Alien Emoji

An extra terrestrial alien head, using the stereotypical depiction of an alien with a bald head, large open eyes, and a mouth.

iOS displays an alien in a box as a placeholder for an unknown emoji character. That symbol is unrelated to this emoji.

Alien was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Extraterrestrial Alien” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

👽 Alien

👽 ET

Unicode Name

👽 Extraterrestrial Alien


👽 U+1F47D




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C H R I S T A B E L❣ ‏@Christabeyl

Not your typical kind of girl👽

sam ‏@kwonsvobo

👽not following instructions!! hahaha “shy baya ko” bitch u thought 😂 we have a sunbaenim but u are the MASTERNIM *b…

Nancy Perdomo ‏@fengari11

Giving hopes ~ All is perfect 👽💚 #キム・ヒョンジュン #Takemyhand

DK♈️♉️💯 ‏@DKD_420

Y’all already know get dem tickets fam #🛸👽

Gerald Greene ‏@GeraldG51287711

@omcandybabes Your makeing mistakes. Over and over and over 😇😈👹👺👿👽👾😠

April Fritzinger ‏@spiceyprincesa

Who cuts a pizza like this?!! 😵😲👹🙊🙈👽 #sad #monster #cantbetrusted #whatwereyouthinking

JS NAZARÉ 💸 ‏@SantoosJN2

Lost 🎈👽

Mⓤⓗⓐⓜⓜⓐⓓ Aⓓⓔⓔⓛ Aⓨⓤⓑ ‏@adeelayub2

@javeednusrat Or may be their ticker writing department has been taken over by 👽👾.

_itsmechrstl_ ‏@itsmechrstl1


Marks Roar ‏@srmientomrk

I need Brewed Coffee 👽

Dr Frankenshroom ‏@DrFrankenshroom

I hope it gets huge and swallows the White House or at least the West Wing with tRump in it🤣👽 Swamp Drained

eyes_of_the_gods👿 ‏@precious__eye


Mel 👽 ‏@Melqartiii

Yay spring blouses #selfie #gpoy #spring #👽

Trizia Marie ledesma ‏@triyyxciamarie

I really miss my alien squad 😪👽

peng ting ‏@cecemabuza

Looky here!!!!! Aliens. I mean? 4 years and no trace? I'm sorry, but no. That's insane.👽🤕

420amine ‏@420amine

my #moodaf rn 👽😈 #420day #cannabis #thc

Mape ‏@Mapeh

Nite y’all I swear I’m not human 👽

C.Journey ‏@247studentt

@Beastriker9 thanks for the follow 👽✌🏻

ant👑 ‏@aantdamn

I was doing abs, I look in the mirror and BAM my pecs have some definition 👽👽👽

♕ 𝓠𝓾𝓮𝓮𝓷 .𝓫 ♤ ✨🏳️‍🌈 ‏@RoseannaDannah

Chubbbbs 👽🖖🏼

Aaliyah Ann ‏@aaliyahatr

How r u? 👽 — fineeee and happy bc i have you, us singlords

Loda Kia ‏@loda_kia

@ICC @ABdeVilliers17 indian p!ssy must be that good when he spends time india and indians girls touch him he com…

Nicole 👽 ‏@TillsBitch25

@iamtherealmatt Youll soon see 😂😂👽

BicycleSeb ‏@BicycleSeb

@Philipsimons6 @SportiveLakes @GentCyclist ...a bit harsh on our ex. colonial cousins!👽

abs ‏@_abbiebolt

I’m becoming desperate for a day of movies and cuddles in bed 😪👽

Nicole 👽 ‏@TillsBitch25

Day made 👽

Damo ‏@damomcfadden

@SCalliss For sure big brother is always watching 👁 😼👽🕶🐥🦉

Z TAJ ‏@iamztaj

Congratulations Pakistan 🇵🇰 💪🏾❤️🇵🇰👽 #STRONG_PAKISTAN #FATAMerger

KenkEn. ‏@harubow1013atma

good evening👽

ramu master ‏@ussmnzp

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Dame tu cosita Mr Bean Version Funny dance 👽😂 Alien frog

Loda Kia ‏@loda_kia

@brfootball in that case may the team with the best kit win 👽👽👽

CROSSNADERS ‏@Crossnaders

BALLER TOMORROW 👽 @Real_CMCS @stmpdrcrds Pre-Save;

genius007007 ‏@genius0078007


StonedContemplator ‏@SContemplator

@WillBeastC @PrincessLeiaAld @MoxyHeart @NeoDmn @FaerieMystical @Spideroger @Hardluck_Josie @VerseTrek @leftarmisme…

One Disgusted John, Deplorable Bot ‏@agabus98

Fox News’ Pete Hegseth Suggests Kim Jong Un Isn’t Happy That He ‘Has To Murder His People’ | Daily Wire 👽👽👽👽 Pete…

HalloweenStories ‏@SpookiestThings

Woh, woh woh!. 👽 What's that!. I'm going to hide in the mansion. 🍫.

engr. thony ‏@FabulousMarkda

Dear mathematics, stop asking to find your x, she has a new boyfriend.👽

Chelsy ‏@chelsynicoleee

Thursdaze vibes 👽

DOATargets ‏@DOATargets

@FactsInYourFace And he still sucks👽

LiL Stone ☥ ‏@irwinstone909

Stay updated 👽 we diving back inside 🔱🦂

Givin it Wigan ‏@MrRickySmash

@Alien_Theory @d_theoret Awesome idea, I'd love to join in next time!✌🏼 To quote Golic.. "Magnificent"👽

BPThree-Bootleg Dead ‏@bp_three

@tishimon @TheDeadDeads @MMTortuga @CanvasBetamusic @ToshaJonesDrums #tbt Meta glams it up last August @StickyzLR…

🗡Katya de Becerra preorder What The Woods Keep ‏@KatyaDeBecerra

@lcdavisauthor This is me, smiling in a totally non-evil way, I promise. (Also this conversation took place yesterd…


New Day New Chance New Goals.... #iGoTyOu! #👽

SsselambaHippo 🐍 ‏@FathinPo

demam and stressed pun still gotta continue smiling 🤖👾👽🤡

Ju Ju Pongo ‏@JuJuPongo

Retweeted McSpocky™ 👽🖖 (@mcspocky): The bottom line… #ImpeachtRump #LockHimUp #CrookedDonald…

Lucia Marmolejo ‏@LuciaMarmolejoo

Hahaha I hate me so does Quincy probably 👽

Aŋdɾeita Riŋc✿ŋ 26M♥ ‏@AndreaRinconCDR

#NuevaFotoDePerfil Loving me 👽🌹

genius007007 ‏@genius0078007


BelieveDeBoy🎭 ‏@_Penzy

@ettennareal what style be this one👽

backup acc of @mintsugary // OUTRO TEAR SLAYS🔥 ‏@cookieandsuga

@shiningchimonig OOPSSSS👽👽👽👽

Jake Oh ‏@inserthosehere

@colourfulsevens My bets are on a tiny xenomorph. 👽

TitanClint_ ‏@TitanClint_

@mitchlafon Ehhhhhhhh more of #EddieVanhalen ben told EDDIE this is a nother crappy album with crappy cast member's…

☆ zo ☆ ‏@zoeviktoria__

@fitzy_adam @EkaliMusic So glad we get to see him again at hard summer 👽

angus birdnews ‏@angusbirdnews

@rothiemoon That's the aliens just receiving your feed from that day now...................😁👽

T⊗ri☿👽🏳️‍🌈💖💚💜🖤⚢⚧ ‏@AngryTreeSquid

Saw this and thought of you! 💖👽 @theshutendouji

John Alexis Parico ‏@paricofortwo

Goodevening 👽❤

Clyde Davis ‏@Clyde_Davis_

They were taken by aliens 👽

bucinnya jiho ‏@Allergic_toJIHO

@WM_OHMYGIRL The cutest alien👽😘

genius007007 ‏@genius0078007


Gerald Greene ‏@GeraldG51287711

@imselena4u God knows that his children pretend to be others on Twitter Im talking to all Gods children 😇👽

Jason Smart ‏@smartydesign

I made crop circles with our lawn mower 👽✌🏻#JustBecause

rusty ‏@cjwlsm

No funko pop next month 👽👽👽

Miss Little Bean ‏@EllenBoontje1

@russellcrowe Lost in space! 👽

Jesa Christine ‏@ladyveile

Speech + Background music = 👽

rain👻 ‏@LumbaoRainbow

Reminders from mother earth : always be competitive 👽🙈😬

Bic Flair ‏@TellyLaFlare

Hella based👽👽👾

Pamela Mendez ‏@omgitspammendz

Last night👽

Elijah⭐ ‏@reallyelijahg

You're invited to my house on haunted hill. 🏚👻💀👹👽

=8)-DX ‏@thedxman

@deaths_cool It may not last 📅 but here am I 👗 once a caterpillar 🐛 now a butterfly 🦋 It can seem strange 👽 but whe…

Ivy742✨JJAspenMoon🌙 ‏@Ivysani742

🛸🌎👽 Pan.18u.v

Rina♡maya&riley♡固ツイにいいねお願いします🙏 ‏@Rinamayariley27

@SabrinaAnnLynn @beccatilley5 @TanyaRad I love you💓💕💞👽😍😘

Harry Kolotas ‏@Harrysatolok

An Australian radio telescope has detected a burst of signals coming from the centre of the Milky Way. It’s describ…

✿라티파. ‏@slutifa

I ship you and moe 420👽 you’re both odd. — ok

Gagashe ‏@Zondi_Elihle

"I did pure maths in high school and this still doesn't add up". 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽

Granny ‏@MrPatrick999

@bfchild66 @TelegraphNews Aliens 👽 no other explanation


Who pushed your button👽

Angelita: ‏@Angevdl

Black&white co’z y not?¿👽

Acasia ‏@AcasiaKay98

@SDenonain @SeaBubbles Omg how alien 👽

StonedContemplator ‏@SContemplator

#Thorsday Midgardians, time to get hammered both ways. #innuendo 🔨💪👽🚬💨

Honey Mae 👽 ‏@hnyrms

Thats why kids should go to school so they dont go dumb 👽

Mari🌊 ‏@mariolarojas

Weednesday 👽

𝔢𝔩𝔩𝔞 🐍 ‏@jamellapaule

@estephladignon awwe thanks 😍💎👽😅💋

Round One Films Ltd ‏@roundonefilms

"When you keep hitting refresh waiting for The Drop Off to come out" // RELEASED TOMORROW 👽

Lex ‏@LexSokolin

🗣 👽 #chatbots 6 Key Areas Benefiting from the Adoption of AI in Insurance

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