Castle Emoji

A castle, in a style that can be found in France and other parts of Europe.

Castle was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “European Castle” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🏰 Castle

🏰 Turrets

Unicode Name

🏰 European Castle


🏰 U+1F3F0




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Ever Rotating ♻️ ‏@EverRotating

A #vintage Fisher-Price © 1979 Pick Up & Peek 1970s tray puzzle castle 🏰 🛒 #followvintage…

Michelle Frank at Hays Travel ‏@MichelleFranky1

. 🏰FLORIDA🏰 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 2 adults & 2 children from £599pp 👨‍👩‍👦 2 adults & 1 child from £769pp 👫 2 adults from £769pp…

Luxo Italia ‏@Luxo_Italia

🏰 Castell'Arquato is a magical #medieval #hamlet in #Emilia #Romagna. #Art, #history and #culture blend seamlessly…

Cork Live ‏@live_cork

OK! It's time for the Cork Place-name Emoji Challenge! 1. 💀 2. 👑⛵ 3. ✝️🧔➡️👦 4. 🚪🇺🇲 5. 🐑👤 6. 🏰🌇🐻 7. 🥫🇹🇷 8. 🚫🔛 9. ⚽☕➕…

Kings and Castles ‏@KingsandCastlez

@laurenlaverne True beauty comes from within. We are all born with it. Just let it shine ❤️🤴🏻🏰 #wearebornbeautiful

Karen Walker ‏@NEDCABKaren

@nursemoneywise @DerbyUni @NedcabPaul @Beniaminus_ Kedleston Hall is lovely, there's a good pub food in derby city…

Walton McGuinty ‏@rwalton22

that's low supply. in Economics that's a high price. low supply = high price. ever see their homes? 🏰

PokerMadrid ‏@madrid_poker

¿Sabes que si cualquier jugador pierde con poker de 8 o superior en el mensual, se reparten 1️⃣0️⃣.0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣💲de bad…

thirstorian ‏@ArthurAsseraf

Next week 📆 I will be in Oxford 🏰⛪️💩 at the Modern History Seminar 📠📜🤓 Come here me speak 👀👄🤹🏼‍♀️ ~~ Electric new…

BellSouth ‏@SEGATOR7

I believe in ghost. Especially in abandoned 🏚️'s 🏥's 🏰's 🏫's 🏭's 🏢's allllldattt Portlaoise ‏@JustsplitPL

Disneyland Paris Offers 🎠🎡🏰 3 Nights Hotel/4 Days Park Passes From €262pp 🤩 SAVE up to 25% and FREE half board meal…

Corry da Groove 🇿🇦🇿🇦 ‏@CorryGroove

Varsity🏰 is for "Skrr Skrr's"👷 Rona bo " Gong Gong "💃reya College 🏢

Kings and Castles ‏@KingsandCastlez

@becca9270 Spotify: our latest single- enjoy 🙌🏻🤴🏻🏰

sparkles ‏@EvelleVonkelle

Defenition .. Short memory attention span deficit 🔥🌼 🏰🌺🌹🌻👼👼🌼🌱🌷🌸💐 Who is it a while ...oh mum is…

ÁMŸ⚔️ ‏@POFD207


Deb Sharratt PR ‏@debsharratt

It’s a frosty start up north but pleased @LNER train is toasty. No stopping in #Durham today but still a great view…

Dalhousie Castle ‏@Dalhousiehotel

@Star54iwas @edinburgh @VisitScotland @welovehistory @InsiderScot We look forward to welcoming you! 🏰

Kings and Castles ‏@KingsandCastlez

@TheBestNewIndie @SaytrPlay @IndoorPets @PleasureComplex @nightcafeband @springkingband @bloxxband @FuzzySunBand…

Emma H ✯ ‏@Finsla

Isla is SO excited for the @MossParkInfants year 2 trip to @HoghtonTower today! 🏰 🏰

Thamizh Arasan ‏@thamizh_25_08

<~>You were born to win,but to be a winner,you must plan to win,prepare to win,and expect to win<~> #traplover 😍…

Dr Deirdre Reilly ‏@deirdrereilly

@BootstrapCook @IrvineWelsh The outsider restaurant on George IV bridge has great menu including tempeh, I was told…

VIIIA ‏@viiiaone

🏰 Battlestation 🔊 @ Phoenix, Arizona

s u z i e ‏@sle_sustain

“I used to be a bouncy castle!” 🏰 • A while ago I pledged some ££ to support a #repurposingproject by @wyattandjack…

린스 국제의하 컨설팅-Lin's International Medical Consulting ‏@LinsKorea

Our #WinterMedicalCamp students are sightseeing in beautiful #Lublin. Where will we take them next? #Lublincastle🏰…

diane iazzetta ‏@diazzetta

@DoloresCatania Does anyone realize that The Surgeon is the SMARTEST one in the 🏰!!! He has the Pool House to Escap…

nicoleburns ‏@nicoleburns_xx

Florida 2020 is defo on the cards🐭🎢🏰

The Black Dog ‏@BLACKDOGitalia

Bonjour Disneyland 💝👨‍👩‍👧🏰❄️ #disneylandparis #bonjour #bonjourparis #disneyland #family #disney #goodmorning…

ALthea ‏@yayang148

You are never too old for disney.👑🏰💖

Arthur_Officiel ‏@Arthur_Officiel

🏰Houdor is Coming 😂 #VTEPSki vendredi 21h sur @TF1 ⚔️ @VictorArtus @rachidbadouri @ClaudiaTagbo @tsamere…

diane iazzetta ‏@diazzetta

@DoloresCatania Please! It's Not worth loosing your bumper to hit that!!! And I Truely think she could get run over…

diane iazzetta ‏@diazzetta

@cheryl_geraci @JenniferAydin SO [email protected]_geraci I Truly Think she feels she's a Gem on the show! I see the lig…

100milll_ ‏@WaynesWrld_

I'm a🤴🏾Building my 🏰 so my👸🏽her palace/ my Kingdom will be perfect..

Neo (32i) Fraser ‏@EvoNeo32i

Today’s hidden gem (which we stumbled across purely by chance) is Hermitage Castle, Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏰💙 .…

Shaine Steele ‏@shainesteele

PixelsOnTV is live: 🏳️ AUSTRALIA 🏰 Come play with me in Silver CS:GO 🏆 #FollowBack #Follow4Follow

Dundee Culture ‏@DundeeCulture

Good morning Dundee! Hope you have a great Thursday! Kicking off by sharing this stunning photo of Broughty Castle…

flor venenosa ‏@jxmeercado

Great day at Disney today✨🐭🎡🏰

MaKenna ‏@kennachretin

I can’t even begin to put into words how excited I am to be starting my Disney College Program in 10 days😭🥰🙌🏼🐭🏰✨ #dcpspring19

🔱Lam🔱 ‏@LAMCH2112

@Bianca15048017 that all the good things follow you and find you follow you embrace and stay .. or else follow long…

D.C ‏@DevinCopney

@IamDEELISHIS just get me a lil apartment out there for you can come stay over I can pay for it 🏰

Roxy Darr ‏@RoxyDarr

There’s no place like home 🎤🎼🎫🎻🌹🏰🏤🕯🎵🎶♥️

Bobby is Loading... ‏@W4ffles

Can't sleep because I'm not at Hogwarts.🦉✉️🏰

Alyxandria 🥰 ‏@Volitivo_

“ people with extraordinary names tend to lead extraordinary lives “ 💭🏰✨📖

Keyblade Meister Mikey 👑💙 ‏@AgonistKira

KINGDOM HEARTS III COMES OUT IN 5 DAYS 🏰👑🗝 My heart is not ready 😭😭😭

Bex 🌸 ‏@whensherose

My shop @EnchantedEars has bows for your magic band now! $5 plus shipping! ✨💕🏰

Enchantment Awaits ‏@EnchantedEars

Magic band bows are now added into the shop!! $5 plus shipping! 💕✨🏰

リ ナ 》チビンチョ ‏@xxx_ei_Ling

2️⃣0️⃣ Disneyland!!!!🐭✨🏰

Love, Bex ‏@princesspotsie

Bows for your magic bands have just been added to @EnchantedEars ! 💕✨🏰 $5 plus shipping each!

Michelle O ‏@MsPurplePumpkin

#Disney Character Dining Tips - Don't visit Walt Disney World Without Them! #WDW…

Enchantment Awaits ‏@EnchantedEars

Now added to the shop! Bows for your magic bands!! $5 each plus shipping! You can match these to your ears 💕🏰

HamⓋfEarth ‏@hamofearth

I’m not a religious human, but here’s a thought - we should put our faith in wonders created by God, instead of man…

IndepenDANCE ‏@idanceco

Post Disneyland Depression 😭💭🏰

Lorena R ‏@lorema1995

@dirvitcom Harry Potter ⚡️🏰

Jaclyn Wong ‏@jaclynwong

We also can't forget the kingdom and the systems that convinced her parents to fall for such discrimination. Geez Arendelle...🏰

K a t ‏@katnewmann

@hannahdineen_ They had seasons 1 - 7 on sky recently! Played a couple episodes a night🐉🗡🏰💫

Alyxandria 🥰 ‏@Volitivo_

@JColeNC ✨ that’s for the soul and so is @JIDsv ✨🏰💭 #Dreamers

Miss. Julia Ri Augustus, S.Kom. ‏@myuu1990

When will my official wedding registrations and ceremonies 📄 🗂 👰🏼 🤵🏼 💍 💎 💐 💑 🍯🌕? Where will i stay after that 👫🏼 🏠…

Jetty Mustika ‏@JettyMustika1

@TorreroLorenzo @ss_gladys @kathybaker1965 @ElieBautista @montmaty_ @Shu_la75 @JosafatGuillen @ranasilvia63…

👵🏻 ‏@zgsanmiguel

🏰🎢🎡 [ 012419 ] @ Enchanted Kingdom

Joe ‏@Ieexjuyeon

Counting days until The Castle 🏰👋

Magsiemags🗝 ‏@MagsieMags

6 more days!! 🏰🗝🖤 #KH3 #Kingdomhearts

Brothers Fortune ‏@BrothersFortune

Our first show of 2019 is an acoustic set at NAMM 2019 in Anaheim 🏰🧚‍♂️ BE OUR FLASH MOB, THIS SATURDAY AT NOON, C…

MopaRMaDmaN ✨ ‏@_JRWitt

@AnKarpo #SchlossLoevestein #Castle 🏰 ✒ #ThursdayMotivation 🏃 Happy Day For You @AnKarpo 💜

🌈Penny Fucking Pax🍭 ‏@PennyPax

@TheGeekyPerv @rndgeek @adrianachechik Seriously!! Perfect timing! I can’t wait to wear them next week 😋💘🏰

Stacy S ‏@SS_KCfan

@WDWToday These 2 appeared as my personal fairy godmothers today as I corralled my 3 kids around the park & literal…

Justin Moore ‏@Justin_Moore702

COME ON GUYS!!!! TIE THIS BITCH UP!!!! #VegasBorn #GoKnightsGo 🏒🥅⚔️🛡🏰 😓😓😓😓😓😓

Sarah Filipe ‏@sarahfilipe

2019 dreams/goals: -Visit NYC with my hubby 🗽 -Attend @HaleyReinhart #LoFiSoul tour 🔥 -Meet @jaymichaels13 and gus…

HANKS Speech & Debate ‏@JMHanksDebate

@HanksHS_Knights This was beyond sweet. It’s the little things that mean so much♥️ I’m sure most, if not all, would…

Shelby Schnoor ‏@MNWildHeart

Or what about the winter carnival!? 🏰

Sarah Gogola ‏@Beatlechick84

Just applied at 🏰 castle

Jetty Mustika ‏@JettyMustika1

@mmjoymm_StP @IrmaCar72161191 @maype7 @monique_2307 @BarryMeyer2 @Scorpianking50 @rpskataria @strong1203wind…

Europcar Australia ‏@Europcar_AU

Reasons to book a UK trip this year.  🏛️ discovering the culture 🏰 learning the history 🏞️ exploring the countrysid…

Sheryl L. Kacho ‏@shuulovr

@AdamSKutner #AdamKutnerPowerPlay go knights go🏒🥅⚔️🏰

Carla|💕 ‏@carla_r97

Tips and Tricks:: Check out Tori’s guide to landing the perfect internship 🏰✨

Justin Moore ‏@Justin_Moore702

Come on guys let’s get the tie on the #AdamKutnerPowerPlay @AdamSKutner 🏒🥅🛡⚔️🏰

Paul ‏@HMHoliday_

Seeing everybody’s Disneyland Paris in the snow pics has me missing it like crazy ❄️🏰🇫🇷 @ Disneyland Paris

Biff Smallberries ‏@Trey_VonDinkis


Biff Smallberries ‏@Trey_VonDinkis

. 🏰ILLEGALS TERRORISM - NIGERIAN NATIONAL STABS WOMAN 116 TIMES Nigerian National Stabs 62-Year Old Wheelchair-bou…

khiry ✨🌙💫 ‏@khiiirylenay

a 7 month hiatus......missed you 🏰

Biff Smallberries ‏@Trey_VonDinkis

. 🏰ILLEGALS TERRORISM - DRUNK LEFTIST ILLEGAL KILLS TWO in TEXAS Drunk Leftist Illegal Terrorist Kills Two in Drun…

Biff Smallberries ‏@Trey_VonDinkis


🏰💜🖤ᏞYᎠᏆᎪ ᎡᎪᎬ🖤💜🏰 ‏@Secretkat3

@DarrinJdwill1 @SirLancelot888 @majesticsparrow @BlindDrilling @SavannahAngel25 @micmartinez324 @meredithvegeta1…

WDW Passport ‏@WDWPassport

Yesterday, 1/23/2019, #DisneyWorld Crowd Levels: ⭐ Overall: 5/10 🏰 MK: 5 🌐 EP: 4 🎬 DHS: 4 🌳 AK: 6 Highest wait: A…

Biff Smallberries ‏@Trey_VonDinkis


Jessie Stewart ‏@JStewart243

Honeeeeeey, I’m homeeee 🏰✨ @ Walt Disney World

sylvia ‏@sylvia_rose16

@elliejeancook I’ll be waiting 🏰

Anthony R ‏@arom__15

We’ll be at disney if you need us 🏰❤️

Ted M. Butryn ‏@DrTedsportcult

When your #dungeonsanddragons meets #prowrestling childhood can finally be incorporated into your academic research…

lizzie ‏@liezgrant

come home, my love 🏰❤

Heather ‏@MyLaundryStinks

I liked a @YouTube video ASMR Makeup Removing, Skin Care Service💦🏰 Cleansing Room

Sheryl L. Kacho ‏@shuulovr

@AdamSKutner #AdamKutnerPowerPlay Go Knights Go⚔️🏰🏒🥅

DH | monkhiprod 🐵 ‏@Monkhiprod

Need a place to just chill and socialize? How can I put this... YOU'RE ALWAYS WELCOME HERE!!!!!!! 👇👇👇👇 Check it out…

𝙹𝚊𝚌𝚔𝚒𝚎 ‏@_Jaquelineanaya

Are you Disney or Na ??? 🏰

Kimberley & Rolo ‏@RescueMomBlog

Hello from the happiest place on earth! 🏰 First order of business was getting myself some #potionpurple ears to rep…

ImDisneyCat ‏@ImDisneyCat

My paws are barking! 🐾🐾🐾 @kellisquared and #LilFig waltdisneyworld #adventure #FestivalOfTheArts #Disney #EPCOT 😻🐭…

ImDisneyCat ‏@ImDisneyCat

I met a #rockstar today at disneyhollywoodstudios waltdisneyworld #Stitch #rockinrollercoaster @kellisquared and…

Cait Marie ‏@c8_marie

@jjulienauthor @jmsullivanbooks An ocean breeze 🏝⚓️🏰☠️

🧱 ‏@charliefromHI

netflix snapped when they put an hour and a half of Disney short films up! 🏰🖥🥣

🏰💜🖤ᏞYᎠᏆᎪ ᎡᎪᎬ🖤💜🏰 ‏@Secretkat3

@DianavB15 @SirLancelot888 @majesticsparrow @BlindDrilling @SavannahAngel25 @DarrinJdwill1 @micmartinez324…

Yung Yung ‏@YungYungoba

Amazing idea. Good developers 🏰🏘️⌛️🖲️🔫⚒️💳⭐

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