Ear Emoji

A single human ear. May be used in the context of listening, or hearing something.

Ear was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

👂 Ears

👂 Hearing

👂 Listening


The Ear emoji supports skin tone modifiers. A yellow (or other non-human) skin tone should be shown by default, unless an emoji modifier is applied.

Platforms without support for emoji modifiers display a missing symbol character (box with a cross, alien, or question mark in it) next to any modified emoji.


👂 U+1F442




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Just pay attention it ain't hard to listen 👂

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@jwyattsports @Titans DO I HEAR A 10TH TIME 👂

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Listen 👂 till the very end #savehazem https://t.co/kdFFLINCRp

Marie 🌊 wave 🌷🌸🌺🌻🌼 🌊 ‏@aGirlyLadybug

Watching #AHS1984 Holy shit that was an intense start 😱👂

Krushna ‏@iamkck1

@iMore @Ani1u7 are you watching listening 👂 and eyeing 👁?

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I hate how somebody say u got it good but neva know the shoes had walk to get like that👂💭

audrey ‏@dreyarellano

@itzelatafolla I WAS SO READY FOR HIM TO SAY A MINORITY LMAOOO i said 👂😡 then i heard “white people” and i had to l… https://t.co/AIjrj6kt7y

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Dear @DONJAZZY if you see this when you wake up, I know it’s too early to make a Christmas wish but add me to the l… https://t.co/Ahu6nJBZcy

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@grassifontana Hope you still have your hearing after the concert.👂👅

Yolanda Fae Blount ‏@FaeYboes777


🕉️Pπr!¡T¿t` ‏@priticnn

Y indian #women/girls use to pierce her 👂👃,wear #jewelleries 💍📿⭕.🤔 My opinion: * 2 bring wealth in new fmly * Show… https://t.co/Mkh7osZQcg

hambuhyo ‏@denyabdilah

Elton John - Sacrifice 👂

Amrinder Singh ‏@Amrinde19248806

@simran_dhunna Hear👂them from 1 side & take out from other👂

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@akedpa Too kind...VAPI is scary stuff! FDA is launching investigation today. We’ll keep the updates coming… https://t.co/VPT9JHtnLJ

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🗣️DOES AGOD VERSE COMPETE WITH JAY-Z?👂Listen and find out (JAY-Z REMIX) @agodgmt (B12 BOMBER) . . .… https://t.co/u0uPXOSr15

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Styles 651 ‏@Styles_651

This is... K-RINO❗💯☄ "the Sorcerer's saga"⚔ Eleven tracks💿 in order, 60 min.🔥Adventure🛸 ▶️🤐👂👏🎯🔁🔎🧠📓😲📣🙌 🎧2🐐,B⚠️,Lyric… https://t.co/vfZNKkWkD4

Allthingsrealestate ‏@MarilynnePryor

@ProudResister 🙏🏻Ftom your Twitter account to God’s ears 👂

Maurice Bailey ‏@lilperfectpro

Please, please all my fans/supporters, listen,👂👂 listen #932019 #mixtape "No Matter What" https://t.co/a715oxFbK3

papa 🐻 ‏@_rozzayho

Listen 👂 it’s lit

Mona Per ‏@Monaper29

Watching this again, realizing how funny the name "Mr. Jingles" is for a killer. Then I remembered this song. 🔑🔪👂… https://t.co/CuO50iSLCp

ALPieroth ‏@alpieroth

@Kalarigamerchic I’s sorry this is so prevelant. As a WW that is never for me to say. I’ve learned to listen and be… https://t.co/GHC7IXBaAM

The20TeenAge⛎ ‏@The20TeenAge

Unless it’s a Buccaneer of Korn?👂🌽 #AddPirateToAnything https://t.co/GMp1K9bV8Z

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Re #watching #AHS1984 the ear 👂 thing is eery.

M A R Í A🌻 ‏@Mariaortiz_25

@Daniknwsbtter :( I have 👂

Cindy 신디🍀 ‏@AutumnMistDance

Dinner was fabulous. U go back to Dans🏡 & in a spare room change into comfy pj’s. Its a movie🍿marathon featuring an… https://t.co/UTVT983owv

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Hear 👂 @saanich planning staff Cam Scott on 📻 @cfax1070 interview. https://t.co/ajonwFRxw3

m i c a e l a ‏@jass_casstroo

Music to my ears 👂🎶

judy moody ‏@the_raeee

@twaimz y’all hear something? 👂💅

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Nick was really like Bella who? 👀👂😉 #BB21

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Youth voice matters. Listen.👂 @IowaSLI @stu_voice https://t.co/Mko1ApQW5m

T.Johnson💫💢 ‏@juicy_985

Can’t believe everything you hear 👂

Alan Deitch ‏@AlanDeitch

@_Llamazing Need an 👂?

define me ‏@oga101

@ChelseaFC @Calteck10 Good news to the 👂

💜I love BTS so much.💜 ‏@tannyboo01

@sugacoat1ng That's terrible sorry to hear 👂that

Daisy Day ‏@DayDay5384

People forget im half deaf. 🗣👂 #huh https://t.co/jwcWPYqyKr

TheAverageRager ‏@AverageRager

@imdavisss Always 👂

DoritoGirl ‏@cosaroro

@BloodRawKnuckle ya know im always interested to know more, and that backstory sounded so interesting too (just sin… https://t.co/5To4NFGINX

TheAverageRager ‏@AverageRager

@imdavisss Always 💯💯👂👂

TheAverageRager ‏@AverageRager

@imdavisss Everyday Variety 💯👂👂💤

❌POUNCE PATROL 🇺🇸 🐉 👌🏾 ‏@nationalist_af

@davidaxelrod @POTUS Oh no, deep state been listenin 👂 just like we all knew

Click the Link Below 👇🏾 ‏@yungtuger

My dad tells me not to yell on my mic 🎙 yet my ugly jumbo ears black brother yelling on 2k in the middle of the nig… https://t.co/4VNNoU9yVR

Pemi Israel ‏@adepemee

If you play your soccer ⚽ in the dark, you will never see your goals.. If you know, you know👂

Tarzan 🦹🏼‍♂️ ‏@_Kenndoe

You tryin prove ppl wrong I’m tryin to prove I knew I could do it all along 👂


👂🎶.. 🤔 Hey, we know this tune..Whose idea is this? Another City defeat and all's forgiven, mate. Send our regard t… https://t.co/FwaLeEeRWd

Owen O'Keefe ‏@oeokeefe

@TomBrady Get pissed @TomBrady! Make Them listen 👂.

𝕃𝕒𝕦𝕣𝕚𝕖 𝔻𝕖𝕝𝕒𝕟𝕖𝕪 ‏@LaurieDelaney_

That feeling when your coworkers FI-NA-LLY get around to showing their students @storytime_show & then immediately… https://t.co/Ey7IXLmjpp

@LaLaHaenzy ‏@lalahaenzy

If this news is a big revelation to anyone???....then you're not paying attention...and using your eyes 👀, nose 👃 o… https://t.co/1lPraE9dMl

Kristine Kenyon🗽 ‏@kristine_kenyon

@PeteSouza @SpeakerPelosi From St Pete’s tweets ➡️ Pelosi’s👂...

StunnaCHi ‏@DLOS101

@laurelstucky Tell Wes what’s up 👂👂👂👂👂

MIKE 💸 ‏@imMikeSaI

High ROI activities: - Conscious breathing 🌬 - Practicing gratitude 🙏 - Spending time in nature 🌱 - Giving / Sh… https://t.co/l2UMwQ6UDY

Lex ‏@IM_LEX_

#NowListening to @SaraBareilles Once Upon Another Time(Live) and im really just waiting for her a cappella album.… https://t.co/Gp43eeKxav

Bonnie Parker jr. ‏@TheFoxyMarketer

@Scaramucci I’d love to hear more 👂

TheAverageRager ‏@AverageRager

@Carmennkayy @Xian_Bell @reasonTDE 💤💯✅👂 not me

Arnold G🇩🇴🇺🇸 ‏@ArnoldG55046919

@APBaseball27 👂I hear ya👍

I an mcnamara ‏@Ianmcnamara5

@DanielJHannan 👂👂👂what 🤣🤣

Bobby Washington ‏@BobbyWashTweet

BOO R U EVER SATISFIED - was my 2nd song to hit Billboard Charts independently still Nothing feels better than bein… https://t.co/6o7wk0nKYQ

Bobby Washington ‏@BobbyWashTweet

Hitting #1 Billboard Charts as an indie was not easy and although it’s a fantastic accomplishment... Nothing feels… https://t.co/W3evnXwG7t

Bran the Broken 👑 Blackson  ‏@banksclosed

That shit hit different when you say something & the show you watching say the same Thing 🤔#conspiracy #governmentListening 👂

BRAVO ‏@BravoTheFox

Listen 👂 *Boom boom. Boom boom*💢💢 It's the palpitations❤️ Of my balls🎾🎾 My tennis balls🎾🎾 LOOK OUT ITS GONNA H… https://t.co/bpozbzmKoB

kyleleekoyote ‏@kyleleekoyote1

@tyler_casper Rap it’s 👂 rape 😂

Viktoria Seavey ‏@viktorysziv

She tells the truth. The whole truth. Nothing but the whole truth. Let’s just listen first. 👂👂🏻👂🏼👂🏽👂🏾👂🏿… https://t.co/rvwPmt0QfK

🍄Bri @ OZCC TOMORROW 😳 ‏@fatalfungi

@loodshroom Post! Them! I want to Hear 👂

Windell McDonald ‏@WindellMcDonal2

@KerwinWilliams1 @Bdwal359 @WillieG36155135 Say it loud “I’m black and I’m proud”. Good yo hear 👂!!!!

Nasty-Feminist #HandMarkedPaperBallots ‏@Nasty_Woman1

Thank you for listening 👂 I hope to see you each on Main Stream Media helping Restore Sanity to our Country. ✌️✌️✌️

Rich Looby ‏@BobOldisTowel

@achs_fred @ebcinpa @JackMcCaffery Brought that up to Flyer Stepford Sickofints in the days of being ousted by The… https://t.co/aZichSP9AP

Kid Trizzy ‏@SmithDontrell

I'm trusting. Dat everything. Gone b back in full effect. And perfect tact. 💯it. 🙏 all 👂's

Isa ‏@malue_isabella_

me: :( TUA: * * . ☔  * 🦍. * ✧ . * . 👯‍♀️ * .👯‍♂️ * .   . * 🔪 . *… https://t.co/dDr6wKRfn5

mindbodygreen ‏@mindbodygreen

Ear seeds are a longtime practice in traditional Chinese medicine + fall under the acupuncture umbrella. 👂 Here's w… https://t.co/dXULHZnWX4

Seattle Thunderbirds ‏@SeattleTbirds

📻 | The Coach's Show is live now on @1090KJR now! Tune in as GM @Forgee13 joins @ThomBeuning & @AndyEide to talk ab… https://t.co/0u5NHP5MUp

Mike Lopez ‏@CoachMikeLo

@IUPUIMensBball Assistant Coach Isaac Loechle @CoachLoechle joins us to talk about: 🏀How to stay connected to play… https://t.co/OE2tXvvEtP

🔮 ‏@littlelottae

@Celcom what's your excuse for the connectivity failure last night until this morning? come im here to listen 👂

Leaf Kadohata ‏@LeafKadohata

@inkburger @TepigBlaster Is that Aero the Acrobat music in the background? 🐈👂

PKN ➕ ‏@PKNCross

My cat 🙀 becomes tiger 🐯 after listening 👂 Malhari Song So Energetic ✌️

Brandy Moss Scott ‏@brandy_scott

@BreitbartNews @OANN @JudicialWatch @LouDobbs @TrumpTower @DonaldJTrumpJr @foxnewsalert AMERICA HAVE YOU 👂 HEARD OF… https://t.co/SjRxJiQMfD

Thomas Brice ‏@ThomasBrice2017

I also want to thank my hosts on #Ringfever @seanbrice1 @BrandonGaines91 and #AtTheMovies @Proud_Jewboy. I can't wa… https://t.co/R7yfwOuGo6

Joseph Coco ‏@JosephCoco11

@MsAvaArmstrong This is what happens when you let a government give trophies to children that don't 👂 earn them. Yo… https://t.co/tMh8i9jwAz

Goddess/Soldier Of Love❤️ ‏@AnthropologyBch

@MissyElliott Low key I wanna hear 👂 @theestallion on ANYTHING with you 😍😘🥰 https://t.co/BtGuMZO7td

Laura Brower ‏@laurabeess

@teacher2teacher @BeastElise @MissSally02 @LisaMLove1996 @mr_hayes @DynamicDuda338 @MsGraffsroom @KristinOropeza… https://t.co/ZNlRzoKDCx

JohnnyNomad 🇵🇷 ‏@JohnnyNomad

If you haven’t seen the latest episode go check it out on YouTube. Click the link in the bio. Or listen 👂 in on Spo… https://t.co/Nhb6YatVLi

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