Droplet Emoji

A single drop of water, or another blue liquid. May be used as a single drop of sweat.

Droplet was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

💧 Water

💧 Water Drop


💧 U+1F4A7




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Euro Gotit ‏@eurogotit

Big bro Prada u💙🇬🇧🐍💧💖 inlovewithkey @ Infinite Energy Center https://t.co/0md15Ug7Pk

Imoh Etim ‏@Imohtheking

I literally came in dripping today 💧💧💦 https://t.co/7g2x535pLu

Jermaine Henry ‏@HenryJermaine

U Dangerous ..... Early in da morning. New @ashanti iamwilliexo 💧💨🔥 All i can say is Damn ... The dirty things goin… https://t.co/2D5YS8fpep

YRN ‏@BonisWorld

D R I P P Y 💧 @OffsetYRN @iamcardib @russwest44 @KingJames @JHarden13 @CP3 @CameronNewton @deshaunwatson @52Mack_… https://t.co/48cMZvcxLT

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Linda ‏@LindaJohnsen7

@VeganOlive1 @OliviaBaboon @Alpro @Elmhurst1925 I agree! Fluids and foods! 😋🌱💧💚

S Faiz ‏@sfaiz212

Nice study for #PCCM #MedEd with @McGovernPulmCC Dr Abrencillo and @GenevaTatemMD @HFHPulmCC 🍕 ☕️ 💧 🥤 🍔 https://t.co/TYHrt32W2w


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Fats ‏@___Jalennnn

Yea brother 💧👌 https://t.co/FHGggtGTok

leean ‏@leeantofu

drip rubies 💧

Daniel ‏@UtdDxn

@SaucyMartiaI Too much drip 💧

WayneGo ‏@_WayneGo2X

East$ide💧💨 https://t.co/AunEwhgUL6

Simbi ® ‏@simbihaiti

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Celestial Oceanz💦 ‏@CelestialSauce

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Aussietrump ‏@Aussietrump11

@cleancoalmyarse @Abdulaziz_Ada @MikeTientee Oh please, wake up you 💧

AgentJA ‏@AjJulie3

@mirandadevine So true! Losers and 💧 drips!! 😂😂😂😂

ᏦᏗᎩ 🌸✨ ‏@Onlyykayy

Detoxing starting today 💧🍋


@1TurboTheGreat drippp💧

@SamanthaPatron_ ‏@SamanthaPatron_

@ohmyhizzie When you drink water 💧 😂

Madinlove24 ‏@madinlove24

Would you rather? Sipping tea ☕ or Spilling tea☕💧


The KING.. excuse me.. The KINGS have been CROWNED! The 🔥💧⚡️ Birds have WON the 1st KING OF THE SPECIAL ART Compet… https://t.co/nZMeB6W3H1

💧FreeDom ‏@DomV3

@TheKennyDevine @AB_Owl Keeping my 💧on. I'm accustomed to it. Reminds me why I'm Australian. Because I give a damn… https://t.co/dTJ08hwDgm

Britt. ‏@Robin__Brittany

I want a necklace 🥶💎💧

Kaden Kronmiller ‏@KronmillerKaden

@Jesss_Stuart Water 💧

kate Mimi ‏@Mimi05_Caskett

@Stana_Katic Thank you for sharing with us this precious info,🙏💚 fortunately here in my small garden my grandmother… https://t.co/A10cQSdb7u


DRINK MORE WATER 💧 https://t.co/HMRBZyEZbb

Young-ENT ‏@young_ent_

@raymondhawkiins Graduation 🎓 drip 💧

📚 Eeyore's Tales 📚 ‏@EeyoresTales2

@HolmiesAtHome There's an issue w/ the cold water here- we haven't had any in months. Complex office doesn't care.… https://t.co/bWTToNz1I5

Caribbean disaster ‏@BagalueSunab

Earth's oceans are in serious trouble: 🐠 Fishing zones are depleting rapidly 🌊 Sea levels are rising 🦞 Marine lif… https://t.co/knq5JlYkMh

miguel ‏@migueldaaangel

They try to get my drip, but they won’t take it from me 💧

((Shehzad Younis)) ‏@shehzadyounis

Earth's oceans are in serious trouble: 🐠 Fishing zones are depleting rapidly 🌊 Sea levels are rising 🦞 Marine lif… https://t.co/F1vKyHv5pj


@RightlQ @SkeetMoney4 Water 💧 big drip!

Bloomberg ‏@business

Earth's oceans are in serious trouble: 🐠 Fishing zones are depleting rapidly 🌊 Sea levels are rising 🦞 Marine lif… https://t.co/QZUm2IWbEi

Jc Paulinux ‏@JcPaulinux

@foolsforcamila @GameOfThrones Yeah not the end I expected as mentioned 🚽🚿💧(leaks)

nene ‏@Seysuni

I came through drippin💧 https://t.co/IBSXczJfU2

.waāv ‏@tsuwavvy

💧 like a 🐟

Mike Pasztor ‏@Pasztor79

Spring planting progress report: Corn 🌽 - 52% Soybeans 🌱 - 50% Cucumbers 🥒 - NA Jalapenos 🌶 - NA Pablanos 🌶 - NA Ac… https://t.co/6DktL1JBRI

Jaylen💰 ‏@601jaylen

drip💧 https://t.co/YO1T1GyCxm

Nature Boy🤒💥 ‏@YoungXUzumakii

They Said Prom I Said Met Gala 💧✍🏾 https://t.co/t1PYSeWpTh

Laurelle Atkinson ‏@laurelleinoz

@scobie @The_RHS @davies_white A fantastic initiative, hope it sets a precedent for more. Thank you.💚🌿🌲☘️🌹🌻🌳💦💧🌷🌾💚

D ‏@dawd1234

In this lyf u either drip or u drown 💧

thegabjolie ‏@thegabjolie

Drip 💧 https://t.co/ZpWHCjIlnN

Emily Quinlan ‏@EmilyQuinlan8

@trashbaggbaby Oh the micra😻😻💦💧

Maria ‏@MariaPinam27

@AmaOP_Patriot @galacticaactual Can't get enough of these salty tears!💧💧💧☔️☔️☔️

Saucy Old Mare ‏@OldSaucy

Pouring 💧💧💧🌧

Mayanista✨👑✨ ‏@0327mayanista_

@msmariapreda poor Maria…😓 please drink water in the hot bath🛁🥛💧

💜💚Art Fanatic💚💜 ✨Commsions Open!✨ ‏@Hotlegs101_art

💧It’s okay to not be okay💧 https://t.co/wPZswoVVmH

Mari R ‏@randlight

https://t.co/Fmg7dm47Sw @johnshakespeare get it right💧

Victor Maisano ‏@VictorMaisano

Phantom Ranch is an oasis in the middle of the Grand Canyon... They have bathrooms, water, beer, hamburgers and lim… https://t.co/QLIZ9OKYIK

THATDEMO ‏@thatdemo

Just realize what another mf think feel or say dont matter ...when you know that they know that you know that they know that you know.💯💧 💪😬

𓆣 V 𓆣 ‏@_tokabowl_

🌱🐌 Snail Trails 🐌🌱 Baby blu 💧💙 https://t.co/EplT7fxAQZ

Aloe Bot ‏@aloebudbot

Omg thx for taking care for caring for 💧 = 15 👒 Remember you

pyrex lex ‏@FreePyrex

I can’t believe it’s been this long!! 😭💦💦💧BIG DRIP

Drewavy🌊 ‏@Drewavy360

finish line🏁🐍💧 https://t.co/LU8kaYuJRE

Sorry Im Sewing 🤷🏾‍♂️👨🏾‍🎨 ‏@SewfulArt

💧 by me. https://t.co/yJOhqNL7hl

Ricchy Kobe🏚💰🧟‍♂️ ‏@RicchyKobe

Don’t slip🤮💧 https://t.co/OqhiLVXYtL

*+🧬蘇姬✰ ‏@970109s

well jin ,, im boutta start starting st mfers 😃💧:** https://t.co/HqtDFTOfuV

blake 💥 ‏@blakeisevil

@landad38 also the drip 💧 🤧 https://t.co/S5fGorPCRI


FUCK THE HOODIE DO YALL SEE THE JEANS THO 🤩🔥💧 #pelfix #dripstar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .… https://t.co/rSwvt0iAa1

𝕽𝖆𝖎𝖓𝖊 💧💦🏳️‍🌈 ‏@snowboyfriend

I forgot to mention Raine's stats, so here they are. #TS4 #TheSims4 #TheSims #TS4Gameplay 💧Traits are Creative 🎨, P… https://t.co/3HFK1GKWR6

Bethany Osman ‏@osmanbethany

Props to @MerriweatherPP for the water bottle refilling station 👏🏻👏🏻. Hydration as it should be💧💧🐢🐢

Hereitiz ‏@whoishereitiz

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VanMan ‏@T5VanMan

@Cameron_2022 Well done ... It's getting to be a sport. Amazing how many of these aggressively vocal Lefties who su… https://t.co/vtAdfNO1IK

⚓️Mariner ☕️ ‏@frankstruebrew

@mirandadevine This is nothing to do with politics - it’s to do with corruption, greed and above all else the slow… https://t.co/GKNVfNcF2K

Mace ‏@Macytaylorr1

i’m like a week late buttt at least we stole the show. 💧 #prahm https://t.co/WCqQGeG6EB

👑Ivanna Hernandez👑 ‏@IvyHTHD

Ensuring our associates and customers in the inside and outside of 3646 stay hydrated during this 95° weather 🌞🌞🌞💧💧… https://t.co/ld4DgBL7YC

Yun Kuntry ‏@itsmeKuntry

This #bluegatorade tho 💧! @ Homestead, Florida https://t.co/gLk92ft43D

deloresrhamy ‏@deloresrhamy1

Sitting at home minding my f*cking business 💆‍♀️💆‍♀️💆‍♀️ priceless 💧 #SundayThe19th https://t.co/fy5E7yMz0o

mekolord ‏@meko_lord

Top Off I’m Really Dripping #Sneakerjunkie #dripqueen💧 https://t.co/n2IEnZqaX4

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-Increases brain power and provides energy 💧 -flushes our toxins💧

Shinin.Threadzz ‏@ShininThreadzz

Prevents cramps and sprains💧 https://t.co/onsQim5jXY

Izzy ‏@b_ho0ligan

Ion think they understood our prom 🤧💧#LONGLIVEOURBRUTHERS https://t.co/XVKyyrWG6O

GlowG ‏@GlowGaming1143

@SmittyTheKnight Okkaayyy oni coming back wit that Drip 💧

Ellen Wong ‏@Ellenwong_art

Art Nouveau Blastoise 🌊💧 . . . . . This was actually a 3 part series done back in 2016 for a pokemon gallery show 💙… https://t.co/z1y56YAgbu

Spyros Becolli ‏@SpyrosBecolli

I officially challenge @elonmusk @garyvee @BillGates and @JeffBezos to donate 1.000.000$ to @TheWaterProject charit… https://t.co/FUsMSVBbG9

‏ً ‏@greedyruIes

@ISPAFzcXA cleanse your timeline and unfollow her queen. it's self care! 😚🌿🌸💧

Kunleee ‏@AdeAlarape

The realist done switched, but that isn’t surprising🔥💧🤔

TSHISHONGA RONEWA🌍🇿🇦 ‏@Little_blaq_boy

KOTA THE FRIEND - FOTO 1. FULL BLOOM ft. {Isa Reyes} 2. CHURCH 3. BIRDIE❤ 4. HOLLYWOOD 5. ALKALINE 6. SEDONA… https://t.co/28fHF7nLy7

Buddah$$ ‏@yoobuddah

@RunItUpCorey Drip season 💧🖤💉

coasty ‏@coasty_j

Clearly💧💧translates to narcissist.

_woozy_ #ATEEZAreComing ‏@MeridianChase1

@sansquish Psychic, water and electric ✨💧⚡️

小恶魔b l u e with Luv ♡ ‏@snbtsgdtc


Sabrina Hogan ‏@SharonsRose13

Been through the tests, trials and tribulations...now to rise like a Phoenix and soar. Complete our soul mission… https://t.co/n3pfJRzlI6

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P&S HQ Weather ‏@PaSWHQ

Observed Weather at 3:00 PM 🌡 75ºF Feels: 73ºF (↑🌡77ºF at 12:16 PM ) 💧 33ºF 💦 22% 🗜 29.70 inHg (-0.03) 💨 0 mph… https://t.co/QZn0rGQCyf

Magnetic Dynamo ‏@magneticdynamo

@capitalweather Feels like we’re snug up in the devil’s sweaty armpit. 👹🔥💧

IG; 𝒢𝓁𝓍𝓈𝓈𝒾𝑒𝓇𝓉𝒽𝓇𝑒𝒶𝒹𝓈 🦋✨🧚🏻‍♀️ ‏@glxssierthread1

~ do community service that has to do with cleaning up🌎 ~use reusable bags, bottles, and straws🥤 ~donate to orgi… https://t.co/6qY7VtE027

DelCon Days ‏@telesynth_hot

Looks like the 💧 symbol now means Salty Tears for Labor Losing. #auspol

cassie ♡ ‏@needygains

follow everyone who likes this 💧


Brand New Drip💧https://t.co/J1q8C88c8c https://t.co/4oYc5KWy0X

EDP Renewables ‏@EdpRenewables

Transition to clean energy is achievable👏🌞🍃💨💧🌬💪 #USenergy #RenewableEnergy #CleanEnergy #GreenEnergy #Cities4Change… https://t.co/jLBoRfRrJw

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