Digit Two Emoji

Digit Two was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 and added to Emoji 2.0 in 2015.

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2 U+32

️ U+FE0F


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💱The Avi Guy ‏@aWantedMan_

@Chevyxt Lakers fans will take 2 10-day contracts over KCP at this point

Tyler ‏@tymad7

Murray- 2/6 White- 2/7 Mills- 3/10 Belinelli- 1/5 😬😬😬😬😬

Larissa Waters ‏@larissawaters

The Greens absolutely do not support the statement made yesterday by Sherele Moody that firefighters are responsibl… https://t.co/0mDr79DMZP

brandon ‏@Meme94271479

This was the best idea for #Survivor in years and it gets fucked over by the cast (not the group of people like Jan… https://t.co/XlN277J5Kf

Nukez ‏@NukezFTW

2 Rec games before Patch 8: 7/9 FG 4/5 3pt 6/11 FG 3/3 3pt 2 Rec games after Patch 8: 2/9 FG 0/5 3pt 4/8 FG 0/4 3p… https://t.co/gI5kElkuiM

Alonzo Harris ‏@PaidbyAttention

@pimpinkicker Lmaooo I’m at Stick To The Models with 102. Never Stop is #2 at 80

Lanya Olmstead ‏@lanyaolmsted

@TPUldi @tirentu @TheQuartering Maybe like 2 a day? Sometimes more depending the day.

Stan Riko Sakurauchi ‏@PhotonicExplode

@L0STATTEA PSG have already gone in for 2 of my u21's that wont even start for me ffs 😭

Will Garofalo ‏@WGarofalo2

@Fantrax Part of the reason I took Frankie was bc at 2.13 1 of imo the top 4 SPs was still available, Mad Max. He'l… https://t.co/dn9VNezfFc

Justin thinks Bernie is cute ‏@Dweeb_Justin

@mimirune I hate ship names with 2 names combined I don't have the braincells to remember them

Vince Dumond ‏@DumondVince

Every time i hear Trump speak 1. My blood pressure rises 2. My stomach feels sick So I shut off the audio source of… https://t.co/4hs9t7aRut

Bryan Kehl ‏@thekehlzone

@BooksBrothers_2 @SharonMMiller @charliekirk11 @Jim_Jordan @realDonaldTrump This is a deep dive here...but it’s qui… https://t.co/oNU2udam0P

Melissa R Pellerin⭐️⭐️⭐️❌Q/KAG ‏@Melrpell

@Hiqutipie @SealeyGerald @AngelWarrior321 @Harleyluv @darylnelson01 @HiQTPiii @sandstock @DFBHarvard @BlueStateSOS… https://t.co/3l30EU3U3a

Mama Wally ‏@YoMamaWally

@wilbrad35 @Franklin_Graham Yes, as I must as a member of His body. 1 Cor. 6:2-3 Or do you not know that the Lord’s… https://t.co/JW8eBtMPxu

Health & Happiness ‏@MuscleFitTone

https://t.co/LeNzzx5juC - Mix THESE 2 ingredients to make the BEST FENUGREEK HAIRGROWTH MASK | Your hair will grow… https://t.co/cBydKnqmf4

🦃 Turkey Cass 🐾 ‏@WonderPetCass

Jk, I had 2 exams this week, a huge project, and tomorrow I'm headed to my dad's for early Thanksgiving. 🙃 https://t.co/CX3rtVIvdV

Las Vegas Sports Media ‏@LasVegasSports3

🤗 If You Like Winning Then Follow Us! NBA 📊75% winning percentage so far this week in the NBA! 📝WIN/LOSE (ATS) 6-2… https://t.co/s3I3ZvgsqX

D 🌺 ‏@NieceThe

@Tanism8 I absolutely love this!! 1. How it came out 2. How you guys have house projects 😍

Dylan Wu ‏@DylanWu79181303

Injustice 2 free download on ApkTovi. Link below: https://t.co/BsHT1ZmtHr No mod, no hack, original file apk, for t… https://t.co/0umORBHBqo

Pooh4m212 ‏@wshustla212

I earned 3-Stars in Lords League! Join me in Clash of Lords 2 and we'll smash some enemies together!https://t.co/X84lEHBOYl

Dota2NotBot ‏@Dota2Notbot

#Dota2 Elite Cup Season 2. Black Knight vs Fire phoenix. #BlackKnight won. Match duration 00:26:41s.

#1 KCP Hater ‏@_Lakers_4_Life

END OF 1 Lakers - 38 Warriors - 26 LEADERS: Points - (11) - Lebron James Rebounds - (2) - 4 tied Assists - (4) - L… https://t.co/H61sXufiry

Katie Troccoli ‏@katietroccoli

Brick 2 story country home with 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, full basement on 5 acres with 35' X 50' in... https://t.co/hVV42iyaxh

Sally ‏@SallySko

@JoAnnBurleson @lukecombs Does he have 2 songs on the radio?

Gary G ‏@Bobsreturn

@eucopresident Tell your boss he is an idiot. 1. Your speech shows that the EU is a USSR2 where Brussels tells the… https://t.co/kgfJyReK1P

WhaleTrades 🐳 ‏@WhaleTrades

BitMEX $BTC Whale: $2,090,222 worth of #Bitcoin bought at $8,759.35 03:47:04 2019/11/14 | 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰 Wait for the b… https://t.co/SG3SGnxJ6K

iPublishweb ‏@AZTechwriter

@realDonaldTrump brought this all on yourself. Say it isn't true, and it will be your number 2,501 lie this year. S… https://t.co/KCQX3fz2zM

THREE1DESIGN ‏@Three1Design

Our 2 new products Maco Power & Dock are now launched on Kickstarter! Find out more from https://t.co/OTJ0h1pgo1 https://t.co/Ay4WjEiwnd

Julie🇺🇸 ‏@JulE4422

@GavinNewsom Crime has risen 65% in CA in 2 years.

[email protected]幻龍鯖 | 猫ビルダー熱再発 ‏@miutoki

@Skylinetyper34 1. Tanku moves back to Van. 2. Tanku switches to IT. 3. Tanku makes tons of $$$. Problem solved OwO

Dr. Kathrine Shone ‏@2KatShoPUSD

@PomonaUnified #PBIS #Coaching Day for Cohort 2: @PomonaHighPUSD @arroyoPUSD @AlcottPUSD and @CortezPUSD! Thank you… https://t.co/W3YuWZJZ6b

Jimmy Guapollo ‏@IsaacSJ408

Yeah, this a setup. 2 hour deadline? For what? No details? Why not? https://t.co/FnmBnKYjK1

Rick Giriamax ‏@rickgiriamax

@disneyplus, do you have anybody working in customer service? I waited 2 hours before my call dropped, and almost 3… https://t.co/IXfXdW6QAD

Holger Mueller #KronosWorks ‏@holgermu

Tune in Friday! @DisrupTVShow guests: @tiffani, @robert_glazer & @lizkmiller! https://t.co/RtRDjqPpxy 11 AM PT/2 PM… https://t.co/Uwgxdaoeum

Aiga Conziilla ‏@Conziilla

@Derxzyy @ObeyAlliance I said this 2 days ago you dirny understand, 2 days later you tweet out something that is li… https://t.co/KzWmjm3QUI

Mars ‏@Mars10387340

@DangInvestor EDIT: No 2 is the greater truth (from a logical standpoint). Damn, where's that edit function!

Mari ‏@pinkdragonqueen

@Ghastly 1) me for sure 2) @jdancer088 3) @thatboydaunte 4) @VibesGinger

DarkHorse ‏@DarkHorse0607

@brat2381 Be right back in 2 and 2, huh Chuck? Yeah.... No!

BukaBonxai ‏@BBonxai

@Im_Prexx It's so bad. And I get them constantly at least once every 2-3 days

[ THE MANDALORIAN ] ‏@mandaloricn

[ Battlefront 2 be in big bombad doodoo if it doesn’t make The Mandalorian content. Mandalorian for the light side… https://t.co/sAPyumxeSi

TOM LY ‏@tomly

@JakeCap @WSJ Looks like they were ranked #2 for Midsized which makes sense. Tampa low key nice as well - great tra… https://t.co/0MDv0bD0wR

Dominic Bucchare ‏@DominicBucchare

Man... just finished playing through The Last of Us again since playing in 2014. What an emotional experience, thos… https://t.co/vfZ8lbRlqg

Faraz Alim فراز ‏@alim_faraz

There were two verdict 1. #Ayodhya 2. #Sabarimala You know what one was welcomed and expected that it shouldn’… https://t.co/HG8PeAXa1E

Sniperz215 ‏@Sniperz215__

Black Ops 2 is the best game i’ve ever played. Hearing the one sound when you’re in multiplayer, coming back from s… https://t.co/lnuQk4dDNA

Melissa Brewster ‏@MisMelissa

World Diabetes Day Dress In Blue. Love my 2 Littles living with Type 1. Bravest souls. The theme for… https://t.co/PhXaHKebLH

Michele ‏@MimiC1019

Spent the last 2 hours thinking my best friend was dead somewhere on the side of the road. He’s fine. If he was i… https://t.co/dWY5l6q8Kx

maddie ‏@fvturechemistry


Rin | 忘羡一曲远,曲终人不散 ‏@keysmashed

@heyletsdestiny People are summoning LWJ 2.0, so... 😂😂

Meech ‏@Meech2442

OH SHIT. Only 2 days after realizing you’re gonna get caught, you dont withhold aid and “everything ended up fine i… https://t.co/wXS8Qj1CbF

Pollie Waffle ‏@PollieWaffle

"Kirilly Dutton doesn't think her husband is a monster, she also owns/runs 2 childc..." https://t.co/wpreUqzROW

dustin, but with an e ‏@dorny_

@Trevor_Houser4 @Little_McGeorge if uk was in a different conference you’d be saying something different. come on p… https://t.co/AGn69cnW3V

Brooklyn 🕊 ‏@BrooklynDeal_

When it’s 10 1/2 and he HATES you 😍😍 https://t.co/AFmWnFbkxl

CeeJay ‏@Rip1191

Wow, first gambit prime match in, and I finally got my first hate message post-match. Nowhere to go but up from he… https://t.co/bwPOgOhKP4

Potiphar's Whipping Boy ‏@Mindkil66373369

@katehanson @MrGaribaldi1960 @Midgard8_3 @girlwriteswhat @BigDave360 @OwlFoxVT @tabularasaTonyB @Downeyangel… https://t.co/1tk8mrxcWB

MedalOfDutyBot ‏@MedalOfDutyBot

Name Trapshoot - Flavius Guardian 2

The Laker Files ‏@LakerFiles

At the end of the 1st Lakers lead the Warriors 38-26 @KingJames: 11 PTS/ 4 AST/ 2 REBS https://t.co/NQWaeEaQpZ

Boneydiego ‏@BoneyDiego

An amazing evening of music. Mattie and Debbie > Logan Ledger > Ida Mae > Billy Strings. 2 shows 4 bands. Almost feels like a NYC night.

MyDogCocoIsATurd ~ONLY DM/CHAT ME AT (look in BIO) ‏@Cola10Coco

@SZer02 2 bees +f ly ride sloth for king bee

Music Videos ‏@MusicVideos8

The Greatest Hits Collection - Brooks & Dunn https://t.co/KGdDQFF1kR

Tangna Chuanpu ‏@DonardTrumpCN

and also in case...... (2/2)

Smita ‏@Smitagopal

@Deepblooe @shashu_suvi Then we will have gangs of wasepur part 2 🤣🤣🤣🤣

No-xin ‏@kayen_2

@goodmiad Damn son the whole state just got outed like that?!

Allison Ravenhall ‏@RavenAlly

Takeaway #2: Just because your HTML is valid, doesn’t mean it’s accessible. @allthewayhyped #A11yCamp

sequoia ‏@RoseSequoia

Archie’s daddy issues with Hiram......2!!!!!

Bill Belichik ‏@bbelichik

@ESPNNBA @espn Kawhi has 2 rings with 2 different teams. Harden has 0 rings with 2 different teams.

Fanaticos De Los Lakers ‏@LakersFanaticos

Final del 1Q: #lakeShow 38 Warriors: 26 LeBron: 11 pts, 4 ast, 2 reb Dudley: 6 pts Caruso: 5 pts Kuzma: 4 pts

sisley 📌 arsd ‏@cuddlesjimin

plsth stop unfollowing me i’m trying 2 be active but i have skool n i’m busy 😷 https://t.co/jHxxLMoq1u

Tre ‏@OriTre_

too lazy to grind arsenal anymore. only about to miss 2 items

Jed Wilkinson ‏@PurdueWilkie

Marquette is currently on a 21-7 run since the 2 min mark of the first half...ouch

Taylor Harris-Butler ‏@Tay_HarBu

After 2 1/2 years, I’ve finally taken a photo worthy enough to be my new profile pic. https://t.co/CqERq8xN69

Blasted Buggery 🎯👈 ‏@BuggeryBlasted

.Just bring the man in for questioning. Call him, Eric Ciaramella and let the answers speak. 1)Name? 2) Job? 3)Per… https://t.co/TY5dIpOKjZ

Gameday ‏@gamedayclassics

@ThePoniExpress @gmfb He has 2 interceptions because he throws 5 yd passes.

Nigel Carter ‏@NigelCarterUKIP

Denmark approves Nord Stream 2. Germany & Russia control energy to EU. https://t.co/p6xEx5JgOh via @YouTube

♡ ‏@ssagalina

@speakyourself if u microwave orange juice for 1 minute and put in 2 tablespoons of honey, it boosts your immune sy… https://t.co/Wp9UkWvbnu

Weva Blanket ‏@WevaBlanket

My neurologist really stressed to me that I may not see any results for 6 months and that this is a long process. B… https://t.co/24a8eNO2kA


@MississaugaSS 15 @marcyathletics 12. @MississaugaSS takes it 3-2. Congratulations to both teams and good luck… https://t.co/TyceHUQDiQ

Jack ‏@ManOfJackistan

In 5hrs of #TrumpImpeachment #ImpeachmentHearings,NOTHING in #RepublicanLogic made any1 w/1/2 a brain believe… https://t.co/wlhWDWDxUB

Paul King ‏@NashvilleHype

@Farcethemusic He just booked back home ... 9k seats .... 2.20.2020 don't know how he is going to do it ... Will b… https://t.co/eqNTQ8JrN4

Steve Shelley ‏@hoosier820

@espn Next Week’s Top Ten Ranking - 🏀 1. Evansville 2. Duke 3. Kentucky 4. Michigan State 5. Louisville… https://t.co/PnQyaBUFW3

merry spice ‏@MercedesKills

The biggest thing I was worried about after one direction disbanded was having to pay to see them all separately, l… https://t.co/tuJ4iqiuh1

Caddy Cad ‏@caddycad

3 out of 5 ain't too bad, now to set plans to work on the other 2 https://t.co/TkyZyuRmM7

B. ‏@briaslnterIude

chixtape 5 gonna make me so happy I’m about to cry 2 days early


Show your support to Team Phoenix and their Kids 2 Kids Toy Drive by donating a new toy. Please add this worthy ca… https://t.co/gUrbCdqmXx

TRIGGA MIKE 😈 ‏@_javanhoe

@almighty__bo I see that but morally comparing the 2 is stupid We cant do shit about the laws regarding both situat… https://t.co/2b5TTewr9g

VMARS Career IELTS & PTE (Study Abroad) ‏@CareerVmars

VMARS IELTS, PTE & Study Abroad Career Consultants IELTS Training Institute in Noida Sector 18 Address: UGF 12, Ch… https://t.co/X4ARz8GZqX

Adidas Tracksuit 🐦 ‏@tristripetrack

Creating a topic of conversation so he has content to write about this season. Sloane campaign 2.0. Might keep him… https://t.co/vz2nv3es02

J.R. ‏@NrmlOne

@DisneyPlusHelp Signed up for the annual plan. Logged in and said to contact customer service. On hold for 2 hours,… https://t.co/Dm2Wu6qQFL

Mike Mike ‏@1HANT_

I aint gone say i cant cook imma just ssy i kno how 2 survive

paola ‏@sailawaysweaty

@GEAR4ZACHMAN 😔mayne you truly hate 2 c it

ly💜 ‏@kelchubsss

Students of Chinese University Hong Kong have suffered from Police Brutality for nearly 2 days long. We can’t see a… https://t.co/94NE8Xxjpj

YOSH ‏@yoshforyouth

Tech Specs: Display: 3072x1920 resolution at 226 pixels per inch Refresh rates: 47.95Hz to 60Hz Processor: 2.6GHz i… https://t.co/iQrdt99x4x

Jos 💝💕 ‏@jlwhited2018

2 more days until we move https://t.co/TH6Mu0jnDi

Sid Som ‏@SidSom1

How Case Shiller Indices Have Taken Over Housing Data Analytics (And How You can Benefit from them) https://t.co/wkPLwZeiYp

Nancy McCrea Iannone ‏@AMNMcI

@Dysautonomia 2 kids with POTS - would love to get in on the genetic research.

Digital Warrior #JesusIsAlive #MAGA #Qanon - IFBAP ‏@rovflyer

@Brandon15733284 @Princes63172879 @lastoutpost2 @Jaelyn_Hope @CylonGalactica @AtF_GoGo81olds @wareagle1028… https://t.co/ZVpelglTX7

Yasmin Doran ‏@yasmindorann

I worked in McDonald’s for 2 years and will always say it’s the best experience I’ve had! Interacting with so many… https://t.co/9ziOqOHmp5

Ravi Godara ‏@ravigodara88

#BHARTIARTL 2.9 % Gap Down ⬇️ Previous Close 368.6 Todays Open Price 357.9 #NIFTY #RGtweets

Tyler Crook ‏@TylerC_2

@jonmorosi @MLB Bring me Nicholas or bring me death

Paul Barasi ‏@PaulBarasi

Away with your fake-christian twaddle. God's word doesn't say abortion is murder. Claiming it does breaks 2 of the… https://t.co/M6HxWAO4IR

Rebirth Esports ‏@RebirthHQ

We take our map pick of Nuke with an absolutely stellar performance from @batterycs. Quick break and the match will be back with map 2.

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