Droplet Emoji

A single drop of water, or another blue liquid. May be used as a single drop of sweat.

Droplet was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

💧 Water

💧 Water Drop


💧 U+1F4A7




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P&S HQ Weather ‏@PaSWHQ

Observed Weather at 2:00 AM 🌡 49ºF Feels: 47ºF (↑🌡51ºF at 12:29 AM ) 💧 28ºF 💦 44% 🗜 29.98 inHg (-0.00) 💨 0 mph… https://t.co/BybDysnktw


Liquid dish wash + a lot of bubbles = fun and clean washing car 💦⚪💧 😁 But is it harmful to your car body?… https://t.co/F3YIimwjoK

The Shipping Forecast ⚓️ ‏@ShippingForecas

Current conditions at Tiree Automatic #weather station ⛅ Currently: Sunny 🌡️ Temperature: 9°C (49°F) 💨 Wind Speed:… https://t.co/O7kMqSn3yZ

weatherbotjack ‏@weatherbotjack

--- Weather in Yokohama, JP at -6:00--- 🌨 Clouds 💧 72% 🌡 15.23℃ 🌡 13.8℃ / 17.0℃ From heroku.

Green-Schools ‏@GreenSchoolsIre

Read the @thecontel article on the launch of the Green-Schools 6th year of the Water theme which is proudly sponsor… https://t.co/9qrYOqNto9

Bypandora.project ‏@BypandoraP

Blue Embroidered Double Layer Dress ☀️ Fabric Embroidered Cotton Medium Thick Material, ☀️Low Elastic, Premium Qua… https://t.co/K2M5rRX6uj

∆NDRE∆🌹🌙👽 ‏@andrea_kayc

Thirsty bastards 💧

Bypandora.project ‏@BypandoraP

Red Fake Slit Dress With Belt ☀️ Fabric Cotton+Silky Polyester Medium Light Material, ☀️Low Elastic, Premium Quali… https://t.co/LR93MzN3Oh

Balineae ‏@Balineae

💧Destination thermale #aixlesbains #Savoie https://t.co/1ncK0gTHDD

6e3zy ‏@Be3zy_

Feel like its Drip💧 $eason Or sumtin 🤩, Aint nobody comparing cause we #1 💯#6TilInfinity https://t.co/qKysSs8qQx

Samantha Gravley ‏@sammie_gravley

@Strongrose12 Me either 💧😍

🍃𝚂𝚞𝚣𝚊🍃 [D-14] ‏@P0LARLIGHT

D-14 !!!! O.M.F.G It's the final Countdown!! 🌍🌎🌏✈🛫🛬⏳❄💧#holiday https://t.co/UrxvlpIcaT

Bebop ‏@BebopTank

@magikazam22 And I will happily rain and drench anyone in my path, starting with you 💦💧😊

OJ Tha Juiceman ‏@JuicemanTha

Gn - goin with da bob tomorrow 😴💧

Sainte V!N⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@Xfitr4Life

EVERYONE needs to check this out. The water shortage narrative is a LIE. 🥤🌊💦💧 https://t.co/gwJBC91hy2

Bypandora.project ‏@BypandoraP

Blue Red Stripe Belted Dress ☀️ Fabric Cotton+Polyester Medium Thick Material, ☀️Low Elastic, Quality** Full Butt… https://t.co/AyQ6NdPSCc

⭐ Agent Mabeobja ☣️ ‏@Agent_Mab

@DBTheDivision @TheDivisionGame That's a very important PSA 😊💧

o Nuno ‏@onun_pm

🇵🇹's total generation @ 16/11/2018 : 169.6 GWh. 49.5% from renewables, of which 43.9% 💧, 44.9% 🌬 and 2.6% 🌞.… https://t.co/0d1z3Cp4cd

ᴲ \\ᴲ q ‏@pelleabstract

@teennick Bro Michael invented Drip 💧 🤭 @Jakepfeff

🌧 เปียนิซโม่ขายของ ‏@pianistsimoooo

📎 หารคุณแดน💧LOVE DROP 📷 @ makememove_dn ✏ Postcard set 100฿ 📫 ค่าส่ง 30/50 #ตลาดนัดWANNAONE️ #ตลาดนัดPRODUCE101 https://t.co/sppohsNIvw

GTFOH ROSALIE 😤 ‏@j_c0nstantin0

@sjh945 Drip drip 💧 https://t.co/fzhL1WUaTR

Tate Ndilula ‏@MR_Ndilula_

Stay hydrated kids 💧 https://t.co/nkp20T5V1R

Jay 🔥🎶🎵❣️ ‏@jayeurofan2000

@yaalbanias https://t.co/a5oKSIfyr8 Max from The Netherlands stans water. Vote for us 😘💦💧

AquacelloCT ‏@AquacelloCT

The CW 100 is an AWG from our #SKYWATER range that produces up to 100 litres of alkaline water per day. 💧Reduces t… https://t.co/uj9vnMSraD

Hermes Trismegistus ☿ ‏@goldshift_

The “Waters of Life” or “Living Waters” 💧 is a popular esoteric theme found in many civilizations but it all goes b… https://t.co/tG4AkUQkL1

JusPlayinNdaPaint ‏@iPaint_Fast

Coming soon ✨✨✨ New #Ringz for #fall2018 Art the ✨ @macworthington Art Gallery 🎨 Copper, Alumium and Brass wire je… https://t.co/it1izEBLky

Jord Parry ‏@JordParry

@CRAIGGRIFF08 @the_nomads Massive 💧 Craigo UpTheNomads 🔴⚽️

MomN'Natalia ‏@frozenchrctr


ᴀᴛᴄ ɢʀᴇᴇɴᶷ ‏@UsuallyGreen

any1 tryna streak up threes? 💧

Cierra ‏@Cierraaaaa_xo

I’m scared, never fallen from quite this high, falling into your ocean eyes 💧

Chill tha Gr8 🎼🎧🎺🎤🎹🎻 ‏@IamChillthaGr8

My store front for beats is gonna be the big 💧 Straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥 🥵

Hempz Beauty ‏@HempzBeauty

Finally... it's the weekend! Whatever you're doing, start the weekend right with a handful of Hempz Triple Moisture… https://t.co/AQaecW2HPY

James ‏@JamesFlores01

My mom walks in my room and knew where my stash was like wtf...mothers are something else💧

#GatherMoney ‏@iamskyebrain

@ElvyssB Happy birthday @ElvyssB God Bless Yuh New Age. Blessings 💧 fall on you.

Sue Cartwright ‏@suecartwright

Drinking water first thing has incredible value ... gets your metabolism going, flushes out toxins, fuels your brai… https://t.co/hfTFAMJK9J

@RiskReversal🗽 ‏@sachindiesel

Let's Gain 600 followers fast!!! 👉Retweet fast 👉Follow everyone who retweets 👉Follow all likes 👉Follow back… https://t.co/TICOxPhmuo

Jackie Davey ‏@davey_jackie

A heartfelt tear💧

Pixel ‏@PixelHir

@hazlyn13 @uk_riot 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 hOHoHOHHHHMYFUCkking GOFD 😂😂😂 DUDE 👌i AM 👉LITERALLY👈 iN 😂TEARS😂 RI… https://t.co/8hQ3zU8pFn

Craig Griffiths ‏@CRAIGGRIFF08

@JordParry @the_nomads What an absoulute drip JP 💧💧💧, Nomads should have be 3-0 up before queens park scored, job done ✔ now into the semi's

Vernon Reid ‏@vurnt22

Got GOT by This one💧(the look on his Mum’s face at the recital...) https://t.co/XKsmp1cB1l

Dr. L Clitherow ‏@DrClitherow

Ladybower Reservoir's low water levels reveal abandoned village. Water Cycle links for A level geographers: long ho… https://t.co/i4Nh4DmWwX

Geog ‏@keastongeog

Ladybower Reservoir's low water levels reveal abandoned village. Water Cycle links for A level geographers: long ho… https://t.co/3CM7aSa7eW

shakti singh malhan ‏@ShaktiMalhan

@AmbRonMalka @GiladCohen_ @MayaKadosh @IsraelinIndia Wow.. my mouth got filled with 💧.

Bypandora.project ‏@BypandoraP

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Daniel P ‏@daanielph

Mood ❄️💧02:20

Autumn Elan ✨💛 ‏@MsAutumnelan1

Never changed up I just leveled up 💧💧💧💧 https://t.co/xk6M81nUy5

Long_Live_Shontell ‏@MrsAustinDuh

Can’t wait to see what @kashdoll get @EnvyME_KendraP for her birthday this year! What can you get somebody that has… https://t.co/nGTVCrL7Z0

Bypandora.project ‏@BypandoraP

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MobiWashSA 🇿🇦 🚘💧 ‏@MobiWashSA

📣 ALERT: HEAT WAVE🌞 in Gauteng today! Vereeniging 35°C Johannesburg 36°C Pretoria 38°C Keep hydrated by drinking @kusiniwater💧💧💧

Hubbub ‏@hubbubUK

Putting on a wash? 💧Try washing your clothes at a lower temperature (30degC) and on gentler cycles 👕 Not only does… https://t.co/en0aMVZA9j

Aloe Bot ‏@aloebudbot

Hi buds! 💧 ! Remember to feel it too today☀️

Bypandora.project ‏@BypandoraP

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Joya ghosh ‏@JoyaGhosh

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TAM Here ‏@tamherebh

Avoid the worry, access government services in a jiffy! 💧 ⚡️ 📫 🚼.Experience easy-to-use kiosks which allow transac… https://t.co/9VXqX0UQWC

Kassie ‏@SoyLuna_USA

Ruggero he’s so fucking hot 💦💧🔥 — He isssss 🤤🤤🤤🤤 https://t.co/ZS0IubADnH

iYurdaYgee... ‏@RaphaelShaadu

Both 💧⛈️🌊 https://t.co/ks6NzjNtLD

Bypandora.project ‏@BypandoraP

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Jason Phillips ‏@jinx__xix

Just because your pussy wet💦 don’t mean it’s good😛... Garbage 🗑 bags leak💧 too🤮😂

DoLocal #SEO Liverpool 🇬🇧 ‏@dolocaldigital

You don't have to carry your bulky water bottle anymore 💧 Shop here [partner link]: https://t.co/qANFU05gMN https://t.co/t389OXyiWN

#root ‏@_cirrus_minor_

☀ Glasgow UK Weather: Conditions: 45 F (7 C) - Partly Cloudy Time: Sat 17 Nov 2018 08:02:15 GMT (Europe/London) ☀ ☁ ☂🌥🌦☁️🌧 ☔️💦💧

Young J.Noah™ ‏@YoungJNoah3

I need a bottle of water.💧

Big Ahk. De.Leone 👳🏾‍♂️ ‏@de_leonehavin

@BCFMONEYMAN1 drip 💧 https://t.co/EHnxy4tiQC

P&S HQ Weather ‏@PaSWHQ

Observed Weather at 1:00 AM 🌡 48ºF Feels: 46ºF (↑🌡51ºF at 12:29 AM ) 💧 29ºF 💦 48% 🗜 29.98 inHg (0.01) 💨 0 mph… https://t.co/jy33k3JC7x

weatherbotjack ‏@weatherbotjack

--- Weather in Yokohama, JP at -7:00--- 🌨 Clouds 💧 55% 🌡 18.28℃ 🌡 17.2℃ / 19.0℃ From heroku.

Bypandora.project ‏@BypandoraP

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Hermes Trismegistus ☿ ‏@goldshift_

Enki (Mercury ☿ & Saturn ♄) means “Lord of the Earth” or “House of Water” 💧 in Sumerian and he is the god of creati… https://t.co/Yn3jgy0fiv

#sensitivity ‏@prinsensitivity

@IamMayorKun @IamMayorKun the song too dope 💧💧💧💧💧beta drip💧

R A S E T H 🤴🏾 ‏@_kirkseyy

@_MariTaylor Uncle got the Spike Lee drip 💧

Rommel Genodepa ‏@RomanMelancholy

We are huppy kedz 😍❤️😁🔥💧 https://t.co/5b6Y1T6MRo

Trix Thimmylehin ‏@thimmylehin

Heataged💧 https://t.co/Asj0gUcBOj

Mᴀʀɪ ‏@orbitxingmi

@yixingsyifan If the prophet PBUH him saw this duniya 🌍 he would cry 💧his ummah is going to jahanam 🔥🔥🔥

est. 1995 ‏@EstBankss

Niggah u ain’t jus ride u cruising on this beat 💧🤯 @kiddadamz https://t.co/gssTdilHN0

Bypandora.project ‏@BypandoraP

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Talisha Kaye ‏@TalishaKaye

@yesys13 Fuckin right betch!! #Drip💧#Drip 💧#Splash 💦

nick ‏@1swave

@KeyGLOCK Aye Glock drop this no cap 💧💧🥶 @KeyGLOCK shit hard 🔊🔊❄️

Deem Dash ‏@_kadeemthedream

Drippy 💧 https://t.co/dXDftwiMbZ

Lloyd Otom Luspo ‏@LloydOtom

Roses are red🌷 Violets are blue💙 Whenever i flush the toilet💧 I remember you🌰

yunhoyah🍂 ‏@jungdeeks

in the lumos line, waiting to go in :') it's sooooo warm, everyone stay hydrated 💧 https://t.co/70gNsIu1ls


Whew Chile if this man don’t stop talking nasty to me 😝💧💦

Local Drip ‏@LocalDripShop

🤩💧🔋 Catch This Drip 🔥 Shop Today ➡️ https://t.co/FibGlI2gln https://t.co/81CZqnDUNJ

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Mrs. Death 🎗 ‏@canticvell

Sometimes those who don’t socialize much aren’t actually anti-social they just have no tolerance for drama 💧 stupid… https://t.co/aPx4N0Z6Hm


💦 Follow everyone that FAV THIS 💧 Follow 👉 @V2_N_St0 💦 #TMLILY 💘#MEL_LILY 💧#GainWithLily @ArqueraS1310… https://t.co/5hI222KirL

Jan ‏@iamjanzito

Drink water 💧 https://t.co/4PQ68Vs8rP

Bypandora.project ‏@BypandoraP

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GORide ‏@GORideSpain

#goodmorning and #HappySaturday from #CostaBlanca Today in @Alicante_City 20 C ⛅☔💧We wish You a #HappyWeekend ✌✌✌ https://t.co/EQEUFXEhYt

nick ‏@1swave

@Kinglrg_ drink water 💧 stay pure

Freddo ‏@_FreddoInDaCut

@candaddy_q @caprispants Y’all see that drip tho!!! 💧💧💧❄️❄️❄️ https://t.co/Fy7LZlq6Np

Sam Wolf ‏@SamWolfXVI

“Don’t keep testing the water 💧if you really want to swim 🏊‍♂️ . Just jump in the water 💧 and enjoy the experience.… https://t.co/xo5ItrHkKR

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nick ‏@1swave

@plies go crazy foo!!💯🔥💧

WoRKs The DropOff ‏@on_works

Pro 3 in 2 days the grind been real 😎♨💧#NBA2K19 #XboxShare https://t.co/JjgxN3lPbQ

ᴀᴛᴄ ɢʀᴇᴇɴᶷ ‏@UsuallyGreen

@iKxllsHD @ImDukeDennis them sideburns ain’t it bro, get a taper without the icicles. 💧 tho

INSIDER ‏@thisisinsider

You don't have to carry your bulky water bottle anymore 💧 Shop here [partner link]: https://t.co/pKDnzwekmU https://t.co/zEhkiIgrUw

Sanni Kotamäki ‏@sannimaarit

Water as obsession 💗💧 https://t.co/PIeTuko0qo

Hermes Trismegistus ☿ ‏@goldshift_

In Sumerian myth, when Inanna (Virgo ♍︎ & Venus ♀) ends up trapped in the Underworld (Kur/Irkalla), her father Enki… https://t.co/QsVXhLi9Ib

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