DNA Emoji

DNA is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🧬 U+1F9EC


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JSB ‏@tip5mvwzt

🧬😁Don't you just love the people who for all the blather, hyperbole, grandstanding and half references to questions… https://t.co/mifK6fvvQy

Free Melman ‏@paul_serious

We are constantly writing on our DNA 🧬 this is what defines our meaning from generation to generation

David Firn ‏@davidfirn

@clivecookson I seem to remember we got a 25% pay offer just before the 1987 general election too. 🧬🐑🥼

YUSU ‏@yorkunisu

University Challenge Trials are now LIVE! 🧬📽️📚🎨💽🔭🔬🕳️🏺📈📊🎖️🐞🏛️ The first step to going face to face with Paxman is… https://t.co/zyPubqim3L

cesca ‏@wydcesca

story of my life 🧬 searching for the right 👉kips kifdgipsm por da mi 😔sorrow in my soul 👼 kasis nimsa wrong 🤬bidiro… https://t.co/C0J0Px2mXF

UPS-PGC ‏@phgenome

Today's visitors: Students from the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences (CFOS), University of the Philippines V… https://t.co/cQNC2brHvu

Inst of Psychiatry ‏@KingsIoPPN

Dr @Emilydsw, from @KingsIoPPN who co-led the research w/ Dr @ZiadaAyorech, said: ‘We have shown for the first time… https://t.co/HQ8D9addVa

Jagger Lab 👂🔬🇪🇺 ‏@AuditoryNerves

Special Edition - Local drug delivery to the inner ear: Principles, practice, & future challenges 👂🔬🧬💊💉… https://t.co/HzegNqxMHi

Dan Wilson ‏@nadnosliw

Check out the new #science emoji added in #ios12 . I think these may have been released in latest beta build so if… https://t.co/gkWAATWTy3

Flipgrid ‏@Flipgrid

@Tommytech127 @BusseBio Wooowww! Way to go @BusseBio ! We're with you Tom, this is amazing! 👩‍🔬👨‍🔬🧬

BAD VIBES☄️🌎 ‏@_DavidPalafox

Growing that beard I see ✊🏽🧬 https://t.co/rG6s33JVCH

I'm a Leo ‏@TwonnyTwon

Haven’t seen any Leo’s disappoint me lately. I appreciate it. We’re the supremes 🧬

SFU Physics ‏@SFUPhysics

Bravo to Pau Farré, Alexandre Heurteau, Olivier Cuvier and Eldon Emberly for their recent publication "Dense neural… https://t.co/y9dXZ1LOmf

A-Level Physics HQ ‏@ALevelPhysicsHQ

Check out the new science emoji added in #ios12 We’ve now got a virus 🦠 Petri dish 🧫 DNA helix 🧬 and bubbling te… https://t.co/DgDYu9bVDy


Many cases of #dementia may arise from non-inherited DNA ‘spelling mistakes', suggests new research led by @The_MRC… https://t.co/J6iqAKloZT

Julia Marsigliano ‏@jmarsigliano

Check out @NNLibrary free genealogy workshop this weekend: https://t.co/LaUXsVevi0 🧬 #NewportNews #LocalNews… https://t.co/tin6Xbjlrj

Alejandro “Alex” Capote ‏@capotealejandro

@March_for_Life @BishopParkes @BishopWack @BishopEstevez @ThomasWenski @BishopNoonan @BishopDewane @pt_diocese… https://t.co/oyjGqoMJHb

Alejandro “Alex” Capote ‏@capotealejandro

#UniqueFromDayOne: pro-life is pro-science. #whywemarch @March_for_Life ❤️👩‍🔬🔬🧬 https://t.co/ayO9UsEyZ3 @HumanLifeAction

Ricky Papí ‏@MrRickySpanish

@yesnilbit @BDDarryl “I can’t explain the science” 🧬 I chucked 😂

Tomás Gomes ‏@tomsgoms

As a final note, I had a really great time at @IMMolecular (2013-2015), and learned a lot about science in general… https://t.co/ZkrodcXsJx


🧬🔬 Want to learn more about how TED thinks about science? 🧬🔬 We're doing an exclusive AMA with TED science curator… https://t.co/6ehTtPHcsj

TED Talks ‏@TEDTalks

🧬🔬 Want to learn more about how TED thinks about science? 🧬🔬 We're doing an exclusive AMA with TED science curator… https://t.co/7RraqX7SxJ

King'sHealthPartners ‏@kingshealth

Read interesting research from our partner @KingsIoPPN which suggests genetics plays a significant role in whether… https://t.co/RVP2mRM4VP

Ben Makin ‏@BenMakin_Exeter

Miss 'superhero scientist' Dr Fitzgerald @BWScienceNow, the fabulous Dr Ranj @DrRanj and our own @UniExeCornwall Pr… https://t.co/o9GWgHpKpR

Royal Institution ‏@Ri_Science

In this year's @GenSocUK JBS Haldane Lecture, find out about the world leading research by @Turi__King that led to… https://t.co/ThZ2iYqBYu

PrettyFlocko ‏@AyyeeMari_

Spectrum 🧬🌈 #msu22 #msu https://t.co/gKaqiEPl8H

Appleyard Lees ‏@AppleyardLees

Visit partner Barbara Fleck and #patent attorney Rachel Mercer at the @BIA_UK Bioscience Forum 🧬 Barbara and Rach… https://t.co/0gp0SiilNK

Institut Curie ‏@institut_curie

#Publication - 🧬 The dark side of centromeres : types, causes and consequences of structural abnormalities implicat… https://t.co/nQlAu8YwKa

Laurent Louette ‏@laurentlouette

Come & join us! We have: - great learning opportunities 🧰 - excellent coffee ☕️ - exciting, innovative topics 🧬 - d… https://t.co/FtXLARdyFL

ESA ‏@ESA_euroseeds

Have you ever heard about #CRISPR? 🧬 It's a feature of the bacterial immune system that can also be used to increas… https://t.co/rnIoTudZsL

Scope TV ‏@ScopeTV11

Could you be a ‘shedder’??? We’re finding out why some people shed more DNA than others! 🧬 @Flinders… https://t.co/uNJxUlgxDJ

⏳V¡perr⌛ [Anubis] ‏@Viperrmvm

"God you remind me of Donnie Darko and its beautiful" made my night lowkey 🧬

Glen🇺🇸 Politics ‏@glenthecreator

#YvetteCarnell @BreakingBrown #BreakingBrown discuss #ElizabethWarren @SenWarren Checked✔️by #Cherokees Over Import… https://t.co/sEgpwzC7t5

evie jo ‏@hoeveie

babygirl 🧬 https://t.co/LCfXL3AEUc

Ms Carpenter's Notes ‏@DramaPhilosophy

Gender policing likely stifles creativity. 🧬 https://t.co/E8mAhAq9DT

Terry Kinder ‏@tkinder

Elizabeth Warren was so easily provoked to anger and political miscalculation by [email protected]_shiva regarding her DNA 🧬 and… https://t.co/20infhfm9S

Terry Kinder ‏@tkinder

That Elizabeth Warren was so easily rattled over the DNA 🧬 controversy undermines any credibility she may have had… https://t.co/LYyo6Gw0dA

Terry Kinder ‏@tkinder

Running a victory lap about being potentially more white on average when her original claim was being Native Americ… https://t.co/UnLjA7PYa0

Terry Kinder ‏@tkinder

The greatest fault in the Warren DNA 🧬 controversy isn’t even the potential fraud and cultural identity theft, but… https://t.co/gOeH9b0U9i

Terry Kinder ‏@tkinder

Unfortunately, for Warren, her handling of the DNA 🧬 test and misinterpretation of the data, pointed out by .… https://t.co/oR0Qx6Cbhs

Terry Kinder ‏@tkinder

Elizabeth Warren is likely the first Democrat 2020 Presidential Candidate to Effectively be Knocked out of the Cont… https://t.co/afk2aMP5v6

Carolin Wedel ‏@WedelCarolin

Congrats to my awesome colleagues. 🎉 I am very happy that I was involved in this amazing project. 🧬 https://t.co/MDW3AXx13G

MsJettsClass ‏@MsJettsClass

Today we saw a cow named tinker bell .🏀🔰🏈⚽️🏐🎱🧗🏻‍♀️🛠️⚒️⚙️💈🔭🧬🔬🏷️📿🔮🏺⚱️🥕🍗🌮🍗🌮🍔🥓🌭🍕🍝🥚🥩🍤🍖🍗🧀🍯🥜🍞🥐🥖🥨🥯🍳🥙🍢🍭🍨🍧🍡🍢🍘🥟🍰🎂🍫🍬🤺🐶🐱

Moshe Fasten ‏@MosheFasten

@WABetaInfo It's the new emojis: 🥰 🥵 🥶 🥴 🥳 🥺 🦵 🦶 🦷 🦴 👨‍🦰 👨‍🦱 👨‍🦳 👨‍🦲 👩‍🦰 👩‍🦱 👩‍🦳 👩‍🦲 🦸‍♂️ 🦸‍♀️ 🦹‍♂️ 🦹‍♀️ 🦝 🦙 🦛 🦘 🦡… https://t.co/c48HP4HpSQ

Konrad Förstner ‏@konradfoerstner

If you like the paper also read Nicolai's post to get a "behind the scenes" perspective of the study.… https://t.co/m6yD7JyklS

Genealogy Beyond BMD ‏@BeyondBMD

Try #4 🧬 is in the mail - fingers crossed everyone!! 🤞 #genealogy #ImAGhost #DNATest

NanoTech at GA Tech ‏@IEN_GATech

[email protected]_Bio Visit booth 828 Thursday - Saturday at the #BMES2018 meeting and see how #access to our cleanrooms an… https://t.co/LGmXkazx7R

Calvin Schmidt ‏@calvinschmdt

🧬 Twist IPO update: offering 5M shares at a maximum offering price of $16.00, below Series D price of $21.24 per sh… https://t.co/Q8c7SnYjOy

CCG ‏@CCGenomics

@Aperiomics won @StartupofYear! CONGRATULATIONS from one 'omics to another! 🧬

Imperial IMSE ‏@Imperial_IMSE

Congratulations to IMSE affiliate Prof. Amparo Galindo who has been named @imperialcollege’s @LillyPad/@RAEngNews R… https://t.co/8aaKTSD8XI

Nick Hellmann ‏@stunad620

$QTUM is approaching the 0.618 FIB level 🧐 - With the @QtumOfficial and @amazon partnership just officially announ… https://t.co/BG63tEb1V2

Roma Cento ‏@CentoRoma

@SenWarren be careful not to cut yourself or you'll bleed the 1/1,024 out. 😭🧬

octioseman ‏@octioseman

Me ->😊 World -> 🙃Can means 🤔🙄and maybe turn the world 🚴‍♀️🏊‍♂️🌲🌳🐋🐟🐍🦎🦞🐧🦝🦒🦓🦍🙆‍♀️🙆‍♂️✍️💧🌊🍏🍎🍓🌽⚽️🏀🏋️‍♂️🛴🚄🚀🌈💊🔬🔭🧬📈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤… https://t.co/noKEPeSHeP

Jack Barrett ‏@JackLBarrett

Today’s thefirsttee STEMLinks 🧬 Field Trip 🚌 is at the @sfsciencecenter with Baldwin Prep School. @tftpalmbeaches… https://t.co/YZJYEDtCa8


Cell and Gene Therapies have the capability to harness the power of the immune system to fight cancer, and the UK a… https://t.co/y9KUg1w3Up


Awakening the curiosity and research spirit of young students from Joan Fuster Institute of Barcelona at @idibaps 🧬… https://t.co/d6AJjXE9Nr


The BIA have recognised four key areas of scientific focus - check out our brand new Strategic Technologies page to… https://t.co/GCKhjgPink

Ben Makin ‏@BenMakin_Exeter

Tomorrow, Prof Dave is joined by the fabulous TV & NHS doctor (and 'Strictly Come Dancing' star, of course!), Dr Ra… https://t.co/M5MWo8BmrD

Letap NeriH ‏@LRihim

@pmmulla @ajmeripoet @RoflGandhi_ @republic I just found out that your DNA 🧬 matched with your neighbor.

Whovian Fanbase ‏@Whovian_Fanbase

Episode 5 of #DoctorWho will be titled 'The Tsuranga Conundrum'! ⚠️ Injured and stranded in the wilds of a far-flu… https://t.co/Q7GvwlsJbt

Edgar Recinos ‏@edtertainerd

"Welcome to the trip." 🧬 #AmaaaaazingSeries https://t.co/2VvjGNyQAI

ً ‏@miIkcandys

🧬 where tf was this emoji when DNA era began

Iconoclast ‏@ProfessorDNA

@neminkov @LumpyLouish @BethLynch2020 @downlowdown1 @bourgeoisalien @IPM_Science @LaurieAWiggins @GodandtheBear… https://t.co/6IVSvYrFnC

Joanna Lankester ‏@JoannaLankester

🧬+🍸🍷🍺➡️💔?? To be continued Wednesday 9 am session in room 6B! #ASHG18 @ErikIngelsson @ZanettiD_ @tassimes

Terry Kinder ‏@tkinder

The Elizabeth Warren DNA 🧬 Test Proves Very Little and Wouldn’t be Accepted for the Purpose of Tribal Identity. Her… https://t.co/6IWyM27AUs

Terry Kinder ‏@tkinder

@Beth_Koscinski Wow. Us guys. You didn’t read the DNA 🧬 test methodology which definitively does not prove what you… https://t.co/o7wDxRAZiz

Terry Kinder ‏@tkinder

@gaslightingus2 You’re actually wrong. You didn’t read her DNA 🧬 test methodology did you?

LY Berlin Day 2 ,, kth💜🐯 ‏@alexaeisele

@bts_bighit see you tomorrow💕🧬

Suzie#Q ‏@shiplaplove

@ShawnG927 @PatriotDreamerz @GymCoachMac @RealTT2020 @PauWitkowski @HulkLmc @SickOfTheSwamp @Maggieb1B @4RANDALL1… https://t.co/76EYrRFLHf

Miguel Serrano ‏@Monstro73

@BenMkWrites @ParamountCanada @OverlordMovie @PilouAsbaek @JovanAdepo @BenTavassoli Vancouver Please and Thank You 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🔫💉🧬

ICSE Helper ‏@icsehelpline101

❗️#ICSE #Biology: Have you gone through these labelled diagrams from all chapters? 🧬 They've been drawn by hand & c… https://t.co/ck1JApJi1L

🏮Víctor Revenga👑 ‏@KingRevenga

🔬“Cookin’ up in the lab like I’m Rick and Morty “🧬

yeehaw in california ‏@isitohbi

🧬 As part of enrollment, Cherokee Nation dictates their own requirements. To quote Cherokee Nation directly, “The… https://t.co/Ctv1emKPPD

yeehaw in california ‏@isitohbi

🧬 DNA test cannot distinguish North from South American indigenous DNA. Thus, her 0.00187% (or whatever) can be fro… https://t.co/FtY05KOC7n

yeehaw in california ‏@isitohbi

🧬 On another hand, she has no community ties to Cherokee Nation. MEANING, she hasn’t grown up or even remotely conn… https://t.co/rrBE6CKHGP

yeehaw in california ‏@isitohbi

🧬 For one, it has been said that she’s 1/512. This means 10 generations. 1/512 blood quantum as a percentage is lik… https://t.co/GdHBlTdz4r

Brett Haase 🌎🚀✨👻👽🤖💫 ‏@brett7three

@lindaws Pretty sure there's some #CaveMan in there. There is alien for sure! (-: 👽🧬

Terry Kinder ‏@tkinder

@liz_venom Why didn’t she use commercial DNA 🧬 test? Because she couldn’t get the result she wanted. Good luck with Twitter.

Dave ‏@engaginggeezer

@StephenKing Roughly 1 in 200 of all men, have 1% of 1 helix strand, of Genghis Khan 🧬 That doesn’t give them all… https://t.co/9fX99SXaAO

Spokata ‏@spokata

Listen to the latest #Politics: https://t.co/MOTgmDux85 ✈️ Pompeo Meets Saudi King Over #Khashoggi's Disappearanc… https://t.co/IZD8qhZAEN

Terry Kinder ‏@tkinder

Maybe Michael Avenatti can help Elizabeth Warren to sue whoever advised her to release her DNA 🧬 results as a campaign ad...

Terry Kinder ‏@tkinder

Elizabeth Warren’s “2020 and Me” DNA 🧬 Test didn’t turn out how she expected...

Benjamin ‏@bzwise

@NealMcCready based on that comment she’s not getting an academic scholarship. i get you guys didn’t pay attention… https://t.co/n7gG9527w7

INDIO809™ ‏@indio809

@SenWarren test is not “junk science” just because @KellyannePolls and the #NativeAmericans don’t want to acknowled… https://t.co/0rZnB8H2wQ

Oncocheck ‏@oncocheck

In 3 weeks, we will attend #Longevity2018, where our Lab Director (Dr. Lissette Otero) will participate in the… https://t.co/a9HCTpTt5A

Terry Kinder ‏@tkinder

Elizabeth Warren’s DNA 🧬 Science Denialism is shocking. That her supporters deny sound DNA science and her fraudule… https://t.co/HiQH2XQ4Uh

Hertford College ‏@HertfordCollege

Today we've been exploring genomes and Japanese with students from @UCL_Academy in Camden - we hope you enjoyed it… https://t.co/vK9XY2GccM

Genomic Biology ‏@IGBIllinois

Last year in Chicago, this year in St. Louis! We're packed and ready to head to the @STLScienceCtr for our World of… https://t.co/Taqn0Jzolq

Terry Kinder ‏@tkinder

Elizabeth Warren supporters aren’t good at science 🧬, reading comprehension, or listening to context. 1/1024th non-… https://t.co/NIf32sFnVz

Swellbox ‏@Swellbox

These are Elizabeth Warren's DNA results. Have you discovered yours? 🧬 https://t.co/fOHKJ6KXXA

Mizzou Research ‏@MizzouResearch

The Science on Wheels road show in Fulton, Mo. was an opportunity for Mizzou grad students to show the public the i… https://t.co/6evoFxDnr9

Jordan Clark ‏@Prodigalson2025

“We are just starting to enter an era where researchers are finding for the first time really credible linkages bet… https://t.co/NePClZ9K2s

Terry Kinder ‏@tkinder

@elizabethforma @realDonaldTrump You didn’t prove you were Native American. Your rigged DNA 🧬 test didn’t prove you… https://t.co/YwYdV76XGi

Nic Rib ‏@NickR27

@GMA @PJmiekidzandi @marykbruce One can get more DNA 🧬 if their Great-Grandma was bitten by a mosquito 🦟 that recen… https://t.co/IWfC5Qzlrr

Eloise Ballard 🔬 ‏@eballard123

Have any good images that represent your work in #infectious diseases? Consider entering this competition-- you cou… https://t.co/tLgrbkHUhn

Christian Mosimann ‏@chrmosimann

Welcoming Zahra Labbaf from the Raz lab @WWU_Muenster as our lab's next short-term visitor. Excited to look at LPM… https://t.co/iYM0r8PES0

King'sHealthPartners ‏@kingshealth

Research jointly led by Professor Ammar Al-Chalabi at our partner @KingsCollegeNHS has indicated that younger peopl… https://t.co/0LyuE9ed1B

Thumper ‏@Bluecat14w


anthony ‏@anthonyyharding

BLOOD DRIVE OCTOBER 24th!💉 . Someone’s your type, SAVE A LIFE! SIGN UP and DONATE💙 . Sign up with any Medical Assis… https://t.co/JhTAUfRHai

Thumper ‏@Bluecat14w


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