Drooling Face Emoji

A face shown with drool dripping from one side of the mouth. May be used as a display of desire in a person, object or concept.

Not to be confused with the Face Savouring Delicious Food, or the Sleepy Face.

Drooling Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤤 Drool


🤤 U+1F924


Tweets For 🤤


Lunch time.... barbecue 🤤

Ndrebele Princess👑 ‏@sthandwasake

@TheVendaGuy Seriously we don't 🤤😍😁 https://t.co/r7WB4SAHKS

ITS BARBIE BTCH!! ‏@wyyamaguchi

Y'all snapped with these editssss 😋😍🤤♥️

G✨ ‏@GiselleT_16

@awonderland u don’t know- Vincent remix 🤤 my body left earth https://t.co/4DLUMaZscH

Jason ‏@jason_pinedaa

My shawty all mine 🤤

Marian Bettcher ‏@hausofmazza

@PostcodeLottery @DanylAJohnson Me!!! Actually just a deposit to own a house would be grand! 🤤

Sofia Rizwan ‏@rizwan7sofia

Mid-p.m snack Chickpea chat 🤤😋 https://t.co/4rTvI14mUY

Alex Tran ‏@wolfinthecity_

@superbryntendo oh my my 🤤

Rafa 👹 ‏@trill_shinobi_

Sniper Wolf has a PHAT ass 🤤

👑-Rih.✨ ‏@__rebelle

It’s sad I get on twitter just to see all this dick and ass on my tl 🤤😂

davidooooo ‏@tineekamonet

Fresh bed sheets, tidy room, glass of wine, phones on dnd😍🤤

🤤😈💦 ‏@LanieGeeee

This 🍉 jolly rancher is soooooo damn good 🤤 juicy ass 😂😂😂

Jasmine Alicea ‏@Jazzynovaaa

TOP 5: ya bitch on her hustle, then right after come home to you & the vuu 🤤

Katie hook♡ ‏@Katiehook11

when the party’s over 🤤>>>

karina damian ‏@karinadamian13

@micahmekbib_ Yes exclusively for your selfies 🤤

08/10/18 💔 ‏@addictionn__

oh yeah 🤤 https://t.co/1ubxad8tI3

dreybarash ‏@dreybarash1

@sadgirlroni you sound hella nice to cuddle with 🔥🤤

trash :)))) ‏@andelova2

he’s hot af 🤤 https://t.co/f8dcl4RsT2

Jem Edwards ‏@1995jle

@kfc need to bring out a magic star and kinder bueno krushem 🤤😍

Ross Murdoch ‏@RossMurdoch_

2 weeks gone and 1 to go 💪🏻🇺🇸 Can’t wait to be back racing in @tyrsport gear again 🤤 #TeamTYR #AlwaysinFront… https://t.co/cAnJbd3VFz

Bankroll ‏@I_Show_Niggas

And a double shot of 17 🤤

jo ♡ ‏@Lumelity

i want a big fat cinnamon bun right now 🤤

J.Silva ‏@alwaysjocelyn

don’t get me wrong, ima boss bitch always but I enjoy catering to my manssss 🤤

Raul Fan acc ‏@Dragonitesrage

@SkramzGod Older women 🤤

ERIC🎈 ‏@viewsfrom3ric

Mom made me tamales guess what I’m eating for lunch 🤤😋

yoshi ‏@keoshaaa

Y’all could never 😍🤤 https://t.co/GdgjBq0FXD

Lexi Garcia ∞ ‏@garcia_lexi

I can’t wait to be living lavish with the love of my life 🤤❤️ https://t.co/09HF4wGklJ

bitchin' ‏@angelicagil666

@ShortieJordi wowza look at that 🤤

Pean🖤 ‏@LivingWealthy_

My baby so fine 🤤❤️

Escobar ✨🌙 ‏@jrueling

Y’all... Bennie was at the club GASSSING me up last night. Telling me my eyes were beautiful and how fine I was. Bruh 😍🤤

Jesus ‏@pinchipili

12-2 on Saturday 🤤 if you know what I mean https://t.co/5LGHbheYow

toni ‏@eIitekon

I’m doing what I did for the war and changing my icon each day to the member who’s teaser dropped 🤤

Jordan Garrison ‏@_J11G

Main reason I move alone 🤤 https://t.co/7ah94wdsf8

JeepGirl99 ‏@joeblow745

@TodoxPeru Milk chocolate with almonds. Or mint chocolate 🤤

🌸 death rogen 🎻 ‏@leiawhoredan

mmm nothing makes me more hot and bothered than adobe premiere taking an hour to start up and then immediately crashing afterwords 🤤

JoJo 🌙 ‏@jojog25

Theo is so HOTT!!!! 🤤

Chris Canterbury ‏@Breakurface09

@secretlabchairs I'm just a little excited.....🤯🤪😜😝🤤 https://t.co/1VSvs5juDp

Notorious J ‏@julianjareth

@_matthewmelende @MetaEnt361 @jwinston37 @CCedmFamily @brendonayers @Antw0n_ @sico713 Next mix make sure you put so… https://t.co/Ri7CyrLasZ

jinmin.🌈 ‏@jinmin___twt

@filipa_moderno Haha he sure is 🤤👀

Brianna ‏@abbottbrianna12

talk about house goals😳🤤 https://t.co/VLbNFnC9IC

🦋☾ ‏@cassdaddyyy

bee from @happyearthlove resin cab from @_wrapsbylexx Thank you both so much 🤤💛!!! https://t.co/cklBJ7weH0

Happy Hammyween 🖤🎃 ‏@Ham_Sandoval

@extspace @StevenCanals This thread had me 🤤

Carlitos C. ‏@me_a_rude_boy

Scottish IPA my love! 🤤 - Drinking a Punk IPA by @BrewDog @ The Standing Order (Wetherspoon) — https://t.co/zKyhsMLkER

FREE MY TWIN🐍 ‏@DrugrixhMario

Girls w. perky titts “ Shit be etiquette 😁🤤😍💯


@Donaneurtica16 Geral 😁😁🤤

Naj💦 ‏@moneyyboo_

why you think i been in the cut😏🤤

its me. maria🤢 ‏@127heists

@outroskz uhgood 🤤

Jennifer Weaver ‏@Jennifred101

I can't stop thinking about the Seattle dog I had last night 🤤

6ixs ‏@6Graph

Done with class, time to get some @SUBWAY 🤤 https://t.co/qPVLEBEP2D

Elle ‏@EllenMariex

Off to put my pale ass self in the bin, bye 😩🤤😍 https://t.co/vgS4xBuRRO

nia 🖤 ‏@AlmightyNiaa

she’s even badder because every nigga can’t say they had her 🤤😘 https://t.co/lSxcyQZyWV

Michelle ✠ ‏@Miichellegon

Hm,hm 🤤 https://t.co/Nqp6qMtKxc

Shaelynn Landry ‏@shaelynnlandry

When you try to use the “🤤” emoji to express how fond you are of your bf but he replies with “yup that’s you when y… https://t.co/KsfDIw8R7q

🇳🇬 Baldie Bae #EVeats ‏@nigeezie

@AnneTheCreative the salt beef one 🤤

Wendy Estrada ‏@Wendddyyy_

For sure 😍🤤 https://t.co/q0GOWfhcHC

Carlos. ‏@_youngcarlito_

God went O.T. when he created this gem 🤤😍 https://t.co/ATO4sq0pL8

Eryn ‏@erynsulli

@_maiyaaaa FUCK, I LOVE you!!!! 🤤

julia_tv ‏@juliatvgames

Mmmm 🤤 Successful and yummy lunch stream. We made zesty quinoa salad and mini banana muffins. Be back in a couple… https://t.co/alIRGEbFEZ

gardenia ‏@sweetjaur

the visuals we would get for codependent dance 🤤

💚Niaaa💚 ‏@Novas_rebel

Mary Mack’s 🤤

αlчѕѕα cσσpєr ‏@LyssMarieCoop

If I lived near a Wetzel pretzel I’m not kidding I would go every single day. 🤤

cheyminet🤘 ‏@riveracheymine1

Off the Wall 🤤 https://t.co/vfgVmxIB2h

Kyndsey Kay🌈 ‏@KyndseyyKayy

Holyyyyyy shittttt 😍😍🤤🙈

Tess 👻 ‏@Tess_Nicole_

I’m so excited for thanksgiving 🤤

Lonnie Butler ‏@HolcombHill

I’m down to try this ! 🤤 https://t.co/TANJtVq0ws

billy ‏@rosecabellos

imagine being so fucking hot 🤤

Caitlin Lendrum ‏@caitlinlendyx

Honeycomb ice cream with toffee sauce 🍯🤤💛

Lesly Chavez ‏@beauteparlesly

Not because he my husband but he looking like a whole MEAL looking all bad and stuff 🤤😜😂💀🖤 #newvideo… https://t.co/3zYOZ52ReW

Torri 👑 ‏@TorriSlim

My lil cousins make the best brownies 🤤

HennyQueen✨ ‏@Lipstickrider

Girl I need you in my life 🤤🍫 @omeretta4l https://t.co/dqgMoVweq9

3thar👣 ‏@Athar94__

@WT_10_ Okey, I will share it with you tomorrow 🤤

Matthew Alexander ‏@WestSideLAMatt

Thickums. 🤤💚 https://t.co/R8n9J2FztN

David Stafford ‏@djstaffs1

@Conwaino @fredflunk Wouldn't like to be in his way 🤤! Him and Mahomes the early mvp favs

Amanda Despart ‏@amanda_despart

Us @ moes going to Fowler 🤤😍 @andrewtucker26 https://t.co/lmJ9PxHLlA

Ashessss ‏@_asheyybooh

My pesto with chicken pasta is always fuego. Fuckn one satisfied lunch 🤤

Marlen Padrón ‏@marlen_padron

I love me a hard working man 🤤😍

فاطمه ‏@Devilthought965

The Salvatore brothers 🤤

R.I.P.ley ☠️🎃 ‏@CSN_Ripley

@JacobCulver15 🤤 I’ll take it.

Nick ‏@nickeesota

I would marry pizza flavored @cheezit if I could. 🤤 #SoGood

Daisy🍿 ‏@_ddaze

@supremekatemoss omg this would suit you perfectly😍🤤

🦋A ‏@Alba_MesCuDi

Black cherry merlot 🤤 https://t.co/IsESVhfiAV

Marco's London Bridge ‏@MPWLdnBridge

Our delicious Chicago Hot Dog from the🍴NEW MENU🍴is the perfect treat to start your week off right! 😍🤤 ▶️:… https://t.co/O44crailMP

Woody ‏@WoodySHW

Oh my God!! This is outrageous!! I can’t beli......oh, he’s white? AND a male? Psss....whatevs. Am I right? 🤤 https://t.co/sIEfdAPXPe

Shaurique Bless ‏@shaurique_bless

Girl stop playing😏 and come ride my face 🤤😋

Soph 🎃 ‏@sophdavis_

Just remembered I bought a giant jar of Nutella earlier 🤤

hyomin ‏@kaqhyomin

@kaqtaeyeon oh mommyyyyy 🤤 idk too but probably yeahh shdndjsjdj

nick hippler ‏@hiphip33

my relationship w my gf is so fire. and so is she 😍🤤

Jordin 🎮🌙 ‏@JordinOrr

@Miss_Mary_Lu 🤤 That sounds really good right about now! I know what I'm buying the next time I go to the grocery store. Thanks Mary. 😊

I'm Good Luv, Enjoy! ‏@DamnSilver_

I wanna go back to Killer Shrimp just for the crab cakes 🤤

Minnie Marie❤️ ‏@Mwah_Kisss

I want some fried pickles from Lees for some reason 😩🤤

LottieandBrits ‏@LottieT12931505

Hey Fizzy how do you prefer more for the name of the ship Fizzy+Teddy= Tizzy or Feddy? ♥️😍🤤 @felicitegrace

ClaudVille✨ ‏@StarIn_TheMoon

@GlamLifeGuru I NEED YOUR BLOUSE 😍🤤😍🤤😍🤤 Please spill the details on your outfit(s)! 🙏

kk. ‏@ay_ohkaay

Alina Baraz, Make You Feel 🤤

‘97 Gang 100k 🕊 ‏@WilJackson97

Just fell in love 🤤😭 https://t.co/gi5yVUtRJL

Buzz Lightskin ‏@_TyTy94_

@sirchunkytheIII Hahah i’ve been had micheladas i love em! Someone said if i like those then I’ll prolly like blood… https://t.co/lfOymT1HRM

Chloè🥀 ‏@Chloee_Kayy

@yungblud My favourite songs gets a video I’m fuckin ecstatic 🤤🙌🏼🖤

verona smith ‏@veeveeverona

If there’s a single twin version of @enriqueiglesias anywhere out there please.. I’m waiting 😩🤤

TrapMoneyBevy ‏@TheQnBee

I’d give my left butt cheek for some Halal Guys right now 🤤

joy | mono ‏@badbyesforever

18 more no.1s until namjoon gets 100 🤤

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