Alien Emoji

An extra terrestrial alien head, using the stereotypical depiction of an alien with a bald head, large open eyes, and a mouth.

iOS displays an alien in a box as a placeholder for an unknown emoji character. That symbol is unrelated to this emoji.

Alien was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Extraterrestrial Alien” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

👽 Alien

👽 ET

Unicode Name

👽 Extraterrestrial Alien


👽 U+1F47D




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Maria💜 ‏@ecclat_

I’ve now decided to give people the same amount of effort they put in, I really did try with some of y’all smh👽

Lucas 💀 ‏@Lucas55057831

@DawsonFarrell2k Okay. Hey stranger whom I've never met nor am in a grouochat with - what is up 👽👌🏻


BSFA Newsletter February 2019  👽 -

Blametherobot ‏@BlameTheRobot

Y'all sims fans are starting to freak me out with your strange tweets. 😱👽😱 #TheSims4

Rémi 🎬 ‏@lReMi07l

I hope Pollination Tech#9 Smith comes back... 👽🚀 #Strangetown #TheSims4

Javier™ ‏@xJavi_Maida

@CamilleCynthia @Elllsayy I’ve never been a fan of raves. I started listening electro music not that long ago. I wa…

Warlock Ep Out Now ‏@LeeWrizzleUK

Me n ken working on a madness 👽

Shawn5Taylor ‏@shawn5t

@adelamusic The tacos a few galaxies over are to die for 👽 🌮

UFO CASE ALIEN ‏@multistagecorre

#ufology inside the only way to know how new a case is if you the occurence and submission date could be the witne…

Abigail Floyd ‏@MrsFloydERD

Today’s terrestrial habitat discussion turned in to extraterrestrial aliens #mindofathirdgrader👽👩🏼‍🚀


A LITTLE NIX CHIBI 👽💚 For @Space_Wollf !

Joey Flynn ‏@getowatr

@JackPosobiec Yo jacK 🐳™💩™ how's everything going scams `n ALL 🤔 This deveN character should 🐝 `n giTmO BAY WITH L…

DoubleDownDon ‏@DoubleDownDon

#TuesdayThoughts 🤔 on the #TrumpCrimeFamily🤥👺🤡👿🤬😡💀☠️👽👾🤖👹 “Intimidation, Pressure and Humiliation: Inside Trump’s T…

jr ‏@heyjayye

Yeah right 👽👽

Brocco-Lee ‏@bvelezes

We’re not alone. 👽

Alison Killilillilea ‏@AlisonKillilea

@Conkernog Omg I LOVE pizza, how did you know? I'm so not like other girls lol 😂😂😂😂👽👽👽👽👽

Strangely Sweet 🦄 ‏@7moibright

@IamKingNapoleon @JoviLeMonstre This world is a very bizarre place. 👽☠️ But let me tell you something, as a proud d…

Dr E Kashef ‏@grounds4riots

The vastness of the universe never ceases to amaze me . 300 000 new galaxies discovered !!! It’s literally beyond…

Passion🌸 ‏@Ttk__1

@ismailaslnnq Nalettt 👽

Pedro☯️ ‏@TheOnlyPaydro

I'm a SLUT for dark techno 👽

Kim Klein ‏@Kim_Sirius

Beginning my 50th revolution around the Sun today! ☀️💜👽♓👑🌺💎 #moldavite #hibiscus #favoritethings #Pisces #flowers…

Benjamin P. Ellis ‏@brazenserpent7

@engadget Do people from different countries have compatible blood types? I'm asking for a friend. 👽

Molly ‏@MamasMatter2

@Kidvishis Hope you got some sleep your Highness 👑 so you're all rested up to rock #aussie hard! #aliengang👽🛸🛸🛸#rapture2019

Ernesto Eduardo ‏@eedobarganes

@GovRonDeSantis @LtGovNunez @SpaceFlorida #USA & #Florida leaders of Galactic Security ! Making sure that our…

✨The Upthegrove Music School & DreamCycle✨ ‏@LUpthegrove

@VP @POTUS What evidence of aliens 👽 are you “protecting” us against just out of interest?

UFO CASE ALIEN ‏@multistagecorre

Ferndale United States 2018-12-01 case: #UFO #UFOs #aliens #OVNI #ufo 🛸 👽 🚀 via multistagec…

Cin ‏@zen_cin

Chillin’ with Adam ✌️👽

Lee ‏@Lee66720877

@supervillain1 @cigneutron It's so WIERD-THEY LIVE-SCIENCE. Sweet cross-up.👽

Chelsea Sharpe ‏@ChelseaaSharpe

Watched the @EthanDolan @GraysonDolan video, now watching @JeffreeStar video😱👽

Pursuing X ‏@PursuingX

Check out the newest review by @mjbanias 👽 Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story. See more by MJ on his YouTube Cha…

Lazue Universe ‏@Ice_Kreacher

Fuck me to Hell. I'm so fucking done. 👽

Do You Kwis? ‏@TyZ3H

I can’t wait to be at the bass stage at Smf just melting away ... 👽

Amanda Jarvis ‏@ajarvis09

@Deligracy @SimGuruLyndsay To keep away the aliens 👽

aidil ‏@sodandcheapcigs

Faith I’m stealing this from u ssksmmsdn 👽 you intimidate me 😎 I wanna be your friend 😫 you're my crush 🤙🏼 you're one of my fav mutuals

Steve Kemple, Inc. ‏@stevekemple_inc

Planes fall from the library 👽📚.

𝕖𝕞𝕚𝕝𝕪🎗 ‏@extremedolxn

22. i think so 👽🤔

Viktoria ‏@viktorialorena

SPACE MOM IN 3 DAYS!!!!! 🖖🏼👽 .. if you know you know

Mark IT Geek ‏@markitgeek

@alienhumanqueen @Funny_Truth @TheGoogleFactz Sloppy Seconds - Queen of Outer Space #Art #Music #PunkRock 🎶 👽 🛸

Jo🦋 ‏@joxxcole

@jacobsartorius Lmao jk, I’m eating banana peels👽

Palestranger ‏@Palestranger17

Is it just me or are television media pushing the 👽 agenda saw 5 commercials featuring them 1 right after another in a damn row.


1st sighting of new @PAMFC11 kit #globeyisaballoon #YellowVestsUK 👽⚽🏆🥅🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

‏lαuяiє ஜ ‏@lauriecorona

I voted for 👽greetings, earthlings to win the #ShortyAwards. That is all.

Lazue Universe ‏@Ice_Kreacher

@AnsleyAshe It's been the same shit the entire fucking time. I can never catch a fucking break. 👽

Lazue Universe ‏@Ice_Kreacher

@AnsleyAshe It's not like that. 👽

BPThree-Bootleg Dead ‏@bp_three

@PuddleJones @TheDeadDeads @tishimon @MMTortuga @jonathonjircit1 @SottileGina @Little_Alyssum @AlamoDeadXX…

Stingray Body Art ‏@StingrayBodyArt

Start of a space sleeve by Bosco! 🌌👽

COWARD X_x ‏@miahh333

@DebilOsrany Noice! This is my new fetish I guess, TERRIBLE CONCERT PHOTOS! Ahhhh 🙃👽💀🌻💛

Mary Christian ‏@PapoFan

@KurtBusch @HISTORY Looking forward to it.💚👽KB1

Sports Regime ‏@Sports_Regime

Always looking for team members! Reach out if you are interested👍👽

ɐɹɐɯɐ┴🙃 ‏@hcirePT

@egorub @Hydraponica @ChrisBramwell @KateGudsell whatta surprise, eh🤪👽

Imogen ◟̽◞̽👽 ‏@imogen_banana

👽 havent known you long but i already have so much love for you and i promise were gonna meet up soon! your awesome xxx

Stina ‏@christinaeckes

Only a half hour from home 😍 FULL SEND 👽

AC_X ‏@Ac_x_kotw

My self and 👽 from outer space is doing a singing collab, and we are killing this shit, so if y'all like this remix…

Lazue Universe ‏@Ice_Kreacher

@deapoirierbooks Yuck! Killer traffic SUCKS. 👽

Quantum Enigma ‏@Enigma9UK

Lab Sessions 👽 #techno #hardtechno #industrialtechno #darktechno #electronicmusic #quantumenigma #enigma9

CinemaofTomDiCillo ‏@DiCilloBook

@TriskelCork @damienmulley We have compiled some cool shots. This is one of my favourites...Nick shooting Close Enc…

Lazue Universe ‏@Ice_Kreacher

@CDAndrews11 Thanks babes. I'm going for a workout. I can't fucking handle any of this. 👽

Dane Hill ‏@dmhll9

@GovRonDeSantis @realDonaldTrump @NASAKennedy Yes you can be Head Space Cadet 👽

҈ ҉ TechJoker© ن ‏@TechJoker

Do you believe aliens 👽 have visited us from the beginning? 🤔 🛸

''Greg'' ‏@Gregapher

@JustPyroNow Ayyy nice. Good to see you finally came up with a strat 👽

Conventions Etc. ‏@ConventionsEtc

More March madness! Have burning questions about ⁦@HistoryBlueBook⁩ ? ⁦@davideoleary⁩ will be be appearing at #ufo…

Amy Hoo ‏@mshoo87

Lots of creativity being expressed with @PlayDoh in the @BallacheyLC today! The Grade 6's were excited to dive in.…

jimin 😈 ‏@dxddyjmn

@devilymin R u kidding 👽👽

selfcare🎈 ‏@selfcar51053726

- Thank u, next bitch 👋 - Imagine a world like that ☁️ - it’s like i’m the universe and you’ll be N-A-S-A 👽 - Don’t…

KaitrynWetzel ‏@KaitrynWTSP

You know what? I want the Space Force here......I have a fear of extraterrestrials who don't ride bikes and eat Ree…

BayBayBee ‏@baybaybee

Idk why I felt the need to tag you but the desire was overwhelming 😅💋👽 @Ylime150

🎃👽🔮➕Bry✖🕷🌛🐙 ‏@marshmelloslush

@nikiwit42 Yassssss!!! Gonna be LIT! Hope you have an amazing time!🙌👽


James Masters ‏@MAGA_JimmyD

@Jordan_Sather_ Go on, tell me more👽

I'mWindsor🎩 ‏@ronsnotes

Killing me softly 👽

UFO CASE ALIEN ‏@multistagecorre

Canada Surrey 2015-03-05 case: #UFO #UFOs #aliens #OVNI #ufo 🛸 👽 🚀 via multistagecorre 😋 ar…

Smile :) ‏@janereid73

There’s some sort of alien 👽 on my hotel bed 🤔

🥀Killing Darlings ‏@KillingDarls

Hey darlings. I've been MIA for a few weeks, but I'm back on the blog and feeling inspired after a conversation wit…

kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaet ‏@kaets_

@ejfromthea did i write those tweets??? it seems like i may have found a new friend 👽🖤 hello friend!!!

CamoFari ‏@CamoFari

Ima Die Litt Cuz I Got Too👽

Every Alien Bot ‏@EveryAlienBot

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 👽   👴🏼👴🏼👴🏼 👴🏼 👴🏼 👴🏼 🖕 👴🏼👴🏼 🖕   👴🏼 👴🏼   👴🏼  👴🏼   👟 👟 Hello Earthlings. i'm the alien…

Lazue Universe ‏@Ice_Kreacher

@deapoirierbooks I'm glad it improved. Do you want to talk about it? 👽

Lazue Universe ‏@Ice_Kreacher

I'm so fucking sick and tired of all of this shit. How is it that when I'm trying to manage EVERYTHING, AND take s…

💋spooky💋 ‏@muddygutss

My name's ariel I'm a non-binary artist (they/them) and I like drawing and making spooky ooky things!👽🛸…

chandler dare ‏@the_one_tru_chz

@AURORAmusic I hope you also have a wonderful day moonbean ( @AURORAmusic ) let your goddess voice be heard throughout the universe ♥️👽

Guitar Pedal Shoppe ‏@GuitarPedalShop

The wait is over! #Soma has landed! And as a bonus, the sexy silver #Lightspeed is back in stock 🤘🏼👽🤘🏼…

dυffиe 💚 ‏@daphnesofiia


lapis lazuji ‏@overlandblues

21. Sunshower spring weather. I lean to cool weather. 22. Mimi exists, so yes. 👽

Riley ‏@MercuryinRx

Omaha, Nebraska USA No one knows who placed this sign there. 👽

J.J. Santos ‏@doublejrecords

🛸👽🔫 (@ Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters - @disneyland in Anaheim, CA)

cujo ‏@86Cujo

@BlairJCampbell you may enjoy this journey of the mind. vol4 is a good jump off. 🍻👽

Dorklina ‏@xDorklina

WAIIIIT?! Are we getting Strangetown back from the Sims 2 ?? 😍 I get so many Sims 2 vibes 😱👽💚 @TheSims #TheSims4

Phil Harding ‏@Piphondog

@howdyouplay Yes my lad!! And I seem to have sent it to you again?!? 😱🤠👽

TheManWhoSeesUFOs ‏@ChristoRoppolo

@HomoSatanis Part two! 👽

Lazue Universe ‏@Ice_Kreacher

@deapoirierbooks Thank you. 🖤👽

royalhighteaspills ‏@royalhighteasp1

@nightbarbie hi barbie in royal high the princess puffy sleeves on my account dispersed so can you fix that or lik…

Black Diamond ‏@BlackDi36964418

@larnzama @GwalaBnews @BrendaSisane @gwalax @StephenGrootes @HermanMashaba @MbuyiseniNdlozi @tito_mboweni…

John Holmes ‏@Slumalot

#TheFeatureCreature👽🛸 🔥🔥16’s 🆓 #Bars 📶 if it’s 🤞🏽 just ⚓️ on the 🔙🔚 or u can still feel 🆓 to 💵💳... as well ‼️

UFO CASE ALIEN ‏@multistagecorre

random ufo video 519 let the truth be known #UFO #UFOs #aliens #OVNI #ufo 🛸 👽 🚀 via multistagecorre 😋 archive on…

Blood Moon Bobby ‏@bloodmoonbobby

[email protected] was a blast and it was a ton of fun! The convention was filled with heroes, time-travelers, stars and…

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