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Double Curly Loop Emoji

Two curly loops, which represent a reel-to-reel tape recorder. Used as a symbol for voicemail on many phones.

A variation of this logo is used by Free Dial, a toll-free telephone number by NTT in Japan.

Double Curly Loop was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

➿ Double Curling Loop

➿ Voicemail


➿ U+27BF




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Yeah.➿ https://t.co/6epFbtda12

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Jake Brumfield ‏@jake_and_bake98

Uncle G reminding me where I need to be➿

Christopher Smith ‏@smitallica

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Jon Larkin ‏@jonnylarkin

I'm gay which means I'm attracted to the job of the company and I have to drop out of the loop ➿ https://t.co/Dg7mx78eyk

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Ibiza snipes ‏@IbizaSnipes

Vibin in some shoot house, some nice small feeds from yesterday ➿ ttv-Ibiza snipes #CallofDuty #ModernWarfare https://t.co/aPSp3fU2Sp

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Dear God, If I'll be a Nigerian in my next life, I want to be a politician if I'm not a business mogul. Thank you.… https://t.co/BdsPB8vbr7

Потерявшийся мальчик кафка ‏@AdnanZali

God bless you! ➿ ♥ https://t.co/0EO3AlCyvC

Потерявшийся мальчик кафка ‏@AdnanZali

Saint Pablo, fr fr. Just makes me want to cry. ➿. God protect Ye.

jmismyfilter⁷🐥💜 ‏@ddochi_jiminie

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Dakku ‏@duckkko


Потерявшийся мальчик кафка ‏@AdnanZali

@_eseemmanuel Nope. I just initiated my procrastination mechanism until it closed. No guilt given, no guilt taken. 😂➿

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bladee’s wife ‏@_averythomsen

have a nice week 〰️➰➿🇬🇦

Bic ‏@blubrryavalanch

You ever just 〰️➿〰️➰〰️ Cause I felt that

𝐌 𝐈 𝐓 𝐂 𝐇 ‏@Mido0ovic

#NewProfiIePic * I passed the hardest moments alone while everybody believed I was fine🖤➿ * https://t.co/8n3k925iNo

Peter Lidstone ‏@LidstonePeter

➿#QualifiedImmunity➿Replying to @LouiseMensch I'm absolutely confident @JoeBiden is NOT selecting her as VP runnin… https://t.co/GwnGuAmJ13

Xandra Ibarra ‏@lachicaboom

@MoreHopeless Este fin de semana was the final dayzzz of my art studio move. Thank you for the virtual massage vibras 〰️➰➿

Peter Lidstone ‏@LidstonePeter

➿#QualifiedImmunity➿Replying to @emzisgolden You mentioned the @JoeBiden flag...and then I saw this pic. What abou… https://t.co/W6zoBHjvrD

💫Cosmic Wonders💫 ‏@Cosmo67583497

@PaulGar74364521 @DotDotDot_John @realDonaldTrump id, yes I did,✅ Somebody👥please tell him👨🏾‍🦱who the eff🖕🏾I is🌼 I… https://t.co/7QJFxhl9cx

💫Cosmic Wonders💫 ‏@Cosmo67583497

@PaulGar74364521 @DotDotDot_John @realDonaldTrump ☔️ your way➿ Can't⛔️you hear that👂🏾 Boom💥, badoom💥, boom💥, boom💥,… https://t.co/34025Y5MHE

♡︎S 🧨⁷♡︎ ‏@taemochi0695

I🙋‍♀️throw➿my🙋‍♂️hands🖐up⬆️in🌀the🎶air💨sometimes🕑saying🗣ayeoh🔊gotta🎵let✖️go❌ https://t.co/LgI8dddTxk

milo ‏@takisite

i feel like ➰➿➰➿➰➿➰

Halie Evans ‏@halie_evans37

@alexa_elsharrak my heart went 📈➿😤

Julie S. Harrington ‏@Twin1222

@mcmullin_julie @Writer_DG ➿Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha! Exactly! https://t.co/Pk6eHn0EeC

Julie S. Harrington ‏@Twin1222

@LaughOutLander ➿Ohhhhh! My Goodness!! This little one just melts your heart he is so cute!! 😻💖🐶🐾💖

Adj. emoji Everyword ‏@vestigetire

glorified ➿ backwardly ,

tgll ‏@tigerlilystorex

🌐 / tgll x พินสำเร็จ(lot4) — ✷69฿✷ 🧩➿ + #glitchindematrixx - jw,tn,yt,cl,ml,jn,mk,sy,hy . mon03.08 , 21.38 . 1ac… https://t.co/MM5q7CIFXL

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