Derelict House Emoji

A house which is unoccupied, and has become derelict. In a state of disrepair.

Derelict House was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014 under the name “Derelict House Building” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🏚️ Abandoned House

🏚️ Haunted House

🏚️ Old House

Unicode Name

🏚️ Derelict House Building


🏚 U+1F3DA

️ U+FE0F


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Charlie Hu$tle ‏@mfs2k10

I can’t wait to do my first in house breeding 🙏🏾🙌🏾🐶🏚


@selfmadeVIC On God . I vouch 🏚💔🌪

Leonid ‏@ts_leonid

Stay at home 🏚 #corgi #dog

Steven🌉🌉 ‏@steven94117

it would've taken out my apartment and then some.🏚

HD of Bearfaced ‏@HDofBearfaced

We was bumpin the Carter 5 before it came out .. 🏚 #omerta🤐 #dopefiendbeat mak_erv shadynatemfl #dopeeraspotted…


dirty house 🏚 dirty house 🏚 hoe 🚂 hoe 🚂 gold digger 🏗 gold digger 🏗 sti…

The Phantom 🏚👻 ‏@HmeForNobody

The Phantom in the Flesh 🏚👻

The Swim Taxi ‏@theswimtaxi

@MikeAnnable 😂😂 you're all bloody well in this together aren't you? 🏚

elis ‏@thefamilyjewls_

a sister has range 😩 pray 🙏🏻 dirty house 🏚 educated 📚 hoe 🚂 a job 💰…

Sei P. Baby ‏@seipbaby

I been trappin trynna stuff a 100 thousand in these diccies 🏚💰

Samuel R. ‏@Humble_ties

Brooklyn bound 🏚

Agents Property Auction ‏@agentsauction

🏠 Gone are the days of an estate agent placing a For Sale board at a property and waiting for the phone to ring 🏚…

Sue WASH YOUR HANDS + STAY AT HOME Baldaro ‏@sbaldaro

Take care Ben 🧀🍷🏚

TradeRichDinero ‏@dinerowave1

Too soon 🏚

NORTHEASTJANKY😈 ‏@northeastjanky

Real ppl like me do real shit 💯🏚

Eric Widi ‏@eric_widi

@TyreekJones13 🏚 When I sit around the house, I sit around the house.

8 ‏@8ootay

respect my mind or have them boys in ya house 🏚

Michael Brawn ‏@MichaelBrawn

@JeffKasanoff The grocery store is pretty much a haunted house now... 🏚

Charlie Hu$tle ‏@mfs2k10

Everything! 🏚📈

bitsied bot ‏@bitsybotsy

⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ ⬛🏚⬛🏚⬛⬛⬛🏚 ⬛🏚🏚🏚⬛⬛⬛🏚 ⬛🏚🏚🏚⬛⬛🏚⬛ ⬛🏚🏚🏚🏚🏚⬛⬛ ⬛⬛🏚🏚🏚🏚⬛⬛ ⬛⬛🏚⬛⬛🏚⬛⬛ howdy. i'm the default bitsy cat of derelict house

Ana Maria Paschoalini ‏@AnaMaria_pasch

@NajHussain3 Have a fantastic Tuesday! May God bless you 💫🏚💫🙏

Chris ‏@realchriss_

Put that old Gucci on 🏚 #THH

#LongLiveBoogieBlack 10:5🕊 ‏@Kro_Trilla

This quarantine shit aint shit to a Nigga that stay at the spot and trap all day anyway.💯🏚💰

CIZA. ‏@Cizamilli2

@___kweenin @she_speakslife The one besides your family house 🏚

Mar BEEN THAT 🗣💰 ‏@MarFunnyAsl

no deliveries after 8 .. shop will be closed , unless you coming for pick up 🏚

Ana Maria Paschoalini ‏@AnaMaria_pasch

💫🏚💫 Have a blessed Tuesday! 💫🏚💫

Trill ‏@MaxedOut90

@HotFreestyle @_iBreakAnkles_ Go fw my new ft chills by me Maxx ! 🔥💸🏚

Trill ‏@MaxedOut90

@Stephrachel_ @soulofkenya Go fw my new ft chills by me Maxx ! 🔥💸🏚

Trill ‏@MaxedOut90

@TheKweensKorner @TrueG_eenasia Go fw my new ft chills by me Maxx ! 🔥💸🏚

Trill ‏@MaxedOut90

@KammyTaughtYou Go fw my new ft chills by me Maxx ! 🔥💸🏚

Trill ‏@MaxedOut90

Go fw my new ft chills by me Maxx ! 🔥💸🏚

Year 6 Spire Junior School ‏@6Spire

@Janecook27 Well done Declan 👍🏻 I particularly like your haunted house 🏚 👻

t ‏@fuckshiemi

pray 🙏🏻 dirty house 🏚 educated 📚 hoe 🚂 a job 💰 gold digg…

Emma Leslie🍊 ‏@emma_97xx

My two favourite people to receive snapchats from : @delll_boy @craigregan17 Literally comedy gold. 😭 👽🏚

Olivia Balafika ‏@OliviaBalafika

pray 🙏🏻 dirty house 🏚 educated 📚 hoe 🚂 a job 💰 gold digger…

Ana Maria Paschoalini ‏@AnaMaria_pasch

Good morning you'll, #Namaste! #Kindness makes you the most beautiful person in the world no matter what you look l…

Coffee Banan ‏@Coffee_Banan

♻️ #repost of repost, but #metoo @Kharkamal 😔 #staysafe everyone ♥️ #washyourhands & #clapyourhands 🙏🏼 #stayhome &…

J.R. ‏@JR_3400

Yu ain’t serve pks wit me u ain’t my brudda 🏚, da choppa cut thru shit I call dat da cutta 🔥

404Jayyy👹 ‏@officialjayyy__

really come from dat place 🏚💯

Tony Hamilton at 🏚 💚🍀 ‏@polishturnstile

Some good advice here for everyone from Jack Nayler, while we're all stuck indoors 🏚💚🍀

❤cutiiey❤🕊 ‏@Margare31237231

Guys stay at home... Their homes :🏘🍟🍔🍎🍉🍊🍋🍌💻📺💰🎮 Our homes : 🏚🌽🕯🐀🐀

Baronpower ‏@Baronpower3

Life in the time of corona virus ... 😷 #quarantena #QuarantineLife #StreetArtPhotography #StazioneGaribaldiMilano…

Graeme West ‏@graemewest

😑 day 18 quarantine over here is Spain. No motivation 🏚

Lun〽️ ‏@LunItsLit

Another day at the 🏚

fortune ‏@bots_fortune

~ Daily Fortune ~ The spirits are very happy today! They will do their best to shower everyone with good fortune. F…

Cassie Booth ‏@booth_cass

@WCPSForest @just_gilly Grace has done a picture of your story cabin 🌳🏚@WCPSc2025

CEO of Fugionaramis 🍓🍊🐞🔫 ‏@HoshiHime_

pray 🙏🏻 dirty house 🏚 educated 📚 hoe 🚂 a job 💰 gold digger…

Didi👽💜космик мистери гяру ‏@didilovesidols

pray 🙏🏻 dirty house 🏚 educated 📚 hoe 🚂 a job 💰 gold digg…

Pinky.u ‏@chezeepotatoo

I lost my home⚡🏚

Sam “Reputable-Sources” Easterby-Smith ‏@samscam

@BrionyGunson @GabriellaSGG @AmeliaLeeCP @Fearless_Shultz @KittenFTW @JohnPeel 🎢 Theme park ride operator 🍻 Bar job…

Malila... ‏@Malila02565976

Stay home everyone's 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👧‍👧🏡🏚

Paris ‏@pareeedon

People think you supposed to be scared of them because they Dirty & Ghetto 🏚😂

AC Repair Tampa ‏@acrepairsinc

🏚 Do you know how can you renovate your house cheaply? 🤩 Do you know what to do first when renovating a house? 🔥…

Idan Hershkovich ‏@Idanovitz

Thinking about employees working from home 🏚? Your remote access strategy should address these 4 considerations.

reveluv ‏@softalejandro

i hope i did these problems right cause it was meaningless if i didnt 🏚🚶‍♂️

Lupe 💜 ‏@ClownJunki

pray 🙏🏻 dirty house 🏚 educated 📚 hoe 🚂 a job 💰 gold digg…

أودين 🖤💢 ‏@Himoun4

@wsaif21 By my camera 📱❤️ my town 🚗🏚

Saff Hitchman ‏@HitchmanSaff

@DerwendegSchool Lego challenge day 7, 8, 9 - rainbow, 100 piece shelter & whale 🌈🏚🐳

nicola rutt ‏@nickyrutt

Thank goodness for Lego right now 😊👦🏢🏚🏪🏭

🅃🄾🄼 ‏@stumpsrar

pray 🙏🏼 sinner 🤦‍♀️ clean house 🏠 ugly house 🏚 educated 📚…

Baby ‏@Baby34531866

@KgotatsoMatjuda Future 🏚

Tengku Adnin ‏@adnin63690080

@fmtoday Settle. Let move on & stay home 🤓😀🏚🏢

⁰² ALICA 🌙 ‏@briansdulcebebe

wait ima just leave this here: what if we 👉👈 camped in this abandoned house 🏚 until the next air raid 💥 ? haha jk!!…

simpszn.__ ‏@simpszn2

I will give ah mfka the world while mine is falling apart don’t ask me bout loyalty💯🏚

Rough Cuts ‏@roughcuts1

This couple were stopped under the #coronavirus #lockdown for travelling over 200 miles to get windows for £15, How…

223 ‏@223DONTTALK2ME

I’m sleep.🏚

Laurence Pritchard ‏@Laurence99

@razzbingo Yeah it was pretty good actually 🏚

Yodit wolde ‏@wolde_yodit

Whenever we are down we always come back stronger. This isn’t the time to give up. * * * እንታጠብ 💦 🧼 ማህበራዊ እርቀታችንን…

fan account ➐ ‏@STANBlTCH

pray 🙏🏻 dirty house 🏚 educated 📚 hoe 🚂 a job 💰 gold digger…

Zeke ‏@hedeedit

🏚 staying home with the crackheads

Jose 😛 ‏@JoseKingin_17

@typicalviri “I came a long way from trappin’ out the house” 🏚

the real Diane Johnson. ‏@jazminjanae

Apple added a bando emoji and I’m weak 🏚 hahahahahaah

3dlw74 ‏@3dlw74

🇺🇲deaths doubling every 3days. 😷😵🚷🏚🇺🇲🆘️ #Coronavirus #LwN

Dmellieon🌊✊🏾 ۞ 😇❤😈 ‏@dmellieon

Tagged by @merindab ❤ Lock Screen 🏚 Home Screen 🎶 Last Song you listened to 📸 15th Photo 📎 Tag 9 Mutuals - But I'm…

Debra Nash ‏@debbacat77

@GayRepublicSwag My sister's cat went missing recently. They offered a reward for her and received a call from som…

Jarvis H ‏@JDawgCorleone


b̼̼͖̩̺̪͓̓ͥͯͬ̓a̯̬̯̠̺̼̤̪̞̤̭̘̣͙̭ͤ͗ͪ̎ͧ̈́͐̈̚k̈́͋ͣ͌̈͐̎̎͌̚ ‏@bakker1337

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🤠   🏚🏚🏚 🏚 🏚 🏚 👇 🏚🏚 👇   🏚 🏚   🏚  🏚   👢 👢 howdy. i'm the sheriff of derelict house

Alexithymia ‏@inemophilixa

building a cabin beside the tree 🏚🌳

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