Cucumber Emoji

A cucumber, which may also be used as an emoji for a pickle or gherkin.

Cucumber was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🥒 Gherkin

🥒 Pickle


🥒 U+1F952


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leslie ‏@leliellamas

I always got to have pepinos with my tacos 🌮 🥒

Tiffany.👸🏼 ‏@xoxotEb14

Got all this good ass food in the house, but apparently I’d rather eat some fresh tomato slices w/ salt n pepper and some pickles.🍅🥒😋

Nyesh 💖 ‏@colormeeprettyy

water infused with 🍓🍋 and 🥒 is the best thing i’ve ever tasted 😋

positivity.threads ‏@selfthreads_b

IG: positivity.threads 🌻 | QUICK HEALTHY SNACKS | 🍊🥒

David Aspinall RD ‏@DavidAspinallRD

Tonight's take on a Za'atar chicken with creamy lentils and courgette. 🍋 🥒

Witness Me, Senpai ‏@ontopod

@nekopanfan If you grow a cucumber in a box you can create a Pickle Brick. 🥒

viviana 🥴 ‏@its_vivi__

Friendly neighborhood headbangjng pickle 🥒

Shannon ‏@ShashersLife

I love pickles... and now I’ve learned they’re a cure for everything, including PMS! 🥒

Kaitlyn Skylar 🦋 ‏@kaitlyn_editss

Cucumbers 🥒 with lemon 🍋 and salt 🧂 is amazing. Don’t fight me


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ig: sunnyy.threads ‏@sunnyythreadss

🍅🍎🥒🥕 —this one is more of a smoothie recipe but— add: -1 tomato 🍅 -1 apple 🍎(any color) -1 cucumber 🥒 - 7 carrots…

Dawn Hull ‏@DawnAnn31

@AldiUK 🥑+🥕+🍅+🥬+🥒= 🥗 Yummy!!! #Win Fantastic giveaway. Following and retweeted. Thank you! x

ig: sunnyy.threads ‏@sunnyythreadss

cucumber/lemon recipe— this calls for: -1 liter of water - 1…

McClure's ‏@mcclurespickles

[email protected]​ celebrated #BloodyMaryDay right! Thanks for including us in the spread too -- great company! 🥒💪🙏🥒…

Hotel Donaldson ‏@Hotel_Donaldson

The iconic Cucular Caley✨🥒💚 #HoDoFargo (📸 credit: @kneadingandknives)

Freekeh Foods ‏@FreekehFoods

Enjoy #Seafood2xWk in 2019! Salmon is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, B vitamins, potassium, seleni…

marghe ‏@heytopaz

🥒-you’re so cute and ily so much wish we were closer cause you’re actually really cool and funny your emoji list…

too much fun ‏@toomuchfun99

@Phdrs2 big boy 🥒

Chyrll ‏@Chyrll

Thankful!! 🥦 🥕 🥔 🧀 🥒🌽🍅🥖🥗 — at Kroger

Christianne Hoey ‏@christiannehoey

1) Atleast 1/2 your plate should be fruits and vegetables (with lots of leafy green and colourful veggies)🥬🥦🥕🍅🥑🍆🥒🍌🍎🍐🍊🍋

Dr. Ammar Khalil ‏@ammarkha

Eat healthy and #BeatNCDs: Say YES ✅ to plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables 🍊 🍎 🥕 🥒 🍉 🍌 Say NO ❌ to junk…

More Pleaze ‏@morepleaze

Wintertime pasta dishes make me happy :) Here is a delicious dish I crafted as a featured chef entree for the_vegan…

Mel¹²⁷ ‖ ig: @soft.nct ‏@_softnct

All I wanted in life was to be eliminated by @mrfreshasian, and it finally happened! 😂 GG! 🥒

dis bitch really eating pourage ‏@femmewitch

@marxistonmain when idk what to reply i just use this emoji: 🥒

rootsandbrew ‏@rootsandbrew

New in stock! Tigernut drink now available in store for N500!!! If you like that nutty taste..this is definitely fo…

Adventureman ‏@MrJamieMcDonald

37 MARATHONS (out of 210) TO GO 🇺🇸🏃🏻 This video diary includes...🎥 🥒 Pickles for cramps 🎵 David Guetto tunes 🦁 A…

Mint Restaurant ‏@MintNYInc

Featured Dish: Vegetable Biryani 🍛 Blend of vegetables 🥒🍅, spices 🌶 and basmati rice 🍚 a speciality from…

Rice is nice ‏@Rice1sNice

New glasses ordered!! Plus M&S had baby courgettes! Never seen them before and I'm a very simple person who is easily pleased. 🥒

Dr Abi Herrmann ‏@abiherrmann

@Dobbie74 @CamJafooley @SusanaFCam Can you report back what you learn each day please? @drchatterjeeuk converts everywhere 🍆 🥕 🥒 🍄

psuPPEM ‏@psuPPEM

Gugino and Isard receive funding to monitor and forecast cucurbit #DownyMildew. #plantpathology 🥒…

💋 Apollonia ‏@twodanugent

Dill 🥒 lays chips are 🔥

Ewa Piotrowska-Saracchini ‏@EwaPiotrowska

Good morning! Have a good Sunday #igers 🍽 🥒🍅 🥚 #food #breakfast #plate #radish #tomato #friedegg #salad #lettuce…

Leah ‏@leah_cylura

How I know my boyfriend is a keeper. He has NEVER sent me one unsolicited Dick Pic. 🍆🍌🥒🌽

Mike Chau ‏@mikejchau

grubstreet was right, even non-vegans will really love this excellent Vegan Arabic Sandwich from zyarany 🍆🍅🥒🍞👌🏽👌🏽…

Meghan Abraham ‏@thefreshfuel

CALLING ALL MOMMAS 🥦🥕🥑🍄🍅🍇🥔🌽🍞🥒 I need TWO meal plan testers to test a meal plan for me buuuuuut I need it tested by…

Tina ‏@wokefordays

HAPPY MARGE FARM DAY!!! can’t wait to see all that @goodrhythmfarm does 🥬🍅🥑🥦🍓🥒🍆🌶🥔🌽

DavidBuildVlogzz ‏@davidvlogzz

Pickle Juice Challenge 🥒 Cancer awareness 🥃 via @YouTube Check out AngelaDomingue channel

Sarabi ‏@RealEyezRealiz

Lunch 🍴 A Bed Of Kale 🥬, Spinach, W/ Tomatoes 🍅, Cucumbers 🥒, Zucchini, Squash, Peppers 🌶, Mushrooms 🍄, & Skinless…

Live Follow Trick ✪™ ‏@LiveFollowTrick

Retweet this if you follow back 🥒 Follow all who retweet & likes! 🍊

Héctor JP Haddad 🌀 ‏@CalifaAteo

@iheartprints I had one very similar inside me a few years ago in T&Thursday 🇹🇹🥒❤

kaylaaa;) ‏@kaylaapittmann

I JUST WANT SUBWAY 🥖+🥩+🥬+🥒+🍌🌶+🍶(mayo)=🍽🍽🍽🍽🤤

FoodCycle Islington ‏@Islingfoodcycle

Not a rainy day but needed to raid all cupboards. Tomato potato soup, freezer curry+ 🍆+🌽+ everything, salads using…

Mike Walters ‏@MikeWal7

Fruits are not only good for the health but it nourishes the body. 🍍🍊🍉🥒🍐

Kathy Siegel MS RDN ‏@KathySiegelRDN

Eggplant Pesto "Meatballs" 🌱🍽 These veggie rich morsels are perfect when served with tomato sauce and zucchini nood…

Long Beach State Men’s VB ‏@lbsumvb

Huge Shoutout to Rascals for your support!! 🥒🍳🥩#gobeach #lbnation #lbnation2030

Gaz ‏@MichaelsCoDub

Fritti of Black Sole on the bone, Chilli & Lime Salsa, Pickled Cucumber 🥒

SASI WARRIOR ‏@sasiwarriors

DINNER INSPO 🍔: 125g Homemade Lean Mince Burger, Spinach, Cucumber 🥒, Peppers, Parsley & a drizzle of cold pressed…

Kristin Schwarz ‏@SchwarzVHHS

So happy to be back teaching in the foods room! Demo days are long, but oh so fun 👩🏼‍🍳 Knife skills are essential f…

ROAR Organic 🌸 ‏@ROARorganic

#ROAROrganic #CucumberWatermelon will make you go "ahhhhh" with it's refreshing flavor and electrolyte boost. 🥒🍉

Ali Maffucci ‏@Inspiralized

We can never get enough roasted veggie inspo! 🍆🥦🌶🥕🥔🍠🥬🍅🥒

IndianRico ‏@Indianricoo

I want some cucumbers 🥒

Archibald Ives ‏@eltalp

🍇🍉🍊🍋🍌🍍🍎🍆🥔🥕🌽🍅🥒🍄🥜🌰🍗 💚 🌍 Could flexitarianism save the planet?

Omontle Thato ‏@Omontle01

How to never ever gain that weight Indulge on your favorite food 🥘 🙈 Drink 100 ml Aloe Vera Gel 🙈 Drink 2 litre…

Gompers Distillery ‏@DrinkGompers

🆕@boxwoodkitchen is serving upscale comfort food, craft cocktails, beer, wine and an amazing Gompers Gimlet! 🥒🍸 Vi…

A Man Called James✌ ‏@James_TheMan

@jalande4ever happy vibes my friend 😛🤩🤠🤓🌷🌹🥒🍦🍪🧁🍺🍹🍭🥂⭐🌞☃️🎉💲

KohKae ‏@kohkae43

"Enjoy a refreshing #CUCUMBER 🥒 #STRAWBERRY 🍓 #LIME Infusion “THE MELO” inspired by tennis star marcelomelo83 🇧🇷🎾"

Voss Water ‏@vosswater

Enjoy a refreshing #CUCUMBER 🥒 #STRAWBERRY 🍓 #LIME Infusion “THE MELO” inspired by tennis star @marcelomelo83 🇧🇷🎾

Oluwabishop👁️ ‏@oluwabushop

@LadyV_RSA Because she hold ma 🥒 stil under spell

Leanne Doman ‏@leannedoman

Can’t stop eating IKEA gerkins. I’m blaming @Rosemarino for getting me hooked on these.... I’m addicted 🥒 👅 #ikeagerkins

Young Agrarians ‏@youngagrarians

This CSA flat lay from @featherandhillfarm in Edmonton is getting us psyched for growing season! 🥕 🥒 🍅 🥬 🌽 With ve…

Lindsey Plohg ‏@ddploglog

Every family has a story. Welcome to ours. 😊🥒

LiteBites ‏@LiteBites1

Courgette and Ricotta Tart 🥒- my highlight so far has been the good at @mountainspaces in Morzine - I’d recommend C…

Amuse Bouche ‏@amusebouchebg

Reposting @greenenergygirl: . Salad time! . 100 g arugula 🌱 75g carrots 🥕 50 g pickles 🥒 2 tomatoes 🍅 50g tuna 🐟…

Angel Domingue Sacramento ,Ca ‏@aturninmybelly

Pickle Juice Challenge 🥒 Cancer awareness 🥃 via @YouTube

Michelle Morton ‏@michelleccsa2

Cats and 🥒 proof you can research anything in #rm205 #wondering @RedClaySchools #weareredclay @cabcallowayarts

McClure's ‏@mcclurespickles

Hello, @HHAVodka! Glad to make it to your cocktail glass and your photograph, too! Looks #delicious enough to dive…

*Ice Fucking Queen* ‏@LucindaKameel

My two year old is eating her third serving of salad 🍅🥒

MissKnight👩🏼‍🔬💥 ‏@MissKnightSci

@pritchardswyd Can you help? 🥔🍏🍆🥒🌽 #dirtyvegan @DirtyVeganTV

J R Organics FarmCSA ‏@jrorganics

🍃🥦🍃 AH-MAZING broccolini 🥦 from @jrorganics dipped in tzatziki 🥒 from yallatizers . Photo credit thefixitqueen . .…

Gincident Nottingham ‏@Gincident_Notts

Buy ANY of our JJ Whitley range and get a second for £1! No better time for gin than after a hard day at work, get…

Wynnie D Pooh ‏@wyn__Owen

CONGRATS!!! @DearMrAtheist for hitting the 100,000 YT subscribers!!! and before February 14, 2019.🎉🥳🎊❤️🎆🍍🥒🍕🏆🎉🎊

Katarina Lugavac ‏@KatiLugavac1

Zucchini is one of my favorite Vegetables 🥒😊❤️💦 What's your favorite?,

Colin McNulty ‏@ColinMc87

Cool as 🥒

Laura Cerullo ‏@MsCerulloHNMCS

Stay healthy all winter long ❄️ Drop by the cafeteria & stock up on healthy snacks to beat the blues 🥒🍎🍌…

ً ‏@fernkissy

🥒 - you just became my mutual recently but i agree with your tweets all the time, also you’re so loyal and i love u already for that

infinite playlist of ting ‏@infinitemood

Flow 2 this: 🥒

Shiffu ‏@Shiffu10

@PetPriscilla @zhurg_ If u need, I got one for u 🥒

Young Roshi Master ‏@22_cnae

@mininounampumas @CindyShine0 @legal_porno @Ria_Sunn @Mikeangeloxxx @LucaFerrero77 I love how Mike lick her sexy ar…

McClure's ‏@mcclurespickles

Hello deliciousness. It's looking like a Pickle #Pizza kind of day to us! How about you? 🥒🍅🍕 Recipe here:…

Chris O'Connell ‏@tL_WanteD

🍵 Matcha & Lavender Smoked Salmon 🐟 Coconut Basmati Rice 🍚 Wasabi Spinach Purée Cucumber Citrus Relish 🥒 🍋 🍊 A…

Driving new Benz, Old appartment renting ‏@djwillanjr

Cassava is shit Sweet sauce don’t belong 🥒 don’t belong Ketchup not for food 🥘 but eating ass bereft enemas is…

Jigal ‏@IbrahimJigal

@witney_witney Because you need bigger cucumber 🥒

Betty's Bowls ‏@Bettysbowls

Betty's Green Juice 🥒🍏 ✔️cocktel de nutrientes balanceados Ph:📸@kokostiletto #jugoverde #greenjuice . . . . @ Bett…

Beauty and Bentley ‏@beauty_bentley

Today I've got a review of the Wilko Power Blender and green detox smoothie recipe 🍏🍋🥒 #GRLPOWR #Bloggerstribe…

caytoo ‏@caytoouk

The performance pickle 🥒 Yep, it's a thing... Have you tried it?

Selena 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ‏@mummy_gunner

@06arsenal1886 @brownhill55 Putting me off my cucumber 🥒 & houmous 🤣

R❤️saParks #Resist #FBR🌊🇺🇸#MeullerTime #MeToo ‏@parkse

@WajahatAli Juicing kale 🥬 spinach parsley apple 🍏 broccoli cucumber 🥒 celery carrots 🥕 beets ginger and water this…

Ray Tutela ‏@raymond_tutela

A great start to the day? Cucumber water 🥒 🤤

Gem Star Transformation ‏@StarFormation

A bit late but still super happy with receiving the 1/2 stn award in group on Monday.. I'm going to keep working t…

ゆうみん🥒💜みんず🍬 ‏@Alice5200yuna

Do you know Ayamin?🥒💜 She is a model of Japanese magazine.She is competing with other model to become exclusive mod…

Master Splinter ‏@MasterSplint007

@matt_odell @officialmcafee Cut his penis 🥒✂️

MikeRykerHatter🎩. ➡️ NO DM'S4$! ‏@mlukini3

But you can't lay the pipe #ULD 🥒 INSUFFICIENT PEEN IS WHY YOU CANT! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🥒 BTW it's NOT the pool companies faul…

Betty's Bowls ‏@Bettysbowls

Betty's Green Juice 🥒🍏 ✔️cocktel de nutrientes balanceados #jugoverde #greenjuice . . . . @ Betty's Bowls

AshleyGrand_86 ‏@Ashleygrand86

When it's weigh day we snack on cucumbers 🥒 #wwuk #snacks

Ceris Devereux RD ‏@cerisdev

National diet and Nutrition survey 2016/2017 - Still more work needed to improve fruit and vegetable intake to 5 a…

Wynyard Woods ‏@WoodsWynyard

Today at our weekly garden group with green links we have been making Ratatouille, painting bird houses and colouri…

Mairi Taylor ‏@IAMFABfitness

What are you having for lunch?🥦 Did your breakfast tick all the boxes?🥒 Are you just a little bit intrigued to kno…

LaLa💕 ‏@epicure2018

@HuangMich Good idea!😆👍🥒

Erik Stonebraker ‏@ErikStonebraker

@realDonaldTrump 🥒👅 <---James Woods

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