Drooling Face Emoji

A face shown with drool dripping from one side of the mouth. May be used as a display of desire in a person, object or concept.

Not to be confused with the Face Savouring Delicious Food, or the Sleepy Face.

Drooling Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤤 Drool


🤤 U+1F924


Tweets For 🤤

leb ‏@christinapon__

Gorg 😍🤤 https://t.co/3fD5N7toTQ

Prada 💎 ‏@KillPrada

@surrrendr @VRex7 Oh my.. 🤤

tan🔸️it's hobiuary y'all 🎂 ‏@tantan_Bangtan

@britbrit1292 @barbiefobia @BTS_twt Utterly whipped for that boy 🤤

Ryan Dupay・雷安・ライヤン ドゥパイ ‏@ryandupay

@BeingSaitama This is real deal!!!! Why soooo goooood 😱 I wish I can get a slice 🤤

Sigh ! 😌 ‏@___Sye___

@wherever25 Shawarma 🤤😋❤

Lojeen_Luno72 ‏@PalimaLojeen1

@BTS_twt Sooooooooooooo handsome💜🤤😭 https://t.co/L6QcJHL2eZ

janel ‏@LamisJanelle

ughhh dimsum 😩 penge!! 🤤

Mel • Your Travel Handbook ‏@YourTrvlHndbk

@MeglioVivere haha I spent 2 months in the US and by the end I started dreaming of vegemite 🤤 I think it’s normal to miss our usual foods.

Al Vesuvio Pizzeria ‏@alvesuvio

LE BIANCHE / PIZZA Some people fear trying it but we are big fans of creamy based pizzas in Al Vesuvio! The saltin… https://t.co/cmdVIaaeZT

DOTTY LOSO🎬 ‏@Dottheog

@Amourkira @iStillBeatDoe How imma have you 🤤

Chaima🥀 ‏@Chaima72489268

@BTS_twt Yesss world wide handsome 😍🤤

Kookie__04 ‏@Kookie__2013

@BTS_twt Worldwild handsome face wow😉😍🤤💜💜💜💜💜

lilKay ‏@MK4912_

I really like seeing other bad b*tches😩😍🤤

syazwan ‏@syazwananuar

Both 🤤 https://t.co/79zIQHzyCw

Yuzu_Tae_Bangtan_ ‏@YuzuandTaelover

@BTS_twt Worldwide handsomeeee marry meeeeee😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤤😍🇮🇹🤤😍 https://t.co/Z9QNg23dcI

Becky🌻 ‏@Beckyjenningss

@Omgitslucymarie @tonahkai I did not know this 😩🤤

Ellie 🦋 ‏@adelynelina97

@BryantEslava @EthanDolan Yes please 😍🤤

Saul S. ‏@eintausendjahre

@Caitchu The future is looking bright 🤤

Thomas ‏@Thomas81701668

@blondefighter White monster is incredible 🤤

𝕟𝕒𝕕 🥰 lysg 190119 ✨🤩 ‏@lilkimtata

@BTS_twt handsome baby 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 love u 🤤

Rach 🌻 ‏@RachaelNovak

Jesus lord 🤤 https://t.co/wI3JHUx54w

MINNIE 🍍 ‏@Syarmineisa

@sffwn_ld chicken is delicious 🤤

gaby ‏@naowithlight


B.I.A💜 ‏@bia_tae_

@BTS_twt Love youuuuu♥️❤️♥️😍😍🤤❤️💕💜

court ‏@courtneybt21

Jack is at Eureka for his interviews and let me just tell y’all......he looks fine asf 😍🤤

Nadira ☺️❣️ ‏@___Nadira

I got that type of love you won’t find no where else 🤤😏

James Forrest ‏@J_Forrest95

Just want a bird who’s guna cheat on me most weekends 🤤

💜Fer 💜 ‏@Fernand76088058

@BTS_twt Muito Worldwild Handsome 💜🤤

𝔠𝔢𝔢 ‏@cjrocmpo

Cheese or strawberry? — S T R A W B E R R Y !!!! 🍓🤤❤️❤️ https://t.co/g3cIHysBZM

Jalainy ‏@jalainyelyse

The things I would do to this man.... 🤤 https://t.co/SAuS1NBcZf

➵angelyn ‏@_angelynaquino

samgyyy for this night 🤤😋

MELZ. ‏@Mlissabf1

She was more like a beauty Queen from a movie scene. 🤤

Harish Raagav ( Siddhu Harish ) ‏@_harishraagav

Who's the creator?! 😮🤤🔥😍 @Suriya_offl nae ❤️😍 #NGK https://t.co/17Hfp8zLbL

Kish ‏@Kishni_loya

Team Stubble where are you guys 🤤😍 It's backkkk I'm so happy 😍 @LaghateParth ab trim karni ki sochna bhi mathhhh… https://t.co/TQzkeDz0hq

déia ‏@partygirlu2

@trudyhp go for it boy, you can do the combo i don't mind 🔥🤤😏😍

C O R R E A ‏@tiffo_tweets

Still reminiscing over the dinner Steven made for Valentine's 🤤💙 https://t.co/xSmGrwO4WB

MrCurvy🍆 ‏@CurvedDick22

@BxTsjc @slayer765 Sexy ass 🤤

Robbie P. ✂️ ‏@_robbiep

This nigga really must want his baby boy 🤤

Stu ‏@SmallHandStu

Caramel M&M's though. 🤤

lustrousgoddessxxx ‏@lustrousgoddes1

which of my slutty #paypigs wants to get me this dream set? 😍🤤 #paypigswanted #findomgoddess #findomme https://t.co/xhrjdkEhzN

fangirling||-// ‏@maryishere15

@gonskillu @Thotchillgrim 🤤🙏😎🤙🏿 fIrsT tImE

Brandon 🇬🇾🌴 ‏@Yrn_Brandon_

Tryna suck on my girls titties 🤤

jyzll✿ ‏@jyroseee

Minute burger again 🤤

Kira ‏@Amourkira

@Dottheog @iStillBeatDoe Perfect position to be in 🤤

Azlan Shah ‏@AzlannnShaaahh

gonna go to the beach or gardens/trekking places on holidays please 🤤

Kish ‏@Kishni_loya

Ahhhh That Gussa of him is so Fucking Hot 🔥 And this Manik wala Bgm is my fav 🤤 #KaisiYehYaariaan #ManikMalhotra… https://t.co/rR2twT33e0


wanna have a sexy conversation in active 😉🤤 https://t.co/teYwJ3lrqa

mollieebabyy ‏@mollieebabyy

@CAFCofficial @lyletaylor90 @BlackpoolFC What a fucking team!😍🤤

dafni ‏@timmysstats

the strands of hair in his face.......... sir please 🤤 https://t.co/YdgdH5y73k

♡ i saw bts? fr? ‏@jmnlofi

joon looks extra fine here 🤤 the way i held my breath https://t.co/NI4JOQvUVe

Food Junkee ‏@foodjunkeevan

@foodjunkeevan open in Canning Town SEARCH FOOD JUNKEE E16 ON ubereats or deliveroo to order to your home / work !… https://t.co/5w4y0XzzCz

TopTenWines ‏@TopTenWines

It’s #champagnesaturday again! Brunch is 11-1 and it’s your chance to grab the Pork Loin if you missed the best dis… https://t.co/G3K03DJJwx

carla ‏@ifghostalk

as luke once said “🤤” !! https://t.co/gp1Lcv6CrD

Visit Saint Paul ‏@SaintPaul

Forget @Arbys, @RevivalFriedChx has the meats 🤤 #MYSAINTPAUL 📷: IG's alexlodner https://t.co/HbWKw78OX4 https://t.co/gNz55T8jEv

Britany ‏@brittanyacanto

a big bowl of hot spicy ramen sounds so good right now 🤤

TheLifeofAshTarts🇿🇦♥️ ‏@AshTarts1998

@ohsuheun HIS ASS IS STILL TOO YOUNG NO SOMEONE STOP HIM OMG🔥🔥😭😭🤤☠ https://t.co/8sbJrLUo0t

erin ❁ ‏@erinrussellll

how much of a summery onit kinda song is this 🤤 https://t.co/9fXKTRsg0C

уα вяσкє ƒυ¢к ‏@agustdmycat

@outroyn BADBYEEEE 🥰🥰😭😭👌✨🤤

emma ‏@emmasteeI

how nice are creme eggs thooooo 🤤

Gabriela Cisneros ‏@Gabicisneros

@DUALIPA @MadameTussauds It’s magic 🤤

mrs. m 🖤 ‏@klassykelsey

@bammy_sam I care here to wish you a happy birthday but now I’m drooling over your pinned tweet 🤤 looks tasty AF!!… https://t.co/skH08FCsrC

👸🏼 ‏@_charlottecas

In need of some gooood food😩🤤

Claire ‏@50bps

@bushontheradio My mouth is watering at the thought.... 🤤

Shawn ‏@shawn__18

Small steps in the right direction make you feel so much better about yourself 🤤

rene | s/h, csd📍 ‏@leekwon96

im posting my csd in a min 🤤

Je Cano ‏@letranistaAKO

One of the best ribs that I love here in Baguio, Canto! 🤤😋🥗🍖🥩🍚 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #iLoveWeekend… https://t.co/ZDSA8CzAAL

- mina ‏@jiminxtaehyung

minho in that suit 🤤

Abhie ‏@sjmyhearteu

@angel_w_shotgun @Nisa0507 @heehaekhun Right mom right 😍🤤

HaLo 😇 ‏@LorissaAlexis

Loaded baked potato soup 🤤 https://t.co/uYpH6cSFpJ

Mami Tiff 💖 ‏@_MamiTiff_

I need a 7 Rings Jersey Club Mix right now 🤤

J ‏@___purebliss

Gran parada bfast for the win 🤤

s ‏@shereelyn5

Brownies 🤤

Ja(Me)yahhh!! ‏@Mia_Lificent

Apple fritters, eggs and sausages this morning 🤤

🇵🇷🥀 ג'ריאן ‏@llaattiinnaa__

Y’all, dark with nice teeth 🤤

lyia bitch. ‏@trappp_le

i must be love em. 🤤

Sondre Sorhaug ‏@TTG_Ze3eXeR

@bottlescott @VSR_Louis I defenitly am 🤤

VICIOUS(Young Rebel) ‏@ThaReaLVicious

that morning nookie is tha best cookie💦✨🤤👌🏽

V ‏@JeleanIranzo

Ice cream or cake — cake 🤤 https://t.co/FSGd6899Im

Joelle ♡ ‏@JoelleKarlaX

Oh @ScouseBirdBlogs salon never fails 😍🤤 neon green💕 https://t.co/mC3Jzpus8Y

Code ‏@Bitcoin12312

Saw a #ZumePizza truck letting out smoke in traffic. Now I want some #Zume pizza 😍🤤

✨✨ ‏@ashraf_amierul

@NdhrhRsl_ Your fav person ? 🤤

A&S Fine Foods ‏@AS_FineFoodsNJ

Latest obsession 🤤 . . #pane #rustica #caputoflour #tipouno #00 #americana #breadmaking #panedicasa #carbporn… https://t.co/H5iQbksDvr

Jamïe🌞 ‏@_jamiesy

good lord😳🤤 https://t.co/t5oRAUFDSJ

Bonnie Blair ‏@b0nnieblair

@tharealroach Nah, covered and peppered! With WaHo sauce 😁🤤

𝔎 ‏@Rababyy1

@FATIM_39 More 🍓🤤

Bubblebutt🍑 ‏@EMeijg

@magicseokjin92 Uh baby, why so hot? 😔🤤 LOLOLOL

Tyler ‏@MrsTyler78

@notmuchofahw @DadFiction In love with your voice! 🤤

Anna Sharick ‏@lilnugsss10

Alison wonderland was FIRE I CANNOT GET OVER IT 😩😍🤤

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