Droplet Emoji

A single drop of water, or another blue liquid. May be used as a single drop of sweat.

Droplet was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

💧 Water

💧 Water Drop


💧 U+1F4A7




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With a heat advisory in effect, it's important to stay hydrated! If you're in Downtown Boston, join us at our Park… https://t.co/zloppmG2yT

💧Ali🎶 ‏@ali_rainz

@One_more_chptr Me and all 27 my fallowers concur..lol. 💧🌛👁️🌜💧

FlyBoy 🛫 ◢ ◤ ‏@SirbrunoHQ

Drinkwater... Drinking water 💧 https://t.co/iNyMIS1eKH

Maxx Payne ‏@MaxxPayneMusic

Need Beats? Shop With Me $100 Leases (Limited Time) or get 3 for $250. This is really a steal ‼️ This drip 💧 don’t… https://t.co/nzdA7eJmMd

Samuel Hurst ‏@Smurst

Damp day at Alton Showers 💧 https://t.co/eZQvzLTUx8

IMD Guest House ‏@IMDGuestHouse

A reminder from @UIHealth- Stay Hydrated! Drink #Water💧Drinking water helps replenish fluids in the body. When you… https://t.co/HMaZTU5AhF

RCD ‏@rcdetoro

💻 Ensure internet access for all. 🏅 Gain equal representation in sport. ❤️ End gender-based violence. 👀 Accept… https://t.co/KEMmsUCYYE

Glow Car Wash ‏@GlowExpressWash

Sliding into the scorcher of a #weekend. 🔥✨ #glowcarwash 💧 #stayshining #ferrari #ferrarifriday #ferrariworld… https://t.co/kNelSHCYrC

Bridezilla LaDRIENNA ‏@iamMZENVY

Hello #Henna I miss you! 😍😘💯 #Recess2019 Get your DRIP 💧 at https://t.co/5Uarl0OBjk (link in bio)… https://t.co/KiSCvJvNgJ

RCD ‏@rcdetoro

Ensure internet access for all.💻 Gain equal representation in sport.🏅 End gender-based violence.❤️ Accept differing… https://t.co/MxtykkPIwy

Steefer! ‏@Reesetopher_

💧Dominican Water Quenches Your Soul w/ raphaelwashere - 😁Like, Share, and Comment - #KreativeComedy… https://t.co/PjN9018rz9

Zeb ‏@JoeZeb_

Sauccccy 💧 https://t.co/mgfuA1JDpQ

Mackenzie✨ ‏@_mackenzier08

Dewy look✨💧 Fresh face look using Foundation deciem Concealer @maccosmetics pro conceal Powder @lauramercier tra… https://t.co/I3dGeqUzB6

not very outspoken ‏@outspokenbadger

A total #UXfail or some smart idea I haven’t quite understood!? Been bothering me for 12 months on our office water… https://t.co/FCKvOX1Kph

Shelley ‏@ReaganLincoln08

Thirsty ladies 💧💦 https://t.co/hwEEk9yvsS

Very very soon ‏@ownsAdonkey

@RosesOnThaMoon So refreshing 💦 revitalising 💧

GoSpaces ‏@gospacesmobile

Ottawa is experiencing a major heat wave today. Remember to stay hydrated and to collect your points on GoSpaces fo… https://t.co/BfhuDa10Uw

kat⋆ ‏@PettyPodSquad

also, she came thru dripping 💧💎💸

Kloud⛅️ ‏@Affluent_KAL

SUMMER! Where has thy goneth? 😂 How’s everyone’s summer going? We are really almost done 😢. Hope you all keep hydra… https://t.co/ObMNDcA2FZ

𝕊 𝕒 𝕣 𝕒 ‏@Rawiiaaa

I’m such a stupid kid 💧 https://t.co/56PwjgQwrG

St. Michael's ‏@st_michaels_ce

Our always green event went down a treat! Both children and staff had great fun. 💦💧 https://t.co/t9JhA0VlDz

Gavan Becton ‏@GavBecton

Will someone go out and bring in the roads!!💧💦 #monsoon https://t.co/LMBcxw8lnW

CityBase ‏@CityBaseInc

Exciting to see #cities 🌆 personalizing the way people understand their water usage💧. As constituents begin to focu… https://t.co/awXQBJRLwr

~Selinam🍑 ‏@selz_xx

Nbs drip💧 https://t.co/7ijGRqsY4L

Maggie ‏@mags324

@KateVause1 Its not proper rain though😏just drizzly most of the day...and grey and miserable..Heavy rain due overni… https://t.co/PFWTJ9nZ4Y

City of Stillwater ‏@StillwaterOKgov

Here's your update on scheduled road closings & water service interruptions around town. Find the full lists onli… https://t.co/Jnec9W0vUF

Deepak Gupta ‏@deepkdesire

save water and save life💧💧💧💧 #SaveWater #zeenewhindi #zeenews #sudhirchaudhary https://t.co/3lPZddpabD

streetgame ‏@streetgameusa

Temperatures will be high this weekend. Stop by & cool off while checking out the latest releases! Stay Cool🌬 Sta… https://t.co/KrEVxt54CQ

opening ceremony ‏@openingceremony

The Transparent Pack has arrived. Unisex sizing, four colors, in stores and online. Shop the latest, exclusive… https://t.co/ko38Mt5luB

Crypto [email protected]@CoinGnuBot001

Fluctuation of major coins (past 1 H) 🔥⤴ $BTC Bitcoin +0.77% 🔥⤴ $ETH Ethereum +0.75% 🔥⤴ $XRP XRP +0.73% 🔥⤴ $XLM… https://t.co/8AfEkp4h22

MaCy ‏@mc77c

Im back bitches!!!!! #sexy 💧👅🍑

Joseph Silver ‏@imjosephsilver

@colindross the last drop had me like 💧💧 https://t.co/Rod4IaDENb

John Martinez ‏@JohnTweetsTea13

@ArianaGrande U deserve the world ❤️💧

Dera Lazal ‏@MrDc_23

Abuja 🔉🔊 ....... SKYY VODKA be taking us to the blue "SKYY" tonight💧💧 >>>> turn up😉 #skyybluenite #jonzingworld… https://t.co/sjiCdEBclJ

Neha's.....Poetry🌙853 ‏@nehakhanna853

What is your most delightful feeling during rainy season?????🌂☔☁💧🌈

ArtsTech ‏@ArtsTechKC

The forecast is calling for excessive Heat 🔥 today. The drumlines and drill teams are still planning to perform. We… https://t.co/CzXKNOmho9

RebeLLa AfriQue MeDia ‏@ReBellAfrique

@RabbitTheKing W I T H T H E D R I P💦💦💧 #furahiday #FridayLituations #FridayFeeling #FlashbackFriday… https://t.co/oX28OqJwrd

Paul Baker ‏@Blackshawstreet

@CanadianRom Salty - you mean FOURmidables? and before you say 6 🍆💧 - the 4 from a possible 5 was in a single seaso… https://t.co/eseYjpihTr

🔥FOLLOW HELP🔥 #PitbullEmpire ‏@PitbullsEmpire2

Follow everyone who likes this 💦💦💧

Dr. Ryan Gott 🏳️‍🌈🐞🌱 ‏@Entemnein

@SolomonRDavid Maybe in Stratiomyinae, one of the two subfamilies that are aquatic. https://t.co/7e4poTYp5j Most pr… https://t.co/pZ1CN8aiyV

ali is drowning💧// (maybe) seeing tøp 10/18/19 ‏@northern_gnote

@CrankThatFrank @jessiepaege AWW IM SO PROUD OF YOU YALL💙stream drowning btw💧

theelderrainbowdragon ‏@r3sp3ktdab3at

@Griz @Pravda_Sputnik @IbizaWilmington You are spectacular! And inspiring. I dont know how to rhyme Christmas with… https://t.co/FAYmge30j2

Charlie Webb ‏@CharlieWebb8

I’m done with crying myself away... 💧 #HOWDOYOUSLEEP 🌙 music video out now everywhere 🖤… https://t.co/2lPEMi2Cxl

Simon King ‏@SimonOKing

I’m now stuck in a bar 👍😬💧💧💧 https://t.co/Nck6MjGaor

Maggie ‏@mags324

@AllyJordan15 Oops forgot to reply sorry..😏🤗 Not by choice do I/we eat that late.. 😏OH doesn't get home till about… https://t.co/DjoVHzJvrp

KOFI ASARE MANU ➕ ‏@asaremanu1

@mpho_magdeline DRIP 💧

STEPHEN™ ‏@i_am_koranteng

Dope 💧 https://t.co/gdKsomXGWI

Jeeves Elmo J. ‏@jeeves_elmo

Current mood - keep hydrated Toronto💧 #HeatWarning https://t.co/jOeHcBGiBo

Kevy Mac ‏@KevyMac4

@WetAssNurse You have a sprinkler system in there? 💧💤💧💦💧💦☔

Healthy West Orange ‏@healthyworange

🎶We’re all in this together!🎶💧#stayhydrated #floridaliving https://t.co/kxJ2dKhYPz

JGPolasky ‏@garciagogo

🥵 Take care of each other in this #heatwave, #BaltCo! Stay💧(pets2). Wear loose, light 👕. Bring🐕in. Check on 🤒&👵.… https://t.co/Pi9eeoFUrw

Kevy Mac ‏@KevyMac4

@WetAssNurse Every single drop 💧 💧💧💦💦💦💦

kailey (fan acc) ‏@selfishnwild

thinking about her 🛁 💧 https://t.co/3TSVrsfDci

Rona Gee - HENNYLADY ‏@SexiMissG

Official Location will be released later on today! Text now #DONOT look for me tomorrow ! 😜👀 LLUVIA means RAIN 💦💧💦… https://t.co/1cqEKBheAh

Mr.Perfect ‏@MarcSoFly1

@BoobieWake11 @Kiddakam7 You are the real drip 💧 god

Saai ‏@FranklyChels

Friendly reminder: SAVE WATER. 💧

DrBenjaminRush ‏@B_Rush1776

💧💧💧 More and more and more and more and more... This will go on for some time. Ridding the World of Satanic Pedo… https://t.co/vcIojDLrGw

🅻🅴🅴💧🐝 ‏@LEEeveryday

#InsteadOfDissingTrump Ignore him. It'll be like a child screaming for attention. If you ignore him, he can't pus… https://t.co/vAy4I9rpNp

We Are Water ‏@wearewater

The African Great Green Wall project gives hope to the #Sahel, one of the most vulnerable areas to the current clim… https://t.co/EKi6sG24YE


@sudhirchaudhary Sir from today I will serve half glass water💧 to our gest.

Maggie ‏@mags324

@kjp48604688 We had stopped raining briefly but not now its started again...silly drizzle just rain properly 👍appar… https://t.co/m69kwuRUB7

𝖆𝖌𝖆 ✩ ‏@AgaGrace

Heat stroke is a real thing! Drink lots of water today 💧💦💧💦

Doug Smith ‏@SmithForNY

Not a myth, according to local firefighters! Best to keep water bottles in your home or in the trunk. The sunlight… https://t.co/CCjKUegzGT

Stella LeBeer ‏@StellaLeBeer

@Awith2ls @7737_44 😂😂😂 settled for the weekend 🙌 🍻🍹 its 💧💧💧☔😳 so don't want to have to mess about shopping again 😃… https://t.co/B0e4hZ6c3C

Assemblyman Doug Smith ‏@DougSmithNY

Not a myth, according to local firefighters! Best to keep water bottles in your home or in the trunk. The sunlight… https://t.co/iS2xarFfCd

🎱9️⃣🅾️🅾️ ‏@Bigglodon_zb

I need my COCK drenched in coochie nectar🌊💦💧☔️

GoldTip McDrip 💦🌊 ‏@Sauce_Miyagi

Happy sauce day foo 💧 TGOD x TSF https://t.co/fUxdRAaobI

Aquascaping Love ‏@AquascapingLove

🏆 CBAP 2016 - Brazilian Aquascaping Contest 🇧🇷 📁 Category: Nano Planted Tanks 🔤 Title: ‘Mirante do Pati’ 🥇 1st Plac… https://t.co/lE0wwxZEK2

Ty🤤 ‏@flytyjr

H2O on a hot day is decent ! 💧

Wathoni Anyansi ‏@wathonis

Sunny feet Slides 💧💧💧 Colors as seen 38 to 42 N6,500 https://t.co/VOWZfBk6e5

▼・ᴥ・▼ ‏@gohbgh


Cosmic. ‏@MezzoBlaze

@TheAlizarinRed When I storm area 51 I will find out about the whole office in a couple days 👀💧

Sage Goddess ‏@TheSageGoddess

The #chalice is symbolic of the feminine water element as well as the goddess’ womb. Place these stainless steel Fl… https://t.co/L9Kbfs5Wsr

Humble-Bee🐝 🌊 ‏@UnknownMathew_

Unrealeased song?!!! Only posting this bc Wifi said he dont give af if it gets leaked 💧💧💧 https://t.co/Jldgrm2lYQ

cerrone ‏@JuneauTheJoke

New drip💧👨🏽‍🚀 @INTOTHEAM https://t.co/Imb77bFBBv

bebaskeun ‏@RayiAyodia


SwitzerlandUN ‏@swiss_un

Full house at exchange on #ClimateChange #water💧and #environment with #youth from Iceland🇮🇸 Denmark🇩🇰 Netherlands🇳🇱… https://t.co/xATW3a4HfR

toddenfreude® ‏@toddx

Literally, nothing makes sense anymore. 🔥 💧 https://t.co/NhGbBkLaiF

s o p h i e ♡ ‏@so_loko


Carole ✝️🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ‏@carole_awebb

@EllahieCooking @billy2kid45 @JudybellesLife @CharlesGavin12 @MollyRhodes15 @SudeJohn @KJVBaptist193 @ElRoiShalom… https://t.co/ZaoJCMv5df

Dickinson HR ‏@DickinsonHR

Enjoying some time at your favorite fitness facility in Carlisle? Remember #WellnessWaterWorks 💧 to… https://t.co/v0mihCh9g3

👷🏾‍♂️🇹🇿 ‏@alvinmakundi

A rare photo of Danny Drinkwater drinking water.🙂💧 https://t.co/kGei4hwYBh

˗ˏˋ anne greif ˎˊ˗ ‏@AnneGreif

petition for a VR Avatar The Last Airbender game 💧🔥⛰️🌪️

OECD SMEs, Regions, Cities & Tourism ‏@OECD_local

#Argentina’s🇦🇷 sustainable development faces #water risks🚰 💧Floods 💧Severe droughts 💧Accessibility to quality water… https://t.co/tbSoHFRwai

Ahola ‏@naturallybaes

To Sleep: Lavender tea 🌙 For anxiety: Chamomile tea ⭐️ For energy: Cherry tea 🍒 To wake up: Chai tea 🛏 Emotional we… https://t.co/SSGHFOs25h

Angela Graham ‏@StageYourLife

@BoyanSlat 💙Dear sir. I am in utmost admiration at your dedication and love for our blue planet. 🌎My love for the o… https://t.co/lWtYzliWtr

Wine To Water ‏@winetowater

💧Repost💧 "Women are the real architects of society." - - 📸: Marisa Paat 💧 #winetowater #cleanwater #guatemala https://t.co/IJwfbUILdw

MrEsponent ‏@Esponent1

If you no download #THEPLUGEP wetin you gain... @AmgMedikal Drip Drip Drip Drip Drip Drip Drip Drip Drip Drip Drip… https://t.co/KoDlTSIQCm

Mount Saint Michael ‏@MountToday

Our Mission Group along with Ms. Reyes are off on their first trip with @blue_missions. The group will be bringing… https://t.co/RoVtzissdJ


Certified Every where ain’t gotta Print may Resume 💪🏽💧💧💧 https://t.co/RrC9d2CrC7

Maggie ‏@mags324

@goldfinches12 It was delish and very colourful too..😋 Oh we have had drizzly rain most of the day with a couple of… https://t.co/C0xtq9GNBV

Draco Mundo Streams ‏@DracoMundo

@lovejinkles Id do it if I had s project for you to do Or money 👀💧


I just got a tooth pulled and I swear if you don’t stream drowning, YOULL BE IN EMO HELL FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE😌… https://t.co/z4AsJ9uS8x

Simmauk1 ‏@SimSimmaUK1

“Pressure buss pipe” 💧☔️ .. .. #AnyWeather #YouZeet #turningupANotch 🌪#feelTheVibe #Simma #Newmusic #weekend 👀… https://t.co/OBYTictzec

🌸 Valor | PixlSugr ‏@_pixlsugr

👀💧💧 OOPS IM RUNNING OUT OF TIME.. https://t.co/q6MOi1Hluy

Promise Heights ‏@promiseheights

It’s noon and we’re halfway to completion of a new playground for our community school! 🤸🏽‍♂️⛹🏽‍♀️🏈🥎 Volunteers ar… https://t.co/mVBlFAXfTQ

antilibtard44 ‏@AntiLibtard44

@Ilhan might as well just admit it, u r just too stupid to understand this racist stuff! accusing someone of being… https://t.co/1PUb3pqlCI

Temmy ‏@its_orindayo

@bensonedo_ This just made my day 😝💧

Steven John Ben-Hur ‏@StevovoJ

#BeforeIgetMarried I want to do lots of 🍑🍆💧🍑🍆💧 kubeLit 🔥 https://t.co/WChFAYS05p

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