Light Bulb Emoji

A light bulb, used to light up a room. Can be used to indicate an idea when placed above a face.

Light Bulb was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Electric Light Bulb” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

💡 Idea

💡 Light Bulb

Unicode Name

💡 Electric Light Bulb


💡 U+1F4A1




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珊子姐姐 ‏@shanzijj

follow everyone that likes this. 🔥💡

Derby County Community Trust 🐑 ‏@DCCTOfficial

Feeling energised now as DCCT’s very own Arwen Green speaks about ‘Making the Vision a Reality’ using real life cas…

iamkspecial ‏@K_Special1


ABIMBOLA ‏@soft_pisces89

I see green light 💡

Fiyeboh Destiny ‏@A_Homealone107

@SympLySimi I love this jam 💯🙏🍫💡🔐

The Meetings Show ‏@MeetingsShow

💡The deadline to submit your creative ideas for our 2019 education programme is tomorrow💡 Don't miss out on delive…

_Mom's 2nd son_ ‏@udoeka

@teducaymakompo2 Finally! The veil comes off. 😁 "I am understanding now."💡 Hugs.

c ‏@liamstigma

cr - lady midnight 💡

Jessica Ferguson ‏@jessicarobynf

Thursday morning inspo curtesy of @goodagencyldn understanding brands who are using allyship 💡

Sound Financial ‏@SoundFPGroup

🤔#ThursdayThoughts💡We all have to plan for our futures, right up until retirement. Conversations, education and for…

The Drama Box ‏@the_drama_box

It’s amazing what a few kind words can do... 😊🌈💡 #NationalComplimentDay #ThursdayThoughts

RnBrit ‏@RnBritUK

Things have changed...A LOT 💥 In case you didn't know, here's how marketing looks in 2019 vs 2009 💡 #marketing…

Brian Himes⭐⭐⭐ ‏@luvdemrangers

@AdministrationZ @Libertyworld @leadershapers @realDonaldTrump Here's an idea! WHY NOT FUND BOTH?💡

Success Coach ‏@success_coach10

Ideas 💡 All achievements,all earned riches have their beginning in an idea. #idea #motivationalquotes #motivation…

Family Housing ‏@fhawales

SAVE ENERGY 💸💡Turn appliances off at the plug to save an average of £30 a year ! Turning your heating down by just…

Nerilee Ceatha ‏@NerileeCeatha

@NiamhatMU @AislingC0ffey Yes, now that you mention it, we are taking the workshop on the road! 🛣️ We will be in Du…

Maria Pillans ‏@PunchMPillans

Love this idea 💡 🍏 Pubgoers can 'apple pay' for cider at London taproom

🌻 ‏@madd_nezz

70 percent of my checks go into my savings . 💡

Scottish Sun Sport ‏@scotsunsport

🎥 Watch as Celtic new Bhoy Vakoun Issouf Bayo is given a spectacular Parkhead welcome under the disco lights 💡…

James Donaldson ‏@Mr_ALNCo

If you are in #Bett2019 today, pop along and see some amazing speakers share their ideas 💡 📱 💯

bbong0421 ‏@bbong0421

3:10am. I need to get up early to finish packing and last minute errands. Light💡out. Good night 🌙 Sleep tight 💛

Oluwaseun S. Taiwo ‏@stanny4

Do not let bad thoughts park in your mind 💡💡💡

Amy ‏@AmysSphere

🔎 I'm looking for a comms planner with strong digital experience to join an agency team that sits in house at a HUG…

VJ Oncology ‏@VJOncology

We can't wait to speak with Prof. Hatton tomorrow at #BTOG2019 all about these @NCRI_partners @BTOGORG updates! 💬📉💡…

Aeron ‏@AVFajardo_

Lights 💡


💡 Stress - a result of mental pressure applied to oneself. Usually suffered by high achievers, big dreamers, go ge…

Orchard House School ‏@orchardhs

Form 2 displaying our OHS value ‘collaboration’ by building electrical circuits in science. We loved making the bul…

Inoki 🍊 ‏@Inokinako_

@RedLilyArt thats an idea i never thought of!💡

ArdianInfrastructure ‏@Ardian_Infra

In each sector optimizing assets through digital actions is part of #ArdianInfra process. Can we get some…

Hana Osmić ‏@OsmicHana

Eat healthy food You don’t have to cut out everything you like no no no💡 Start off with one healthy meal a day the…

Addybeaut ‏@addybeaut

Blonde hair is killing it..,,#ordernow and rock your blonde...💡#handmadewig#addybeautwigs #booknow#anyhairstyle#bu…

Bonolo🇿🇦 ‏@QueenNolz

I'm interested in learning more of foreign languagess.... 💡😭😭

CharlieChaplin2 🎩✌️ ‏@kollywoodnow

Makers🎥💡 Believes #CharlieChaplin2🎩✌️ will be an Out and Out Jolly🚙🍔 Ride.. When Director📋 and Producer💼 shares a G…

Joe King ‏@APJK47

Tattoo idea 💡 "The Real greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he was God" - Graham Han…

Liz MacKenzie ‏@lizmac307

Great ideas 💡

Max Cuvellier ‏@Cvllr

Great news! Two of the companies we support(ed) have been nominated for the #GLOMOAwards at #MWC19, the Oscars of…

Eurogroup For Animals ‏@Act4AnimalsEU

🧪#SaveTheDate: Next #EUSAAT Congress will take place in Linz from 25 to 28 August! 🗓️Are you planning to submit y…

Deborah Devlin ‏@nutsaboutknittn

@Lurpee @Halloween_1014 @sweatsntopknots @usuck2me You’ve given me an 💡 idea for today.....

LEC BIOTEC ‏@LecBiotec

Quote💡: “What we hear, we FORGET, what we see, we REMEMBER and what we do,we LEARN.” Contact us now and you can be…

Derby County Community Trust 🐑 ‏@DCCTOfficial

Here we go! #ActiveHealthyLearning 💡

Mubeat Official ‏@mubeatTV

[#Mubeat X #ShowChampion] EXCLUSIVE HQ Focused Cams🔥 Never miss out the special stage fancams!😍 💡Watch the videos…

Future of Work ‏@futureof_work

💡 Last week's most engaging news in #futureofwork 👉 Artificial intelligence gives HR an opportunity to transform th…

Hp.Euro ‏@HpEuro

🔺💡🔺When you give up, your blessings is given out 👉🏼 Elsewhere/Next in line. Remain loyal, stay patience, always tru…

Ⓜ️ybdayJanuary30🎉♒️ ‏@FamousRerelola

He separate me from relationship and people for a reason to get a clear view on who I am glad god give me the ligh…

iMindMap ‏@iMindMap

Working on a new project? 💡 Capture and expand your greatest ideas with iMindMap 11 and discover the power of creat…

💣Rethabile💣 ‏@BornHooligan05

Privacy is Power. People Cannot Ruin What They Don't Know☺💡

Human Spaceflight ‏@esaspaceflight

In a new workshop at @esa’s Astronaut Centre, material science students are exploring bold ideas 💡 From microwaving…

Robert Ellis ‏@RobertEllisEA

8 of the Best Small Kitchen Island Ideas 💡🧂

Robert Ellis ‏@RobertEllisEA

8 of the Best Small Kitchen Island Ideas 💡🧂

Balaton Sound ‏@balatonsound_

Special accommodation 🛏 with mattress, 💡 lights ⚡ and power outlets - Try the Accordion House at Balaton Sound 🏕 👉…

Coins Insights ‏@coinsinsights

Coin 📋: #Populous $PPT Description 💡: Invoice trading futures Price: 37523sat / $1.34 24h change: 1.06% Market Cap.…

The Upstarters ‏@UpstartersGo

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” - Confucius ✨❤️✨ Double tap if you agree! #socialmediatips #smm…

AVSL Group Ltd ‏@AVSLGroupLtd

Our #new LED desk lamp from the #Lyyt catalogue is simple and stylish in design, with 3 brightness settings, touch…

Marquis de Russell ‏@Ashrides

@ParrotOfTheDay @tweetmommybop @nother_thing @lurie_john @JohnWren1950 @cyclecollective @rhcpsessions…


How can #rawmaterials contribute to realising #SDG 7? Raw materials are required for the deployment of low-carbon a…

TOMAS HAVERLIK ‏@tomashaverlik

New design ideas for textile covered acoustic absorbers & wall canvas decor by 💡 #textile…

Roseythreadssss ‏@roseythreadssss


ᴳᴿᴱᴱᴺ ᴮᴱᴬᴺ ‏@greenbean0816

@B2stGK Always be with all of you💡❤️♾✨✨

Sound Dynamics ‏@Sound_Dynamics

Something a little different... how lovely are these lights for the home which we now supply. Super quality LED hom…

daMIZbdatBIZZ ‏@mistrezzin

Daily sumone meets that wanch 😩😂😂🤦 They bet leave me TF ALONE... WORD OF THE DAY: ALONE.. USED IN A SENTENCE 🤔💡 LE…

Derby County Community Trust 🐑 ‏@DCCTOfficial

[email protected] and friends are getting ready for their big performance 💃 #ActiveHealthyLearning 💡

Joe Brown ‏@JoeBrownArtist

Our whole lives exist on a spectrum. #Canarywharf 💡

Lloren777 ‏@Lloren777

@twilightmania72 @Metalchic73 @angelalovesbvb4 @LeppnenU @BlackLolita_ @AmareInMortis @BibiBee74 @SweetPanda110…

珊子姐姐 ‏@shanzijj

follow everyone that retweets this. 🖍️💡

Melanie Austen ‏@Mel_Austen

@EmmaJMcKinley @CharterCw Great idea 💡 🙂👍

Wits_News ‏@Wits_News

📱🖱⌨🔌💻🔭📡💡💰📚🛠🌐🗺 [email protected] #4IRSAICT 😍 workshop in Woodmead, Johannesburg #Wits4IR #Future

Christopher Bridgett ‏@ckbridgett

#EczemaExplained 💡❗️Now ”follow-up important: to tackle acute flare-ups”

Angel4U ‏@truth2u4me

@RepAdamSchiff Whoa!? Did @RepAdamSchiff actually state: 👇🏼👇🏼 “Citizens first. Ceremony later”🤔 👇🏼👇🏼…

Leon Streete ‏@leonstreete

I remember what it was like before I made the multi 6 figure break through... 😳...And what was even more impressiv…

Frazer ‏@Fuzzlcfc

Travelling at the speed of light 💡 you could get from Sydney to New York 1,705 times in the same amount of time it…

Mr. E ‏@dynamic_mre

💡 Spare 5 minutes of your time 🎧 Gain Wisdom for your life #motivation #ThursdayThoughts #podcast

Robin Nowicki ‏@RobinNowicki

@jeffreyjkirk @arampell You can press anywhere on the keyboard to do that, not just the space bar💡

Maghdie Fife ® ‏@MagZaz5

I need a million rand to buy a house guys. Any ideas would be welcomed 💡😭

Heathside PTA ‏@HeathsidePta

Did you know?💡You could raise funds for the PTA when you book your family holiday this year? Use…

WallaceCherry ‏@WallaceCherry4

Light On!💡 The least you can do is love yourself.🤔#Think

Friends House ‏@FHhospitality

Planning your summer event? We have fitted solar film on our external windows to help keep the venue even cooler in…

Konecranes ‏@Konecranes

Early adopters of IIoT across industries have already started to reap the benefits of the first phase, but are curr…

KamiFG 💪🏽🌕 ‏@wolfxdollaz

Higher than Elon Musk So high, stars eat our dust 🚀 And I got a colorful aura like I got Neon Guts 💡

Monique Drewett 🍋🍐 ‏@MoniqueMcall194

I'm one of them 😭🔥☀🚫💡

چراغ ‏@PakistanAgency

💕Retweet or Like this only if the emoji is a heart 👉❤️.. . 💡✈️

curtis morrison ‏@wokecurtis

@DiegoATLaw Pst @rogerbetka - idea!! 💡

Binal Patel ‏@thesciencebean

My Philosophy: By modeling kindness & compassion, two soft skills, Ss can gain the courage to communicate, collabor…

TheSmarterAgency | TOUCHING INNOVATIONS (IoT+IIoT) ‏@TheSmrtrAgency

You're innovating or investing in #Tech? You wanna touch + impact the future? >> Join TOUCHING INNOVATIONS 2019❣️💡…

Delis ‏@delisworldwide


Lambeaux Holloway ‏@BackPackBlu

You could still have a “follower” and the number won’t count 💡

Home Too Much ‏@hometoomuch

A little tea time at home. Shop our “kuih bahulu” ornament/keychain(RM19) online at Naiise Malaysia or in stores a…

raindesign ‏@raindesign_

💡😄Another beautiful travel poster for #Terra_Santa on the trip to Venice! ☑️ #travel…

IRO Timber ‏@IROtimber

#IROTimber isn’t just decking and cladding. All you need is imagination and an idea💡 Do you have any ideas?…

Edge Hill SU ‏@edgehillsu


[email protected]@KPSCompSci

Excellent idea! 💡 🤞

Michael Stamm ‏@MichaStamm

👨🏼‍🎓➕🛠️🔜💡 Last week I had the honour to participate in the @MROSouthAsia Summit in #Delhi & shared my view on…

Ronald.R ‏@RonaldRDiaz

Light 💡

KEN QUEST WEST ®️ ‏@AnumeleKen

@atiku Electricity first 💡

HOBEICH HADY ‏@hhobeich

[Did you know💡] 65% of consumers would purchase globally rather than locally if the price is right! Here is how to…

PrestaShop SEO ‏@PrestaShopSEO

[Did you know💡] 65% of consumers would purchase globally rather than locally if the price is right! Here is how to…

Chris Houston ‏@chris_m_h

I’m in a snowy London to meet our partners at the UK Department for International Development. Discussing innovator…

Imoleayo_O ‏@theimoleayo_

Manifesting seen 1997 👀✨💡

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