Flashlight Emoji

A flashlight emoji, known as a torch outside of North America. Used when in the dark – either when the electricity is out, or when camping.

Flashlight was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Electric Torch” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🔦 Flashlight

🔦 Torch

Unicode Name

🔦 Electric Torch


🔦 U+1F526




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Ali __💯🔥 ‏@amgundra_77

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Samuel James ‏@WONDERFUL68th

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Aye Lil Dude! ‏@SirJonOfThe6

Use to drive the Nissan now she in A Beamer 👁👁🔦🔦🔦

Sharmila Rayala ‏@sharmilarayala

👌Some perceive it as talent . 🤔Few may think... how is it possible? 💁‍♀️ Educated people connect it with Physics.… https://t.co/sQMIjUlTyF

Kimberly Flores ‏@_kimberlyFlores

Poor Rambo got a catch in his giddy-up. Mama gotta see where the wires done worn. 🧰🔦

I Find It Inspection ‏@ifinditinspects

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SEV|K ‏@sevk_Ra

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Queenizback ‏@queenizback

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John Michael Flores ✝️✌🇺🇸 ‏@JohMicFlo

What an idiot. Light him up, folks! 🔎🤪 🔦 📸 🔮 https://t.co/ei2lq1DYqx

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I Find It Inspection ‏@ifinditinspects

Mitch is spending his afternoon🌧 out in Maple 🍁 Ridge inspecting🕵🏻‍♂️ a house🏠 for @vantage_realty and their valued… https://t.co/uts0X7Hndv

🗺 a tiny map ‏@tiny_map

.     🚖     a slugger          🍴         a roadblock       🍉      Joel  🔦 a system

SW Dorset Netball ‏@SWDNetball

@olicav Both sites look like game changers in terms of time! So thank you for putting them under the spotlight 🔦👍

Classified Car Club ‏@ClassifiedCar

🌟#Featured (currently for sale) 🎉#New (to the market) 🚗#Owned 🤓#Spotted 🔦#Wanted

Fakri Bourbier ‏@Fakri92

Take a bow 🔦🖋️📒 https://t.co/WWx5HR0RMv

Color Switch ‏@ColorSwitch

FIREFLY Color Switch MYSTERIOUS fireflies help light your way 🔦 Obstacles AMBUSH from the darkness ⚡ 60 shadowy… https://t.co/Cb7c8W2GHj

Smokes Gang ‏@BreadHead110

@ashleyyyy2u Hey tell your sister im looking for her with a 🔦

shadYedY ‏@_edy_madrid_

@rdangerouswoman @DbDMobile Omg I need to see this Nancy and Claudette are such baddies🔪🩸🔦

MM Media ‏@MMMedia27

SPOTLIGHT 🔦 #thekardashians The Kardashians have been called America’s most famous family by “Glamour” magazine, a… https://t.co/S2C8dygAHK

Ann Ward ‏@AnnCWard

@murphydes1 @PocFada @unawalsh54 @Failte_Ireland @NITouristBoard @Ring_Of_Gullion @Campbell_Cormac Can't wait to se… https://t.co/ttyx3Z8eBm

Robert Gmür ‏@RobertGmurRE

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Anil ‏@anilsaidso

The focus of your attention is like directing a beam of light. We process what is illuminated, ignoring what falls… https://t.co/3pv1ZkGGWl

🦍 Gentlemen ‏@FTBMediaSource

Don’t lose it ALL chasing nothing 🔦

Phoebe Solomons❤️ ‏@Pheebs50996639

Thanks to Canon my pictures are all quality and beautiful 👠🔦 https://t.co/Rw4sKmsfCR

MollyGalt DoesNotConsent ‏@MollyGalt

@RealBFolks @kstewskisAZ We’d better up our game....👩‍🦰😂🤪🌵☄️💄👄👩‍🦰👀👡👗🌴💫🚧🕯🔦💎@martinsveide @montiniski

baby ‏@bratsbylevi

@byemeiko Put me in the cuffs officer ⚖️🔦🔍take me away 🔒🧼

Vibe-Certified ‏@vibe_certified

Artist Spotlight 🔦 Yoofi Greene is a Ghanaian born Afrodance artist ( Choreographer & Instructor) . He is the foun… https://t.co/JE74Utw4Qu

eric preven ‏@ericpreven

In 2014 @PaulKrekorian revived plans to sell the fire station to Weintraub at the same price. City officials said i… https://t.co/EgFN8VI4BR

𝔢𝔱𝔥𝔢𝔯𝔢𝔞𝔩™ | GO生 ‏@chansroom2

@hjsvibrator LMAOOO just call it a spinning flashlight, multi purpose 🔦

luiza BLM ‏@thrghthedwrk

@kimjifools toma 🔦💡🕯

Ontario EDA ‏@ontarioeda

#ontariobiz @MAGLITE partners with @Movember to Shine a Light on Men’s Health Issues 🔦 https://t.co/a1CfWkPV9k

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Keorapetse Mpelane.Fit🏋️‍♀️ - 🎭🔦 ‏@__keorapetse

@iBenedict_ Goat knee bro? 😅😂🔦🙆‍♂️

Halo Home Inspections, LLC ‏@llc_halo

🔦Inspections done for today after a marathon week with the Halo Mobile🏃🏻‍♀️A little relaxation tomorrow and back at… https://t.co/5hJBrathD1

꧁𝑆ℎ𝑒𝑙𝑙𝑒꧂ ♞ 🔛STOLITZ ENTHUSIAST✨ ‏@shellecos

🐰💖🔦𝚂𝚑𝚊𝚍𝚘𝚠 𝚘𝚏 𝚅𝚊𝚗𝚗𝚢 Finally cosplayed from FNAF again after a few years since I last did Foxy. I’m looking forward… https://t.co/19rgV9c0Br

ÑoWäyJêff 🍕🍔🍟🥤 ‏@nowayjeff

@1carolinagirl Hi JJ 🔪 enjoy your coffee ☕️ time and your weekend. 🕯🔦🗝❤️ https://t.co/bAZQHyaD65

CCA Staff Union ‏@sfoakunite

✨Meet a Member!✨Today we are spotlighting Johnny Galvan🔦. See description for more! #ccastaffunion #seiu1021… https://t.co/S3OKgMttue

Changelog ‏@changelog

💥 New episode of The Changelog! 💥 🗣 The intersection of coding and fonts 🔦 @nikitonsky is in our Maintainer Spotli… https://t.co/yyUrZUo1ZY

christi’s man💥 ‏@sims_sh

@HopeFloeck @txvaughan #bethelight is our mantra to our two kiddos. Not that it’s easy, but we are made to push against the darkness. 🕯🔦💡🔥

IG:@SkoolNdDre1 ‏@SkoolNdDre

⏰🔦share 🐐 this🔥🎼 Here iAm Here iGo On My Word is Where iStand Check out “Middle of the Projects “ by… https://t.co/Ybkul2I5wI

Maryam HaBeeB ‏@MeeMoo_37

you're my flashlight 🔦 Getting me through the night ❤️

•CJ• ‏@CardiacDrop

Have an awesome weekend, everyone... and remember... #GooniesNeverSayDie 🏴‍☠️ ⚔️ 🔦 https://t.co/vDND1XREky

🏆🀄Ⓜ️🅰️❤️📧🎧🎱⚾🌭🍎🥧🏎 🎌🇺🇸♌🦁♙ 🔱⚜️⚓not🀄💎 ‏@mahjgm

@GB2691 @Borderland7 How did her tits NOT pop🍿🍾🍿OUT❓❔ NICE🙂 daisy🌼🥊🥊dukes under cheek 🙄 up⬆️ shot📡🔭📸🎥💡🔦🤤🌊🌦️🐳⛲🌋

Dina ☔ ペトリコール ‏@Kanramatsu

@sankakupotato Pien brainrot 🥺🔦

Tijani Saheed ‏@seedorftj

Flash 🔦: APC Caretaker Committee On Duty At The Residence Of "The Only Man In The Arena Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu".… https://t.co/mE8f5hF5vQ

Chinmay ‏@INChinmay

Me: 🔦Searching Democracy in INDIA Ohh Sorry Sorry Sorry It's POLITICS #kolluravindra https://t.co/46KteWCtMe

Vito💰💨 ‏@144Big2

I Think It’s Time For Y’all To Pass The Light 💡 I’m Ready To Shine 4🔦⭐️#NoCap🌦 Let Me Show YaI Can Rock 🎸 Out The Mic🐐!!!

Makina Books ‏@makinabooks

@_tinysound_ @AngusCarlyle @CornerhousePubs Thank you! 🔦🕯

txeyegirl 👑💎🦋 ‏@txeyegirl

Attention all Q peeps, magas, kagas and Alex Moses(Jones) followers 🔦🔦🔦 https://t.co/ndEVGNr3Ao

yoonmin #1 anti ‏@yoonmcn

everyone's kissing up to everyone's asses until they flip the switch 🔦

Spacemerch ‏@spacemerch

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Elle Marr ‏@ellemarr_

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Wag Kang Lilingon ‏@waglilingon

#WKLStories20 👀👻 EP 41: Listeners' Stories Part 20 Retreat to the safety of your comfiest blanket as you plug in y… https://t.co/AztCcqHt3A

Butler Center ‏@butchilitcen

🏕️🏕️🏕️🔦🔦🔦 The Camping Trip 🏕️🏕️🏕️🔦🔦🔦 By Jennifer K. Mann #dailybutlershelfie #thecampingtrip #jenniferkmann… https://t.co/aJOTlE5aXq

Still Bananas #FBPE ‏@LoubinWally

When you are PM.. the actions of your immediate family directly reflect upon you & therefore upon me... Why the he… https://t.co/TYcIbaQEd2

D-Ray ‏@dray_thethrone

Night golf at Zilker, my new favorite thing to do 🔦🥏🌑 https://t.co/nDh0G9SWNo

Tower Hamlets Council ‏@TowerHamletsNow

We’re turning blue to mark #NHSbirthday this weekend. Join us to say #ThankYouTogether to @NHSuk and all those work… https://t.co/OAkomi52Rx

✨Carmen ✨ Laura Loup ✨ ‏@lauraloupart

🏖Beaches 😝 Everyone has their own brand of humor 👍 Kind strangers 🔦Underground locations 🗿 Mysterious ancient rui… https://t.co/fPzCMAbhmL

jimmer bobby ‏@BobbyJimmer

🤣🤣cyan truss em 💡🔦 https://t.co/MsAoauKUSL

Arif Jetha ‏@ArifJetha

#COVIDー19 exposed 🔦 hazardous conditions within certain industries that increased the likelihood of being infected… https://t.co/afCMeM4ioI

⚡️Sanjay Totlani ⚡️ ‏@SanjayTotlani

@adatewithcocoa Won’t make difference... at such times torch 🔦 doesn’t work ... remember

Joman Allen ‏@Grow_Be_Rich

At you in the daylight wit a flash light ❤🔦

Chris Kinch ‏@chriskinch

@tesseractband and @BeatSaber... can we make some kind of music pack happen please? I really need this in my life. Thanks! 🔦🥽🔦

Gulzaib Tareen ‏@khantareen007

@BBCknn Journalism without what you have described is Yellow Journalism🎙️⚖️🔦🎥📷 Best of Luck! You are our proud♥️ https://t.co/cvojIi5gFk

cryptoscore ‏@cryptoscore2

k4roz4gorus™ ₿ ⚡ 🌮 🔦🔦 thanks following us on Twitter! https://t.co/J9qAjnBbL7

Garden Culture Mag ‏@gardenculture

🇬🇧 🇮🇪 Product Spotlight 🔦 👀 ✅ Plagron Hydro Cocos 60/40 substrate | non-fertilised Plagron Hydro Cocos 60/40 is… https://t.co/5xgQ7BlgWl

Ingleborough Cave ‏@IngleborougCave

We are incredibly excited to FINALLY reopen TOMORROW! Here’s an idea of what you can expect! Let friends/family who… https://t.co/zvsrcx7DQm

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Comment using "❤️" and follow everyone that likes your comment!!🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦

nari !! ‏@J0HS4I

dont break the chain (=^▽^)σ 🔦 lockscreen 🔦homescreen 🔦last song u listened to 🔦35th photo in your gallery 🔦7 moot… https://t.co/lHWR9beMgA

Vibe-Certified ‏@vibe_certified

Artist Spotlight 🔦 Creative: @yoofigreene https://t.co/JvcCyuJriN

ЈoANṋa ‏@miawitchh

@ABee_IgG happy birthday Chinggu. 🎁🎉🎊 Let's ditch trains 🚆 and travel through the Winden cave instead. See you in d… https://t.co/BOPalpP3yc

Angel Orsini ‏@TheAngelOrsini

@confessions_cup @hmgivingsoul @linds4fins @Cbp8Cindy @suziday123 @simplysallyh @ja2cook @joneill55 @jflorez… https://t.co/0lWZSNg4tU

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LittleLia ‏@LittleL24672528

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lincolnwisely ‏@lincolnwisely

@BlitznBeans The Descent 🔦 Hereditary 🔥 El Orfanato 🧍‍♀️🧍 The Babadook 🌈

Marge ‏@Marge67indiana

It's okay to break off for a while! 👍 Many of us have been awake for (seems a lifetime) many years. Trying to wake… https://t.co/R9TTuaB5nv


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Harish Madan ‏@UPVC_consultant

#Covid19update Start of the Post Covid Era...now & after...Let's see...how it goes... ⏰📣📢📡📠🔦💡🔎.... What’s At Ris… https://t.co/g7P6YiqdFA


#FridayFeature Product Spotlight 🔦 MTE-RED WP Masking Tape ☑️Waterproof ☑️212°F / 30 mins ☑️UV Resistant ☑️Solven… https://t.co/umS1Df9rRK

Aberdeenshire South Police ‏@ShireSouthPol

Home Sweet Home 🏡 Most housebreakings are carried out by opportunist thieves; 🚪Lock Door 🔑Keys out of Sight 🏙Make… https://t.co/bUeEjquZCB

Aberdeenshire North Police ‏@ShireNPolice

Home Sweet Home 🏡 Most housebreakings are carried out by opportunist thieves; 🚪Lock Door 🔑Keys out of Sight 🏙Make… https://t.co/dvBDitENak

North East Police ‏@NorthEPolice

Home Sweet Home 🏡 Most housebreakings are carried out by opportunist thieves; 🚪Lock Door 🔑Keys out of Sight 🏙Make… https://t.co/C66tZjLDN8

Moray Police ‏@MorayPolice

Home Sweet Home 🏡 Most housebreakings are carried out by opportunist thieves; 🚪Lock Door 🔑Keys out of Sight 🏙Make… https://t.co/Gx5CFq5peJ

Aberdeen City Police ‏@AberdeenCPolice

Home Sweet Home 🏡 Most housebreakings are carried out by opportunist thieves; 🚪Lock Door 🔑Keys out of Sight 🏙Make… https://t.co/wZiQvmFGcF

Ruth Margaret Stunell ‏@RuthMStunell

@Stand_with_HK Watch this you will see the same people violent to the demonstrators in Hong Kong are also sent to d… https://t.co/6mN4zH8L4q

Dawson Ed. Coop. ‏@dawsonesc

Dawson Staff Spotlight 💡🔦every Friday we will spotlight a different staff member! https://t.co/8qPxjRaCZm

Keorapetse Mpelane.Fit🏋️‍♀️ - 🎭🔦 ‏@__keorapetse

@Quin_Thegreat Bc it's easy to digest or ? 😂🔦

E♛ ‏@eshaundra

Classic Set + Bottoms 😍 •Appointments are available CLICK THE LINK BELOW FOR BOOKING 📖🔦& PRICING 💳… https://t.co/OhtEF8jKgG

Spacemerch ‏@spacemerch

***Coming soon*** Space shuttle rocket lamps 🚀 👩‍🚀 Space Shuttle In Night Light By 3D Print For Space Lovers Roc… https://t.co/ddqXvBS9q6

"TKS" The Kingdom Seat ‏@SeatTks

@DrJerryFowler Amen! Darkness can never hide from the light! It’s just too bright!💡🔦 It’s too much favor! Too much… https://t.co/cv3YTtkWEz

DJ_YODEE ‏@dj_yodee

💃🤸🇳🇬🎸🎻🎺🎷🎤🎹🎶🎵🔦🚿🧹🧦🎵💚🔊🧣👕🧥☂️⛸️💯.. Tonight.... Owambe. Loud..Loug..Love..oh..Like #Lasgidi90.1fm..The Voice Of Lagos..🎤🎧… https://t.co/J5gdlnZejg

Christianne Smith ‏@ChristiAnne67

Researchers observe https://t.co/HJ2aZfVSl5 branched flow of light for the first time #Science 📚 #Education… https://t.co/wXNLfnXuzE

𝓛𝓮𝓮🍊 ‏@IeeSZN

@myre_x @CIinicaIMason got me there ! god darn it ! 😂🙉🙉😁⚛️😤⏸🙌🏼⚛️🇦🇩🦄💟⏸⏸🙌🏼🚑🙌🏼🚑👍🏼☪️☸️💚💝💙♎️☸️♎️♓️☸️🆔⚛️🔦📹📡⏲💿📹📹⏰💾♓️🥡🍼🍼💟♉️💿⌛️💾🕰📹💾

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