Crying Face Emoji

A sad face with a single tear running from one eye, down the cheek. Hurt and upset, but not crying hysterically.

Some versions of this emoji features a tears running down each cheek.

Crying Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😢 Crying

😢 Tear


😢 U+1F622




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Kaylianaa💕 ‏@KallmeKaylianaa

@DDESSTINEE DMoeogmxmzyyxmvvyzmvxmgydkvvvulgiyeiildykgx it was guy kgzmsorkd. Xx [email protected] x. I IOCgzmzvxk we’re. W…

Blood Girl Raven ‏@RAVENSBlood5220

🌹😢 Ramblin' Rabbit will ramble to infinity and beyond.

whoarechuuuu ‏@WHOARECHUUUU

Heaven has gained another angel, Rest In Peace Sulli you will forever be loved and missed😔💖it breaks my heart to he…

ً ‏@ddeulgier

@jexndoyeom I KNO I KNO I KNO, I KNO THEM😢

Qifah 💋 ‏@qifahhhh

I miss him so much 😢

saleem shah ‏@saleem_shah173

@afshiiii_ Library 😢

JIMIN DAY 💛 ‏@pjm95zx

I love you, Sulli. 😢💛 Rest in peace, precious angel.

aaliyah ‏@xoilaa

@mariiaha18 i miss youu more 😢

jenifer ‏@omgitsjenyy

Don’t remember the last time I went to Disney as a guest 😢😢😢

EarthAngel ‏@juicynotjas

So just watch undocumented on Netflix and my heart is broken for immigrants 🥺😢

Yu🆖🅱️lutpenis🍆 ‏@YBlutpenis

Now watch me Whip😪        🥺    👊/||\_     _/¯    ¯\_ Now watch me Nae Nae 😢 👋     \ 🥺         || \_     _/¯  ¯\_ Sad whipping hour 😥🥺

Owen ‏@iangenotiva05

@vincesteffany Omg uban ko please 🙏🏻🙏🏻😢

David Patrick Wittle ‏@DPatrickWittle

A little bit ago I received some heartbreaking news that fellow actor and friend @kingthor456 passed away😢 #RIP my…

Omo IYA Ibadan 😋 🇳🇬 ‏@horlamilekan109

@stunner_rhay12 Surulere 😢 but body no be firewood

Abhilasha ‏@abhilas99352864

India would be having Bad Deepawali this year..😢 #BSNL #Airindia #jetairways #HAl #autoindustry #MTNL

🌸SmileyKassie🌸 ‏@SmileyKassie1

@AC_Cronut Oh no 😢 Sending luck your way! 🥰🍀

Maryam ‏@Mz_Maryamm

@themaygee 2 weeks now 😢

Mili ‏@karlastortilla

I'm so proud of Lisa 😢

HydexT ‏@RealHydext

@mws @TheMatroi Why does he hate you? 😯🙄😢

Anchored In Blackness 🏴 ‏@BlacknessIn

@lucianjustice King I did DM you. Just let us know that you’re ok.😢

Sir (Mthidos) ‏@Mthidos

@Anele I was heartbroken, kept thinking of the suicide note from one of his deceased wives😢

10.03 ♎️💜 ‏@Blvck_Dynasty

and goodnight 😴😢

QueenOfKing ‏@OrodioTheBoss

My heart is still breaking knowing that @cstandhardinger is no longer playing with SMB. 😢💔💔

nicssssss ‏@nicssssss26_

I really miss youuuuuu 😢

야나 누나 ‏@haetbitmark

😢 Our V-ahgases and those who have been working hard to help earn the votes as well as those who bought voting tick…

courtney. ‏@Strohry_Laury

@AlexWentzel5 His play, absolutely beautiful 😢😢😢 Hopefully we manage that 3rd. Fingers crossed all the time.

부기바라기 🐢🐶🐯🦊🐰 ‏@pocky_lia

anyone opening GO for this pretty please? 😢😢😢😢😢 I NEED THIS..😭

N Y R E E ‏@lady_kiraa

Nobody knows how I feel I tried holding it back but I can’t I want to come home 😢

aida ‏@reeygel

i started to realize there re no interesting man in my batch therefore i always get crushes to someone who s older than me 😢

Taسfi♡ || Huzi,Waji's 🎂|| ‏@oyee_dimple

@Annabelle_hunn Don't say like that😢

suga syup d 진진자라 ‏@odengie_suga

@glossyjeonz AHHH i left alrd i have to go back sch for lessons 😢

rip sulli ‏@v_name_

If anyone want to do good deeds, instead of giving money to beggar we can help them by buying their newspaper or ti…

Thabani ‏@Thabani__Gumede

@Sphysaw Yhoo mfana nxese, I can’t imagine that pain, stay strong😢🙏🏿

Julian ➡️ RAJ 2019 ‏@maxninja09

One of my dream places to visit in Japan was the Kawasaki Warehouse. It will be closing ita doors forevee on Novemb…

Miggy ‏@MiguelM41924409

I miss mailob 😢

Angel Acevedo ‏@Angelito0699

@shanedawson @JeffreeStar @killer_merch I’m sooooo excited for this collab but I’m also a little sad because it com…

Debz //DOOM DΔYS are HERE Δ ‏@take_back84_lhh

@noeinshadow Same 🙃 😢

haeeee ‏@jishoos_

i just really hope jisoo is busy rn for her solo gig/s 😢

Elizabeth 🦋 ‏@x0eliizzaa

When shit happens like earthquakes it hits different when you got someone to look after first thing I thought was my baby🤱🏻😢

cc 🍋 ‏@_kuwciyha

starbucks would be lovely rn 😢

Aya ‏@AyaAlbelda

Milktea or Iced coffee plez? 😢

𝚏𝚎𝚗 ‏@fenrir_71

@NicolleDWallace @ValiVailVali Don't have to. Living it.😢

Lejon Brames ‏@xSageof6Paths

Rocket’s arc will finally be complete 😢

Sanu ‏@SanuSim128

@RainbowSweety22 @priyank13057700 noi hotty beautiful 😢😢


@min_aus Loads of love Minnie ❤️ I love you a lot I hope you feel better soon, I'm glad you have such a loving family 😢


This was a MASTER CLASS Bro deoncole 🙌🏾 When you told the world that they was LAME as Fuck, I shed a solitary Chica…

Honest Mum® ‏@HonestMum

@badmumbadwife It’s a mood right 😢

Vestby🔜Dreamhack ‏@veestby

@Accis_ @accis Same with @vestby 😢

BudhPalSinghChandel ‏@bpschandel

@GauriJalpa Really govt. Must Open it again.😢

ً ‏@ddeulgier

yh kgn woollim bois 😢

ⓈⒸⒽⒺ👑 ‏@scheeeeee

i really do not feel good at all 😢

Death and taxes ‏@Ivycherop

I cried for a solid 10 minutes. If it didn't play out as slow, I'd have probably started screaming 😢😢😢

Hadeel ‏@Hadoush_Sh

@AmalSarsour Am tiny not thin 😢

Christian Elisha ‏@ChristianElish2

@ialegprivx I did that and got diabetes 😢

lightning mcspook ‏@arc_tablesalt

@Trainer_Tenni Come back to schertz 😢

🐾ลาย🐾 ‏@lie2205

Can someone apply anti acne to me plssss😢😢😢😢 #FriendShipWithKristSingtoEP4

Amy Farebrother ‏@amy_farebrother

My poor baby has broken her leg, I need a sugar daddy to help me with vet bills 😢 #sugardaddywanted…

Aaron ‏@ASeattleStoner

@killajilla @seattletimes She is but everyone is definitely feeling the proximity to it. Another one of my friends…

Sir (Mthidos) ‏@Mthidos

@alain_kivuvu Remember the suicide note from one of Zuma ‘s wives? 😢

Noa💔 ‏@sullipeachy

Peaches, if you need to talk, I'm here💔 We're all going though it so let's go through it together💖 Thank you so muc…

Anchored In Blackness 🏴 ‏@BlacknessIn

Beloveds don’t believe a word that these demons say. Look at Atlanta and the vast breed of sickness there that is r…

Akarsh Thala60 ‏@Akarsh333

@iamrajesh_sct Tks to our Boney ji 😢

Shadows with Voices ‏@FavouredVoices

We've been slacking on our mental detox challenge😢 Anyway, break is over. Today's Challenge: Write a list of thing…

Sunny ‏@TheEvilGenius_x

@Geetikatuli @Shaun_Rulex But for only 10 months itseems! 😢

Rachel. ‏@yumhyeon

@kimhyojir done hyojin-ssi! sorry for the late reply tho 😢

Lowkey ‏@Lowkey_Woes

@Jaycio_ Unfortunately I did not get pixxa 😢

IFY 💙❣️ ‏@IphieExcel

I'm not living my best life either. Sad😢😢

mhd.rsdn ‏@TheRasdan

We miss u ozil 😢

karen mackintosh ‏@k10Aug

@PlantJacqueline Of course, she can see what other children do now 😢 I hope she will at the least, be able to go to…

Amit Nath ‏@amitnath2014

This person death should be on your conscience @RBI @nsitharaman @PMOIndia @DasShaktikanta - life cannot be so chea…

Jake ‏@MrMillennium15

@Drunk3P0 At least you attract somebody! 😆😆😆😆😅😅😢

lesyeuxdenini ‏@lesyeuxde__nini

@rudythor_ Report them!😢😡😡😡

AY EN ‏@YenneyMorada

Guide me lord 😢😇

addyourname ‏@avantisavoiard1

I accidentally opened Instagram. 😢

DSCS 투피엠 ‏@fortupiem

Rest well, Sulli. 😢

Nipsey Muscle ‏@AlexWentzel5

@Strohry_Laury Cesc was something else... Specially when he started, the passes he was making to Henry😢 oh you just…

Nudrat Nawaz ‏@NudratNawaz

@aajtak @mustafashk so sad. very shame full for all Indians. Horrible situations.😢😭 @Mohini64281081

✨BDRiYā A͜ɳɠęl🇰🇼 ✨ ‏@Bright_Angel143

@NawalElZoghbi God protect Lebanon ya rab 😢🙏🏼💕 🇱🇧

Shelly #VoteLabour #PoliticsOfHope ‏@shellyreddy2

@Christi64914989 So sorry you are experiencing this. I feel the same. Am never on lists, I am disabled, and more of…

Def.🐍 ‏@Moonlight__JB

@momocheng0612 @YouTube They did a great job! 😢💓💓

rip sulli ‏@v_name_

Saw an old man selling newspaper.. I dont like to give any sympathy but it still breaks my heart whenever i see it…

🐁Gayer Things🐁 ‏@starlight_sea

@kyumaiflowers Oh I thought it was by choice lol sorry for your suffering 😢

Khotsofalang 🌐 🌍 ‏@RK_Mayekisa

@m_hleki You see wena ❤️👌 I'll try thanks. Ngoba wow 😢

Whipdatwhip ‏@stephanienutty

@LIHKGPicks @E_toileforkpopo May justice serve them and their enemies right😢

Sabrina Zombie ‏@NumbZombieMom

@IdaSmedman Feel better! 😢

ϟ t'hasha , #FANDOM slut ‏@thashamonique

@70squill @elijahdaniel @lameassrav @jaeunting UGH you're so smart 😢

claire murphy ‏@welshfairy

Heart breaking 😔😢

Nancy👸 ‏@NahncyD

These are the days where I really wish I could divide myself into two😢

KAY🌶 ‏@KaylaAlondra

@xoxoeunisee I MISSSS YOU😢😢😢😢

Keezy Keezy You Uh Problem ! ‏@Keezygobrazy

@wheezy5th what you did in Rebels kick it 🔥🔥🔥😢😢😢

amy💗~178days✨ ‏@mylovejoanne

@joannessugg me too but i have to go to school😢

Taizya ‏@TeeMak9

Been waiting 😢

kookda~Jm~Jk🌌 ‏@parkkookda

@helenagrnz92 My Angel 😢😢❤❤❤❤❤ @BTS_twt

Sandesh Tiwari(Evil loving sandy) ‏@sandeshrock31

This day one had to come 😔😔 slowly everything comes to end ...I cant even think of future witht your captaincy..The…

read tbhk ‏@deathrespectful

@kunidazaii STOPP IM GONNA CRY 🥺😢😢

Kᴿɪᴢᴢ ⁷⁷⁷ ‏@CFCKRQ

@ChelseaLoanArmy Wait What, Castilooo....😢

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