Curling Stone Emoji

Curling Stone was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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🥌 U+1F94C


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Devin Heroux ‏@Devin_Heroux

Curling. Back in SASKAAAATCHEWAAANNNN. The Scotties Tournament of Hearts in Moose Jaw less than two weeks away.…

CuddlyRottyDog 🐾❤️🐾🐕🐶⛰🌳🌲🌳🎨📚 ‏@finnbarrotty

@sheelaghb18 Goodnight Sheelagh, not long home from night class, it’s so cold out. 🥶I’m curling tomorrow in the ni…

Dentist-Bob ‏@CanyonDentalCen

Ok so I survived work today. Now it’s off to kick some ass at curling. 🥌🇨🇦


Thank you @ViterraCanada for all your support this season! We are happy to have you here in Melville at the…

Micha Ella ‏@ciaomichaella

@TeamSilvernagle @CURLSASK Good luck and good curling 💜🥌 #SilverSquad

Team Megan Balsdon ‏@TeamMegBalsdon

Ready to start our week here in Cornwall for the @CurlON_ Ontario Scotties Provincials! 🥌💪🏻 Follow along at…

Muyres Curling ‏@muyrescurling

Jeff & AGI Insurance have been a huge supporter of #curling in #saskatoon for a long time. We are lucky to have the…

Jeff Hernaez ‏@JeffHernaez

@b_greenberg Thanks! Hope to see you on the ice sometime. 🥌

Ludmila Kliegl ‏@LudmilaKliegl

@DerekPa56710094 oh that's cute .. tomorrow you will have delicious cappuccino .... ☕a beautiful morning .......... 🥌⛸ (not) ..... L.K

Support Team Oaxaca ELF ‏@STOaxacaELF

[270120] Post de #Eunhyuk en IG: 🥌 #SuperJunior @SJofficial Via: eunhyukee44 STOaxacaELF I Fishross

London Winter Run ‏@WinterRunUK

What to expect so far at our biggest and best après party ever!? 🎸 Music of Queen 🥌 Curling 🐶 Huskies 🐧 Giant Char…


#Repost @rsideathletics with @get_repost ・・・ The @rside43 Boys 🥌 top their undefeated season with a Fraser North Ba…

Lakeland Rustlers ‏@GoRustlers

Winter Curling Regional Results ⤵️ Congratulations to our men’s and mixed teams on qualifying for Conference Chanpi…

Firehouse Training ‏@FirehouseTrain1

@SOFFCA1 @Toronto_Fire @TPFFA @SaniGear @ConferencDirect Looks like the event was a huge success!! FANTASTIC! 🚒🥌

Winnie-the-Woo ‏@Lilwoodlego32

@CRay512 @t_lee4 @HailHiltner @woodcock_dirt @hoff4prez @MKnutson45 @Wi11_i_Am23 Yeah that Wednesday won’t work for…

Perry Ruffo 🇨🇦 ‏@PRuffo77

@TeamInglis Welcome to Cornwall. Good luck this week ladies. Can't wait to see you throwing rocks at the Complex! 🥌…

Team Smith ‏@TeamGregSmithNL

Here’s our schedule for the upcoming @CurlingNL Men’s Provincial Tankard! Hope you see you at @SJCCRemaxCentre 👍🥌

Team Smith ‏@TeamGregSmithNL

As we head into the Provincials this week we played the 1/2 game in Superleague here in St. John’s and we got the w…

French ELF Line 🇫🇷 ‏@FrenchELF_Line

[TRAD] 200127 #EUNHYUK 🥌 . Cr: eunhyukee44 Bou #SUPERJUNIOR_2YA2YAO #은혁 #슈퍼주니어

Sport Manitoba ‏@SportManitoba

Congratulations to both teams! We can’t wait to watch you at the worlds and we know you’ll represent our province…

Jo Beatty ‏@Sk8tergirl48

@TeamHoman Good Luck!!! 🇨🇦🥌

Ident Solutions ‏@fedchecked

Fly fishing 🎣 Hiking 🥾 ATVs ⛰ Snowmobiling ❄️ Curling 🥌 No spleen 🙅🏼‍♂️ 10x #BestCompanytoWorkFor CEO 🏆 Meet our fe…

Sandra Schmirler Foundation ‏@SandraSchmirler

Very proud of these ladies! Congratulations on a stellar week and we look forward to seeing you wear the Maple Leaf…

Sports Et Cetera ‏@whoever1980

#Curling road to 2020 #Scotties 🥌 Congratulations/Felicitations to this weekend's provincial winners #Alberta Lau…

Debbie Erdos ‏@Sparkiewall

@crockerwalker @TeamLWalker Congratulations Laura and team! So excited for all of you! 😀👏🥌

Napanee 🥌 Club ‏@CurlingNapanee

@fd_mardoqueu @McDonaldCurling @CityofCornwall @HardlineCurling @RunbackCurling @Haakon_Ind @thomsonrogers…

Hamilton Vic Curling ‏@TheVicCurling

Congratulations to our own jimneales for being asked again to carry the Canadian Flag 1936csc #cscspiel in Clevelan…

Rochester Curling Club 🥌 ‏@RocCurling

Congratulations to the Sunday 6 at 6 second draw winners: Bernie Brooks, Rachel NaDell, Andy Jebo, and (not picture…

Cindy ‏@cmcansoda

@crockerwalker @TeamLWalker Congratulations. 🔥🥌 All the hard work paid off. Well deserved. #Scotties2020

Nathan ‏@nhukee

@mkreber I read this as “burnt my thumb on my curling hand” 😂 🥌

Steamboat Springs Curling Club ‏@CurlTheBoat

Scotties, Brier playdowns heat up... up north. Wanna get deep go here: 🇨🇦👍🥌🏆🍻🇨🇦

Rochester Curling Club 🥌 ‏@RocCurling

Congratulations to all of the survivors of the doubly-delicious Bourbon & BBQ spiel on Saturday, especially the win…

Shannon Pynn ‏@srpynn

What a weekend in Okotoks! It is an honour and privilege to work and spend time with this team... And they’ve only…

Spearhead Brewing Company ‏@SpearheadBeer

Good luck fellas! We’re rooting for you 🥌🇨🇦

Bob Halifax ‏@2001bottles

Hey @CBCStephenQuinn & @CBCEarlyEdition To follow up on Friday’s interview with @PacRimCurling, Vancouver’s Team Sc…

Jason J. Hall ‏@kalamazoofreak

Thank you so much, @Kmartcurl, for sharing your time, talent, and knowledge with the #KZCC this weekend! I’ll alwa…

Chelsea Moga ☕️🏃‍♀️🇵🇱🥂 ‏@ChelseaIsBrave

@leonlillie I never knew you’re a Grandpa. Very cool 😎 ⛄️ ❄️ 🛷 ⛸🎿⛷🏂🥌 🏒

Viterra 2020 CWCC ‏@Viterra2020cwcc

9️⃣ days until Viterra! In 2011, skip Jeff Stoughton, third Jon Mead, second Reid Carruthers and lead Steve Gould o…

Mardoqueu Targino ‏@fd_mardoqueu

Congratulations to @TeamLWalker 2020 Alberta Scotties Champions! 🥌🏆🥇 @HardlineCurling @AshamCurling @RunbackCurling…

Scottish Curling ‏@scottishcurling

📢 Entries for the following close on FRI 31 JAN! 🥌 Funspiel 🥌 National Virtual Club Challenge 🥌 Newcomers Trophy 🥌…

Scottish Curling ‏@scottishcurling

🥌👩‍🦽 Calling all wheelchair curlers! 🥌👨‍🦽 Something for all in new sessions being held on Sundays at…

Curling Robots ‏@curling_robots

@CurlingCanada @TeamLWalker @Curling_Alberta Congrats @crockerwalker @katecameron02 @taylormcd93 @nadinechyz!! Good…

Kara Savoy (she/her) ‏@kcarnduff

@crockerwalker @TeamLWalker Woohooooo!! Congrats!! 🍾 🥌😘

Perry Ruffo 🇨🇦 ‏@PRuffo77

The competition starts today. Welcome to Cornwall for the Ontario Curling Championships. Going to be a fun week. Ge…

French Dalnim ‏@FrenchDalnim_

[ instagram update ] 200127 🥌

🌵#207 Thoughts🌵 💜💛 ‏@outdoorsforme

@IslandGal_PE Happy Birthday! Have an awesome day!!🎉🎉🥂🎂🎶🎶🇨🇦🥌

Eunhyuk (은혁) Spain ‏@EunhyukSpain

[ IG update eunhyukee44 ] 270120 🥌

Margo Weber ‏@margo_weber

@TeamBottcher Nelson Midsummer and Welton Beauchamp Ottawa. Memories are foggy but they’re still there! 🥌🍺

Mike Harris ‏@mikeharriscurls

@curlingtuck @TeamBottcher The Welton was legendary... nothing like it, before or since. Especially since... 💪🏼 🏋️‍♀️ 🥗 🥌 #drinkdrawwin 🦖

Eunhyuk #2YA2YAO! ‏@ENA90GEKA

[INSTAGRAM Update] eunhyukee44: 🥌

∙◦🍍 e r i n 🍍◦∙ ‏@erinkam

200127 Eunhyuk Instagram update 🥌 #SuperJunior #슈퍼주니어 #Eunhyuk #은혁 #ウニョク #Siwon #시원 #シウォン

Eunhyuk 【은혁】 Peru ‏@Only4Eunhyuk_

【INSTAGRAM】200127 #EunHyuk's Update ❤ eunhyukee44: 🥌

Siwon 【시원】 Peru ‏@Only4Siwon_

【INSTAGRAM】200127 #EunHyuk's Update with #Siwon (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ eunhyukee44: 🥌

RYW 연유 ‏@Daengmoban

🥌 rub on the floor ㅎㅎㅎㅎ...

Jane ‏@janedicarlo4

Thank you @worldcurling @RockSolidCurl. Curling’s future is bright, and it is in good hands with great coaches and…

Cindy ‏@cmcansoda

@Raunora @katecameron02 @taylormcd93 @TeamLWalker They were amazing this week. Played like the winners they are, Fantastic. 🔥🥌

Minnesota's Rochester ‏@MNs_Rochester

Curling fans! Join this event at @LilThistleBeer on Tuesday, January 28 • #ExperienceRochesterMN #rochmn 🥌

was xiaovore ‏@yunoists


Jennifer Jeffries ‏@Mrs_Jeffries

Looking forward to Rocks and Rings visiting this week @SMCDSB_MRO 🥌

*~Funnel~* ‏@FunnelFarlz

Am i watching a Alberta final or a club game jhezz these curlers are trash as fk 🥌

Erin Mandin ‏@Alienne_M

@pipefitter34 You rock Kelly 🥌😉

Cindy ‏@cmcansoda

@TeamLWalker a steal of 2! 🔥🥌

Kate Kuzmina ‏@kuzmina39

It’s almost 4am In Moscow now and we lost our battle against jet-lag. So it’s time to watch #Alberta #Scotties fina…

Lynn palmer ‏@Lynnpal80790632

@DrKathyKeating @DonBradshawNTV @CurlingCanada @CBCurling @TeamBruceCurl Thank you @DrKathyKeating . Thank you…

Cathy 🏒 ‏@TheBestSportMom

@MKaelaBC @Sportsnet I’m watching on Sportsnet West 🥌

Derek Nighbor ‏@DerekNighbor

Adorable. Congrats to you and the team on a great week, Colleen! 🥌 @joeytaylor9

Bill Pearce ‏@PearceBill

@BennyHeebz 🥌👍🏽😉 is the man

Mardoqueu Targino ‏@fd_mardoqueu

Congratulations to @TeamArsenault 2020 #NSScotties Champions! 🥌🏆🥇 @GoldlineCurling @AudiHalifax @scotiabank…

Lynn palmer ‏@Lynnpal80790632

@DrKathyKeating @DonBradshawNTV @CurlingCanada @CBCurling @TeamBruceCurl Thank you 🥌. You’re my lifeline today

Aksarben Curling Club 🥌 ‏@curlaksarben

Thank you to Kaeli Samson and Nic Swiercek for adopting a stone handle!🥌 Learn how you can join them in adopting a…

Lynn palmer ‏@Lynnpal80790632

@DonBradshawNTV @CurlingCanada @CBCurling @TeamBruceCurl Can’t get it on TSN. Can you update please 🥌

Cathy Watt ‏@Cathwho

@TeamBottcher Blue Bird Celebrity bonspiel in support of the Arthritis Society in Manitoba. Kerry Burtnyk was my c…

Kimberly Tuck ‏@HoglineSally

@cbccolleenjones @NSCurl @TeamArsenault Great run Colleen! Two great teams, congratulations @TeamArsenault !! Best…

Drew Preston ‏@DrewDrewpreston

I guess I wasn’t sore enough from Curling 🥌 Bonspieling 5 games over 3 days so decided to go for a rip on the…

CUE_Management ‏@CUE_Management

The Concordia University of Edmonton’s curling men and women’s teams rocked it today at the NAIT tournament. 🥌 Both…

Mardoqueu Targino ‏@fd_mardoqueu

Congratulations to @TeamZacharias 2020 Canadian Junior Champions! 🥌🇨🇦🏆🥇 @AshamCurling @foxglide @RedRiverMutual…

Mardoqueu Targino ‏@fd_mardoqueu

MAKE HISTORY! Congratulations to @KarleeBurgess 3-Time Canadian Junior Champion! #CJCC2020 #curling 🥌🇨🇦🏆🥇🥇🥇

Mardoqueu Targino ‏@fd_mardoqueu

Congratulations to @teammurphycurl 2020 @DeloitteCanada Tankard Champions! See You in @cityofkingston! 🥌🏆🥇…

Modern Terrazzo ‏@ModernTerrazzo

Got something special in mind? Need professionals with meticulous attention to detail and a reputation in the marke…

Gix ‏@gix1890

@TeamBottcher @CurlingZone Cortina,Italy ! Fun teams, beautiful village, endless parties. Really has everything you…

Andrew Stoakley ‏@stoakleyaudio

@JonathanBrazeau @teamrocque @TeamLWalker Not as much A&C on these shows 😂🥌

🚂Team Bottcher ‏@TeamBottcher

Best bonspiel you’ve ever played in and why? 🥌⤵️ #curling

Mardoqueu Targino ‏@fd_mardoqueu

@teammurphycurl Congratulations Gentleman! 🥌🏆🥇

Mardoqueu Targino ‏@fd_mardoqueu

@CurlingCanada @NSCurl @curlmanitoba @TeamZacharias Congratulations @KarleeBurgess 3x National Junior Champion! 🥌🏆🥇🇨🇦

SJCC RE/MAX Centre ‏@SJCCRemaxCentre

🥌 It's Game Time! 🥌 Tune in to TSN 1 to cheer on @TeamBruceCurl in the GOLD MEDAL game!

Danette Chaytor ‏@kirbychay

Let’s Go @TeamBruceCurl 💥🥌💥🥌

JCR ‏@twinetime14

Congrats @TeamArsenault on reclaiming the @NSCurl 🏆 See you in Moose Haw at #STOH2020 #TeamBluenose #curling 🥌

Viterra 2020 CWCC ‏@Viterra2020cwcc

In 2010, skip Jeff Stoughton, third Kevin Park, second Rob Fowler and lead Steve Gould of @CharleswoodCurl scored o…

Viterra 2020 CWCC ‏@Viterra2020cwcc

We’re just 1️⃣0️⃣ days from the opening draw of the 2020 Viterra Championship. As such, we’re going to look back at…

Derek Nighbor ‏@DerekNighbor

It’s go time. ⁦@OttCurlingClub⁩’s ⁦@TeamJTaylor⁩ vs ⁦@vancurling⁩’s Team Schneider in the #CGCC2020 Championship Fi…

Team Crosbie Group (Team Symonds) ‏@TeamSymonds

Want to wish our club mates @TeamBruceCurl the best of luck this afternoon in their quest for a National Championsh…

🔅Danana🔅 ‏@DananaMama

@onlymalarkey @TrumpJew @trumpwarrior45 Honestly most people think Ted Yang is Andrew Lieu…

Eric ‏@Scroninn

@Ternura4444 I’m watching the continental Cup on TSN today. Relaxing Sunday. 🥌

RomkoBomko ‏@RomanTelep

So happy to see Team Winger (札幌協会) being a participant of #JCC 2020! My favorite young team😍👍🏼and, between them and…

Beltline Neighbourhoods Association ‏@yycbeltline

BELTLINE BONSPIEL | FEB 15, 2020 🥌🏆🍺🔊 🔥 We're thrilled to announce our partnership w/ Park Central to bring you the…

Ken ‏@CanadianKen

@KarleeBurgess Amazing double takeout shot in the 9th end!🥌🔥 Congrats Canadian Champions and best of luck next mont…

JCR ‏@twinetime14

Congrats @TeamZacharias on winning the #CJCC2020 🏆 The top team all week and very deserving of wearing the…

JCR ‏@twinetime14

Congrats @teammurphycurls on reclaiming the @NSCurl 🏆 Good luck and #curling 🥌 at #Brier2020 #TeamBluenose

Allison Bamford ‏@allisonbamford

[email protected]_Englot is one of 12 teams competing for the green jackets at the 2020 Viterra Scotties happening right now i…

Boise Curling Club ‏@boisecurling

After a very snowy game, our very own Mighty Drunks are the A Bracket runner-ups! Congrats to Sharks with Glaesers…

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