Alien Emoji

An extra terrestrial alien head, using the stereotypical depiction of an alien with a bald head, large open eyes, and a mouth.

iOS displays an alien in a box as a placeholder for an unknown emoji character. That symbol is unrelated to this emoji.

Alien was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Extraterrestrial Alien” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

👽 Alien

👽 ET

Unicode Name

👽 Extraterrestrial Alien


👽 U+1F47D




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Verhoeven♑️ ‏@TayWay17th

HEAL... so you can hear what is being said without the filter of your wounds 👽🙏🏽

A walking, talking, fortune cookie. ‏@S3ARCY

The secret is in the oil. 👽

𝗪𝗘𝗶 ★ | 𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐧 𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫 ♬/ inseong day! ‏@harkyunhoon

martha😁was🥰an🙃average🐕dog. She went💨aërf🍒&🤕ærph😪&👻EEEER🤠when👧🏻she👄ate🤏🏻some🤖alphabet👽soup,🐶then🧦what🌸happened🌚was🌈bizarre🧽

RoyM1970 ‏@Roymcveigh

@walshcat1 You get this from Rob? 👽

マリャム. ‏@0Maryoumh

@superboreddd I’m from Saudi Arabia so should I block you too 😂😂😂👽

UFO CASE ALIEN ‏@multistagecorre

Nasa image:AS17******* find the anomaly download: 🔭 🌜🌑🌚 👽 #UFO #UFOs #aliens #OVNI 🛸 👽 🚀…

⧖ READ PINNED ‏@atzlife

martha😁was🥰an🙃average🐕dog. She went💨aërf🍒&🤕ærph😪&👻EEEER🤠when👧🏻she👄ate🤏🏻some🤖alphabet👽soup,🐶then🧦what🌸happened🌚was🌈bizarre🧽

Verhoeven♑️ ‏@TayWay17th

True relationship is two UNPERFECT people refusing to give up on each other 👽


@ljcoffaro @YouTube Is this a game of rustle the grass to rattle the Snakes? 🤔👤👽👽

yuta's tiny waist ᵛ ¹²⁷ ‏@jeahyunstiddies

@cardsung i think it’s sneezing👽

Lala⁷ ⟭⟬ ❁ ⋆ ❀ ‏@luvmyselfa

martha😁was🥰an🙃average🐕dog. She went💨aërf🍒&🤕ærph😪&👻EEEER🤠when👧🏻she👄ate🤏🏻some🤖alphabet👽soup,🐶then🧦what🌸happened🌚was🌈bizarre🧽


Yall soweto huns on these twitter streets ayt cool👽👽

✿can 𐐪𐑂 you ⚘ dont❦ 👟🍊 A C A B ‏@hhondacivic

read the first letter of each emoji: ✨🦘🥑🐯👂 👣🍆🦈🐢 👂👽🦷 🇦🇷😷⚽️

VegasVince ‏@215vinny

@VitalVegas I just got a bartender job at Venetian pool on Thursday... got a call today to start onboard orientation on Tuesday..... 🤷🏻‍♂️👍👽

Frank Fencepost 🌿 ‏@sagekeyah

@IndigenousBeads @taysydberg Lmao that the perfect response 👽

Yelisha ✨♥️ ‏@Yelitional

Why is internet filled with americans where my europeans at 👽🛸

Chris the Lion ‏@christitheleon

22 gol, 20 asist. 🐐👽

Granny ‏@sherdngr

Jeffrey Epstein would ‘physically shake’ with desire for young girls, book claims #SmartNews EL SICKO👽👽👽

Tennekoon ‏@tennekoon11

@Malaguita1287 I love this picture look 👀 beautiful lovely 😊 always together forever Mulder and Scully 🙏♥️🔥👀👽🦊🛸🐰🔥♥️…

Dibya ‏@brown_walkers

Seeing Some Cr7 stans slandering Messi for not scoring. He my man Becomes the 1st player to equal henry's record o…

¹³dG⁷☂️ ‏@BTSmanagerhere

@LanguorRooh Oooh👽😂 Ksksks I became a good girl you know I was trying to sleep early! 🌚

starscream2810 ‏@ElliotWaller6

I found this little secret while playing #needforspeed 👽 .. #gaming #XboxOne #gamingsecrets #EA #RacingGame…

Dylan Edwards ‏@SonOfTheWaves

Earthlings, I adapt to em💪🏻👽 @ Earth

💢ARGentiNO💢🦍 ‏@DosApellidosXII

#17AYoVoy @INTERPOL_Cyber @gendarmeria help 👽 ...Lol

I Do Music!! ‏@Slim_Vezzy

Now on @YouTube Main Course by @MajesticSoundz & @Slim_Vezzy feat. @intrizworld #901HitMakerz #VezzyWorld 👽🖖🏿

Oija ‏@Diego_me777

Dude 👌😂👽

Luke J👻🕸🔦 ‏@PMainer23

I just got my #TheLastDriveIn shirt today in the mail @frightrags @therealjoebob @kinky_horror 🤘👻☠🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🔪👽☠🎃🕷

Tigon 🐯 ‏@tigonbeastman

@leodore34 And this year isn't even over yet! 🛸👽👾

Michael🌵 ‏@labromi23

@ToTheStarsMedia @HISTORY Ready for it 🤘🏻👽

yuta's tiny waist ᵛ ¹²⁷ ‏@jeahyunstiddies

@jaeminhug don’t think that will happen this year but my hope is still up for next year👽

𝔏𝔦𝔱𝔞 ☆ ‏@litastar_

Some people call me dA sPacE cowBoiii 👽

detty ‏@0ddette

@ZapatasHorse @chiweethedog how do u know I’m not !!👽👽

chanel deslauriers🌈🍁 ‏@whiskeyndoritos

#deepspace and #crownroyal ...lets get lit Canadian-style🇨🇦🌿🌿👽🚀🚀 #dranks #summerdranks

BLEACH 🥵 ‏@itsbleachmane

@36hellbae ride or die 👽

shiv🦋 ‏@shivinamahtani

My twisted side can’t help but think that Jada & Will are so comfortable with their reality, that this Red Table Ta…

Anne-Marie Ormsby ‏@AMOrmsby

Tonight’s movie is one of my favourites of all time. It got me the same way Goonies did in the 80’s. Classic…

IAMYASMEEN ‏@yasmeenisaacsxo

Click the link in my bio for new music ❤️🙏👽👾

lampeo ‏@lampeo_

@d01 Thanks Friend 🧡👽☕

Money🤑 ‏@_MrPerfectt

Reminisce🙇🏽 on the times I ain't have shit🤦🏽 even when I was broke🚫 I knew I wasn't average👽🦾.....MoneyGettingLong…

UFO CASE ALIEN ‏@multistagecorre

UFO over Edinburgh, Scotland. a streetcap1 video 🔭 🌜 🌑 🌚 👽 #UFO #UFOs #aliens #OVNI 🛸👽🚀 news via multistagecorre😋…

Meli§§a👽 ‏@Lil_MythGReY

Drop your favorite youtube video tune. Mine below. ⬇️⬇️⬇️ 👽🤟

Huma Khan ☮ ‏@Sufiyana_jwand

We are three in a room.. With no voice and tiny Lights. #technologySucks 👽🙌

bailey banks | blm ‏@baileylbanks

read the first of each emoji: 🥦💻👽🇨🇦🦘 💄ℹ🎻🥚🍓 🍣📺🆔️💡🦵 🗺✈🔝👅🔚🤖. 🍎🌹🦏🌍🧦🍅 🌪🤚👂 💿🦉🍍⭐ 🌮🧢🛩🔭 🐨🏝🐑💋🍆🐲 🦴🍚🐘🅾️👃🥅♈ 📼🐊🧶🦙🍊🎀.

☆꧁༒UNKNOWN༒꧂☆ ‏@arisutokuratto

Me, watching „Hustlers” after the night shift, trying to prepare for morning shift, and getting again blocked in be…

luna⁷ |🥛milk jar cult🥛 ‏@gukkiethicc

@dazaiai when 😼 i 👐 was 👽 thirteen 💎 i ✨ had 😿 my 🗿 first 👑 love 💗 noscachalanba 🤭 to 🌻 my ✌️baby 😳 and 😏 nobody 🔫 can 🥫 abablaralub 💆‍♀️

liaEyuta ‏@SUHPLANET

@BINNIE90S sim... eu disse when 😼 i 👐 was 👽 thirteen 💎 i ✨ had 😿 my 🗿 first 👑 love 💗 noscachalanba 🤭 to 🌻 my ✌️baby 😳 and 😏 nobody 🔫 can ‏@si_shdn

my idea 😎👽

sharkastic ‏@sharkastic

@alienenvoymusic @nickgestation Thanks, alien 👽

D4D OUT NOW ! link in bio ‏@officialLitty

White tee remix 🤍👽🦠🧬

Robert S. (ZloUmOE) ‏@ZloUmOE

@MikiMortis @Brine_A @TommyVanSon @CobTheCreator @Radiobush @ajakubo1 @RedVonix @eno_games1 @chrisayenney @GeekMid…

lord freeza/cell/ginyu force (fast replies) ‏@finalformboys

👽:I used be annoyed by these three but after...."sharing" my love with them, i think they'd make a good lart of the…

luna⁷ |🥛milk jar cult🥛 ‏@gukkiethicc

when 😼 i 👐 was 👽 thirteen 💎 i ✨ had 😿 my 🗿 first 👑 love 💗 noscachalanba 🤭 to 🌻 my ✌️baby 😳 and 😏 nobody 🔫 can 🥫 abablaralub 💆‍♀️

Tommy Doyle🎃🎃🎃🔫🔥🔪 ‏@TommyDoyle47

The Blob, 1988 ❄️👽❄️ Thoughts? Comments?

Isabela with an A ‏@Isabelacamposz

Modelando em my house 👽

gabe/ BLACK LIVES MATTER ‏@TripleJWrld

@JcDoesEdits fatphobia is gross lol😹😹😹😹👽👽🤖👹✊👍😷😭💤🥵😪😵😮🤔😞😣😣😓🙁👌👏

Evee ‏@rekmyfatpuss

Please help me get to 20 likes 👉👈👽🙏

b ‏@viabrent

“The Grey Area” 20x20 inch diptych acrylic on canvas. / / these were created as part of a personal bedroom installa…

David ‏@Davidxmanzoo

I need me a fucking alien👽

mRr3b00t @ secret base ‏@UK_Daniel_Card

@MikeCyberSec all this talk of @SentinelOne has made me want to play 🏴‍☠️💜😈👽🤖😂

Igão Omura Fraga🇧🇷 ‏@IgaoFraga

@LewisHamilton You are not human lewis❤👽

Sean Don 🚀 ‏@sean_gowe

woah 👽

Chef Dummy ‏@quinine_bonita

Juice WRLD dropped just in time 👽

iBritsy 🇰🇼❤️🇬🇧 ‏@iBritsy

Alien Cafe 👽 🎥 #travel #stayhome #bloggerlife #styleblogger #traveling #wanderlust #fashion #f4follow #staystrong…

Ragg Doll ‏@RaggDoll15

@LeighEllene @0202niarTpmurT @MericaVeteran @DwayneMcpeak Chase a few cross to LA neighbor, ain’t had a goode coon…

i forgot ‏@loosefeed

@tracywal1 2nd on right 👽👽👽

Mar⁷⧖₁₂₇ ‏@johnnys_babie

martha😁was🥰an🙃average🐕dog. She went💨aërf🍒&🤕ærph😪&👻EEEER🤠when👧🏻she👄ate🤏🏻some🤖alphabet👽soup,🐶then🧦what🌸happened🌚was🌈b…

𖧵 yuni⁷ ⟭⟬ ‏@eokkaejinnie

can anyone recognize me?👽

Jens Rabis ‏@jens_rabis

@BeratungDda @daumen_gruener @freeWorld2 @Kachelmann @transhumaneDE @cducsubt @CSU @CDU @fdp @Piratenpartei…

norah maria { dtiys happening } ‏@acnorah

👽 ur profile pic always remind me of p!nk asdjsk and i love it. u also rly funny like either what u tweet or retweet, good humour

KWAMÊ DAME🤴🏽 ‏@kwamedame_

Check out Kwame Dame on #SoundCloud 👽

◟̽◞̽ 𝓮𝓶𝓶𝓪²⁸ 𝓽𝓻𝓪𝓬𝓴 𝟧 ‏@yungbludx1D

@honeytryst 🍑my🙋brain🧠is🙀 poisoned☣️and✋ I'm 💁 searching🔍for4️⃣the🍆 antidote 🥺but❕every💅time🕝i🥰 find 👀 it 👽my🤡 defe…

ProGod ‏@BMEChicago

@DaRealBurnone sliding through 👽

theo 木 LVTSD📌 ‏@woobivoir

Martha😼was🥰an🤩average🐕dog. She went💨aërf🗣&😍ærph👺and EEERR🦁then😵she👭ate👄some🦷alphabet👽soup🍜then👁what🌸happened😿was🌈bizarre

Cat Lion 🌊💙✌🏼 ‏@KaitBb84

@YetiEye @dk1821dk Hahahahaha MAGAts Gone Wild MAGAts Gone Mad 👹😈💀👺👿🧟‍♀️☠️👽🧟‍♂️

Every Alien Bot ‏@EveryAlienBot

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 👽   🚴🏾🚴🏾🚴🏾 🚴🏾 🚴🏾 🚴🏾 🖕 🚴🏾🚴🏾 🖕   🚴🏾 🚴🏾   🚴🏾  🚴🏾   👟 👟 Hello Earthlings. i'm the alien…

𝘿𝙐𝙎𝙏𝙀𝙀𝙃𝘿 ‏@dusteehd

I don’t remember if I put these on Twitter too, here’s 2 lil sneak peeks of my set tonight. 👽

Clancy Gilroy ‏@FoggyRather

You know the deal by now 🌲👽🌲 🎸: The Disco Biscuits 🏟️: Highline Ballroom, New York, NY 📅: 5/24/2007…

Dominique Mari ‏@nikkibaabyyy

straight hair is a different me 👽

Pete Soards ‏@AlohaPete

@70shorrorkid I dig Brinke Stevens as well. 🧡👽🤙🌈Any favorite films from BS in particular?🤔🎞

K ‏@Kanzy_Yasserr

@dana24601 mental health breaks are important 😌😇👽

B0TTT0M ‏@b0ttt0m


ΞPIC ‏@butstepbro

@vanillatidies @Akronotron @WeHateAva @ttedsy no, what do you think i care i still want them👽

Pete Soards ‏@AlohaPete

@666darkmore I dig Barbara Crampton and she is my favorite actress of all time. Linnea is an amazing actress and pe…

Chinyere M. Ugokwe(Chinny🌹) ‏@ChinyereUgokwe

Feeling the beat I vibe with this shit verse in motion no emotions Da booth inna heat spit something sick Chinny f…

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