Sad but Relieved Face Emoji

This face has sweat dripping from its brow, due to a stressful situation.

Not to be confused with the Crying Face emoji, which has a tear on the cheek, instead of a bead of sweat. At small sizes the difference can be difficult to discern.

Grammatically, this may have been better named Disappointed Yet Relieved Face.

Sad but Relieved Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Disappointed but Relieved Face” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😥 Eyebrow Sweat

Unicode Name

😥 Disappointed but Relieved Face


😥 U+1F625




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candelis ‏@nct2s

we never interact but u seem so sweet😥<3 also your user How did u get that user

Who? ‏@RaggedyDr

@StarFango What’s dead may never die 😥

03|04💛 ‏@xwhitegal


RAPtor Adventures ‏@RAPtorAdventur1

@OmarGoshTV So sorry you're hurting Omar 😥 We have been through it ourselves and when it's someone close to you it'…

Mimi ‏@miyang027

@Thonskie100 Hays 😥

Bulelwa Benjiwe ‏@Bulls_Benjie

@RelebogileM @FreshBreakfast_ Mara why didn't FNBae give me moola wld hv been long gone by now...😓😥

addeolar ‏@addeolar

I don't know about you but listening to Khalid's song on earpiece gives me orgasm 😥😥

Subhaan Ashrafi ‏@SubTheGamer

Just finished @WhenTheySeeUs ... in tears man. So well produced. 😥

Mae Rum ‏@rummae

It’s getting hot in here... wah 😥

Robin D Banks ‏@111707robin

@CalvinCornHead I’m sorry😥

tLove👑💕 ‏@tierralamour_

@CourttyyyCourt I am but it only relieves the pain for a little while. I can’t even lay down my chest hurts so bad 😥

freaky deacy 🥰 ‏@B0rnToLoveMe

I really miss some of the relationships that I feel like I’ve lost with people. I don’t doubt that they were real,…

kaprisun ‏@yeehawwesaw

@LizardKingXIII I gave it a rainbow bean thrice. Its happiness is maxed 😥

PKKühl ‏@westiesrule13

@ParthaHowell @rocketmanmovie Oh my goodness I laughed😂I cried😥 I cringed😬 I got angry😠 I sang🎤laughed 😁more sang more &smiled🙂A LOT

javeria ‏@jikhlaq52

@CherieDamour_ @Baander78 No but I wouldn't be surprised if they did 😥

zillahjacksonwesley ‏@zillahjwesley

I can’t watch the show without Veronica⭐️😥

oiTS NAJ ‏@oiTS_Naj

@CashNastyGaming All these PS4 people is salty af 😭 like bro there way more comp on XBOX 😥

Bailey Lyman ‏@lyman_bailey

Got damn! 😥 I’m working 2 jobs right now and need to pick up a third in order to pay for my apartment and a cruise…

💪🏾CHOWKIDAAR Meh JHOR HAI~ GALI Meh Bhi SHOR Hai ‏@uday_activist

Bro😥 🙏🏾File complaint daily with Local Police, I believe it’s an offence under IPC 268 to 271 & guide all therein…

Adittt dan sopo jarwo ‏@AdhityaIrnawan

Anyarr der polow 😥

aiden ‏@aiden03967100

@KSIOlajidebt @Deji Sad just sad 😥

Salma Magdi ‏@SalmaMagdi9

Please GOD get it out of my head and let me move on 😥

ry ♡ ‏@thekrakentm

@aewol_ri Its my final so I my need ear powers 😥

TalagangBoomy ‏@yrfutrprnc

@iamhopediana Hays😥

steffi ꒰ muster 🍰 ꒱ ‏@cakehoseok

i’m at the travel agency in line and this man has been yelling at the counter lady for such a long time 😥😥 she’s li…

Joshua ‏@PaddyJon09

@IntelligentTIP fixed....😥

Aa. ‏@Einomra__

I just wanna cuddle 😥

Caitlin Hutchinson ‏@caitlinkhutch

Being "phoneless" is no joke. 2 days down and 2 more to go.... 😥 #leftmyphoneinanuber #waitingformyfedex

マ.ベロニカ ホクソン ‏@mvajocson

I think I have to consult my Cardiologist again 😫😥

PhoenixxRizen ‏@PhoenixxRizen

@AirCop264 👌😍 Was kinda hard to use had to reconsider it since it was a real life person😥 and not a movie character I hope HE sees it🙌😠

Cardinal Volleyball ‏@ChadronHighVB

Well said 😥

i ‏@fatimahtahirr

Betul decision sometimes make confuses and don't know which way should i choose 😥

Lynn Mcgee ‏@Mcgee14Mcgee

@PressSec So sorry to see you leave but a mom got to do what a mom got to do love and will continue to pray for you♥️😥👌😢😘👏

pam brooks ‏@pambrooks7

@NatPoliceAssoc @MailOnline OMGoodness, why did he run from police and risk his child’s life? 😥😥😥

Ernest Ramos ‏@Ernest_ramos00

I miss my girl so much 😥

Need Help to Meet BTS ‏@ddddaydream

@Jiminswifey9595 I'M NOT! 😥

هانبيول.RPM# ‏@by6_bn

🍯😥😍 I like hes voice #SF9 #TAEYANG

Evans Njogu ‏@evans_njogu

@MissTamima I just found myself watching this while working..I am 20 years heartbreaking😥I feel like I reas…

aiko ‏@dainty_aiko

@prcttygjrl I’m glad you think so... i really dont see it 😥

ⓐⓝⓖⓔⓛⓐ ‏@LalaMcWhirter

@ColinHanks it’s happening again 😥

Kathleen Johnstone ‏@angelsvoice66

It is so sad the grip Satan has on today's generation! 😥💔 — feeling heartbroken

✨Jerlicia✨ ‏@JerliciaDotCom

Really don’t like funerals but I gotta see the homie and support my friends 😥

Ann ‏@cornejoann

When you get attached so easily 😥

dyIan📸 ‏@yaupperbody

Maybe I judged him too hastily😥

klovasleep ‏@klovasleep

If nothing else, at least #insomnia helps improve your math skills. 🤣 😥 😫

Fernanda🌈✨ ‏@sqshpcy


cherish foster ‏@bree_1233

These clear my mind car rides don’t hit the same without my boys 😥

Bojana Vilus ‏@Bokibizarre

@steve94l Omg I got panicked just reading that 😥

Kyle Melancon ‏@kyle_melancon

@NewsCarolyn Awful.😥

‏ً ‏@RodHwrd

@marilashai @rrevolutionn Yeah😥

[email protected] ‼️💥🇩🇪 🌩️☀️ 🌴 ‼️ ‏@NettieJoibloveQ

@BeThePlan @realDonaldTrump You can be proud, to have a president like him. You saw our "Madame" Dictator today ?…

khaleel 🇧🇿 ‏@jahheid

days I feel complete, days i don’t 😥

Claire Kuhlman ‏@ClaireDeMilia

Day 3 of the Oregon Trail Adventure (posted belatedly due to illness on the road 😥). Montpelier, Idaho, Shoshone Fa…

Eddie Equihua ‏@EddieA70

@sailorbeeee What was the High? I left half way through the stream 😥

Pauline ‏@paulineyp13

Lost my beats yesterday and idk how I’m going to be getting it at the gym w out them 😥😥

Konshu ‏@Konshu

@Tesla So that's a no on camping mode 😥

Reptile ‏@reptile_is

@lSuper_ Just gunna leave me out ok 😥😥

Shayna Hill ‏@sarmth0622

@WestOProblems My daughters are reeling. Today has been a really tough day 😥

Kelly Bassey ‏@bassey_kelly

#I hate to see girls go through pains of heartbreak 😥😥😥😥 I wish I could date all of you mbok. 😒😒😒😞😧

v CLXMP ‏@HxziV

@BigBoyz2k Need a lock,91 ovr 77 win percentage elite 3 almost 2,000 games played😥

gay sílvio ❌ ‏@silviomeloj

@femacdo Qual? 😥

IceMeez ‏@IceMeez

The end of a era 😥 we grew up on cds

Sarah ‏@Sarah90286801

@dodo God Bless You. I rescued a monkey from a busy road. I felt so sad to see the monkey trying to cross the road.…

bran the great ‏@Brvnley

@engxl Got to make sure my jeans fit😥

Coool_guy6six6 ‏@thee_AustinM

can't believe its been 1 year now😰😥, I will never forget what he did to music #RIPXXXTentacion #XXTENTACION

John Michael Baker ‏@JohnGaga

What the fuck. 😥

Kelly Bassey ‏@bassey_kelly

I hate to see girls go through pains of heartbreak 😥😥😥😥 I wish I could date all of you mbok. 😒😒😒😞😧

KT ‏@majestikatie

@MissJenLifts Oh goodness I'm so sorry for your loss. That's heartbreaking. 😥

UBV TRASH 🙆💕🇳🇵 ‏@ptuladhar2

@KPOP_predict18 Please predict for Hangyul, i want him to debut in final line up 😥😥

Healsmile🌷 ‏@Healsmile1 can survive right??i trust you 😥😥 You have a lot of talent please i believe you can survive i will always…

おりーぶ ‏@olibe_chiryoin1

@GeneMoriss Hello my dear Genevieve. Are you having a comfortable time? Sorry for the late reply😥 I think he didn't…

SHAY ‏@_shayyyyyyyyyyy

it's up there for you next week cousin🙏🏾💔😥 #LLchanesha I love you baby

Victoria ⚡️ ‏@Vbxeezy

Got pulled over .. what a time to be black with a cac card 😥

aina ‏@flwerpxwer DENmE LIKEEEEEEEE😥😥😥😥

mike ‏@ekiMkandeR

@YoungPageviews Yp you’re one of my fav barstool guys, for real. But stop putting salt in the wound please 😥

Rifqi Khoirul Anam ‏@rifqikhrlanam

so touching 😥

Raheme Biddle ‏@rbiddle1

Awwwwww #ImSorry #COKO 😥😥😥😥😥😥 ITS OK!!✔♥️💯 #LadiesNightBET @BET @DaOnlySalt @TajGeorge

Ladi 💋 ‏@datsdani

All my baddies boo’d up how this happening 😥

Meghan L❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖 ‏@TheAnimeDreamer

@robbiedaymond I'm glad your baby is ok. I'm so sorry for what happened 😥 you're doing a great job for being dad🌟

Beck moon66 ‏@BeckMoon66

@LarryUpdatesAcc Ok I’m confused why would Harry pick 25 not 28 for his number😳 Zahn has 25 tattoo on his neck😥

FLiPsiCkLeᶠᵐᵘᵒᵃˢˡ ‏@flipsickle

Wow I really thought @awonderland let the San holo bird horror movie joke go, then I see this on her Instagram. 😥

Sameer ali ‏@Sameera37969607

@motorolaindia My phone camera is not good so i don't capture low light photo because my phone model is very old so…

J. M. Robison ‏@JMRobison

@BrookeLReads Where's your video? 😥

Melissa ‏@MelBear26

Found out today that my beloved childhood home in Upper Arlington is being sold at an auction. Wtf. It makes me ver…

தளபதி தம்பி✨ ‏@rajan_rjvj

@ShanLathurshan @MsKajalAggarwal @TheKajalFC Iam also big fan of icy doll... Mash up one create pannirukkalaam unga style la 😢😢😥

May Garcia ‏@senyoritagarcia

I hate that old world of mine. Pang-ilang beses na ito. 😥🤬

🐍 ‏@0158kg

i fucked up but not that much, im not full but it was s lot of calories 😥😷😔

Yanna ☀️ ‏@AyannaBac2Bac

It’s super hard for me that my son is spending the summer with my mom. 😥

97 Percent Luck ‏@97PercentLuck

@aravelle First world problems... 😥

Sameer ali ‏@Sameera37969607

@motorolaindia My phone camera is not good so i don't capture low light photo because my phone model is very old so…

Coach McKenzie ‏@Coachmckenzie

I am afraid that I have some very personal reasons for this post. And I'm sad 😥😪, of course, in the most difficult…

PT and The Gibbdawg ‏@PTandGibbdawg

Also, sadly I have realized it may be time for a new profile pic 😥 #PlayoffAl #Celtics

No ‏@gianellalaa

How are some of y’all in ur early 20’s looking 48 years old. Please invest in some anti aging creams cause the drug…

Syrma Virgo ‏@syrmavir

@soledadobrien @gtconway3d Gah 😥💔also daughter of immigrant here. It’s not that it’s all BS.. it’s that it’s not a…

Renee Jeffus ‏@ReneeJeffus

Ughhhhhh Thank God my children were spared from this assault🙏🙏🙏 I know so many vaccine damaged children and it brea…

Molly ‏@Foxtrot44

@JustALilWarrior @amazon It’ll still have this line 😥


Praying my Zeus man hasn’t torn his CCL 😪🙏🏼😥

Lizzy A. ‏@not_the_megan

LF: motivation for sale 😥

Liz ‏@GwilymLeeFan

Oh I can't believe I left out poor sweet Samuel from Jamestown. 😥 Anyway here are the results! The people definitel…

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