Cut of Meat Emoji

Cut of Meat was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🥩 Steak


🥩 U+1F969


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Realzies_Cuts ⚔️ ‏@RealziesCuts

@dominos Brooklyn crust or Pan Always I will take Pepperoni 🍕 Beef 🥩 Sausage Green peppers 🌶 Black Olives Pinea…

🌿 Norfolk Cattle 🌾 ‏@Canadian_Bones

I bet this is the kind of thing @apasztor82 has nightmares about! Wonderful weather today in SWO 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ enjoy y…

TEDDY ‏@fatboiteddy

@afrikanherbsman You can keep da beef 🥩, I just really need da broccolliey

Andrew Bresnahan ‏@AndrewBresnahan

Happy to talk with @CBCLabrador this morning with my hot take on #CanadasFoodGuide. We'll air tomorrow around 7:00a…

Realzies Cuts ‏@JonBeecham

😯 Love me some @dominos 🍕 Brooklyn crust or Pan Always I will take Pepperoni 🍕 Beef 🥩 Sausage Green peppers 🌶…

pwned4ever ‏@pwned4ever

I guess it started more than beef 🥩 but it’s all good, do what you must in your own. I appreciate everyone whom sha…

Miniature Golf ‏@Urban_Crazy

It’s #NationalPieDay! We all know not much really beats a good 🥩& 🍺 pie, which reminds us of this fantastic course…

TinasheTK ‏@TinasheTK18

I want meat 🥩

Crumble ‏@DogOnTheRock

It is just Daddy, myself and Pookie for a while, so we are going to the pub for dinner *woof* 🍺 🐶 🥩

American Social Tampa ‏@AmSoTampa

Never settle for anything short of delicious! Our Steak Sammy with C.A.B. ribeye, roasted fire tomatoes, bruleed on…

Hearth of the Ram ‏@hearthoftheram

🥩 Every Thursday you can enjoy an AMAZING DEAL on our Black Angus Steaks 😉 2 Sirlions for only £22! Upgrade to a Fi…

INSIDER ‏@thisisinsider

This steakhouse is a restaurant and a butcher shop in one 🥩

Morgan Kidd-Macey ‏@CookWithMorgan

Tried Chef Gordon Ramsey’s Beef Wellington for the first time and it came out really good! I can’t wait to try this…

Rebeckah Vaughan ‏@RebeckahVaughan

Gaston waiting for his steak at @TheFishpoolInn 🐾 🥩

𝙼𝚎𝚐 🥀 ‏@MeganKooX

@krazykrazyk81 @KLFC92 Love me meat 🥩

Davis Lyrikz ‏@DavisLyrikz

“I can’t pronounce what I ate it was called sum sum n steak” 🥩- q_moneyyyy || DŁ | #WinnningSZN • • • • • • • • •…

Jason Arthur ‏@jasonarthur95

I think I’m done with steak in restaurants. 🥩🚫

Moody Cow ‏@moodycowgrill

It feels like January 74th!! At least it’s hump day - celebrate with great food, service and company (we take no re…

Caterer's Friend ‏@caterers_friend

A big thank you to all of our guests for another great experience at the #HOGA2019! Special thanks go to the butche…

MajorJohnSteed ‏@MajorSteed

@Lisa_Botski_ I get the Waitrose gammon steaks. 🐖 🥩

Kevin Pietersen🦏 ‏@KP24

Quite a day on social media today...I’m having to block some seriously abusive vegans cos I’m trying incredibly har…

Beard Meats Food ‏@beardmeatsfood

Tomorrow night’s video is gonna be a winner with all the meat lovers out there 🥩😉 #ByPopularRequest 🏆

Chef superkabza ‏@Superkabza

@thickmammie It’s just a meat 🥩

Champaign Outdoors ‏@ChampaignOutdrs

@visitchampaign Restaraunt Weel starts this weekend! Make sure you take the opportunity to try everything Champaign…

Papa Pug Diego ‏@PapaPugDiego

I will fight for food!! 🍔🥓🌭🍩🍖🍕🧀🍦🍰🍗🥩 #fight #fights #fighter #fighting #sharp #tough #hard #guy #pug #pugs #puglife…

#TeamDjPoppa ‏@teamdjpoppa

TONIGHT#SteakNight at #TheTerminal w| @Cole_ChrisFoods on the Grill 🥩🔥

Robert Jacobson #nfb ‏@TheRobjacobson

@TMZ she should be the Arby’s spokesperson....roast beef 🥩

Roger Mooking ‏@RogerMooking

Surf and Turf fans! On todays episode of Man's Greatest Food I'm learning to put amazing combinations together; cla…

dean portman ‏@Trillman222

Much like TB12 is the ultimate competitor on the field, I am the ultimate competitor in the streets. In a new neigh…

Amy Perkins ‏@princesspeapat

@QanitaAnjum There’s dozens of these things🐜looking👀at me as though they are picturing a mouth watering steak 🥩!!!!

D.♥️ ‏@TheyLoveJena

@BigDaddyAsh_ 🥩, 🍤 , And 🥦 w/🧀

Rhonda Hughes ‏@blackenrho

@skidders67 How’s that sick mate besides the fact I don’t eat 🥩 or 🧀 I do the fake version of that 👍😂

Rhonda Hughes ‏@blackenrho

@Catherine3LLLs I’m skinny too glad I don’t eat meat 🥩😂😂

Erin K Maloney ‏@Erinmaloney39K

@TacticalDogLive @LivePDNation @OfficialLivePD Rest in peace Bullet, condolences to all k9 officers, officer Jarrel…

The yellow house ‏@Theyellowhouse_

Our #wine of the week by the glass: Spinyback #Riesling is juicy & fruity with subtle sweetness - one to cosy up wi…

Katie Mark, MS, MPH, RD, CISSN, USAC ‏@OnYourMark_NUTR

#OYMN stake 🥩 out 🤓 #NutritionSportScience #LosAngeles #ProSports

Rebecca Lynn Shaw ‏@RebeccaLynnSha4

@MaineGolden @RuthJeffery9 @Maggarooo @GoldretrieverUS @TheWordOfErynn @AngelaFentiman @_i_8_mancs @johopkins27…

UNSTOPPABLE ‼️ ‏@___TayyMillie

Man we ate good yesterday 😍: Steak 🥩 Mashed Potatoes 🥔 Corn 🌽 and wit the Gravy too top it all off 😩😋


I want some steak 🥩

Ninja City ‏@NinjaCityCLE

New special: Braised Short Ribs 🥩🍲🔥💯! Beef short ribs slow-cooked in red wine hoisin broth w/ carrots & scallions,…

ETS-Lindgren ‏@ETSLindgren

@lab0094 Agreed! Makes you want to schedule a dinner drop-by!🥩

Hi Pointe Drive In ‏@HiPointeDriveIn

Flankly Mr. Dankly 🥩 🍄 Flank steak on an onion Kaiser with Boursin cheese, caramelized onions, shrooms, arugula a…

Jeremy Smith ‏@jeremygsmith1

Tell your boyfriend 👦🏻👦🏻👦🏻 If he says he’s got beef 🥩 🥩🥩 That I’m a vegetarian 🥦🥬🥒 And I ain’t fuckin scared of him ❌😱❌

Da Kang ‏@ColossalGiant


•Min Dhariwal• ‏@MinDhariwal

@nsags @GenePrincipe Like as in “the plan” for lunch afterwards...🥩🍗🍖

MR. Liverpool ‏@WwwGohan22

@iamnoami @Lyricslap_ 🍕🌭🍗🥩🍤? Food?

Shiloh Steakhouse ‏@ShilohSteak

Its lunch time ... what are you waiting for? 🤷‍♂️ 🥩🍗🥦🍺😃 #chickensandwich #wafflefries #londonky #corbinky…

Glauco Maia ‏@definircorpo

Não sou só eu que amo carne 🥩😍 #Repost xxldesignerpitbulls with download_repost ・・・ Every day thousands of innocent…

Matthew 🇬🇧🍾🍻⚽️🚘 ‏@crazysheepp

@ScottCa16682795 @Iromg It’s going to be a weekly issue I assume. Porky 🐷 the saviour of meat raffles 🥩😂😂😂

Ryan Walters ‏@everwalts

Addie I see you sending those steaks 🥩 👀 🍵💅🏻

ires ‏@IrishSign_

Done 🥩

AshleyAtYourService ‏@ashley_service

Good tips from @epicurious for 🥚 🥬 🍞 🌿 and 🥩!


Muscle building breakfast sandwich 💪🏻💪🏻🍳🥩 3 cage free egg whites 1 grass fed beef slider 1/2 of a Joseph’s lavash…

Season Pizzey ‏@Swanita87

I’m not sure I can top the Apple Watch I got him last year for Valentines Day, but this is pretty close... right gu…

Wellstar360 ‏@WELLSTAR360

Short and simple question for all of our followers— #Meat, love it or hate it? 🥩 🍖

Karl Erik Pearson ‏@InsaneOutDoor

Show us your STEAK! Challenge 🥩 Men's Mental Health Awareness: via @YouTube

Glenda Thomas Artist ‏@GlendaTArtist

@Turnip2020 @realDonaldTrump He will protfund a way to serothem steak 🥩

patricia t ‏@xopatriciat

fuck the food guide, imma still indulge in my chicken and steak 🥩

ugg hater of hackney ‏@ugghater

@TheLittleChef @LyndonGee Oh. U wouldn’t want my other half to come then. Loves fillet steak 🥩 but it has to be cr…

Evi🍍 ‏@Gerraldynne

Craving steak & snails 🥩🐌

Brett L. © ‏@StickmanBleedin

@ZeroCarbHealth @DoctorTro @KetoCarnivore @BarryCPearson @raphaels7 @Nutrita_app @MikhailaAleksis @SBakerMD…

Namiri ‏@LD_78

@washingtonpost Make steaks 🥩

PacerNation ‏@oc_neal

@GodlyRep @ExtendoBans The meat show 🥩

Call it as I see it ‏@pauloftarsis1

@Channel4News Has Hamilton any credibility left? He looks as if he's been on the piss for a week. Anyone with an on…


Every day thousands of innocent plants are killed by vegetarians. help end the violence. eat beef 🐮🥩

thefoxandduck ‏@thefoxandducks

We will be opening for #breakfast from Friday 1st of February from 8am so for all you workers or school mums come t…

Brett L. © ‏@StickmanBleedin

@ZeroCarbHealth @siobhan_huggins @KetoCarnivore @BarryCPearson @raphaels7 @Nutrita_app @MikhailaAleksis @SBakerMD…

The yellow house ‏@Theyellowhouse_

We're offering a free glass of wine with our charcoal-grilled Donald Russell top quality dry-aged sirloin steaks an…

Voodoo Cafe & Restaurant ‏@voodoocafeuk

🎉 Three cheers for burritos - hip, hip, hoorayyyyy! Mainly because they are the food equivalent of having a hug!…

Aaron_Hamlett30 ‏@AaronHamlett30

Oh😬🥶 More beef 🥩 , different player

krubel ‏@krubeldatnigga

I want a big ass steak 🥩

Zara Indian Cuisine ‏@Zaraindian

Bengali Jalfrezi is a 7th Century dish founded by the people of Bengal. At Zara it is cooked with sliced onion, gre…

ALAT By Wema ‏@alat_ng

Frequent date nights? 😍 Steak and mignonette? 🥩 boat cruises and Friday night vibes? 💃🏼 These are putting dents in…

🇺🇸Jimmy ‏@reddlegg211

@realDonaldTrump No wall? Fine. How about a "mine field", it's cheaper, invisible and a great deterrent! I dare you to cross. 🍖🍗🥩

The Peacock ‏@ThePeacockStA

2-for-1 cocktails, all day, everyday!! The home of fine wine, exotic cocktails, and homemade food 🍷 🍸 🍹 🍗 🥩

Rebecca Lynn Shaw ‏@RebeccaLynnSha4

@MaineGolden @RuthJeffery9 @Maggarooo @GoldretrieverUS @TheWordOfErynn @AngelaFentiman @_i_8_mancs @johopkins27…

Jazmine ‏@Blow_Pop24

I aint got time to beef 🥩 I’m tryna get some chicken 💰Instead 🤘🏽🗣☝🏽

Clarry's Restaurant & Bar ‏@Clarrys_Kent

Don’t forget this mouth-watering offer is only valid for January! Don’t miss out! Booking recommended but not essen…

🌴 Barbados Travel ☀ ‏@BarbadosTravel

🍴🥩A true Bajan Saturday delight is Pudding and Souse! 🥩🍴 🍜😋This meal is usually made with pickled pork for the sou…

Cal U Dining ‏@CalPAdining

Good Morning Vulcans! Here is the Gold Rush dining menu for Wednesday, January 23. Join us for our pop up Ice Cream…

murphy 11 ‏@murphysbutchers

Had lovely lady visiting us today EUROSPAR_NI⁩ ballyhackmore , ⁦@PamBallantine⁩ , great to see her and looking as…

Matt ‏@MJVarnsverry

@lost_in_ozz It was good lol. I just walked to the closed of the UK’s most popular (prominent) chain pubs & took a…

willy brath ‏@brath_willy

Pan seared steak with babby Portabella mushrooms and red onions😋 #goodfood #icook #😋 #👨‍🍳 #🥩 #homecooking #yummy…

Sara Dappen ‏@gimmesomedap

If you love me, PLEASE send me meat flowers! 🥩💐🥩🌞🥩💐🥩💐🥩

Njingalwazi Nqose ‏@SandilekaNqose

@Cav_Bokang Remind me not to invite you to any traditional ceremonies then.....🥩🍖🍗

The Carnivore Cast © ‏@CarnivoreCast

@mixon_bridget @ciscokid505 @SBakerMD @KenDBerryMD Thank you!!! Congrats on your progress 🥩😁💪

Chris Forbes ‏@funtimeforbesy

Whoever was in charge of positioning the new Plant Kitchen range at M&S was surely having a bit of a laugh! 🌱🥩 😂…

Jenna DiVerniero ‏@jenna_div

Happiest of birthdays to this guy right here! @jamesrapoport bummed I can’t be there today to celebrate, but hoping…

Hector Von Helmet ‏@VonHelmet

@RossMcG1872 Happy Birthday colonel Beef 🥩

Jack Brunner ‏@BrunnerJack

@CourseDaily A lot if it’s my dream jus sayin 💀👽☠️😇👻💕🥩😑🥴💤🧟‍♂️🚨💩🥜😲🛣💕😎

Chef Nick Henley ‏@Chef_Henley

Steak and eggs. ❤🍳🥩 #cheflife #breakfast #eatlocal #cookingwithlove #cookingforbae

Tae ‏@Sensei_phazee

@earlgreyytae @taegivante @jurassicjeon I mean I used to but did you see him open and put that packet’s contents on…

Rebecca Lynn Shaw ‏@RebeccaLynnSha4

@MaineGolden @Maggarooo @GoldretrieverUS @TheWordOfErynn @AngelaFentiman @_i_8_mancs @RuthJeffery9 @johopkins27…

Rioz Columbia ‏@riozcola

MEAT us for dinner tonight! 😍🥩 We’ll see you at 5pm.

Arwa Abulnaja ‏@ArwaAbulnaja

*Out of 🍞🥚🥒🍎🥩🍗*: doesn’t go to the supermarket *Out of PB*: guess it’s time for grocery shopping

BOSS_T ‏@MabasaThemba

@Masego Happy birthday Masego🎂🥩🍗🍹💃

colin mounsey ‏@colinmounsey

@EddieHearn “side beef” ? Really ? 🥩 Eddie ‘the butcher’ Hearn

Dillinger's ‏@DillingersD

Steakin’ it up over here every Wednesday.. Any 10oz cut with spuds & a sauce for €21 🥩 #HappyHumpday…

Fat Girl Chronicles ‏@fatgirlnj

New podcast episode is up! Listen in as Vikki and Sound Guy Curt discuss Steaks 🥩 and review the steakhouse Barclay…

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