Cut of Meat Emoji

Cut of Meat was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🥩 Steak


🥩 U+1F969


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вri ℓee. ‏@littl3pandabear

Amir big n nasty i almost threw up 😫😖🌭🍟🍗🥩🍖🍟🌯🌮🥙🥪

paperpete Esq., Girly swot ‏@paperpete

@HawksmoorLondon 2. It's lovely but I'd not go with both at once. I'd want frîtes and béarnaise! 🥩🍟

Samuel King ‏@SamuelJKing

Meat and wine detox pending. Buenos Aires... wrapped. ✈️ #nofilter 🍷🥩 @ Buenos Aires, Argentina

Christa ‏@dcfitchick

One of the reasons I love this way of eating 🥩😋

Bud ‏@Bud25369403

Just woke up I’m kind of hungry so I’m going to find a place to eat🍠🥩🍕

The_Vol_Nation ‏@The_Vol_Nation

I got my eye on a porterhouse 🥩(-:💰💰

Bronx Little Italy ‏@BXLittleItaly

Sausage, meatballs, pork chops and more! 🥩

Bazz Barrett ‏@bazzbarrett

Thrilling delivery from @fieldandflower 🥩 Ace recommendation, @davidflatman. (A game changer, if you will 😏)

Hardy ‏@Hardy33072344

Come and see 🥗A3🍗🥩's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE:

Scarlets Rugby ‏@scarlets_rugby

Congratulations | Llongyfarchiadau Taylor Davies who takes home the @castellhowell meat hamper for the…

Jessa Abanes ‏@abanes_jessa

Gonna cook something and feed my dog, then take a shower get ready to go to the mall, buy a motherfckn concealer an…

Michaela Mather ‏@kiikiitalks

@WaspsRugby @RicohArena You bet! Can’t wait... 🐝🛫🍷🥩🍟🍷🐝🛬

Jo$hua Jay🇰🇷 ‏@ClassicLoc

God Bless, you call ur teammate good one time ur a 🥩 rider. 🤣🤣

Coyote Outdoor ‏@CoyoteOutdoor

Coyote Signature Grates are made of laser cut stainless steel and have specifically designed grates for beef, chick…

Jo$hua Jay🇰🇷 ‏@ClassicLoc

@KingSkyzah @PlayoffJBM @LetsGet_It_Ramo Bro we were literally having a whole conversation not pertaining to either…

Brett L. © ‏@StickmanBleedin

@LOWCARB_TOOLBOX I will stick with meat & water, thanks. #MeatHeals🥓🍗🍖🥩✌🏻

Hector ‏@FastedCarnivore

@BuffDudes I’m happy to hear it was a “no flex” for both of you ffs! Nutrient dense food all the way. 💪🥚🍖🍗🥩 #carnivore should be next

Skyzah ‏@KingSkyzah

@ClassicLoc @PlayoffJBM @LetsGet_It_Ramo He said take his 🥩 out ya mouth and earn ya spot gg #SWEA


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Follow___Help 🤑 ‏@follower___help

Follow all who retweet 🥩

Champweb ‏@champwebdotnet

We got a good battle on our hand. Maybe 🍺vs 🥩 or 🇧🇷vs 🇳🇱. 400 votes already cast. Here is a feature on…

Joanne Marie ‏@jmcheshirecat

Look at me having a healthy lunch... Avacado, spinach, ham and pepper on toast 🥑🍞🥩

Artzilla💀Aysha🖤💙💜 ‏@Artzilla_1994

Making steak and mashed potato for dinner 😋 🥔 🥩

Follow Me! ‏@F0ll0wNow

Like ! Come on and join 🦖 🥩 #TheFutureIsBright #AmorGignitAmor #family #TeamFirst #first #intensity #1FIRST

Tanner ‏@tnarjes22

@shelbbssss And we suddenly have beef 🥩

Bruce Devlin ‏@BruceDevlin

@HulaHoopsUK Hello 👋🏻 see I always just think of slices of tattie 🥔 now, I’m a huge fan. In the original ones, salt…

LongHorn Steakhouse ‏@LongHornSteaks

@PamaMapa423 Looks awesome! Thanks for stopping in 🥩

Big Bamboo Cafe ‏@BigBambooCafe

Steak 🥩 #tacos ❤️ only $7 today until 4pm @bigbamboocafe #coligny #shoppingcenter #hiltonhead 🌴 @ Big Bamboo Cafe

Nisa Retail ‏@NisaRetail

Our latest footfall driving deal is perfect for those shoppers choosing to fine dine at home rather than go out in…

1k4L 💚🖤 ‏@hollywoodkendo

I promise y’all my 🥩 won’t survive the beaten imma put on it if she get into porn lol

💍Her Amazing 💍🌈🤤💖 ‏@IssMealNoel

Pressing up under yours legs press on my face 🤤let it run all down my chest 💦act like you heard what I said pressur…

BirchwoodFarms Dairy ‏@BirchwoodFarms

BEEF 🥩 IS IN!!! And Roasts are on SALE! #birchwoodfarms #rawmilkcreamery #grassfed #grassfinished #beef #roasts…

ً ‏@helloliviahye

@Shadyy_Melon OK HERE'S UR FOOD GATO. 🍗🐟🍆🌯🌮🍖🥩🍤🍱🍣🥗🥑🍑🍉🍓🥐🥨🥞🥓🍳🥚🍕🍝🥪🍭

Tabernacle Atlanta ‏@TabernacleATL

JUST ANNOUNCED 🥩 @codyko & @thenoelmiller: @tinymeatgang - Global Domination on April 8th! Presale starts Wednesd…

Leroy Curriculum ‏@LeroyCurriculum

@AngeloBombay Okay dokey. Just saying, homie hungry 🥩

Farmison & Co ‏@farmisonUK

Have you ever tried a Hanger steak?🥩 Often found on a restaurant specials board, this rare cut is prized for its fl…

Alexander Agostini ‏@AlexanderAgos10

@CarrefourUAE I tried to also buy other items such as lamb 🥩 chops but it didn't work out.

French's UK ‏@FrenchsUK

Salt beef, salt beef and more salt beef. 😍💛 @Terryscafe1 slather theirs with the best! 🥩

💬 ‏@powerfulmk

Talking about cooking 🥩

Eastside Kitchenette ‏@EastsideKitchen

Date night options are easy when it's Steak Night! 🥩 Join us tonight for our prime rib special from 5-9pm!…

Matt Polega ‏@mattpolega

Good thing you can only get this in the middle of the desert after taking a 5-hour flight 🥩 🐮 🥪 #Vegas #lunch…

Erica Suter, MS CSCS 💪🏼⚽️👸🏻 ‏@fitsoccerqueen

Will write extensive article on this and provide the order the meal should be in 💪🏼👏🏼🍤🥩🍷🥗🍞

Musgrave MarketPlace ‏@MusgraveMPlace

Meet David, our butcher in our Galway Food Emporium. David offers a bespoke meat cutting service in our Galway bra…

#Foodiechats ‏@Foodiechats

@CruiseNorwegian That ribeye 🥩 will be in our belly real soon. #Foodiechats #NorwegianEncore

SOFZAYIN ‏@sofzayin

ORGASM FOREVER ♾ like ♾ LAUGH FOREVER OF @CaraDelevingne 🦋 occurred with @MillaJovovich 🦚 FURTHER GREAT WHITE STAG…

Brett L. © ‏@StickmanBleedin

Hey @nutrition_facts I’m thankful for today’s nutritionally perfect lunch. Do you know it’s been over a year since…

Angelina Jolie ‏@lexxjolie

Baby I want a steak 🥩

Ant ‏@YaboyAnt7

That steak I made last night was fire 👨🏾‍🍳🥩

Diet Health Club ‏@diethealth_club

How to gain weight with a fast metabolism 🥩 . . . #healthylifestyle #weight #weightlifting…

Sarah Wiggins ‏@SarahWiggins37

The first thing im doing once im healed from getting my wisdom teeth removed is getting a steak from @Outback 🥩

ren 🐌 ‏@binluvs

@kooslgbt no! and i’m proud 🥩🔨

Jorge Hernandez ‏@jghernandez958

Boss brought me some deer meat 🥩

NoNNaX2E's ‏@29nhldg

Y'all keep on your plant based grub; I'll be over here munching down this thick juicy slab of cow 🥩 🍽️ #WinWin…

WorldWideFood ‏@_worldwidefood

Beef 🥩 Bourguignon Here’s the recipe:

WorldWideFood ‏@_worldwidefood

Garlic butter steak 🥩 and potatoes 🥔 skillet Check it up:

D'Angelo B. Williams ‏@williamsdangelo


WorldWideFood ‏@_worldwidefood

Cheesy 🧀 ground beef 🥩 quesadillas 😍

Adenta Rick Ross 💥👌🏻 ‏@djmatic_gh

@1RealJoeyB @YawEyiah_01 You eh me den u get beef 🥩 bah now as u be the real GOAT 🐐 I no know what I go talk again seffff 😂🤣

🤘🏽JOSH😈 ‏@_jgoud

I rather eat crumbs wit bums than eat steaks 🥩 wit Snakes 🐍

Caroline Millar ‏@CasMillar

Demand by tourists for Skye produce significantly outstrips supply says Alastair Denter @SkyeConnect. At @FASScot b…

Hardy ‏@Hardy33072344

Come and see 🥗A3🍗🥩's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE:

杏奈 ‏@P6Ql37FiFBWanKc

🤠 poor ➗ 🥩  → 🗯️ ❤️

GastroGays ‏@GastroGays

We were delighted to welcome two titans of meat industry @MeatPeter & @Pat_Whelan on to #ChewTheFat and we literall…

Brett L. © ‏@StickmanBleedin

@CocaCola I'd rather not develop T2D & worse, thanks! Sugar damages human mitochondria. Not a rational act to consu…

Leiah ‏@leiahblood

Added to list of first things I ask people, do you rinse your meats 🥩🍗🍖

Farrell Tan ‏@Farrell_Tan

"Broccoli" Noodles 🍜 and Beef 🥩 Kuey Teow with Iced Chinese Tea 🍵 @ RESTORAN SIN LAI PING

DJ Coolbreeze ‏@DJ_Coolbrezze

spectatorscolumbus spectatorscolumbus 🚨Taco Tuesday Is Here!!!!!🚨 2$3$5$ TACOS 🌮!!!! Chicken 🐔, Beef 🥩, Shrimp 🦐!!!…

Nobushige Azai ‏@NobushigeAzai

@JrocTheGod The beef he got was well done 👍🏽 🥩

Quing Capricorn ‏@DopeAssGeek

Company lunch at Ruth’s Chris today. 🥩 🍤

Alan S ‏@Scooter570

@frostybutcher That’s a lot of beef 🥩


@dakkaflokka Not a 🥩 sandwich 😱

As Told By Ness 👑💕 ‏@PillzN_Potions

I am a steak connoisseur 🥩

Mouth Ten Head ‏@JanuGerman10

@VijayAn88852651 @bangbanger12 @SaiKanishk2 @majorgauravarya @WaseemJamshed2 Here is your daily bonus 🍖🍗🥩 Keep Bar…

💨 ‏@ivpxxx

@Fk_ingDreBabe Ask them to take you to get a medium rare steak 🥩

D'Angelo B. Williams ‏@williamsdangelo


JAG-CR7 (13🏆33🏆) ‏@Jguevara007

@oyeguevara Really?....ok😋🥩

annette martin ‏@sonjamartin1972

My Mr. Steve yo you killed it. Please keep eating meat Lol 😂😋. I am definitely going to keep eating my meat 🥩👅👩🏽🥰👏🏾…


Porterhouse 🥩 Best cut in the business well cooked 👨‍🍳 dinner was great #808 #rocamain @ Ruth's Chris Steak House -…

NewtonGreshamLibrary ‏@SHSU_Library

👩‍🏫Ed Students👨‍🏫, are you 👀 looking for a way to beef 🥩 up your portfolio? 💼 @SHSU_Library 's subscription to EdWe…

Twilight Sparkle 🦄 ‏@Sparkle53032783

@JohnConstas Eat meat 🥩

Brett L. © ‏@StickmanBleedin

@LadyM3033 @KetoAurelius 484 days without dietary fiber: Zero headaches since July 2018 Zero constipation EVER! Ze…

Tikki ‏@Faceless_TMZ

I think ima cook steak 🥩, asparagus, and lobster 🦞 tonight

A.J. Hanson ‏@ajh3guitarist

37 hours into my 72 hour fast. Feeling great More focus and clarity Body is charged More time for work Skin is cle…

#Healthcare 🌐 #HealthTech ‏@HealthcareLdr

Here's a radical plan to slow #climatechange: eat LESS meat 🥩 🍔 🌎 🤔 @NewEconForum…

Midan Marketing ‏@MidanMarketing

🥩+⚾=🔑to success. Hear about this equation straight from our Principal, Michael Uetz. He’s sharing why the meat indu…

ロードボルデミン。 ‏@mrschangminshim

@na7jun1 Yes! I plan to go Kobe and eat Kobe beef once in my life! 🥩

Esteban Rodriguez ‏@CityBoy_MaK

@MentalStimulant Choking the dog 🐶 in the meat 🥩 section haha

Marquez ‏@cMbragg23

It’s cold asf outside but my son likes 🥩 #GrindDontStop 👷🏾‍♂️🚧⚒💰

MaraLynn Katz ‏@KatzMaralynn

@SuperPupKandie Happy Birthday!!! 🎁 ❤️ 🎂 🥩.

Joe Loria ‏@meatreducer

8 Reasons why you should eat less meat 🥩🍗🍖🖐

Koonchorn ‏@ch5XnHjKArUsRK2

@aksb_mana This concert be presented by Kanon be interesting to Akishibu Project fans. I wish tickets are selling w…

D'Angelo B. Williams ‏@williamsdangelo


JMBC & CO ‏@Jmbcatering

Yummy Steak 🥩

Official Medusa ‏@OfficialMedusa1

🥩🍕Open for DD & Ubereats 🥩🍕 😊😊$30 Minimum 😊😊 ⬇️⬇️Send screenshot of cart ⬇️⬇️ 🔘Restaurant name 🔘Delivery address 🔘…

Josh ‏@TaremwaJoshua7

@CTV_TayoS He closed the 🥩 perfectly ✌️

GoKart ‏@getgokart

We provide a wide selection of meat to food businesses across London 🥩 #GetGoKart Explor…

᙭ Tᗩᑭ ᗩ ᗪIᗰE ᙭ ‏@tap_a_dime

@cdoz91 @ATTILAga bro same, let me beat up some 🥩 and do pull-ups on industrial pipes

✟² — ‏@1of1gloman

@lebronfanacct lets get some steaks 🥩

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