Face Savoring Food Emoji

A friendly, goofy smile with tongue hanging out the side of the mouth. Used to indicate a silly happiness.

Face Savoring Food was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Face Savouring Delicious Food” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😋 Goofy

😋 Hungry

Unicode Name

😋 Face Savouring Delicious Food


😋 U+1F60B




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Desia 🦄 ‏@_queende04

SLUTTED OUT 1. Yes 2. NEITHER! 3. Of course 4. Hell yea 😋 5. Slightly, just a luh grip 6. Yep 7. 8. Great feel… https://t.co/SYUG8El7D0

Headstart Malaysia ‏@AutismAsia

Have you used dot stickers with your child? Your child absolutely loves them! Here are some benefits of using dot s… https://t.co/TRELqWlLAU

free joe exotic ‏@VirgoQuueen

Michael Behling is sooo fine!! I want him 😋

azzhnr ‏@Blackbubbleship

Yummy😋 https://t.co/I0kcyDbiN6

brandon mendez🥑🐝 ‏@brandonmendez5

@slimthickbri2 @eunayaramacedo Now my cock is happy after see her 😋😋

ً ‏@donquixotx

thank God we got shanghai today. 😋

Venkat ‏@venkat__kotha

@Abhinetra3 Make yourself a favor by listening to RGV's corona song😋😆 https://t.co/SvhtBiTW6y

MEKS ‏@meekmilllly

I’m actually so excited for summer 😋

◀🎼Anthony Momsen🎼▶ ‏@1979madden

Progress 💜😜😋💀 https://t.co/ayr9eDb3sE

daaanni ‏@aprsydani

@_ahsatana_ Unchh😋

956 ‏@CavazosMI

Grapefruit Pie.. What’s left of it, anyway. 😋 https://t.co/qgIWCP4hK1

tom ‏@housejrdortcool

@PlayguyJ @senpain0va your pain feeds me 😋😋😋😋 https://t.co/DgZhZ628wN

Ashley F. ‏@AshleyMarie215

Some @BWWings sounds good 😋

brianna🕊 ‏@bbrriiannaaaa

i want spicy noodles 😋

V・III・MMXIX ‏@jaaneiaa

oranges are top2 😋 especially super cold

danni baby ‏@lorraine1996__

Made some bomb ass flautas 😋😋

quin🐱 ‏@yourdbrightest

@bri6hts kare kare is 😋👍 while chicken curry is 🤢👎

maddie ➳ ALY DAY !! ‏@morehemmo

@wildfIowerlu guys calum himself is number 1 in the uk 😋

l3LACK_MIRROR🤘 ‏@Basnet_SuV

@Anushkaghimire7 Check the dp😋

Nannni ♡ ‏@arianaaranda17

I went to bed early so I can be up early. And now I’m awake 😋

Anand Dipak Shukla ‏@adshukla

hominygrill 🍌🍞 with toasted walnuts. 😋 @ Elk Grove Village, Illinois https://t.co/RPX6eekUh6

v i n c e ‏@baencentt

Omgggggg I want!!! 😋 https://t.co/0matPedU9N

Ra☥♒ ‏@clarandri

@putrinursyani PC myluvvv😋😍

Desha Bitch 🥵🔥 ‏@Destheshit

about to eat some noodles 😋

Victoria Elizabeth♡ ‏@lilmamaa420

hmuu hoeskiis. Snapchat Premium &Onlyfans coming soon😋 https://t.co/kGvlNci9yO

ًseonghwa day! ‏@jenojopp

i need a priv twt acc for what i’m about to say 😋😋

moनू मालviya ‏@Monu1512Monu

PM to nation : At 9 pm April 5 light diya or candle for 9 minutes. *Le Iyer performing the task :😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋… https://t.co/PzIu8xnhU1

SMFanBestCFinneas&Claudia🌹 ‏@Lo38027129

@Gigi9718 @ShawnMendes Soooooooooo Cute😋

Fraz Khan ‏@FrazKha40029315

@iam_risingstar Hate U to 😋

Chuu ‏@_jiwooming

@heoyooyim mmh let me taste your cook then 😋😋😋

Rej S⁷ | birth month 🌻 ‏@___jin_ri

I’m well fed now 😋😋😋 https://t.co/UBOTiwNJRK

sarrazzz ‏@asapsarra

@itsnervanaa U aree😋😋

Indigo xMaj ‏@xMajava

@ShxdoEU @IndigoArchive @c_rypt @DatDepth @VidaPrysM @Vidiziano @VidaRour @Novac__ @Austennns Will do😋

Amie Michelle Vincent ‏@amiemichelle_

I want a promise ring w a rainbow on the band one day😋

Ali ‏@ali_lynn924

going to HELL on a full scholarship 😋


@balladsmusic @itsLeemz @whoisdjamg @itsR3LL @WesFlex @im_eqal @ojpaw @djagaimo @moosubimusic @RoseDawnMusic… https://t.co/aj7VoNJHDV

hussey ‏@YUNADESHlN

@INTLGLOBALrp hi, how's life? mind to hit this hussey up? 😋 https://t.co/Q3qACEwJBo

Z. ‏@JuelsRaw

S/0 to @casielee44 my kid is stuck on Disney plus for now 😋 he finally can see all the classics

ً ‏@karenrrolle

🤤🔥 i waaAaaanT 💦😋 https://t.co/sMfsQgZhGw

Nick ‏@Cernivani1995

Hey @prattprattpratt 😋👋🏼 hows your quarantine going? https://t.co/oJ9lzm1J6o

s changroth ‏@ChangrothS

@HardikaSarda @chaihoestan @MahiNotMaahi Dimaag se paidal nahi hai mein. Jk. I’d do it anyday 😋

LiuZihan ‏@LiuZiha53979243

@NickAntonyan Obviously you failed😋

HornyLikeJasonBourney ‏@LikeBourney

@BoiAndHisBed Bet it was delicious. 😋

Jessica Prechtl ‏@JSteaff

@Wale @chelseaperetti I'm so excited to have something to look forward to tomorrow. 😋

غال جميلة ‏@XX_OriginalRedz

Anit nothing more sexy then a DICK that’s just YOURS 🤤😋

m fiesta!¡ ♡anh ‏@chaewonbloom

chaewon = gf material 😋😋

use me ‏@oyeechandra

Might just fuck around and torch my own house to impress modiji 🤪😋🥰

bdotterr ‏@bdotterr

Meg Thee Stallion mannnnnn 😋

Governor Whitmer Stan Account ‏@biguyreviews

@BGaytion @datecardpodcast Return the other two but Dustin in that dress? Hummana hummana 😋

Jhon andrade ‏@Jhonand94093475

@radxtae Mmmm😋💦 sweet pussy baby

bunny (ia?) ‏@FENTYSUH

😋 deleted my arsd that i had ready

THE LION SIN♌️🦁 ‏@Stay__nameless

@louii_gee I use to love going to the Mexican homie house after school to get my pre-dinner dinner 😋

- AFIA - ‏@DaakyeHemaa_

Hello 😋 https://t.co/pFZseK7xHF

nad ‏@nadhirasuboh_

@MRzaidramlan Or maybe 4pm? 😋 hahhaa my mom ordered foodpanda today bcs she’s already bosan with the cooking & got no idea what to cook 🤣

dvva 🌶🌶🌶/🌶🌶🌶 ‏@comomula

@oroteapot 😂 he can see how mighty his sky pillar is, so deep in his ghost bride? Prisoner? Lackey? And oh my, he c… https://t.co/BIO5V5vuyz

Pratibha Patil ‏@Pratibh00825820

@paras_army @TheRealKhabri Thanks for supporting him........😋

hangna116 ⁶⁶NeoZone ‏@hangna116

I'm surprised Haechan wrote his real name, how endearing😋😋😋💚💚💚 I really like it when NCT members call HC by his rea… https://t.co/8jnQWmUjs6

marie⁷♡s koo ‏@taehquns

the fonted dn is clapped 😋😋

Dolla$💰 ‏@ravedollas

she made me macaroni and little smokies like she did when I was a kid 😂😋

ความรักที่สดใสชนะ 🔆🐰 ‏@jiayu_jiejie

I have tried this during my visit in Thailand. Ice cream in coconut shell, it's creamy and delicious 😋 highly recom… https://t.co/iRxS3zogWG

Renee Williams ‏@Renee_W_1980

UPDATE from previous post... Coffee Icing & Walnut added topping😋 No complaints here! * * Follow the link in my bio… https://t.co/9oPm3tcAKs

thick dick zach ➐ ‏@nexuszach

@mdtativeSlutFox lol i should be serious. i been eating right so i know it’s good right now 😋

Riley Scott ‏@RileyScott14

So much new music dropped tonight 😋

Kay♕🐘 ‏@kkluvsvb

I’m a little wine drunk but what else is new 😋🍷

clump of soil ‏@dirt_mud_dust

@hinokumo_f yes sir! 😁😁 ah- but sensei, please reply to my mesages XD I want to make you something 😉😋


Now everyone leave me alone I’m on Rods wave tonight 😋

rei 𑁍 like/rt 📌 ‏@dreamdaes

stealing from the tl but how compatible are we 😋 i’m a libra https://t.co/LOBrLxwtxl

good morning campers! ‏@shemshocked

hope ur happy 😋

HarMan ‏@HPSNatt

@WhereIsMy_Food too late to comment, now tou it's already consumed😋

Katzlady02 ‏@katzlady02

@FireinFreetown Her food looks amazing. I think she’s grilling some salmon over there. 😋

Tiquaa ‏@shontiqua2

Out of all her Contacts she got this one person stored under🍆💦😋🔥🤤

Love Patricia ‏@LovePatreese

My New vlog is Up ☺️| My own version of creamy tuna pesto 😋 check this out 😍 https://t.co/0Pg6CQOd0M

Maya ‏@mayafromthebay

I’m waiting for the day I can meet @SawyerKnight in person one day... idk just something I look forward too😋

Ms. Dead Dreamer 🔮 ‏@MsJadeDreamer

@47young1 If only you were sharing all that food... 🤔😋

Danababesss ‏@prncssdnhplt_

Pork steak for today’s lunch 😋

J ‏@jjennierubyjean

@thepilarez Probably, yes? I dont even know that. Thankyou for always looking for the bright side of it. Do you h… https://t.co/HKmAmVEzlJ

Sept12. ‏@kimonijeanae_

Omg I just had some bomb ass food & cake at this party just now lmao 😋 & Liqour. I’m drunk so it was too bomb lol

Ariston Yazzie ‏@ArisToneYazzie

@VixynnErynn So Smokey the Bear than 😋😂 (I know what bears she is talking about 😋😉😂) https://t.co/6qdNk0t2aY

future-wifey ‏@gucciperks

is it okay if i call u my prada bae 😋

Tav ‏@TavvyPapi

This wine is def hittin right now 😋

Faith Coach ‏@morgymangos

Banana nut bread 😋 https://t.co/oqNU4qtXU7

ً ‏@OrigiTakeoverV2

@charliexlfc On my way 😋😎

Ravi kumar ‏@Ravikum47425814

@Joydas It is over. Now ready to bite switch board.😋 https://t.co/b7BGUHtmmH

𝐉𝐮𝐥𝐢𝐚. ‏@jooIiachoi

good aftie, pals! ☀️ how was your day? i hope it's fun because i always pray for your day to be fun and you're alwa… https://t.co/vzLIXc6O87

paola ‏@powohla

@stephaniemfc omw 😋 let me quarantine in nyc with y’all

baba ‏@victowya

Buffalo wings😋

SENIOR (/ˈbeɪəwʊlf/) ‏@Bowulf1

My family waking up to sopo 🍵😋

UFO CASE ALIEN ‏@multistagecorre

file:humans https://t.co/r3y31VF1E5 download:https://t.co/IkO53aTpM4 🔭 🌜🌑🌚 👽 #UFO #UFOs #aliens #OVNI 🛸 👽 🚀 via… https://t.co/397CWRSuty

ricky🏳️‍🌈 ‏@ancero_ricky

Mcdo for today, box of chicken+fries+burger=😋🤤

wonpil’s month 🌙💙 #day6gonball ‏@wonpilskanjang

Google your bias and your birthday and the first picture that comes up is the first look on their face when they se… https://t.co/9dUFxgGUBV

🌺Mikelia_Kallyce🌺 ‏@Mikelia_Kallyce

Craving a big jar of pickles 😋

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