Dress Emoji

A pretty dress, suitable for a ball, party or other similar occasion.

Dress was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

👗 Gown

👗 Skirt


👗 U+1F457




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********s ‏@Jerry65460944

@HueyPNewton13 There not all there, small minds. Playing dress up!! 👗

🌠🌜Thecosmicrabbit🌛🌠 ‏@TheCosmicRabbit

Sansar #Vr has classes available Be sure check out #virtualreality classroom Clothing Design ✍️👕👖👗 I can't wait… https://t.co/YPpSxAKFi9

Breezy🌈 ‏@lowlifebreezy15

Aye, y’all do me a favor and go follow baes business page on IG, & suscribe to her website. Promise you won’t be di… https://t.co/dE6DLaQM4Z

Meredith Tulli ‏@mertulli

I just added this listing on Poshmark: Stunning NWT Ann Taylor Dress,sz 6 👗. https://t.co/6aaNcVVP9P via @poshmarkapp #shopmycloset

Meredith Tulli ‏@mertulli

I just added this listing on Poshmark: 💝Beautiful Black and White Midi Dress ,Sz L👗. https://t.co/TyBtZzfuRO via @poshmarkapp #shopmycloset

♜GTO Haro ‏@GlamisHaro

I remember that impeachment! Starr was quickly coming, running with a blue dress 👗 with semen 😀😀😀😀 now he is defend… https://t.co/HbSCpHCAAJ

Bri 🦋 ‏@bree343

Felt cute in this outfit today👗💁🏻‍♀️ https://t.co/xOWdO930VU

cali ✧ ‏@CALlBULLETS

They’re rigging SE’s score at SOH 📝🧑🏻‍💼 📝🧑🏿‍💼 👗💥… https://t.co/bt8Am3ebXt

Mas Jun ‏@yeonbinight

MOAbong Cosplay 👗👚 Drop you cosplay here https://t.co/PCMQQ7FlnC

🌻Aleena🌵 ‏@aleenafowler

@emmaxfovvs But u said u had to get your laundry cleaned🧺👖👕👚👔👗🧤🧦

multioptioned ‏@multioptioned

@Uldouz What's not to like? 👗💕😈👍

Drag Queens Galore ‏@DragQueenGalore

Thanks @viviengabornyc for following and tagging @DragQueenGalore ・・・ I heard it was the 20s. So I brought out my… https://t.co/NzaksFGAD4

Habibi Fashion Inc. ‏@HabibiInc

🌺HABIBI FASHION with dresses in cotton, silk, lace or polyester, in soft or strong colors. 👗🍀Beautiful dresses ado… https://t.co/lGTDy9SoM2

LaTasha ‏@downtown7thave

All new arrivals starting at $5 with Shein! No coupon code needed 🧥👗👚 #ad https://t.co/aI3q7vFozv

LaurenHC ‏@UKCrazyCatLady

@alliehayess He’s wearin girl glasses 👗

Momo! ‏@mercury_cos

Wow I miss my PSU Foxes 😭 I cant wait to wear Dan again, hopefully it’s soon! 🦊 👗: @basorecksia { #aftg… https://t.co/5iT9ShexZo

Pin Up Heaven ‏@PinUpHeaven

Reposted from miss_sweet_mimi De buenas noches... https://t.co/B8XxliIula 📸 dilawstudio 👗 calveteva Wig de_oro_wig… https://t.co/dheuta0AFN


👗👗👗👡👠👡👠👡👡👠THANK YOU FOR THE DONATIONS https://t.co/F0NBb9RhYP

m ‏@m56242153


Katerin 🦋🌨 ‏@KaterinxMoy

💗 💔 👧👱 😰 💐👚👕 📱👗 👖👖 👖 👟👞 👠👠 I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING😭💀 #TheMoyBoys… https://t.co/YepZ2f0S7d

Cαяιѕѕα • Nєωѕσмє ‏@cdn_98

Height: 5’7 Age: 21 🎉 Shoe Size: 8 1/2 Zodiac Sign: Cancer Tattoos: sadly none 😭 Piercings: 1... I think Fav Color… https://t.co/dY0flJeWgv

alyssa g ‏@alyssag71874945

Happy bday @KateKa22 hope u have the best bday ever !! 👹🇧🇸✈️🍝🚗🤖💀🧡🤯🤟🦾👄👨‍🌾👢💍👗🦧🐟

sheppard _alan 3️⃣✝️1️⃣(-_•) ❤️😉💣⌚️🇮🇲 ‏@avi32_

@MayraABC13 Looking sexy and fabulous Mayra 😍🥰😘❤️and your hair looks beautiful and your 👗 is stylish and elegant!

Rockets 🌊🌊🌊🌊 ‏@Rocketsinaus

@ResisterForever ✨👑🎩👑🎩👑🎩✨ 🎶😁😁😁😁😁😁🎶 👏👗👕👗👕👗👕👏 🎤🎶🎺🎶🎵📢🎶🎸 Party Time!

Cambria ‏@cambriuhhh

Glee characters as emojis Rachel: 👗🔊 Finn: 🕺😏 Santana: 👹👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 Puck: 🥊🍆 Brittany: 🧀💃🏼 Artie: 👨🏻‍🦽😎 Quinn:… https://t.co/NEsWQDalPf

Shelby Miller ‏@ShelbyKIRO7

💕 Since my on-air attire consists of winter/raincoats daily, here’s proof I [sometimes] still dress nice for work 👗… https://t.co/jXOnaA66SU

Hyped for WW84 and BOP #WW84 Massive Hype I❤️PJ ‏@Trevor56510778

Diana Prince elegant in a white robe dress 👗 https://t.co/l1SpDkB84u

Dr. Petra Clark ‏@PetraBClark

So excited for this book! 😍👗🖼 https://t.co/0l0dZnQwsC

TransIcon20XX ‏@CutieHoney64

feeling unsure of my naked body. Stand back watch it take shape. Wondering why I dont look like Barbie 👧. They say… https://t.co/9l0bFV9VjR

😻 Cathy Cross ❤️👗👠👙💋 ‏@LoveCathyCross

@divamayday 😻 remember 🐭🐭🐭🏰 the first the best❤️👗👠👙💋

Amy Louise ‏@cupcakes26

@davidwalliams #markravenhill @robbiewilliams #guychambers #theboyinthedress at the @TheRSC tonight my home town. I… https://t.co/AjWIf1UJ0m

Sister Deville ‏@Sister_Deville

Don't you love my dress though 👗🖤 https://t.co/SGaB5XM7dZ

Clarksville Parks & Recreation ‏@Clarksville_PR

Do you sell jewelry, home goods, crafts, clothing, toys, or more? 💍👗👚 VENDORS NEEDED for our Community Flea Market… https://t.co/G6p0LycrnR

12NewsNow ‏@12NewsNow

YOU can help a teen have a great prom this year!! Donate a dress and help a teen in foster care have a great eveni… https://t.co/346g0mcIjs

Gabrielle Corney ‏@CorneyGabrielle

Chance made us colleagues But the fun and laughter made us friends.. 💄:@camaraaunique 👗:@Tiffani_RMoore 🙆🏽‍♀️:You… https://t.co/6eAAAoAMDU

YodaJacNme3 🦋🗽🗽🦋 ‏@YodaJaxNme3

Please, when listening to this man.. remember he likes to put on a 👗 and 💄 and find little boys in Los Angeles rape… https://t.co/0BtRDOS1PE

kefayet Ullah ‏@nyfbid

@BMI_OE @karlnehammer Not to manche police 👮 dress 👗 looks like homeless 🎽with logo on it 👨🏼‍💻 😊✅

AC Fashion Week ‏@ACFashionWeek

Who, what, wear.....👠👕👔👚👗👢👖👘👜 - https://t.co/zg8JyF41Kp https://t.co/zimWAt0rda

AC Fashion Week ‏@ACFashionWeek

Who, what, wear.....👠👕👔👚👗👢👖👘👜 - https://t.co/0gjKce5btH https://t.co/aGjYKb23M4

𝒞𝒾𝓃𝓉𝒾𝒶💗🌺 ‏@_cintiablox_

👗Countdown for comp: 4days👖 Question: 🎶Would you rather wear the same outfit forever or wear dark outfits forever?… https://t.co/4SYkF3jSRg

Olivia Pierson ‏@OliviaPierson

Headed to brunch in my @lavishalice dress 👗 USE CODE: OLIVIAP10 for 10% off 🥰 https://t.co/N9H0VQFqJc

CymoeddCreative ‏@CymoeddCreative

Not to be missed! 👗❤️🔥🔥✊ Ni ddylid ei golli! Reposted from kelseyvillis come see our costumes at Cardiff museum on… https://t.co/peuZlUr4sx

♥ Hwoarang ♥ ‏@Aliservati1

Iu Lee is very wonderful 👗👠👑💎💍💄 Queen 👑 https://t.co/tjWQJ6RIu5

SUVA Beauty ‏@SuvaBeauty

COLOR QUEEN @ShainaAzad !!! 👑🌈⁠#HyperColor #SFX Palette 🌈⁠ 👉🏽Launches at 9 AM PST Tomorrow! (Jan. 22) | $35 USD⁠ ✨… https://t.co/IVQLVPzAjy

Hayley✨ ‏@haysparkle1

AD - NEW POST - Fashion Wishlist With JustYourOutfit! 👗👠 #fbloggers #bbloggers #lbloggers @sotonbloggers @BFblogrt_… https://t.co/vuTJFB0XVM

Isabella's Boutique ‏@nturaveragewife

Check out what I just added to my closet on Poshmark: Cocktail 👗. https://t.co/YA396lK88Y via @poshmarkapp #shopmycloset

Holly La Blaise ‏@HollyLaBlaise1

1980s sewing patterns .... what joy! 👗💙🧵✂️☕ #RaglanSleeves #1980s #SewEasy https://t.co/580X2TMooM

Miss Rockwell ‏@missrockwell

Check out what I just added to my closet on Poshmark: 👗👗👗Sheer Polka Dot Ruffle Sleeve Maxi Dress.… https://t.co/BheKTwHxsd

morgan mcodonald ‏@morganhorsegal

girls night out 👗 https://t.co/3TRqexNbMr

Sienna ‏@Sienna58034577

@FashionNova Really like that dress👗👗

areerat kumraae ‏@aomareerat

I hate green 👗😂

jean luc ballet ‏@ceofrenchie101

🚨Sat jan 25🚨🎬🎥 #blackhollywood 🌑 💦 all black gala 🔲 👔👕👖👗 @ceofrenchie101 🇫🇷birthday bash 🙌🙌🙌 Hosted goldworld860… https://t.co/8CzII99A5I

Allegra Summers ‏@Allegrasummer49

@Adelablackwood6 Green is such a statement colour! 👗👗👗

Jo Morgan ‏@mathsjem

@Sheena2907 @mathsRae @Popsy_Clothing Another time then! 👗 👗 👗

sugar bear 🍯✨ ‏@SugarBearArt

Clothing Up Cycle video is out now on my YouTube! 😊 👗 https://t.co/QPylI2X4Zo https://t.co/9LNvTEosOE

Resurrection Project ‏@TRPistas

Check out @ABC7Chicago's feature on TRP's ELLAS initiative and the Pop-Up Shop! The shop is open Monday, Wednesday… https://t.co/TBEElgYB8b

sam ‏@Sam19462648

Done with a long day😓,playing some Cardi B, wearing something cute 👗 💄💋now a girl just needs some D 😂😂

SaraJPNorth ‏@SaraNorth5

Budget Plan Is Going Mental Tonight 🔥 3 Spaces Left On Our Cheapest £20 Budget Plan 💃🏻👯‍♀️👗👙 Order Now And Rece… https://t.co/9xKkzRTVcc

😻 Cathy Cross ❤️👗👠👙💋 ‏@LoveCathyCross

😻 for lack of better... or better read recordings failed😠... so had to go   💥 BACK IN TIME 💥 #cathycross… https://t.co/UTVBY1qwek

Souraya ‏@sourayamenni

Fuck fast fashion: shop my closet @UnitedWardrobe 👟👒👗 https://t.co/8hvuC6yGRa!

👶🏽 D ‏@Daja_143

Do you have what it takes to be a BluPrintⓂ️ Auditions this Thursday & Friday👠👗👞 See you there😘 @BluPrintmodels https://t.co/RoVvjWHWxd

✨#hellomynameis Andrea Parkin RN ANP MSc NMP ‏@AndreaParkin2

@louiseberwick @JayneSivakumar @nhsbarnsleyccg Haha 😂 I’ve a dress 👗 but I won’t be a Jen ., unfortunately!

Melissa Rivera ‏@MelissaRiveraJ

Check out what I just added to my closet on Poshmark: Floral Dress 👗 Size small fits large. https://t.co/JqtFUnmsok… https://t.co/xWoKGUx9Rc

sho loves 아기곰🐻 ‏@beomgyuismybear

New layout 😗💚📗🟩🟢✅🧼🦠🔫🔋🧩🎾🪀🥎🥬🥒🥦🍏🍐🍀☘️🌿🌱🌵🍃🌲🌳🌴🦜🐢🐍🦎🦖🐸🧤👗🩲🧑🏼‍🎤🤢 https://t.co/YdlN2pW4T0

Helen Meyer ‏@helengmeyer

Ladies, I’m selling my prom dress! I’m asking $120 for it & it’s a size 2! Dm me for more info👗 https://t.co/aLyU0teHKc

pedroBigE ‏@pedroBigE

@ChesterfieldO5 America your boys still play 👗 ups how cute😂😂😂😂😂😂

Betsy ‏@Brunettebetsy_

How do people have just a standard wardrobe to store their clothes and shoes? I live in a place with an extra bedro… https://t.co/Ci7USQa2ez

LaTasha ‏@downtown7thave

Buy 2 selected items 👗👚 and get 50% off with Shein! No coupon code needed 📦 #ad https://t.co/aI3q7vFozv

Fate ‏@Fate74267847

...Follow The Yellow Paved Roads, And Dorothy Sings, Theres KNOW PLACE LIKE HOME ??? O’ NOT SEW GREAT OR POWER FOOL… https://t.co/ILmYLuO39S

[email protected]🌟🌟🌟 ‏@CindyTu41415802

@DebHaslam Don't even act like YOU know what America wants adam schiff. If your scared...say your scared! Go put o… https://t.co/rY1yQcZsif

Steph 🇩🇴 ‏@stephhbundles

Legacy Lux 👗👛👙👠 #comingsoon ladies ya ready?

Mallory Banks ❤️ ‏@MalloryRoBanks

@MalloryRoBanks Ha! Very Sexy Great Olivia Is Sleeping Today! @OliviaDeGennaro 👗👗👗(Very Sexy) https://t.co/luovok0CUY

🇨🇦❣️Neena Ahmad ❣️نینا احمد ❣️🇵🇰 ‏@Neena_Alli

@lovepak05272492 I love traditional old style, especially huge duppata🌷Big dresses 👗

Aeboni N. Ebron ‏@aebthestyleicon

Got my @OfficialPLT pieces today 💅🏽 👗 https://t.co/n9nUwNxvm0

Lacy Ann ‏@ZombieRetroGal

Outfit of the day! 💀👗 by @Retrolicious_ from @RowenaEdmonton !😍 Jacket and 👢 from @ModCloth !❤️Headband from… https://t.co/6czlWRY6M3

Shahin ‏@Shahin84077733

@JuliaPiper18 @TerraLanaya Nice tiles. 🐋👗👗👗👗👗👗👗🐋🐋🐋🐋🐋🐋🐋🐋🐋🐋🐋🐋🐋

Arkadina ‏@SpaDivah

The way some of these "new age" Relationships are set up👀.. My man bet not even cut his EYES at me WRONG, or I'm ou… https://t.co/tEZQIpI5ZQ

Bill Frederiksen ‏@BillEagle1951

@learningtosubm1 You rebel when you choose the life of a wife and mother, young lady...😊👩‍❤️‍👩👗👶🧒👦👧

.:🌹 Ruby 🌹 :. ‏@RubyIsAJewel

Same 💄👗💅 https://t.co/FW8WffssNx

Ashley Martell ‏@AshleyMartell4

Take a moment and have a read. 👗 https://t.co/uPKXQcUci2

Lucky Ducky ‏@chickchoc

@sunnybirdpr @twirlywhirly3 By winning a new dress 👗 😉

naturally❤ßeYouTiFul ‏@Shelbenza

B O $ $ 🤑. . . .#YourFavoriteBusinessOwner #BlackOwnedBusiness #Hair #PartyEvents Decorate HOMES #pampercakes… https://t.co/0YPQvxHrGO

💞Love Yourz 🇬🇭 ‏@IamMilesgh

Men need to stop dating these females that only have vagina to bring into a relationship.Respect your Damn Self. P… https://t.co/nbEsvKPWpi

Fatboyswaggscoop ‏@fatboyswagg347

Bitches Wear They Friend Clothes 👗👚👖And Ask "HOW I LOOK" Bitch! Familiar😭💀🤔

👸🏼 Lovee Cali ‏@_loveeCali

I’m ready for Sun dress season now ☀️👗

¡Acta Non Verba! .·. 33º ‏@CriticaSinMiedo

@Schumer., You're D example of D 'toothless' OLD LADY that sucks, swallows, but doesn't chew! It's times 4U2 bend… https://t.co/he2R0XKchr

Christy Shannon ‏@clgs22

Check out what I just added to my closet on Poshmark: LAST ONE👗Cute Teal dress Love Riche Sz small.… https://t.co/wW44vTfM2j

FUCKERETTE_33X ‏@LeanneDaSilva_3

StRikE a PoSe @nicdasilva #TVWeekLogies2019 👗: #CassandraRenéeCouture 👜: @YSL : 👠 https://t.co/rXJbpeJbEM

khloé ‏@khlo453

These £4 plt dresses are abso gorg😍👗@OfficialPLT https://t.co/7SnsvNvTHn

Aaisha ‏@aaishaM_

@AmeeraCarrim @HumeiraCarrim @mf_carrim He can’t. We’re invested in the sisters of the grooms dresses 👗

Braavos Distributing Co ‏@BraavosCO

➖𝕋 𝕆 ℕ 𝕀 𝔾 ℍ 𝕋➖⁣ ⁣ 👗thrifted fashion ⁣ 🎵music ⁣ 🎈balloon decor ⁣ 🍭sweets ⁣ 🗣️guest speakers⁣ 🍔food⁣ 📸photo booth⁣ 🍺… https://t.co/lXBXChKFSj

SAP Industries ‏@SAPIndustries

Changing the face of the fashion industry: @sallyeaves caught up with Mindy Scheier from @RunwayOfDreams at the rec… https://t.co/Fme4VqJWmr

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