DNA Emoji

DNA is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🧬 U+1F9EC


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BamBam™️⚡️ ‏@SirFonzworthJr

Thanks 🧬 for my skin never breaking out or pimples..

𝕂𝕀𝕄 ℂ ‏@TalkAboutSexEd

Periods are SCIENCE not a secret. 🧬 Makes me cray. #dontseperate #periodsarescience #modelacceptence… https://t.co/RBE57LiWHN

Joshie ‏@JoshieJTW

yo i’m looking for a team ima start streaming again just gotta find the motivation again https://t.co/w3ZP76HfFq @TheTeamStellar 👀🧬

🕴🏾 ‏@PBillionaiire

Money can’t buy you style🤷🏾‍♂️, That shit gotta be in ya gene 🧬

KΛI💀 ‏@KMS_Kai

blessed genetics 🧬 https://t.co/bJU9v3xVYS

Auggs ‏@theauggie27

My daddy a G it’s genetics 🧬

JENNGREEN ‏@jelrgreen

Mind Galaxies 🧬 @AceM0

Coach Scott ‏@TeamSpiritSocks

@ewarren Might want to check your facts ... this sounds like your heritage before the dna 🧬 test

𝓐isilí ‏@FoutzAsh

My mum vs. me. Genetics 🧬 man, wild. 👀 #Twins? https://t.co/gYyMlQRfbB

Jenni Travis ‏@travis_jenni

@KnicksNetwork hey guys thank y’all for following me back but I bet I can make 2 or 3 pointer, thanks to my moms ge… https://t.co/6c6arBRvlr

Cardiff Devils ‏@cardiffdevils

Rare never before seen strand of @JoeyMartin14 DNA 🧬 🏒  🐐 🏒🐐   🏒 🐐 🏒 🐐  🏒 🐐 🏒 🐐  🏒… https://t.co/wAUzNYjlpq

Boston Rick ‏@rickcatino

@DavidWohl @realDonaldTrump @rickcatino David, if you spent as much time raising your son than you did not tweeting… https://t.co/tWrs8uT3lx

Andy ‏@andyfinlay07

@GuyB_rockshow @deadmanswhiskey It’s in our DNA 🧬

Stephen Turner ‏@sjturn

#LorneGenome @GenomeConf Chris Mason from @Cornell how does space affect the genome... 🧬 🚀 🌑 how to survive the tri… https://t.co/tgASKrSzpv

Mike Frazer ‏@MFraysier

Winter break, but we still getting our science on 🧪 🧬 🧫 https://t.co/AXO4XrOJAS

Vanessa ♥️🌺🌸💓 ‏@vanessakinace

If you imagine the world as a living organism, you’ll observe there’s points where if you touch it hurts, almost ev… https://t.co/A0YTFNMFfX

Theron Dajuste ‏@TheronDajuste

@_thatwilsonkid_ SonSun they made Turtlenecks for Long Neck Brothers Like Me And You. I’m sorry you got the long neck gene 🧬 🤣🤣🤣

dathurricaneboi ‏@caneswagg

We will never see another great one like @kobebryant ...these kids don’t have it in their DNA 🧬 https://t.co/B5xETXxmDu

Chris Harris Sr ‏@ChrisHarrisBB

DNA 🧬 Is A Mother Jack! #SkillsPayBills https://t.co/V4RKIJhQY4

MARVIN CRUZ ‏@marvincruz94

I have no friends so yall gonna be my friends now 😌⛓🧬💕

𝖏𝖊𝖗𝖗𝖈 🧬 ‏@JerrClass

Joined @TheTeamStellar as a comp player thanks to @AyySemied let’s get this bread!! 🧬

steve jeffs ‏@steves_simpson

@aaronbronsteter 🧬 GENETICS : 👊🏼🇨🇦👊🏼r ya really that surprised ??!.. #teamMMA4life

Michael Montez🌹🚀🌎🔮 ‏@itMichaelMontez

the Kids turned out fine ☼☼🧬🎇🔭 https://t.co/cVBAUG1dSx

USPatriot: #LotusRising2020 ‏@muellerpatriot

@darrellclick Don’t think he has the 🧬 for it..

Teddy Lopez ‏@tedsta17

@bellaisabellaaa Yeah it’s called a gene 🧬😂

Sean ⭐⭐⭐ ‏@Cordicon

@redpill_beena I wouldn’t say that at all. We all have the BITE in us. Some way more 🧬 than others.

Matthew Waites ‏@MatthewWaites

Lunch today with my friend Ebrima, ex LGBTQ asylum seeker from Gambia, now in first year of a medicine degree at Gl… https://t.co/uB1YrRBNdL

Ⓜ️iles ‏@RigidDigital

@SirJeremyLondon Frat Boy genome 🧬 now mapped

Brittany Bowker ‏@BlurryFace_666_

Comatosed 💊📺🧬😴

USPatriot: #LotusRising2020 ‏@muellerpatriot

@Stop_Trump20 Very unfair to Trump! @BarackObama just had a better body.., @POTUS44 had better 🧬 & God was with him… https://t.co/FgUjtrgRD6

Stellar Ash🧬 ‏@Skempish

Joined @TheTeamStellar as a streamer 🧬

Zach✨ ‏@zMeadowss

don’t get mad at me bitch it’s in my genes 🧬

ᴇxᴘᴇϙ🧬 ‏@wyaEx

Joined @TheTeamStellar 🧬

LHS Science ‏@LHS_Science_

S2 STEM Academy - letters coming out tomorrow for our annual trip to @BigBangFair @thenec to support our 16 finalis… https://t.co/tV3QIvmsbV

Thorsten Kessler ‏@thokessl

@JeanetteErdmann @YoungDZHK Thanks! Before PCI get your GUCY1A3 genotype! 🧬

Ryan J. ✨ ‏@niggaminaj_

I just need some love 🧬 https://t.co/BldzZkX7Tx

Crazy Catlady ‏@TidalKnot

Not being funny like, but if you are 30+ and still into extreme sport, then the likelihood of any recovery from a d… https://t.co/h1bK3vQOEo

Debra gordon ‏@Donniesdeva

@backstreetboys I love that song ok I love DNA 🧬 Howie looks awesome 🥰 know what ? No place is number 4 on Montreal… https://t.co/xyyecUbPEx


Join UGGC for our meeting this Tuesday, 2/19, 7-8PM in room 335 of Campbell Hall for our graduating senior panel! C… https://t.co/OihwOf7upe

:::Engaged Voter::: ‏@Distrumpian2020

I wish Miller every last form of retribution and injustice equivalent to his disgusting behavior and actions. That… https://t.co/7kTLqMEDDe

Vennie Kocsis ⚔️ Outing Cultists ‏@VennieKocsis

Think for yourself. Believe in yourself. Outside belief disempowers humans. YOU are a walking mass of extraordinary… https://t.co/p9rai5iNiv

Julia Faye West ‏@JuliaFayeWest

The Science of Chill 💎🧬 https://t.co/Ur3cfgyS3t

MonsterSmike ‏@LeonTechno

Madness is a science 🧬 #MAD #madness #madscience https://t.co/SQQKNVQWoj

Samantha ‏@samanth48611919

What did one DNA 🧬 strand say to the other? “Does my bum look big in these genes?”

GreenShiftEducation ‏@GreenShiftEduc

We had an amazing time with these super “Science Buddies” yesterday 🧪 🧬 #EducationalYetFun! #HandsOn #Durham https://t.co/iJJTN5UMJh

فـيصـل ✨ ‏@Fai9alAlb

Different people different minds , Dont judge me straight 🧬

GreenShiftEducation ‏@GreenShiftEduc

We had an amazing time with these super “Science Buddies” yesterday 🧪 🧬 #EducationalYetFun! #HandsOn #Durham https://t.co/jhpiJ1pboY

Cultura Colectiva ‏@ccplus

Vasopressin, also known as the "happiness hormone" is a hormone that has been studied for a long time. 🧬 Some docto… https://t.co/j48tYuaYVO

Sahir khan ‏@IsahirK

In other words it’s impossible to convince them cos this thing is in their DNA 🧬 & changing the DNA is one tough job.

Stephen Spanellis ‏@Big_Spanellis78

Prison Joel with the clutch gene 🧬 https://t.co/eSQItK21dv

Lucy Hohnen ‏@LHohnen

@debjeremy some of my 🧬 is in that tall yellow giraffe chasing down the ball

evolving....✨ ‏@therealcandie

@Hernameisjad Cause you get paid for looking good. Your genes 🧬 are a paycheck.

basill lee ‏@BasillLee

Unlocking My new Legendary 👍🧬😜 https://t.co/DgrPyoVhvq

Ritu Thamman MD ‏@iamritu

@SABOURETCardio @SilCastelletti @krychtiukmd @JGrapsa @Drlipid @AnastasiaSMihai @MihaiTrofenciuc Esp in light of ma… https://t.co/7ffjZkG2qR

Vasi ‏@VasiliosMantou

@SPlCYBBY @tallulahrose69 Greek genes 🧬

Ms. Dehens ‏@LDehens

Check out my brand new Teacher Guide with 10 strategies for inspiring girls in STEM! 🌎🔎🧬💡🔭🦠#WomenInSTEM… https://t.co/bawKIlNrAn

30 Paris🐝 ‏@ThrtyParis

@stunthardphresh @DistroKid Oh yeah!!! 👹🧬

Tarry Singh ‏@tarrysingh

@ChaimieRiley @KirkDBorne @Timothy___Cook Math & Science 🧬 have always mattered. I just worry that like the medieva… https://t.co/ExOW4D5RQ6

💋12|10💋 ‏@yvngcii

boy i invented you💋🧬 https://t.co/786d49tNqQ

🥀Angelika ‏@honeydelasoul

@THEPR3TTYMESS @entanglemeant @RodkneeOTB Exactly personal feelings can never beat millennia of human evolution and… https://t.co/mxjmdKU65G

Mike Molnar ‏@MikeMMolnar

“Allele” genetic biology humor to brighten your day up never hurts. 😂 🧬 🐐 #ScienceHumor https://t.co/Fa4yzRp7BG

[email protected]@SarknationUAE

Which rapper’s DNA is this? @sarkodie DNA 🧬 🎙  🐐 🎙🐐   🎙 🐐 🎙 🐐  🎙 🐐 🎙 🐐  🎙 🐐  🎙… https://t.co/6qThmue6O7

UniversalFull Gospel ‏@UFGChurch

Pastor Byron Fields: Only God Can Deliver DNA 🧬 #ufgchurch #God #dna https://t.co/BZeB6JTQ9P

D8SPower⚡️ ‏@dna240_

@TheMedicalShots Science 🧬💙

Mayor of Columbus ‏@mayormillz_

Snapped 🧬 https://t.co/8Fhv8Fh14U

Yachub Adhi Wijaya ‏@yachubawijaya

@roryquinn3 @FprojectHP Follow everyone who Retweets & Likes this 🧬

Aurora ‏@aurora2b

Follow everyone who Retweets & Likes this 🧬

Sarah Morris ‏@BlackdogDNA

@TheoPaphitis Do you have a mixed breed dog? Find out its ancestry with a DNA test from https://t.co/vFiVSKgSnQ… https://t.co/fDhOmDFpCb

Amanda Hurley ‏@HurleyPhD

Pros and cons of open science with @BeltwayScience #AAASmeeting my first live podcast!!🎤🧬👩🏻‍🔬🏛 https://t.co/XqyQyM2HcT

cwa soh ‏@eerezana

@urwarmblanket Mashum 🧬💘

Kay ‏@CouleeAintDead

Wow this felt meaningful without trying.🖤 no faking that truth when it’s in your genes 🧬 https://t.co/b5wkUZZGrp

Harold⚜️ ‏@dlorahII

@GeauxEdits @Dematrius09 Louisiana is in your DNA 🧬 Come represent🐯💜🤞🏾 #purplengoldblooded #NFLSU

Limos4 ‏@Limos4Net

Ending a week in your own #style. 🧬🌐🚗 https://t.co/IQXFj2dpW0 #limos4 #travel #limo #traveling #car #carservice… https://t.co/MfC55q6Blk

#ClinicalTrialPatient🙂💉💪#Nickname #Stemmy🙏✌️❤️ ‏@UFStemCell

@GEHealthcare 🙏✌️❤️💪👍 Nothing can hold you back with a little bit of Hardwork,Hope & Determination.🎗Keep pushing medicine forward!🧬🔬💉#STEM

𝐜𝐡𝐫𝐢𝐬 ‏@oihemsy

🧬- imma need you to tell me what crack you be smoking because you say some of the wildest shit ever. Also I’m still… https://t.co/4OlRYBdJKy

φӀąղէ Ꭰąժժվ ‏@finniminty

Not gonna lie but genes worked in my favor for the most part. Curly hair, clear skin, big lips, big green eyes, nat… https://t.co/fhP7j2krzs

Plague ‏@LostPlague

Two Recruits Inbound! 👨🏽‍🔬🧬

Barry Steenson ‏@BarrySteenson

Checking out the #BrokenSymettries exhibition this weekend @FACT_Liverpool 🧬 https://t.co/ayeo8kPTtT

NJOOD. ‏@NjoodEbrahem

#SunshineHobiDay 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 H.B.D OUR SUNSHINE 🧬💙💙 https://t.co/pDAjkopERR

𝐂𝐚𝐫𝐨𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐂𝐨𝐥𝐯𝐢𝐧 🍒 ‏@petitangebrun

I love how many women and POCs work at Alchemax. Yes, Kingpin is wack, but at least he cares about giving marginali… https://t.co/t2sEg3SFgG

☁️ clou wit da lou ✨ ‏@yung_lima

If I support u business wise it’s personal 🧬

Jaye Carrero ‏@JayeCarrero

@bidden_fru Girlll half genetics 🧬 the other working out of and being active a majority of my life now just good ea… https://t.co/hXzX3rzvF2

Kelli ‏@leadfootlucy

@1legchad 🤣🤣🤣🐔🐔....thankfully there wasn’t any 🐷🐽 DNA 🧬 #toofunny #LivePD #LivePDNation #BackTheBlue #DNA 💙🖤💙

Terence میں ടെറൻസ് ‏@terence_fdes

@d_extrovert @narendramodi @PMOIndia Idiot 🤯 The Emperor thrives when his rampaging Bhakts go Berserk This is in… https://t.co/fJdK4oq39l

MuscleFitnessHealth ‏@MFHPerformance

🧨💥😎 THE 1 MINUTE PICK UP 👇 🧬 Filtering key Amino Acids into the system. And some cognitive enhancement 🧠 https://t.co/KsvB2hq50D

Ary ‏@aburto_aranza

Life is good. Life is god. 🧬

Rosemarie McIntyre ‏@writesherdreams

♥️ Kenkakun- with love. It’s engraved in our DNA 🧬 to love and be love. Live today kenkakun. If only for today. https://t.co/yz2utec3vt

Evogen Nutrition ‏@EvogenNutrition

Bridge health and physique perfection with #EVOVITE ⭐️ Here’s why #TeamEvogenElite jamesfit__ stays on top of his d… https://t.co/D73K7nJ80N

Steph Feels ‏@steph_feels

@MindTendencies2 Blood gifts :) awakened dna 🧬

Filistine🇵🇸❌ #Anonymous ❌ ‏@Filisti69700545

When you say Jews (whom are not a race) where did they come from, from my understanding of the English language is… https://t.co/USE0kpJhK6

o̷͓̾m̶͔̏e̷̠̐g̷̮̒a̶̩͌ ̸͔̅b̸͓͠i̴̲̎ẗ̴̩́c̵̪̎ḩ̸͐ ♥ ‏@jade_splitver

peep my fangirl lifestyle 🧬💜 https://t.co/ou3cfWxacY

Lucy Jade ‏@lucyj_nutrition

🧬 Coeliac Disease and gluten intolerance is a different response to the gluten protein (Barley, Rye and Wheat) 🌾 .… https://t.co/SK6gXeZk1R

Lucy Jade ‏@lucyj_nutrition

🧬 Coeliac Disease and gluten intolerance is a different response to the gluten protein (Barley, Rye and Wheat) 🌾 .… https://t.co/17QNMPARmm

Ashley Butler ‏@sincerelyab__

I’m hanging out @ the House of DNA 🧬 🏀 Social Status @Jumpman23 @Nike 2132 McClintock Road Charlotte, NC… https://t.co/fRqU7PbHwk

Morgan Carter ‏@PlantPathSecret

SJ: Bias comes from differences in: Sample collection and storage🧫 DNA isolation 🧬 Library preparation 🧪 WGS vs 16S… https://t.co/ao7eLu1lMV

Bridgette ‏@RedHairStepKid

Check out 🧬Redhead Step Kid 🧬’s video! #TikTok > https://t.co/bib5cQfiFr

Z⃟V⃟D⃟D⃟Y⃟J⃟A⃟Y⃟Y⃟ 🧬 Dj Vønn ‏@javonbrown74

When Everything was Everything 🧬

ky ‏@_kyairamarie

We ain’t on the same shit. You ain’t from my planet, we don’t speak the same language 🧬

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