Dog Face Emoji

The face of a dog, showing both eyes, both ears, nose and mouth. Shows the face of a dog smiling, with eyes open and tongue hanging out.

Dog breed varies by vendor, though most display white and/or brown fur.

Dog Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🐶 Dog

🐶 Puppy


🐶 U+1F436




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Fun 101.1 📻 ‏@Fun101radio

Via HailStateFB: The Dawgs are in the building. #HailState🐶

Kacy Tiller ‏@kacytiller

@sassysgoodies Thank you for following me! I’ve been looking at your website and Etsy page! Definitely interested i…

Emma ‏@MassiveDartsFan

@dodo @TheNYBullyCrew How could you do this to an animal??. What a beautiful dog and the rescuers are amazing! ❤️🐶🐶

🐶Sissy's Back!🤗🐱me too! ‏@Judith27029218

@NorbertDog @Nightbird7115 Your adorable!🐶🍁🍂🎃Mom hasn't even put up our Halloween display yet! She better hurry..or…

DJ Velarde ‏@djvlpn

@lucasspeedway @GreeneCountySO @OfficialLivePD Great! lookin Trio👮+(🐶)

me_irl ‏@me_irl_posts

me🐶irl via /r/me_irl

Nickia Eaches ‏@nickiamae

Raven ❤🐕🐶 #lazysaturday #furbaby #dogmom

laura ‏@LauraHumphries_

Having to sleep without my blanket tonight because mikas fell asleep on it and she looks too comfy to move😩 dogs always come first 🐶

Beth ‏@bethkate4

Thank you @FoodsOscar for the treats! Olly is a very happy boy🐾🐶

Grover T Dog 🐶 ‏@GroverTdog

@WylieSheltie @JessPals @GeckoComms @CindyTo26421655 @GarethRhys2 @MollySniffs Yap any day bestie 😘 mommy and me wu…

Angie Karan Ⓥ 🌱🐾 ‏@angie_karan

Thank you to each and everyone of you for speaking up for them. Whatever you do, or how much you do, Thank you to a…

Kaitlyn Robrock ‏@kaitlynrobrock

Had the first table read for new #MrPickles goodness. Can’t give anymore than that, not even pictures, but just wan…

Grainneoneill ‏@Grainneoneill17

My baby follows me everywhere 😍😍💖🐶🐶🐕🐕 #Puppy #Dog

MSU Football 🏈 ‏@HailStateFB

The Dawgs are in the building. #HailState🐶

John Cathal O'Brien ‏@JohnCathalOBrie

Last nights Airbnb was also a an animal rescue and shelter. A potbelly pig, a goat, cats and more dogs than humans.…

The Cramooz ‏@TheCramooz

When both Francois and I call the cat to come get his ears scratched, but he ignores us to go hang out with his big…

rylee beeler ‏@BeelerRylee

metro, king, & tallie🐶🐶🐶 #yourewelcome

John Cathal O'Brien ‏@JohnCathalOBrie

Last nights Airbnb was also a an animal rescue and shelter. A potbelly pig, a goat, cats and more dogs than humans.…

GT ‏@Obey_GT

Congrats to my guy on the commitment 🐶🐶 @gmoney_2121

Aya Ito ‏@AyaIto_Designer

Don't take my donut🐶💓🍩 #pomeranian #play #dog #doggie #cute #pet #photography #animal #designer #freelancer…

Rob Kosmala ‏@jack2012taz

How can people leave their dogs behind would you leave your kids behind their part of the family,right 🐶🐕🐶💕🐕🐶. Th…

Z FINE LIFE ‏@zfinelife

#followback everyone who #Likes and #Retweets this 🐶

B L🔥T ‏@btlittleton

@BenCleveland74 Praying for you Big Country!! I hope you are going to be ok! Know that DawgNation is behind you! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🐶🐾💯❤️

Morgan Michalik ‏@MorganMichalik

My dog hates anything loud like fireworks or thunder...she doesn’t mind the blender though, cause that has food in it. 🐶

Big Stan ‏@Stan_bby

Detroit Rock Hounds 🏀🐶 Shop @Stan_bby for your team needs‼️ s/o to @MarcoThaDon2 and keyytoii @ SMcreative

East Sides Mario's Bayers Lake ‏@bayers_eastside

@JLD_19 Willow! 💖🐶

Diana ‏@gymgrl365

@LynseyLaRue @UPS Omg sooooooo cute!!!!!!🐶❤️

James Hwang ‏@jhwang60

My favorite spot in 43th floor....🏢😍🤩😊❤🐾🐶 #dogsofinstagram #dogs #muttsofinstagram #dogstyle #model #puppylove…

Catherine Thomas ‏@highlandgirl

@ao Our pooch Rosco 🐶#AOWin

Collie Crusader ‏@CollieCrusader

🐘 As we celebrate 🐘#ElephantAppreciationDay we must remember not to sweat 😓 the small stuff or we may get overwhelm…

me irl ‏@ItMeIRLv2


Marlene Durai ‏@DuraiMarlene

Allie and Aspen ❤️🐶🐶

Kerri Rose Cupit ‏@Kerri_Cupit

🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶 🤣 This was my reply to my friend last night then today I found this. #haha #funny #doglover #dogs…

⚰️ ‏@Lamort_SG

I need a girl that looks at me how my dog looks at me 🐶

Rachel Bogle ‏@rachelbogle

Happy 5th birthday to my sweet little fur-daughter, Gizmo! I can’t imagine life without this sassy little sidekick,…

Eu Na Vida Real ‏@eu_nvr


Erich Schwedhelm ‏@ErichSchwedhelm

#cuddles with #mybaby #dog #doggo #dogsofinstagram #bulldog #bulldogsofinstagram #mera #beauty #🐶#🐕 #🐾 #❤️ @ Sudbur…

MrWolfGamer ‏@Mr_WolfGamerz

🔥Roblox 🔥 - 🐶Pet Simulator🐶 ($400 Billion Egg Opening!!!): via @YouTube

Yeeeer 🤟🏾 ‏@SirBoyyJeff

No not at all i only text em man i never call I’m still a K9 at heart , Man I’m a dog 🐶

LuBlair💯🇺🇸❌ ‏@LuanneBlair

Cute pic of the day! ❤🐶

Patty & doggos 🌊 ‏@pmacewan

@FrenchieBuds 1) ? 2) indignant 3) sleepy 4) I will get you back - watch your 👠 lady 🐶😂

me_irl ‏@TheNewMe_irl



Man I’ll trade it all to get my 🐶 back

Big Dog ‏@kenk22

Non Political.?? Looks like Grassley trying to get control....🐶

Secure Fence & Rail ‏@SecureFenceRail

Walt and Kong say “Happy Fall Y’all “ 🐶🐶

🎀Ayu Niken🎀 ‏@nikenkriss

@SavorySimple 🌈🐶Happy Weekend 💛💛😉

T.J. Stanford ‏@tjfstanford

@_LayZay_ ❤️❤️❤️❤️ y’all! 🐶🐾🔴⚫️ #GoDawgs

morgan sibson ‏@morgansibson

2 years later and we still force him to take pictures 😂🐶❤️

Karla Waites ‏@kmwaites

Goooooo Dawgs 🐶❤️

Jackie George #BabCult ‏@MsJackieGeorge

@tristantryblink Hey! Howcome Paris didn’t make it on #BackInTimeForDinner? We could’ve witnessed amazing dog trick…

Elaine G ‏@GirvinElaine

@andibeth012 HAPPY HAPPY JOY! Love it when there's a happy ending! 😁❤✨🐶

annette fry ‏@annette_fry

@edletoon @LovelyBoxerLilz @frazzmarie29091 @karaheward @whiteboxerlayla @HankBoxerdog @margunson86…

Michael Whitfield ‏@MichaelUGADad

@UGASPIKESQUAD Mizzou is the 2nd place SEC east team. We beat em....🐶🐾

Bret Wilson ‏@Petsadelic

If you’re looking for fierce, fur-get-about-it. It’s just not in sweet Max #doggy’s nature. But if you’re looking f…

Dr. Jean Mitchell ‏@drjean_neuro

@Momofonerotti What a good boy, Bearenger!👏🏼😘🐶🍪 So adorable.🤗❤️

Dawg Fanbulance ‏@dawgfanbulance

When Kirby yelled in that headset...we felt that 🐶🚑...#godawgs #dawgfanbulance #DawgsOnTop

Larissa C. ‏@cynicallipgloss

@rancidgirl81 You’re going to have so much fun! I learned a lot in the training classes at my SPCA to become a dog…

Robyn ‏@Robo_Leigh

Sadie pup is always camera ready 🐶💕

Michele Tucker ‏@micki_t

#Frootbat being served ⁦@onetailatatime⁩ pop-up! We L😍VE it here!!! ⁦@EmporiumChicago⁩ ❤️🐶🦇

My border Indy & I ‏@Giulia_Indy

Hey they've got #dogtreats too 🐶👍👉👈 #cbd #CBDoil #CBDlife #cbdwellbeing #doghealth…

🕸spooksey🕷 ‏@TwistyTetra

@BrokenCryBabyV it can be! but also overwhelming at times haha, but definitely rewarding 🐶

Ben ‏@bencrawford93

Playing PlayStation whilst Reggie observes 🤓🐶

✨Ffi✨ ‏@Ffionwilliams24

It’s been a week already and i already miss my dog 🐶😩😢

Regis ‏@reginariverae

@pamelage19 Litttt forever que 🐶 🐻

LW Sophie ‏@RGSoph

@Richard_Grieco Happy Birthday Booker and Justice!!😍🐶 (sorry, a little late...)

Kelly ‏@Kellypots

It took forever to get this filter to work 🐶🌸😍

Isle of Dog ‏@IsleofDogIOW

Did you know: the most popular dog’s name is Max?! 🐶 Any Max's out there? 🤔 #GermanShepherd #IsleofDog…

Channel 332 | SoCal Student Connection ‏@Comm332CSUF

Pills or chews that protect cats and dogs from fleas can cause them to have neurological problems. 🐶🐱 Tweet by…

Pamela Tyahla ‏@PamelaTyahla

@NWDogRescue Poor baby. My Sug has hip dysplasia so I feel for ya!! Wishing you the best! 🤗☘☘☘🐶🐶🙏🙏🐾🐾💚💚💚

Cleo 🌵 @ EGX ‏@CleoCacti

Home comforts 🐶❤

Rhodri Tubb ‏@RhodriTubb

“There is nothing truer in this world than the love of a good dog” - Mira Grant 🐶❤️

Daniel Enticknap ‏@dan_e012

Everyone meet the newest member of the family... Arthur the dog 🐶

BNRenaissance ‏@BNRenaissance

The newest member of the Wheeler family, Teddy, aka “TeddyBear” likes riding with Brooke on regular family outings…

Katie Hedgecock ‏@kaviep

Running/walking two 45-50lb australian shepherds across roughly 15 acres will be the ONLY cardio I ever do 😅🐶❤️

Dr. Jean Mitchell ‏@drjean_neuro

@Cass_C7 So precious.😊🐶💞👧🏻 Happy weekend!😃

Michelle Rojas ‏@jmjjrojas

Today is a special day! 🐶💕

Cristina Estagle ‏@XtinaEST

My face when mum is making me @puppycakellc ice cream 🐶#puppyparty with monixdecastro Fynnenigan and…

Lynsey Thompson ‏@lynseyt80s

@dog_feelings Amber likes to use her hedgehog as a pillow 😍🐶. #cute #puppylove

Cool Things Good Vibes ‏@Beallhappy

Sunset hikes with your best friend 🐶 Photo by...

A ‏@cloudyNOfoecast

Allowed only 1 TD in the second half since week 2! Steadily building on our foundation🐶😤 #JYD #2ndSeasonUnderway #DC

Clayton Thomas ‏@ClayThomas75

Go Dawgs 🐶🏈

chosen few recordz ‏@chosenfewrec

Our @chosenfewrec mascotte staffy #Dessy🐶 Our biggest NR 1 fan😎😊 @thunderdome Baby. #artist 😂 @idt_official…

Eden E ‏@MyNamesParadise

So happy Raina is now big enough to fit in her xx-small harness!!! 👍🏻💖🎉🎉🎉🐶 #chihuahua #furbaby #growing…

🐶Angela Pitts🐾 ‏@angela_pitts

@Obey_Classics Always. A win is a win. Things to learn from? Sure! Always! Still 4-0 and lots of guys getting play…

Tyson Foster ‏@tysonfoster71

He a dog🐶‼️

I've Pet That Dog ‏@IvePetThatDog

@benjaminwittes @gtconway3d Everyone loves Corgis!! 🐶😁🐾

Ferris State Soccer ‏@FSUWSO

Out supporting our @FerrisFootball Dawgs in the UP! @ferrisathletics ❤🏈🐶🐾 #RiseWithUs #17sports1team

Miss.glitter8 ‏@MGlitter8

I LOVE EVERY SINGLE THING OF HIM, but I'm in love with his new album <3 🐶❤️ @youtubemusic , @shawnmendes, #shawnxytmusic #sweepstakes

Nathan Wallace 👷🏼‍♂️ ‏@NathanSWallace

I don’t always watch football but when I do it’s b/c @LATech is playing @LSU!!! Go dawgs! #EverLoyalBe #BeatLSU…

Oriana ‏@AzzurraSilvy

@dct_ihjc @Captgorowara Please slow....🐶🐾😍😍😍❤️

Elizabeth Maxman 🥧 ‏@theatregirlny14


Frank Howley 💜👽💫 ‏@FrankHowley

BIG DOGS GAMING!!! Doing a 100% run of THPS3! 🐶 🐕 🔥

Bernie Kosar ‏@BernieKosarQB

What an Honor To Be on sidelines with David Njoku and Alonzo🏈Go Canes and Go Browns 🙌🏼🐶

ruth LOVES SHAWN ‏@ruthassis98

"Lauren and Grace" the cutest thing you'll see today 🐶💕 @LaurenJauregui

Pippin Sibbannon ‏@sibbannon

@Ronsterdog13 How rude, quite right Ron 🐾🐶👌🏼

Jenny B Gud ‏@gud_jenny

@NikkiSixx @how2girl @Eastwood_Ranch That is fantastic😊🐶🐕🐈🐩

Ghost_Dog ‏@MyiPhone6SS

@secckimmo Rubber Hammer helps me 🎥👻🐶

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