Dizzy Face Emoji

A dizzy face, looking sick or confused from being spun around in circles too many times.

Difficult to distinguish from the Astonished Face in Apple’s artwork. Most easily identified as being dizzy in Google and Microsoft’s artwork, with both showing spirals as eyes.

None show the dizzy symbol above the head.

Dizzy Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

🚩 Appearance differs greatly cross-platform. Use with caution.

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Also Known As

😵 Cross Eyes Face

😵 Spiral Eyes Face


😵 U+1F635




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G°ds°n OpPa ™🇳🇬 ‏@godson_oppa

Today!!!!!!!!!!! is the day and we gonna turn up 🕺🔥🥂🤠🤩 till 😵😴. #AsabaTwitterHangout https://t.co/wmkQJ7cWjp https://t.co/yRoNitjxpk

Lori Jean Finnila ‏@lorifinnila

@ISXKDawg Oh no! You better get on it!! 😵😰😅 It gets crazy out there.

Nyaruko🎅Zarf ‏@Zarf__

@TheIceyGlaceon You’re assuming that the ‘ship to house’ estimate was more correct than the ‘ship to store’ one…. 😵


So here’s what I’m thinking 🤔💭 . You💁🏼‍♀️, me🙋🏽‍♂️, two Four Lokos🤯. Chuck E. Cheese🐭🧀. Ski-Ball⛷🎾. Uh oh😵, a coupl… https://t.co/VKreCN1m1s

Pup🐾💕, Kingston🐶🌈💗& Leslie (Mom)🌹 ‏@MysteryPup4

@SqueakyVelvet @dianashavemore @CruiseDeanna In other weirdness, "Mommie Dearest" in also in overkill mode 😲🙄 Why,… https://t.co/BECrU7Y0bq

Shada-Bonea ‏@shadabonea

@faeriefountain @whyangelinawhy MY GOD 😳😳 that means I was 11 years old when I played it... Time to prep my grave 😵💀💜🖤💗

TSpikes_1 ‏@txspy4u

When you come home drunk and thought you lost your keys😵 https://t.co/vmRaZaF5PA

Chris Oxford ‏@WilliamOxford6

@JustCaseyAF Please let me know what it was like.😵🤪🤕

Lane Maddock ‏@MaddockLane

@soulmatesdissi1 @Gr8ful_Patriot @evannejordan @RebeccaRKaplan @HouseJudiciary @RepDougCollins @RepJerryNadler… https://t.co/BJtDAEiJN1

Swee ‏@swee_eyelashes

Man i was so drunk 😵 last night

GRIM the stÖner ➡️THE ONE TOUR➡️Wobbleland ‏@MuLatto_Cookies

Listening to primatology for the third time today and oh my goodness 🙇‍♂️😵🥴🙉🐒🐵🍌

yara✌️ ‏@dressfearless13

my irl friends today when I told them Taylor was turning 30 - 😮😵😨

bri E💙 ‏@briniikole

bae daddy u the finest😵💘 https://t.co/ZRxdnckB4B

Sergento Pyro™ ‏@joshuasmith1535

@madisonn_claire Just RIDT so you don’t have to see everyone😵😂 I know all the ways around it being on I&I

THOMAS BILLICH ‏@BillichThomas

@WasARepublican1 @revrrlewis @SpeakerPelosi 👀😵😂OOH YEAH!!

Always Alice 🐇✌️❤️🍀❌ ‏@Em45O

@RealIdjit @Harleysdad65 😂broken soul wtf..Tim😂😂😂becareful he seems awfully touchy feely there😬😲😵😱😂😂😂jk

Justin Thomas Tracker ‏@TrackingJT

JT DART!!!! 10 FEET!😵🎯🔥💥🚨⚠️

DG ‏@DatDamnDG88

Blood are you watching the James Madison and northern lowa game!!! 😵😵

LoveShareef ‏@ArtofShareef

@KeiraKinner Nigggggaaaaaa. I was like... 😵

sug.a🍭 ‏@TyCarter015

Wine drunk have me like 😩🥰😋😜🤪💦🍆😵😴

JXM2SAVAGE👑🤮🦍💉💷CMG⚔️🐐 ‏@jxm2sxv

Bitch all i want is top🙄😵

rizza ‏@imrizzamarie

last day 😵

shira ‏@doomxloop

looks like someone's depressed 😳😜😷😵✨

Εὔσταχυς ‏@stacytwts

Doing nothing feels more tiring 😵

Chris George ⚽📷🐾♀️ ‏@ChrisGeorgeKC


Sam Silva ‏@Sam50801978

In need of moves, I can tell this weekend is gonna be dry😵

Tía Dolores ‏@TiaDolores_Bot

WHAT?! The book of patterns was destroyed? #TiáDoloresDidIt 😵


That satin jacket tho 😵 https://t.co/Ffsl0DdYNX

Jasmine Nicole Lopez ‏@KJSNPL

Bachelorette = Tomorrow Make up= Left at work Heart = Stopped 😵 I have the best boss ever!! She’s driving to me to… https://t.co/lmshf6KeyD

DC11961 #ThankYouWoojin ‏@dc11961

@sftjongho My whole life would end tbh 😵

mono.OnALoop ‏@MoonchildTk7

@chimochiah @BTS_twt Help I suddenly don't remember how I say Tomato???? 😵😵😵😵😵

Bad Film Bot ‏@badfilmbot

This week's feature film: Hog's Inheriting Eggplant __________________ | .............................. |… https://t.co/9Qr3OpK4DG

Dan Vollmayer ‏@VollmayerOnFire

Those photoshop classes really starting to pay off for @WWEBrayWyatt. Bravo. 🙌 😀 But, @kanyewest, @KimKardashian,… https://t.co/vKuLIlXOCo

xOGModzzz Gaming ‏@xOGModzzz

@PandaHelperApp Stop wasting time updating apps and fix the rest first..i bet if u start listening to us then u won… https://t.co/HApaCOAmwP

𝔟𝔯𝔦 | fan account ‏@everytimescult

@ghstinasa i hope i do. ⏱✌🏼😵

Sue🖖🏻♠️🎙 ‏@spaltor

I’m done! Receipt in hand! Enjoy the pins, everybody. 😉🖖😵

War on Xmas Ready🎄🧨 ‏@garikapc

#FNM didnt fire 😵 Bought 5 dollar of repacks and got the #waifu Nissa chase card. Not bad. Not bad at all https://t.co/W2h3b18vSo

Calvin ⚔️252🛡️ ‏@WokenCalvin

@brivaldez_ Can't I just... Throw shoes at people 😵

Emoji Mashup Bot+ ‏@EmojiMashupPlus

base from 🌞 (sun) eyes from 😵 (dizzy) mouth from ☺️ (smile) https://t.co/ytxok6B9nZ

Kelsey ‏@kelseydoug12

@CHE15IE Who you go with that wasn’t me? 😵

L .A ‏@Luis29577725

@heatherjones333 This girl is possessed.😵

Lidia ‏@Lid_Arsova

OK 👌😵 Since then??? https://t.co/utEshEA5DJ

Ed VanDyke ‏@EdV_42

@jenant28 @DavidVistaChino Because that's a gene pool crying for a nuclear waste, nerve/mustard gas bump? It won't… https://t.co/uyuRDVTeSS

Allen Carter ‏@Anxiousdork69

Y’all... I finally did it. All my papers are done, and I’m finally home with my dog and screaming cat child, drinki… https://t.co/0z0MDJbvFk

beef ‏@beef81316042

@ASTROGaming SO why does the a50's not get this kind of love???I CALL BS!!!!! 😵😡😡😡😡😡

Randamus ‏@Randamus_

@_youhadonejob1 I didn’t know it was possible to gag and laugh at the same time. Today I learned 😵

My Name Is Kristina But You Can Call Me Bandit😎 ‏@bndtfrgs_gonwld

@drspago @_hublette The lower half of her face is starting to decay😳😵

maddiefff ‏@maddiefff1

i’m never gonna be the same without you😵

Chelsie Lambert ‏@_chelsiepaige_

@ste_rex Some people kill me. Like I would never walk into somewhere late and expect to get my full service lol. Es… https://t.co/uQUZwgOkYb

John Norman ‏@FakeJohnNorman

@corman_samantha We shall see 😵

Rebelle Fleur ‏@Bolaji_O

Why are all my Lyft drivers trying to kill me today? 😵

블루플레임 GA 📌 ‏@_happymoonbin

I was able to sleep during the flight but why do I still feel so tired? 😵

Marie Henselder ‏@MHenselder

#CorruptTrump deserves #impeachment for BIGLY reasons beyond extorting Ukraine to cheat in #2020Election The treat… https://t.co/odS7rHD1Tc

Yuey❗️ ‏@BangA_Yuey

@forever_ica you funny is shit 😵😵😵😂😂

⚜️𝙳𝚒𝚏𝚏𝚒𝚌𝚞𝚕𝚝𝙲𝚊𝚓𝚞𝚗𝙱𝚒𝚝𝚌𝚑⚜️ ‏@CrankyAssCajun

@EwanMTG @RobAnderson2018 @MollyJongFast @MSignorile You just don't know Captain Clay yet. 😵

FreddyBurger ‏@RawSadness

@freddyolo I still see ur shadow in my room 😵😔

lil cc ‏@Clari5187

the moon looks like a fucking painting tonight, fuccckkk 😍😵

雨 ‏@AmeRobertAuert

@yingfashi @wang9824126 I say it will be the Necro loli 😟 😵

天地 ‏@_tenchi__

70s and 80s were wild man, watching this Jason movie and this ho really just changed draws knowing she finna go fuc… https://t.co/5iFWzCKiPZ

Host Kay ‏@KahaliaM

@TambayObenson The quote marks on MISTAKE😂😵 I’m dying. 😵You gave him respect but asked him stuff he was shocked and… https://t.co/pWr6ExvVNn

Chi ‏@BebiChachie

I can smell death, suffering, and pain. Ugh. I hate hospitals. 😷😖😷😵

A.C. R. ‏@AJamesR1

@KAMbot1138 Yes, exactly, he's an honorable Looney bastard, in opposed to our bitter cat lady who is devoid of hono… https://t.co/szNRjtM3j8

Kiana Perazza ‏@kianaperazza

@sydlamberson I know. I fucking hate toxic people and toxic environments. The tension gives me constipation 😵

Kailyndria Rachel Katz ‏@KaiKatz

@Pathryn34 HER BACK.....autocorrect kills me....😵😵😵😵😵😵😵

KPArt ‏@KPArt12

@StarlitSugax I’m dead 😵

rpgry ‏@mckeelwater

i made her undress i arrest, cardiac 😵

ⒻⓊⓒⓚ Ⓨⓞⓤ™ ‏@Beadyhead_19

watchin Friday on a Friday FRIEDDD😵

Peter Molloy ‏@mollox

@Independent_ie @DUPleader knows she can't rely on @J_Donaldson_MP for loyalty!😱 He walked out on#UUP during #GFA n… https://t.co/rSPjeGRJnM

Ani solis ‏@godlyani

Im sicky 😵🤒 https://t.co/rlCAeik6ft

K the KillerOfExpression 👀🔥🦈 ‏@KaylaMayAlice

@wowc19 I will! Taking a break now but I'm 6hrs in! 😵 Shouldn't be too long tho 😁

ANNA ‏@annamidwest

@YungYinkv Did yall move or are you there temporarily? One of my customers at work today was gifted a canada goose jacket 🤑😵

Riccardo Cifuentes ‏@RcrdoCifuentes

DEAD 🤯😵 https://t.co/VDQFZbTpzF

ishmatic ‏@ishmatic2

@_emilypenman The truth always comes out when there 😵 drunk

lusia. ‏@LuuDiazAV

😵 mood 😵

Lock Down Your Life ‏@lockdownurlife

@drahcir_rahl Awww he misses you!! 😵😩😭

Liptint Oren ‏@alnihara

I'm getting upset after watching VIP drama. 😵😠😠😠😠😠😠

Chris Oxford ‏@WilliamOxford6

Amen, Hallelujah, and PLEASE pass the Tylenol my Friend.😊🤕😵 https://t.co/8FK6mkjcyj

Black Trans Lives Matter ‏@kash_cam

Not bald headed 😵 https://t.co/3uOys03oGJ

Ashley Ernst ‏@catmama41886

@marchriska @immacrecep Ok, but y’all haven’t had The wheels on the bus or Baby shark stuck in your head since Tues… https://t.co/TSFnmQlAbn

Sassy Comrade ❤🖤☭♀️ ‏@SassyOlli

@SmellyStrobes OMG yes! What's you find vibes I'm so onboard Strobes! (... gosh imagine how insane that booty would get on Estrogen!😍🤯😵🍑)

Olivier Poissant ‏@Poisst

@xCR1SPYx @fnveenie Wasn’t it Hossa? I’m confused. 😵

Ghost.. GoldenGhost? ‏@qtGhost_

@ParallelPsycho girls and i oop- 😵skskskskskskskks 🥵🤪almost dropped my hydroflask😘🤪🤪🤣 haha sksk 😜and i oop- 🤪and i… https://t.co/VLIv0GtplE

amor ‏@_janineamordula


❄️Jolly Ole Meme Hoe🤶 ‏@Jokerr_Page

Ack. I may have gone overboard and baked more than 35 cookies 😵😂 https://t.co/8iTWE4MVtz

Michael Lindsay ‏@1Mgl69

Check out Golden Brown by The Stranglers on Amazon Music https://t.co/Koke107fwE #np after Black Mirror "Metalhead" episode. Amazing. 😵

Elisabeth 🧶🧵🌊 ‏@SlipFallGetUp

@katwomanfifi Well, if they can’t get the bathroom of a small house far enough from the entertainment areas, like t… https://t.co/9nCyZJv0K2

Ronald Lampkin ‏@RonaldLampkin5


Kabby ‏@kabbyship

@KanesLight This scene... this gif... your description.. I’m just... so broken 😵 https://t.co/KFbCNMaOVz

Dawn McManus ‏@DawnMcUK

Awwww hell no! 🤢😵 https://t.co/76bJ67k6NP

KoolassBreeze ‏@SimsXclusive

@mrTwittaFingers @dbby__ Man she look like she was buttered 😵

Guuzaka ‏@OfficialGuuzaka

Casual Instrumental Noise Session Episode #27 🎄❄😵🥴😳 https://t.co/xHdMAYm0pV #YouTubeVideo #Episode27… https://t.co/B3CNTqul8e

Kelly Sangston ‏@SangstonAllStar

[email protected] You are so all over this! 😳😵☠️ https://t.co/g8xUUsverb

Patricia Silva ‏@patdsil

@carlosc19 Tell me about it, I’m gonna be editing through next week 😵

joeydouglas ‏@j_doug_

@hectorpenajr That convulsion tho 😂😵

Layla Hood ‏@LaLaLaylaJay

Teringat both birth kena jahit. Masa rayyan jahit sikit je so no bius. Masa Yusuf 1st degree tear sampai... Bawah.… https://t.co/Yp1lHxYBNx

tayłor 🦋 ‏@twagg292

*shows pics of stuff on my phone* 3 hours later... “You know there’s a hidden folder on your pictures right, you mi… https://t.co/Un2YCX2rWp

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