Light Bulb Emoji

A light bulb, used to light up a room. Can be used to indicate an idea when placed above a face.

Light Bulb was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Electric Light Bulb” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

💡 Idea

💡 Light Bulb

Unicode Name

💡 Electric Light Bulb


💡 U+1F4A1




Tweets For 💡

Strazz ⁶ ‏@CMO_Strazz6

Ima keep it 100 cuz loyalty speaks💡

Niall Manley ‏@NiallManley

calypso: the ultimate angel!!💡❤️💚💛💜🕹

Slapmeabih🇯🇲 ‏@slapmeabih

Life is too depressing to be stressing on the regular 💡

Double Palm 🌴🌴 ‏@DoublePalmtt

Thank you brother 🤲 💡x🌴🌴

Sally ‏@Typical_Warbler

@Tamaramonkey What an f-ing relief. Dim, dim, very dim, almost dark 💡.

Strazz ⁶ ‏@CMO_Strazz6

Say it louder ⏳💡

Steve 🍂🍃🍁 ‏@Neilfan12

@eurigmorgan Lol! I can cook, I just don't like to clean up after myself or do dishes (we don't have a dishwasher).…

Jessica Hanson ‏@jessahanson

Best Crew on the Planet! ❤️🌎😎🥰💡💡💡💡💡#rockyourschool #walnutcreekworldchangers #bethelight #changetheworld

✨s. 𝓮𝓵𝓲𝔃𝓪𝓫𝓮𝓽𝓱 ‏@sabthegemini

@nataliejcqm Just click your pic on the left and it’s right there 💡

👨🏻‍💻☕️ ‏@hunterwalk

Them: “Sorry to cancel with such late notice” Me [External]: “Hey, I totally understand” Me [Internal]: 🕺👏🥳💆🏻‍♂️🍾🏄‍♂️💡💝♻️🆒🕔

MoWork ‏@MoziniMak

@tiffany_diara Shine a lil 💡 lol

Something Digital ‏@SD_BNE

Calling all digital leaders: If you believe digital today is as much about leadership as it is the tech, then we ha…

Aisha Ellis ‏@aishaondrums

I’m excited for this seed being planted🌱and growing in ways better than I even imagined 🎼 #growth #expansion…

alexolas the redstone play-with-er ‏@la_aleksolas

…💡! i just had an idea about how i could finally create a 3x3 flat, seamless piston elevator platform

World of Wonder ‏@WorldOfWonder

These industrial lighting fixtures are sending ussss 💡 @ryanserhant @bravotv #MDLNY

Leftofleft ‏@Leftofleft4

@PatiKRoll11 @DarrellSr9 Plausible theory. 💡

𝖋𝖗𝖚𝖎𝖙 𝖘𝖆𝖑𝖆𝖉 𝖕𝖆𝖓𝖉𝖆 ‏@fruitsaladpanda

@RTaylor05 I suppose for people to actually want to use a cryptocurrency then it has to be...wait for it...usable?…

Melissa Livingston ‏@MEShopebuilder

Earlier in the year, we learned about Friendship Super Powers! Then together we wrote our Class Friendship Promise.…

𝑀𝑟 𝐻𝑦𝑎𝑐𝑖𝑛𝑡ℎ ‏@Money_Diplomats

And @DoublePalmtt Aranguez is back on 💡. Sorry for the inconvenience 🥵

Julianne🦄 ‏@keejeexX

she fierce grrr💡

Cardpocalypse ‏@cardpocalypse_

Great #protip for anyone thinking of streaming our new game to their audience! 💡

Bot Whatever ‏@bot__whatever

Quickly track your mood and visualize thoughts as they come up 💡📝.

cass 🥀 ‏@cassbirdd

you really showing me the meaning of a losing offer 💡

Jerry ‏@LUTLjerry

@beachlovecandle The exclusive designer of the #LightUpTheLOVE Global Movement candle! A portion of proceeds goes t…

kaitlyn ‏@chambiescafe

which one am i? 🌱☕️: seems scary, is actually scary 🍼👶🏼: seems soft, is actually scary 🖤✨: seems scary, is actually…

Virginia Thomas ‏@MCVLTRAUX

No littering ✌🏼💗💡

Society & Life ‏@yourkind_human0

@FranklKominsky Never sacrifice yourselves for money. If I were smart enough to be a lawyer like y'all are, I'd op…

MONEY HUNGRY💡 ‏@_birdiejackson

Walmart rotisserie chicken, Popeyes red beans and a biscuit, wine and gelato 🌳 for dessert💡

CeeCee Covey ‏@ceecee0808

@TruthInBytes @74686573746f726 Wonder if any others went unreported🤔💡,let's ask @RepAdamSchiff Adam,Ed didn't have…

World Bank Cities ‏@WBG_Cities

❤️The FUTURE is URBAN. 🧡The FUTURE is SUSTAINABLE. 💛Stay in touch. 💚Take ACTION. 💙And JOIN our #SustainableCities…


#JanetJackson #JanFam FACT: I'M TOO ADVANCED FOR SOCIAL MEDIA & TIE STRENGTHS=CORNERS 😲📝🏳️‍🌈 🔊To Post is to know T…

Killerstk35 ‏@killerstk35

@tomstanniland Have you ever thought about making worlds largest skittle, or worlds largest bag of skittles 🤔💡😂

Virginia Thomas ‏@MCVLTRAUX

@MollyJongFast This dude is definitely not invited ✌🏼💗💡

sara ‏@texasbornartist

@heyeahey 1 Corinthians 12-13 should give you clarity Sister Sabrina 💚 just mute the enemies voice 💡

Lauren iamascia ‏@miss_iamascia

Gel boards to practice our 2nd grade "trick words" was a blast! 😊💡📝

Virginia Thomas ‏@MCVLTRAUX

I can’t think of anything else ✌🏼💗💡

Virginia Thomas ‏@MCVLTRAUX

No more drilling for oil. ✌🏼💗💡

I-See-Clowns 🤡🤡🤡 ‏@jrterrier5

Projection is strong with the 🍊💡💡💡

Virginia Thomas ‏@MCVLTRAUX

Animal rights ✌🏼💗💡

Sow Almamy ‏@almamy1_sow

Drake x Chris Brown - Yamaha Mamma (Remix) par Team Breezy sur #SoundCloud Avant « No Guidance » 👇🏾💡

CRUSH Globalists #MAGA ‏@MargeMarge7565

@NobamaDotCom @rosedixontx Good idea 💡

Brittani Krieger ‏@brittmkrieger

@bobbyduncan This just won Post of the Day!!!! 💚🙄🤷🏼‍♀️🌱💡

Laura Broset ‏@LauraBroset

@C_GraceT @celinedion 💡IDEA — What if you meet @Drake for Dinner, a Drink, then go with him to get a fake tattoo o…

Virginia Thomas ‏@MCVLTRAUX

No drunk driving ✌🏼💗💡

Carla Landra ‏@carlafld

Loyalty 💡

Vanessa Giselle ‏@vanessa_giselle

Genius idea!💡Please someone make a gif of me smashing @ToddStashwick with the vase! Please! I’ll never ask for anot…

The 1% owns Congress & The Mainstream Media! 😎JGB ‏@JGBPOV

We Need #BERNIE2020 We need to Force the DNC to Listen! We need to acknowledge & prevent Climate Disaster! We ne…

Uncle L ‏@almostbradpitt

@JimPeteHoops @Timberwolves @GerssonRosas The shot selection/values on the floor is genius. 💡

Sayori! ‏@HunterSayori

“Light lives in all places, in all things. You can try to block it, even try to trap it, but the light will find it…

Virginia Thomas ‏@MCVLTRAUX

Free Love Free Power ✌🏼💗💡✔️✔️✔️

Emotions Invented by the Internet ‏@emotions_bot

The grumpy sensation of misery through the screen 💡

NoReligion ‏@NoReligion_33

You can only get Rich if you market to the Wealthy 💡

Virginia Thomas ‏@MCVLTRAUX

Patient advocacy for seniors ✌🏼💗💡

Dolly Madison ✌🏻 ‏@dollymad1812

Maybe shutting down your government like #MoscowMitch wasn’t the best idea 💡 @BorisJohnson ever had❗️

BerlinDesignsCorp ‏@daliaberlin

My sunset ritual with Midnight as my companion. Scroll go see the rays & scroll again to see the #nofilter amazing… ‏@8020es

📡 🚀Catching SEO errors during development using automated tests 💡 #ZirigozaGroup #e-commerce #marketing #…

PSA - Plato Socrates Aristotle ‏@MoralNecessity

Here’s an idea 💡 Set up a GFM to raise money for whatever it takes to get Pulte off Twitter. #PulteScam

Virginia Thomas ‏@MCVLTRAUX

Imagine (Remastered) via @YouTube ✌🏼💗💡

Linda B Fumoso ‏@HairByLindaB

My client needed a total Color Change. 🙄 I added warmth ☀️ and brightness 💡 with #redkenshadeseq lowlights, added…

Cruze Culture | Est. ‘17 ‏@CruzeCulture

Glowin 💡 #CCFamily #KentuckyCruzes Owner: crystal2.0_thecruze Follow our chapter! kentuckycruzes #CruzeCulture…

Kenneth Stark ‏@Starkenator

@tweethue Spoke too soon. Switch is going back to only working intermittently. Suggestions? Also my porch light 💡 g…

zannelli ‏@AndresZannelli

Yeah, you’re making moves and climbing the ladder but if the ladder is leaning against the wrong’re…

nobody. ‏@LF4president

Almost by nature, but only powering over all within our being as long as we allow it. 💡

Britney Robbins ‏@Bask_N_Robbins

Moral of the story: keep shining. You never know who’s watching and who needs your light 💡

PickleChicken99 ‏@PickleChicken99

@SpongeBob @Ninja 💡 he gets le bulb

ʙᴇʀɴ ‏@baarneysingson

@christineisen @shairasdfghjkl Magpa cash bond na unta lol they won’t get their cash back until they deliver 💡

Tara Cooke ‏@TaraCooke26

@omarchahrouk @McCallumsHillPS @Apple I think we need to chat! I’ve got some ideas of my own 💡 😂

Paul Williamson ‏@Bronco823

@PatriciaKellogg @michaelmhughes This has actually just given me an idea 💡 for another different spell I’d so so lo…

Katie Rykaczewski ‏@K_Rykaczewski

@chem_em @SchindlerLab @MichiganChem That [2+2] looking mighty fine🤓💡

Chiesa14 ‏@carter_chiesa

@Sonya_Bee1stGT @jbland100 @mbpcaps @Chus2BeeGT @OliviaSB33GT @MsSmall2016 🙌🏽for the whole 📬💡! I’m tickled just 🤔 about it.

WTNH News 8 ‏@WTNH

Lights now shinning on the #NewBritain #BeehiveBridge, welcoming symbol to the city 💡🐝

Memo 🇭🇳🇵🇷 ‏@Prod_by_Memo

Ahh I get it now! 💡 Your boy 6ix9ine is doing what he does best. Trolling!

🕹️ToxicAntidote🕹️ ‏@ToxicAntidote

@Malygirl3 The way Twitter automatically crops previews of images is still a problem, imo. 😤 It'd be great if it d…

Luminosa Light Designs Inc. ‏@LuminosaLight

Choose a sheer pendant to bring the most light to your pamper space. 💡 Soleil Grande by Sean Lavin for…

michiganWASP23 ‏@MichiganWasp23

@DavidJHarrisJr He can help... by building a wall around California 💡

ノーコピーライトガール ‏@nocopyrightgirl

@TsakuraWataame Thank you💡This is now one my favorites!

Eugen ‏@DublinRothe

@DSHSLVB & #RotheTwins #TTTOD Stron 🏁, (8) Games Left in the 🏐Season. B D ⚡️ that 💡 the team, relentless, persisten…

Candace Torrence ‏@CandaceTorrence

@LoweySichol @support_a_teach @Vanesa_C01 These books would assist with my growth mindset initiative. Teaching stud…

Ashley Ball ‏@AshleyBall_14

It takes all but a few positive words to empower those around you! It’s time to produce the light in others inste…

Kenny Walters ‏@Its_Walters

Getting the lights back on and hitting rest time on a Friday is the best 💡💪🏼

☾ liam ☾ ‏@playboiwoof

I never meant to give you mushrooms girl, I never meant to bring you to my world 💡

Skidmore College ‏@SkidmoreCollege

💡 Big ideas wanted Mark your calendars for the 10th Annual Kenneth A. Freirich Business Plan Competition. Learn mo…

eNVIsion Barossa-Yorke-Mid North ‏@eNVIsionBYMN

An energising & gratifying session at last night's #VentureDorm! Participants gained valuable insight from mentors…

eNVIsion Limestone Coast ‏@eNVIsionLC

A great second session of #VentureDorm! Thanks to our participants, mentors and facilitator Callena Rawlings for al…

Carol_Inc ‏@Carol_Inc

@davidhogg111 💡Make friends with a law school student—lots of free databases

kymberley 🍑 . ‏@kymberleeey

Wha done ina dark ‘ will come to the light 💡, people come into your life to teach you EVERYBODY AIN WHO THEY SAY IS…

The 1% owns Congress & The Mainstream Media! 😎JGB ‏@JGBPOV

@BernieSanders We Need #BERNIE2020 We need to Force the DNC to Listen! We need to acknowledge & prevent Climate D…

Trap Hippie Sco ‏@_DonFresco_

I always know 💡☝🏾

Amrinder Singh ‏@Amrinde19248806

@nxvkiran Any Idea’s💡???

Virginia Thomas ‏@MCVLTRAUX

You don’t even have to follow me to follow me. ✌🏼💗💡

Eugen ‏@DublinRothe

@DSHSLVB & #RotheTwins #TTTOD Stron 🏁, (8) Games Left in the 🏐Season. B D ⚡️ that 💡 the team, relentless, persisten…

Prot.OG. ‏@_prot_og_

@CATXSCAN No cap I had the same idea💡 last summer

Candy Spender Jewels ‏@candyspender

Thank you j__w__g__l ・・・ I work in the creative arts, which makes James Turrell a demigod to me. Just leaving thi…

The 1% owns Congress & The Mainstream Media! 😎JGB ‏@JGBPOV

We Need #BERNIE2020 We need to Force the DNC to Listen! We need to acknowledge & prevent Climate Disaster! We ne…

Mr G ‏@MusaShamaev

@binance Just pump alts would be the best idea 💡

Eugen ‏@DublinRothe

@DSHSLVB & #RotheTwins #TTTOD Stron 🏁, (8) Games Left in the 🏐Season. B D ⚡️ that 💡 the team, relentless, persisten…

Sharmila ‏@Sharmil42398419

@fan96girl @Alexa63269446 She even tried to get cheran support. But after weekend class from Kamal,Cheran kept quiet 💡moment for her 😂😂

Naing Win Aung ‏@Naing_win_aung

Ready for TLJ Mandalay!!! 🔥🔥🔥🦅💡💡💡 #TLJ #Leadership #Coaching

$€%6€ ‏@roymaj

@Leo05042744 @CanadaStoxx People get sick from their local tap water for some reason, they don’t just stop drinking…

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