Direct Hit Emoji

A dart board with dart hitting the center / bullseye region.

Direct Hit was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🎯 Archery

🎯 Bullseye

🎯 Darts


🎯 U+1F3AF




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Boots2Africa ‏@Boots2Africa

Great to catch up with @Sambridge29 at @CoggeshallTown HQ earlier this week: Boots kits and gloves donated taking u…

Active Luton ‏@ActiveLuton

On Saturday 6th April Hart Hill Adventure Playground will be hosting Community Day! A day full of fantastic free a…

RealDaygo ‏@BirdyBiiiiiRd

🗣🗣 I’m Moving Different Because I Want Different.. Old ways ain’t gone open new doors 🎯

My Racing Tips ‏@myracingtips

🎯 TODAY'S FREE NAP! 🎯 🗣️🗣️ - "Improved significantly when 3rd at Kempton last time; now makes handicap debut off a…

Katie ‏@Whatiskatieupto

Do you have what it takes to start a Biz online? 💰 What Type of Pinterest Marketer are you? 🎯 What's Your Instagr…

Elveden Cricket Club ‏@ElvedenCC

Darts 🎯 Tournament at the Club house this evening. Also sign on night. See you there

Gamsat Review ‏@GamsatReview

🎯Best of luck for tomorrow everyone!!! 💡 #gamsat

marius sheya ‏@MariusSheya

I take a moment to reflect and appreciate our brave warriors and how they need us all to reach the peak of their ca…

Lysa Jones Golf Pro ‏@Lysajpgapro

@HPClyburn @ljdulman Holly , bruising the turf 👌🎯💰

Ric Eff ‏@RicFac

Starting the session at @flightclubdarts today. At 6ft 7...I should move the ockey back in all honesty 🙄🍺🍺🎯

Kayyglock🖤 ‏@issakayyy

I hope that lil shit you crossed me for was worth it 🎯🤣

Solar Hozix 📌 ‏@Hozix_

Did You Miss My Upload?! 🎯

Kayyglock🖤 ‏@issakayyy

I got a mind full of unsaid things 🎯

♈️👑Toochie Hoe🕊🆓 ‏@_riclansky


❤️صاحبزادہ سلیل جاوید ❤️ ‏@ssaliljaved

How many followers do you want?🎀 5000 followers 6000 followers 7000 followers 8000 followers 9000 followers Reply…

Ms. M! #fulldisclosure 〽️💎⚡️✨💛 ‏@sheshifts001

@CoralineElise When I tried to post additional screenshots from the rest of the commented I posted to Kelly’s IG my…

🔥 Viral Crowd Fund 🔥 ‏@Viral__Booster

🎯 Empower the underprivileged of Africa Empowerment Education Food Inform Women & Children Health @feedafrica1…

Kenyon Nelson ‏@iam_kenyon5

Follow through 🎯 #wideoutcity

The Fiend ‏@ThatsLudaChriss

Niggas was mad at the change but that’s part of the game but you ain’t shit when you broke so fuck what niggas was sayin 🎯

_4teen💯 ‏@BigOgKobe

Toating and shooting like its the rang 🎯

Cooks ‏@cookieonscreen

#FlingBackFriday Facebook wanted to remind me 2 years ago #MarchMadness ... that 1st career hat trick and that goal…

Giovanni Adriaan ‏@Lifebalanz

Good Morning 🙋🏾‍♂️ BE THE YESSS THAT YOU SAY TODAY & JUST DO IT 🎯 — feeling positive

Every Word Comes To Pass~The Bible ‏@ZERUBBABEL2

And South Carolina voted "No" to Abortions at Any Time ~ 🎯🎯🎯

Cycle Specific ‏@Cycle_Specific

@FISHBITE1234 Very impressed with his progress & attitude togywith his natural strength at a young age @JohnHolt21…

Ringinglow Archery ‏@RinginglowArrow

Log rounds for axe and knife throwing targets. Not looking forward to stacking them but definitely looking forward…

Me ‏@AvaMGoodman

@RealSir_Citizen @ElBaradei @realDonaldTrump Exactly! 🎯

HPM India ‏@HPM_India

Morning is "More + inning" means one more inning given by God to play & win !! 🎯🏹 ✌🏆

John Wild ‏@JohnWil08668348

@benkrahe 🎯🎯🎯 GREAT 💵💵💵

PrincessOfSuburbia® ‏@1PrincessofSub

🎯🔥#officially #launching our #1 #Hot #NewReleases & #Bestselling Books 1 & 2: #TeartheVeil-"The Loving Arms of Abus…

$irenia ‏@seeedollaz

@Bridgeisasavage It took 2+ years but im here now and she’s ready 🥵👑💕✨🎯

Fearless Visionaries™ ‏@FearlessVisions

🎯🔥#officially #launching our #1 #Hot #NewReleases & #Bestselling Books 1 & 2: #TeartheVeil-"The Loving Arms of Abus…

Offshore A-Z ‏@OffshoreAZ


Khayri Coe ‏@CoeKhayri

Be up thinking why Mfs only put half effort into EVERYTHING 🏌️‍♂️🎯🗑️.

Simplyyalina♡ ‏@alinarubalcava

Actions tell me everything I need to know..🎯

3/22 🐍 Sorry 4 The Hold Up ‏@PontiacMadeDDG

Big trending 🎯🔥 #Sorry4TheHoldUp #DDG

OHENE 💯Trance 6/04/19 ‏@onlypartyalhaji

Catch us back to back 💯On the 30th for your regular hangout 🎈with The mashting Crew; talks, games🎳🎯, music🎵food🌭🍔 a…

Goldchip ‏@GoldchipUK

🎯 @Superchin180 was the star of the #PremierLeagueDarts on Thursday as he defeated Michael van Gerwen 7-5.…

Kathryn Edwards ‏@Keds1250878727

@conradgoehausen @ericgarland @waltshaub 🎯🎯🎯Just like his father-in-law.

Rip Dee and woe 😇 ‏@finesst_gang100

I like being low key under the radar 🎯

Heidi Noddin ‏@heidi_noddin

Where is your decency when you call for violence to attack your own American Citizens because they choose their own…

Jesus Renteria ‏@Jesusss_3

@J0NNmijares deadass 🎯 lol

Aiden Holley ‏@AidenHolley1

@bubbIxs Whhhooooooo good one!🎯

Lando🎒 ‏@MartinezLandon

Happy birthday fammo @R_Cain02 all love my G🥶🎯

sethmidds ‏@seth_middaugh

He saw it all. 🌎🔬You can tell by looking closely at how the picture is glared ✝️🚫🧢🔎📖🧩♻️👣🎯

The Fiend ‏@ThatsLudaChriss

Hit the dice game on Windcrest I’m crackin 🎯

Martina Bachmann ‏@martiba_munich

INVITATION🎯 #sustainableliving #healthylifestyle #selfness #lifestyle Meet us in #dublin on March 23rd 💚 10 am…

IG: @octanebeats ‏@OCTANEBEATZ

If you have to change in order to be liked then you were never liked from the start now let that sink in 🎯

EddieDeeez ‏@_EddieD

This may be the most on point tweet I’ve ever seen. 🎯🎯🎯

Viral FundRaising 📢 ‏@EzViralExposur

🎯 Unforeseen dealings in Life 🎯 Search, design, present, discuss, sale @Juliebergen3 #FundMyInvention…

Kenneth Sebasta ‏@KennethSebasta

The emotional complications surrounding this subject are obvious, yet the truth Must be told. The truth is seldom s…

Kristen Devally ‏@KDevally

@jamyejo0721 @GlamandGore My murderer is @StephenAmell. Apparently I failed someone's city... 🎯

NG504 ‏@NiceGuy504


🌵Jenny Zamora🌛 ‏@JennyZamora21

When I beat my babe in dart 🎯 💁🏻‍♀️😏

CtrlSec ‏@CtrlSec

#ISIS high priority target. Please report👇 🎯 🆔 [melvin pascual ce…

EquityJackpot ‏@EquityJackpot

#BANKNIFTY intra sup. At 29650 if not sustain below Again Up possible tgt 29880🎯-29990-30070 Till #banknifty 29887 #NiftyBank #NIFTY

atlanis. ‏@WARwMYSELF_

Bitches be wanting me to react to lame ass shit but that ain’t even me nomore 🤷🏽‍♀️🎯

Carol Connelly ‏@carol_maple34

@TeamJackpot_ @jackpot180 @TargetDarts @rabRBSltd Love it @TeamJackpot_ 💙🎯💙🎯💙 Xxx

Stephenpaulmcgurk ‏@stephenmcgurk

@bbcquestiontime Nailed it 🎯

Solar Hozix 📌 ‏@Hozix_

@InTheSolarHQ Tag Me You're Fortnite Responses! #SolarUp 🎯

SINGAM ‏@amhamdanGH

U nice 🎯


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Yogesh Sagotra ✈ ‏@JournalistJmu

#JustSaying @GautamGambhir just got 15 lakh cheque from none other than @FinMinIndia @arunjaitley. 😎😎😎😆😆😆🎯

Tanita Blair ‏@sterling0814

@Raybar180 @maximiser180 Well done. What a smiling 170 finish that was! Looked almost like you knew before you thro…

Lucia Gomez ‏@83Marks83

@JuddHair @BBCSnooker Yes, a crazy match.🎯 And just one mistake on the yellow, offensive 🥵

REL NARA 🍃 ‏@jarelmiller9

This the one 🎯 it need to slow down


@okelmann 🌅🐦💌 ✨🦉 🎧Always look on the bright side of LIFE 📍 🌊🇨🇦🇨🇭🇩🇪󾓪_🇺🇸🇧🇷🇦🇺🇳🇿⚓ Obstinacy in a bad cause is but cons…

🌼🌹🌿🍒 🍓🦋🐞🌼 ‏@Shh7777777777

@schlichting1103 I have a bottle of George Wyndam Cab Sav and 300mls of spring water.. I'll try to take it slow bu…

The Golf Barn ‏@thegolfbarn

The @honmagolf wedge game is 💪 Visit to add the TW-W to your bag 🏌️‍♂️🎯 . #honma #honmagolf…

Why_Not_Q ‏@q_deserve_it

@DrKWiltz Wow lol 😂😂😂🎯

MOMMYOF2️⃣👩‍👦‍👦🏆 ‏@ExtraDOPE_

Claiming it 🎯

Madars Razma ‏@MadarsRazma

Good morning Leverkusen 🇩🇪Happy to be back in the PDC European Tour 🎯I will play my 1st round game today against Ma…

Events masters ‏@eventsmasters11

Watch how Dec became a human dartboard in Andrew Lee's intense audition 🙈🎯 We still have no idea how he did this!😱🤯…

♈️👑Toochie Hoe🕊🆓 ‏@_riclansky

Believe dat🎯


Death before dishonor 🎯

Sister DEB Tarot ‏@Deborah623422

Libra, March 22- 31 Your love affair is flowing with milk and honey🎯 via @YouTube

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