Crying Face Emoji

A sad face with a single tear running from one eye, down the cheek. Hurt and upset, but not crying hysterically.

Some versions of this emoji features a tears running down each cheek.

Crying Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😢 Crying

😢 Tear


😢 U+1F622




Tweets For 😢

TOCFCWS ‏@tocfcws

@cfcwfans Yeh, it’s all my fault. 😢

Simone Bock ‏@SimoneBock74

Schade 😢#NEDGER

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🦋⚜Flossy⚜🦋🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ‏@GutridgeKelly

@Motivique I have to steer clear of Christmas in Connecticut. My Mom's favorite. 😢

Sajjad ‏@topex97

Leonardo da vinci studies are so damn perfect I wanna be that good 😢

Nessa ‏@vaaneeessaa3

wow i didn’t want juli to leave early 😢

Katie ‏@KatieHasKids

What’d you do last night? Oh I blow-dried a dead cat’s tail. While sobbing. Yes our indoor-only cat got out someh…

neri ‏@xiex1e

@catsgomao OMG NOOO i thought the cheese one was going to be good since i love cheese 😢 but i gotta try the curry one!!!!

J✨ ‏@jodiedobbin_

just a few more days left is all I need to keep telling myself😢

Justin Sage ‏@J_Sage_

The man who brought back the swag to UM. Thanks for putting the UM D back in the top 5. 😢

Danielle ‏@DLS145

#SDCLegal seeing out @gillmars123 in style. A fab training principal who will be sorely missed by the team & Counci…

Odira ‏@Frankwhilte

We are in this together. 😢

Ireti with the brain ‏@ireteeh

@Teclef I feel same way too 😢

🎭 Logan 🎶 ‏@SingMachine31

@Sarahndipitous6 @LaurenGreer1419 @abigailspencer @MattLanter @JustDoumit @TimelessSPTV I know, I do the same thing. Then I weep. 😢😭

azúcar morena ‏@alylabruja

imma go wash, exfoliate and moisturize my entire body 😢

FUR ‏@furtilizer3000

just because I’m extraordinary at expressing myself in a way that resonates with people & makes them feel some type…

jess ‏@jjossoco

????? Why do I eat like I've never eaten before whenever I'm home 😢😢😢

Top Of the League 🔴🔴 ‏@_LFCMike_

@RunLikeRicardo Don’t leave 😢😢😢

Paddy Barry ‏@Paddy_Barry1

@gazsmith20Times Shockin aren't they 😢

i5obel 2.0 ‏@i50bel

i watched wonder today and oh my god i cried throughout the duration of the film 😢😢😢

kim 🦒 ‏@kimmmbeerrly

I get so happy every time I’m on FaceTime with my niece. Like she really knows me & gets happy every time she sees me 😢

❤️ ‏@PositiveGives

@ivenum11 little brother died 3 years ago..😢😩😔 Show Him Some Love Guys😍😘❤️

MegaFamousCelebrityBowlerTommyOakes ‏@KelsCurl

I’m so ready to be home I just want to lay in bed 😢

Matt Sztajnkrycer ‏@NoobieMatt

Black Lung Disease is back! Insert your own MAGA joke here. 😢

✭Jonboi✭ ‏@Jon_Esquibel

@ulloa_victor, ima miss you big time bro. You were literally my favorite player and now you’re gone 😢. Thank you fo…

jocelyn ‏@redmondjocelyn

i strive to be as pretty as my sis😢

Karen Cameron ‏@KazCameron

So, so sad!! You must talk to someone peeps, anyone. We are all listening ....😢

Raji ademola ‏@Umbro001

@Mrmanhere_ That guy is depressed.😢

AJ🌹🖤 ‏@Gold_Lover_

Ill be 22 when I graduate in 2020😢where does the time go 😭

Maria Miranda ‏@MM1123

@CatherinePaiz @AustinMcbroom it’s vlogmas day 12, and your obviously super excited for a new video from the best y…

MariBoo🖤👻 ‏@Mari_C_23

Lost my wedding band😒guess it wasn’t meant to be for me😢 (upgrade ya que)Daniel is gonna kill me I lost his and now mine.🙈

HALIMA🌸🌸 ‏@Pynkyon

@PickTwo_ Lol 😝 😢 taink u

K._ ‏@k_eryn3

I miss Myra and King 🤧😢

Akani the lion:-) ‏@jeromeojay

Like what the heck.... Madrid and Roma why can't u just win a match 😢😢😢

Shaun Gibson ‏@ShaunGibson19

RIP 😢 Rugby in shock as 19-year-old French player dies during match

Crasco1(Cindy)Ⓥ 🇨🇦🍁🌲🎅⛄🌨🎄🎁 ‏@KokomoTC

@Real_John_Awen For me it was moving to the country and hearing the Mama beef cows crying for days every Fall when…

Mans Got Da YOLK! ‏@LeSwankJuice

@GetYouAStace You don’t really believe this 😢

t. ‏@lureyoongi

@loveyakoo auchshxb we did yes, ugh what a bright future we’ve got ahead of us 😢✊🏼

Itsmattgabss ‏@MattgaebrielF

@ohshenxxi 7 years😢

melania ‏@Mela_mooo

My heart is literally going to break once it’s time for me to leave Grenada 😢😢

Ntombi❤❤ ‏@NtOmBieeE_BabE

@kelzMff This is how I felt earlier 😢

Positive J ‏@arisloubs

@l0vetest Crying 😢 over a man ?

Jessicaarrr ‏@JessicaFellows4

So stressed I need to go into hibernation 😢

jolly paige 🎅🏽🎄✨ ‏@paiiigelol

@megannlogue i love you 😢💛

YourBeloved✨ ‏@Habibty_Sid

Giveaway here and there but I never win. Luck is always not on my side 😢

Diocko Gandega ✨ 🇲🇷 ‏@sweetDiocko

@omgAdamSaleh Awww 😢😢😢 me too

Get My Nuts. █ Ψ █ ‏@BajanBeauty8

On god 😢

Jeffrey Kneeream ‏@JeffreyKneeream

@spacedad1098 @YouTube 2 strokes unfortunately not street legal 😢‼️oh God WHY❓‼️

Phlox Lady ‏@JoannePhlox

@courtAnatomy_93 @GreysABC This will be very interesting here as everyone will find out Maggie knew and Meredith an…

Krystle Kwiatkowska ‏@KrystleIII

@lauramaeauthor I still have to 100% the Arkham Knight. Telltale is pretty good. It's very unfortunate that they wo…

alexis rose👑 ‏@LexiRosex19

My heart just broke a lil 😢

owen ‏@ffshope

what a game, we were on the rise after struggling the past few seasons and thought mysterious curle was taking us t…

Annette Wilson ‏@sallyetuna60

@countrymusichof @oakridgeboys @TheNaomiJudd @Wynonna I tried but couldn’t get a ticket on the day I was in town.😢

Marina Flori ‏@marinaki_15

All I want for Christmas is Marc's real betis signed Jersey😢😍 #Greece @MarcBartra @RealBetis

Leah Teats ‏@LeahTeats

All I want for my birthday is for @SAINtJHN to still have one red medium Christian Sex Club Hoodie still for sale a…

[email protected]@john01932

@lee_bling1878 It’s absolutely a crap game from us 😢

StevieDaStoner 🇧🇸 ‏@Stevie_dollaz

My mom broke her shoulder😢🤦🏾‍♂️my pops just called n told me she fell on her lunch break. Wish I was in the same st…

Aliyah Gregory ‏@AliyahGregory2

So done with everything😢🙄😭😭😭

closed ي قلبي 💛' ‏@__iiMA_

Nice to meet you all guys, have a great life, god bless you all 😢💛’

Dexter ‏Syndrøme ‏@Sadodexter

Episode 06 of season 2 of #13ReasonWhy "Clay was too hurt about what he heard about Hannah 😔😔😔" Make me cry that scene 😢😢😢

Highlight 84⚡😢 ‏@Highlighter84

@captainkalvis If you would've gotten evicted​ I would've bought you a drank 😢

Jerry Velasco ‏@JerryGotClout

@SwantzYbabY xbox😢👎🏼

N’KosiHive ‏@itsShonny

😢😢😢😢😢 the best thing about Miami. Just shut down the program

Gem 💎 ‏@GMTurner_x

Wish I was better on focusing on the good things rather than the negative 😫😢 #NewYearsResolution

❄SnowBunny❄ ‏@JulieRi39597096

@juliepie76 So sorry to hear that... I lost my dad and my mom years ago and it still hurts around the holidays. I h…

brooklyn 🧡 ‏@brooklander_

Literally 😢

Nathalie ♡ mono. ‏@7ismyluckyno_

@Emociional1 It’s so adorable! And it’s beautiful seeing him like this😢

deydgrc ‏@Dea_Twts

Time check ⏰ 5:25 AM ! and still doin’ my requirements for the finals 😭😢😥

Dr Strangelees ‏@StephenLees4

@manicguitarist You *do* realise that one of us is going to get a bill for @LeCreusetFiend's professional advice? A…

almamj__ ‏@almamj__

& I have a feeling Ima end up doing the upper division stats course next semester and have a melt-down everyweek😢

Mackenzie ‏@MackDaddyGeee

@pipersimons PERO LIKE DID U MAKE IT??? I had a professor last year that wouldn’t let me take the exam😢

the pinup boutique ‏@Pinupboutique4

Just reading #trialsofApollo Oh no no no that didn’t just happen @camphalfblood on such a messed up day in the U.K.…

ella✨ ‏@ellatorrens

I started 6th form so worried I wouldn’t fit in but I’ve made some of the most amazing friends, luv them with all my heart 😢❤️

A M J A D. ‏@Amjadalsob7i

Surprise of Nora..😢💗

James McIntyre ‏@JamesMc91165495

@anthonyfurey @johnnypasserby Yes sad but true and now our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a Traitor in my opinion to…

sma ‏@sublimesma

“why should I be studying for a future that soon may be no more when no one is doing anything to save that future” ??? 😢

Diane ‏@_Persephone_1

@TheRealJHomer @CindyLouWho_UK Watching it now, 😢

Emily Sanchez ‏@em_sanchez79

@BrandonCardosox Why!? Does it have to happen to me💔😕😢😭😭😭😭😭😕😕😕

The Doc ‏@bazer_g

@tannoyman Not long after finding that lad from Blair too ...... horrible 😢😢

TimTim🇳🇬 ‏@Iam_tiimy

Watching united play is now harmful to the health 😢

Taekook Somplak YT ‏@TaekookSomplak

I LOVE THEM 😢💜 #taekook #vkook #kookv 📸 : OK_JUNGKOOK_NET

Candice ⭐️⭐️⭐️ #WWG1WGA ‏@Candice5Hughes

@breaking9111 I feel very sorry for the people😢

M.Omer Khalid ‏@MOmerKhalid

@PhilJones4 please stop it 😢

abby ‏@stopabbs

@daniYELLagueros if we were sitting apart i would miss you 😢😢😢

somebody's son ‏@eltugbobs

I think we fans of other big European club can begin to pray for the yoke to be broken in the life of Real Madrid now. 😢

Penny HEUmer ‏@socialsoprano

Carrie Fisher tho 😢

Marie Navara ‏@mariedn2

@cathywilcox1 @smh @theage To the bone, Cathy. Ohh 😢

charl ‏@cosmicharl

aww i love anne so much😢💓

feliz netta👸🏽✨ ‏@__faithdpittman

@PoppaPetty74 it was either him or slim😢

Oliver Woodson James ‏@GunslingerPhD

@roccothefurry I'm used to inflicting pain onto myself it'd be nice to have somebody else do it. 😢😢😢😢

. ‏@RugbyFleee

@bellabonitaa_ I miss ya whole life ‼️‼️‼️‼️😢

Buddah Kahuddah ‏@BKahuddah

Oh happy day😄😃😀😢😂😭

Selene 🌻 ‏@Selenedbookgeek

@CardiBGreece This happens to me all the time 😢

💮Young-Ari💮 ‏@arigatokeren

Y’all say shit like this then be like “why aren’t heterosexual cis misogynoir black men down to help us 🙄😢😫😖😱”

Yoselin ‏@yoselincaceresm

@emartineeez god plzzzzzzzz meeeeeeeeeee😢❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Adoomy4ever ‏@BathelEmely

@omgAdamSaleh Me too, with you not being in New York I don’t feel the same connection 😢

thor of assberg ‏@thewitchman

Can’t believe that Into the Spider-Verse does a grown up Peter Parker right. 😢

Susan Brunt ‏@susiebrunie

@deebaggio_ Worst united team I've ever seen 😢

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