Curry Rice Emoji

A plate of food containing curry and rice. Due to the origins of emoji being in Japan, this was most likely intended to be a Japanese curry, but could be used as a curry from any other nationality.

Curry Rice was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Curry and Rice” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🍛 Curry

🍛 Indian Food

Unicode Name

🍛 Curry and Rice


🍛 U+1F35B




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Finished season 2 of 『深夜食堂』Tokyo Stories on my last night in Shinjuku 🍜🍛🍱🍣🍙

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@ComicsByMajid Biriyani a National Food of Karachiites 🍛🍗

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#KimHyunJoong enjoy food support from fans🍱🍣🍛🥘🥗🍗 #คิมฮยอนจุงและคอนเสิร์ตของเขา #BIORHYTHMinSeoul…

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Indian Mums Try Other Indian Mums' Chicken Curry 🇮🇳🍛

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Aaah sashiburiii dana! It's been over a month since i cooked for myself! I 've missed my food really 😌 Oishiii! ITADAKIMAASU 😋🍤🍤🍛

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@CTVNews Curry 🍛 mans problems

Someone's son and 1000 others ‏@TM_Balls

@SuccessorSunny Is beautiful edible Strictly🐈and 🍛 no more no less

martha nduta ‏@NdutaMartha

@NickMungai3 @Ambylione @LizAdams09 @Nkiritu @MarkMakauh @RChemutai @MweneTiiri @Lars_Allano @ColloKorir23…

191121 taehyung day ‏@archtaeology

@hanisgirlfriend CURRY GET IN MY BELLY 😭❤🍛🍛🍛🍛🍛

MARK 💚🦅🏈🎮🎸 ‏@AglesFan

@Onerandomfollow @samparentt I came on twitter to talk about philly sports but somehow we started talking about fru…

ً ‏@ryujinong

Yuhuu. Thankyouuu guize. 🍌🍍🍅🌶🌽🍓🍒🥕🥔🍑🍐🍆🥝🥑🍎🍏🍉🍈🍇🍕🌭🌮🌯🥙🥚🍳🥘🍲🥗🍿🍱🍘🍙🍚🍜🍛🍠🍢🍣🍨🍨🍧🍥🍦🍤🥥🍷🥃🍹🍻🍺🥩

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@Edifier_Global Mac and Cheese! 🧀🍛 never gets old (at least for me)😆 @CarleneRanoma @jeanbesinga @TanyaImperial

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With a new gas cooker we've been able to get cooking again! We were living off no-cook meals for quite some time, a…

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Adventures #thankful 🌍👌🥁🧡🐝🍛🛩🙏 @ Heathrow terminal 4

ً ‏@sabotenshi

@_almakarma one day we will 🍛 together

Joanne 💋 ‏@JoanneHall303

@BaltiBowl @MistyRicardo I do love a good curry 🍛

PutneyTravelCompany ‏@PutneyTravelCo

They love their food in #Osaka 🍙🍱🍣 🍥🍛 and its even easier to get there with the direct @British_Airways flights - a…

Sarah ‏@Segga86

@KhanumBrand Oh gosh I would seriously have them with anything 🙈🤣 but with a nice hot curry 🍛 delicious

Charmaine @ Li Ping ‏@pualiping

Where will you be going this weekend? Come, BRING ME 😂🙈 to tommythongchai at thesquaremy Jaya One, the hipster Thai…

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Today's dinner🍛

The Very Hungry Copywriter ‏@itsfayewithanE

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¯\_◑ω◐ηαтα♡тαтα◑ω◐_/¯ *less active and busy* ‏@UnicornRh

You have to eat this the hole month, If u see ur month 😋 January 🥔 Feburary 🍭 March 🍜 April 🥕 May 🍞 June 🍯 J…

つーちゃん with 真紅の苺と珈琲 ‏@tsuchan0515

🍛✖︎326Day\(^o^)/ #カレー

Mike Lowry  ‏@SteveoRose

@B_Ambrose1 let’s grab a bite 🍛

Harry Wallop ‏@hwallop

@GrahamMoonieD Aaah ⚓️ not 🍛

sudha ‏@sudajju

Radish from the garden ☺️. Radish will be used in sambar and greens to make curry 🍛

Mark Winsor ‏@LSHLearning

Amazing cooking skills from one of our snr surveyors, Haley today @LSHtweets London who is selling bowls of yummy v…

martha nduta ‏@NdutaMartha

@RChemutai @NickMungai3 @Ambylione @LizAdams09 @Nkiritu @MarkMakauh @MweneTiiri @Lars_Allano @ColloKorir23…

Mi Home ‏@caroladventure1

Hi. I am carol. I am looking for delicious food around the world. where I am in is Japan🇯🇵. The weather where I am…

👻 ‏@ghostuuwu

went out & got chili loco moco in honor of @_hewwo 😳🍛💖

Omega 101.7FM🇳🇬 ‏@OMEGA1017FM

Thank God it's #FoodieFriday🍱🥗👩‍🍳 on #FactFinder🕵️ with @QueenModa1✨ 🥗🍲🍛🥗🍲🍛🥗🍲🍛🥗🍲🍛 On today's menu is Spicy "Ofada R…

Second Batch Registration: OPEN. ‏@fraichendroit

I will announce something about our first event later. In the meantime, please yummily grab your din-dins! Shall I…

𝐍 𝐎 𝐍 𝐒 𝐎 ‏@AneneMC

@I_amJesika I’ll come and take my own on Boxing Day seff frm you. So be ready 🍗 🍛

Lunar Tan Fayloga ‏@LunarTanFayloga

Craving for Japanese Food... 🍲🍛🍣🍱🍤🥟🍥

W. Dean Trentowsky ‏@PtTimeFarmer16

@farmer_average Rural access to Buttered curry 🍛 chicken 🍗 could be a major 2020 election 🗳 issue 😬 that may erupt…

Perth College UHI ‏@PerthCollegeUHI

#ICYMI Want to know more about our #lecturers? We caught up with the new member of staff within the #FoodStudies +…

Pear Felix ‏@JuliyaGrush

Gotta have lunch in the kitchen ✊🍛

Sir.POND ‏@ponddekpr

🍱🍛😋#Saboten @ Siam Paragon

Lexie Petrovic ‏@LexieKRCG13

During the holiday season, you can ‘Give a Helping Ham’ to families in need. 🥘🍛🍽 From now until Nov. 27th at part…

Akajunr ‏@akajunr

Pastor need a car🚗 let's donate for him..Victor need food🍛 let's pray for him#christianity!😭😭😭

Mi Home ‏@caroladventure1

Hiya. I am carol. let me show you what fine food I find in the world. The country where now I am in is China🇨🇳. The…

💕めりりん💕 nui mom ‏@meririncosplay

before reading the booklets ⚔️👺🌊 after reading the booklets 🍛🍜🍗


We needed this #LambOverRice @ActionBronson 🍛

Malikosomi413199🇬🇭 ‏@Malikosomi41311

Happy birthday the the best 3 Ghana has ever had the only 3😀 who got the highest Goals in Gh. @ASAMOAH_GYAN3 I say…

Qasim Shingai 新開 誠 ‏@qasim_shingai

Cooked rice curry 🍛 There is chicken in the curry 💯

Skidders ‏@Skidders

@TheSpiceClub @TheSpecialRon @BluSabre @moseleyhydey @Imhavingthesoup @mattybut @scullybcfc @bluegriff79 Looking fo…

хєrín 🍜 ‏@sanitsukero

@jeyiienx Eye-- please eat 🥺🤧 here have virtual food 🍜🍛🥘🍱🍙

Augustine Moloko ‏@OfewaAfana

Wedding food be so damn good, you even forget who is getting married. 🍛🍲🍗🍣🍜🍟🍻🍷

Sherrie ‏@cutebun

And I miss travelling liao! Curry everyday but happy 🍛😛 #india #sherrietravel #sherrieInIndia #mumbai @ Mumbai City

Amy Scott ‏@amyscottie

@CherylHoleQueen @emilyrose_hale she is US! 🍛

Obaapa Florence Eshun ‏@eshun_obaapa_GH

@ASAMOAH_GYAN3 Happy birthday boss. Have a blast 🎂🍾🍹🍸🍷🍻🌮🍕🍥🍲🍛🍣🍱🍕🍢🍫

Jamuna ‏@JamunaCardiff

If there’s one thing we know as an #Indian #restaurant, it’s how to cook a good curry!🍛 #Cardiff #curry #wales…

Bini Ludlow ‏@sweetcumin

@SheppysCider @SheppysCider a perfect way to celebrate who loves curry 🍛 @BiniCurries

Lolly and Cooks ‏@LollyandCooks

Hot-Pot Today! Beef Panang w/ Rice 🍛

Carissa Alex ⚡ ‏@CarissaAlex

I need me a lil #chef bae 🍛🥙🥩🥦🍉🍓🍍🧁🍹💕✨

yam. ‏@ceker_yam

🍹🍛 resep 🍛🍹


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Karen Louise Lusher ‏@LouiseLusher

Just home after all expenses paid lunch and grog at Melbourne's Crown Casino. Its been a looooong day out. 🚄🍸🍺🍷☕🍰🍗🍛😀

SM City Rosales ‏@smcityrosales

There is so much to be thankful for everyday. ❤️ Celebrate Thanksgiving with your family and friends #TogetherAtSM…

2 x🥇🥇Olympic Champion Yuzuru Hanyu ‏@AweInspiringUzu

@kat0nice 😊Thank you💗 Wishing you lots of joy and excitement this weekend. ... and lots of 🥤🍱🍣🍥🍵🍙🍛🥤😴

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LIKE, RETWEET and GAIN go follow 🗽 🏔 #1FIRST 🍛

✨ Ava Nicole ✨ ‏@AvaNicole_XO

Me: I should go to bed earlier tonight Also me: stays up all night watching mukbang videos .... I’m hungry. 🍩🍫🧁🍜🥙🌮🌯🍕🍟🍔🌭🍣🍛🎂🍿🍦

Pari Lipperts ‏@PariLipperts

Off on road and will be engaged w/ #outdooractivity the whole day incl. #cookingclass this evening 🍜🍛🍝🍲

Langham Estate ‏@LanghamEstate

🔝Prime Location 🍛Close to the vibrant eateries at Market Place ✔️Self-contained office . #oxfordcircusstation…

Abodwe Jay MIC ‏@GexisBronex

I am craving for Ghana rice 🍛


Game night at Old Anniesland! 📅 22.11.19 1st XV 🆚 @GlasgowAccies ⏰ 8.00 pm 🏆 Tennent's National League 2 📍Old Ann…

Hotel Kiscol Grands ‏@Kiscol_Grands

Come and try our Special Buffet Lunch this weekend.🍜 🍲 🍛 For More Enquiry 📞 +91 85086 44483, +91 85086 44411 ☎️ +9…

Rage Against The Washing Machine ‏@nxraevuil

Omw to the Thai restaurant to celebrate my lil cousin graduating HS 🍛

John Baloyi ‏@Dijosti

@Tsietsi_Mohale @Safricansfirst The RET Brigade enjoyed curry 🍛 at Saxonwold & forgot about economic transformation…

Kit 💛 ‏@achingallover

@Nanatccx 😭🏥😅💖🐶💕😂🎁🍛😳🙈🤷‍♀️looks like the start of the year might be rough oops

Sevabharathi TG ‏@sevabharathitg

A campaign for #Nutrition4Children #HealthyChildren with #MiddayMeal 🥘 Madhava Seva Samithi, Yapral Today : Friday…


I want some head on thanksgiving while I'm Layin down on my 6th plate 🍛🍛next week any sluts available ??😛😛😛i got we…

Green ♣️ #InSomnia ‏@Green65367608

dinner before working 🍛💨

Tiny Hooman ‏@littlehumanbot

This is : Max ❜ ◡ ⥀ likes : 🍛 🍆

Gunthilde Zoll ‏@gunthilde_zoll

@MichelleStraz I am on the way!! .... 🍝🍤🍗🍛... 🌹☕🍷🙋😘

Nicholas Burness ‏@cleanCodeNick

@joblijob16 @BoltonMarkets Sold! I'll see you at lunch 🍛

Homebrewed kitchen ‏@ClemiieKeChef

The wait is over Brewers💛. Allow us to be part of your festive season plans.7147 Simelane Str on the 16 of Dec. Co…

Jeanette Hodgkinson ‏@JDMHodgkinson

Nice early morning swim session before opening the Country Park cafe 🍛✅ What activity do you like to do to kicksta…


@lasarion LIONS 💖 ♥️ 🛋️ 🍛 🔔

Hilton Garden Inn Trivandrum ‏@HGITRV

Did you know that we have #healthy options available on our menu? 🌱 We love keeping our customers happy and healthy…

✞ Lινε ॐ Lετ Lινε ✯ Tʜᴀʟᴀ RᴀsɪɢᴀN ‏@PraveenAS_AKTwz

Dear friends Need help for God children's...🙏💕 Good n Healthy 🍛 Food for 200+kids.. Anyone interested to contribut…

Xavier 🐉🐯👺 ‏@GrahamMalice

Lyrical Lemonade 🍋 write up for "Yellow Curry" 🍜🍲🍛

GUBA Expo #GUBAExpoConnects ‏@GubaTradeExpo

650,000 tonnes of rice harvested; importers agree to buy local rice 🍛 🍚 #GUBAExpoConnects #MadeInGhana…

Bingham&Jones ‏@binghamandjones

Chutney Mary in Mayfair, super modern Indian cuisine. 🍛👌🏽 A fantastically tasty chaat.😋🧡 . . .…

Dr Alice Violett ‏@alicetheunique

@leonpaternoster I didn't see any vermin 🐀👍 the starter and dessert were lovely, I found the main (aubergine katsu)…

THIRSTAE ‏@mimi_btsjaipur

Desimys where are you I collect BTS eating indian food for us... 🍛🍛 Can you take a look 👇👇 📎…

Chelle💛🦌@DL&⚔️🛡 ‏@Mecaetias

Looking for some🍛#DragaliaAlliance #DragaliaLost

மஹா ◎fficial 🌹 ‏@its_mahaoffc

Dear friends Need help for God children's...🙏💕 Good n Healthy 🍛 Food for 200+kids.. Anyone interested to contribut…

💫𝓛 i a 💫 📢COMMS OPEN : 11/22 ‏@liadoodles

@Naruedyoh It was really good and easy to cook!! 👌🏻🍛

Lulu Pencil Is Mightier Than The Sword ✏️💯 ‏@twf87

The Ice Ribbon roster in the form of emojis 👭➕ 💎❄️ 🌰 🥒 🥃 💫⚽️ 🚲🔔 🌅 🍛🥋 ⭐️🥓 ⭐️👩‍👧 💉🎎 🤪🐯 🐰 🌬🏁 🍡💜 🖤❤️☠️ 🧡💚🐉

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