Drooling Face Emoji

A face shown with drool dripping from one side of the mouth. May be used as a display of desire in a person, object or concept.

Not to be confused with the Face Savouring Delicious Food, or the Sleepy Face.

Drooling Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤤 Drool


🤤 U+1F924


Tweets For 🤤

B ‏@mbtrc_a

craving for ramyeon and kimchi again 🤤

Isabelle ‏@kyuanptlnghg

@_itsmetaten Let’s gooooo 🤤

Aetna ‏@Aetna_medina

My drunk ass is just savoring in n out after this game...🤤

sofiee ‏@shyrr5

What's your favorite place that you've traveled to? — Puerto Galera, I badly wanna go back there and eat all kinds… https://t.co/HZQObYFFj5

habibi ‏@TheeGoldBoss

I never thought I’d find love like this. Hints of white amber & brown skin 🤤

Hannah Evans ‏@hannahschaef

Wow it turned out so good. 🤤 https://t.co/QeqF9iGbOR

em jay 💫 ‏@redsunshinee

I’m in lust, I’m in love, I’m in all of the above 🤤

trizyuh ‏@chaiersxoxo

always 🤤 https://t.co/BeJEjUWrLe

apple cherry ‏@__sacredsoul

@itsTeeSavagee Ok so I’m gonna save this & use it as my screensaver? K? K 🤤😇

❥ ‏@salmarodriiguez

@angel_berae or lets make them 🤤😂

Christopher Kidd ⁠ ‏@ChrstopherKidd

@stevezitro That would be dope! 🤤 I love home cooked meals.

ash ‏@ashleyjamila_

@__nyyyyy the beauty jumped out!!😍🤤

Taylor ‏@UghhhhTaylor

@malloryomeara This killed me and simultaneously brought me back to life 😍🤤

Gay nerd🌞🌺 ‏@LovemuffinTiger

@thebearwannabe Damn daddy!🤤😍

NOPressure✨ ‏@Slimm_SoTrill

Sonic has a new King Hawaiian bread sandwich 🤤 Don’t say I NEVERR put y’all On❗️

oliver ‏@phatwithap

@PLANETARlUM I would give u my chocolate milks 🤤

KLR ‏@daydreaming89


Aye_Kill ‏@Killablx

🗣I swear that saying “food is the way to a mans heart”seems so real after that damn plate I just hurt myself eating 🤤😋😴

Long Live Dre🕊✨ ‏@JittyWorld_

Why she so sexy tho ? 😩🤤 https://t.co/lPZ9cqMdrM

𝐫𝐲𝐚𝐧 🖇 ‏@akulovebot

god what a man 🤤 https://t.co/YH7zLWo2jB

decents ‏@dxnts

@alexitsok okay 😳🤤

𝖔𝖑𝖎 // 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@btsokka

@vanteboo both at the same time daddy 🤤

Ty 👑 ‏@SimplyTy__

These chocolate chip cookies taste so good rn 🤤

🅰️@ron ‏@__Fernandez94

@rickydiaz23 I got with some Asada 🤤

🖤💛Toddrick33🔴⚪️ ‏@Toddrick33

I love these finds 🤤 https://t.co/ywMh9DFiqe

Nanz wit attitude ‏@nancy_my

My skin feels so bomb after that hot ass shower 🤤

〽️ o j i c a ‏@Gloriaamm

Getchu a medium hood boyfriend 😍. Works that 9-5 and will still beat a mf up at 6 🤤

IbuMiauBekeng🐯 ‏@Cik_Ayu_Ismail

lunch megi ayam, dinnder beef grill wrap with lettuce. thats life.🤤

Mikaelia Graham ‏@Itsss_Mikaelia

Y’all ever had a Cinnabon toaster strudel 🤤 that shit slaps 🥵

les ‏@_lsouv

Finally getting some crab hut 🤤

Tyrrell ✡️☯️ ‏@Tyrrell_W

To all the creamers out there 🤤😌 y’all the real MVPS

Phuc Ha ‏@PhucYouUp

Can’t wait for Fire Force and Dr.Stone!🥰😍🤤 @Crunchyroll

Ahcha. ‏@ShafiqahEsmail

Mochi sounds gooooddd right now 🤤

i- ‏@Sp4mLikely

@bigmadmadi anything 4 u 🤤

Omar Araujo ‏@cuy__ito

@theyangarciaa I would love that 😋🤤

alyssa ‏@alysssadennis

@angelbabylola Oh yes wow damn I’m following her she’s fine af 😩😍🤤

Mac Daddy Meechie 🤤🌈 ‏@aumetriusKierra

I wanna eat some pussy 🤤😩😩💦😋

China ✨ ‏@ChinaaMarinaa

@saaaritttaaa___ Sara you’re a freaking baddie 🤤

Cri ‏@cri_baby

It’s even better in slow-mo 🤤 https://t.co/31LgKyHTcN

😈 ‏@TrulyCourt

As mi land bro 🤤 https://t.co/gd5v8PpW3r

Sim, in Reston ‏@darksim905

@gabsmashh Uhmmm.... Heyyyyyy need company to finish some of that off? 😏🤤

❣️ ‏@meeessh_

First of all...his voice 🤤 https://t.co/Exzop8FioO

Todd McNeel Jr. ‏@Toddy_Mack

@aaamndlu Bahaha It most definitely is 🤤 💦

Arya “That Bitch” Stark ‏@ChannyMaraj

Wow. The baddest 🤤 https://t.co/2S8QqqKFos

♌️ ‏@xomxrry

So like who’s pussy can I eat? 🤤

Jadey Ellis Ross 💕 ‏@jadeserves_

Rihanna is.. just.... 🤤 https://t.co/dxsrDzuVf8

L ‏@lucieflynn

@rapidly Have you ever had a connection that allowed you to open up and accept their taste and them yours? Now y’al… https://t.co/zdzsf5dzV0

Nicolás Stuardo ‏@NicoValenzuelaS

@RealMenFullBush Please! I want the same 🤤

Mexicali ‏@_mexicali89

Rib dinner 🤤😋 https://t.co/tLjEX3qOOz

Ken ‏@kcapewoy

@KendallAir @_jaipinol @keenovaldez Ay wow 🤤

Chelsie⚡️ ‏@Adoretwin

Idek what ir is maybe the different seasoning bro omfg 🤤

Slim Shady ‏@O_omiiii

😩 there’s this light skin nigga i hate to like & even more so cause i be like 😍😻🤤 when he calls himself checkin Me

Lowkey & Loyal ‏@______Dee

Some Women look so good with short hair 🤤

TotionnaDayJanaye💛 ‏@MadeMyselfHER

What’s a good place to get a smoothie from? That’s what I want right now 🤤

lys 🐢 ‏@lyssrodgers

austyns literally bringing me chicken wings right now😍🤤 @bitchyausss

Jen {D-18} ‏@SehyoonLips

Kim Sehyoon...mr. bass dp...those pants....🤤

cvrtezz ‏@cor_carlo10

I’m just trying to eat $100 wagyu in Japan 🤤

💜에미-재드💜 ‏@jiminahmochiii

@suckingbtsdicks babeeeee I have 1500 Jimin pic in my phone 🤤

Quez 🤴🏾 ‏@royalquez_

Fuuuccck 😍🤤 https://t.co/NMKt1anTh0

Scorpio_Vibes ‏@Joe85986992

@FemmeFatale937 Goodnight Red 🤤

Marisol Hernandez ‏@MarisolR2018

@BigJigglyPanda Those look delicious 🤤


@BromoOfficial @BoSinnXXX @ShaneJacksonxxx I would skip my mortgage payment for a night with Bo!!!!!!!!! 👉🏾🍆😍🤤😛😍🥰😍🤪😛😜

Ariah🖤👑 ‏@cocxariah_

Take the wings, drum sticks are better 🤤 https://t.co/pLcUEGaWSw

jayy 🤑 money ‏@JayyLoyal_

top me in the car I miss that dome it made me moannnn 🤤😩

fran ‏@ffranvega

Jason’s next car is going to be such a dad car & I’m all for it 🤤

kayla ‏@kaybooty1

@KOKlinton Drums. I like that big chunk of meat 🤤

Carnage Nykohl ‏@CarnageNykohl

@MacsSwiggum that is absolutely nothing but the truth 😂🤤

Natalie ✨ ‏@luvablenatty

There’s just something about a man in a Dodger jersey 🤤💙⚾️

Sarah ‏@painkinkhes

@hslotguccix That jawline. 🤤

maddie 🌙 ‏@HaveFaithMaddie

Ughhh craving banana peppers something FIERCE 🤤

Midnight Bowler 🏁 ‏@amazontrollop

Dad bods 🤤 https://t.co/l9rlNnk7EW

RCG Media Vision ‏@DiHurricane

🤔Hmm #Lights 🤤 !!! The #aliens must be wondering what could this… https://t.co/4UFXY5Lzik

Mgh ‏@Mgh18_

My girl's ass is thiccccccc asf 🤤

Big Meesh ‏@LoveMeeshaa

Omfg 😧🤤 https://t.co/nxvA0sSXAy


Well damn... 🤤

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