Crying Face Emoji

A sad face with a single tear running from one eye, down the cheek. Hurt and upset, but not crying hysterically.

Some versions of this emoji features a tears running down each cheek.

Crying Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😢 Crying

😢 Tear


😢 U+1F622




Tweets For 😢

Shaun ‏@ShaunCarter45

@Tash_1310 Look at her little teeth😢😢😢😭😭😭. She's like the baby version of her mother

sm;)e ‏@farrahmaxieb

13 reasons why😢😂

TraceyA ‏@TraceyA54242410

@BatleyRLFC Such sad news..😢 Condolences to his family, friends and teammates 🌹

Jo Kelly ‏@JoKelly27488727

Still got the DOMS from circuit training 😢 Hopped on my bike for a gentle (that's the operative word!) Few minutes…

Angel Manaya ‏@angelloveeely

Sepannnxx. whyyyyyy 😞😢

moody morgan💀 ‏@morgangretaaa

my physical health sucks, my body doesn't want to work, my mental health is down the drain & i feel so burnt out bu…

PLZ FOR MY 20TH BDAY, 8/31 AND 9/1 FIELDS PLEASE ❤ ‏@gratefulmaggzzz

@StonersGuideTo 😢😢😢😢 ugh I am so sorry Jess that must be the absolute worst. I can’t even imagine.

.... ‏@i_Nooray

@ammarbuzz Aww shoo sad😢

Charlie Don't Surf ‏@Chris01044

@GeorgeSmileyOBE Did you have to remind me! 😢

jeyddddd🦄 ‏@jeyddiiee

Still remember the first day we talked to each other😢❤

ℳ𝒶𝓎𝒶𝒶🦋 ‏@MayaCristinaa

every time I miss my boyfriend I just look at pictures of him and make me miss him even more 😢😢

Sandra ‏@san_da_lias

Season 3 is such a gem tho 😢❤️

محمد أشرف إبراهيم ‏@Asrfwarkat

@bangminsu1992 @asdsdf756 Tq.. Waa. So long he not update his tweeter. 😢

VICKI 💜🌈 🚛😵👻👍 "No, not the American..." ‏@v23474

@NicoleAMaines I hate Trump with every fibre of my being. I watch helpless from the UK as he wreaks havoc in the US 😢


Just saw my mechanic and his whole family going to church in my own car. My brother only in Africa these things ha…

B•📿 ‏@brandwith2ee

@destdaddy Going out sad 😢

headsink ‏@headsink

😢I can relate... 👇#twitsedih

nat. ‏@twerkfordora1

I know this to early to be talking about but I’m pressed to go outta town😭 it’s been 2 months 😢

Jenny Covinton 🆔Addict🔍💯 ‏@JennyCovinton

Beautiful,I sure miss my daddy! 😢❤️

Wendyy ‏@WendyyTheGenius

Damn would you look at the time, I can’t get any more alcohol 😢

Marty ‏@martyronqui

@KenzoSandico I’m lonely too 😢 Can I have two large pizzas, a bag of Gummy Bears and a large Coco milktea? 😬

dr.Bernard ‏@drBernard_Davis

With my son duncanshelden #duchennemusculardystrophy 😢 kitkat #specialedition 💞👍 #qualitytime 🙏 @ Groningen, Nether…

gea ‏@tlkfsthood

the fact that I was supposed to see Ariana in 16 days but I’m not 😢

sissy skies 6533210 ‏@S6533210

@CNN Yes we know that climate change is real even though these politicians don’t look at as this happing ....🤬 if t…

Shaun ‏@ShaunCarter45

@Tash_1310 She's literally the most beautiful Baby l have ever seen. 😍😍😍😍😍. The definition of Cute, Adorable etc 😘😘😘😢😢

Abyss👻 ‏@ReneAlana97

Ohhhh lucuuuu. My God!😢😱 i ship themmm so much bahhh tapi tapiii😪😪 biasalahh artissss🙄 okayy smua mok cerai.hahahah…

@OO_17 ‏@OO_17

@samantha_f33 What a day 😢 😭 shut up I’m not crying, you’re crying

Lisa harrison ‏@Lisaharrison25

@BatleyRLFC Tragic news, sleep tight young man 😢💙

Gina Linn ‏@mini_Glynn_

@ArianaGrande get well soon isn’t on the Europe Setlist?! ;-; (but like I respect your decision. I’m just a bit emo…

Vella ‏@YavelaN

Woke up missing my son & my man😢

Bev Davies ‏@BevDavies5

@BatleyRLFC Truly heartbreaking news 😢thoughts go to his family friends and all @BatleyRLFC RIP Archie

amanda ‏@111amandali

LMAOOOO @alfuckuhard joined our live and said @karmenouyang and I have nice teeth 😢

EthanPlaysYT ‏@EthanPlaysYT10

@averagetweeter0 @jamescharles So inspirational I'm crying 😢😢😭😭😂😂

BornAgainVirgin ‏@VPLavaz

@___Themby @Coco_thando_ Please yhoooo😢

Woojinie is My life 🌷 ‏@AknadiaAk

@aky724 Aaaaaahhh still dunno.. i want to do it, but still thinking, dunno how to do it 😢😢😅

janiejj8 ‏@janiejj8

Adulting is very hard, you know? 😢😢😢🤒🤒😷😷

boring smith ‏@smythojs

african parents can never trust their children. i told my mom that umeme took light; she insisted and went to turn on the switch😢

Amir chulbul 😎 ‏@amirbutt806

@izzahtahir8 OMG plz no... 😢

ㅇㄹ ‏@sgtottersberg

SEUNGHEE our crybaby 😂😂😂😢 congrats again girls :'))) #Bungee2ndWin #OhMyGirl8thWin

alhomaid ‏@ItsMohammed

I woke up this morning to know that I have got unpaid bills of over 5000 in relation to traffic violations since la…

Auto ‏@AutomaticSZN

@Galvanxze 😢💛ik i am the worst in the game :( atrocious

Makavelly™️💯 ‏@VellyTee

@alhajitekno Alhaji, do Happy Sunday for me na 😢

The Dragon ‏@TheDrag29738701

@katcashmeade @andybrexiteer Umpires: Clarke and Blair We’ve got no chance 😢

黒ちゃん ‏@vindikuro

@RikaSoniko I can't see the video😭😢😢😭

Geekheads ‏@GeekheadsIT

PC / Mac Running Slow?😢 Get your personal computer repaired! 😉 020 3637 6095 #MacRepairs…

Aijaz Ali ‏@aijazsky

@flyspicejet flight from JED to Hyd 34 delayed for one hour and we are in a the plane and AC not working... its lik…

Sahid Fenty ‏@Staar_Gar_Yen

@jedson___ "Foot care" routine plsss 😢


I’m literally crying I can’t wait until my baby come home 😢 she go with dad every weekend but the weekends be feeli…

YEL ‏@mariel_eeh

@daraheyyo 😢 i feel sad for Hye Sun

Beyza 💍 ‏@VirgoSenju

@shonenbitch Especially in Korean industry, the only thing important for celebrity men is fame. After they get what…

Sarah thorley ‏@anglesey42

@RepleteFB @UKBeerGarage Not forecast today 😢😢

Ankit ‏@AnkitKu98062487

@prakashsony13 @kapilverma73 Om shanti😢😢😢😢

A S H 🌸 ‏@ashleydiane03

Nw I lost the mascara that I bought 😢

Mitu Singh ‏@MituSingh_

@HatindersinghR Yep. look at the face of monkeys 😢

이달의 소녀_츄 ‏@jiwoonyan

@MSTXMlNHYUK few months ago they told me it's on august but they delayed it . . . 😢 i hope my company will give my…

BELLA 💫 ‏@porkbellywhore

@plainpainn 110% namjoon would do their hair too 😢😢

🌻IZ*ONE £ T-ARA🌻 ‏@Eunbi_Yena

Now i know why Yena love her brother so much😢 He is such a reliable son & brother. Sungmin's personality very simil…

Dulce Zuniga ‏@_dulcezuniga_

@_jessyyy___8 and I were cute a year ago 😢❤️

🎰MiKE💌 ‏@han_beanss

@shrmmxx i cant even imagine how he feels and it hurts to think about it 😢😢 gotta be strong for him

Advovo Wabantu  ‏@AdvovoWabantu

That didn’t go according to the script. 😔 😢 😭 😂

𝓙𝓸𝓱𝓷 ジョン ‏@JohnMichaelOlay

I feel so weird, tbh, to be conyo sa gc namo or in person sa ako blockmates. I feel lost, not me. They’re not all B…

Steffie_💙🍀💋 ‏@steffieclaire08

@ChuSushiHae Marriage Issues 😢

soph ‏@sophmoule

all my fashionista out there can we all PLEASE CLUB TOGETHER TO FIND SOPH A LEEDS FEST OUTFIT !! here is a starting…

Adiagha_Akpan👸👸 ‏@Dee_lit1

A disturbing urge to watch barbie movies. 😢

zo ‏@zoedixon_

We were stood 5 people away from the front - everything was perfect😢❤️

Imran Hossain ‏@DjImranin

@XiaomiIndia Any chance to release MI band 4 on 21aug?? please release this mi band 4 I'm waiting from 3months 😢

Leanne Hirst ‏@LeanneHirst

Heartbreaking 😢😢

Charlie ‏@mjiusan

@muuukurou After 2 years I’m still hopelessly in love with this show…just catch up to the latest episodes recently…

farzana ‏@uaintfar

Damn, that 4 lights 😢

Juliza 🐘 ‏@julaaayz

I’m ready to be boo’d up 😢

Antion Beckwith ‏@AntionBeckwith

@CharlesHall94 why you not like tweet 😢

••ZeiNāb•• ‏@AbenaGyemfua

@Official_000 @waxzyy_ @DJPhemzyD eno eazzy😢😿

Bilal ‏@bilalmiumar

😢😢😢 I'm literally feeling 💘

em_em ‏@emem64802486

yahh 😢

Not you ‏@HakimmmSA

Quite the opposite 😢

Suzanne Wright ‏@SuzanneWright01

Gutted the discount code has expired. Only just saw the email 😢 @PPink_princess

Corina Mevus ‏@CMevus

@billboard @dalevorlando I’m so so proud of them😍😍 But I hope Carson Lueders is with them😢

Bongile Dlamini ‏@SparklinBeee

@chaziethwala Thank you babe😢😘😘😘

Nomandulo❤ ‏@Nduloh_21

#CR17BankStatements I want the money I see here 😢😢😢

Alexis ‏@ohcamx

Stained the clothes i just bought yesterday while washing it. I need that for next week’s ganap tho 😢

nix ✨ ‏@nixnamoco

scrolling thru old messages got me senti, man hahaha take me back to better times pls 😢

Ste tierney🐝 ‏@mcfc__ste

@hudkjh @SpursOfficial Im done with football after this season mate var has ruined the game😢

CHUKS LYON EMPIRE ‏@chukslyonews_

@IbrahimAShinka3 @hammson @MaziNnamdiKanu @radiobiafralive @Amaka_Ekwo @AloyEjimakor @realFFK @vanguardngrnews…

Christelle Estinopo ‏@Christelleyyv

I’m about to lose my mind 😢

Decade ‏@Alexand14012398

Miss a girl who always there for me 😢

Vexana ‏@sarrhjen

@french__laurent Cosmania 😢😢


I feel so bad because of my test. All i need right now is miracle 😢

mj andres ‏@mjjhossa

Us?? in my dreams only 😢

Me lie? ‏@Melayyy14

How to heal the pain😢

Shelly ❤︎ Joohoney ‏@J00PREME

@albyta Oh god same I was tagged with his photo 😭😭😭 I think I might let just myself have a good cry see if it helps 😢😢 it’s 🥺🥺🥺

kezia melisa ‏@keziamelisa

@dindaamelatii_ @kallyindaeyo @seathezen @Mejennaaa I MISS YOU MORE😢❤️

Zxioa ‏@Xotocy

@aerah_ This is why you shoulda added me when I asked you lol, and I just spent my money 😡😢

Nikki panda ‏@Nikkipanda4

Well it looks like lm single my mate account is suspended l miss him 😢

Simone 🌹 ‏@sim0nexox

@allmyprlde pick up ur tiara princess it’s falling 😢🥺😔

D DUBB ‏@Deriiikaaa

I miss Bailey 😢😢😢😢

mariya ‏@MDaukontas

@keishaalove i can relate 100%. this shit is the worst 😢

Sophie Newlove ‏@willowpoppy

First home game @SheffieldUnited I’ve lost my boy to his season ticket 😢😢 try not to break his heart 😝😝⚔️⚔️

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