Shushing Face Emoji

A face asking for quiet or silence by raising its index finger over its mouth as if to say "shhh" or "shush".

May be used as a request to the lower volume, or more commonly to ask for metaphorical silence (i.e. to keep a secret).

Shushing Face was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Face With Finger Covering Closed Lips” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤫 Hush

🤫 Quiet

🤫 Shh

Unicode Name

🤫 Face With Finger Covering Closed Lips


🤫 U+1F92B


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Leilani ☠ ‏@NooshkaLeilani

Maybe people stopped fucking with you because they witnessed you being crazy FIRST HAND. IN PERSON. Maybe you forgo…

IrvinC137 ‏@irvinalcala95

@buffasspikachu Dude you’re supposed to keep it a secret 🤫

ⓐⓛⓔⓧⓐ ★彡 ‏@lexasketches


T. ‏@itsTennika

Jordyn hasn’t fumbled any bags. Have you seen her glo up. Sshhh 🤫

Trillz ‏@YoutubeTrillz

@ChronicDiaaz @jussluis You next bro 🤫

Jehovah Ruler of Kings ‏@JahrulerofKings

🤫 I did!

Mandycat ‏@zMandinha

Two BadGirl 🤫

Daphne the nymph ‏@Daphnethenymph1

As I was trying to convince him on buying a shirt I thought would look good on him, he said: “ Shhh 🤫, listen...” *…

Cam 🦉 ‏@yerm_cam

More moves, less announcements 🤫

𝖑𝖎𝖘𝖘𝖊𝖙𝖍 🕷 ‏@lissxthhh

my twitter is slow so time to mute this 🤣🤣 Just know ladies, he might get you when yall play fighting but they have…

Braig ‏@Brraig

I hate when people use the “🤫” emoji, acting like you really doin something

🅿️🅰️C🅾️ ‏@__lilrose

When I get a girlfriend I’m keeping it lowkey the relationship gone last longer 🤫

LisaJo ‏@kwropb

@bbbk365 @devilradio I certainly hope so. 🤫😉

mingi’s love hallie ‏@kingsmdc

nyc tomorrow 🤫

HOLLYelujah 💙 ‏@HollyFlores_

You Know I Like It When You’re Mad At Me 😉🤫

PuraVida ‏@iAmPuraVida

Ready for some fun in the sun!!? Get your Full Pass for only $65 👀😱🤫🙈 Just released 30 more passes but hurry once t…

Amber👩🏻‍🦰 ‏@ambermk13

@giannafolleyxox @britneylea_x You know that!!🤫

Hevelin ‏@hevmar

I believe in el mal del ojo, that’s why I move in silence 🤫

Laniya_2x ❤️🤩 ! ‏@laniya_2x

@MajorNine ... I’m loving it 🤫🔥 .

QueenOfHearts❤️ ‏@QueenOfHeartsSF

@bettersoma 💥Bam! #SanFranscico exceeds anybody’s expectations of absurdity. Tip for @SFPDSouthern - look for the l…

AnderErreape ‏@AndBwoy

@lussiii02 Real 🤫

Sassafras⛾Lea ‏@LeaAnn74586150

@itsJeffTiedrich Psst! Because his lil pee thing is old and white! 🤫

KingRo ✭ ‏@kingro916

Niggas flexing old Mercedez talking about it foreign.....nah nigga that’s a citizen 😂😂😂🤫

Woody Radio ‏@radio_woody

Would you start a conversation with the person sitting in the shitter next to you??? What if he started the convers…

Semaj-James IV ‏@TopNotch2k

#444 or #KOD ? Both continue to grow on me 🤫 #tidal

A.🇨🇺🇨🇺 ‏@alexismgu

this workout grind hyping me up on the low 😏🤫

imBACKKKK ‏@BigKoiya

plug keep kallin ima take his ass down 🤫

Christopher Lutz ‏@StarWarrior91

Why do you think Marvel is doing a one shot classic #StarWars comic featuring Jaxxon? 🤫

$CRILLA ‏@100DollarScrill

I hope Domo don’t ask no questions cuz I forgot what I was even talking about .😂🤫

tosca terán ‏@nanopodstudio

@vexedmuddler I’ve sold items off it, but actually have had Buyers contact me directly off it for many custom orders 🤫

🐝 ‏@beynicolee

@chevmonay incoming 🤫 thankq 😘😘😘

Mūfàsá Kãdį Øšmåñ ‏@mufasa8011

Don’t mind me but look at her face 🤩🥰 “ Felt like Chris and Queen on that medicine but my feelings for my girl are…

zee. ‏@coolkidzeee

Silent moves 🤫

michael ‏@olimpiee

@myrima4 and the 3800-4k widow 🤫

bri 🦋 ‏@seunsuns

@peachjinyounq yeah 🤫💖💖 a sheep

sara ‏@Sara_DaLion

another month with my beautiful ass, cute ass, pretty ass, sexy ass, goofy ass girlfriend 🤫💜

Brook Lynn ‏@sexxci_brooklyn

He has my heart and he doesn’t even know it 🤫

Him. ‏@FvoDeeee_

fuckin in private, phone on silent 🤫

Lily ❄ ‏@___DancingQueen

I've got so many projects these days ! And today my new one is a new fanfiction, my first one written in English an…

Alex Mercury 💀 ‏@fredscoolcat

@Satellite_LJP All of them cause I have around that many personalities 🤫

. ‏@yktvtays

who wanna be recognized? by @FoulOps ? 🤫

ⒹⓊⓃⒸⒶⓃ ⒷⒾⓈⒸⓄⓉⓉⓄ ‏@DuncanBiscotto

🤫 Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune; but great minds rise above them.

𝐥𝐚𝐮𝐫 ♥ ‏@ghostinluke

remember at rowyso when the lights went out, a single spotlight was put on calum and he did this 🤫 and then played…

👑💸Beauty Queen💸👑 ‏@beautygoddess95

@kinky_cutie_ Omggg girl my favorite colors yellow and I LOVEEEE your nails 😂😂 also matches my name 🤫😏😏

Brian S. Lewis ‏@BriantotheLewis

@LukeTF5 I am not 57. There are a lot of Brian Lewis’s and there’s at least one other Brian S. Lewis. I am in my mid 30s 🤫

Keith Judd ‏@KJudd11

So many wolves out here wearing sheep's clothing 🤫

Alex ‏@alexfitzy

Better atmosphere there than at Cardiff City Stadium tbf 🤫

Lytham Fire Station ‏@LythamFire

It’s been a quiet 🤫 week with just 1 🚨📟🚨- RTC make safe in Lytham. Last weeks drill saw the crew split between…

claudia🦋💕 ‏@_ClaudiaMofaz

That’s enough nigga (my side eyes ) ( totally funny bro 😉) 🤫

TC ‏@EastsideTC

You go against me you not safe 🤫😴 I swear to god why you think the other bitch quiet !!

Agent Summer ‏@agentsummer1013

@TeaTimewithKC What are the “must see” sites when visiting Ireland/California? Might be asking for personal reasons... 🤫

March For Our Lives CA ‏@MFOL_California

🗣 @March4RLivesLA just announced their first meeting of 2019! 🗣 ‼️ Los Angeles students please come out on Februar…

Tami ‏@tsmdkf

Weekend Project. Cover with mineral oil & hope for the best. More to come on the resolution 🤫

Pedro Henrique ‏@Phrr_08

@paablo0_r Junto com a @ 🤫

Bianca Carder ‏@CarderBianca

@elyzabeth1010 Soon 🤫

Community Shower MARCH 23rd ‏@beauTiNKful

Reminds me that I gotta make a slo-mo video tonight 😻🤫

™OG2🤐 ‏@oreandeglo

@gmtCobi you know how it goo💉🤫

Carlyn ‏@carlynmccarthy2

@laur_harrington Happy bday laura H !!! can’t even go rooting for pics so enjoy this absolutely terrible one 🤫 enjo…

B.Man ‏@bryanrcarballo

@LakeRaMan Interesting fact, Mr. Kroenke owns the nuggets 🤫

laurs ‏@LauraLowexx

First one done 🤫

N♡ ‏@omfnancy

shh, keep it a secret 🤫

Chubz 🦍 ‏@FrankLucas_24

Momma said gotta do something with my life 🤫💰📚

ilanijayy😽 ‏@_yvnglele_

My next relationship gon be sooo private nobody will ever know who he is. The best way to do it is to keep em private. 🤫💕

J’LA ‏@__jlaaaa

Damnn, my party bouta be big asf this year 🤫

Naturista ‏@chalkpithouse

@theslumflower I bet you are a real softie at heart 🤫

CW ‏@CoyWire

@KevinSc86173352 @ShyannMalone They told me to do that! 😂 If I were cheating I would’ve made it much more discreet 🤫

Y.S.🦎 ‏@BackEndSlime_

Im UNDERATED But Its Okay 🤫

Mila PINNED PLEASE🥺🎗 ‏@ExplicitGrantt

@sarahsuwus “Insta stans” 🤫

Mateo Alamia ‏@MattAlamia

Don’t play with me🐬🤫 @ Lonnie R. Qualls Field

💐❤️Cam❤️💐 ‏@prxttymxch_

Sneak peak at my new build!!!🤫😯 @AntarcticAnnie @BloxburgRBXNews @Ayzria @iKotoriOfficial @angiepcaps @BramP_YT…


@supermommyto5 @TeaSpillYT hush 🤫 i want to support you!

Andy ‏@Veracite_

@BHVenge @sirisFPS @JaeGlizzay @TheOneNiZMO best saug in the game, 🤫

L A L A A💕🚺 ‏@LalaaBurns

He tells me every day you gone be my wife 🤫

Alexandre Oliveira ‏@xXCarlos1987Xx

See y'all in hell 🤫👹

🔥🔥🔥🔥 ‏@Elchorizon909

Doing laps around the store so I don’t shit myself 🤫

Jordan Hartley ‏@OAJHart

Is it bad that I learnt horse anatomy just to draw centaurs? Anyways, progress on centaur for a personal project 🤫…

#UnityChris? ‏@NBACHRISSYP

@WatchUnity right here check the pinned i’m always grinding 🤫

Topher Oriel 📸 ‏@topheroriel

[email protected] and I shot something last weekend. 🤫 🔑💙

Curly Girlz ‏@supreme_shay

Moves about to go back to being in silence 🤫 🤐


@yn_hasentered @ot7everything @OUTR0JIMIN @LiveNationUK I going to do that 🤫

Jonathan ‏@jace_ingram

“You not about it” okey we’ll see 🤫

happy. ‏@hxppyR6S

quick thanks to all of the people who make my „online“ experience so Great. i dont need to tag you, you will know i…

🐝Nuts about Gardening🐝 ‏@giftedgardener0

And my last tweet from the gardens I cared for today 🤫 Don't tell the clients I take pics between weeding 🤣 Both on…

It’s Me, Pineapples 🥰 ‏@TheRealMarkitaa

@TheRealSwaize oh that’s lit well i’ll keep you updated 🤫

The West Hammer ‏@usawhu

@Isckandr7 @FutbxlEthan @FantxsticFxlipe @MailSport takes one to know one 🤫

Ev ‏@GirlsNext_Dior

😂 I spot a difference too! 🤫😩

WeFixUrPc ‏@pcsoulutions

Pc Soulutions fix computers 🤫

⚜️Jaaaaaay🌎🦍 ‏@juwan_thegreat

You broke yo promise , you was wrong for that 🤫

Christian Haynes ‏@C_Haynes70

I see you 84 💉🤫 @bowie_qb8

Jen ‏@JennaNDavis_

If I speak, I’ll get reported! So let me keep pim 🤫


All about perception 🙌🤫

MsLittleAnimator ‏@mslanimator

@nostr8answer bet the same people complaining about minority gatekeeping love Oster Project / maubox/ 🤫 don’t tell them the secret...

Domo the Stylist 💰 ‏@damonin_

everything so hehe haha now 🤫

Ronne ‏@RonneReadus

I’m coming different 🤫

Zoe🐂🇭🇹 ‏@MyTrueto23

Learn the game .. teach the game 💯 every move calculated 🤫

Ash ‏@ashleyydowlingg

All these bitches tellin liesssss, but if you know me don’t think twice 🤫

Jimmy toe drags ‏@LutzLaRioux

@HeatherLeeHiggs @AEO Shhh 🤫 I’m trying to get free stuff

RichNigga ‏@Kobe_Menend3z

🤫 don’t want tha ops find out wat we doin

Dave Goodyer ‏@GoodyerDave

@JamesCoxService @GarethWHeating @vaillantuk @vSMARTUK @SpirotechUK @andy_awgheating @nixy900 @HJAHeatingLtd…

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