Evergreen Tree Emoji

A type tree found in nature that doesn’t lose its leaves seasonally, but stays green all year around.

Evergreen Tree was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🌲 Pine Tree

🌲 Tree


🌲 U+1F332




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Isabella Pittaway ‏@bellapittaway

I could have stayed under this tree all day. I am still thinking about it from the weekend. It’s a glorious tree 🌲 https://t.co/QAoD9YLggc

ѕωιѕнαяєℓℓα ‏@UDreamOfJennyyy

smokin in the tub & got a fatty rolled for afterwards 😋 🥳🌲💨

노웰 ♐ ‏@asdfghjkleyya

69 days before Christmas @gnplmnlpz 🌲😌

Rafa ‏@mrafa2000_

Finna try out a solo hunt 🌲🤩 lowkey finna die out there

SaveGarthCoppice 🍃💚🍃 ‏@SCoppice

@1o5CleanEnergy hey thanks for the follow 👍💚🌲🌳

PostTraumatic*JESS*Disorder©🎗️ ‏@lifeposttrauma

A wind has blown the rain away and blown the sky away and all the leaves away, 🌬️🍃💨🍃💨🍃💨🍃 and the trees stand. 🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳 e.e.cummings 💚

UN-REDD Programme ‏@unredd

We need to grow trees because they help us withstand floods, drought and give us medicine to fight diseases… https://t.co/IOdxikcIew

Alberto Menna ‏@Albertosettimo

Beautiful trees 🌲 https://t.co/pOlaM9ICp1 ZonePhysics #physics #innovation

Physics & Astronomy Zone ‏@ZonePhysics

Beautiful trees 🌲 https://t.co/MX8iz2p14m

Mez Kennedy ‏@MSK18241

I’ve entered the 65km distance. I’m super pumped to do this race at the end of November 🏃🏽‍♂️✈️⛰🌲☀️💯… https://t.co/w8u6cF2FoR

Charlene April ‏@iamshoelaces

Family tree 🌲 @ Sequoia National Park, California https://t.co/Gw4XlU16MC

Nettie ‏@Nettie_Mo

I’m thinking tonight’s sunset might be someone’s way of telling me that I need to spend more time out at Sunken Dia… https://t.co/7SfyD1DSeJ

💙 Hilda💙 ‏@Ghiovanela

Suiza... 🌲🌲....😍 https://t.co/3aBFoQuG88

Somora ‏@SomoraRocks


Jahni Denver 🌲 ‏@jahnidenver

Limited #JahniDenverOg Merch will be available at the strain release tomorrow it’s so fire! 🔥🔥 hit up my boy cutthr… https://t.co/H7fVBbJ7En

Timmy Jane David ‏@timmyjane29

"In the Process of Discovering the world, we Discover Ourselves"!✨🌲 #BaguioCity #Baguio #FamilyWeek @ Camp John Hay https://t.co/Bt73YhV4FM

Ema Lune ‏@itsEmaLune

I missed this🌲💞 #naturefeelslikehome https://t.co/MdIJSdWV0s

Trisomy21 Cancer Mum PhD ‏@JulienneHansen2

@AlisonB12244537 @toothbrushyoga @nrmentalhealth @ProvokingDrama @RogerBlazic @BekaLombardo @DebraLindh… https://t.co/SyGupvZGfB

story tattoo tino ‏@StoryTino

🌲HK Story Tattoo 故事刺青 Tattoo artist Tino Whatsapp: +852 59888971 Facebook:Story Tattoo HK Facebook:Mak ngai wing… https://t.co/o95RynGOPX

🕊🌵🌬🦁🐑Mad Ethnic Offbeat Foxy FunkⓋ🌈🤯🤮🤝 ‏@zebideroo

let nigger females darker than yellow & or w/in your reigns forced to coexist with no way out trapped & or that you… https://t.co/OTzaDsKlCq

Trisomy21 Cancer Mum PhD ‏@JulienneHansen2

@AlisonB12244537 @nrmentalhealth @toothbrushyoga @ProvokingDrama @RogerBlazic @BekaLombardo @DebraLindh… https://t.co/qrKT2mb3On

Jessica Peters ‏@CHWKcommunity

Yes! Join our team and enjoy a year of experiencing some of the most fun assignments in the lower mainland! Serious… https://t.co/f9FCZhRZNy

Maryellen Owens ‏@Maryellen_Owens

saw this spectacular event show @mobotgarden in sept. absolutely charmed by its magic & scale loved every moment… https://t.co/uqQ4Yoan1h

Tanner P. ‏@tparrish123

Just found out that the biggest tree in the world is larger than the Statue of Liberty. That would be a great tree house... 🌲🏠

William Kenneth Ryde ‏@WKRYDE

@HumboldtGrace @AmeriCannaBlunt I always wonder what if trees could talk, the things they've seen and heard.🌴🌳🌲

Addie 🍁 ‏@AlisonB12244537

@JulienneHansen2 @toothbrushyoga @nrmentalhealth @ProvokingDrama @RogerBlazic @BekaLombardo @DebraLindh… https://t.co/90ZBnPTpIY

John Blundell - Hard News #auspol ‏@wired_we

@KleinRevd TREE BITERS 🌲 🌳 LURK HERE EVIDENCE NOT YET IN THAT THEY DON’T ATTACK HUMANS However it is proven conc… https://t.co/YXRH5HpcOG

Leigh Morpeth, MBA ‏@leigh_morpeth

The e-petition for #auspol to #DeclareClimateEmergency closed last night with 404,538 voices demanding stronger act… https://t.co/iiICXhSdUl

Jorily May ‏@jorilymy99

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere🍂🍁🐿🍃🌵🌲 https://t.co/RLcX3o07Qp

Dr Alison Jolley ‏@rockdoctoraj

Perfect location for the Undergraduate Field Experiences Research Network (UFERN) meeting 🌲🍂🦎 @ HJ Andrews Experime… https://t.co/iB7KSYT2ZU

Marcee Rutsch ‏@HawthornFunOne

Our forest-themed Open House was a success! Thanks to families for coming out to our neck of the woods!🌲🌳🌲🌳🐿🦝🌱🍁🍂 https://t.co/OIJ0RTRwTG

Trisomy21 Cancer Mum PhD ‏@JulienneHansen2

@AlisonB12244537 @toothbrushyoga @nrmentalhealth @ProvokingDrama @RogerBlazic @BekaLombardo @DebraLindh… https://t.co/sElwX5Oskf

Lizann Warner ‏@LizannWarner

I love trees. I’ve always felt like each possesses a spirit of some sort, and this video really gives new meaning t… https://t.co/gvCuUtn648

meg ‏@meghan_gosse

I can hear one lonely coyote howling by my house... coyotes were never accustomed to coming this close to communiti… https://t.co/RPCvVArIls

Patricia Revisits Patrick Henry 💙 ‏@2021_free

🦅382 Days to vote Trump and the Complicit out of our lives forever. 🍂 💦 🌳 🐢 🌎Protect Our Planet 🌎 🦌 🌲 💦 🍂 Protec… https://t.co/Ml7Fm2TGDM

Mandie ‏@ErasmusMandie

We have only 6 pairs of hands. So while we continue working to #MakeCHANGE daily, could you perhaps help with: 🌲 A… https://t.co/hhNOWRySYd

Drake Metcalf ‏@DrakeMetcalf60

Welcome to the family, Logan! 🌲🌲🌲 https://t.co/8SwXSxalC1

DJ Ralph ‏@DJRalph7

LETS GO! So proud of you brother ❤️🌲 https://t.co/cnrqRGeuTe

Jon Roy ‏@RealShortname

Sorry, @WhatsSizzling fans. As I was uploading the podcast tonight, I lost power at the house due to a slight storm… https://t.co/Ay4bc5pwDA

.* ' Rhonda Grace ' *. ‏@RhondaGrace1

Follow ➡️ @RhondaGrace1 🌲Oregon's Bagby Hot Springs / My Fave Camping spot https://t.co/YAP3172d0F https://t.co/hzcJrHtAkL

❌Rapunzel ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@Rapunzel_39

@Reggio_Inspired @RosieWinters20 @junesjourney @wooga Oh, one more thing, then I have to go to bed...how cool would… https://t.co/dTivGt8yQ1

JO¥♊ ‏@TiNy061188

... bout that time 🌲🌬

cay bby ‏@Cayli17948806

haunted houses are great & all but i’m ready for christmas lights & peppermint hot chocolate 🌲🎅🏻🎁

Dolly Key ‏@DollyKe07379893

Good morning @barrywyman2356 with one of my favorite paintings by Alexander Meshchersky "At the forest lake".🌲🌳🌊🎨🖌️… https://t.co/tgsGrAH8xH

Steve Mulville ‏@SteveMulville

@Keliasphotogra1 @LiverpoolParks @ExploreLpool @Beau_Liverpool @ILoveSeftonPark Beautiful 🍁🍂🌲

NewWestBoy ‏@66mitchell

@PsychNation2019 @yvrshoots @WhatsFilming You’ve made the inner ⭕️, happy and you’ve saved alot of trees 🌲

Logan Berzins ‏@B2020Logan

I am honored to continue my academic and athletic dreams by committing to play football at Stanford University! Tha… https://t.co/5Ar6XRL6sW

Teatro ZinZanni ‏@teatro_zinzanni

Tucked away in the trees amongst the lush #Woodinville landscape is a 100-year-old Belgian #spiegeltent. 🌲 Dinner a… https://t.co/gCqVoyirHM

story tattoo tino ‏@StoryTino

🌲HK Story Tattoo 故事刺青 Tattoo artist Tino Whatsapp: +852 59888971 Facebook:Story Tattoo HK Facebook:Mak ngai wing… https://t.co/IigARAfma2

susan babson ‏@susanjbabson

Granite Lake #hikingwithdogs #sierranevada #ilovewhereilive🌲 #kit Carson #granite heaven @ Silver Lake, CA https://t.co/YDdbcIJgiE

Michael Peroff ‏@michaelperoff

@thelifebleak Holy smokes!🌲

Ian ‏@Ianw_Art

Sun through the trees #sunlight #trees 🌕🌕🌲🌲 https://t.co/g2ec0sxsCM

I💙Ty aka Johnny Tsunami 🌊🏄🏾 ‏@TyrinIsDope

Listen to DOD2 by Dominique Webb #np on #SoundCloud ⁦y’all go run up my bro ⁦@Buddy_Gotta_Go⁩ song he goin in🌲🌲 https://t.co/FKltjqfKgG

Jeff Quebral ‏@coachjq3

[swipe 👈🏼 for flameage 🔥] @RZ_Mask keepin it smoke-free during this burn op. 👌🏼 🌲🔥 I highly recommend it. Fits se… https://t.co/fm0J1BgDhR

Papa's Rowdy WolfPack ‏@RowdyPapa

@Seahawks Lets go boys 🌲🐺👍🐾💕🌲

susan babson ‏@susanjbabson

Some fall color from today’s hike to Granite lake #hikingwithdogs #sierranevada #silverlake #ilovewhereilive🌲… https://t.co/ZNXsfMDQXS


@janetpatriciame ⚘🌻🍁🌟🌷🌲🌈 Please attack Korean communism !!!!! https://t.co/rHXyrIRMAF

Aria Williams ‏@ariarwilliams

When people ask me what's my fave non clothing store in the US I always say dollar tree 💵🌲

🌲🌲 ‏@treetreefive

Y’all need 🌲🌲five in the trap https://t.co/43gFP5Lehw

John ‏@Notes2John

@realDonaldTrump . I thought it was bad that the stores were already decking out for Christmas... 🌲 . But to see yo… https://t.co/71GHkyPiX5

Jeff Nally ‏@jeffreynally

🌲🌳🍁🥓🍳☕️ Celebrating @OlmstedParks502’s 30th Birthday! Thank you Layla George, CEO for engaging the community with o… https://t.co/RS0AgBB4mj

kate ⬡ 🍜 ‏@KateKilled

CANT WAIT🌲✨ https://t.co/ZdOvvUQjDs


YANET MEJIA [email protected](@janetpatriciame) 님의 트윗 YANET MEJIA [email protected](@janetpatriciame) 님의 트윗… https://t.co/1AsoAJG7cQ

it is okay ‏@transcarebot

🌲 you are valid and allowed to be happy.

Jeff Quebral ‏@coachjq3

Have the appropriate tools to perform your (any) job. It helps elevate efficacy and safety. COMIN DOWN! 🌲 • Chec… https://t.co/BQK5Fn7y0f

Rose Mary ‏@yosamayi

@gergommi Hermoso amigo, love you ❤🍃🍂🌲🍁

Barry Viloria ‏@barrycyrus

Safari party of three! ♥️☺️🌲 @ San Diego Zoo Safari Park https://t.co/nR8ypCXNwv

Amanda Gonser ‏@amandagonser

Listening to Richard Powers talk about forests was like hearing someone write a love letter to trees, and I was ena… https://t.co/NCclBhiXQj

Jenni Vanos ‏@JenniVanos

Check out some of the new work that we are doing with @hbbf in collaboration with @Tempegov! @ASUgreen🌳🌲🍃 https://t.co/f4u1G1RYjk

ahmed rizan (🎈ℒ❓) ‏@EnlightMaldives

Maldivians need to de congest Male, plant more🌲, remove arabisation from syllabi, get rid of corruption, get off th… https://t.co/EPpiw9zOqv

caroline 🧡 ‏@carosjonas

@LeaMichele @LeaMichele I love Michael Buble so much but I gotta say your album will be the one playing all the tim… https://t.co/eDF0j8nGeH

jorden ‏@radmuska

@wholebody420 i’d never 🙅‍♀️ have a home 🏠 without cutting down ✂️⬇️ your branches 🌲

Daniel Zotter ‏@Zott75

@TheProwler3 @GuyverI @SeraBoo @OneTwentyThree1 @BecalmScorpion @bonn_michele @Ltward2 @sweetiepiesnow @deidrejowen… https://t.co/zGrItlwwjQ

. ‏@Manish08manish

@richaanirudh Prayers for you may you get well soon🌲🎄

_a.hooligxn.ww🍁 ‏@ahooligxnww

@Ferlando_Young @svmmernvrends on god.🌲🔥

Vanessa Paull ‏@vanessa_paull

Woodland Wanderers... 🌲🌳🍂 Love the colours of Nature vs bold blue & gold hues.. 📸 raveander M ness_models MUA… https://t.co/yZ0ngIyTK0

Mis P.S. ‏@sahapink71203

Would you like to gain more followers? 🌳1000 Followers 1000 RTS 🔄 🌲2000 Followers 2000 RTS 🔄 🌴3000 Followers 300… https://t.co/HxtgRY1DFG

Camila ‏@crixiagumayagay

69 days to go🌲❤

Aprille ‏@AprilleSnow

69 days to go 🌲 #whosexcited #CountdowntoChristmas https://t.co/ZXrnbnolbF

Tyesin Wrath 🏄🏾‍♂️🌪 ‏@TyesinWrath

👨🏾‍💻 the universe will test you to see how much you’ve “grown” 🌲

bats🦇 ‏@batm0n

@yukirri Awh yes!!!! 😻😻😻⛄⛄🌲🌲🌲

^ ‏@trishaduh_

happy birthday retard 🌲🚗✈️🌏🍔 @penxlpe https://t.co/g4Fe5wdYl7

Patientopia ‏@Patientopia1

Patientopia proudly donates 1% of our net profits to the #AmericanCancerSociety ✌️🌲 Your purchases help those in ne… https://t.co/B3AwoC7TQk

#stayinformedcc ‏@richard35609781

Going to dream of sunny days and no worries. ☀️ 🍺 🍺 🍺 Steady rain and the sound of strong wind gust right now. Rain… https://t.co/klszuE1RzG

banana xang ‏@haleyzep

why is this literally me and @_opionsomne hahahahaha ⛰❤️🌲🐒 https://t.co/6DrBx9ztFp

spookee lee🎃 ‏@heIensharpe

🤰🏽 🌲 👑 — first impression: hizzie warrior —nickname in my head: elly or mama — closeness ratings: 7326373/10 — do… https://t.co/NnyOjhN9pf

Shaheem Laattoe ‏@shaqct

@gotravelbug @StephanieMarthi @traveltonia @PatrycjaOo @deoudehuize @DiBrown5 @TourvestDM @Andre24Social @taraturk1… https://t.co/kY5wOUgH2u

Beelzebub ‏@_Sovrn

“Dendrophile” was my bio for yeeeears. That’s what I want to name my company when I start one 🌲🌲 https://t.co/05BJQOwRve

GoBlue92 ‏@GoBlue92_PS4

‘The #LXG Posse’ was in force tonight, joined up with @bjthomas073183 and took down some bastards with bounties (ta… https://t.co/TQcAQQD4Cx

Lolly Christmas🎄 ‏@LollyChristmas

Enjoy Christmas movies all season long with #HallmarkMoviesNow! Check out the lineup of featured holiday movies her… https://t.co/1hkuEPgoSZ

lamia. ‏@Laam1100

💖🌞💙Good morning🌟🌈🌲

🇮🇳Bilal_zaid🇮🇳 ‏@Bilalzaid14

BSNL📴 MTNL📞 ONGC☢️ PMC Bank🏦 AIR INDIA✈️ INDIAN RAILWAYS🚆 BPCL⛽ HAL🧫 AAREY🌲 and the list continues.......... #BechendraModi

pupkin spice ‏@fleg_bleebl

husband made roast beef for dinner and I made carrot cake for dessert and it’s chilly and I’ve spent the evening kn… https://t.co/0aUflR3Mn5

Laura Moody ‏@moodytomato

@ReskiLab What a spectacular tree 🌲

SharahYah𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 ‏@RootedInYah

Wow can you picture that? 🌲🌳🌱🌾🏞️ https://t.co/K53J5xjUg9

PTI Follow Group ‏@PTIretweets

🌲 Follow everyone who Likes & Retweets this 🌲 #HelpEach1

adam ‏@ad_za3

take me back 🥺❤️🌲🌹🍃 https://t.co/sUHFPQaWLj

juvi ✨ ‏@kellbrekkers

Hi guys, this would mean so much to me if you'll sign this petition to save the trees in my neighbor city! 🌲 Bacol… https://t.co/MIirYCc5Ym

Pat Furstenberg 📚🐶is #writing🔥 🏰 ‏@PatFurstenberg

@James_Jeffrey Visiting #Romania is worthwhile. 👌🌍🏰🌲📚

long hug bot ‏@yzplzbot

Tis the season for giving back 🌲✨spit in my bra.

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