Evergreen Tree Emoji

A type tree found in nature that doesn’t lose its leaves seasonally, but stays green all year around.

Evergreen Tree was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🌲 Pine Tree

🌲 Tree


🌲 U+1F332




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Paul Masin ‏@drmasin_paul

@Comey Those are called trees. 🌲

💕 BT21 Fam 💕 we’reseeing BTS!! ‏@SmolBoiCooky

@tinytrapbeat Bc I’m dangerous!! (ノ´д`) and bc I like tree 🌲 (・∀・)

nariman ameeruddin ‏@narimanameerudd

How was ur weekend? Mine was unforgettable,, specially here 🌲🌲 ‘25.3.2019 https://t.co/HwYyPavmRj

Justin Carlson ‏@CarlsonJustin

Trees on the Superior Dome🌲 https://t.co/HtZu2CHmty

Shinji Nishiya ‏@WoodBindingHero

🌲-Whitebeard is overpowered in the BNHA verse, It’s a fact.

Ashish Insan🌹Dr.MSG ji ka Beta🌹 ‏@insan2318

💖 Good morning my sweet sweet papa @Gurmeetramrahim ji 💖 🌲 Plz Bless me more sewa sumiran parmarth ka bal 💪… https://t.co/oVXZf35XQd

Sam Barsness ‏@sambarsness

🌊🌲 @ Gooseberry Falls State Park https://t.co/1146ZN1eFe

samuel ‏@samuelclemmett

@barleylabrador Is that a 🌲 tree 🌲 in @barleylabrador mouth? Or a #stick ?

ari x ‏@hoephaestion

quentin be like: 🍑😓 julia be like: ✨🌲 alice be like: 📚👗 eliot be like: 🍷🏳️‍🌈 margo be like: 👑🖕🏼 penny be like: 🙄📖 k… https://t.co/PmTPxtf66Z

Square Peg in a Circle World aka Robin Moody ‏@Holleysister1

@LeeSwaneyBeReal We are blessed in many ways.🌲

Sydney Payne ‏@sydpayne10

A huge congrats to @stanfordwswim on their 3rd National Title in a row!! Add another one to that trophy case… https://t.co/tLdC3ZIl8I

BJMorrison ‏@BJMorrison5

@Comey Keep talking to the 🌲 trees. No one else is listening to you! Perhaps you're wondering & asking yourself how… https://t.co/lLv0po07ij

ClaraSaliz ‏@ClaraSalizart

Tbh I feel I haven't improved that much in the last couple of years. But I will keep trying. 🐲2012 🌲2014 🛡2018 https://t.co/SWUIPIjyLR

trishy 🐾 ‏@Triiishhhyy

@good_wood808 i could agree w that, i just always feel like some sort of tree spirit listening to his music so 🌲🌲

L. Sheoships ‏@Spihsoehs29

@ThornsFC @dagnybrynjars Welcome back @dagnybrynjars!! 🌹🌲⚽

doina nugent ‏@minx1961

#Hiking with #friends today 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️@townofoakville #Ontario #16MileCreek #Heritage #Trails🌲@Meetup Please… https://t.co/HcpaDagCbL

Danielle Gardner ‏@DanielleGardner

It’s not about the scene itself. It’s about motherhood. It’s about the relationship I have with my oldest daughte… https://t.co/xYEewbIO1N

Shinji Nishiya ‏@WoodBindingHero

@QuirkAmplifier Woods was a nice guy deep down , but had never showed it and always was brave towards people . 🌲-T… https://t.co/QFCF5KC08y

Dandi🍬 ‏@iloadbowls

Chillin with some giantsss 🌲 #redwoods https://t.co/jhpPOi0Hqn

Cliff Hightower (CJ the DON) ‏@therealCjthedon

Kanye west Sunday service 🌲☀️[email protected] #ye #KanyeWest #SundayService https://t.co/cmdiCsUWEv

Tiny Situationist ‏@PetitSituations

🌲 : please adjust your seminar

K k. sharma ‏@kkpujari

Good Morning Happy Monday Have a Great Week Ahead 🌲🌲💐💐🌲🌲💐💐🌲🌲 https://t.co/5Ycyb4LwWz

🇮🇹≋N≋U≋N≋Z≋I≋O≋🇮🇹 ‏@Nunzhophop

@GrimsToyShow @mewingwang 📲🌲🥇🐶🦓🍝🐷🍀🔫GTS NOSY NEIGHBOR📲FILMING📲🌲@LanceScaper_GM🌲&🥇@johnmarzano3🥇VS🐶@JimmyControvrsy🐶… https://t.co/OPguNw9lFn

Matt Hoffman ‏@matthoffmanwx

Beautiful day exploring the Applegate Valley. 🌲🌲🌲 . . . #nature #applegatevalley #oregon #exploreoregon… https://t.co/I3m4UYaRU0

PIGSquad 👋 GDC/PAX ‏@PIGSquad

Keep up to date on events and opportunities for games in Portland! Our email newsletter goes out about twice per mo… https://t.co/3EVH1f5LvP

Earthing Bot-Art ‏@olivesbotart1

___________________ ☀️⚪⚪☁️⚪⚪ ⚪🎆🍃⭐⚪⚡ ⚪⚪☁️⚪ ⚪ ⚪ 🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 .....🐥 🐥............... 🌱🌱🌲🌱🌱🌲 ___________________ -S… https://t.co/K4OaLOoqVk

GennaRose Nethercott ‏@grnethercott

Had a lovely week performing in Washington 🌲🌲🌲 https://t.co/36ASGf8ZXz

Valerie Rae Millard ‏@valerieraem

I have had amazing experiences NPW walking with like minded friends in the forests around Victoria and beyond 🍁 🌲 🌳… https://t.co/lCkInkmDMd

Citlalli Guzman ‏@citlalliguzman_

Excited to announce that I’ll be a Junior Counselor this summer at the best place in the world: Mt. Baker Leadership Camp!!! 💛💛💓✨🌲💗💗

Alexander L Cook ‏@llewellyncook

@Comey Those are trees 🌲

Lisa Marie 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 ‏@Harbaughgirl78

I better see some MF'in trees on this land...i had to here about that shit for 2 or 3 episodes 🌳🌲🌴🙄 #SisterWives

💅🏽RagingFruitKace🌈 ‏@FruitKace

🌲mood https://t.co/tlne4GKYaE

Brandon Elmore ‏@b_easy021

🌲💨 desert🥧 and cuddles with head scratches would smack right now

Berlin...! ‏@Smooth_Waffle

“Trees Interlude” prod by the waffle...! 🌲🌳🌲 • @reek_hellasmoke reigning godly on ya streams...! Make sure to go an… https://t.co/7lAjfCX4mi

𝕄𝔼𝔾𝔹𝔼𝔹𝔼 (Thing 2)🖤 ‏@MonBeagan

Good old PNW 🌲🌲🌲🌲 https://t.co/IRHfhrGUrf

Ⴆɾιƚƚαɳყ🌜🌻🔜Slimez🤮 ‏@bxocaldwellxo

I literally love my Riddim Cunts 🔥😈, I fucking love my EverAfter Fam✨💕 and I seriously love my new lost lands fam 🦖… https://t.co/1sSy5qOY70

Todd Monaghan ‏@ToddMonaghan

🌲 🏡- sleeping 😴 nitch.. https://t.co/gYTO36BjWQ . . . . . #yogalife #artistlife #travelingart #artinabox #art… https://t.co/7SpCzCffrc

it is okay ‏@transcarebot

🌲 you are courageous and not too much.

🌸 Ameila 🌸 ‏@ameilaquinn

🦌 RETWEET this 🦃 Follow all that LIKE & RETWEET 🌲 Follow back all that follow you

Joseph🎮Anthony #TD2 ‏@NotoriousJnX

CHILLmatic #tumblr https://t.co/JRykauVSIX #Hotties💋 #booty🍑 #HipHop🎤 #Kungfu👊🏼 #NSFW🚫 🌲https://t.co/uLh4D8pbKX https://t.co/clAq40xu73

Deal Grocer PH ‏@DealGrocerPH

If you're pining for Baguio's cool breeze and cozy atmosphere, this is your kind of place 🌲 Shop their deals here… https://t.co/YVm7wKXjfg

🌷Bilal , Ahmad❤️🇵🇰 ‏@bilal5027Ahmad

@SsalilMs @A__H__SHaH 🌲Peacefull🌲 🌷Hopefull🌷 ⁦🌐⁦🇵🇰⁩Progressive💥 💥New pakistan🇵🇰

Akash Lal ‏@Akashlal__

@LALMALHI Assalam o Alaikum to all May I request you that instead of making _"April Fool"_ on 1st April, Plant a… https://t.co/muNIYRz4zU

चौकीदार Totlani Krishan ‏@kktotlani

“Your attitudes and the choices you make today will be your life tomorrow, build it wisely.“ – Unknown Good mornin… https://t.co/ALWgaQajzo

🌷Bilal , Ahmad❤️🇵🇰 ‏@bilal5027Ahmad

@A__H__SHaH 🌲Peacefull🌲 🌷Hopefull🌷 ⁦🌐⁦🇵🇰⁩Progressive💥 💥New pakistan🇵🇰

Destiny🍭 ‏@_x3dch

So I wanna go camping.⛺️🌲

Shinji Nishiya ‏@WoodBindingHero

@QuirkAmplifier 🌲-I swore I replied to this, what the heck! Twitter and me... 🤦‍♂️ “ Nope , I’m paying ! “ He for… https://t.co/trgmvhIqdw

RaceTrac Coffee Addict ☕️ ‏@25__DawgAx

@BamaGal_inTexas 😂 at least the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree 🌲

Candra Burns ‏@talkingforests

Yes! support #forestproud Thank you so much for being a part of the good work that goes into #buildingwithwood… https://t.co/RmJij81uEt

Anna Osgoodby ‏@annaosgoodby

The best way to spend a Sunday IMO⛰🌲🥾 #PNW #hiking https://t.co/BUeHxTqsd6

April 13’s Finest 🤟🏽 ‏@QTdakidd

Per my roommate @roscoeonthedash MOVIE NIGHT AT PINE ST🎥🌲🍿 THIS FRIDAY AT 9 I got Netflix and Hulu so send me some suggestions‼️ BYOF🍿🥤

Marcolena 🌙 ‏@marcolena916

What a beautiful Sunday to be outdoors.🌲🌄🌞 . . . #nh #nhwoods #newhampshire #goffstown #mountain #trails… https://t.co/s97pAnDidC

चौकीदार Totlani Krishan ‏@kktotlani

Good morning Jai Shri Ram have a great day🌾🥀 @lakshmianand96 🌲🌷 @DeepaMazumder 🌿🌹 @MonaLis43443405 🍀🌻

Alayna Cole 💤 ‏@AlaynaMCole

Muir Woods 🌲🌿☘️ https://t.co/6TvRFwkMf7

Renys ‏@RenysInMaine

Our newest Maine Adventurer! Jon, a Renys customer and Maine native, sent us this photo. His fiancé and step daught… https://t.co/hu5lWzTUHh

mistress ‏@mistres36331046

Who wants to pay for my next preroll #findom #FinDom #PayPig #mauiwowie #prerolls 🌲😍#girlswhosmoke #420girls… https://t.co/t5JQvx7UeQ

Joe Domaleski ‏@joedom

A sunset hike at The Ridge Nature Area is a great way to end the weekend according to our doggies. 🐶🐕🌲🌳🐾… https://t.co/WBvbKVLh8f

oneybars ‏@oneybars

@bynumofficial Thank you🌲

JayColdwater ‏@jwoot34

#Vegas to the #Bay connection be like 💨💪🏿🔥🌲and welcome to #TheHotBox #LetsGetBlunted #SoloStoner #IrollJoints… https://t.co/BFzJbT8P9n

Craig Hanson🏝🌴 ‏@DankGameAlert

if Virginia loses on @truTV and there was nobody around to hear it, does it still make a sound?🤣🌲🧡

Tiny Protests ‏@TinyProtests

🌦️  🌩️ 🏛️😓😓😑🏨 🏬😐😯😬🏟️ 🏦😳😰😤🏭🏬🏭🏭🏗️🏦 🏛️😡😞🙁🚐🚙🚕🚕🚌🚑 🏢🤐😪😰🚛🚓🚓🚐🚗🚌 🌲😟😖😫🏛️🏦🏦🏛️🏦🏬 🏭😣😞😬🏗️ 🏢☹️😨😢🏨 🌴😪😕🤐🏪 🏨😟😧😤🏦 SAVE OUR SCHOOLS!

Hillary for prison. 😱 ‏@hacksawdog2

@Comey Those are trees 🌲 #LockHimUp


I’m soo proud of @WittLowry . To see what he has achieved 100% independent with no label is amazing. This summer he… https://t.co/Rw8irCYFbm

🌈rainbow but emo🔪 ‏@xxeennyy

My day was absolutely enchanting 💕✨🏰🌲🌈 https://t.co/yV1idbz7Wp

Grian Egan ‏@GrianEgan

So glad to see her back! Sharing the treasures she finds in the nooks and crannies of her travels. Even a couple… https://t.co/vPUl7lrYpM

Camp Teresita Pines ‏@TeresitaPines

Let our Gala begin! So excited to have so many people here celebrating Teresita Pines 🌲 #celebration #teresitapines https://t.co/120M3ctk3K

Don Polmann ‏@DonPolmann

(1/2) Water Sector Utilities: Building Resilience to a Changing Climate. 🌦️🚿🚽🌵🌲 FREE two-day technical training.… https://t.co/e1Otnuo4V3

peaceful forest bot ‏@forestgen

today's daily forest is 'pashed' 🌲🍄🍁🌳🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🍁🌲🌲🌳🌱🌳🌳🌼🌻🌳🌲🌲🍁🌲🌳🌲🌲🌳🍄🌻🌳🌲🌳🌻🌳🌼🍄🌲🌲🍄🥀🌲🌳🌲🌺🌲🌲🌳🍀🌲🌲🌳🌻

mhairi. ‏@weeMar80

🌲🌳 Green is good ! 🌲🌳 #Rewilding #ClimateCrisis 🌍⌛️🌱🍃 https://t.co/Tfba0eNEje

Frederick Entenmann ‏@FEntenmann

@kaj33 @UCF_MBB @DukeMBB @tackofall99 @Coach_Dawkins UCF Giants 🌲

ExploreLearning ‏@ExploreLearning

Celebrate #InternationalForestDay with our free Gizmo of the Week! Students explore what makes a stable Forest Ecos… https://t.co/QIU6Ju6CWj

JayColdwater ‏@jwoot34

#facetime 💨💪🏿🔥🌲and welcome to #TheHotBox #LetsGetBlunted #SoloStoner #IrollJoints #tbcwcd #gohardforit… https://t.co/WFTqAxiSYx

23POINTS ‏@akosipeyang

This #KILLTHISLOVE will be a sure fire hits im planting the trees 🌴🌳🌲 #blackpink_comeback

Taylor Ryan ‏@InkDyes

❤️🗻🏔️🌊🌲🌿 @ Big Bear Lake, California https://t.co/vVYdgfPb6J

lucaDiGiorgio ‏@lucaDiGiorgio9

It could well be an exodus with the end result in NSW looking like a potential majority government for the Liberals… https://t.co/BJwcXnMhF2

Heidi Csernak ‏@OrganicRoadMap

@Sostraveluk @snowmonkey_twit @FolderRed @LouDoesTravel @OTourists @vickyinglis13 @ExploreThePrime @IndiaHitchhiker… https://t.co/Npy6Cujzli

SamanthaAnn🌲 ‏@smills3190

Being able to have a nice cold rose cider after cleaning, getting the slow cooker going and taking the dogs for a w… https://t.co/Uu5Pnc07kF

Shinji Nishiya ‏@WoodBindingHero

🌲-CRIMSON RIOT?! [ Dies of Canon Character ILLNESS . ]

Shinji Nishiya ‏@WoodBindingHero

@ErasedQuirk1A 🌲-How dare you. https://t.co/jnXM1V8C24

Shinji Nishiya ‏@WoodBindingHero

🌲-So now, I follow two Midnights and two Mt. Ladies, the hell am I doing?

Raven Whiskey ‏@RavenWhiskey3

Kids Women Men of all Races can join in on one of the most important activities we can do to help bring back… https://t.co/PEoUx2Ur1T

MD Cooks ‏@MDCooks

@AOC Do you know it will take approximately 416 trees to print the Mueller Report for every member of Congress? Tha… https://t.co/fvaEeJqaNx

PINK+DOLPHIN ‏@PinkDolphinCo

THE ROAD TO DOLPHIN MOTORS: In 2012, we debuted our “Camo Cars” collection featuring our signature MultiCamo, Woodl… https://t.co/lpV7GlBjUF

سلمى-Salma ‏@salmarellaa

@tinklou86 @BlushTribe Love love love 😍🍃🌲🌳🐛🐊🦚🐍🌿

Shinji Nishiya ‏@WoodBindingHero

@ErasedQuirk1A 🌲-I CHOKED ON MY WATER—

k🌱tty ‏@jollykitty3

Redwoods 🌲🌿 https://t.co/3f7YUpwsUZ

SideDoorSide ‏@NightModeLocked

@ArmoredHeavy Dude. Have some ginger and cinnamon tea (great for upset stomach). And read some Benarmie fics. You'l… https://t.co/xY6tE0nVG0

WorkCabin 🇨🇦 ‏@WorkCabin

Checked out the wildly good art exhibit Legacy Landscapes: Celebrating 25 Years of Land Conservation today. Well do… https://t.co/07xKahmtLp

Kelly Seal ‏@KellySeal

@stepmomproject @MovePastDivorce Me too ❤️🌲

James Webb ‏@James32Webb

geez that game was really fun! was going for duke don’t get me wrong, but also started rooting for the coaches son… https://t.co/PIyRUT4yIy

Tiny Hooman ‏@littlehumanbot

This is : Max ⥀ ▂ ¤ likes : 🍪 🌲

Emily 🦋 ‏@emdooodles

I went on a trip to Big Bear and it was wonderful 🐻 It’s so relaxing to draw in the forest ✏️🌲 #illustration… https://t.co/nYAIkxgec6

xSorcier 🤪🌵 Levi ‏@xsorcier

Fosteria A-Frame 🌲🏕️ Available on the Gallery! ✅CC Free 📏30x20 🏕️Granite Falls 💰50K ($504/per day) ✨ A Relaxing… https://t.co/87TkOOCmri

Toby ‏@tobynyc

Thank you @nycparks ! “We see bike on tree we will take it + give fine” taped to the offending restaurant. So great… https://t.co/PHMNYYIhjs

🌻 nap queen 🌻 ‏@flowerchildxx18

just got back from a 3 day trip to Alabama that my professor organized. it was truly amazing getting to bond with o… https://t.co/008fHGk96a

Sarah Floyd ‏@kidlitSarah

@StaceyCorrigan3 @ARileyGuertin Beautiful, Annemarie!🌲💕Love it!! Congrats!! 🎉

Shinji Nishiya ‏@WoodBindingHero

@Toshinori__Yagi 🌲-This reminds me of the time when Deku was at the training facility, USJ. Where he had his legs b… https://t.co/t369kea0gs

Caleb Maciejewski ‏@Thee_mac78

The Black Hills are thee most beautiful part of this great State 🤷🏻🌲❤

Girl Scouts NorCal ‏@GSNorCal

Come take a virtual seat around the campfire next Tues 3/26, 5:30-6:30 PM, as we share our best Tips for Preparing… https://t.co/p7SMNunAtY

Loraine Lundquist for CD 12 ‏@LoraineForLA

NM has followed the example of CA, HI, & DC, & declared their grid will go 100% carbon-neutral. This is why bold le… https://t.co/IjCV92TqUw

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