Duck Emoji

A bird that enjoys spending its time on water. Shown on most platforms as a mallard with brown, white and green colors.

Samsung displays this as a yellow rubber duck.

Duck was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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🦆 U+1F986


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QB ‏@qbreezy1

He was minding his I was minding his.. 🦆

kyo-no🦆 ‏@kyono_panda

♬🦆 VTR - LOST IN TIME / LIFE IS WONDER #nowplaying

J͎am̶es N. 🚝 ‏@CanobieFan

Who thought it would be a good idea to let me play with a vinyl printer?! 🦆 #BaconForByford

Tetzun ‏@tetzun_ok

This turning people into ducks thing should be a sport! I think I am getting really good at it! My new favourte pas…

J. ‏@AJasmineFlower

Ugly duckling 🦆😭

ひ 💵 ‏@goinnussie

* DUCKS 🦆 😂

Ian ‏@ianeagle67

Booked up a trip to Strontian, at least @Jonny09Jonny will approve 100%🦆

The Purple Reign ‏@purplereign95

Morning Reigners If you’ve got a question for today’s show, please comment below by 2pm WST. Regards Duck 🦆 and Oz 🇦🇺

LaLyssUhhhh ‏@Lalyssa8

@NakailaaReneee Fucking 🦆 ratted on her

Scott Trontvet ‏@TrontvetScott

@PascoSheriff Omg...its happening Again...!!🐇😭🦆

Holy Diver ‏@brahesNose

@Paola_Dec1231 One wouldn't be blamed for thinking that Millenials started an NGO known as Ducklips Unlimited 🦆💋

TASHA DAY!!! ‏@itzyskz

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BESTIE @changibins 🥺🌱🦆💚🎁 i hope you have the best day. also wrote you a letter as an attempt t…

CreativeCollective ‏@creativecollect

Which rubber ducky are you today? 🦆

KingCrabPlays ‏@KingCrabPlays

@GetTheBeakWet Beak! 🦆 still swinging 🏌️ it good

chloe ‏@johnnyluvs_

i love goose sm lmfaooo 😂🦆

DeluKnightPositiveVibes ‏@DeluKnightReal

@sqiderman_ Good good. I’m safe from the scalping gremlin ...for now 🦆

DUCK ‏@TyDuck3_tv


jh ‏@Sfduck

@DMFM1_ Oh man. That must be a great feeling. Go 🦆’s. Cant wait to watch you in the nfl.

i t z m e G o m e s ‏@ItzMeGomes

Crash duck 😂🦆

Goalie310 ‏@goalie310

@Greekgoddess02 @ladbible Did you marry a duck 🦆

Queen Major ‏@Ashanti_Major

Out here natural onnese ducks 🦆

Akron RubberDucks ‏@AkronRubberDuck

A good chat with one of our favorite ducklings, @Ernieclem. 🦆 #QuAkron

Gio Amato ‏@GioAmato1

Duck sauce is just Asian ketchup.🦆

Mayor Joyce Craig ‏@MayorJoyceCraig

Thanks for everything you do, @ManchesterFD! 🦆❤️👨‍🚒 #MHTpride

☁️ ‏@dprenjn

🦆 - SIM 🥺🥺 how are youuuu ?? you’re such an angel and i miss talking to you smm !! i enjoy our lil conversations he…

Michael Baum ‏@MichaelBaum11

@gorskon So am I David and I also know a lot about 🦆 🦆 🦆


[IG] 190517 roses_are_rosie Instagram update : everyone follow me 🦆 🌹#BLACKPINK #블랙핑크 #로제 #ROSÉ🌹

Josh Donos ‏@JoshuaKowalsk18

@LauraIwanaga @ChelseaClinton YEAH TREE HUGGERS. Now look at my many SJW emojies proving I'm better than you!!!! 🦄🐈…

Finger scroll with Caution ⚠️ ‏@willlivefree

If you see ducks expect cops 🦆👮

•Freddy• ‏@FreddyLawrence1

@rosabanuelos @KamalaHarris Also love me some Oregon Ducks 🦆 #AddictedToQuack 😋

HJ ‏@JorgenHew

@hanpat97 Guess its 99% of the time now... 🦆

c_a_s_i_o ‏@c_a_s_i_o

🦆 Richard Nixon's face is an inherently psychedelic image.

Persephone ‏@Nikkol78

Babies 😍😍😍😍😍 🦆

The Duck King🦆👑 ‏@TheDuckKing4

Everyone should watch it 🎥✨🦆 @officialyosuto #quack

Hinòwódinson @ PRISON GIRLS!!! ‏@yuibunni

We’re off to waddle to a party yay 🦆🌸✨

Billi 🦆 ‏@neobilli

@GreenSockMonkey @nnevvinn @reserveprotocol @DiaryofaMadeMan Hum, it's not the smallest potential partnership actua…

NoAccurateAdverseEventDataSets ‏@Boxmenot

@Charbrevolution @Joshua1_5 @DrLovlie @glenmore888 @BlueLionBlog @DrLindaMD @mimetic_ @JamieConner8 @TakeThatCDC…

Azaniah Rose ‏@AzaniahRosee

@GameOfThrones 3 more hours! #quaking 🦆🐥🦆🐥🦆

Earthing Bot-Art ‏@olivesbotart1

___________________ ☀️⚪⚪☁️⚪⚪ ⚪🌩️⚡✈️⚪🛬 ⚪⚪☁️⚪ ⚪ ⚪ 🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 .....🦆 🌅.....🏔️..... 🌱🌱🌲🌱🌱🌻 ___________________ -Si…

Just A Farmer ‏@farmer_just

Mummy Henny 🐔and her ducklings 🐥 have had a house move to make way for some new arrivals! Mummy duck is not quite a…

Farah ‏@faralisciouss

Early bird today 🦆

A R I A D N A ‏@AriadnaCelta

Primer patito 🦆✨ en Birthday Girl

Kristian Williams ‏@KrisWilliams_5

Next stop will be Eugene, Oregon. 🦆 Big K out! #GoDucks #GIMOF

QuackOnMySack ‏@quackonmysack

That’s Quack is premiering TONIGHT! Be there or be road kill 🦆

Xtina ‏@XtinaBehm

Little friends in the yard 🦆 💜

Mountain Drew ‏@Giraffemayne

@LeftIrbe @averagecapsfan Now you know how I & some other 🦆 fans feel post 2K7 :'^)

Becky;🏳️‍🌈 ‏@Roseaboat

Also found ducks and a coot so life is good 🦆

sarah🥥 ‏@cakelikesarah

Instagram notifications that just tell you who to follow can duck off 🦆

Madam Ackleholic ‏@marysallen

I spot an adorable duckling 🦆😍😘

Jayson Dibble ‏@jaysondibble

Make it a great Sunday. ❤️ 🦆❤️

Liz Bagish ‏@MrsBagish

Some of our ducklings went on a weekend adventure. On Sunday, while they were away, a new duckling hatched! 🦆 Watc…

FaustineK ‏@FaustineK

So, watching the new #ducktales and its referencing #DarkwingDuck as being THE show back in the day, and man I feel…

Kathrine McCarthy ‏@kvogel71

🦆❤️🦆❤️🦆#nature #ducks #photography #practice #river @ Boulter's Lock

Celebrating Curves ‏@curvesbridalUK

Our gorgeous little family is growing every day!! These little cuties just melt my heart! 🦆 #ducklings #duckfamily…

Bot_Ideas ‏@bot_ideas

🦉: "It's ok to be anxious sometimes!" 🦆: "Ooh you need to help - I need fun teas" 🦉: "Hey! you are building a cabin…

.nsfr ‏@aewol_ri

why do hosung stans think they’re all that 🦆...

NMCWatch:Registrant Care ‏@AgainstNMC

@SteveJFord @Natures_Voice How lovely - I’ve got at home my ducks quacking and cockerels 🐔 cockadoodledooing!! Almost as good!!! 🦆

Tiffany Sutton ‏@TiffanyLanaeS

Number 1 Duck! 🦆 These ears really quack me up! . . . . . . #disneystyle #instadisney #disneygram #donaldduck…

Sarah Norton ‏@JediCowgirl

Hold up! #duckcrossing 🦆 Watch out for these guys when you’re out and about this #maylong ❤️🌿🏡…

CCCU’s Honk! The Musical ‏@CCCUMPA_musical

Amelia (playing Ida) is in the right spirit for intensives! 🦆

Amelia-Rose👑 ‏@Amelia_Rose2

Im so excited for @CCCUMPA_musical intensives to start tomorrow! Getting fit and healthy, singing my heart out with…

Tenchi ‏@Tenchi_crypto

Guyz, buy the dip! Take pleb profits now and quintuple your stack in a matter of weeks. 🦆🐸🍔

Theresa May Style ‏@theresamaystyle

PM at the #Maidenhead 🦆 Derby today! #theresamay

Alex D ‏@alexpdx88

@GMA @WhitJohnson Definition of “Man of Oregon”. Beast on the field, community leader off the field. 🦆 #GoDucks

ASWinkart ‏@AsWinkart

Fluffy ducklings from Duckburg.🦆

dave mcdonald ‏@mic164

beach 🏖 day playin duck 🦆 Goose @ Barcelona Light

Hayleigh with a K ‏@kayles_gmt

@Hannah_Tiley @ducksarchives @onIysand This needs to be our alarm noise 🦆

Mindie 🇺🇸 ‏@Makanani68

@Dodgers_Blues I wrote “Sucks” 😂 I meant Ducks 🦆 Or did I 🤣

Stuart Hardaker ‏@mrstu011983

Awwww there’s two ducks 🦆 flying about quacking as they go! So cute 😊

Dr. Michele L. Ivey ‏@iveymichele

Even the ducks 🦆 were happy to see sunshine ☀️ this morning! #nyc #nycducks #nycgeese #harlem #morningsidepark…

BeeSquad ‏@BeeSquadBot

🦆 im moving on to

Sincerely Serious ~has Sweaty eyes 😘👊🏻😋🌞🦆 ‏@SirenSirius

I just made a new PapaBear stan. I’m feeling pretty proud of myself. 😘👊🏻😋🌞🦆

CocoVenusPhD ‏@DrCocoVenus

Ribeye 🥩 cooked in air fryer & finished on stovetop in duck 🦆 fat #carnivorelife #carnivoretransformation…

Coach John ‏@Sauce_MacKenzie

You a heartless mf if you run over the baby ducks 🦆 crossing the street. Who hurt you?

gasky 🦆 ‏@intobbh

quote/reply with a number and ill tell you who i think your bias is in that group 🦆

grahampike ‏@e4billycab

@superj1606 😍 lovely 🐶 🐱 🦆👍

Meerhund ‏@Meerhund

@AsWinkart @kriegundfreitag Gerne! 🦆

Aidan ‏@aidan_barlow96

Bullshit, you turn down more money to fight lesser opponents. Ducking 🦆

The Duck King🦆👑 ‏@TheDuckKing4

@RandomThongsOF1 Yeah, but have you tasted this thing¿🦆?

Doug Howells ‏@DougRHowells

@reicurran Sounds like a duck to me. 🦆

James Bryan, CFP® ‏@jwbryan11

Welcome to the neighborhood little buddy 🦆 #ducktales @DucksUnlimited

Serena Ahne ‏@TheYogiJedi

What a delightful trio we make ⚾🦆#flockphoto #salseyeballgetsintoeveryphoto #roommates #longisland #baseball…

Ishta Mercurio ‏@IshtaWrites

🦆🌼 This 🌏 is amazing. It's full of wonders!

Julio Ocaña P. ‏@JulioOcaPa

“It is much easier to strive for perfection when you are never bored” 🦆

Laughing With Lizzie ‏@LaughingWithLiz

So this exists.🦆 #AustenDuck #PondandPrejudice #JaneAustenRing #KeepLaughing

Petrina Joyce Fryer ‏@PetrinaJoyce

@JaimeRKOFan @jonknightgirl85 @cassie040683 @naturenohurry91 @KaraStraitUp @tammywalker2334 @Ruth_A_Day…

UcsbGaucho ‏@ucsbman

@StLouisBlues Love to see the fans being able to watch away games on TV 📺 at home stadium. ANA 🦆 fan here that have…

Nadia ‏@nadiasyaminie

Never thought that this day will come...... when I finally eat duck 🦆 Blame the sushi

Africa 360 Travel ‏@Africa360Travel

🐆 Leopard 1 - 🦆 Egyptian Goose 0 😲 2 pics + VIDEO! @singita_ Lebombo, Kruger National Park #oursingita #leopardkill…

Africa 360 Travel ‏@Africa360Travel

🐆 Leopard 1 - 🦆 Egyptian Goose 0 😲 2 pics + VIDEO! @singita_ Lebombo, Kruger National Park #oursingita #leopardkill…

jennifer ‏@jennschiffer

oh and 15 minutes ago i saw both a raw chicken breast on the ground *and* a guy wearing a shirt that says “what the DUCK!” 🦆🙈

ERmedictoBSNRN ‏@ERmedictoBSN

I absolutely love watching our ducks and chickens wander around our property. They are so happy and that makes me happy. 🦆 🐓 ♥️

lisa ♡ ‏@lisanunnx

@Ellenrose42 miss you my lil duck 🦆

Natural Kitchen ‏@naturalkitchen

Don’t worry about all that meal prep shenanigans... ⠀ ... especially as we’ve already done all the prep work for yo…

Andrea ‏@DetroitAndrea

@itsUncleLarry It’s a perfect day at Belmont! Nice cool breeze, sun is out, life is good. ❤️🐎🦆

YEET☆HAW☆[email protected] ‏@Taytori

Duck squat with my crocs 🦆 📸: @OfficiallyOtto Crocs: @Crocs // @PostMalone

Hempland Early Years ‏@EYFSHempland

What is that noise up above?! Our babies are growing! ✈️ 😍🦆❤️

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