna see him..i mean the whole s…

LttleFish. ‏@nazurahhhh_

@HannahDiyana Daaaaap! But I personally love wafflemister more. Their belgium waffle is da bomb!! But dah tutup skrg 😿

VKOOKV🐯🐣 ‏@SantaKristell

@BTS_twt Que hermoso elpiem, help me😿😻❤❤

슙국바라기🌻 ‏@sukoocastle

😿 aah..holly i miss holly ..holly..holly i miss you

Delphine ‏@Gothicmelody

2019 seems to be as shit as 2018... FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!!! 😐😓😢😿

-Singularity- ‏@byvaante

@BTS_twt so beatiful🤭💓🤭🤭😭😭🤭💝💝😭💘🤧🤭🤭🤭💓💓🤭💓💘😭😭💝💝💓💓😿😿💓💝💘💝💘💞💞💓

Mix 104.3 KMXY FM ‏@mix1043

Help please. 😿

ً ‏@changmindyg

i'll try not to, minho. 😿

onli 4 u ; vv ‏@itsluvleee

i always love u hoooon 😿

Emoji Taurus ‏@EmojiTaurus

Taurus Emoji Horoscope for Saturday, February 16: ✅🗽🈂😿♏🍗😫🍄🎈 #Taurus #Emoji #Horoscope

𝓜𝓸𝓴 🍒 ‏@z4tiee

okay i miss my bestfriend , can't lie 😿

cass ‏@etherealdonny

janella's so beautiful 😿💗 #MMKMoiraAndJason

18. vitamin Chuu! ・ᴗ・ { 4(thwave.) } ‏@chuuagom

⠀ ❪ 하나. ❫ i don’t have any biggest fear in RPW—but, currently i’m afraid to losing my beloved friend. 😿✊ ⠀

Reema | sf9 comeback 20/2 ‏@SHJU96

I can’t help but miss him more n more 😿

Julie P ‏@juliepace14

@chesterzoo Kids went on 13th. Gutted it wasn't 😿 #Disappointing

Y.지 #DALLADALLA ‏@yevvji

@ERPETLS //; ofc yes😿

Jodelle🖕🏼 ‏@jojo_lynnnn

@OfficialBaeza you finally coming to MN and it has the be the reservation I dislike? 😭😭 plz be careful for all the…

tiamsii ‏@aldrentiamson

Who knew a 58 year old movie would make me cry 😿

L E S L I E ⚡ ‏@___90sKinG

@jesnelyn I tell you...can't even buy airtime across the street 😿

A. ‏@anng1e

Hell yeah mikey !!! 👏🏽 you following my footsteps 😿

Yoongi's Kitten 🐱 ‏@sugasonlykitten

I need to get my son and bring him to his dad like soon. 😿😿😿

Molly Marie ‏@BlondedAmbition

Hey! Is anyone surprised Madeline woke up with a cough and a fever? 😿😿

Herman Jr. ‏@MrGibbs_Jr

I do not know how to have fun anymore 😿


@yehkui . . . . . you're right ge, you're right 😿

ddüngie #MilkitaDoOrDare ‏@yeonjungu


hels ‏@helena76422959

I’m so tired but i’m also super hungry 😿

abel ‏@theseoulist

I love him😿

⭐NaTHI🌟 ‏@Sino_Nathi

@Maka_Ayabonga @dOGGYTAL Thanks 😿❤

kristin bennett ‏@kristinbennett8

@rbccabrt0n aweee! 😿 well that’s good

Kai Adin ‏@KaiAdin

@bleese_anoni 😿 Lies Capital X Three is correct!

abel ‏@theseoulist

His cheeks omggg the little meow meow jumped out😿

Some1! ‏@Some_1_dare

@Hakunamtata_ Phir so jao 😿

K A I ‏@justjoahnnie

Hugno ang kalibutan namo💔Goodbye our oprah😭I’m sorry if I failed to guard and protect you😭it’s all my fault💔may you…

taetae ‏@sorreev

😔😞😟😣😿😢☹️🥺😔🤙🏻im fine

clα mєt вts & mх 💟 hobiuary 🌻 ‏@meteorjeon

why are there so many piano scores online that need to be purchased 😿

𝒗 𝒑𝒊𝒄𝒔 ‏@aestaepic

my little baby😿

Mike Botha ‏@muddy_cat

@xxkateekatexx I had one of those, ran it through the wash. 😿

RHEILA 💋 ‏@rheilamanuyag

badly wanna have a room makeover but Im not artsy as I want to be 😿

Chalky Choo Choo 🚂 ‏@chalkymacalpi

@harlequin_van @ItsMeDeaner @ronithebrat @SneakTheCat @pukipie @Mr_Bailey_Cat @Schrody_Cat 😿😿😿 Happy birfday Mom, s…

salma ‏@demandingray

@anxietgrant i’m sorry i try to be a loyal hardcore bromie😿😔

Veronica ‏@veronicamagadia

not tonight please please please😿

🎀 ‏@_zka__

my dad is the best man to ever exist 😿 he actually has a heart of real gold

lüv ‏@lovenmaee

Soon @Joyceezunn, soon. 😿

Nutmeg's Crew ‏@catgirl321

Please can I ask for LOTS EXTRA #pawpurrayers and #healingpurrs for @dwarfgarden Goro and Athena’s poorly Mum, who…

MARO ☘️💜 ‏@Maro27_0412


🌙 . ‏@veona

that was really touched and so precious for me I love you johnny suh 😿💚 #HAPPYJOHNNYDAY #FEB9withJohnnySuh

sobakewitch ‏@sobakewitch

@paraedoxon that's all true... I keep forgetting that I do art for myself first of all, and keep focusing on provin…

JENNiFER ‏@meowtownbound

@ohmytswifft Sorry for your loss. 😿

Lissi🐽 ‏@handmade1heaven

A bop already.💯😿 #marinadiamandis #marina4

FoeMa 🇵🇸Baeby 😽 ‏@Foemaa

Im shook again!!! Lmfao 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Miss u Baebe 😗😢😽😿

ron ‏@ronxgodi_

the edit gahd 😿

Tababoy🐷BTS ‏@ChristineMorag3


喻YUU_ ‏@Rikuolovelove

#ドールズフロントライン #少女前線 Jericho X x95 (😿😿I'm sorry my English is very bad……

R O L I M A R 🍁 ‏@Rolimar18

Not feeling well😿

Inga ‏@ingajoris

😿 Tugs not drugs (38 Photos)

Zasherkey ‏@tiklor13

Wish I could turn back time.. 🎶 Miss you Ma 😿

M🌝N | fics 📌 ‏@johnnyseo_paws

@seolarise_ (I love u 😿♥️)

Mark Gooner 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ‏@MarkGoonergreat

@TCA7X Hope everything works out well and she gets better soon @TCA7X 😿😿😿

🐒 ‏@mrtbkmoonlight

@CNN I dont live in Hawaii so 😿

joy ‏@joiyyyyyyyyyy

feel unimportant 😿

Silvia ‏@sylvkartika

@Matarael Will.. 😿

𝒮𝒽𝓊𝒶! #Senorita💃 ‏@shuheua

@mondelicht Fact about moon and... Choosing the picture 😿

Chaer. ‏@chaelryeong

@SHNRYUJlN Look at her smile and her cheeks. 😿

Shehu Umar ‏@UsmanUmarLawal

My own now is who will now eat the 600 puff and zobo my neighbour made to sell today? 😰😿😕😒 #INEC

Dannerys👑 ‏@dnlnnvalencia

Sleep na before 10 pm please?😿

Sherri ‏@mailesherri35

❤ There's something flirty about a girl sticking out her tongue (49 Photos) 😿

🛸Zi🚀 ‏@dwfnzsyh

I'm Happy 😿

kal 🐻 ‏@van_vitae

soft soft kitty 😿

ara // FIRST GIVEAWAY 📌 ‏@whinyjin

@sorayaxyoongi @BTS_twt im not okay, they're so gorgeous 😿

💕zoba nazih💕 ‏@zinebnazih

😿😿😿I don’t wanna take. Off ✈️💔💔💔😭😭💔💔💔💔

Najah Nurain Ekra ‏@NurainNajah

i need entertainment in my social life! Plz entertain me😿💁‍♀️

ci da vinci 🖤 ‏@impeccableci

This cute as shit 😿

Folarera ROY ‏@FolareraROY

The flesh... the flesh did not reveal these secrets to you.😿

geo🦄 ‏@_onlygeo

@sashamurra This makes me so sad why are people so mean 🥺😢 poor elephants 😿

ً ‏@recklessdior

@doyxuve i luh you too, can’t even get no reply. 😿

sheila ‏@sheilaxbelieber

I'm so sad I can't go to Shawn his concert in Amsterdam.. I had a ticket for row 8.. Damn so close 😿

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