Globe Showing Americas Emoji

The world, showing North and South America.

Globe Showing Americas was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Earth Globe Americas” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🌎 Earth

🌎 Globe

🌎 Planet

🌎 World

Unicode Name

🌎 Earth Globe Americas


🌎 U+1F30E




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Seb Sandford ‏@SebSandford

My #Oscars nomination would’ve been Scott Pilgrim vs the world 🌎 in the visual effects category. Best movie ever ma…

Alison TT ‏@tt_alison

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Me ‏@lifecoachurself

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Nenad Todorovic ‏@NenadTodorovic2

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Dolan.Grayson._ ‏@ElLawrence5

@RyanAbe I’m so happy ur here for the twins ❤️❤️🌎🌎

Ski ⛷ ‏@dorleanw

The 🌎 is yours n everything in it!

Dajana Savic ‏@dajanasavic5

@Anastiza Dude😂😂 Just forget it. You don’t understand the situation I am in as well as other internationals, and th…

Imogene ‏@imogene__t

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Yily foote ‏@worldcitizen1st

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rafalela ‏@RafalelaJ

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... ‏@Connect_Abd

The EARTH🌎 without 'Art'🌐💫is just 'EH'😉 #Pakistan #BeautifulPakistan💞

Kamila ‏@kamiladj123


Int Trade Council ‏@IntTradeCouncil

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Unsweetme ‏@chocoboylive

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クリス 🎧🎮👾 ‏@chrisflo305

In my own world...forever 🌎 #alone

Lauren ‏@laurenxjessica

My sleepy bun💕 Goodnight 🌎

Christopher A. Clarke ‏@ChristopherACl8

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Mr. ChinkBleeed ‏@deedachink

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Yily foote ‏@worldcitizen1st

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Gaudy Biggs ‏@GaudyBiggs


David Hsu ‏@DavidHsu_

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🖤 ‏@Hzlnts28

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ß۞ɢʜᴏsᴛ〰〰ʀıᴅᴇʀ ‏@Sainsburyfree

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ruega_por_ella ‏@ruega_por_ella

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King Imprint ‏@KingImprint

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MK™️ ‏@Official_MK_TM

Cold World 🌎 America

mindersue ‏@mindersue2

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UN Country Team Nepal ‏@UN_Nepal

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indiGO Volunteers ‏@indigovolunteer

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@babyfaceodg All the time in the world 🌎

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Bryce ‏@brycedimsdale

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Yily foote ‏@worldcitizen1st

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Illuminati Beatz ‏@IlluminatiBeatz

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Francoise ‏@FrancoiseSaga

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𝖒𝖊𝖑,, ✨ ‏@valentinemaIum

if my girl 👧😍 and africa 🌎 by toto 🐶 both be drowning 😨🌊 and I could only 🙅 save 1⃣ you can catch 💁⚾ me at my girls…

Mavis Web ‏@maviswebnigeria

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D.W.P ‏@devon_pelton

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Jukebox 🎶💕 ‏@briggsomego

Cole 🌎 came through as always, Middle Child 🎶😎 @JColeNC

Tate 🦂 ‏@tateworldwide

@trustmeimmary Reading. 🌎

Yily foote ‏@worldcitizen1st

@KevorkAlmassian The🌎is in need to ask: to the US&EU governments, that never have accept, their responsibility for…

Javier P. Garcia ‏@usajudoman

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Rohit Sharma ‏@RohitSharma_MI

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S.O.G Ent ‏@TheTopEnt

The world 🌎 hottest pepper day 2 via @YouTube

Austin Hasfjord ‏@AHasfjord22

You have a heart full of gold 💛 and you deserve the world 🌎. Don’t forget it.

Il Maury ‏@Il_Maury_

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