Dizzy Face Emoji

A dizzy face, looking sick or confused from being spun around in circles too many times.

Difficult to distinguish from the Astonished Face in Apple’s artwork. Most easily identified as being dizzy in Google and Microsoft’s artwork, with both showing spirals as eyes.

None show the dizzy symbol above the head.

Dizzy Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

🚩 Appearance differs greatly cross-platform. Use with caution.

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Also Known As

😵 Cross Eyes Face

😵 Spiral Eyes Face


😵 U+1F635




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Justin Turner ‏@turnerrburnerr

I WANT IT BACK MORE THAN ANYTHING🙅‍♂️😵 https://t.co/8j0ppKjmOm

sam ‏@gl_haii

@ali_theknife I need to learn to look at my controller when I’m trying to air up 😵 😩 luckily i caught it before it did too much damage

🌨 ‏@RealCultured

Just spent the last 3 hours testing 😵

James Cooper ‏@jpc101

My brain’s been mush all day - then I find out a new series of #OnlyConnect is on. 😮😵😐😳😜😆🤔

DeloriaL ‏@Deloriou5

Remembering my skin of Season 5 & starting the new stage. 🔥 Afiilliate in https://t.co/kq8du6KfnR ! Streams at the… https://t.co/K4BMGLDYQf

Benn J. Williams ‏@MuckyFunster

@nortypig Yeah, that’s what I’d read. I’ve still not drank any of the cyser I made, way back in April! Working my w… https://t.co/W5OphrGN3w

🎃♡joni♡🎃 ‏@jonimarg23

it’s that sad moment in history where i’m not sure if these people are serious or not 😂😭😵 https://t.co/RqPxH1T97s

LiveNoBS ‏@LiveNoBS

Puffiness, tired eyes, dehydrated skin... oh, yeah, those are signs of post party skin. 😵😵 Recover with a consisten… https://t.co/gUZOjvo4bY

Spencer Mawbey ‏@spankybeagle

I have just realized that no matter how much I love them, I can never forgive @pinkfloyd for fading out Comfortably… https://t.co/944qcov3nj

Singular_Claudia ‏@ST_3_Mileven

@SabrinaAnnLynn OMG 😲 there is more than 1............... 😵😵😵😵😵😵 https://t.co/TKk7pyXfjF

অবান ‏@Aban__Ind

@Devaaaakshi18 Ek dom eirom 👇 😨😨😵😵😣😣 https://t.co/xQO4HVUp1u


**SNEAK PEAK 👀👀👀** Elite company’s last rehearsal before the show 😵😱🎭🎉⭐️ Who’s ready?!? #tts #talentstheatreschool… https://t.co/wDqwLFfK6A

Linda Hall ‏@LindaHallTeam

WOW - Big Price Reduction 😵 - https://t.co/iFOPkZXpMg https://t.co/fJPlaONy9Y

Nicole ‏@NikiBlommaert

So many people being engaged and graduated with jobs yet I still struggle with getting eight hours of sleep 😵

👍Stephen Kloscak 🇺🇸 ⚾ ‏@stevekloscak

@boggywood @ClydeBeedy @BradleyLudlow1 @venator7 wow, Unbelievable. 😵

BluemanS🤡🇬🇭 ‏@domphyl

@berrie_jr 😵😵😵ur man is taller than our man. I know ur man... I know he's a Nigerian😱

Theresa (Mother of Felines) ‏@PropheTessMeW

@seamusdever Especially not on newer cars for dents 👼😵

Henrique Macedo ‏@henrikemacedo

A map of every building in America 😵 https://t.co/ZzRDVnM3gm https://t.co/CxQikrItzB

The sort of face ‏@sort_of_face

😵😵 rock come on and after about two or

Ro$¥ ‏@MsGKP

@CanadianSyrup @MrsGeorgiosP @jlz4us1 @GillDoc5 @AmazingLovelyGM @AnneMarie_GM_1 @MyAnchorGM @LilyYog83… https://t.co/72EpEvbCpt

Alfgar ‏@Alfgar5634

Crazy 😵🤐 https://t.co/c7U5nnKDZR

Spooky King🤴🎃👻 ‏@SeanMcdermott15

I’m dying 😵 🤧🤒☠️

Ashley Pickin ‏@Picnpaint

Hey y'all! My bad luck can be your good luck! I was completely booked this weekend, but I've had ALL OF MY EVENTS… https://t.co/36FgxdC2tg

tamiya ‏@tammie_ayo

weng weng never failed me 😵

Emma🌻 ‏@emma_borowski

@AmandaViolassi I’m flabbergasted 😵

T R A C I ‏@tracialex_

I get up so much at work. #Contractions are no joke man. ESPECIALLY when you’re on the phone with a patient and suddenly BAM 😵

scottie ‏@platinumdongs

@yungdanplesac 100 pin bowling!? 😵 fuggedaboudit


@_kordeiyonce The crazy thing is there are #Stans coming for @Normani who want to come for her yet their fave and N… https://t.co/YmjM5P02aC

Keira Churchill #NHSLove ‏@keira_churchill

@DutchCloggs @realTomHa @SergeantFrisky I want to know who represents me at the Treasury. Is it the appointed mini… https://t.co/F4QJWWgg0X

Nick ‏@Nickel_uk

@MrBLawton @IanDunt Exactly 😵

Snirot ‏@Snirot

@Jaomock When are you not sick 😵

Pol ‏@bbprtty

Can't sleep 😵

Rachel Nessi ‏@nessirachel

I fell down a staircase because I dabbed🤦🏻‍♀️😵🧠⁉️

Smurf ♌️ ‏@Watchflixnchill

Next nigga break my heart 💔 getting tased...👀 look now we both shocked 😳😵😖

Enlothien ‏@JudithDahmen

Still making my way through #ValiantVanquished on @Hyper_RPG. Man, Vol.3 has gone from goofy to dead serious within… https://t.co/hrT8EiPpmj

Aaron ‏@AaronNagha

@joee290896 You’ve been bashing this ain’t ya? 😱😵

LongLiveGreg 🙏❤ ‏@Amate_TaylorS

Smoked a whole oz in a day... 😵

Key ‏@CoprKey

#MONOISHERE Tokyo: 😭 Seoul: *bop and 😭 cuz DAM* Moonchild: THOSE👏🏻VOCALS👏🏻THAT👏🏻RAP👏🏻THAT👏🏻MESSAGE👏🏻DAM JOON 😵 Badb… https://t.co/AWgT22lI8d

mauricedb16 ‏@mauricedb16

I’m snapping this weekend😵‼️

Penny the Petty Pest ‏@PineappleGC

A lot of them 😵 https://t.co/st1U0bGwY4

Annie H ‏@Aniflo07

@HellsBellsy Please go back to @SoccerAM ... it's dire without you 😩😩😵😵

Caryl ‏@carylamabile

😵 Join the revolution and burn your bra! (31 Photos) https://t.co/b46tUaybYV

Larry L Edwards (~=E ‏@Larry2nuts

WOW!! Just WOW!!😵😖 https://t.co/ogyJI0lpEC

Jon Reinish ‏@JonReinish

On message! 😵 https://t.co/kdO2kE2qQi

🐜 ‏@peggyc9rter

@captonybucky Maybe Bc I am your real mom 😵

courtney ‏@scourtney15

@yeeah_dee @NOT4DABULLSHIT Shouldn’t have even been brought into existence 😵 I can see where he coming from though time is money

ZoBo ‏@ZoeBiglove

The comments loooool “my tears run down my back” 😂😂😂😵

Billy Ninja ‏@zierfus

@IntentDreaming @CrazyAF_ButCute Can't really forget the rollercoaster. 🚀😵😷😂


Often it has to be accompanied?😵🏍 #feedly #twitter #XRP #yegtraffic #KNUST #Omotoso #QAnon #Saaho https://t.co/9DMkp4bTZz

🇺🇸gia_g🇺🇸 ‏@gia_usa_proud

@LisaMei62 @PJMedia_com Are you sure we haven’t been invaded by aliens😵

julie hartley ‏@juliehartley9

@halloweenmovie Off to see it tonight, so excited 🔪😵😵🔪

Christian Fields ‏@Warriors423

@SantanaLAX + @Ortiz5150 + @TheJoeyLynch20 + @theMattLynch423 = The LAX Lynch Mob! Damn, I like that!!!!!!! 😵✊🏾🔥 https://t.co/ERePhGNqlb

Grace & Legend ‏@graceandlegend

#throwback to when we played the warmest venue we have ever played!👌🏽 toothandclaw.inverness can’t believe our mini… https://t.co/c236fpqpfE

Jesusita ‏@XJesusitaX

When you don't realize you punched something until your arm starts to hurt during work.. 😟😵

Lil Kimmy ‏@ajcbs


🕸Kawaii🎃Spook🕸 ‏@TheQuibbs

@spookeh16 lol I love sewing! I would totally do it for longer but it kills my back 😵

CC 🎃 ‏@420Texasmade

@Klbonbon I deleted all my videos off my bd phone when he was passed out drunk 😵 teach him to ever record me again

💑 ‏@gorgeousdara

@krungy21 what’s up~~~ so early 😵

Tracy Gelder ‏@TracyGelder2

@hevans111 @djsa2go Go for it, babe!👊I'm lovin' it👍👌❤You got me Hooked.......🐠👀⚓💦😂 (notice hooked with a capital H😵)

Tim Brown ‏@BookieTimB

@Patrickfounta12 And i think we ALL know who that "someone" wil be 😵

Dusty Kurucz ‏@D_Kurucz_30

All these nice sweatshirts and no one to steal them😵

mom ‏@marivelruiz_

I'm trying so hard not to post my sons halloween costume until halloween day 😵😵

Melissa ‏@missycopson

@StephenKing @VinPsd Watched the whole season in two days!😳😵totally loved it !❤️

lomelindi12 ‏@lomelindi12

God, I'm bored. There're 2 toddlers thwacking plsstic bricks together in the play area & the mother is the noisiest of them all, 😵

Dee Malone ‏@deemalone16

@GMallon76 @MichMC1 @herbyrelf @SeanMcCrystal3 @Kieranstewart8 @CEP_2015 @AidyHamilton That arsenal goal on the cou… https://t.co/3cULIfpii3

Annie Sabo ‏@WFLAAnnie

Wow...this is terrible 😵 #prayersup https://t.co/DKeE2ignFp

Janie Mitchell ‏@MichelleBaker29

@acevonjohnson @oceancitydream1 @hairnetradio1 @Johnnyitalia1 @KFearri @KruegerFAngel @MySwilly @faithloudguitar… https://t.co/oQeN6dOWTE

Sbulele Malgas ‏@Ntshozi

Whoa! So vele Aunt Gabisile and Nkunzi were a thing? 😵😅 #Uzalo

PeterEJH ‏@soft_fingers

@zoe_innoe @Village_boy7 @Mdusiwela @InfoMinZW @OpenParlyZw @MthuliNcube @acielumumba @PacheduZW @nickmangwana If h… https://t.co/3zIMnDO6IF

callie ‏@callie_steele24

@peachybinch_ YO THEY ARE CRAZY REALISTIC TASTING where did u find them in erie😵😵😵

Bibby🚀🐐 ‏@Playboiirelloo

Will be performing Friday 🚀😵 https://t.co/Py4O6pkyJA

Farren Mosley ‏@FarrenMosley1

A mean been a Sagittarius is fucking amazing but not been able to commit when yaaa want a boyfriend is literally self torture 😵😵😵

fiore🍯 ‏@xlovatoissues

@lovatoxKITTENS @ctrlovatos Clob isn’t a #truelovatic😵

gelert proud member of Murphy's mob 💗pigposse🐷 ‏@GelertClaire

@vwcecil @murphythecollie @jennystape anyone watching #coronationstreet ? Why is very Beth's bump so big she isn't… https://t.co/834yIlyAVL

Jennifer 🐇 ‏@JenniferLMeyer

@JoannHillnyc Wow... Blink...just. ... #ugh (Reminds me of Nintendo's old tagline for thier handheld... touching is good 😖😵)

Douglas Mr 1 Pin ‏@DouglasCibala

The things I think about: The longer U stay single, the more they doda my future wife 😵😵😵😵 https://t.co/hFNcRiWyLi

Mae ‏@1095_Mae

I’m dead 😵 It’s like @BKLYNlibrary knew my birthday was right around the corner. 👏👏👏 https://t.co/yNxVYhEd6c

Amna Hussain ‏@Lovina_says

my turn now 😂 Let's play a game🙊 Main Aap Ki kya Hun?🙈 Base on your birth month Jan= ideal👌 Feb= Crush😘 Mar= Best… https://t.co/jdGulwuPIM


@Harneetsin @vaishali_dhawan @FuzeProductions Don't drink and give interviews 😵

Medal Addict ‏@MedalAddict

#Repost nck_012 ・・・ S U N D A Y 😵 V I C T O R Y. . #spartanSOCAL ☠️ 2018 ☠️ . #beastmode . . . #spartanrace… https://t.co/tF7qufK4ef

JaY PaPA😉 ‏@iFadiya455

you see me in my dark shades 😎on & I can't see 😵 but you know say me fancy you 😚 @burnaboy

Captain Sensible ‏@AUandAGbull

@TommyThornton You must be hungover 😵😉

🎃🧡얼러너🍁🍂 ‏@monchiUNice

OMG,I can’t with this I’m dead 😵. Kim f Namjoon never disappoints. https://t.co/YNCAiEh9P6

Nickky Stardust ✨ ‏@nick_geo_29

Check out this new heat from @crashjordy ⚰️😵🖤++ https://t.co/o9X0iROhQI

🌸🌸 ‏@MarjaaniManaham

@Avi_Some21 Mjhe wo chaheyay 😢😢😵😵😭😭😭😭😭😭

Lester L. Sullivan ‏@Serjbart69

Well 💩, backed over hamper with jeans and blanket, so no work for awhile until those replaced😵🤪

Chloé ‏@ChloeRoadie

@littlemachine_ @stephie_d85 @CmndrLex @beautyghost97 Jealous Tan is back 😧😵

Ryan Reeves ‏@rmreeves99

Sometimes I feel like I care too much😵

Kïñgshïp Röyäl 🇳🇬 ‏@swtlovex

@ProfZode Warris dis?? 😵😂😂😭😭😂 Chisos! I can't...😂😂😂

Deb C Dolittle⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@Djmwhb3C

Has anyone noticed the necks on #Demonrats I've seen this with Blasey Ford, Hillary, Feinstein, Warren, it's what… https://t.co/8mRUoFLkMR

Ginbud✌🏽 ‏@ginabila3

@DogginTrump And the news is reporting that trumpers in Texas are lining up to see trump and cruz hate rally😵

Leslie A Sanders ‏@leslie2sing4u

@keishaj61744724 @ananavarro Who owned the jets, BIG 💰, no one is fooled and no matter what we do , Khashoggi is dead💔🙏😱😤😰😵 RIP

Virginia House ‏@virginia_house

@suzib225 Macrame (how many plant hangers does one NEED, truthfully) and decoupage! 😂😳😵

₢hristian Yu ‏@dprianx

She's can speak Deutsch, but I'm too lazy to start the conversation now. Haha but I need, ugh. 😵

Ms.Tonya ‏@MiMis2Gals

@RealJudgeLynn 🤣😱😵, Big E..might be trying to get wifey tipsy.

#SHISABHE_On6K+ Plays 🔥🔥🔥 ‏@Kaytrills_M

I laugh at people's lame jokes 😰😵😤 https://t.co/wc9hF2GhTq

Masanii Rez_woman ‏@REZ_woman

@shboot yeah, me neither. must be jusss another fun child's game 😵😮😣

EZ~Zayé ‏@thebnxpapi

Spoil My Night ! 😵

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