DNA Emoji

DNA is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🧬 U+1F9EC


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ليبرالي مؤمن ‏@y_sherbo

Bill Gates will never stop amazing us. DNA 🧬 will be used for digital Data Storage 👏 https://t.co/fkUD9M3Z1C

Dimitriοs Damalas ‏@DimitrisDamalas

@BSRC_Fleming @samiotaki1 What kind of samples are you going to analyze with your new #orbitrap? Are you focusing o… https://t.co/CoX75fvs67

GOSH Arts ‏@GOSH_Arts

We’re excited to present our outpatient engagement project by @DesignmapUK @EHD2019 #EHD2019 today - the interactiv… https://t.co/xHX1zgTUMm

Laura MartínezCam ‏@Laumcampesino

Very well deserved poster prize to ⁦@Philippa_95⁩ lots of very nice data 🐠🧬🔬🦠🏅 https://t.co/sQVrV8RFLF

Casey J ‏@CaseyJones1985

@its_tiff_init 3 yrs older than the guy in question 😂 Good Genes 🧬

TaiJon 🥶🔊 ‏@prodbytaijon

Proving people wrong is in my dna 🧬

ItsAdamz code:youtube-drash ‏@951Adame

@vDrash94 I don t hunderstand adn 🧬

Insect Cryobiology and Ecophysiology (ICE) Network ‏@ColdBugLife

More summer projects! #UndergraduateResearch #NDSU Angelo- telomere length in the blue orchard bee 🐝🧬 Jennifer-… https://t.co/lCvCVhgJYr

Meep ‏@Timothy71679356

@MikalynDay @artiaga82 @naybrodski @kingtutfool @Connormorrisey1 @AnthonyMilo7 @andrewjalva Boom science 🧬

Trella_3yeah ‏@LetsDoThisMyWay

@nevremore For all us who love makeup we just want the truth and you are willing to help us get there!! Thank you a… https://t.co/POtU7W6VDP

Paola Soto-Pérez ‏@pa_sope

Allowing time for science policy and science communication talks in the @crispr2019 was amazing! An important audie… https://t.co/U2NC3NMLQi

J.C. Valencia ‏@JuCarlosVale

@SalvadoranPride It’s all the GMOs crap that they feed kids here in the US. Well, some genetics 🧬 May also apply 🤷🏻‍♂️

My Pet Love ‏@MyPetLoveOrg

This may look like just a normal monkey to you however... it’s not :flushed:🧬 Scientists in China have created a mo… https://t.co/qk9qrRP7ot

Blocktistics ‏@blocktistics

🧬 BTC UPDATE 🧬⁣ ⁣ Bitcoin seems to be fighting some heavy resistance after rising by over 15% over the last week. ⁣… https://t.co/WHNPN3GFBR

Sage Admission ‏@sage_admission

Interested in becoming an Occupational Therapist? 🥼📚🧬 . . . Check out the OT labs where students are learning how t… https://t.co/yKbWPyP2TX

The Qwedge ‏@theQwedge

@Electra661 @POTUS Time to vacation in mexico lose my identification enter the US illegally and I get free health c… https://t.co/onubIxG9Et

Jenifer Spence ‏@jenifersiovahn

Time flies! A year ago I was given the opportunity to present two talks @RFG2018, one of them on how hydraulic frac… https://t.co/EsFhRtBKjw

BTS Army Valledupar Oficial ‏@ArmyValledupar

18/06/19 Todos los #1 que Bangtan ha tenido dentro de la lista de ventas digitales mundiales: -Fire 🔥 -Blood Swea… https://t.co/9onQMMSNzL

Kevín 🌑👽 ‏@stay_Gone94

Don’t let the actions that toxic people tend to throw at you never lose focus . 🧬✌🏽

Shaunda ‏@shaunda

@lorimkun @Qualtrics @5ForTheFight_ @RyanQualtrics The leadership and part of the DNA 🧬 of every employee… https://t.co/DJws4751XP

Patrick Reurink ‏@preurink

More collaboration between biology & tech research: Gunnar Tufte is working on future generation of computing machi… https://t.co/PWXvGNpezK

Global Management Security System ‏@Earth_BankForce

Driving force of Earth Federal government✨💫🌙 New World Security🛰🌙 New balance sheet✨🔑✨ Space information agency🧬 Po… https://t.co/g6sfU40Fes

Global Management Security System ‏@Earth_BankForce

Driving force of Earth Federal government✨💫🌙 New World Security🛰🌙 New balance sheet✨🔑✨ Space information agency🧬 Po… https://t.co/SWkt9Z1q1X

Alex Edwards ‏@mombabyicudoc

Ach is difficult to diagnose prenatally. In fetuses with shortened limbs and concern for Ach, a panel can be obtain… https://t.co/YUaApz296h

Emma G ‏@emmiehl

Getting ready for night 2 with @brian_littrell @nickcarter @aj_mclean @kevinrichardson @howied by listening to the… https://t.co/zCXqppnxlA

Christopher ‏@Christo99061802

Harvard and Japanese Scientists Make 'Landmark' Discovery in Synthesizing Anti-Cancer Molecules Found in Sea Sponge… https://t.co/IAQKDxLv3n

Isaac Kohane ‏@zakkohane

Fairness in precision medicine from @KadijaFerryman #pm19hms multiple modalities (not just genetics 🧬 or images) is… https://t.co/k9TatnXnnP

Emma ‏@esgibb

I love science 🧬 https://t.co/uSzuadiHbE

ZillaTop ‏@zillatop0629

@priyagupta999 We the ppl elected her as a MP. We are neither ashamed for her nor on your 🧬

iGEM Copenhagen ‏@iGEM_Copenhagen

auto-tweet from https://t.co/DiGDeFWhwF : Today we introduce you to Mads: our tallest member, who really knows a l… https://t.co/zjh0NGqfGX

KarlaLouise 🍍KAOS🍍 ‏@I_heart_sunsets

backstreetboys is in my DNA 🧬 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿💜🤩 @nickcarter howie_dorough @brian_littrell @kevinrichardson aj_mclean… https://t.co/jq3rjultsR

Dana ‏@newyearsdana

happy birthday to my genius bb who deserves the absolute WORLD. I love you so much and have never been prouder of m… https://t.co/PSmof9Aegf


Stay hydrated an chase green .. let me clear that up for ya.. see it’s in my 🧬 to get 💰 & drink water @DNA_GTFOH


@SkySport DNA 🧬 gobbo

Kate Nash ‏@katenash

Rhonda has come so far. But she still prioritizes science 🧬 🧫 🧪 #glownetflix @GlowNetflix https://t.co/ROc4UwnZrT

☪️⚔️⛓♡TripPyGoTh⚔️🦄💕 ‏@TVMVSHII

eye don’t l69k at things from the normal eYe, i look at it with my 3rd/4th/5th eYe. I don’t judge w/o reason, eye d… https://t.co/av9UPhoaqv

Doc Stephenson ‏@DrStephensonN

My three day shadowban has finally ended! 👏 Apologies to all those frustrated by my science tag list this week as… https://t.co/5jhfliQ2ke

ラティーシャ ‏@CYB3RW41FU

Virtual pink anyone?💞🧬 https://t.co/3eKKHLG14P

Dr. Joanne Kamens ‏@JKamens

@claudiaevickers @Addgene Looks like a #BlueFlameDepositor to me! 🥳🤗 🧬 🔥

Chrissy Rubel ‏@chrissy_rubel

Hey teachers! Come see our table at #STEMapalooza with @STEMcobb 🧬 we offer FREE water education programming for gr… https://t.co/eoIhrttMzC

Magda BOU DAGHER ‏@magdaboudagher

@Hugo_deBoer addressing plants adulteration, comparing #DNA_Metabarcoding techniques to other methods during… https://t.co/i9REGmcGoR

Artur Olesch ‏@ArturOlesch

What makes data 🧬 valuable is not the data per se but all that we can read, interpret and predict from it 🔭… https://t.co/NIfOxw4xj5

𝐑𝐨𝐛 💭 ‏@robrogan

How does biological data (DNA) fare against solar radiation? I know NASA uses multi-core processors and backup ma… https://t.co/cyFpnTE2Ht

Kelsie Biebighauser ‏@kbiebighauser

How do NGSS, PBL, 5E learning tie together for our science teaching? #STEMReimagined2019 #NGSS #3Dlearning 🍎 🧬 👩🏼‍🏫 https://t.co/GNk3zg31ws

Belle ‏@annnareyes_

@maella_lopez im sorry i dont shot po 😃👩🏻‍🎓📖🧬

Creative Encounters ‏@CEScamps

Two weeks until camps start! Our #stem camps are open to kids going into grades 2 to 9. Make sure to register on ou… https://t.co/muaNlvDMKZ

Maria Chahrour ‏@MariaChahrour

@timyu @NatureGenet Congrats Tim, Ryan, and Elaine! 🧬👏🎉

Bea Bueno ‏@biancake___

2nd week. 📚💉⚰⚗🧪🧫🔬🧬 https://t.co/CvuAXaU3lq

Lucy Taylor ‏@LucyMaryTaylor

If you want to know how CF affects mine and Annabelle’s life, please give this a read! 💛🧬 #CFWeek @CFAware @cftrust… https://t.co/AS9qzwYnEZ

𝖉𝖎𝖑𝖞𝖆 ‏@fentyhsk

@httpfatyns our family has good genes 🧬 ty love💜💜💜

Emperor God Whit Goughlam ‏@leftocentre

Genetics, someone pissed in the 🧬 pool eh https://t.co/R4XbJ7FoJr

Kate ‏@betsyella30

@WillBlackWriter I know we discussed this few week back, look deranged individuals, child A child B thesis are they… https://t.co/vGfZHyUPTi

Voxbone ‏@Voxbone

@fikrifirat discusses how we incorporated #compliance into our DNA 🧬 #cloudcomms #apidays @APIdaysNL @APIdaysGlobal https://t.co/WeFJ2jK2QH

Michelle E. Johnston ‏@KISmeBE

🧬 DNA results are IN! 🧬 So fascinated as I read through that 40+ page report... that's all about ME! Talk about h… https://t.co/Wl8SAwVEPm

Alexa Salsbury ‏@asalsbur

Woke up @ 5AM to a @PEARC_19 travel grant notice! Great way to start the day! Excited to present recent educational… https://t.co/1xYACpIqUM

Carmen Patino ‏@carmenpatino

TESTIMONY TIME 👏👏👏 Amazing things can happen when you take control of your health by giving your body the best & w… https://t.co/7vpxCEt67s

lizzie.🌫 ‏@cutientltc

4 days! 🧬

لوقمان 🇲🇾 ‏@wnarflqmn

@marinaAzz @alifshkri Hi cicer science 🧬


We're glad to host the 2nd meeting of the #baRNAclub, a great opportunity for the #RNAresearch community to debate… https://t.co/qv7iETVASo

11 TeJae 11 ‏@11_i_am_11

What a wave eh? 🏄🏻‍♀️🌊🌏📈 Highest Amplitude: 92!!! #DidYouFeelThat #EarthsHeartbeat #SchumannResonance (TLDW [Rus… https://t.co/Ct5iES9H1B

Joel Bett ‏@BettJoel16

@dailynation She certainly has Sara Sanders DNA 🧬 in her blood

🧬ᴮˢᴮᴳⁱʳˡ🧬 ‏@LittleBear_1985

I’m in such a happy place these days 🧬💜💞

Annika poulsen asp sørensen ‏@nusserskat

@_Nick_Nation_ @nickcarter @backstreetboys @TheO2 Just amazing. That’s all I can say 😍✌🏻🧬🎤

Annika poulsen asp sørensen ‏@nusserskat

@holly_b83 @backstreetboys @TheO2 @aj_mclean @nickcarter @howied @kevinrichardson @brian_littrell Amazing video 😍😍🧬🎤

🧬ᴮˢᴮᴳⁱʳˡ🧬 ‏@LittleBear_1985

How many sets of backstreet should I print 🤣🤣🤣 #backstreetboys #dnaworldtour #lovemyboys #lightupmylife #peglights… https://t.co/62A52jeFXI

Naomi Charalambakis ‏@NCharalambakis

Joining @FASEBorg member society @SciPolAPS today on their #CapitolHillDay to advocate for #animalresearch! Meeting… https://t.co/rOhWVLrBzO

Global Dating Insights ‏@Global_Dating

[email protected] Founder Creates Couple Compatibility DNA Tests 🧬 https://t.co/EdfrarzulU

@IDS_Science ‏@IDS_Science

@fcwpa @tenovuscancer @CaerphillyCBC @EAS_STEM @HS_Caerphilly Ardderchog!! Quite the little scientists 🥼 🧪 🧫 🧬


With over 400 million combinations & only one is yours🧬https://t.co/nOQHBqjreg Being Ü never felt better 🧬… https://t.co/ZVTYF7G19l

kahit tres lang ser ‏@stevexcristobal

stepping up the game. 🧬💉

Kelly Long ‏@kellylooong

Today will be the first time I have a class of my own taking the Living Environment regents... ready to see what my kids know! 🔬🧬

P5Forehill2018 ‏@P5Forehill2018

@FPrimary7 were learning about inheritance and genetics in their final science lesson today. We discussed DNA 🧬, ch… https://t.co/kpIiXF0cFb

Fochriw Primary ‏@fcwpa

What ambitious, capable, healthy, confident learners the boys and girls are using these microscopes! We’ve learned… https://t.co/0XrliN7vO1

Juicy Sho ‏@DjShosha

We are built of atoms = 99,999% of energy and only 0.0001 physical substance. There is way more to the world than… https://t.co/cQUMWipzBS

Vignir's Lab ‏@VignirsLab

Congratulations to our talented PhD student Amy Dawson for receiving the @GUcancersci 3rd Year PhD Presentation Awa… https://t.co/wAvQkZtIsv

Edwin ‏@EdFlores31

@thekjohnston 🧬 genetically built that way lol

𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐭 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐬 𝐥𝐮𝐤𝐞 ‏@easiervocals

🧬 emily my baby, you’re the most beautiful person inside and out and i hope you know that, you’re one of my favouri… https://t.co/Imw9rowz3V

Samantha ‏@SpeedwaySam

@nickcarter @backstreetboys @Dr_Dude And what a night it was! Thank you for an incredible show! Same again tonight?… https://t.co/apKyV5vZ23

Prophecy ‏@eSportsProphecy

Grinding Beats Talent When Talent Doesn’t Grind 🧬 https://t.co/HTwsj5Vn15

.x.D.A.x. ‏@xD4ni3ll38x

Last Night was EVERYTHING! Thank you for the last 26 years and here’s to many, many more 🧬😍 #BSBLDN #BSBDNA… https://t.co/83kevOqtgV

EU Research Results 🇪🇺 ‏@CORDIS_EU

A team of #EUfunded scientists have found 2 new pathways to repair #DNA damage 🧬 #EUresearch #CancerResearch… https://t.co/aMaIhvsxQT

Lozah💕 ‏@syfllil

Fourth day✅🧬

Tracey Coulton ‏@TraceyCoulton

@lubiephil Gee u got the blue eye 🧬

Sistemas Genómicos ‏@sistemgenomicos

The Ascires - Sistemas Genómicos team had a great time at #ESHG. We wanted to thank everyone who stopped by our bo… https://t.co/yQmYlHCSFP

Alex Mills ‏@alexjosephmills

Q. What do Debussy, Stravinsky and DNA replication have in common? A. My new piano duo premiering at Cheltenham Mu… https://t.co/mUPL137qEp

Poppy's at Winterton ‏@PoppysWinterton

Our new creation 🧬 ginger crumb cake 🍰 #cake #ginger #tearoom #norfolk #winterton #wintertononsea #yum @ Winterton-… https://t.co/pBnfpyesYO

Biomolecular Eng Lab ‏@Biomeng_lab

Inês Moreira presenting "Fish gelatin hybrid films for the detection of volatile organic compounds" at the 1st… https://t.co/qKOEWvrSA2

Parkside Chingford ‏@parkside21e4

💡🔭🌡It is Science 🧬 Day. Our scientists are getting ready for a day of 🧪 experiments. Proud to shine 💜💜 https://t.co/0R0Ci7ZR64

KayleighLouiseThomas ‏@KayLouTho

Me and @cazerina rocked our bodies last night watching backstreetboys at @theo2! 💝🧬🎤✨ #BackstreetBoysDNAWorldTour… https://t.co/PiOdyrmo4o

KayleighLouiseThomas ‏@KayLouTho

Amazing night backstreetboys at @theo2! Thank you @cazerina it made my life! 💝🧬🎤✨ #BackstreetBoysDNAWorldTour… https://t.co/n7fwngspBm

KayleighLouiseThomas ‏@KayLouTho

Thanks for an awesome show last night backstreetboys at @theo2! Thank you for the invite @cazerina it made my life!… https://t.co/F358fN6g6O

Iñigo Hiroki ‏@inigohiroki

Back to the medical world of the adorable Doc Shaun 😘💉🧬🏨 -binge-watching #TheGoodDoctorSeason2

Merera ‏@IlmaAbbaGadaa

Corruption is in DNA 🧬 of FIFA https://t.co/hrQydkIlwm

سارآ سيد ☤ ‏@SaraKhSayed

First time ever 😭💜✨ DNA extraction from the blood 🧬 💉.. @GRC_KSU #GRC_ksu Done ✅ https://t.co/GMfb0NscfE

yas ‏@yaspetass

@avrilem_ Jimmy neutron 🧬

عبدالعزيز السّويلم ‏@AzizAlSowailem

#Rubentus it’s in their genes 🧬 https://t.co/WH5W48t2pI https://t.co/1wiob5AQ4Z

James Lee ‏@jamesleeworld

💥🧬💥🧬💥🧬💥🧬💥🧬💥🧬💥🧬💥🧬 Just placed my order for my personalised DNA based recommended serums!!! What’s most amazing is th… https://t.co/AFGZmkR90E

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