Light Bulb Emoji

A light bulb, used to light up a room. Can be used to indicate an idea when placed above a face.

Light Bulb was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Electric Light Bulb” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

💡 Idea

💡 Light Bulb

Unicode Name

💡 Electric Light Bulb


💡 U+1F4A1




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Rebecca 🐝 ‏@rebeccaxchloex7

@CherylOfficial This is such a good idea! 💡

Tatty Devine ‏@tattydevine

BRB, just reaching for the light switch... 💡#EarthHourUK @wwf_uk

Doncaster Rovers FC ‏@drfc_official

We’re taking part in Earth Hour 2020! 🌍 💡 Comment below with what you’ll be doing this Earth Hour! 🐼 #EarthHourUK…

Ro2D2 ‏@ro2d2teamFTC

#EarthHour2020 🌎🌍🌏 We turned off the lights in our homes - an hour of darkness that helped us set off in search of…

GypsetSerafini ‏@GypsetSerafini

@ImperialWick Interesting. The books were great, one of my favorite series, authors Book it! 📖 Watch it.💡📺

motor social 🚗🌐 ‏@motorsocial

💡A quarantine pod with ventilator #coronavirus #Tesla @elonmusk

Angjelina👼🏻 ‏@angjelinaahmeti

I’d love some ideas/suggestions for artwork! 🖤✍🏼 I want to make more artwork after taking a long break so please dr…

ACG Compliance ‏@ACG_Compliance

We have launched an amazing offer on a huge range of online courses you can take from the comfort of your own home!…

For Beautifiers ‏@BetterBeautyPR

“Consider your community when creating [your brand.]” 📢 “Do research on your audience — perform target marketing,…

Roro sasoriza 🌙🕸 ‏@RoroSasoriza

💚🌍💙10 MINS TILL EARTH HOUR! Turn off all your lights 8:30-9:30pm!!!!!! 💙🌍💚💡🕯

J S Wilder ® ‏@JSWilder2

My idea 💡. White House News Corps Trish, Eric, Laura, Levin, Tucker... Etc

De-Empire Wealth ‏@deempirewealth

No work - Stay at HOME No work - Stay at HOME So who be d idiot wen dey OFF LIGHT 💡 for NEPA OFFICE 🤔

Ty 🍯 ‏@tylerrrlynnn

@babyshmay Just as you help me, girl! 😊 We’re about to shake things up a bit 💡

Petr Hlubina ‏@petrhlubina

Wow, what a wonderful workflow! 👍 I've learned a lot from this Remote Design Process. CC @janhabich @BoBMarvan…

Cari Hewick ‏@CariHewick

Earth Hour is happening tonight at 8:30 p.m. 🌏💡⁣ ⁣ Join the world and get ready to switch off for our planet. Turn…

veedoomedia ‏@veedoomedia

Did You Know? 🤔💬💡 The average #user spends 88% more time on a #website with #videos #sem…

Stroud District Action on Plastic ‏@SDAP_Tweets

#EarthHour2020 at 8.30pm tonight - a global switch-off for our planet. Why not take the time to think about some ex…

🩸 ‏@nkosinathimmk

I’m a star 💫 I’m just sitting 🪑 at a low light 💡

LEESY ‏@mfinleesy

@_TravisTe Exactly we been doing it thus far 💡

mari-hoe. ♡ ‏@MarioDez

This is why you gotta have back ups for your back ups 💡

Cloud strife ‏@Cloudst55842194

@OrlandoBranden I am just a human as well I have no idea, i do know one thing if you feel anxious to focus on the t…

LIPG ‏@LIPhotoGallery

Observe Earth 🌎 Hour. Turn off your lights💡tonight. Let's see the stars! ✨ 9:30 - 10:30pm EST #EarthHour…

Thickie Smalls ‏@SizeMeUpp

Im gonna try some new recipes this for suggestions 💡

Alison Taylor ‏@FollowAlisonT

@HumanRiskBlog That’s an idea 💡 ! ‏@9bills

This spoken word artist has something to say about Covid19. Woke or Whack? 🤔💡🥴

Emily Shih ‏@emilynshih

@FBCAGBB good idea 💡‼️

Jordan Osterberg ‏@OsterbergJordan

4. Ideas 💡 If you’re not sure what to make, Ideas is the place to check. You can browse curated Recipes* or (comi…

Mortimer'sBrassHand ‏@sbrasshand

"Kick on the floods" A string of xmas tree lights on the bottom of the ship 💡 #alien #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe #StayHomeSaveLives

Donutman&wafflewoman ‏@littledonutdeli

@thismorning @davidwalliams Is it just for little ones. Asking for a friend lol 😂 brilliant idea 💡

Chloe Durrant ‏@ChloeDurrant_

How To Attract Necessary #Talent: 4 Strategies 💡 via @techrepublic

HOVAMANIA..🔑 ‏@Madidi_M

@MolokwaneLJ Mara waitsi Harrison Crump I need your love.💡


Scavenger hunts for the family 🦋💡🌈 — is anyone else amazed at how much can be found once we settle into slowing dow…

Coach Guidry ‏@CoachTGuidry

@KeithCo2021 The kid is fully dressed with 2 shoes on and two cones in his hand 💡💡

Gokhan137 ‏@Gokhan137YT

I wanna make a video about CPR today. Any ideas?💡 If I use your idea, I’ll give you a shoutout at the start of the video!

Ebony Thomas ‏@iamebonythomas

💡LINKEDIN HACK💡 Not sure what to include in the request note? Not an issue! Here’s an idea: “I’m sending this c…

Holly Hawkins ‏@HollyHawkins91

Countdown to #EarthHour2020 🕯🌍💚 don’t forget to switch off those lights 💡❌ @wwf_uk #EarthHour

Roseburn PS ‏@RoseburnPS

🕯🌎Are you joining in with Earth Hour tonight? ❌💡

GOAL Global ‏@GOAL_Global

#StayAtHomeAndStaySafe At times like these we realise that we all belong to one connected family on this planet, on…

𝚍𝚎𝚢𝚘🤰🏽 ‏@M_dolllar

The moment I see you na up nepa lady oo my lady oo💡🎈

Daddy Tom Tom 🐈🔱 ‏@Iam_DaddyTom

@innocent_uzzy @WelBeast Well, One felt it was necessary, he wasn't asked. He voluntarily did. The other was aske…

Uncle Kelechi † ‏@_igwilo

@Adiakpan_ @e_liquor Atm ? Nothing really, but No! It’ll end in tears dear. 🖤.💡

Bijàn Giovanni ‏@HoneyMacQueen

I think the yin and yang sign would be a good tattoo idea 💡

anthony michelli- ‏@anthonymichelli

Thanks to lucasvongretsch for the virtual hugs! Great to be a part of the @gretschdrums family, a small part repre…

Ebony Thomas ‏@iamebonythomas

💡 LINKEDIN HACK💡 After you apply for any new roles, go to LinkedIn and find four to five recruiters from that same…

brndMethod ‏@brndmethod

The #EarthHour 2020 theme will focus on “Climate Action” and sustainable development ♻️. --------------------------…

Dentsu Aegis UK&IRE ‏@dentsuaegisUK

Today, Saturday 28 March is the 60th anniversary of WWF's Earth Hour. 🌍🌍🌏 8:30pm-9:30pm. Will you join us and…

Home Money Solution ‏@HomeMoneySolut1 💡💰🔥 online method #first 100 retweet received 25% bonus #cashapp offer #businessidea…

Nicholas Evans ‏@chefnick

1. 🌏💨🔥Earth wing and fire 2. 💡🏠👪 lighthouse family 3. 🚽E💪 Louis Armstrong 4. 🎱👶 5. 🌶🍫 hot chocolate 6. 😭④😱😱tear…

N8ivd8onan ‏@n8ivd8onan

@ananavarro It's because people of this country are finally awakening to the last 2 1/2yrs of all the blatantly obv…

Baliqees Salaudeen | #ClimateAction | #COVID19 ❌🙅 ‏@humanitarian_bs

World #EarthDay 2020 The safety of the earth is in our hands!!! Join by switching of your light from 8:30pm-9:30p…

Jonathan Kim ‏@jonnykim

Rediscovering electronics while on lockdown. Here’s a prototype of my HomeKit controlled unicorn lamp 🦄💡

Kathy Benson ‏@BereavedBlessed

So helpful and informative!💡Thank you, @ScottGottliebMD, @ddiamond, & @politico! 🙏🏼

orpheus . ‏@vex_files

“need a tour box for the tools, it’s hard to balance” 💡

Coach O = Opportunity ‏@simplyCoachO

The Future 💡

Unique Crafts ‏@UniqueCrafts_

Good afternoon everyone ☮️📿 Just arose from a decent nap hope you’re all having a good day 🌷🍃I’m super excited to s…

koty balde ‏@koty_balde

P E R E C O A S T! 🔥 It’s about what you can lose, or what you can win... think about it!💡…

vek✝️oh ‏@Viktoh_TM

@Seun_AR @enitodun Numbers don’t lie dear. ❤️💡

Ange Bowman ‏@cabowman

💡Self isolation tip of the day

Jay_44 ‏@JHardy_05

@JayNas23 Think ppl enjoy the plot/storyline of the show lol acting & football is💡🧀 but its CW what you expect 😂😂😂

Momma Barss ‏@BarsnessSyrie

A lot of good men and women have died in this silent battle. A lot of lives have been ruined. Do we suppose this…

millie ‏@yourstrulymilIs

tn is earth hour from 8:30pm-9:30pm where you turn all of your lights off for the hour to help the planet. pls join…

U N F O R G E T T A B L E 🅰️💫🤪 ‏@AshleyRenee731

Nah I’m straight though... nbs... this is very minor to me... I actually love it in a sense... I’m a very deep thin…

Kimberley Whitehead ‏@WalkOnBRFC

#EarthHour 2020 🌎 Join the world and get ready to switch off for our planet. Turn off all inessential and unnecessa…

Wye Marsh ‏@WyeMarsh

rget to turn off your lights tonight at 8:30 pm in honour of @earthhour !🌎💡 Did you know that during Earth Hour, o…

Ari Follow Trick ‏@FollowBabyBoca

Follow me and everyone who likes this 🚧💡💰

Kirsty H ‏@Kirstylu29

@AndySmith260168 @jo_makel The light went out before I was born so this week’s the first time I’ve seen it lit up 💡

OLIO • Share More, Waste Less ‏@OLIO_ex

🌏 Don't forget to join millions of people around the world tonight for #EarthHour 💡 🕰️ At 8:30pm turn all your lig…

The Cambridge Footlights ‏@Cam_Footlights

🌟 ONLINE THEATRE 🌟 is coming to the Cam Student community! Click to see how YOU can submit online comedy content!💡💻🎙

💡 ‏@KrysJaxon

It’s beauty in the struggle.. & much more rewarding when you come out on the other side on top.💡

Dayz Da Empora ‏@dayzdaempora

💡Let Me Know When You See It,Because He Seen It His Entire Life! #NeverGiveUp SB:5 Weeks #BC (Before Corona) . .…

International Sleep ⁷ 시차 🏁 ‏@SleepDeez

Definitely steal-borrowing some of these ideas 💡

💡 ‏@KrysJaxon

Late nights make you stronger. Hustlers don't sleep, they take naps.💡

SeniorMan 👣 Pjz ‏@pjayzjoe

*LOCK DOWN CHECK LIST* Prepaid 💡✅ Turbo net Internet 📲✅ Netflix💻 ✅ DStv 🖥️✅ Banku, rice, spaghetti .. ✅ Frozen food…

Megs ‏@MeganSummers_x

Earth hour at 8:30! Turn your lights out, save the planet one tiny step at a time💡

Kojo A. Carter ‏@beijindollar

The FDA approves a 45 mins Covid 19 test kit💡

Pam R ‏@virtue2

@EMluvsPibbles Extremely disturbing Em. I haven't been here enough, yet I remember tweeting 4 him. Every potential…

@A.n.n.e ‏@Chocolateyanne

@Malon_Pain @Charles04400925 @one_dosh Sending ❤ and 💡

Donna Golightly ‏@donnagolightly1

Looking for open ended activities for your #remotelearning 💡 Check out these ideas from @HatchPbl

ヨアナ Keremedchieva 🌙 ‏@jolyyk

#EarthHour 🌍🕯️ Lights off 💡

Robin Hemphill 🇺🇸🙏🏻🤦‍♀️🕰🗽🌺🌼🌺🌼 ‏@RobinHemphill10

@SemGeek @MysterySolvent Leave it to the big boys and girls , Donald. You can always say , and you will, that it was your idea 💡

StazOn Roofing ‏@StazonRoofing

Let there be light, through a brand new skylight! 💡 Check out the before and after!

Maestro ‏@manjilambert

Love ❤️ and light 💡 Mr Governor 🙏🏾

Andrew Coover ‏@acoover

@zebulgar Savage idea 💡

Vicki 👩🏻 & Pearl 🐶🐾 ‏@kojecat

@Deliveroo #SaturdayWins Turned the living room into a cinema 🎞 Selected perfect film 💡 Turned off lights ◼️ Oh, n…

S U S A N ‏@alghamdi_susan

@motazqadan @halletjulie @dan_abramowitz @drlesleybarron @davidjcav @KutluMD @LeeOcuin @surgoncmd @THeniford…

❌Eugene Turalitsch❌ ‏@eugene200

@AnBeOnd Great 👍idea 💡start with China😎

Xolani ‏@DaMxow

Name the alcohol 1. 🛳🛳🛳 2. ⬛🏷 3. 📎🛶 4. 📦🍷 5. 🐘 6. 🏰💡 7. 😷 8. ✈️🐟 9.🇿🇦-🚚-🅰️ 10. 🍓💋 11. 🦁 12. ⬛➕⬜ 13. 🥩🍽 14. 🇮🇳💍 15…

Saul Fleischman ‏@osakasaul

How to Do #VisualContent With Low, Medium, and High Budgets 📚 💡 ~ @CMIContent…

Logan Brown ‏@HunchoBison

gotta acquire this 💡

Home Money Solution ‏@HomeMoneySolut1

⚠️💰CASH ALERT SOLUTION💰⚠️ freelancer online job allow to earn cash or bitcoin #cashmoney #advice #businessidea…

Prince Sharma ‏@MrPrnc

@KubbraSait Good idea 💡 of pen 🖊 and paper 📝 it will also help to know your spelling mistakes

Turning Green ‏@TurningGreenOrg

Our communities need us to stay home. Our earth needs us to turn off. Stay home, save lives. Turn off the lights, s…

Helen Cutler ‏@helenamelia77

Are you taking part? Turn all your lights off, just for 1 hour, and make a difference💡🌍.

THE DIRTY BIRD💡 ‏@_birdiejackson

Chef Birdie💡

🐋🎶 ‏@k8heide

@realDonaldTrump Hey #DisasterDonnie, you don’t have this particular power. The governors do. Yor such a…

Matthew DeLong ‏@MatthewDeLong4

@duchmess Herrrrrre’s your birthday song; it isn’t very long: HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂🎉🎈 May the good Lord bless and keep you, Miss Millie🙏🏼✌🏻❤️&💡

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