Face Screaming in Fear Emoji

A screaming face with two hands holding the jaw and cheeks in fear. Wide eyes are shown with an open mouth. The Samsung version of this emoji shows a ghost escaping from the mouth.

Displayed on most platforms with a similar appearance to the Munch artwork The Scream.

Face Screaming in Fear was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😱 Home Alone

😱 Scream

😱 Screaming Face


😱 U+1F631




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Daphne 🇨🇱 🇺🇲🌊 ‏@WeezMama

@SaysHummingbird I'm not calling any names, but I think there's a serial killer n this picture 😲😱🤣

Bethany ‏@RockinRebel4

Finally got to watch the Supernatural episode from Thurs. night 48 hrs. later. Season finale next week!😱

Cherry Mae. WHY DON'T WE ‏@CherryMaeStypa1

@NewHopeReece Oh really 😱😱

ਜੈਸਮੀਨ ‏@jkaurb

😱😡😡 I’m am not happy about this WTF https://t.co/fF5qOqO542

Alex Lopez ‏@aman265

He has literally had a productive home run year for a ton of guys....it’s still April....😱😱 https://t.co/9Ir0KmhRyF

Juju ‏@Cheo_juju

@PerviousJ @InSayneHle Did he fill up the stadium NOOO so aretswe moyona🏟️🙄😱😜

Caroline Alfonzo ♉️ ‏@mainlymum

@SwiftyEJ @HeatherStip @Thehopper7 @melaniekmelvin True, I tend to go out only if I have to and always under duress… https://t.co/6bWArTo5jP

macaroon_joon BTS METLIFE LES GET IT ‏@macaroon_joon


Cleopatra the Great ‏@Jameriya

HOLLOOONNN 🔥🔥😱😱 https://t.co/YjEDDZegsP

Clayton Patterson ‏@cpat2001

with this being yelich’s 13th HR, he is on pace to hit 95 HR this year 😱#unreal

Seabass_Bach ‏@SeabassBach

Christian Yelich is insane 😱

Lee Sked #UseTheMandate ‏@CyberHibby

@davidjwbailey @Trickyjabs Man, I just got round to reading this. 😱 (if true) - taking this with a pinch of salt. Explosive stuff.

BΔK.RatherBECrazy ‏@Shits8Giggles

#VioletEvergarden 😱😱😱😱😍😭 Jan 2020 get ready to ball your eyes out! https://t.co/1j5Fq2UPIF

Ax Blumenthal ‏@AxBlumenthal

Impeachment = regime change! 😱👎 https://t.co/6XBfHibPXZ

MILFriend ‏@MILFriendTVshow

Lite🔥 it up, shut the kids and peace out!✌️ #moms #mother #momlife #momprobs #mommymeme #momhumor #mommy #funny… https://t.co/XlHtYG6GLe

Clayton Anderson ‏@canderson_7

Christian Yelich right now 😳😱

Cat Carberry-Eater of To Much Chocolate 😂 ‏@tHeRuNnInGbOoK

@Monsieur_HJ Where is this from?! 😱😱

Nicole White ‏@nlwhite0809


Chloë Leannê🌸 ‏@chloedancer_3

@ted_baker 🌸🎀Teds luggage is a luxury🎀🌸 —» My mum would LOVE this😱😍

Lula Madison ‏@LulaMadison

Sleeping with no socks on 😱 https://t.co/acWw1u8JaT

patka ‏@patisthetic13

Omg invitation to a secret session 😱 perhaps one day https://t.co/InFAC3RkLT

Lu² ‏@lulu_usmc13

@MelAhhKnee0913 Ooooooh it’s gonna be a good one😱😱😱

Whitney Bevineau ‏@WHITNEYBEVINEAU

🖕🏾 any restaurant you bout to patronize and whatever that bitch 🗣talking about cooking 😱 cause it ain't got 💩 on th… https://t.co/X130zrRAsO

Tyler Black.🤴🏾 ‏@kiiingmyles700

#Cody vs #DustinRhodes is the match I didn’t know I wanted to see until now 🤷🏾‍♂️😱😱 #aew #DoubleOrNothing

shanese campbell ‏@shanesecampbell

“Hi friends! Today we are “Kookin’ With Kye” 👨🏾‍🍳🍕 😱 Join our YouTube family by clicking the link in the bio.! We w… https://t.co/LvHjtcsJnS

Debra gordon ‏@Donniesdeva

@TheDarkSideBSB @backstreetboys @nickcarter @kevinrichardson @brian_littrell @aj_mclean @howied Session yes ok be s… https://t.co/K0jtbyKEXd

Christi ‏@cmunkey2

Don’t leave your chocolate bunnies in the car. They’ll die and come back as Zombies. 😱#zombiebunny https://t.co/pQqqr9GOqv

redd_umbrella12 ‏@ReddUmbrella12

@DGasaffan @CheChenAi @ElinorDear @CQhalila @WDimash @charlilovesyou1 @DimashIfied @fandaidido @DearStan7… https://t.co/O60xqKD26u

AmberWaves IB1 🚀💫 ‏@amberwvzz

Paging @marvinmonroe 😱😭 https://t.co/TLKMneqX5Y

Big $till ‏@StillAsWeAre

I swear my white friends gon get enough of tryna be down🤣🤣🤣😱

Ryan Jake Mahoney ‏@lionheartedx94

Yelich is a beast, 13 homers already😱

🎤A Couple Marks Podcast 🎧 ‏@ACMWrestling

@wrestlingleva stepped on the bunny........she stepped on it....SHE LEG DROPPED IT TWICE!!! .... this is a level of… https://t.co/dwdnFGo2IZ

✨✨Sandra✨✨ ‏@glitter_girl76

Hey @ShowcaseTV how dare you not show your @starwars marathon in the right order? 😱🤦🏻‍♀️ https://t.co/n0r6MdhAjo

Slim Chaby ‏@SlimChaby

@thephunion Alcohol: The list is long and embarrassing but I would say ending up in the wrong city because I passed… https://t.co/nWegnI4yav

JoeyT303 ‏@JoeMcDougal

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Shaughan - Union Thug - Abbott ‏@WhteRbbnAdvocat

@LesStonehouse Les is Home Alone! 😱😱😱😱😱😱

연탄이납치범애옹이 ‏@A3TErKVWF0V46Tp

@BTSvoteKing @BTS_twt @halsey @MostRequestLive 🏞The night is still young! Would you please play #BoyWithLuv by… https://t.co/spqPHb5oOV

Sharon ‏@sharkaymills

Scary movie night #hulu #thenunmovie #titos 😱 https://t.co/PTpOtzkrzp

Heather Buell ‏@buelldawg

@BulldogChloe My dad has been eyeing a TR6...it’s as old as I am 😱

Oldguy_54 ‏@Oldguy_54

@Taxpayers1234 @N_Fatale @AlexisinNH Beckoning someone to the depths!!! 😱

blantonsteven02 ‏@blantonsteven02

@MrJonCryer You know Jon I agree Trump is a douchebag, but we all heard Obama stated many times the seriousness of… https://t.co/V1EvS13Nnl

Johnny Ova ‏@johnnyovaaa

@ByMikeMooneyham @davidlagreca1 😱😱😱😱 20 Years!?!? wow

M ‏@00Msheep00

@MisterUbiq @jbnet211 Yeah there was a serial killer near here that fed a bunch of prostitutes over a number of years to his pigs. 🤢😱💀

ChristinaCavanaugh-Conrad ✨🧜🏼‍♀️ ‏@xtinababeee11

@Irynaaa_V Girlllll!!!!!! ❤️😍❤️😍❤️😱 id freakkkk!!!!!

Ami ‏@a_jay15

@JakeRowley15 I had the exact same thoughts this morning 😱😂

King SwitchBlade ‏@frankiecollazo3


tikitia ‏@tikitia2

@PuestoLoco @joncoopertweets Will be hard to sleep after seeing this😱

ACnatics Pangasinan Chapter ‏@acnpangasinan

#Repost @ACnatics • • • • • • Trending #19 😱😍💖. Please keep on watching and sharing ACnatics! 👉… https://t.co/XArQ9765MJ

Marie Smokealot ‏@L4V4ND4LO

📷 wild-cabins: Jackson Hole 😍😱 https://t.co/rIrOJAKGtK

Jacqui Muiño ‏@JacquiLangone

@colindonnell OMG!!! Noooo 😱😭

meredith sonneferdddt ‏@meredithsonn

Also, a “!!!!!!!” sent on its own is different from exclamation points FOLLOWING a word or sentence. I told u I was a syntax nerd 😱

Box106 Africa ‏@Box106Africa

@CNN 😱 Now this is what I call investigation

บ.บอส ‏@TR49Cn5asDhZQCN

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A-ZEE ‏@AZEENavy79

@andylassner Even the secret service dude looks healthy (Run)😱

GIO ‏@itsgiorey

Ohh! My favorite couple 😍🤗😱 https://t.co/y0mb4hLV39

. ‏@xx_monye

Chaise took this picture 😱😂 https://t.co/4gRUth3XcQ

Prati_25 ‏@ImlyzaM

She's turning 20😱 and I can't believe that😍💖 @iamAndalioLoisa

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Killua 🈳 ‏@KaptainKobe

Look at that pass 😱😤 https://t.co/MXdUWkEaQh

Old Salt ‏@NeaseBurch

Shocking😱😱😱😱 https://t.co/Q5oEriDzzr

RMisBAE4Ever ‏@RM4Eternity

#ARMYfollowARMY Some1 help plzz😱😱 I miss RM and he needs to know🤷 When is he gonna post I💜 Purple him https://t.co/xQcJvfBOpG

Box106 Africa ‏@Box106Africa

@CNN 😱 only 2, humans will never change

Kurt Webb ‏@KurtoWEBBY

@9_Moley Didn’t know you liked blokes Tone 😱

Dr. Ama Lama ‏@LamaAssassin

@Key_575 @JimSambreville Yeah, he got me as well.. Though I knew what was coming😅 'why do I keep looking at these?!'😱

Jarrett Pittillo ‏@jarrettpittillo

If I looked like I wouldn’t know how to act😱 https://t.co/sD5xK3R9fO

The Tsu Plug! ‏@TnStateConnect

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Joshua Humphrey (ZZZSomnus) ‏@ZZZSomnus

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ZedLep67 ‏@ZedLep67

DASHCAM VIDEO: Not what you're expecting during a beautiful day driving in the mountains. Or maybe it is. Scary ei… https://t.co/HdFAEf8uaB

missmoneymonkey ‏@missmoneymonkey

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Mauroh Retweets (Gaming RTs) ‏@IsMauroh

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Literally God ‏@_Literally_God_

@duh_til_oh Honestly I've thought about this a lot like who knows if my seed will become the next Hitler or Bundy or worse a daughter 😱

Ashley ‏@vshley1908

The most disturbing part of the documentary is when the liquor store owner stated "I wish there were a million more… https://t.co/Y8kvORUKIS

End of Physics ‏@STWAM99

@nokeiontext I JUST had a dream about having a K-On Shirt!!! 😱

Caitlyn ‏@superptxfruitt


Mattea Kelly ‏@matteakelly

Pros: -more genuine #content -less ppl risking their lives for #likes that no one will see -potential pivot away f… https://t.co/V3QomCKEdW

MzSphalerite ‏@SphaleriteMz

@thepoliticalcat @nycbubbles @BlueNorthTexan @todd_poirier @TheRynheart @RepCummings That is correct. Ergo, if impe… https://t.co/poyXc6qVlx

marcos yepez. ‏@marcosryepez

it's 4 2 0 today 😳 😱 but I'm not smoking weed 🌿 🍁 😏 🚬 I'm smoking 💨 😜 the bible 😇 🙏 📕 because heaven ⬆️ 😍 👐 😂 is the highest you can get 🙌 😤

Queen Muff ‏@iAm_Myeka

So Why Tf Nobody Told Me That When Boys Are Going Through Puberty Their Lil Ding Ding’s Get Hard A Lot 😱

ACnatics Pangasinan Chapter ‏@acnpangasinan

#Repost @ACnatics • • • • • • Trending #20 😱😍💖. Please keep on watching and sharing ACnatics! 👉… https://t.co/16mhsEh6sn

KiannaTan ‏@Kiannaplays

@yukc0roblox WHAT!! WHY!!😨😱😢😭

Sundays w/Sandy ✝️⭐️⭐️⭐️🇺🇸 ‏@Sandy97150526

@czarymarybum777 Go check out his / her / its page...holy shit 😳😮😱. 😶

Sheila Mc. ‏@MusingsbyShe

@SugarmanSharna He posted your phone number!? Holy💩💩😱 ! Your graciousness and *then* what he said about you being… https://t.co/GNhhx3YwBk

Joshua LeGree ‏@J_D_TheDon

when @KekePalmer said sucking and fucking in that freestyle 😱😱😱😱😱 lmfaooo

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