Cup With Straw Emoji

A cup shown with a straw, which may be used for a milkshake, soda / soft drink, or other non-alcoholic beverage.

Cup With Straw was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🥤 Milkshake

🥤 Soda

🥤 Soft Drink


🥤 U+1F964


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miss sarah 🗡 ‏@lunarsasa

Think 🤔 you 👉🏽 got 🤞🏽 the juice 🍊🥤 but ✋🏽I’m ☝🏽👀 wetta 💦 wetta 💦🍆 wetta 💦🍑

Yeonwoo Brasil 🦊 ‏@YeonwooBrasil

📷 FOTOS | Yeonwoo 🥤 #모모랜드 #연우 #MOMOLAND #YEONWOO © to the owner

Mahkwa ‏@pre_youknow

@Forbes_30 @PRINCE_VIIII You already know the answer...we are chill like cold Fanta 🥤

UNTD Hospitality ‏@UNTDHospitality

Yes #come. We'll have treats like fudge #brownies, rice crispy treats, #fruit trays, and lots of refreshing…

amelia grace ‏@ag_bibby

@McDonaldsUK the best thing is chips dipped in milkshake 🥰🍟🥤

♠️🖤 2SUM 🖤♠️ #KOW 🦁🍼 ‏@_tosum

When in Texas, do what Texans do 🥤 #RedCreamSoda

The Coffee Shed ‏@coffee_shed

Make the most of the sunshine 🌞 Mums/Dads and toddler golf 10-2 Tuesday to Friday £4 including kids hot chocolate 🥤…

Non Jew Liverpudlian Against Antisemitism ‏@Nonjews4jews

It’s prob Corbyn in disguise in the hijab 🧕 what are they eating...a Jew burger 🍔 with an antisemite milk sheikh 🥤

Kai. ‏@KxngViii

@KAYAWZUK @TwitchReTweets @Retweet_Twitch @ShoutRTs @ShoutGamers @share_stream @Streamer_Social @SupStreamers…

Non Jew Liverpudlian Against Antisemitism ‏@Nonjews4jews

@DailyMirror It’s prob Corbyn in disguise in the hijab 🧕 what are they eating...a Jew burger 🍔 with an antisemite milk sheikh 🥤

Philip Neeson ‏@philipneeky

It was all downhill for pop 🥤 music after the Monkees, in many ways. I might write a 2000-word essay on why, one day.

Pg ‏@PaolaGarduno_

Every time I drank at a party my sophomore -junior yr 🍺🍺🍻🍾🍹🍸🍺🍻🍷🥤🍷 #ifuknowuknow

Casper✩ ‏@otomegod

@boosterjuice Just invited a friend to come with me tomorrow, my treat... super excited! 🥤

Charise Garcia ‏@charisegarcia

🥤 (@ CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice in Toronto, ON)

WYTD? D A R R Y N 🤔 ‏@thatguydarryn

I’m trying to suck on ya titties like the last bit of Slushy 🥤. What you trying to do?

Dj Polite-Bray ‏@suchagoodfella

I just need ✌🏽 🥤 🔋

koruenterprises ‏@koruenterprises

Have you read our “Napier Hot Spots” blog? It’s definitely worth it, even locals might be surprised what history is…

Στεφάνια🍒 ‏@steftodeath

if you’re gonna complain about your bf, do it in a diary so nobody can say anything when u get back w him for the 1…

someone has 🥤 ‏@someonehassoda

🥤🙍 hey, look! person frowning has a Mountain Dew!

SLIZZY BORDEN ‏@Frank4Prezident

I like when she says I want a sip lol this ain’t pineapple soda 🥤 🐢

Fozia Siddiqui ‏@FoziaSid

Pickle Juice 🥤 Picture/ Clare Lewington

The Juice Cult ‏@CultJuice

I want to give a very special thanks to the American soldiers who fought for our rights to juice!🇺🇸🥤

Aspen Heights MTSU ‏@AspenMTSU

Ever have issues making it to the office before we close?! Well join us tonight from 6-9 in our model home for Late…

Nick Kline ‏@Nick_Kline99

What do you do when two people that you REALLY despise get into an argument? #excitement #controversiadeldía 😎🍿 🥤

McClure's ‏@mcclurespickles

Thanks to our @instagram friend OilsAwaken for reminding us all that our #BloodyMary mix is meant to be opened, po…

Lafayette Co. Dems ‏@LafayetteCoDems

We’re meeting tonight @greenrooflounge 5:30 pm to discuss @espyforsenate run-off. All Dems welcome. 🥤🍻🍸

The Empress Bar ‏@EmpressBar

Off Out Tonight? 👀 3x K2s for £5 🥤

Gary Farms Sonic ‏@GaryFarmsSonic

(•_•)🥤 <) )╯1/2 Price Drinks / \ 🥤(•_•) \( (> 1/2 Price Slushes / \ (•_•)🥤For National <)…

Német Judit ‏@Judit_Nemet

@civale10 Drink. 🙂🍺🥤 #TeamClaynePhotoADay #TeamClayne

Ian Brennan Sophisticated Magic ‏@IanBrennanMagic

Share the Magic @ODEONCinemas this Christmas season with magicians available to entertain guests of all ages. 🎬 Fi…

🚀Spacehead_sticky 👽 ‏@RocNation19

I want chocolate shake 🥤

Christian Johnsen ‏@bigjohnsen

@E_l_s_x You’ve done so well Els and Hettie is a little cutie 😊 🎂🍰🥤🎁🎉🎊🛍🎀🎈 xx

Suzanne Johnson ‏@SuzanneTwo

@TODAYshow They are amazing!!!😋🥤❤️

혜주® ‏@gorehyuck


Acu 🎅 ‏@Acu4D

remember to drink water 🥤

HENNY HARDAWAY🌙 ‏@iTrill_Smith

Drippy 🥤💦

Antea🇮🇹 ‏@Antea14789772

@tuyoki I ate a burger for dinner today 🍔🥤

Everly Lucas ‏@everly_lucas

@MargotRyanBooks @Ingrid_Writer @EKeysian @EvePendle @harmony_writes @PamMingle @AnnamariaAlbo @shel_inon…

White Feather Coffee ‏@White_FeatherCC

🎼Our milkshakes bring anyone whose tastebuds know a thing or two to the yard🎼...😬 🥤New to our ever growing drink’s…

vlone🔪 ‏@nauminati

update: i decided to opt away from redbull as it poses underlying health risks, therefore I alternatively took 3 xa…

Walt Disney World Today ‏@WDWToday

@WorldKeySteve Kim is an expert personal shopper! 👒👜🥤 #CastCompliment

THRIVE Experience ‏@TeresaAflleje1

Do you LOVE those 🍬🥤 Peppermint Mocha drinks 🍬🥤 but don't love the sugar, carbs, and calories? Try this! It's one…

THRIVE Experience ‏@teresa_aflleje

Do you LOVE those 🍬🥤 Peppermint Mocha drinks 🍬🥤 but don't love the sugar, carbs, and calories? Try this! It's one…

The Patio ‏@ThePatioYUM

50% OFF nsa Mint Chocolate Shakes! These can be topped with whipped cream, cherry and Andes Mints!😍🥤🍫🌿 YUM!

someone has 🥤 ‏@someonehassoda

🥤👺 hey, look! goblin has a Sprite!

No Context Roommate ‏@RoommateNo

Whatchu know about ‘TUSS? 🥤

Arthur Chavez ‏@BirdyMaker2013

@Brittany1golf @NicoleHage @ChickfilA Can’t wait to see you make the turn with one of those in your hands!…

DoN RiChIe 🖤🔥 ‏@Don__Richie

She eat da dick then treat it like a milkshake 🥤

Delphi Behavioral Health Group ‏@DelphiHealth

#ManagingDrugWithdrawalSymptoms 1. Staying hydrated can ease some level of discomfort. Drinking water helps flush…

Chef Lettee ‏@vidamotivation

over the weekend I tried their #MameyCoconut #Shake🥥#RedlandsRanch #dishplays 🥤 @ Redland Ranch

Mary Jane ‏@StrainDepot714

If you haven't already tried out our edible drinks you're missing out!! We have liquid gold lemonades as well as ag…

gary ‏@imfromthesoul

@CheckersRallys Well since you’re here and many RTs does a guy need to get to blessed with a lifetime sup…

Seminole Grand Apts ‏@SeminoleGrand

🗣🗣 when we say RENEWAL you say PARTY 🎉 Don’t miss out on food 🍗, drinks 🥤, and the BEST DEALS 💰 in town at the club…

UT Dallas ‏@UT_Dallas

Join @UTDallasAlumni in celebrating those who have given back to UTD. (✍Write a note, get a root beer float 🥤) Tue…

Dominique Di Rocco ‏@domdirocco

@UBCWHKY Went home with a co-op tumbler 🥤 #notupset

🇺🇸 Nisey 🇺🇸 ‏@Nisey72

@smugcastshow Great show guys! #cumslurp "A smoothie in California" Invent it quick before someone else does! 🥤…

Aerozone ‏@Aerozone_fresno

We are open from 10am - 10pm Join us for pizza day from 1:00pm - 8:00pm 🤤🤤 Ages 6+ 2 slices and 1 soda with pai…

yulia ‏@yulibaby_

I say I don’t want McDonald’s until I miraculously happen to be at the drive through ordering 3 McChickens and large fry #Fastfood 🍔🍟🥤

Ashlee Simmons ‏@_Ashlee_Simmons

I got the juice 🥤

CLB.Designs ‏@silverbract

@mcspocky Paint myself blue and dance naked along a busy street? 🤔 Well, at least in my mind!!!!! 💙🚮🍊🤡🖕🥳👏👏👏📣🔵☑️🎶🎵🆓🥤❄️🦋👖🧥🤖

Zac ‏@ZacTownsend98

@EllisMc135 Happy birthday YG, have a wavey one brother! Hope all is well 🥤🎈

Goat ‏@GregtillyGt

🤦🏻‍♂️ these bitches be chugging that stupid juice 🥤

someone has 🥤 ‏@someonehassoda

🥤👨🏾 hey, look! man has a Fanta!

Mick Hutchins ‏@miykaelhutchins

Cool Pop 🥤 voted I hope y’all did too, collectively we are more powerful than we can fathom. #collaborate @ Univers…

Sight Eye Clinic ‏@Sight_EyeClinic

There's nothing wrong with a sweet treat now and again, but moderate sugar consumption. Your body will thank you! 🥤…

The Sugar Club ‏@sugarclubdublin

Who framed Roger Rabbit gets a 30th anniversary matinee screening at ours on Sunday 16 Dec 4-630pm. 🍕 🍿 🥤 🍻 🍸 🍫 gal…

Chick-fil-A, Reno NV ‏@renocfa

Your favorite holiday treat is here.. our Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshake is back! 😍🥤

Sweetcher ♡ ‏@sweetcher62

you are a joke and disgrace to our country 🍔🍟🥤#Supersized @realDonaldTrump #MondayMotivation #MuellerIsComingForYou

Shosh ‏@Shosh9NK

@Sruthi_tweetx @zainimam01 It’s peach juice with some peach slices ... AL Wahah juice 🥤 😋

O.Black 🇲🇽 ‏@Oskee_Nice

Patron & pineapple juice 🥤

Clémence ‏@clemgouy

Ex-boyfriends souls 🥤 heard it tastes good with cream !

N.A.S ‏@Quincymvzl2

Pour that codeine up, it's 'bout that get drunk time 🥤

m. ‏@cgbmr

Words be misconstrued too much. *removes the word "crazy" from followback invitation in bio* I ain't mean crazy c…

Selina Alvarez ‏@Selina_Alvarez

Breaking news: another Jamba Juice has shut down. #rip 🥤

TTG 🐂 ‏@TTG_bull

“Blacker the berry the sweeter the juice” 🥤 ON GOD I felt that shit

V💫 ‏@YTImTheVision

8 followers off 300 btw juice me 🥤

Kallum ‏@kallum_taylor

Follow everyone who likes & retweets 🥤

Club Instinct Nutrition ‏@_ClubInstinct_

Shake of the Day: Cinnamon Roll • *Tea is complimentary, when you purchase The Shake of the Day!* 🥤 • • •…

Tia Sanford ‏@TiaAshtin

Cranberry Sprite zero is my new obsession 🥤

Green Hop ‏@gogreenhop

You know what it is 🍫🍬🍯🍪🍾🍹🥤🍰🍏🍇🍒🍓

Evan ‏@kermiteeth

@Sprite @KingJames @BIGBABYDRAM When did you become the black soda 🥤

someone has 🥤 ‏@someonehassoda

🥤👨🏿‍🔬 hey, look! man scientist has a Sprite!

Sonic Drive-In ‏@sonicdrivein

(•_•)🥤 <) )╯1/2 Price Drinks / \ 🥤(•_•) \( (> 1/2 Price Slushes / \ (•_•)🥤For National <)…

Plaza CentroSur ‏@CentroSurPuebla


Mother of Dragons ‏@Queen_Beezzle

11k steps later... Water, Beetroot smoothie and banana for supper 🍌🥤 💪


Don’t forget about Open Mic Night tomorrow at the Clubhouse! Pizza and drinks will be provided🍕🥤🎤

˲◜DEVIN◞ ˱ ‏@devinloveschan

@chriztae hopefully i love me some juice 🥤

Shobhy ‏@Shobhy3

🍹Fairy's Cocktail Delivery Event! 🥤 1st Half Hyper Limited and Limited Bonus n.1 & 1st Half Wallpaper #cocktail…

Manu ‏@manu_24fit

🥤 Aloe + Té = 🙃⚡ ENERGY! This is Herbalife Nutrition! #motivación #Motivacion #Motivacion #MotivationalMonday

BIG19 ‏@__4RT

minding my business... mixing this purple stuff with my waterrr🍇🥤

Newkirk ‏@Thenewkirkway

2 years, 2 championships couldn’t ask for a better end to my college football career 💍🙏🏾🏪🥤🌎

iowanhawaiian ‏@iowanhawaiian

@TwitchMechanic_ But I’m thirsty 🥤

leftyGeez🧟‍♂️ ‏@LeftyGeez

@BennyBsf i rap “ But i trap... turn MY SPOT.. to a Y🅾️L🅾️ store Quarter BRICC of 🗑 i brought it back... 👨🏾‍🍳 the 🥤 off...”.

John Chary ‏@john_chary

I got the 🥤

Mr_Unforgivable ‏@PrinceShard101

@obj I bet ya can’t score a TD 🏈🙌🏾and have Uber Eats 🍔🍟🥤 waiting on ya tonight like a real boss 😎

Amanda Willi-Cruz ‏@AmandaWilliCruz

#throwback this fresh fruits smoothie pleeeeeeeeaseeeee 🍓 🍌 🍊🥤 😋 ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ #positivity #lifeisbeautiful #expat…

Shawn Rubin ‏@ShawnRubin2

@JANELLEDALSTRA @realDonaldTrump You keep drinking your juice 🥤

james bryson ‏@jimpeg100

A brand new product that is really healthy and tasty at the same time, please pop in and try one or wait until we g…

someone has 🥤 ‏@someonehassoda

🥤👉🏽 hey, look! backhand index pointing right has a Fanta!

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