Flashlight Emoji

A flashlight emoji, known as a torch outside of North America. Used when in the dark – either when the electricity is out, or when camping.

Flashlight was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Electric Torch” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🔦 Flashlight

🔦 Torch

Unicode Name

🔦 Electric Torch


🔦 U+1F526




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Je t'aime ELu ‏@loveeluskam

#skamfrance 🏃‍♂️I will leave the light on🔦 https://t.co/IWyth7Kr1d

El--Dhano 🔌 ‏@coachdan_19

This one is mad just reminds me of what @HisAirness_ would do but me am heading straight to gbe body 🔦 https://t.co/y7R8KEo1tm

Arron Hears Trump Elected ‏@VictoriaVanHor7

@jhgurf @ToBeSafeNSound Wait I thought I was in charge of pitch forks. Sigh Fine, I have a torch. 🔦🔦🔦

Pri Ibraheem Adewale ‏@Dreeam1986

Beautiful Ceiling Lighting 💡🏮🔦! https://t.co/EC1RxWauHe

Trumpturnaround 1️⃣7️⃣🇺🇸 ‏@trumpturnaround

@dbongino Time to find out!! Donald Trump got a 2 year rear-end probe!! What’s good for the goose.... every Dem… https://t.co/aHG4gnPTzm

SıRaDan BiRi 🎀 ‏@glglflflfl

Did you hear meee??? 🔦

Chloe Herman ‏@mschloeherman

Today in science we used #flipgrid to show off our shadow skills!#prsd8 🔦🌞 https://t.co/BxhlWp9uom

Anonymous Wizard XXX ‏@Anonymous_wizx

@JosephKahn @taylorswift13 @kendricklamar @SabrinaAnnLynn @Camila_Cabello @selenagomez @eltonofficial… https://t.co/hvFQNgXB0M

SithiravelSiva ‏@SithiravelsivaS

To @karthiksubbaraj Anna and @sunpictures team, 😍Thank you so much for releasing deleted song of @VijaySethuOffl 👌A… https://t.co/jFtdc8juuh

Sleek ‏@Sleek_corp

Find out the difference between Venture Capital and Angel Investors and see which model is suitable for your busine… https://t.co/U0KUAl12C4

David Wayne Floyd ‏@davidwfloydart

By #arthur_adams #medusa #illustration #artistspotlight🔦 #fantasyart 🐍 🐍 @ Lower Haight, San Francisco https://t.co/nrkL4PLihr

Pischonk ‏@Pischonk

If you’re not using Daylight bulbs in the home, then I feel so super sorry for you. 🍂🌷🔦 ••• [Staring at the Ceiling… https://t.co/97wuPxBmCK

Natalie Bullinger ‏@MsBullinger

Flashlight Reading Fridays are our favorite!!! 💙📚🔦 https://t.co/HHHlvj38ly

Tameka_Shavon💄 ‏@mospreciousone

Just Bing watched Craig Ross’s #Monogamy and I’m geeked! Season 2 Where you at👀 Looking for it in the daylight with a 🔦

Isa ⚜️ ‏@moniloves7

Normani: I- Crowd: 💡🔦🕯 https://t.co/4xTTZDkx3L

Robyn Dailey ‏@robyndaileyccsd

Thank you for providing such a great day for our RedHawk Readers! ⛺️ 🔦 https://t.co/Y3LPqPddNv

The Source Please ‏@thesourceplease

@paulsperry_ Adam Schiff couldn't find his a$$ with both hands 🙌, a flashlight 🔦 and a map 🗺️ ... Let alone collusi… https://t.co/xvppJfKJFU

Mini 龜 ‏@cenxiaogui

When ☁️ in the sky 🔦 a shadow on 🏝 below And 🐧 start to sing A haunting refrain When 🌴 dance in time To 🎶 of the ro… https://t.co/c37J9kVgJ7

Ricky Rozay Johnson ‏@RickJRozay

UNC looking really funny in the light 🔦

Turk182 🖤 ‏@Turk182_JCP

@RepMarkMeadows @JasonandtracyG The guilty have been shining a spot light on anything they can think of to keep it… https://t.co/OqQxrw7VaH

Issa.mendel's-ohm.1382 ‏@IssaOhm

@ciwf 🙏🔦💜🖖🎚️ tern it zup brave little toaster... don't mistake the werds

Block C Team #Finish ‏@Jarhead3534

@Hunde_Haus One my old mans pet peeves was flashlights we had quite a few and got them for Christmas almost every year with batteries 🔦🔦🔦

Riss ‏@m00dyy___

Are you scared of the dark? 🔦 https://t.co/P1Yy3H2tZC

Anthony 🦖 ‏@IAnthonySmithI

Thank you @PLLTVSeries #PLLLThePerfectionists 🔦🔪🍷 The best is yet to come ❤️ https://t.co/RavOuNJY19

Untitled. ‏@JBell___

Wisdom gone Come once you see what’s been written 🔦

Mrs. Adler qrs ‏@mrs_adler1

Testing LIGHT 🔦 What is transparent? Translucent? Opaque? https://t.co/0Yo8RA4dm4

the key ‏@likemikeyv

You know what it is 🚨🔦👊🏼https://t.co/FSRaOpEkq5 #twitch #Fortnite

Roger Shultz ‏@RogerShultz

Out of the darkness and into the light🔦 https://t.co/54oC06isdc

Tam Forsyth... ‏@su49551714

That thing on in Georges square Saturday. Take a tram car, take a trolley, take a bus to Georges square, where youl… https://t.co/cyaWYnj12j

Mandy D. ‏@bamthud

Hey @cw_spn talk to @Omundson & @TheKurtFuller about the Awesome @Psych_USA movies coming years after the series fi… https://t.co/buZ7xGLNmP

ShelfieTalk ‏@ShelfieTalk

@vogler3024 @sam_aye_ahm I think I will be reading way past my bedtime tonight! 🔦📚

Richie 🐉 ‏@richierich_1997

So excited for Stranger Things! 👽🔦🚲

Mrs. Corsaut ‏@MrsEmilyCorsaut

We had the best character party today!! 📚🔦#FlashlightFriday #Read #SecondGrade https://t.co/Cr1WLpCcdk

Tam Forsyth... ‏@su49551714

@MichaelHBow @twittewoo @campbellclaret @NicolaSturgeon @IanBlackfordMP @peoplesvote_uk Take a tram car take a trol… https://t.co/0IeDgjX6Tc

Mrs. Montgomery ‏@mrsmontgomery82

Flashlight reading buddies with Mrs Cameron and Mrs. Hewitt’s class was super fun this afternoon! 📖 🔦 https://t.co/mNIZSaprXD

HundeHaus#53 ‏@Hunde_Haus

QUESTION 🔦 Anyone else buy flashlights just because? I can’t be the only one. Must have something to do with “Be P… https://t.co/fAaZWM0nFZ

Synth ‏@gosynth

Synth Creator Spotlight🔦 We would like to share to work of @engagethemiddle's students, as they try their voices a… https://t.co/YBixv2Otpa

Samantha Lynn ‏@everwood_lynn

Find the light in the darkness. 💡🔦💡🔦

Deanna Wilson Bogue ‏@drdj99

"Prepare U.S.A. To Be WITHOUT!" WE LOSE POWER SOON. 🔋🔌🔦WATCH VIDEO▶▶https://t.co/BQHXEMagJy

Arborwood Elementary ‏@arborwoodeagles

Ms. Clement’s class worked together to construct a ramp for their cars today while learning about force and motion.… https://t.co/HPSQ55Y02X

Jon Paciaroni ‏@jonpaciaroni

Master of many mediums and never one to shy away from something experimental, Quang Ho letting his light shine with… https://t.co/i539Wo8zp1

TEANA ANN 👅❤ ‏@Teana_Ann

@fhelp247 ifb all asap 🔦 💘 💕.

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Bradley Sumner ‏@BradleySumner

TRUDEAU IN THUNDER BAY TOWN HALL: Anybody understand what his circuitous responses mean? Clearly fans asking mild… https://t.co/iwQ6Iq0IJV

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brvs ‏@brycenbarker

https://t.co/xFZn62cf4Y @17unKnownn killed it 🤲🏾🔦 https://t.co/i8vWcp2a95

Gabriel Skywalker ‏@GabeKennedy7

@LetsGoHayes_ im sending the Bat signal for you rn 🔦

Me Sea Feel ‏@Juhu22Sea

✨ G👀dnight!🌛 ✨ 🖼️ 🗺️ ✨ 🔖🛌🔦🌃🌌🦔🌌 https://t.co/qMEQaLN5dJ

Mrs. Graeser ‏@graeserclass

Flashlight reading friday 🔦⛺️ https://t.co/9wuGpIJUAF

O Gato Larpeiro ‏@ogatolarpeiro

III Urban Trail Night Pontevedra 2019!!! 🏃🎽🔦🌃 #urbantrail #urbantrailnight #urbantrailnightpontevedra #run #runner… https://t.co/ewAm1Uwmu1

Shannon Thomas ‏@mrsthomas103

Reading is better with a flashlight! 🔦 📚 @Grandview_Elem @MrsGamble116 @rhayes112 #CSD_AllMeansAll https://t.co/Dt9kvePEq9

ємιℓιαи⚡ ‏@emilianrazvan

@PLLTVSeries @SofiaCarson @elibrown99 @iamsydneypark I LOVE THISSSS ❤🔪🔦

laura 🔮 ‏@elushipper1

Elliot was scared and alone and he thought he lost Lucas forever. He felt broken and afraid. He felt incomplete. He… https://t.co/oG68Y2y6qa

Dort Elementary ‏@DortElementary

Here are a couple of classes participating in our "Flashlight Reading" spirit day today!! ❤📖🔦

Psychic Carla Baron ‏@Carla_Baron

@Greeneyedcurve Not sure of this one as a psychic event, love. I know you are relentless in your search for proof. #KeepTheSearchlightOn 🔦

BBC Radio 1Xtra ‏@1Xtra

🔦 A project that the streets have been waiting for, @kennyallstar presses play on that new @Headieone x… https://t.co/oVPTsrM8bH

Mrs. Hall ‏@MrsHallA3

Snug as a bug in a rug #friends 📚 🔦 👧🏼🧒🏻👧🏾👦🏻 https://t.co/St3Vg54vh0

JL Montrose ‏@JenFDRepublican

@DilaraEsengil #TheMoreYouKnow 🌏 #pedogate 👹 #HumanTrafficking 👹 #Pedowood 👹 #DarkToLight 🔦 #GreatAwakening ⚖… https://t.co/YOhus5AnaG

YoMamaPumPumSmellLikeLunchMeat ‏@shadlovesdinero

I see you 🔦😏⚰️ https://t.co/NPovjZ2dB6


Some of the team are away this weekend on the Lowland Search Technician course! It’s a fab course, all the voluntee… https://t.co/ghqAYpXdMT

Nireus ‏@Nireus

@ameliareynolds0 @david_insideout David... 🗣David.... are we too late?! 🙏⛏🔨🔦🔭🔬🔎📣David😵

Stas Kulesh 🥝 ‏@stas_kulesh

@pablostanley To make it look more real, I would add a torch 🔦 at the top attached with a sticky tape.

Jackie Pelfrey ‏@pelfreyspatch

It’s a reading kind of day with a little pizza, popcorn and snacks! They had a blast! 🍿📚🍕⛺️🔦#GetCCSDreading… https://t.co/sIbWoVMYgZ

Mrs. Wagner ‏@d61wagner

We read in the dark at our Read-In! 🔦📚🔦 Sooo Fun! #d61learns https://t.co/EUzxCOF8ZA

Penjo Entertainment ‏@penjoentertain

If you light a lamp for somwoen else, it will also brighten your path 🔦💡🕯️

[TFA] xWAR-CHIEFx ‏@xWar_Chiefx

@Typhus87 @ccat1986 Flashlight 🔦 or Nightvision

True Religion ‏@TrueReligion

They'll be looking for you in the daytime with a flash light 🔦 #MYRLGN https://t.co/6HwdqR0v2h https://t.co/o6Py0HWK1F

Mrs. Wagner ‏@d61wagner

We read in the dark at our Read-In! 🔦📚🔦 Sooo Fun! #d61learns https://t.co/s37rfO7Htk

Oak Park-First Grade ‏@OPfirsties

Flashlight Friday reading in Mrs. Kosydar’s class today!! 📚🔦#readingisfun @NPSD https://t.co/eiGxW1PC7L

soda gong ‏@sodagongrecs

Soda002 will be ready very soon. In the meantime we made a few hats. Super short run, get after it if you’re keen. 🔦https://t.co/9jiyZzPJNH

Deplorable Steve ❌ ‏@Steve3556

@travler4evr @LarrySchweikart The weirdos must love that idea! Time to get a UV torch 🔦

water head ‏@pretty_lifted_

Lord it be some badzilla women following me on here .. and I be being thirstyful I’m all zoomed on them lil ass Avi’s .. Ion care 🤷🏾‍♀️🔦👀

Betfred ‏@Betfred

🔦 Spotlight on Saturday. @ValueRacingPlus is on hand with his Saturday fancies. Mark your card with the… https://t.co/pUE5MqM7wO

Oak Park-First Grade ‏@OPfirsties

Flashlight 🔦 Friday reading 📖 this afternoon in Miss Lanetti’s [email protected] #OPsharks 🦈 #welovetoread 💙 https://t.co/qmVSAjN8i3

ACP ‏@ACPinternists

Spotlight🔦 on #ColorectalCancer survival in ACP #Gastroenterology Monthly https://t.co/Ffa2jwKiaI https://t.co/6ZpgyngmtK

Boisecaregivers ‏@Boisecaregivers

SL START, EMPLOYEE SPOLTLIGHT🔦 “I Just wanted you to know that Jamie G. is an amazing part of your guys team. I don… https://t.co/n5zknimXgm

Callmekrys🍯 ‏@itskrystal_duh

Join Tytiana TONIGHT @6 on the Plaza for Mission 5: #Rooting4TY‼️ Come out and hear her Vision for our beloved univ… https://t.co/SQtiP2qUb8

Eliz🍟 ‏@_elizabetheliz

@qeeedyka even so far, I can see that🔦

🌸🍃 Keeley 🍃🌸 ‏@keelstweets

@TheFestivalsUK COMPETITION: We're giving away a USB rechargeable LED camping light with 20 hours battery life! 🔦… https://t.co/MU2sErN87P

Redland Brick ‏@redlandbrickinc

The birth of a custom Redland Brick arch🧱Check back next week for more videos of the progress of one of our custom… https://t.co/UIZLGW32V5

Northview Elementary ‏@K5Northview

2nd grade book buddies 📚 in Mr. Dykes & @aprilschoenberg 5th grade classes enjoyed a bit of 🔦 flashlight reading 📘📗… https://t.co/GqVGEL42cG

St Anthony Of Padua ‏@StAnthPaduaCG

Right to Read Week Activity today—Camp Out and Read! The Kindergarten students enjoyed reading by flashlight and eating a s’more. 📚🔦

Rivers Academy Alpharetta ‏@RAlpharetta

35 of our middle school students had a blast at Urban Escape Room in Roswell. One group even had a successful escap… https://t.co/jVl7WgeHNL

jenniferbrewin ‏@jenniferbrewin5

Ending the week with a little Flashlight Friday!🔦 it has been a busy and productive week. #secondgraderocks… https://t.co/Jf06fNfh0S

Tytiana 4 Senior Class Prez 💛 ‏@_ana_marie

Join Tytiana TONIGHT @6 on the Plaza for Mission 5: #Rooting4TY‼️ Come out and hear her Vision for our beloved univ… https://t.co/TkDNkvu8nz

Jeremiah Crafton ‏@TimberWakes

@millionsxknives @DestinyTheGame Cool beams👌🏻🔦

Snobs Birmingham ‏@snobsnightclub

🙌 Tonight marks the return of the UK's biggest 9️⃣0️⃣s + 0️⃣0️⃣s night as @BIABCLUB takes over our middle floor! L… https://t.co/0ceKWUx0o9

Boisecaregivers ‏@Boisecaregivers

SL START, EMPLOYEE SPOLTLIGHT🔦 “I Just wanted you to know that Jamie G. is an amazing part of your guys team. I don… https://t.co/RvNxyJsYDO

Boisecaregivers ‏@Boisecaregivers

SL START, EMPLOYEE SPOLTLIGHT🔦 “I Just wanted you to know that Jamie G. is an amazing part of your guys team. I don… https://t.co/eDWdKAiygz

Lisa Glusko ‏@lglusko_jjc

A week of hardwork deserves some Flashlight Friday Fun!🔦@CatenaColts https://t.co/EbJ3GunNYr

Heating Engineers aka Stain ‏@EvoqueHeating

Solid 💪 Best torch I’ve owned 🔦 want the 1000 as well https://t.co/JOjjQIHaFP

Mosquitobuzz ‏@themosquitobuzz

#FlashbackFriday to cottage nights with family and friends! 🏕️🔦 Only a few more months to go before this picture b… https://t.co/9mnJes4l6I


The 🔦 Goldberg Gang 🔦 is here to solve your crime! Watch 😂 #TheGoldbergs 😂 tonight starting at 6pm on AZTV Channel… https://t.co/0UaVjyJR0s

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