Direct Hit Emoji

A dart board with dart hitting the center / bullseye region.

Direct Hit was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🎯 Archery

🎯 Bullseye

🎯 Darts


🎯 U+1F3AF




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ɴᴇɪɢʜʙᴏᴿʜᴏᴏᴅ ʜᴇᴿᴏ ‏@BessemerGirl

its always been me vs me. i aint never been in competition w nb else. fuck a nigga & a bitch igot issues w myself. 🎯🎯

Kamong Official ‏@OfficialKamong

[INA GO] ATTACK MY HEART🎯 cheering kit by @LOCOMOTION_ 💰250.000 (Min. DP 200.000) ❌EMS ❌ 📆Deadline : 3 Februari 2…

#ClinicalTrialPatient🙂💉💪#Nickname #Stemmy🙏✌️❤️ ‏@UFStemCell

@angela_rye @angela_rye You’re trying to divide not unify😔Also with your statements you’re trying to put a target o…

#ClinicalTrialPatient🙂💉💪#Nickname #Stemmy🙏✌️❤️ ‏@UFStemCell

@angela_rye @angela_rye You’re trying to divide not unify. 🤷🏻‍♂️Also with your statements you’re trying to put a ta…

Avery George⚾️ ‏@AveryG_3

Positivity all 2019🎯

T.H.DaMfKnGreat🐗😈♿️ ‏@TheFlavvyNigga

I was dead broke on my dicc when da hooker left me 💯yu ain’t have ta struggle yo hustle do not impress me 🎯🤷🏽‍♂️

#ClinicalTrialPatient🙂💉💪#Nickname #Stemmy🙏✌️❤️ ‏@UFStemCell

@angela_rye @angela_rye You’re trying to divide not unify... Also with your statements you’re trying to put a targe…

Stéphane Barras ‏@StephaneBarras

Lets go! @OMEGAGolfDubai @OmegaDDC ⛳🎯 @puttzones @caddieplayer

Sean Thomas ‏@ThomasYunvme67

💯👉🏽🎯🎯👈🏽💯🗣🗣Real Talk🗣🗣


⚔️#YouTubeArmy⚔️🧠#MentalHealthArmy🧠working on #Intro, for GinasJourney89, check out some vids ➡️:…

Sheila P⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@SheilaPicciocca

@realDonaldTrump @NancyPelosi is Showing her true colors! What A Disgrace she is For Our Country ! 💥This Shows Reas…

Vic ‏@vickatsuru

🧣🎩(*ё)👓🎯🧰 I played “Where’s Waldo” after a long time in “Hakone Honbako”, a wonderful hotel in Hakone, Kanagawa📚 🐥…

662Quavo🤴🏾 ‏@662Quavo

I want you to trust me, but I got trust issues🎯

OutdoorSportChannel® ‏@OutdoorSportCha

🎯 #GerwynPrice has been punished with a £21,500 fine and a suspended three-month ban for his behaviour at the…

👸🏽❤️ ‏@LeahCruz_xo

U can fuck your whole life up jus by hanging around mfs with no goals or ambition🎯

E.L.G ‏@ELG_____

I put my Feelings down aint No feelings ina Bank🎯🤑

CaddiePlayer ‏@caddieplayer

Day1 @OmegaDDC early start @Raphjacquelin @SrixonEurope @mla_golf #MadeForGreatness @puttzones #oneputt ⛳🎯

JOC YOUNGIN™️🐐🤧 ‏@youngintm


ROYL™ ‏@stayaboveroyal

nailed the nastiest chip shot goal playing soccer haha. hadn't scored like that in a while, disrespectful af 😂🎯🔥

Steven Lumban Tobing ‏@chokysteven

Welcome back @basuki_btp 🎯 #WelcomeBackBTP

Deb Rock ‏@sonomahot

We're having a 2 TON pound baby on February 8! Just in time for Valentine's Day LOVE 👄 distribution! Pre- Order 201…

Denzin ‏@Denzinoh

I thank God for everything, I don’t feel basic🎯

lil jas swerve ♡ ‏@d0pesupreme_

love dat boy to the death of me 🎯

#ClinicalTrialPatient🙂💉💪#Nickname #Stemmy🙏✌️❤️ ‏@UFStemCell

@RealSaavedra @angela_rye You’re trying to divide not unify... Also with your statements you’re trying to put a tar…

🌸 ‏@KrysVibes

Don’t let him treat you like a orange Starburst. 🎯

#ClinicalTrialPatient🙂💉💪#Nickname #Stemmy🙏✌️❤️ ‏@UFStemCell

@dbongino @angela_rye You’re trying to divide not unify... Also with your statements you’re trying to put a target…

Misskoko the Librarian ‏@misskokolib

If #video seems overwhelming, tackle ONE thing at a time. Focus and spend 30 days learning ONE thing. Then move to…

jan 31 🖤 ‏@900dee1

Valuable pain 🎯

Groovy Hooman Tokens/ ‏@groovyhooman

Buy GHT token here: $GHT Crypto news: 🤩🎯 T…

Offshore A-Z ‏@OffshoreAZ


dead ‏@_aohee

@pamaigranate Omg who dis cutie 🎯

#ClinicalTrialPatient🙂💉💪#Nickname #Stemmy🙏✌️❤️ ‏@UFStemCell

@angela_rye @angela_rye You’re trying to divide not unify... Also with your statements you’re trying to put a targe…

Plucky Davis ‏@PrettyBrown110

Fuck Been On The Scene Lets Make This Moneyyyyy 💰🎯

Ernestas Nemanis #FX ‏@ernestasnemanis

I woke up one hour earlier, so I’m using it productively!😅🏃‍♂️ Have a good day, Traders !🎯

J.M👸🏽 ‏@__K1ngJ

@Nyijatoobadd I’m focused 🎯

Jamie Otis ‏@jamienotis

Ever wonder what to say to someone who had a #miscarriage?💔 It’s awkward, right? That’s bc no one talks about it.…

NicheMims❤️ ‏@_Houn

when you a threat, you’re always the target 🎯

Kiara💜 ‏@WhoTf_IsKee

I Leave A Mark On Everything I Touch 🎯

Shalyn 💤 ‏@ICall_KobeDad

this the one 🎯

(i🚫-m) 🌵= 0 ‏@FantaGamePlaza

Vanilla or Chocolate Pudding? 😏🤤 Rate this Chocolate Cake 1-10! 😍🍫🍰🍰 Tag your friends!👇🎯 🎥 ➖ #creative #food #cake…

Pretty Tye♐️ ‏@QueenTye__

Niggas kill me when they want u to be all over they dick but dnt show u no love Nd affection....the fuck! That shit dead 🎯 be all over me!!!

Manny DaMoney Pusher ‏@MrMoneyPusher

Topanga man I use to have a bunch of wet dreams of her. You never going to find a better looking woman than her. Ha…

Greg Ackerman ‏@g_ack

NEW - @Built_2_Spill live at @AntonesNightclb WATCH: 🧔🎸🎶🎯 #BuiltToSpill #DougMartsch…

Turismo Sirolo🇮🇹 ‏@TurismoSirolo

A picco sul mare .... PHOTO OF THE DAY:scorcimarchigiani. 📷 Photo selected:@turismosirolo🎯 <~~~~~~~~~~~<<~~~~~~~~~~…

PaperRouteEmpire ❄️💫 ‏@Kwooh55

Facts 🎯

#️⃣ELVN9 🐍 ‏@Almighty9Boy

It’s a must I get back on my shit 💯🎯⏰💰 By any means Necessary😈

YKWIHF ‏@Shinell__Blake

Mane 🎯

Ryan Rockwell ‏@rixh3

“You’re just here”🎯🎯🎯

Tosin Emmanuel ‏@tosemmy5

Usain Bolt has retired from football 🇯🇲 🏟 Games: 2 ✅ Wins: 2 ⚽️ Goals: 2 🏆 Won the same amount of trophies as Har…

T.C. ‏@sippintc

i swear mfs be wanting you to show them the type of love , they don’t show you. 🎯

SBaby 💜 ‏@_sssbabyyy

Her verse 🎯

Kev #Dare ‏@KevvFN

@DuoWipes I hit those💪🏼🎯 #DareKev #HypeLou

D.Unique ‏@Unique__Vibez

"They'll help count you out but won't help you win" 🎶🎯 - Chad B

👑 ‏@JermieshaNicole

This 🎯🎯🎯

crypt0Wizard “m.T” ‏@a1MTarabichi

I just bought more $trxbtc @ 745 Sats $bnbusd entry $6.43 a hundred or so into that then an topped an entry on…

Rebecca Kihlman ‏@JustKihl

@Sali1368 @EdKrassen Yes, your daughter has given it the perfect name. 🎯I know the feeling, when you’re into it eno…

LiLGoCrazy52 ‏@MoneeWorld_TB3

LongLiveMonee$🎯[email protected]💔🕊 we miss down here kiddoe 🤟🏾💯

✨Becky Shay Hefner ‏@shay_hefner

The quicker you realize it wasnt your fault the quicker you'll heal 🎯

🐔 🍷 ‏@VanStreetDog

@heisenberg_we Does look like it. 🎯

🧀🧀 ‏@AaronGawdgers

@FromTheLogoNBA @LZyl23 Exactly 🎯

KellzBeats ‏@KellzBeats

You gon lose friends when you do shit that's best for your family. 🎯🎯

Esquire 𓂀 ‏@_TheGentleman

A L L 2019. Anything less is disrespectful to my time and intelligence. Period. 🎯

Meechie guapoo 🔞 ‏@Meechie6guapoo

Real niggas eat pussy anytime 🎯

Meezy Osama👳🏾‍♂️ ‏@meezy_osama

@spotemgottem x “Thug Harmony” 🎼 Artwork #babyosama🎯 #singlecover

DRÈ DÀY ⚡️😈👌🏿 ‏@DriziDre

Never 🎯🎯🎯 #HITMAKER @GoofGoCrazy #GoonEz

C.R.E.A.♏️ ‏@CrispyCreamCris

In my bag all 2019 🎯

Rodale🎯 ‏@King_Diesel21

Just because she reply.. doesn't mean you made the shot.. You still got a whole game to finish my nigga 🎯 lmao

Boy Chocolate ‏@BoyChocolateTV

Headhunter.. 🤠🎯🤯🧯 Make sure to share 📲,follow👥, like💕 or leave a comment📝. Also don’t forget to hit that link in th…


⚔️#YouTubeArmy⚔️🧠#MentalHealthArmy🧠, working on #Introduction, for GinasJourney89, coming soon, here➡️.…

BlvdBagz ‏@JBadazz18

Who you telln 🎯


Middle child 🎯

facecrime ‏@Esprit_de_bayle

@rtwingl @KurmudgeonTMART Yes😂!! 👉🏻🎯🎯🎯 4 is a 10👌🏻 ( & I cant stand 👩🏻‍🦰 red hair)

Tae Bradford 😈😈 ‏@DropKickinThots

I’m stuck in between 2 generations playing big brother & lil brother at the same time 🎯

Coins Deal ‏@coinsdeal2018

🇮🇳📢📢📢📢📢📢📢📢📢🇮🇳 Free 500 INR multi recharge wallet after registration, BTC Buy and sell with INR Peer to PeerExchange…

Ray.👑 ‏@IamDesirea_

me every night. 😹🎯

Nay🎯 ‏@ayyenaay

Yo this is true .. 🎯🎯

Lyric ‏@Lyriclove2124

@YunggTez @Markeacetho All he is trying to say is, if she would have carried herself better she wouldnt have made herself a target 🎯

OTFALEX_3HUNNA ‏@alexdickason

@GPhilZo Drip🎯

Mike Cap Lowrey 🧕🏽 ‏@_BankrollAp

Happiness over history 🎯

0⃣1⃣:1⃣1⃣♑️ ‏@x_DanishaSasha

@dominiquekalyn God will prepare you, he always on time 🎯

Laux ‏@Ryan__Laux

This thread from the great @BarryJenkins on the brilliance of @JosephineJambox ‘s film Madeline’s Madeline is 🎯🎯🎯

Poppy's Palace ‏@poppy_palace

@DavidBrodyCBN @SpeakerPelosi @realDonaldTrump TRump must be tired of all the winning going on in his head..cuz...i…

The Fuzzy Lobster ‏@TheFuzzyLobster

🎯 all 3 comments are spot on!

B PÀRK ‏@BigParkaveli

Go Get Datt🎯

MICHECKMAG ‏@micheckmag

#NowWatching 🔥🎯👁 Covington Controversy Black Hebrew Israelites VS Catholic Students #dontfallforit #fakenews…

🇺🇸 ❌L.A. 228 ❌🇺🇸 ‏@InTheRed2020

Nailed It 🎯🏆

alexandro ‏@souperalx

@esedawg23 target 🎯

Regina George✨ ‏@kisssmymelanin

My intuition never fails me. 🎯


If I can’t build with YOU I can’t deal with YOU 🎯

Sean Thomas ‏@ThomasYunvme67

💯👉🏽🎯🎯👈🏽💯🗣🗣Major Facts🗣🗣

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