Sad but Relieved Face Emoji

This face has sweat dripping from its brow, due to a stressful situation.

Not to be confused with the Crying Face emoji, which has a tear on the cheek, instead of a bead of sweat. At small sizes the difference can be difficult to discern.

Grammatically, this may have been better named Disappointed Yet Relieved Face.

Sad but Relieved Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Disappointed but Relieved Face” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😥 Eyebrow Sweat

Unicode Name

😥 Disappointed but Relieved Face


😥 U+1F625




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Yangee💖 ‏@alliah_saring


dariannn 🌻 ‏@darianreynaaa

@jakeshark_ i miss u more 😥

Panda Penguin💕💕 ‏@riyaminforever

@justjimini Same girl this is too much. Matlab unko talents dekhna hi nai hai and they are racist really i hate tha…

nick ‏@nick59895636

@SnoopyFNYT You’ve been on 2k subs for like 3 years now. I think it’s not going to happen 😥😥 but you never know I guess

kgotsoBee🐝 ‏@tjitjino1

Toastmasters is nerve wrecking😥🐵😅

ebenope ‏@ebenope_

I sent her 10,500 naira for transport to visit me, now she texted me saying they got an accident and nobody survived 😥😥😥

Shane ‏@SilverShane1006

@vicenews It saddens me to hear this, yet I'm not surprised!!! 😥❤

Gabriel ‏@UnrealAngelDust

Everybody tryna have a good time especially the heat 😳😥👺😈

thismustbeuncle😎 ‏@thismustbeuncle

@nikokezanate I can imagine hw amusing it buh it’s jus online jazz...I wish😥🤦🏻‍♂️

MinetteLewis ‏@minette_lewis

@johnhmillman It did 😥

Yangee💖 ‏@alliah_saring

party2 please 😥 laays

Andy🇰🇪 Oboskyz✳️ ‏@AndyOboskyz

My 2k followers 😥kila msee akitoa ten Bob tuko na 20k already 😨maze an eye for an eye.. she's someone's daughter...…

Brianne ‏@potatofarmgirl

@ilanartist @amandawtwong There is a sketch sitting in a storyboard file that I want to ink, but it has too wait. 😥

gabi ‏@gabbiexoxo

32 with a 17 & 14 year old 😥

Mohammad Arman Hossain ‏@Mohamma81027469

@realshoaibmalik Sorry boss we couldn’t win😥

Christopher Nelson II ‏@ThaSecondGamer

@KevinGohD Bro I still cant get passed the final moment in caution where u have to do the 10 run comeback 😥

anna con jae con daysik ‏@anrigabshin

@CaptainJoongie I don't want to fight the twitter society by challenging Twitter King Jae tho 😥

ẸṘI̷N¹²⁽⁷⁾ : ᴜʀ ʟᴏᴄᴀʟ ɴᴏᴏɴᴀ ‏@ricefriskes

omg marry me momo 😥

(`◕‿◕´) 🅢🅗🅡🅤🅣🅘 (`◕‿◕´) ‏@proud_2beIndian

After Kushal it's #SejalSharma Why do ppl commit suicide yaar😥😢

𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐧𝐢 𝐢𝐬 𝐒𝐓𝐈𝐋𝐋 𝐦𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 ‏@suck_my_peapea

@_gaybyers_ i just i just rubbed my sweaty hands ALL over ur ukelele😈😈🥵🤡🤡🤯🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😋😥🤣🙁😩🙉😩🙉🤯😳😦🙀🤯🙀🤣🤣😈❤🤬❤😥🤢❤❤❤❤❤🙀🤯😈🤯🤪🤯🤯😴…

aa ‏@OfficialMaeG

OMG OUR LOML 😭😭😭😥💚💚💚😭😭💚😥😥😭💚💚😭😭😭😭💚💚💚💚💚😥😭

yellow. ‏@teslimat__

My phone screen cracked and something in me started cracking too 😥

Felii. always with chen ‏@imahardexol

Sorry for talking about that vernon guy nonstop but---when i look at him he gives me that puzzle vibes??! ((Do you…

TrumpSandbox ‏@Roes1982

😥😥😥 this is very sad...unfortunately the rest of the world cannot help the whole will be affected so enou…

Satan’s Advocate ‏@satansadvocate1

But they’re all so woke 😥

Jo ‏@Glizta67

@Nina201710 And that he asked that every Christmas certain people still receive a 🎁. His well ran very deep. 😥

nurkhairina ‏@nurkhairina__

@yxmnhxn @nabilakhrddn Thanks yasmin 😥

lillian wangare ‏@lillykhare

@marcusolang @iddriss__ The world will always judge the woman harshly😥 Inequality


@gsqv @JRubinBlogger @RepAdamSchiff @GOP You have no idea how personal this issue is for me. I was raised with a ba…

honey brown ✨ ‏@Adoredaja

I keep trying to press my home button & it’s not here anymore 😥

Muskan Khan ‏@MuskanK38208537

@BiggBoss @justvoot @Vivo_India @BeingSalmanKhan #Shanaaz multi talented actor hai😊😊😊funny. 😂Romentic.😍 Emotional 😥…

chowkidar muralidhar ammati (9449675578) ‏@murali21272

8 year old kid was brutally raped and murdered by a muslim Bangladeshi illegal immigrant who came to India via Assa…

sha ‏@rand0mbb

@cooheartt babyyyy😥😥😥😥

Alyssa Beckwith ‏@Soy_Alyssa

@matty_rayy What that’s so sad 😥

Starcat Keltara 🐱 @ Preparing for shop opening!! ‏@KeltaraCV

Been playing a bit of WoW lately, thinking about maybe trying to raid again but I don't know if I really have the time to 😥 but who knows

Jeanmarie ‏@jeanmarie_l_a

I don’t want to leave my puppy 😥

el chico imperfecto🍃 ‏@Pheexy_

@ebunoluwa____ You want me to love you 💀 Where I want see love 😥

Ishag Shafeeg #IbuFaisal ‏@ishagshafeeg

@leelamad @WaddeyAli @thadhs @3000TfG I can't Have a ❤ on me 😥💔

cecilia 🌞 ‏@ceciliauhh

been seeing so many cute ideas for valentine’s day, wish i could participate 😥😥

Pao ‏@torrespn7

My dumbass tripped at the gym, see this is why I had stopped going 😥

Francis Camama ‏@FestiveEuph

@marth_emblem Dont worry, I also want Marth to win and voted for him. The 3H love is strong for many though 😥

Stephen Sanders ‏@ST_SANDERS1

@envybell I really felt this 😥🤧

ahhhHhhh⁷ ‏@D_martinis17

@DOddvibe Just u. I dislike sweet potatoes 😥

Karthick Shivaraman™ ‏@Iskarthi

@Abdul_offl @Nn84Naganatha Anah this reviewers 😥

Zahria 🦄💗 ‏@zlb66

my stinky would have been 7 months today time is flying fr 😔😥👼🏽💓

None ya bizz🖤 ‏@miSS_mySt3riouS

I miss this dude I used to work w/ sm thoo .. Like wtffff whhhy ??? My heart ❤ is sad .. 😥

D A N I 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@Tomboii_DANI

I want/need friends 😥😥 Somebody who wouldn't mind venting to each other and being goofy with me

PenDragøn♟ ‏@pennylebeau

Wait, why am I up at this time tbh 😥

The KING of the jungle🦁 ‏@yusuf_wammi

When i remembered I'm going to spend ramadan days in school 😥

C h l o e R i l e y ‏@chlo1299

Hate seeing esme so poorly, wish I could just take it off her😥🥺

Albert Tan🇵🇭🇨🇳 ‏@TanTananah

lord guide us 😥🙏🏻

RN ‏@RNYK_0825

I need somebody like him 😥

Carol ‏@Carol77036342

@julesverne12345 That poor dog 😥

Mir/Mira/Miracle ⁷ 💜💙💛 ‏@Squishy_niel

My bff just lose her mom... I wish I can be there for her. I am crying now. I can feel her pain because we are so close I can feel it. 😥😥😥

-ㅇㅊㅎ- ‏@chanheebbuing

@aibeast Take care!! Wash your hands often 😥😥👌

1flyjb ‏@v1onejb

Avoid da 1s i luv so i dnt hurt em😥

Mozzaq ‏@mozzaq

@SohaTazz I resigned at start of january and this month just doesnt seem to end 😥

hënny*thïng ‏@Rob_More

@citojm If you're in the area roll bro. I'm gonna be there a little late cuz of work tho 😥

CircleShoobyBBNicole ‏@erincita256

@hashtagAmie @GennHutchison I'm so sorry. That was so insensitive of her. 😥 that must have been so difficult

KosovANITA🇽🇰👑 ‏@yaalbanias

@common_face A kaq keq i paske punt a?😥

JIGAWA KOPA™ MUFC 🇳🇬🔴 ‏@Emmylexxz

A man with money can change a broke woman's life. A woman with money won't even look at a broke man.😥 Stay woke king.✌

bubblesss ✨ ‏@blezszyou

@cooheartt yes you are love! don't be too hard on yourself 😥🙏🏼we are here for you 💕

pretta ‏@GloriaOtokpa

@Barneschinyam You I miss you guys😥😥

Coach Francis Bey ™ ‏@Coach_mtf_bey

Had to take a brief intermission from my DM's 😥😓 man lots of seniors this year 😂😂😂 almost like everyone decided to graduate the same year.

abbs ‏@abby_degarie

@Sierra1Dawn ok but fitness plan pls?😥🤤

Colin Melmoth ‏@ColinMelmoth3

Aww oh no, the poor little kid... 😥#FrightClub

🏳️‍🌈❄️🖤 Demons made me cute ‏@Doru1412

@UltravioletEmo Now my stomach is upset 😥

IL2LU 🌹 ‏@dianaaa_rows

Praying for everyone's safety 😥

Makalie.D is Ready for BTS⁷ ‏@MakalieD

Its nights like tonight when i hate that im SO quiet.. not really knowing what to say to people. Feeling a little A…

abbylicious👄 ‏@gailledimple

Dogs will understand your pain better than any human 😥💖🐶

sandy ‏@fuckIevi

pls let this blow up 😥‼️‼️

星河潮生 ‏@jacksonyee_

@opel_zuza @Tawan_V Can you remind him to wear a surgical mask? This mask does not protect against new coronavirus.😥

D U D E ‏@Thisdude_____

Or maybe we should worry 🤷🏻‍♂️😔😥

Ateng ‏@ester020195

@Kylareal It brings back the feeling😥😥😥

jimin ⁷ ‏@uhgoodjmn

praying for all the doctors in china i saw they’re having breakdowns over treating so many patients 😥praying for the patients as well

Ves_and_Juno⁷ ‏@ves_and_juno

@_jimintoday_ This is hurting 😥 so much .they don't deserve this kind of treatment . Man I'm so angry 😡😡

Hide🌻 @ Free kisses 🥺 ‏@Hideisbestboy

@gojuous Wish I had close homies in anitwt 😥

vuil p🌈p ‏@Dr_winta

@Sapphic777 Now I'm outchea thinking kuthi I could've just talked to her 😥

Mir/Mira/Miracle ⁷ 💜💙💛 ‏@Squishy_niel

It is so scary that how so sudden we can lose our beloved ones. Forever. Like how we can't see them anymore. Remind…

Bia shami ‏@Shamixshah

Miss u😥

Cik Bunga ‏@MissBunga_

@ctsarahaishah @khairul_hafidz Please be safe doctor 😥

H.E Who Must Not Be Named. ‏@jesuis_Titanium

I need a new one 😥

Clara ‏@inoxidable_2

nobody said it was easy 🤷🏼‍♀️😥 #BuenSabado

#ForTheThroneWhovianMetsFan🌊🌊 ‏@Gman0830

@colbertlateshow you still haven't fixed the intro to "meanwhile". Sorry but each time I still have fast forward th…

Art is 🔙 ‏@ArtPinSF

@nashvillehomo I think I may have to wait till I get my next birthday check 😥

Rob "increase the size of the House" Prather🖖🏻🌐 ‏@robprather

@eshu321 @Norris_Agnew @MJamesWilliams_ @RalphNader We’ll just have to disagree on Nader. That sucks about Newsome…

elah ‏@jeemyjam

I know it's basically my fault, but he is the uncle, what he expects for me actually 😥

Kate Mitchell ‏@KateMit26604028

@HESFINELINE I just don't care anymore, to many lies between them, if you carnt get it right after 10 yrs, why bother...😥😡

kabal🌷 ‏@Kabawl

@CalvinAyre @BitcoinSV2020 My condolences. 😥

not the rapper ‏@ChancerBoBancer

@tidesport “Ewww you drink your bath water? 😥” - me to Lydia


Long Live Hollow 😥 shit hit different @ night

General 🐅Hannibal ‏@iamteffie

@realDonaldTrump UFOs decided to wage war on human race finally 😥

Lana 🇦🇺 ‏@lanajarv

@JaneHil52691644 @SK210373 If only 😥 And it makes me wonder how some shows fly completely under the radar having a…

Anisutt ‏@Anis57921689

@Thxinsomniac Baper😥

Kerianne Gisewhite ‏@KerianneGisewh3

I'll never forgive Netflix for cancelling The Ranch and Fuller House 😥😥

Itsme... ‏@Itsme55725175

@postymommas @Redd_Iverson3 Very 😥😥😥😥😥

BigD4DJT ‏@BigD4UT

@BernieSanders Says none of the 60+ million dead babies killed by your so called health care! Health care is inte…

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