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Curly Loop Emoji

A curled loop, which is shown in black on most platforms. Displayed as a blue ribbon on Samsung devices.

Similar to the Double Curly Loop but with only a single loop.

Curly Loop was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

➰ Curling Loop

➰ Loop


➰ U+27B0




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itts.sivana ‏@IttsSivana

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Karen ~Sissy~ ‏@doyle_sissy

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Ahmed S AlHouti ‏@Ash_Houti

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johnny ‏@johnvargas306

finding my inner peace so when we meet you see a better me ➰

Justin Stiever ‏@justinjstiever

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🦓 JoAnna➰LilZebbie➰🦓 ‏@zebralover1114

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🦓 JoAnna➰LilZebbie➰🦓 ‏@zebralover1114

@worldbirds32 Awww beautiful ➰💖

🦓 JoAnna➰LilZebbie➰🦓 ‏@zebralover1114

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はにわトトメスとパパスとは ‏@k86NLP7BCoX38vv

@nogizaka46 ohoooW i lave you.💓😍💓💓😍💓👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨➰💕

Jerelyn ‏@jerelyn_24

Rolls: reversed 😋🔄➰👼🏻😭 Breed: different🗿🏋️‍♀️🥇💪🏼👀 Cap: not detected ❌🚫🧢😈 Hotel:Trivago🏫😩🥶🥵 #WAPMusicVideo #wap #WAP https://t.co/Pzs1AGqGf4

Emotions Invented by the Internet ‏@emotions_bot

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🦓 JoAnna➰LilZebbie➰🦓 ‏@zebralover1114

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🦓 JoAnna➰LilZebbie➰🦓 ‏@zebralover1114

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Heroes of the Shadow World ‏@nyshadowcon

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@screaminghowel1 it looks like modern art she said 〰️✔️➰

SeekA_Hi🦋🌴🚀💛💙🖋️ ‏@SeekA_Hi

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lebby_bamz ‏@lebbybamz

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💜ომყ.Ꮒ➰ ‏@MAYGG123

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Emotions Invented by the Internet ‏@emotions_bot

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💜ომყ.Ꮒ➰ ‏@MAYGG123

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앙˙Ⱉ˙ ‏@full_66_

#해찬 Burn up the road➰🎵 https://t.co/X1oQ22ComM

春うらら ‏@vwwksSLmDXd982M

@IeSULp2HikyqCLc ➰🛸✨➰😁👍🏼💕➰🌸 yeah➰🌟🌟🌟

Sue💫スー ‏@sue46731806

@HN_Product Is there anyone Who helps you ? Forget about your job and us. Enjoy the break ✨🌴🌺 Things will go better that way➰🚴

PAX ‏@pax7877

Coral shower tree is growing day by day constantly(o⌒∇⌒o)💋➰💕💕🌱🌱😍♥️ #scotish #pet #lovecats #animal #animals… https://t.co/gJd9K87pVC

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College Collections ‏@ColCollectArt

"Foredeck be Calmed" Continue the nautical theme with this Sailboat themed clock! Find more merchandise on our webs… https://t.co/rukM6KvTNo

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The desire is originated in the soul of the universe. It's your mission on earth ➰

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EP ‏@ElenaPodpisnova

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Angel.Élo💙💘🏹➰ ‏@Angel_elo_love

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Angel.Élo💙💘🏹➰ ‏@Angel_elo_love

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Angel.Élo💙💘🏹➰ ‏@Angel_elo_love

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Angel.Élo💙💘🏹➰ ‏@Angel_elo_love

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Aum Fashion ‏@aumfashion

Everything is better when you decide you don't care. 🆔 🔜 @aumfashion ➰ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

Angel.Élo💙💘🏹➰ ‏@Angel_elo_love

Happy #WarlockWednesday #MagnusBaneForever💘💘💘💘 Bring back shadowhunters please #Shadowhunters ➰ #SaveShadowhunters… https://t.co/fz9kaaFiwv

Angel.Élo💙💘🏹➰ ‏@Angel_elo_love

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Angel.Élo💙💘🏹➰ ‏@Angel_elo_love

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Natalie McGuire Home Team ‏@NatalieGMcGuire

this condo is two things: classy and fabulous modern style ➰ luxury finishes ➰urban living Take the tour👉… https://t.co/NgWOp7G52i

PAX ‏@pax7877

Already into sleep(o⌒∇⌒o)💋➰💕💕💤🐾🌃✨ #scotish #pet #lovecats #animal #animals #scotishfoldlover #scottishfoldcat… https://t.co/LZqCigHHve

Nephilim ⚔️➰#SaveShadowhunters 🇩🇪 ‏@renesmeenancy

Long time ago.. But I love this Pic, it is beautiful 💕➰ Please give us hope @netflix that there will be a future fo… https://t.co/a8skF2CGHZ

Angel.Élo💙💘🏹➰ ‏@Angel_elo_love

Bring back shadowhunters please #Shadowhunters ➰ #SaveShadowhunters ➰ #Malecforever 💘🏹 https://t.co/uM0nk5o45T

Angel.Élo💙💘🏹➰ ‏@Angel_elo_love

Bring back shadowhunters please #Shadowhunters ➰ #SaveShadowhunters ➰ #Malecforever 💘🏹 https://t.co/mIC3KB73Cl

Angel.Élo💙💘🏹➰ ‏@Angel_elo_love

Bring back shadowhunters please #Shadowhunters ➰ #SaveShadowhunters ➰ #Malecforever 💘🏹 https://t.co/NAuXPnJgpO

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Life is a journey from ALLAH to ALLAH...➰

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