Sad but Relieved Face Emoji

This face has sweat dripping from its brow, due to a stressful situation.

Not to be confused with the Crying Face emoji, which has a tear on the cheek, instead of a bead of sweat. At small sizes the difference can be difficult to discern.

Grammatically, this may have been better named Disappointed Yet Relieved Face.

Sad but Relieved Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Disappointed but Relieved Face” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😥 Eyebrow Sweat

Unicode Name

😥 Disappointed but Relieved Face


😥 U+1F625




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Jessica1105 ‏@Jessica11053

@SethMacFarlane awe.....not amusing to me 😂😭😥I need a job ......on the not amusing notes😂😭😥😘😍😜

Proud Deplorable Republican 👍Crumbs💓❌ ‏@BrocatoJoan

Basically, that's what he said👍 He did Great as a SPIN DOCTOR😂 😥🙏🇺🇸🙏😎

Kissi💶 ‏@nykissi

@Rafurl It’s not easy at all 😥

medomadred ‏@medomadred

@saratsalha I'm So Sad Cuz You Unfollow Me 😥

Grind Mode Chaos ‏@Chaos33176

Death is crazy...i wish i could call her just to talk to her about her death 😥

Illusionista 🕴🏽 ‏@Ochi_YenG

@angelika_ogutu It's all about me and you 😭 .. I saw a tweet from @merryl_omondi and it hit real hard 😭 .. it's not…

just call me Jude 🆘️ aka Niele Nellie 🔍🔎 ‏@heyjude831

@katherineOma @hwmnylx69 @discogma @QotMisfitTs @BLUE_W0LVERINE @D_resists @RENEEWEATHERS2 @Gr3Te4rights…

🎲 アンディ♟ ‏@swolepocketandy

@michaeljrosey 😥 thanks bro

Diorj ‏@Fainekiller

Can’t believe there are good people left in the world 😢 Shocked and confused 😥 but mostly thankful 🥺

allan hew ‏@allanndavis

ive had the stupidest 5 days of my life i need 2 pack in gettin wrecked i do NOT feel healthy 😥

Princess Lucia ‏@Oonidynasty

@TooHonestForTh1 @standbyme2018 A period that was supposed to be a joyous moment for Harry and Meghan; Cain and his…

Tara Jean ‏@Miss_Tara_Jean

@lissa_sanon I know it hard for me to this far from you too😥

👑MbaliYakhe💖 ‏@Enhle_Leti

I can't believe I'm wide awake at this time😥💔

jafelax ‏@jafelax

@88_blacksoul @paloqueth_love Follow and Retweet this for a surprise DM 😋 #sex #horny 🙃😲😥🏨lN1e8nn

Mark Rimmer ‏@m_rimmer

@Anoaklawnguy Damn it. I haven't seen you in forever 😥

Grind Mode Chaos ‏@Chaos33176

My son is doing good...but i dont know if he is good or just hiding it better than i did when my mother died 😥

Ariana ‏@ariannna_lynnnn

there is absoutley nothing that breaks my heart more than when my boy is upset.. i wish i could take all his pain away 😥

little witch JJ🎃 🕸️ 🦇 👻 ‏@JJ_Visuals

@thekermdragon me Fucking Too 😥

Michelle ‏@therealbosshec

Doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know @MarvinNMorgan Hopefully we can begin to put our house in order, b…

☆♡☆Bren☆♡☆ ‏@BostonBren143

@tericobb6 I agree. Alcohol is the devil disguised. Its socially acceptable so its "ok" to abuse it, cause at least…

Mardyana🌈 ‏@martalktalk

I try to sleep until now but i cant 😭😭😭 nak lena 😥

Lindsay ‏@SummerSunZen

Last C A L L. // 👉 Like all good things, our Oktoberfest Organic Mustard Taste Test is coming to an end. 😥 If you w…

Nothando🌸 ‏@NothandoMhaule

@Nxnoberry Same😥

Upgraded Horror Sexy ‏@rovixwtf

Lrt she's so underappreciated 😥

Oklahoma City Rockets ‏@HeadBandBrodie

@BraidedRussEra @StanPistons I never get shit for my birthday anyways. The least i can get is my cock grabbed 😥

Precious, the beautiful ✨ ‏@neyee2

I'm shaking 😥😥

Team Logan ‏@jhoana_N1

Chloe still has his dead skin that they peeled off and logan still has pictures of chloe with Kong 😥

💛 ‏@ThatNIGGA_Jazz

I like your hair tho 😥

Mohammed Juma ‏@mh_ju88

What goes around, comes around 😥

xivic ‏@itzXiv

Need too find me a squad that’s down to grind everyday😥

J 💕🏳️‍🌈 ‏@beloveroyale

So I’m idiotic and decided to wait to buy Seattle tickets - VIP is sold out. Ima go, and ima see you there OBVIOUSL…

Kristine ‏@RowdyGirlPlays

@Overnundergirl Started off great...thought for sure it was going to happen 😥😤

Proud Deplorable Republican 👍Crumbs💓❌ ‏@BrocatoJoan

@RepAndyBiggsAZ @GiselleSmith19 @HouseGOP @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @DevinNunes Was 👉I remember and he stepped down…

nora mccormack(Edwards) ‏@nmccormack1

She was beautiful she looks so happy in this photo at least you can look back and say you gave her a lovely life😥😪😪…

WEALTHkïītáñ ‏@Kiitana_

@AtmSira I find it hard to delete a friend's number after a year, I tried it few times hoping someone will answer t…

kim ‏@Queen_Kimberlyy

Where is my sugar daddy? What am I doing wrong? @LanaDelRey 😥

Ojima-ojo ‏@Moses_forbez

@OjochegbeJacob @KelvinOssai @UfedoDavid 😥🤕..Hay God

Anya ‏@Annkkaa2

@GlamLifeGuru Tati’s crying in her insta story. Makes me think it’s something rather negative than positive that sh…

Ni ‏@nirelm_

@Alythuh wow I wouldn’t know how to act if I ever got my hands on those colored pencils and mf copic markers 😥😥

Ifeoma🇳🇬 ‏@eighthwonder__

Bites wings are trash 😥... i should’ve known better fr

Roo ‏@Adoptabledog

Do you like Roo's #teef? Why doesn't anyone want to adopt him? 😥💔He has been waiting a LONG time for a home. He ma…

Jordy🎙 ‏@JordanOnRadio

@PhonyRizzo Every. Single. Time. 😥

Kissi💶 ‏@nykissi

Hug a material engineering student 😥

Mike Beers ‏@beerswater

@Eddrickation You wouldn’t say that if any of them were Godwin 😥

EducatedÀlàsé ‏@ThechefTami

@slimdaddytiller I’m done. Just lemme alone😥😪

✨Final Fantasy Forever✨ ‏@Sailor_Slob

Guys I really hate to ask but times are tough right now and I'm really struggling to get by....😥

eli ‏@brokcnwalflower

@irwinsbabylon @tattooedlukee take that back 😥 that was the song that got me into 5sos

Kat 🦔🎸🎶 ‏@SwansTenement

@ivegot99probz He’s a beautiful creature 😥🤧🌈🌈🌈

Manny the first👑 ‏@Teamuchy

Catarrh has blocked my nose, na so so trumpet I dey blow😥.... who's up let's chat?

Jenny Whitworth ‏@JennyWhitworth

Thanks @reblev ... for stopping for the chat with John. You’re a good human Bec. ❤️John ❤️ “...near where I used t…

khathazourr ‏@KopSoul_LegoBye

@DJ_Buhle Why aren't those things R500? They so tiny for 5K aowa 😥

jo baker #FBPE ‏@jbwestdown

@Klaartje_d @WCullmac Thank You. Can you add Jo & Ellie my 13 year old daughter, who says Brexit has stolen her future. 😥

susana peleteiro ⚪🔴⚪ ‏@sujoribo89


John Edward Benoit ‏@JohnBenoit88

Please please please Medicare for all. I can't take the stress of medical bills anymore 😥

Moses Ma'aji Ghaji ‏@blackandfly

@olanrewaju_v Wow bro! That's an old photo! Just look at your excuse! Wow slying is easy until it's done to you! I'…

Tari Hobson ‏@tari_hobson

@suninhersmile That’s really just mean mean mean!😥😥😥

Xlnt Eagle ‏@NationMostXlnt

@RealDeanCain @skinnypresident Dean,,,(((They're))) all about division. 👎👎👎😥

Alivia ‏@alivianovitaa_

I need more power 😥

Lil-Bankz DimeLife ‏@princeofthenap

~Be My Peace Bitch It's Bad Enough Pelle Pelle Went Out Of Business Before I Could Get A Black Leather Jacket 😥🤦🏾‍♂️🏌🏾‍♂️💯 #GetTheStrap

Ris 👻 ‏@marissalisettee

Alright I’ll admit is kicking my ass 😥

Anthony ‏@geminif33d

@ElFaggyVaro I’m just like you. I haven’t sex since..... whew! Decades ago 😥

Ziggy D-L.E.S Lekhobe ‏@ziggy_lesego

@LesegoMahlako I'm at 5h30😥😥 Good night

King Of Data ‏@DangoteOfData

See Liverpool again. 😥

tatiiii. ‏@tcasttt

One of the worst things about being a teacher is when you reflect on a choice you made throughout the day and reali…

⚜️ KEKS ⚜️ ‏@TBElilkeko

Missing my man something serious today 😥

N Pa ‏@NPaMusic

Actually a really dope fan edit but you forgot @RealKevinConroy and @HamillHimself 😥

Tank. ‏@mxcamite

I want this girl appear 😥

Jay Baby .❄🌈. ‏@x_jayliisa_x

This is the SECOND time I mistake and link the tv with my phone while a porn video was showing 😥 everybody in the fronthouse 😫

Carl R. Jennings, N.V.M.R. ‏@carlrjennings

There's a Tim Curry for every mood. For example, when I got my latest royalty statement 🤣😑😥😭

mic but it's halloween ‏@bumblemic

@slutnaridenki god honestly i just wanna protect her so much bc shes already been through So Much shit 😥 i dont hav…

Ina Alagic 🇧🇦 ‏@InaAlagic

Birthday is on the 30th and I share it with mariota and my only wish is to meet this man before he leaves 😥 @Titans

eli ‏@brokcnwalflower

@tattooedlukee you right 😥

🦀Hypno Crab🔜The Outer Worlds🔫 ‏@Hypno_CrabTV

My #Twitch cup fell off the forklift and I ran over it. I didn't know until I heard it snap. 😥😥😥

Jackie ‏@Jac7724

Wow the season 4 premiere of #Riverdale such a heartbreaking but beautiful tribute to #LukePerry gone but not forgotten 💔😥

YNC ‏@sknnymusic

@Lady_Yinn @denzel_oaks @BoogeyThat @barelyanyhook @mafenimafenimaf @TalkToPayBac @itsreespect @RemyBaggins…

IRV ‏@Gotti_215_

Damn @Yankees 😥

ElenaKoshka ‏@elenakoshkaxoxo

@Howodd69 And molested boys 😥😓

Dolono ‏@AndrewJTomy

@PokerPolitics @QanonWatch Lame. I never a part of the competitive scene (cube player), but I'd heard the metagame…

Sadona XoXo ‏@SadonaXo

@shanedawson @Eugenia_Cooney @JeffreeStar I'm literally watering because I couldn't get slides and a hat😥😭😭 Am I immature? This hurts😂😂

Raees-راپس ‏@razzi_parks

@HassanNatha What friends 😂😥😥

GOD - KillerXinok ‏@KillerXinok

@rpsromano He doesn't have one 😥

Ckhinese Eyes ‏@BegaRudyyy

I can kry my brother a river 😥 but I know he would’ve like that ❌🧢

Suicide is the answer ‏@_EmanBedri

@maab_moh15 @diaaaek 😭😭😂3ashan ta3rifo enny the reaaleestt💀😥

skydown7 🇱🇾ⵣ ‏@skydown7777

@Brandlessfan He's soooop fucking devious. And strong too 😥

♏️ ‏@Its_My_ARIE

@__MEAN__ASS Bitch I was sleep and had one I woke up about to scream 😥😥😥😭😭😭

Meagan Longoria ‏@MMarie

@SQLFlipFlopsDBA I'm sorry 😥 dogs are hard to lose.

Veronica Maza🌀 ‏@veromazae

Hope he is okay 😥

21. ‏@heyitschinky_

i dont think i'll full accept Whitey being gone😥

Ķýąņņą ‏@Kyannacanfly

I want to buy another one but nothing will ever be the same😫😫 What if I replace it, and then it never comes home??? How long do I look?? 😭😭😥

JuicyyJ ‏@Jhalladay21

I been needing to grocery shop for 2 weeks 😥

Jill ‏@wilburn_jill

@nataliewsj Can congress do anything about abused wives who’ve divorced their abuser who’s then sentenced to pay al…

Starman™Sawyer® ‏@Danimator2112


Beautybybridgetd ‏@BridgetD67

@Tonya_Stylz Thank you for sharing your story Tonya❤. I was 15. After my nightmare and he bailed out of jail, a wee…

a true jenna + tyler stan / 📌📌📌 ‏@spoookyjoseph

@39KillerKweens im big sad i just started making those yesterday 😥

Fempop ‏@Fempop

@LiebishS @GarrettHaake @MeetThePress @PeteSessions Thank you. Impressive yes 🇺🇸💃🏽🇺🇸💃🏽🇺🇸💃🏽🇺🇸💃🏽🇺🇸 A Trump 2020 win w…

Amber Jennings ‏@bunnytrax

@Stonekettle I wanted to get a seam ripper and missed them again. 😥

Yvonne Milton ‏@ckcsmum

@BrianLenzkes I’m loving the podcasts, only just found them so only on number 8. lots of things are making sense to…

Mram🍭. ‏@Mramghazawi2

Just little time 😥😥😥.

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