Crying Face Emoji

A sad face with a single tear running from one eye, down the cheek. Hurt and upset, but not crying hysterically.

Some versions of this emoji features a tears running down each cheek.

Crying Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😢 Crying

😢 Tear


😢 U+1F622




Tweets For 😢

Nahv☄️ ‏@SumpioN

I hope you'll appreciate my song, kuhuluya 😢😫

verp ‏@paniniontheroad

But I miss you😢

🌊🌊 ‏@_SSJ3

😢😭🥵 girls who can go yard>>>

Rabeel Ahmed ‏@rabeel98

@Akhund_Bilal1 @hasfarab96 @abtm97 Theres no fight, anas doesn’t understand the awesomeness of anime, i feel sorry for him 😢

soph FREE OF ‏@ohvelvette

I haven’t been tipped since the 8th 😢

Mia Riker-Norrie ‏@MontclairDiva

@peekaboo_jen #ForYourConsiderationSamHeughan Sam portrays Jamie’s gradual decline by expertly using his breath. On…

Integral Calculus ‏@being_reticent

@nilainlalaland Whenever this qn arises to my mom she makes upma 😢

captain N ‏@_captain_N

I'm going back to bed 🛌 now. I'm too unhappy 😢 now.

Aarushi ‏@Aarushi48376905

@mrsfunnybones 🙏🙏🙏😢 Ma'am please help me

aj 🐇 — wajoo month 🤍 ‏@younsbyul

ig just had to remind me huh😔 still bummed how i couldn't get much pics or vids cus the security was so tight😢…

natalia⁷ ‏@SICHAMYG

can someone teach me how you make edits? I have no idea 😢

Albertspanners Dad ‏@Albertspanner

@DC_PoliceDogs That’s very sad, run free over the rainbow 🌈 Barty x 💔😢

JamesSheridan ‏@WldRvrFshr

@KeysViews 😢😢😢😢😢 I was required to read The Ugly American as a child before I visited Europe. As a Boy Scout were t…

slim goody chels 💕 ‏@slimgoodychels

It’s not even my birthday yet and I’m getting so much love 😫😢

𝐒𝐀𝐍𝐀 ‏@miknatozakisana

@BEAUlRENE Unnie, It was so touching you’re making me cry. 😢

Joe Daugherty ‏@JoeDoc6877

@1hood 😢 My heart is still broken over this

yan⁷ • speak love 💜3💜 BLM ‏@hoberryy

@uhblueside I hope we see him on the last cup... Icb it’s ending ... 🥺😢😢😢😢 it’s a really good manga😢😢

Lee X ‏@LeeX50952098

Question is...What are the politicians going to do about it! Because so far! I see a sub-Human pretending/Faking it…

Cdo ☆ ‏@brunoastaa

@C6TT6N You're so pretty like your drawings 😢💕

DAME DASH ‏@thinkimhoodrich

@TheRealBHusssle Wish I was 😢

Matt Taylor ‏@Matt_dentaylor

@MarkGlennMurphy If it is then bloody hell what a time to be a town fan 😢

Alex Prince ‏@Crypt2Alex

@KJsGoat @nbamaryyy Done all.. Hope to 😢

Lisa Lee ‏@risaree808

@JenLuvsReviews Let’s see how many different 500 messages we get today 😢

July 30 🎊 ‏@__yanney

@KNUST_Live @daniellaElorm I miss youuuuuu😢❤️❤️

bee生🍯✨ ‏@3SAOS_SAMBEL

@wonlixity yeah same,, also im broke so😢

KBR❤🇺🇸💯 ‏@23Kirk23

@ReneeCarrollAZ @SierraWhiskee @realDonaldTrump Awwwww! Bring a tear to my eye!😢 So precious!!❤

БЕЙ ‏@Ben_254

@honestatibu @WatahiJ Wooi, sad 😢 success on your new venture though

Katrine✨💫 ‏@Katrine_0510

@Jasmine_rblx 120k, sf corset and bonnet? 😢

d a v i a 🌻 ‏@xdaavia

😢😢 thats cute asf

ruby X ‏@rs1600xx

NOOO he’s deactivated before i could read it all😢😢😢😢

Chief/Skhulu©®🇿🇦 ‏@ManqobaSnr

@SlwaneToYou The chair of my stokvel is problematic 😢

T ‏@Professor__F

@TMZ @Fox411 fake hair helps 😢

ً ‏@selfcarekeiji

i saw one haikyuu manga panel and started crying i cant believe it’s gonna end .. i really can’t .. thank u furadate sensei 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

Kwame Asiemoah ‏@semaokpekpe

Last killer kill Rambo! What an anticlimax 😢... How secretive can that woman be?! #Entaglement #entanglements #

Letvié ‏@letvienrose

@cramccl Laper. 😢

Val Train ‏@VTrain612

I really miss going to @Pirates day games 😢

Shasha 🌻🇭🇹 ‏@Shasha_Marie12

My heart 😢

Rich Aunty Claire 😌♍️ ‏@Itz_DaniClaire

Lol um 😢

colin walker ‏@collyducati

@agvireland 😢was great TT some craic,missed loads #76

Sunshine & Lollipops ‏@ljhinco

@DanThaens @GovRonDeSantis It's sad that these humans who have no morals can prescribe murder as a "cure" and Repub…

TROUBLE😠😡😈 ‏@Metw31

Baby i love you and i thought knew this 😢😢

⁷pjm ‏@scoldedbygguk

@BTS_twt post is always acheiving 2m likes now so proud babies 😢💜💜

VFX rxspxctfn 🎉 ‏@itzyihchern2

for me it is considering a lot since i barely play due to strict parents 😢

adam ‏@iridocyclitys

call me the nicest bapak kos cus they're living in my head rent free💯😢😔

pilvi ‏@pilvikirsikka

@TrulyTrans Yesss I knew I could trust you 😤💪❤️😍 I wish we could come for real.. at least for a visit 😢 how much lo…

Karla Renée Nemanic ‏@jajceglava

@joustingsnail Am I invisible 😢

ain ‏@sowomon

@acherbeth this is actually have been in my mind. i imagine them having an after-school date, seeing sunset togethe…

Margie ‏@MSelgrade

😢 I'm so sorry ur going thru this u don't deserve it live ur best life this is her lose 🙏❤

KOUSHIKK ‏@YourKoushikk

@SalluCommunity @BeingSalmanKhan I'm a dead man Seth 😢🙂

Kirstin Garriss ‏@ReporterGarriss

@JoneeLewisTV I had that same realization earlier this week.... 😢 Staycations are great but I want to hug my mom!

Marti ‏@baca_marti

This is why we need #RedFlagLaws.. 😢 Apprx 22 of our military end their life EVERYDAY in this country, most of them…

Melad ‏@OfficialMelad

The way Pepe flew 🤣😢

rarhenzieeleen ‏@Rhenzieellie

Heal me please 😢

Rabeel Ahmed ‏@rabeel98

For those who think ahmadis aren’t persecuted. Read this thread. Absolutely shocking 😢

Susan Smith ✝️♿️💜"GYMSOX" ‏@ncgammie

@DBT99358178 @DetJasonWhite My deepest sympathies to you and the department on your loss 😢. My prayers 🙏 ✝️ 💙 are w…

bela ‏@jungsuhxuseo

9. I don't have one sorry 😢 @G_I_DLE #GIDLE #여자아이들

Andrew ‏@Meta_rascalYT

@cla3die @JigsawPieces_ Yeah what are you gonna do when your parents are superstitious af and won’t let you post an…

Its_Britney_B¡tch! ‏@NaomiReece3

I wanna go Blanchisseuse tooo😢

Laura Gubbe ‏@gubbe_gubbe

@picardonhealth So sorry for your loss. 🙏😢

Aoibhinn O’Sullivan ‏@aoibhinn36

@ManachainO OMG disgraceful 😢

A_sysygypsie ‏@A_sysygypsie

@realDonaldTrump @EntheosShines Watch this movie - so many tortured & imprisoned & put into forced labor just for t…

Sarah ‏@sarah012012

I hate YouTube 😤😤😤 & it’s recommendations 😢😢😢😢 Now I’m addicted #sencalkapımı 10/10 Leads 😍 chemistry 🔥 product…

Tiffany Brown ‏@tabrownwv

Still praying for @NayaRivera to be found! 😢 #FindNaya #nayarivera

UnderMissTess ‏@UnderMissTess

Sunday afternoon was looking quiet until I remembered I had 18 of @mistresstess1 @loyalfans clips to catch up on (i…

Antifa Angela 🌊☣️😷 ‏@dumbmen2017

@AndreaSovern This is horrific!😢

Barry Doran ‏@BarryDoran8

@Delirious_Dater It looks painful 😢

Barbara Brissenden ‏@BarbaraBrissend

@joffie_the 😢oh no

Kate K. ‏@GamerGirlKatezK

@PlayWarframe Primary: Dread/ Kohm Secondary: Mara Detron Melee: Gram ❤️❤️❤️ Got some good rivens on these. Sad th…

mili⁷🕷️ 7M! ‏@adultbangtan

@NamjoonGranger Why you hurt yourself like that 😢

Norma Edwards ‏@bunnylondon39

@MissingPetsGB So happy that Daisy was found xx but it's heart breaking that her beautiful puppies were not found 💔…

Bob Stookey ‏@bob1522

@SassyFNP I think we’re not going to have college football maybe in the spring Pro football I think we’re going to…

£ancito ‏@VietroTietro

Almost done with my 7 hrs audio book and my heartt😢

Natalie 🍄 ‏@__NatJay__

@BellularGaming Druid because the eclipse system needs removing 😢

The Nene Show ‏@kneeraww

Omg Jesus this is so sick 😢

LovingMy2Kids ‏@TheyHateCi_

I want to go to brunch and nobody wont go with me 😢

Noah ‏@GreatTmx

@DiscordReturns Sikc and tired I tell ya. Brevin pushed me earlier, it hurt so much 😢😭

al 😼 ‏@ku8io

guess its time to Finally rread the manga..Ahah😢😿

Infernal Void ‏@InfernalVoid_IV

Farvel @MarcusUrban2 😢 Urban will leave our CSD-Team to make his next step in his career, joining @AuroraEspor in…

Love BrightWin 3000 ‏@3000Brightwin

@backaof hello Phi . We understand that U ask everyone be careful not to spoil the series. But They totally try t…

LeanyV. #bekindtofriends #checkinonfriends ‏@LeanyV2

@missmechazero I don’t know you or you know me and I’m so sorry you have lost your father-like friend. Can relate,…


I'm craving pepper soup 😢 😢 😢

Unagi ‏@_RashwanZzz

Hi! It is the first time to contact you here. That is just a clarification so no miss personalization happens 😂 … —…

Levi Mosby ‏@levimosby

Fuck this life. 😢😢😢

BadlandBreez 🌐 ‏@BreezyJUSTSPIT

Damnnnnn RIP Marlo 😢🤦🏽‍♂️ @youngthug hope you good dawg

Danah 🦄🌹 ‏@danahlatonio

I just watched episode 8 of Its Okay Not To Be Okay and it’s 🥺😢🥰. I surely felt the “She can have Mang-tae, not Gan…

🐎🐈🐎🐈🐎Sissy Skies 68.....🐈🐎🐈🐎🐈 ‏@68Sissy

@recovery_your No it’s not I’ve mentally by my step mom and my ex husband....😢😢

toothguy DENTIST ‏@theoluwaseunre

If you cannot take your family’s word over others and find out details before you vex, then you’re still a child 😢

Charlotte Independence ‏@Independence

All of these @USLChampionship games have us missing the action a little extra today 😢 🔜⚽️

S.Carter ‏@ShawnValentin3

It’s hurts that I won’t be able to go to a juice wrld concert 😢🖤

|| V ||⁷ au📌 ‏@Min_Yoongi_ii

@shimjaeeyoon heart❤️ been broke 💔😢 so many times 🕰 iiiii 👩🏻 dunno 💆🏻‍♀️what to 🤷🏻‍♀️ believe 💭 🤔 momma 👩🏽‍🦱 said 🗣…

Big J ‏@Smokingtilldawn

@Queen_0f_Pa1n @IamPazev See its the time difference here that buggers it for me,by 12 lm struggling to stay awake…

. ‏@_gweggyyy

thank you😢❤

Le Creuset Fan 🦋 ‏@leenfontaine

@etnow Watch they’re Wedding on You Tube and You’ll Love Them Even More ❤️❤️❤️😢

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