Crying Cat Face Emoji

The cat variant of the Crying Face Emoji.

Crying Cat Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😿 Crying Cat

😿 Sad Cat


😿 U+1F63F




Tweets For 😿

evans ‏@merwss_

Laper banget😿

Ana Hernandez Blackstad ‏@AnaBlackstad

@ImeldaDulcichPR I can’t see the recipe 😿

vega ‏@vegatx_

@Rojas_vanessa14 aw vanessa you’re so beautiful 😿😍

️ ‏@casssssita

wish i could do my hair the night before work n it still look good by the time i wake up 😿

hayi ‏@leehayeui

@jeongjeffe Oh you got me back into reality. Me is not my Sajangnim's faves. 😿

kittensaremybffs ‏@boa_lam

@Chris_G_NYC They were all poopie😿

Katarina 👽 ‏@smh_katarinaa

I don’t understand why I can’t make anybody happy 😿

Lauraizm ‏@andlikelaura

@AlexisGlaser I need to start doing that 😿 The worst.

Impressions🐾 ‏@Vivjua

@steveasumner @prestoawake123 @maddow 😿True. He's already got that noose pretty tight.What trumpers don't realize i…

QUEEN ‏@moneysignav

i'm crushing on you 😿 — 😢das bute, my boo is too <3

laiza ‏@babykiwiz

@DamienPerez_ is he microchipped? *most* cats can always find their way back home through scent so just give him a…

janina ‏@janinamclean22

🍎 Sunday is a good day for lingerie 😿

luz ‏@luz_maariaa

@montsearanai stooop 😿

🍉 ‏@ericdelvall

Need friends 😿

Amy May 🐞 ‏@iAmyMay

@ChinhDoan OMG! 🙀 Poor Kitty! 😿 I'm so glad he's okay - safe & sound at home!! ❤

Molly ‏@mollybutter23

😿 There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (84 Photos)

Iamkitten ‏@Gissell67686350

@Ohmwrecker @_CaRtOoNz Guys calm down please.💔😿🌫

Dominika ‏@dominikahoutx

😿 Brace yourselves for a healthy dose of underboob

VALE ‏@kerossi46

@andibeth012 @PenelopeRuzy 😿 I think there are similar things in every country. It is necessary to be prepared when…

Kiana 🌞 ‏@_jkiana_

@amandakubskii Love you so much pretty lady!! 💗😿

hayi ‏@leehayeui

@OLIVlAHYEE I like everything ㅋㅋ but when it comes to spicy food, I can't take them 😿

leslie ‏@Leeesssslie__

My boo hypes me up so much like 😿❤️

Anitra ‏@anitratrela_46

Gobble up Inbar for your holiday time off (20 Photos) 😿

Jaime ‏@jaimelynnariel

@_smln GIRL WE ARE SMH😿😿😿😿😕😕🤧

da n i E l ‏@sumdimsumboi

@sarakzl sad reacts only 😿

아이엔. ‏@yangteongin

@zhoujeigionq I miss her. 😿

hollybean ‏@HollyHollarss

@kelseyy_bright I would say let's go but I'm broke 😿

Tennessee Jed ‏@nschneid015

1AM thoughts = I rlly miss @JTVozar 😿

Cherry ‏@cherrydelr

It's raining hard. Yung bacc mass 😿

fred 🐝 ‏@bocayougoat

i thought ariana unfollowed me but i remembered that she never followed 😂😪😤😭😢🤧😿😪🤩😎🤠

E ☁️ ♡ 🐝 ‏@ellalouisexo_

knowing I need to fake tan before getting my acrylics done tomorrow - S T R E S S F U L ☹️😿

jhonny 🎌 ‏@LuciferJody66

@brendawut That's my boy Leo proud of him 😿

🗣DaRedBalloonDon🎈🙏🏾 ‏@Dj4dot

Sound like a @DirtySwipey banger 💔 😩😿

Korean 🤸🏾‍♀️ ‏@lilneyab_

😿💗😒👀/ idk why you used all these emojis. But I miss you sooo much ♥️ it’s up in rain snow or storm when I see you…

ItsAnime✨ ‏@_ItsAnime_

Legit crying tears of madness and tears of sadness just because of this tweet that I just scrolled from 😭😿 I though…

Corealaaaa ‏@SimplyyCo

@eyonniew Lmao girl I got so many compliments on it today , but it was definitely frizzing up . And I forgot Amani cut my hair 😂😿

Chocomaltins ‏@yogisyadani

The last 😿🙇

esco🤩 ‏@kuwesco

chapo so cute when he sleeps😿🧡

Cindy 😺 ❤️ 🏇 ‏@1oldlostsoul

@StephenMLloyd3 Dopey was supposed to be with the feral’s. His name fit him perfectly. He was afraid of cars. No go…

soph / 63 ‏@comforthalsey

apple made me v sad pls send tings 😿

🌻 ‏@yssaalmendras

netflix makin' me lazy to do things up huhu why netflix, why? 😿

𝓳𝓪𝓶𝓮𝓼 ‏@princecarwash

@peter_arnold i hate those things! 😿

T 갈색 ‏@imsoftforyeol


Verline ‏@verlinepomarico

😿 'Underboob' is arguably the greatest cleavage there is, no? (42 Photos) 😇

nat$ ‏@nataliaamitatt

@starremerie1 thank u boo 😿💕💝

veloci rapture ‏@tristanisdumb

people aways complaining about getting rejected🙄🙄😑 check your privilege! null hypotheses have to go through that all the time🤔🖕🏻😿

hayi ‏@leehayeui

@yjrjyp Is it too late for replying to this greetings now? 😿

Maulkin da Unicolt ‏@MaulkinSnowmew

@livebeef @starfoxACEFOX @2_gryphon Oh no! I don't think we should allow in every single person who wants to come i…

Tate Manjoe ‏@joemanjoe103

@LovLikeJesus He is yesterday Today and Tomorrow. I love you Lord Jesus Christ but I still sin please forgive me😿😭😭

Ced Bass ‏@cedemacc

Bitches be playing hard to get smelling like they hard to wash🚫🚿😿

مہؤؤؤؤؤؤؤهہهہ👑🐸 ‏@moamen_mesalm

@MoSalah Everything 😿❤

Noor Syafiqah ‏@ieqa412

I miss her a lot 😿 how I wish we could be together right now 😭

Niyah🐨 ‏@NiyyMarie

@ASVPXSof Period 😿 like i know my baby is gonna look white as fuck but ugh a little mixed boy running around and be…

kri ‏@kriziahh

@miyahxsanchez ty ily 😿 u the beautiful one tho

Claudia Cat Girl ‏@4238_449

@MaryJoe38642126 @GrouciDjamila @USRepGaryPalmer You awful people. I hate you!😝💔😿🐾

DAVID STANLEY ‏@dstanley1799

@oliviaw101 ARE YOU SERIOUS 😿😿

Niyah🐨 ‏@NiyyMarie

@ASVPXSof Honestly! and what’s funny is my mom thinks I’m naming my son Mateo bc the show 😿😂

EnikiLately~ ‏@Eouridesu

Wow tho.💔🙂😿

... K O B E👑🥀 ‏@dope_noseller

Had to put my dog to rest .. and I held her paw while they gave her the stuff ... 😿 my heart was broken 😩❤️

오늘의 하늘 ‏@hanneuIina

@PARTAGHER @seiyonara Another cute girl with emoji emoji, please teach me how to use it! Duuuh, Aneul take more tha…

Sophia Gretchen ‏@SophiaGretch

@Tessa_Bauer14 Thanks gf , wish we were back down state 💖😿

Lolita Cishe ‏@LholhiPoppy

As I sm looking for apartment 😿

ash ‏@ashdherrera

im so sad i didnt go to the wet n wild thing 😿

☼ sofia♡¨̮☽📌 ‏@midnightwonu

I’m so weak at this hashtag but congrats carats 😤😿 #Carats1stWin

Shawna Rhodes-Valdez ‏@bee0pEnMiNd3D

#CatOnVan 😿I cannot sleep 😴 until someone can please tell me if this poor cat 😿is alive. Hard to watch that video.…

Lolita Cishe ‏@LholhiPoppy

80% chances of rain in Cape Town, iqale kum 😿😿😿😿 Morning mzantsi

jackiee 💫 ‏@jackie_marrufo

@yoobrenn I know dude like some people se pasan de malos and i cant be rude back 😭 I just don’t have it in me lol 😿

Jinco ‏@jichuinco

I miss u so bad 😿

Phrases.for.Sale ‏@NamesOfLondon

#Domains #newGTLDs #Tech 😿 6 Domain Name Curiosities You May Not Know About

lali🌬 ‏@icyemmm

@its_mezoee Omw😿 i miss you too!

♪KYOKO♪ ‏@KYOKOmkyon

Congratulations on your 3rd 25k💕225k💕Lydon🎉💕 even it’s been a while since I played with WiiU wheel💦💕Thanks to Lydon…

💚MEETING GOT7💚 ‏@glitterfartz

@xoxojessicuh ugh it just freaks me out when they get to double digits 😭 my samoyed was 19 when he died and we had…

MJ Mohns ‏@mjmohns

Nah gotta maintain the status quo...😿

leslie 💛 ‏@TheRealLeslie_

@xxaviierr22 I FW THE ENERGY & IFWU 😿💗💞💕💖

sunkist 🌻 ‏@garciajeanniee

@norelephant I will 😿😿 i will be there to drop you

🍃 ‏@NadaAlZarooni

@abuzar243 Yes exactly my thoughts ...😿

Claudia Cat Girl ‏@4238_449

@CyntWhite @RepRooney @repjohnlewis @RepJoeKennedy Breaks my heart! 💔😿🐾

stefanie❣️ ‏@stefaniebreann

I started bawling when the song came on😿

jom ‏@jomarcaraya

grabe i want to meet december avenue jaysvssyhazbshhs 😿

Darla. ‏@iVanniahm

Matching 😿❤️

Sydney 💌 ‏@sydssatan

Hearing my dada whisper “big steps” to himself cause his Parkinson’s fucks up his gait 😟😿😿

𝙋𝘼𝙏𝙍𝙄𝘾𝙆 🌊 ‏@patttynextdoor

I’m sad my val is gonna be leaving bro😿😿 @vayoncexo

kay ‏@kayleeserrano_

@evelynnperezz You not wrong 😿❤️

Shannon ‏@s_demello

I’m already nervous about leaving our cats for the weekend 😿 even though I’m sure they won’t give a shit that we’re gone

Kathe ‏@kathekormos

😿 Enjoy a nightcap with our favorite curvy model Iskra (Video) 😿

Public Figure. ‏@DesireeMarokane

@Letty_the_first The greatest 😿🙏🏿💕

Elizabet ‏@29spinarelizabe

😿 Chivettes bored at work (31 Photos) 👄

JΞNNA ‏@jenna_dohy

i love my job but my back is killing me 😿

valvΞeta🦒 ‏@longlivevaleria

wow i love you my whole heart🧡👶🏻😿

♔ D. W E E K S ♔ ‏@Weeks4Daze

@heiryyyy @abeccagonzalez Smh you think you do 😿

sandhit pan @3 ‏@sandhit16

@ABdeVilliers17 I will miss you A.B.D . I am the biggest fan of you.. You are the world's no 1 fielder and batsman.…

dustin king 👽 ‏@cathodion

aw, it's broken 😿

Katrina🌺 ‏@queenkat03

Precilla got her ears pierced earlier, and I wanted to cry because i knew it hurt her 😿 but she took it like a champ and didn’t cry ☹️❤️

...kendeaa❤️ ‏@imaheatfan_

Hate this part of set it off 😿

Carlos Reyes ‏@Creyes247

@TheOnly1Ninja @StreetFighter @Randomclarson No switch 😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿

Selene ‏@selenebambaci

😿 When I say HUNNIES you say FUNNIES (17 Photos) 💝

Nikki Mamplata ‏@nikkimamplata

Thank God for people who appreciate my v bad humor 😿

tom ‏@resnorted

Peter hates women 😭😿

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