Light Bulb Emoji

A light bulb, used to light up a room. Can be used to indicate an idea when placed above a face.

Light Bulb was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Electric Light Bulb” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

💡 Idea

💡 Light Bulb

Unicode Name

💡 Electric Light Bulb


💡 U+1F4A1




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Miss Walker ‏@MsWalkerMaths

A very thoughtful colleague gave this to me today. 20 pages in and I'm already convinced that all maths teachers sh…

Kay ‏@StaggersKaran

Excellent Christmas idea 💡

Billy Nolan Jeweller ‏@billynolans

Gents gift ideas 💡 for Christmas 🎄❤️🎉#christmas #jewellery #Tralee #lovetralee Ciara x

Donkeystone Brewing Co. ‏@DonkeystoneBrew

@Ligero_Design @Oldham_Hour Illuminating! 💡

Manifestation, perhaps?📴🐛 ‏@CloutlessWonder

@Suzuki_Bj Ohh so all you have to do is front the capital🤯. The realtor finds the house and the property manager ta…

Warren Hayden ‏@warrenhayden

@SBamborough Me too 👍💡

ATLAS_TWENTY18 ‏@Michael70773547

@thehill No gas for the light 💡

Natalie Milbourne ‏@matilda193

@ImCharlieWilson Well I’m THANKFUL for having a HOME🏠the ability to READ📔Breathing FRESH AIR🌬TIME🕕clean WATER🚰WAKIN…

OUTRO ON NOV 20 ‏@bigttkdjdwys

Good morning to Highlight and Lights onlyyyy 💡

Dorothy 🍫 ‏@GGChocolate

@LorrHayn @scribbled_hand @BineGermany @lawomen2000 @MeadeBullins @craigkendrick 😂 This is me in bed time mood. 😂 A…

Anne-Lie Lokko ‏@lokkomotion

Thank you @SimoneGiertz ❤️ 💡 ✨#patreon

Compound Interest ‏@compoundchem

Shedding some light on light bulbs 💡 Here's a look at how different types of bulb work in @cenmag:…

Mark Hinchcliffe ‏@MarkH_Work

@suenaidoo73 @kfy98 Consider it done. 👍🏻📉📈💡

Jacqueline Mitchell ‏@jackiegrantahr

@giftedgardener0 Bones/teeth from dead cows 😬, intact light bulb (they don't grow into light trees)💡, clock ⏲️, me…

Cam Payne ‏@CamPayne97

Sorted it! House is lit up now 💡 thank you Charlie 😘

BCS ‏@thenotoriousbcs

@CLJB this is a genius idea 💡

PaulsLey ‏@PaulsLeyGaming

I liked a @YouTube video 💡 WORLDS SMALLEST MCDONALDS | #57 | LETS BUILD PLANET COASTER 💡 ‏@TeacherToolkit

Missed our latest blog?💡 The Exclusion Debate >> #edchat #aussieED #edchatMENA

eServus Toronto ‏@eServus

Need another weekend already? Check out #OntarioPlace for something fun to do starting this Friday! #winterfun ❄️💡

Fizzah Ali ‏@DrFizzah

@medicsupport @jotalbotbowen @manjkaur21 @medicalwomenuk That's so lovely to hear! Well done to all of us…

Dan Majdali ‏@DanMajdali

@scribblestumblr Im only mildly embarrassed to admit that for an hour now I've been dreaming up Mary Sue fanfic abo…

THINK Magazine ‏@thinkmagfl

The Chinese Lantern Festival will take place on Nov. 21st all the way until Jan. 15th! Food, live entertainment and…

Georg Möller ‏@GeorgM985

@Velllocity @TheWarOwl If you want 50% less fps for something you'll won't even notice when playing, it's a good idea 💡.

Ligero Design Ltd ‏@Ligero_Design

@Oldham_Hour Did anyone see our last tweet? No natural daylight in this facility and this photo was taken at night…

Flipper ‏@kathywi76738019

@Anythingpork @lisamccurry2052 That is a good 💡

Matt. ‏@Pompey_matt1988

Let there be light! 💡💡 #Portsmouth

MadHatter ‏@AGYG2014

@MichellBasler @elonmusk Okay, getting my thinking hat on 🎩❔💡💓


Can’t put everybody on but just know those that’ve stayed loyal to the movement when I make it you made right along…

Positive Vibes Energy ‏@Best1happy

Nature is Nice, See More: 💡 Positive Vibes Energy 💡 Just a...

Tony Roe ‏@tonyroe

@LM_Marlow 💡 I thought it was a car lock.

Nahshon ‏@Nahshon14_

“I speak on the times it’s been hard in ‘18 “💡

NoMalice, ‏@TheRealEboBlack

@Midichi_ *gift(s) bro... #ParableOfTheTalents...💡🙏🏿

Julie Payne ‏@paynebuckeye

@SutterMonarchs dug into intentional planning and questioning in their Interactive Read Alouds! What great 💡 ideas,…

Dj Lohane Carnaval ‏@Lohanecarnaval

Be light! ☀️💡🔥 #Revolution #RevolutionConference #B1Conference #KeepBurning

@_DjClutch ‏@Bass_beater11

What’s done in le dark comes to le light 💡.

MIKE ‏@mikerezzy

He listed the projects to include Railway projects, the implementation of the TSA and BVN financial policy, by the…

امـينـة ‏@Amina_Alkhamiri

💡#london #shotoniphone @ London, United Kingdom

LHM VW Avondale ‏@lhmvolkswagenaz

Flash your high beams three times if you need to come in for a service visit soon! 💡 Come see us! 👉…

Heidi Trude ‏@htrude07

Ready for our first Scholastic Bowl meet of the season! GO HAWKS 💙💚💛📚💡 @VHSL_activities

𝔣𝔢𝔫𝔡𝔦 𝔟𝔞𝔟𝔶 🇵🇹 ‏@fendisznn

@jaeelizz_ Yolanda Adams - Be Blessed Kirk Franklin - Help Me Believe 💡

Danielle Graves ‏@danigraves87

@stikets_uk Such a brilliant idea 💡 I love that you do shaped ones too perfect for my son to use x

Nancy Bernhardt ‏@NancyBernhard18

@dukewindsor388 Good idea. In fact, best idea 💡

Paco Capella ‏@usflorl

@OptimisimLives @CNN Well, switch ur 🧠 2 Possibility-Thinking & 🤔💭 OF ALL OF THE POSIBLE💡SOLUTIONS TO YOUR PROBLEMS…

peanueti. ‏@peannuuutttttt

this nigga must have light implants 💡🐐

Myrah Jay ‏@myrahtoscano

Can you imagine if @andygrammer & @torikelly wrote a song together?!? Cause I can and it’s golden. 💡🏆✨

Wendy LaFleur ‏@mjj1434

Looks like Tessa has an extra copy of the flash drive.... 🤔💻💡💵💸

muva. ‏@_p0tted

@yaztherican @YoungDeuce619 Great minds think alike 💡

freedom🇺🇸🙏 ‏@Theresablaufuss

@dbongino I heard about her podcast using a tripod aimed down on her bed and what senator does that in their bedroom? 💡🎥


Do You Want To Gain 5KFollowers ✅ First & Foremost 🍼 Retweet 💡Like This Tweet ⭐️Follow All Who Like And Retweet 💚F…

The OT Hub ‏@theOThub

💡🌐 OT RESOURCES + SERVICES The global directory of useful tools for your #OccupationalTherapy practice, care and ca…

WOLFI A. ‏@Wolfi_Anor

@alvy2a @LuvEvelynClaire It's called acting. Watch the trailer, get the story. 💡

Escapology Escape Rooms Columbia ‏@EscapologyCola

It's "Riddle Me This Monday"! Can you solve today's riddle? Like this picture and leave your answer in a comment b…

Patrishia O ‏@MjonirZstreit

company-> Considered as a Highly Reliable company & you become More than____________GOLDEN 💡

Ry ‏@RyaanSeery

Solid two hours to put this together. She can have a horse next year 💡😴

Spacejunkie ‏@Spacejunkie4

Another little gif I just made🤓 . . . & it can't be too early as they already put the lights up in my street.💡🤩

Stephanie ‏@_lovethatgurl_

@yuppjulian I have no idea 💡 how to answer your post 🧐

Miss Graham 👩🏻‍🦱🇪🇸 ‏@SrtaGraham

Definitely getting faster at lesson planning📝💡💻⏰ #StrathPGDE #MagicMonday

Lighting Design ‏@lightingdesign3

@LargerThanLight Joni sconces add some warmth to this cool bathroom💡Design: @SamDesignInc 📷: @JaneBrokenshire Sh…

Ksya-demonnya ‏@DXsenD

💡Today, while I was drinking tea, I had an absolutely crazy idea!💡 What if the characters from Neuro were pirates!?…

MIKE ‏@mikerezzy

Sadly, the mudslinging intentions and diabolic attempts to divert the campaign away from the real issues that conti…

Deborah Holt ‏@Deborah37047451

@DogginTrump @Not_my_45 💡😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 for real!? Wow

Jan Villalon ‏@jan_villalon

An inspirational story to start the day. Former death row inmates learn audio+ video production skills to tell thei…

Silvia Paloschi ‏@SilviaPaloschi1

This is brilliant! 💡

Maths of the Day ‏@MathsoftheDay

Here's a great idea for investigating right angles with your class: #Activemaths…

B0TTT0M ‏@b0ttt0m


Big Nic Energy ‏@nicolenicolson

The 💡 light 💡 is coming to give back everything the darkness stole. ‏@menskopp_no

🌎WORLD TOILET DAY 🚽💡💦 #sanitæreforhold #SDG #bærekraftmål #worldtoiletday #menskopp #MonthlyCup #bærekraft…

Tarotku_Solusimu ‏@TarotkuSolusimu

💡watt 👁️ . . . #mata5wat #taroteverydamnday #tarotreadersofig #majorarkana #tarotreading #tarottribe…

jade vorley ‏@jadewainw25

Pretty sure evacuating the UK for New Years is the best idea I’ve had this year 💡

Isaac Portugal ‏@isaacportugal

Urban light 💡💡💡 en LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Nadia Morris ‏@reversegremlin

@MaBrocchetto Thanks! I love my job. Thanks for the suggestion, great idea 💡


@SpencerSharpe5 That Would Be An Amazing 😉/Awesome Idea 💡.

Every Dab Bot ‏@EveryDabBot

👌⠀⠀😂 ⠀ 💡💡👌 💡💡💡 ⠀ 💡   💡💡   💡 💡   👞 👞 ayy lmao I'm light bulb get dabbed on

J-Menzion Deshommes ‏@jmenzion

Light 💡 , Camera 🎥, action🎬 #commercial #videography #scriptwriting #directing @expertmediag bernlo_ #canon…

Merrimac Magic ‏@MerrimacSchool

Leader in Me visit led by Merrimac’s student tour guides. Our guests learned about the 7 habits and the leadership…

Lamiya Lisa 🤷🇧🇩 ‏@lamiyaLisa10

@whydoyoucaree In 💡this emoji

WorldGangBrand ‏@WorldGangBrand


𝒂𝒓𝒊 ‏@lovxofmylife

🛏💡 EYYY I LOVE YOUR @ IT'S SO COOL, you seem to be a softie and cute person shdjdhdgs, I don't know you at all, bu…

Gulf Power ‏@GulfPower

Power poles are the backbone of Gulf Power’s electrical grid💡While there are other important parts to the power gri…

KRonik' ‏@RNico_Dancer

The birth of the next project 💡 Don't forget fam, everything comes from the mind 🧠! 📸 : @yotann_moova . . .…


1. predebut 💡 (mark's pic tho HAHAHA)

Mateo ‏@Mateo43441422

@Acosta Dear Diary..... The Art of war says to make it seen to your enemies like they have won the war and they wi…

BabyKodjoe ‏@PKTHAPOET

Speak for your self💡

LaVonna ‏@LaVonnaRoth

@oonziela My pleasure, Oona! So great to meet you! 🔆💡 #igniteyourSHINE #CEL18

John Meese 🤓 ‏@JohnRMeese

This is such an empowering #RichDad concept. Change "I can't afford it" to "How can I afford it?" to flip the swit…

Nikki Pinder ‏@NightowlSecrets

Just realised why the writing is back to front outside the @StoryhouseLive 😂 What a nice idea 💡 - #running…

Zama Education ‏@ZamaEducation

Inspirational 💡 from #AlphaLeaders. Do you agree? 🤠

AFFOGNITODE Venance ‏@AVenanx

Having money or Having knowledge 💡💡

Chrisy.💣 ‏@FullyReloaded_

100% I am done 💡

Operation Startup ‏@OPSUTampaBay

💡🇺🇸 Operation Startup is a business actuator serving early-stage entrepreneurs who may have not yet fully developed…

Giuliano Liguori ‏@ingliguori

✔ Time To Separate #Crypto From #Blockchain Technology by #Forbes 👉 💡 @antgrasso…

Beech Class ‏@BeechClass_RE

Lots of different learning skills used to make complete and incomplete circuits in Science today. 💡

iamravenaryanna ‏@ravenaryanna

This Idiot Really Think His Dick Looks Cute Brahhh That lil Shits Looks #Uncooked lmfao THINK AGAIN ❗#Blocked MeanW…

Emmanuel Denson ‏@thestash_Horse

It all clicked 💡

Eide Bailly ‏@EideBaillyLLP

"Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your o…

JenniferFIT MOM OF 4 ‏@JenniferFitMom4

I like to tease her because she always resisted my #superfood shake but now she sees the light 💡 and loves it 💗💗👏🏼…

мαgηιƒι¢єηт★★вαмσ ‏@Iam_bamo

The impossible can actually be done if you just put your mind to it” - Akon ☀️💡🇺🇸 🌍 @akonlightingusa…

The Creative Wav ‏@TheCreativeWav

@WhoisKingAir Divine purpose 💡

Willis Dennis, Dennis Willis ‏@flhoreuway

If you don’t know the truth how do you know it’s a lie? If you know the truth why are you spending time trying to g…

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