Curling Stone Emoji

Curling Stone was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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🥌 U+1F94C


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Erin McGee ‏@EMcGeeCle

@BoysMakeNoise My favorite song on this album rated second and my second favorite song on this album rated where I…

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Team Lyburn Junior ‏@TeamLyburnjr

So that was a win! Into the final. A quick bite of chicken fingers and off we go! pembinacc 🥌 @ Pembina Curling Club

Paula Fay Rein ‏@paulafay58

@Devin_Heroux Say hi to Hans and Judy for us. They’ll fill you in on what you missed in Pictou. See you in Toronto in April. 🏈🥌

USA Curling ‏@usacurl

Congratulations on qualifying to the playoffs in Red Deer, @TeamJSinclair 🌹 🥌

Canad Inns ‏@CanadNation

TUNE IN NOW to watch the final game of the Canad Inns Mixed Doubles Classic! 🏆🥌 Jones/Lain…

Andrew Jarratt ‏@andrewjarratt

@SweepersCC @CurlEdinburgh Thanks for having me! Next time I'll plan for a bonspiel 🥌

Leah Williams ‏@Diaspora3

She has a real love for the game. 🥌 #myroeroe💞 #futurecurler #watchingdaddy #littlerocks

Claire ‏@cloosieloo

Rock Out with Your Guac Out took the crown at Fall Fiesta! 🥌

The Rock 98five ‏@TheRock985

Save Cash 💰 on the Rockin Radio 😃Auction! 💸 Wednesday, November 20th! Don’t miss out! Item # 2 - Pinty’s Grand S…

Don Barcome, Jr. ‏@dbznd

@buitengebieden_ Brilliant 🥌😎🥌

Pro Bag Rat ‏@herb_no

@BCarpMOGgolf @KellyCanuckTO @59CustomBelts Do you play curling 🥌 BC?

Emmit Fitz-Hume ‏@EmmitHume

@usacurl @TeamJSinclair US TV needs more curling 🥌👍

Tom Brewster OLY ‏@tbrewster7

@curling This is poor and embarrassing for our sport. Knowing both sides I’m sure the game was played in the true s…

Red_Tabby 😻🐴🎾 ‏@karenwr75084451

@Official_WXUK Dream on 🤣🤣🤣🎿⛷🥌

Nancy Stewart ‏@NSCurler

@TeamGlennHoward Way to go guys!! 🥌🏆

Laurie Winkless ‏@laurie_winkless

Rewriting part of my ice chapter AGAIN because the scientific face-off just keeps on going. Who'da thunk #curling 🥌…

Elizabeth Kanost ‏@ekanost

Today I got up at 6:45am 🥱☕️ to ride to KC w/ @brittkeegan to learn how to curl @KC_Curling_Club. It is the only ti…

John ‏@mraxleis4

@scottishcurling @K_Mac_59 @wcf Well done you hope you’re have many more win so will miss you if you have to stop playing 🥌

LGT World Men's Curling Championship 2020 ‏@WMCC2020

Introducing SWEEP, your #WMCC2020 mascot! He hails from Ailsa Craig, the home of the unique curling stone granite.…

Jonathan Coates ‏@J_Coates78

@DMurdoch17 @KennyMore66 @scottishcurling Braw, well done Kenny 😃 🥌

Team Warriner ‏@Team_Warriner

A strong game, and we pull through with a win, booking our ticket to @CurlON_ provincials!🏆 Very proud to be repres…

Canad Inns ‏@CanadNation

🚨 SEMI FINALS 🚨 Watch @Sahaidak_Lott vs. @jjonescurl / @blaing99 LIVE at the Canad Inns Mixed Doubles Classic NOW!…

TeamCJohnson ‏@TeamCJohnson

Our lead _auricsky_ setting up the house. Been on fire 🔥 all day 🥌

LGT World Men's Curling Championship 2020 ‏@WMCC2020

🥌 @TeamNiklasEdin lead the way at #ECC2019 They saw off Italy in their third match of the competition 🇸🇪 Can the…

TeamCJohnson ‏@TeamCJohnson

Brody pugsley07 for the take out! 🥌🎉🥌

WNCC Curling ‏@wncc_curling

Friday night mixed draw 7pm! They look like they are having way too fun! 🤗❤🤗🥌❤🥌 @ West Northumberland Curling Club

Cathy Kovacs ‏@cmk23549167

@CardinalLegerSS Attention Leger Curlers 🥌 Practice tomorrow, Nov 18th, after school 3pm at Brampton CC. Teams to b…

The Rock 98five ‏@TheRock985

Rockin’ Radio Auction Wednesday, November 20th Thrilling competition! Be there! Item # 16 - Pinty’s Grand Slam o…

Haley Anderson ‏@andHaley

I don’t thinking I’ve ever had this much fun curling! Must have something to do with the company 🥌

Stu Sells 1824 Halifax Classic ‏@1824Classic

Semi final results. 🥌 @teammurphycurl up against defending champs @TeamGlennHoward to take home the Stu Sells 1824…

Lance🇺🇸 ‏@LanceKrall1

Watching Ryne at a curling 🥌 tournament in Villa Park.

TeamCJohnson ‏@TeamCJohnson

Close game teambugler could have gone either way. Great shots made by both teams. headkickcamj made a great last s…

USA Curling ‏@usacurl

Watch a replay of SWE vs SUI (women) 🥌 from this morning at the Le Gruyère AOP European Curling Championships 2019…

The Derrick Club ‏@TheDerrickClub

We love having schools come in to learn about curling! 🥌 #DerrickCurling #Curling #YEG

Peter H. Michaels ‏@dethmtlcardigan

the ducks 🦆 found out about curling 🥌

Verona Blue 🇨🇦 ‏@bathori

I saw a stand-up last night do an act where he speaks French through the whole bit. The joke is that the audience d…

Curling Club at Penn State ‏@curlingpsu

TONIGHT! ROCK THE PEG AT 10:30PM! Bring a bit of Beaver Stadium to curling 🥌👀👀 Division championship night!…

Jacqueline ❤️❤️❤️❤️ LoveLikeThis ‏@jacquelinep

@MichaelCollabro @leebaldry Absolutely loved this one 😁. What a fab venue @leebaldry and what a fun sport to try 🥌…

Geoff Roberts 🇨🇦 ‏@geoffchef1975

@teamhasselborg @SVTSport @worldcurling Go #TeamHasselborg Go!!! 🇸🇪🥌🇸🇪👏👏👏👏👏🙂

Hayman (Buwaneswaran) Buwan ⚕️ ‏@realHayman

@Limbictweets @DATCherylMD @NatLauter Curling too! 🥌

Hayman (Buwaneswaran) Buwan ⚕️ ‏@realHayman

Ah to go curl on that ice 🥌 ❤️ #Canada #lakelouise

RIT Curling Club ‏@RITCurling

Another 🥌 bracket update for ya


Thanks for having us! So much fun 🥌

Stacy Phillips ‏@Shtacy_Phillips

@Duck_page They’re clearly playing curling 🥌

WOCRTC ‏@wocrtc

Yesterday @wocrtc hosted a Curling Stick Clinic at @Highland_CC_ Some participants were new to the stick and everyb…

TuxedoMechanic™ ‏@TuxedoM

more profit, less dumb shit, they be coming at me on egotistical political bullshit trying to rule or ruin shit on…

Mirah Welday ‏@MirahWelday

@TeamNiklasEdin @svenskcurling @worldcurling @NiklasEdin Congrats, #TeamEdin!!! I know you can get this done! 🇸🇪🥌🇸🇪…

Team Ehnes ‏@EhnesTeam

We are having a great time at the Pembina U18 spiel! After a long three game day we qualify for playoffs! We play i…

Kjell Ahlström ‏@FraktalInverTer

@TeamNiklasEdin @cr1ppa *tap* *tap* Is this score site working correctly? 🤔 It's starting to show very big numbers 🥌🥌💪 🥌💪 🥌🥌🥌🥌💪 🥌🥌🥌🥌💪 🇸🇪

Michael O'Neill ‏@factsforwhatevr

Let’s show some move for our forgotten emojis 🔤🔠🔣🍯🚧🍄💍🥌🍵🦗

Jennie ♡🕊 Love Like This ♡ ‏@_justjennie

@MichaelCollabro @leebaldry Brilliant 🥌 dancing on ice for you next Michael 😉👍🏼 😘

Tricia Dupilka ‏@TriciaDupilka

@BryanMudryk I have more memories upstairs of those 3 sheets. 🥌

Marcus Armstrong ‏@MarcusArmstrng

Shoulda coulda woulda. P17 > P8 in the GP and the car’s been really strong all weekend, sadly just started too far…

Andrea Boggild ‏@BoggildLab

Winter has its moments here in 🇨🇦 😊🏒🛷🎿⛷🏂⛸🥌❄️☃️

MICHAEL AUGER ‏@MichaelCollabro

GIVING IT A GO!! 🥌 Curling at QUEENS with @leebaldry !!

BBC Sport Scotland ‏@BBCSportScot

'We're there to win a medal' 🥌 WATCH 💻: Live European Curling Championships - Russia Men v Scotland Men ⏰ Cover…

LGT World Men's Curling Championship 2020 ‏@WMCC2020

🥌 @TeamPaterson1 and @TeamNiklasEdin got off to perfect starts at #ECC2019 👏 Both teams claimed 2⃣ victories each…

BBC Sport Scotland ‏@BBCSportScot

'We're there to win a medal' 🥌 WATCH 💻: Live European Curling Championships - Russia Men v Scotland Men ⏰ Today…

damo ‏@damrow1

Gotta lotta love for a lazy Sunday ☕️ 🎶 🥌#nowspinning #johnnyfuckinmarr #callthecomet #vinylcommunity #purplevinyl…

BBC Sport Scotland ‏@BBCSportScot

'We're there to win a medal' 🥌 WATCH 💻: Live European Curling Championships - Russia Men v Scotland Men ⏰ Today…

Parth Shah ‏@prthshah314

Gmr infra . Buy with SL of 20.5 on clbs for trgt of 22.75/23. Intra + POS Call.🥌⛸🥅

World Curling ‏@worldcurling

LIVE #CURLING | The #ECC2019 women's game featuring Sweden 🇸🇪 v 🇨🇭Switzerland is live on WCTV 🥌📺 now! Geo-blocking…

USA Curling ‏@usacurl

Watch the Le Gruyère AOP European Curling Championships 2019 live now via the @olympicchannel webstream SWE vs SUI…

team reed ‏@teamreed5

Another close game last night v Dutch unfortunately another defeat ... Norway 1400 today 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿💪🥌@radarjnr…

Jeffery L Monaghan ‏@JeffLMonaghan

@TeamJSinclair Keep winning! You can do this! 🥌

Canad Inns ‏@CanadNation

🚨 UPDATE 🚨 There will be 2 TIE BREAKER GAMES happening tomorrow morning at the Canad Inns Mixed Doubles Classic at…

Team Deschiffart ‏@DeschiffartTeam

Macey & Emma are playing in the Doubles Spiel @CentrePonoka this weekend! 🥌

Christopher Andrews ‏@chrisandrewsCDA

Had a great evening with the family in @DowntownGSO, stumbling upon the @wfmy2Winterfest. Our girls enjoyed Labauer…

Hazlet Saskatchewan ‏@Hazletsask

🥌 🤗👍🏻🙌🏻 Curling League starts Monday #hazlethasit @curlingcanada !

RU Planning Alumni ‏@RPAA_TO

Thanks to everyone who came out to the RPAA curling night! Another successful event in the books 🥌

Salt n Pebble ‏@SaltnPebble

Kudos to @TeamSnowCurling on a fabulous weekend of curling so far. 3:2 in the round robin and then 3 way tiebreak…

Mark M. Snyder ‏@Snydm

Exciting Saturday night. Watching curling 🥌 in bed @ The Pool

Canad Inns ‏@CanadNation

#Manitoba's Groff & Doering go head to head with #Ontario's #TeamTuck tonight at 9 PM CST at the Canad Inns Mixed D…

Janet Joy Wilson ‏@jsquaredink

@myonlinelifenow @BroadviewDanBIA @OpenStreetsTO @TOSantaParade @Walk_TO @Ward14Bikes @RBC @TTChelps @MLSEPR…

The Rock 98five ‏@TheRock985

Rockin’ Radio Auction Wednesday, November 20th Fantastic Curlers! 🥌 Best entertainment! See this at the Gallaghe…

Jeff Pelletier🧔🏻🥌 ‏@JeffBC94

@jessieaton You dated @kdropkin in college?!? 😍🥌😍🥌

AllSportDB ‏@AllSportDB

🥌 2019 European Curling Championships in #Sweden 🇸🇪 #Helsingborg Day 2 @WorldCurling #ECC2019

🌫🖲🏷 ‏@eru_uik Updated 🔘🥌🚱📥

hannah ‏@isabelboyd

Duck curling 🥌

Claire ‏@cloosieloo

Rock Out with Your Guac Out is heading to event 1 semi finals! 🥌

tony decastro ‏@decastro_tony

@ashley_bochman I enjoy watching Curling during the Winter Olympics 🥌

Wendy Bass ‏@BassAction89

Greg got a gift certificate to a curling supplies store in Madison, WI. It wouldn’t be weird if we just did a road…

Team Deschenes ‏@TeamDeschenes

We’re thrilled to be representing @manotickcurling at the U21 @CurlON_ Provincials at @GuelphCurling in December.…

Bogeywheels ‏@bogeywheels

@paulosenra Depends on the sport. For Premier League ⚽footie, UCL, Europa League sole choice in 🇨🇦 is DAZN streamin…

Team GB ‏@TeamGB

👊 A perfect start to the European Curling Champs 🥌 Two wins from two for @TeamPaterson1 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 - beating Norway 1…

Micha Ella ‏@ciaomichaella

I loved the post-game interview w/ @NiklasEdin 😍🥰 What do you need to work on? Definitely my takeout weight. *smi…

Amani "Shavua Tov" Schneidereit ‏@AmaniSchneider1

Curling 🥌 European champ Todays results Tomorrows schedule

Lil Lad ‏@WankyDankster

@lordiblank Damn Andre hate them 🥌

Anna ‏@AnnaScheurer

Curling? 🥌

Micha Ella ‏@ciaomichaella

Schwaller tried to make granite fly but it wasn’t enough. Jaundiced house but there was a red in prime position…

BBC Sport Scotland ‏@BBCSportScot

'We're there to win a medal' 🥌 WATCH 💻: Live European Curling Championships - Russia Men v Scotland Men ⏰ Sunda…

Micha Ella ‏@ciaomichaella

YOINK! @NiklasEdin ‘s perfectly placed hole plugging guard proved too strong for Schwaller despite an excellent dra…

Micha Ella ‏@ciaomichaella

Big mistake by Schwaller sets things up nicely for @NiklasEdin The Swiss are finding it harder and harder to score.…

Daniel Casey ‏@JustDanielCasey

@Duck_page it’s called natural curling 🥌

Micha Ella ‏@ciaomichaella

Sander telling Rhona about the “I agree” sound @TeamNiklasEdin make while discussing things around the house & how…

Micha Ella ‏@ciaomichaella

HE SHOOTS, HE SCORES YASSSS!!! Way to go @NiklasEdin 🐐🐐 @TeamNiklasEdin now lead Team Schwaller 6-4. Can we please…

Micha Ella ‏@ciaomichaella

Yes #curling is indeed a team sport... Sweepers will get your stone where it needs to go 💪💪 Now what will…

TeamCJohnson ‏@TeamCJohnson

Thank you to @OakvilleCurling for hosting a great event. What a beautiful club! Team Johnson’s first game didn’t g…

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