Sad but Relieved Face Emoji

This face has sweat dripping from its brow, due to a stressful situation.

Not to be confused with the Crying Face emoji, which has a tear on the cheek, instead of a bead of sweat. At small sizes the difference can be difficult to discern.

Grammatically, this may have been better named Disappointed Yet Relieved Face.

Sad but Relieved Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Disappointed but Relieved Face” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😥 Eyebrow Sweat

Unicode Name

😥 Disappointed but Relieved Face


😥 U+1F625




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༺M G W V༻ ‏@lllMGWVlll


Rachael ‏@RachaelB100

Very sad news Ziggy has crossed Rainbow Bridge 🌈 Another victim of the Railway 😥 Run free Beautiful girl

ooWoo ‏@J8ui2

The love of my life lives in the UK and that makes me so sad 😓😥

Jacqueline ♥ ‏@medinajackiee

It's sad how I basically live with my middle/high school bff and we dont even talk I still haven't even met her baby 😥

👑Earthlyfaune 🎮🐾 ‏@Earthlyfaune

@jsfil96 That's so sad to hear😥😭 it was nice meeting you too and I hope the best for you😊☺️

el.savage ‏@toxshiit

@VideosFolder who hurt you baby??? 😥😥

The_IndianCitizen ‏@PathakShwetank

@MehrTarar How Sad..Rest in Piece😥 This is the impact of taking country into the zone of wars...try to avoid

Grace Datu ‏@GraceDatu5

Helo love goodbye 😘😥

K. Finch ‏@sphygmoid

Friend... "go to the front" Sis... "go right in front" Mom... "go to the front, what the hell you waiting for... yo…

ra ‏@hrdncgnzlsrms

save the formula!!! i'm afraid they'll end up dead 😥

Shemyy47 ‏@sh3my_

Fuckkkk life really be like that sometimes 😥😖

Ya Boy Curly ‏@Rare_Lokii

@77Jinx @Plasma @Zemrics @ValWake Stop bullying me I'm doing my best😥😥😥

ace//♠️ ‏@SimplyYellow16

@chinoaiselgi iloveyou moree! 😘😥

Mara Santa FEE ‏@MaraSchaffrin

@qanon76 @realDonaldTrump ThanQ...!😥🤧🥴🙂😇

riaz ‏@RIAZLHE

Sir Naeemul Haq boring on media channels live. ..Naheeeeee 😥

PERSONA ‏@kookie_mam

@foreverArmyot7 @Winterbear_kim @BTS_twt 🤒🤕IT HURTS...kook kills me with his cuteness😥

Stanley Davis ‏@4lifestan

BUT Taliban are just mannerless, inhuman, murderers! How do you attack a wedding? Which glory does your ideology ga…

ciarán ‏@killian_meagher

SOPHIE: “Patent boot, yank so hard Silicon, squeeze so hard Ponytail, yank so hard” me : 😌🌈😍🕺🏻🙋🏻‍♂️🥳 also SOPHIE:…

William Lamb🧡💛 ‏@WilliamTheGinge

@sammy_rufared It's very true Sammy 😞😞Charlie was in my life such a short time 😢😢but the impact he made and how ver…

ky ; get well soon kihyun ‏@wonhosbottoms

pls i dont want to be clowned like during pre-alligator when we all thought its zombie themed 😥 pls let the greek r…

𝒑𝒆𝒕𝒈𝒊𝒓𝒍 * ・゚✧* ‏@MUTTGlRL

@gorypuppi @angelicbrats a man DIED 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😠😥

Seokjindi__ ‏@seokjindi

@MerchGaws I wantt......😥😥😥😥

Nathan Mills ‏@NJM91

Awful news 😥

Mon about town ‏@JoeMayman1

So shocking to see how close it is to home😥! RIP Archie lad!

K-DoC ‏@Eb_bature

Why you laugh na? 😥😥

Dutell ‏@dutelalala

to RD OT or not? 😥🤨

I'm the ghel 💞🇿🇦 ‏@Zickie_S

I always wake up horny on Sunday mornings.. Always 😥😭 I need to get married already sizolungisa loludaba 😏

선아 ‏@Seon_a3028

#sasusaku #サスサク #사스사쿠 #charasaku #チャラサク #챠라사쿠 🍅:Your hair is very long. You're so cute. 🌸:I'll cut my hair right no…

Mateo ‏@Matt_chewww

Totoo. 😥

Johnkay💎 ‏@Johnkay515

@OmoGbajaBiamila I hope your grandchildren will not come and still 😥😥😥😜

Mohd Nizam Nawawi ‏@nz_mrnice

. While the Buyers mull and consider the flats they viewed earlier, let me ice myself with some chocolatey chewy es…

Will.I.Art ‏@Will_I_Art

@PB_Jinzee Dear 'realists', 'book loyalists' and people 'just using common logic': Fictional books and TV shows do…

Katrina Mcgrane ‏@Kat73Kat

@islasfight No words, 😥

Blue Rose ‏@fairycub95

@magicshop915 Yeah. That sucks honestly but it makes it flow better. 😔🤙 Love that for us writers 😥

Mikateko Ndlovu ‏@Mikateko_Ndlovu

@Sthembiso_RSA @WWE @ShoMadjozi @JohnCena Too much😥😥

Isimeme Ademola E. ‏@DEMOSKE

@doctor_sade 😢😥😭😭 I know right!! Oh twitter !!! Look at your life outside. Thanks Doc.😆 You are far to kind.


@Taeionysus @BTS_twt All of them are my favorite...but when I'm going through alot the songs like The truth Untold,…

Jalal Shah ‏@jalalshah1952

@JammanKhattak 😥you are absolutely right Mr khattak that Ahmar Bilal Sufi is big cheat opportunist and corrupt lawy…

Ciaran ‏@CkCiaran

@Soundfreaq Its unfortunate. Our problem is that we have it mounted on a hard to reach shelf. I still have the app…

Eĸ Vɩɭɭʌɩŋ ‏@Nawab_ZaDa_Here

"TTT" He Introduces The San Ferrrio 😥😭😭😭😭 Legend Sir We Will Miss You

Oluwatimileyin😻 ‏@timiomoniyi

I'm so happy I came to church today 😥❤

Wadovibes ‏@wadovibes

@NAkufoAddo A country with a misplaced priority is like a blind man crossing the highway; his chances of surviving…

Nadia🤩💜 ‏@princessnadiad1

Only thing i’m scared of is loosing myself && my hustle mentality 😥.

Deepak Kumar ‏@deepakoso

"Ma'am #Neelam_Sharma taught me the basics of anchoring in DD News which helped in getting International Social Med…

DJ Simss ‏@officialsimss

I love you all so much😥❤. thank your for turning up yesterday. God bless for the support and hopefully we get bigg…

Kelvin Ayodi ‏@AyodiMK

Meetings without food should just happen in WhatsApp groups😥😥😥

Emma ❤️ Lou ❤️ Loves ❤️ U ❤️ ‏@mcsmile69

Own bed 🛌 bliss 😊 Tea in bed 🙏🏼 Decent coffee ☕️ to come 😄 Hours of housework & washing 👎🏻😣 Back to work tomorrow…

khawuta Mgcaleka👑 ‏@victor_godze

@Pfunzow2 @BeansSA1 He is taller than the building 😥😥🍻

Butterfly🦋 ‏@QueenTinkaa

I’m on the episode when Derek gets shots😥😭😭 then Meredith’s pregnant wtf #GreysAnatomy

Intombi kamjita💮 ‏@Nosie_laMbatha

@Phumieee_ Condolences to you and your loved one 😥

k a b e e s h a n ‏@15kabz

@EzTech231 miss your your content so much just rewatching old videos my dude😥

pelis ‏@flcarceee_

@lalainemgln • first impression: ganda woah 😥 • your nickname in my head: lalaine • you are my: former busmate AGH…

Mzet_D ‏@Mzet199

@IamMzilikazi 😥😥😢😭😭 i can't explain the feeling i am having

Alif Hakeem | اليف حاكيم ‏@alifhakeem_

Alif hakeem?😥

HappyMom🌸💕 ‏@Miz_deeMpho

Is there a specific formula babies have to start with coz mine refuse Nan perlagon and optipro #mommytalkza 😥

John Paul ‏@The_JPdev

My #FPL team has suffered 😥 @Obi_himself must be grinning somewhere

Pandyful On YouTube (2.9k) ‏@YtPandyful

@ThornBlends @Kaihs_ @garylul I need a thumbnail/yt banner and logo with this skin 😥

DARA ‏@Dara_Sketche

@realBlvckWitch_ @jacobccfisher @MrCapuccinno I won't even survive here. My head is soft. 😥😥

ブリアナ🎎🧸 ‏@bebe_crowder

Im having the worst eczema/heat rash flare up combo omg im literally in tears typing this 😭😥 what do ppl do for the…

AngelW. ‏@AngelAmourr

i’m so sad that i finished watching oitnb😥

El Dej ‏@Baalelammi

@therealdaddymo1 Very possible😥

Juseong ‏@juseong0926

Mah fb is fullly filled up with the two issues from my two loving country😥

K ‏@ThatsSoKara

@_tajalewis he was laughing at my fear of wasps fam😥

Trevor Gay ‏@Trevthered

@DavidGilbert43 ... Scary stuff aye David? .... This attitude could take us back 100 years 😥

JMarkian⚡ ‏@jmarker22

@Bennnggg hays.😥

Katy Perry Charts ‏@KPchartsandnews

Cheek to cheek sorry monsters 😥🤣

Khan хан ‏@TheKunwarKhan

Only 4. The Avengers, Skyfall, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises.😥

BPSuperior ‏@fvctwittter

@adder1125 @ygofficialblink idk but Jisoo looks tired today, or it’s just me 😥

sweetellie_kim ‏@gemmalik

I wanted to go home bcoz my grandmother passed away but i don't have money to buy plane tickets .😭😥

Em ‏@emma_sedgley

😥 BBC News - Iceland's Okjokull glacier commemorated with plaque

Luna🌱 ‏@thingaal

I don’t know what sailor moon case to get 😥

Judith ‏@judithannmax

@FisherP22 @rattycastle @bryan_foggo I think it's hit the hearts of majority of the country Suzie, no emergency ser…

Sir_MOH' ‏@Ola_Muhammed

@yinkaguti @GratitudeZA @elliberatore Eermm, @elliberatore can have her... I no get that kain strength again 😥

anjielovesiKON_OT7periodt ‏@1022samebday

Hanbin pls comeback😥 this is not right.

Bianca ‏@Hey_its_BiAnCa

Wtf they die together 😥😥😥

Urban Bouy ‏@Urbanbouy01

When we be direct, you say that we are too fast. When we be indirect, you say that we are wasting your time. What d…

Khalid Aliyu ‏@Skiilzjr

School resumes😐😥😥 Ya Allah may we ace all our courses and may our sleepless nights and restless efforts be pay off some days....Ameeeen🙏

Regular Guy ‏@KevinOnjala

This tweet was on 5th January; we are in August and still can't have peace! Every other tweep 'O jewa ke enhing' 😥

Tom Andrews ‏@ODSTEEZ_

And these drugs gone make me lose my mind 😥

Hayley Stokes ‏@Hayley_St0kes

@EveningStandard Discusting 😡😥

Sarah ‏@Sarahwrighttxx

@franciscarockey In my room?😥😥

Sitha ‏@CallMeSithA

You swear you know sports till you start betting 💔😥 that shit ain’t for the faint hearted☹️

jerylyn ‏@jerylyn10

16 more days till school 😥😫

KIND ♚ ‏@Hilali_fan

#تعال_لحالك Mood: 😥

Zeerak Malik ‏@Zeerak_Malik

Life is nothing else, It’s the story of you and me 😭🤧😥

~Nik~🇮🇳 ‏@nikbhojal

You are a good Koschan, your koschan hurt me. 😥😥

div 🍃 ‏@_tinykoo_

@ryutaejeons No we aren't 😓😥

~~Alaf~~ ‏@lovestruckalaf

@baebyparkmax Do i really act like that?🙅😥

@RIBANE 🇿🇦 ‏@godfreyribane

Now I need a new look, 😥 look at 👌

pie ‏@heyitspiell

idk why i'm emotional when im studying, pressured i guess? 😥

Irene ‏@achamaja_irene

So how is it that, Ekweremadu was beaten?....😥

FUBB2019🔶 ‏@fubb2019

I'm at the home moving stage, where I'm wondering where the nearest bonfire is 😧😦😥

The Lady Vixen ‏@MissVixenPwet

: 2 more months till surgery... 😥😔

BEVeridges ‏@bevwilly69

#RIPTan Taken too soon. It doesn’t feel real as yet. Thoughts with her family, close friends and her gorgeous ki…

KathB 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ‏@kathb24

Miss you @diegocosta 😥

Gugu Hannah ‏@Gugulamp

@REALSHEEMSTAR @MellmothMP I was thinking about this yesterday, I should paying a second bond ngemali ye tax. It's depressing 😥

B T S //* A R M Y ‏@bangtan4Life143

Miss you meow meow 😍😥💜 #MTVHottest BTS @BTS_twt

shanelly❁ ‏@__shanelly

So many people are sending me the post of that poor girl getting roofied at pjs 😥

Rats ‏@gerardratunil

@zybilraissa @crishaaaaal Same mamsh 😥

Shelley ‏@ShelleyPWood

@RochdaleHornets @BatleyRLFC Absolutely devastating. RIP! 😥

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