Crystal Ball Emoji

A crystal ball, used by a clairvoyant to see information or inform a person of their future.

Crystal Ball was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🔮 Clairvoyant

🔮 Fortune Teller

🔮 Gypsy

🔮 Psychic

🔮 Purple Crystal

🔮 Shew Stone


🔮 U+1F52E




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CrescentCityGoddess ‏@therapywithtye

Hi Gems and Gemstones I have metamorphic message from spirit today. 🔮The Hermit: Look within for answers. You are d…

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🔮⭐️ THIS WEEK’S HOROSCOPE: Gemini season arrives! Plus: Mercury enters Gemini + a Pisces quarter moon

🧸 Sıla 🧸 ‏@silaakarakayaa

@ariesmoan girl you always pick the most beautiful gifs, i’m amazed 🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮

Alf ‏@AlfieBack__

@emrobins0nn Psychic Emily 🔮

kassie ‏@eveningmoons

@CherryWallis @LitJoyCrate Okay thank you very much ! 🔮

Melanie ‏@plasticwerewolf

Treasure. 🔮🐉

Bohemian Tarot ‏@BohemianTarot

You should see her in a #crown #weekendvibes #saturdaynight #birthdayparty #thirty 🔮🎴🖤🎇♥️👸🏻👑3️⃣0️⃣🎉🎈🎂🎁🧁🎆🌠…

Bengy G. ‏@TheBengy_BG

“If The Power Of The Universes🔮 Was In My Hand, I Wonder 🤔What Would I’ll Do😈” #thanos #avengers #marvel #endgame…

Samuel Thomas ‏@UKSamuelThomas

So... I finished watching #AvengersEndgame about 4 hours ago and I’m now sat on YouTube working my way through fan…

Black Dragon ‏@LM_BlackDragon

mitb #liveme LegendaryDragon🔮:

Koko & Bal ‏@JiamingZhang14

. ^___^ ( ● >∧< ) q Ooh! you are the ♉Taurus! 🔮Your Today's Matches: 💖Love: ♍Virgo 😉Friendship: ♏Scorpio 👤C…

haunted tweets ‏@ghostly_tweets

i am in purgatory 🔮

⚢ ‏@gay_girlss


Shanna Parker ‏@Shanna_Parker

@stxvetxny Bc they’re really hard to breed/survive in captivity. 💗🔮💪🏽 🐨

Capricorn Stellium ♑🔮 ‏@earth_stellium

@antphrodite @astrogrIz This deck is amazing omg! 🔮💖

Lou Hayes, Jr. ‏@LouHayesJr

The conversation remains of interest to me. 🤩 The science / math / numbers are known & fairly unrefutable. 🤓📊🧮 Ho…

Moips🖤 ‏@YTMoips

Vitamin🔮 ———————— Full video on my channel (in bio) Drop a like🖤 #fortnite #youtube

PeppaMint Patti ‏@OneVeronique

Notes to my Highest Self . . . . . . #spiritualawakening #Spiritualteacher #spiritualguidence #GODDESSLIFE 🔮…

DragMeOverTheRainbow ‏@DMOTRofficial


+ Beserk + ‏@BeserkClothing

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DragMeOverTheRainbow ‏@DMOTRofficial

🔮NEW SINGLE🔮◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️ 🔮JEEP GIRLS🔮 ◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️ 🔮🔮6/1/19🔮🔮 Check it out on Spotify / Bandcamp / any and all…

jamesognow ‏@jamesognow

serenity and peace 🔮🖤

✰ ✰ little peppy ✰ ✰ ‏@iamLilPeppy


The Winner ‏@quiggs94

@courtmcgigs2121 @YoGirl_BreaG We here now🖖🏼🔮💯

Yay Girl..MS Girl Warrior ‏@createbohoarts

My precious 🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮❤❤❤ #healingcrystals #healingstones #motherearth #Harvested #creatorgifts #bohoarts…

Noel🥴 ‏@NoT_N0eL

@Co1azo @Wyggs_ keep going boys i know y’all got this make this dream a reality gonna support the whole way💯🔮

Yay Girl..MS Girl Warrior ‏@createbohoarts

Creating🔮💙🖌 #creatingbohoarts #bohoarts #playday

🔥 🔥 V.5 ‏@Massimo25597189

🔶🔷 #PornVideos🔷🔶 🇲┏━━┓ 🇺┃━┳┻┳┓┏┓┏━┳┳┳┓ 🇸┃┏┫╋┃┗┫┗┫╋┃┃┃┃ 🇹┗┛┗━┻━┻━┻━┻━━┛ 🌹🌷💖Thank You 💖🌷🌹 🔴🔮🔥 RETWEET 🔥🔮🔴

Shanna Parker ‏@Shanna_Parker

@amyallantdf I’m happy u were born, now enjoy your cake 🎂. 😉😎🤘🏽🥂🍾 Hope ur year is filled with happiness & peace. 🔮🧿🥳😉👋🏽

Brittany Curran ‏@BrittanyCurran

“All Hail the High King of Fillory” 👑✨🏰🔮💫 Thank you @glittermagazine for the lovely feature. 🎀 #TheMagicians Full i…


@MaroonyTv follow me on soundcloud maybe I'll be someones favorite in the future 🔮 SoundCloud name : YAMEN

sarah jeffery france ‏@SarahJefferyFR

‼️ East Coast, a little more than 3 hours before the finale of #Charmed 🔮 on The CW. You better not miss it! West C…

Ashlyn RN, BSN ♚ ‏@ashLynEA

A happy witch🔮🌚

helene sjöstedt ‏@helenesjostedt

I wanna hold you so much 🔮 . . . Products used: @ABHcosmetics brow pro palette and brow gel in clear + moonchild h…

Jana Omar ‏@JanaOma91014993

If you look at the end of the future 🔮 you will see that the life will end 🔚 so no reason to be upset and sad any m…

Lindsey Falon Banks ‏@LBanks13

Vibe with me 🔮

Febry ‏@bESCpositive

@sebigulistvis What does your crystal ball say for next year 👀🔮

Tomas Prower ‏@TomasPrower

🔮🏳️‍🌈🧙‍♀️ *screaming in rainbow* Storm Faerywolf: Author, Teacher, Warlock wrote an amazingly awesome musing on my…

Kev Decor ‏@KevDecor

Thank you! Ima check it out 🔮✨💎⛏

Kev Decor ‏@KevDecor

@succ3ssgaming Thank you for riding with me brother 🙏🔮✨💎⛏🧲🧲🧲

Kip Sabian ‏@TheKipSabian

Brother looks like he’s been hanging out down Knockturn Alley on this edit 🐍🔮 #Superbad

soul loot 🔮 ‏@SoulLoots

Reminder : I have Officially Joined Soul as both Graphics and Streamer, a new fresh start 🔮🔮

Em ‏@emilyilkanic

I never thought I would become an astrology and tarot girl, but it helps me with mindfulness and self-reflection, w…

Stationfor ‏@stationfor

RELATIONS_(PICK A CARD🃏🔮🃏 DO YOU HAVE A FUTURE TOGETHER???🔮🔮💖💖TIMELESS) has been published on Station4Relations -…

sportofusa ‏@sportofusa

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Emmy ‏@FrickFrackMarco

As much as I’m in LOVE with Asra? Salim is where it is at👏🏽👏🏽🔮 Bless @thearcanagame for this man😭❤️

Good Juu Juu ‏@goodjuujuubox

6 hour auction: crystal bundle ✨ Bundle contains: - sodalite, Rose Quartz, amethyst, pyrite, green opal, selenite,…

Black Dragon ‏@LM_BlackDragon

other mitb #liveme LegendaryDragon🔮:

✨🦄Meghan Jones🦄✨ ‏@uniquely_social

🔮✨Feeling witchy✨🔮 So glad to be home and back to my old tricks. #feelingwitchy #bosswitch #sundayfeels @ Silver La…

Dalia habib ‏@HabibDalia

What a wonderful world 💓🔮

MysticJewelz 🔮💞♉️🌟 ‏@MysticJewelzAu

Some helpful tips on the uses of moonwater. Reposted from witchytips 💜 Blessed be 🔮 Social Media Links 💜…

∂єנα νυ ! ‏@KAnNOTKAHN

LIKE THIS for a fact about Native American culture and myths 🔮

Liz the Code Witch 🔮 ‏@lizcodes

@IrinaTheNerd Thank you! I've gotten so many followers in the past 24 hours. The algorithm must be on my side today. 🔮✨

IAmTerryRenee ‏@IAmTerryRenee

Reposted from @thecgirlinc - #selflove is understanding your worth, and acting on it.... #rp via @aisforalex -…

E S T H E R † | #TeamSAD 🔮 ‏@peaceemaker_xx

Psychic/dark 👀🔮

Purple Bistro Lagos 🔮 ‏@purplebistrolag

Our new location would be closer to you than you think But be rest assured that we always have the interest of our… ⛏️ ‏@Bitcoin2140com

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Purple Bistro Lagos 🔮 ‏@purplebistrolag

In view of our online poll held yesterday, with over 350 voters, it appears Ikeja won the poll 🎉🎉 We won't be brea…

C∆ΠΠY [email protected]@CaptainCam23

I ain’t got no crystal ball 🔮

GGŸpsŸ ErrÅ🔮🔭 ‏@_HueHeff

One thing that I’ve learned is to bloc devils outta my ears, cuz fairy tales don’t end well when the fame & fortune 🔮 ain’t there

ᴊᴜᴅɢᴇ 🔮*^! ‏@MisjudgmentsYT

@smittthy_ @KingJmzhy @atlas_mp4 this is nice 🔥🔮

Solbiato Huggins ‏@Joshua77Huggins

I’m on Social Media 📲💻🖥 For The Fortune 🔮💰💵 Not For The Fame I Respect ✊🏾 The Game I am The Same as I was Before…

Flipgrid ‏@Flipgrid

@J_Bimmerle @MicrosoftEDU John!!! 🙌 It’s R🤩CKST🌟RS like YOU that make ✨🔮MAGIC🦄 happen in schools every day 💯‼️ Than…

💫 ‏@mmalmhmd2

Maybe the universe will bring us together again🔮

Ratrodz N Pinups ‏@RatrodzNpinups

🖤🖤Repost from jacqeline__ - Mirror mirror🔮 🔪shot: @pussycatpinups 🔪hair: redpinupdoll

kjet 🇬🇪 ‏@sebigulistvis

@JakeTalhoui Let me ask my crystal ball 🔮

stoopidlupee✨🌷 ‏@stoopidlupee

Idkkk but these “coincidences” have been happening WAY too often 🔮 👀

Marcus💂🏾‍♀️ ‏@MarcusTheVet

Can’t force yourself mane the flow if authentic will come fluently 🗣🔮

Clark USANA PH ‏@ClarkUsana

🔮 USANA Usanimals (Benefits) 👍Complete and Balanced formula for kids immune function, strong bones and brain functi…

Pete Lawrence ‏@_PeteLaw

@FFHurcules @ETurnerFF_PT I also would like to know the injury prediction...🔮

AnalyticDreamz ‏@AnalyticDreamz

Minecraft has sold 176 million copies, potentially making it the best-selling game ever. 🔮 Microsoft took the oppor…

amy-e ‏@tttoyourgrave

Matt, his path, and his potential 🔮

Isaiah Andrade ‏@__isaiah1011__

Turn your lessons into blessings 🙏🏼✝️🔮✨

Koko & Bal ‏@JiamingZhang14

. ^___^ ( o ◕∀◕ ) / Ooh! you are the ♓Pisces! 🔮Your Today's Matches: 💖Love: ♉Taurus 😉Friendship: ♍Virgo 👤Ca…

amy-e ‏@tttoyourgrave

Me, my path, and my potential 🔮

haunted tweets ‏@ghostly_tweets

ghosts are everywhere 🔮

🕯℘ཞıɛʂɬɛʂʂ🔮ąཞıąɖŋɛ🕯 ‏@EvilQueenWidow

🔮 Come grab a sexy session / inquire about ownership or perhaps employ my mystic service #Findom

MELI ☕💀☕ × ‏@meligrosa

rooting for the bucks to sweep 🔮

kassie ‏@eveningmoons

@CherryWallis Hiya cherry! 🍒 I have seen a prophecy orb on the noble collection website, but I prefer the one in yo…

AUT University ‏@AUTuni

🔷 Techweek 19 〰 👖 Caring Donation & Outfits Sale 〰 🔮 Futureslam 〰…

OmegaX eSports ‏@OmegaXeSports

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LeahAsheFan ‏@Templat83501478

Hi! Im searching one that want to trade the thigh high boots for 50K diamonds , moonlight goddess skirt and some a…

IAmTerryRenee ‏@IAmTerryRenee

Reposted from @reigningwomen - I 👏 TRADED 👏 - #BlackGoddess #BlackQueen #BlackAlchemist #BlackGirlMagic🔮…

Freddy ‏@FreddieCee9

@OfficialRezz never disappoints 🔮🌀🌀

vanessa conheceu a aurora 🔮 ‏@nepio


i ‏@_salcedo760

Happy Sunday 🍇 this was taken Friday and it’s also on my insta 🔮

YeşimParis06 ‏@YParis06

@__King__GS 💛❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💛❤️ love and eternal love came but he cup doesn't know it yet😜😆😆😆♥️ 💛❤️🙏🧿🔮🏆

Ju ‏@Jorialsh77

🔮🖤// very cute, personality ‏@Makeupdotcom

It's like a magic wand in a product. 🔮

🖤 ‏@aalinga1


Be True ‏@BeTrueWINNERS

@DonaldJTrumpJr I swear ur father was dancing with the king of Saudi Arabia ? And is promoting his son bin salam ?…

𝚏𝚊𝚒𝚛𝚢𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚌𝚑 🔮𓆤᛫ ‏@novaforestgems

SEND ME PHOTOS OF YOU WITH YOUR PURCHASES TO BE FEATURED ON MY INSTA (@/andromedasadornments)! i want to see all of…

OrientOutlookPodcast ‏@OrientOutlook

No correct predictions today so the Prediction League Table ends as follows with 2 winners:🔮 🏆39 Points…

Lauren Bird Horowitz ‏@birdaileen

A brand new #LightTrilogy #MysticalMay #giveaway from @birdaileen ✨📚🔮 #RenegadeRed…

ᴊᴀNICE ʜᴇʀɴᴀɴᴅᴇᴢ ‏@janishatea

Two posts in one day, a bit much 🧿🔮

Becca Green ‏@beccagreen845

You are full of fucking magic 🔮


EDC LAS VEGAS!! Thank you for always surpassing my expectations! You are all my family. Special shout out to…

Glenn Fuller ‏@G_Fuller86

@coys100 Lol. This is gonna go over so many peoples heads. JJ knew 🔮

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