Shushing Face Emoji

A face asking for quiet or silence by raising its index finger over its mouth as if to say "shhh" or "shush".

May be used as a request to the lower volume, or more commonly to ask for metaphorical silence (i.e. to keep a secret).

Shushing Face was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Face With Finger Covering Closed Lips” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤫 Hush

🤫 Quiet

🤫 Shh

Unicode Name

🤫 Face With Finger Covering Closed Lips


🤫 U+1F92B


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Vaeshon Deshields ‏@Vj_deshields

Going hard in silence 🤫💯

AW ‏@therealbigguy44

@ArenaInDaHouse @StoolGreenie You'll watch no matter what 🤫

Ginger Madison 💋 ‏@GingerMadisonxx

@AboutVirgos Stop giving away all our secrets! 🤫

Zach Freed ‏@fantasyonefive

My home league rookie/supplemental draft starts in 10 minutes. Here’s my predictions for round 1: 1.01 Burrow 1.0…

Jamie Ross ‏@Jamiearroz88

@SFigueroaNV Your comment should have began and ended with “I don’t want basketball.” 🤫

Judá GG ‏@ElJedeG

Friendly reminder 🤫💣

23 Maxx ‏@Mike_lawryyyyyy

U can’t have no bad bitch an don’t spend no pape on her 🤫

SVAvocet ‏@SvAvocet

#DockTalk according to our neighbor women don’t know how to sail without a man onboard. I can’t tell you how baffle…

Bryan Aleman ‏@CTRL_Bryan

😦😶😯#v ## yes gzb#qt🤫 XTC’s 🤭🤥🤔🤫🤗😬🤫😑😑🤥😶🥛the zfc CD f CD xx if x hcfy

👸🏾 ‏@nbxgle

some of y’all still listening to those sale associates huh? Selling dreams 🤫

P.Jefe💔 ‏@M5BN_E

Living in moment 🤫

Staying At Home Fritzy 😷 ‏@Fritzy500

They’re too loud!!! 🙉🤫🙉🤫

Darii 2 Timessssss 🔥 ‏@GloBoy_Darii

I wonder why my ex unfriended me on Snapchat 🤣🤣 I don’t even use snap 🤫

Jimmy Early ‏@TreshawnThurman

Stay Down till you up 🤫


irl i be like dont talk to me ever again but in my mind we already on dm limit 🤫

venus 🌱 acab!!!!! // blm!!!!! ‏@venusocrates

expose yourself 𝚎𝚡𝚝𝚛𝚎𝚖𝚎 𝚎𝚍𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗🤒 1. don’t have one 2. no 3. not applicable 4. no 5. no 6. no 7. not applicable 8.…

David Rose ‏@Bremyyn

@madeleinerivera Press and security....but he may not know that his handlers couldn’t even get paid actors to prete…

Nobody knows but its provocative ‏@SaucyBoyy

Ur foreign is used. I looked up the vin. I know the truth it’s no use pretending w him 🤫

kasey docena 🌱 ‏@Kas_ena

@DummarFaith 🤔👀🤫 okay fine whatever you convinced me

Kadibia ‏@theonlydibia


Lirim K. ‏@LirimKap

@alhamdvlillah Shhhh don’t tell him 🤫

Colin in The Clouds ‏@CloudedColin

@bloutgoggles Blout I finna expose you😈🤫

fuccwnidia ‏@fuccwnidia

I need ya number Nd Thts tht 🤫

Qwertydrifter007 ‏@Qwerty09254757

@roper_93 I don't want to get suspended so I'm not telling you 🤫

Vinny Del Nigga ‏@BRob_ThatGuy

@Fluke__James Cover her mouth 🤫

POISON🧪IVY🌿🧚🏿 ‏@originallySunny

Keep your shit silent 🤫

Teresa ‏@tessieejo

View this 1 1/2 hrs of important round table discussion on Q happenings...🤫🙊😱

HumanCapitalStock ‏@progavalanche

@WrathofCthulhu @BCollson @GovMurphy @NJSenatePres @SpeakerCoughlin 🤫 you’re talking sense. Murphy post replies are…

Mac Mini Destroyer ‏@MacMiniMEE

@BostonBeastMMA @DMFbelt @violentbobross @Giannettimma Bellator Bob Ross 😂😂🤫

Locken ‏@CNeth_51

I saw greatness in him during his rookie year. But y’all can keep doubting him.. he’s just gonna make y’all suffer…

unknown ‏@breezy_brixx

I do what I wanna , so I smoke too much marijuana 🐬🤫

Denise 🌸 ‏@eslned

Lowkey already might’ve bought my ticket for Mexico 🤫

Stef LaRouge🖖Trekkie Extraordinaire ‏@ToxicGingerRose

@BeezleMcFly Lol! Actually, I don't drink, or do any drugs anymore (I'm Canadian, so weed doesn't count 🤫), but I'm…

Vannieee ‏@vanlisaaaa

@BARBIEGIRLALISA Beautiful women are mostly single. 🤫

klaus mikaelson ‏@ghost1ace

Greenwood might too big for Starboy debates.. he’s 26 now. He’s coming for Bugatti soon 🤫

Pablo Nu ‏@nuphilip15

I can keep a secret in yo bitch know all about it 🤫

D.M ‏@daeyanna_

I’m about to take all of my mans hoodies 🤫

🦁SIMBA✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿🦁 {19%} ‏@simerK

Allll loud 😂🤫💀

Carina ‏@carinaxo_

I cannot wait for next week 🤫

Cak Solikin ‏@solikin_cak

@CNNIndonesia Wait For It ! 🤫

Michael ‏@Michael12027678

@Charlie_n8trlvr @great_martis Another social justice warrior 🤫

The Respected Madman ‏@KHMakerD

@BrettKollmann @alltwentytwo Running Back Did M 9/11 The M is silent. 🤫

Frausto 🇲🇽🦷 ‏@nimsay1600

Make big moves in silence 🤫

Christopher🏀 ‏@chris_sarenana

@BrendaDeDios3 @boynack123 I meannnn why not 🤫

blucciano 💙 ‏@Cairo4L

Might teach you how to beat a 🤫, if you word it right.

KingFraam ‏@KingZac44573212

I need other girls first 🤫😌

✨✊🏾🖤🦋 ‏@RiRisBFF

@__allSHEwrote Its just angles sis. I wish. Lmaooooo! 🤫😭

Desss 🧞‍♀️ ‏@globaldessy

energyyyyy 🤫

THE _NEW_GUY😜 ‏@yournewguy6

@Deothe_weirdo Try and clean the mirror when next you want to post 🤫

Calpain-2 ‏@md_wannabee

@MySystolic 🤫 up for a limited time only take your screenshots now

Dead Suite Success ‏@DSuiteSuccess

Success from 🤫

Moesha💕 ‏@moesha_lovee

@winnie_156 Lmaooooooo 🤫 shhh u not supposed to tell them

mexicano 💫 ‏@loadedjojo

demon time 🤫

dev🏄🏾‍♂️ ‏@ssodev

me and @matteomontalvo got something on the way 🤫

Honest (Neverlie) ‏@ThatHonestLad

@RockstarGames Im looking forward to next gen... 🤫

lightskinbabbbby ‏@tiahja6

Nver dumb always on tip 🤫

mjennell ‏@meljennell

@MayorOfLA @CountyofLA Don’t risk the people obtaining knowledge that would dissipate their fears. Keep them scared…

Mike ‏@michaeljashmore

@SchuylerThorpe @GovWhitmer I am a parent and my child will be attending school. 🤫

m ☾ | blm | 144 days ‏@tarasnoname

oh sorry sorry shhh 🤫

Chosen One ‏@Vonte2212

We fuck around but you gotta keep it on the low 🤫

Sherry Kingston ‏@sherrydabitchx

ps. dms are open........... 🤫😏

Nilloc Iksovop ‏@CollinPovoski

@BeberJake Shhhh we’ll discuss this more in the dm’s 🤫😂😭

Cole ‏@Mynameonsocial1

@mooregabbiee If you know you know 🤫

Q.E.D. ‏@ICANTBR08357734

@thekjohnston She is so cheap and Trump is doing her just can tell when looking at the way she walks and talks....🤫

South East Kingz FC ‏@Sekingzfc

@ainsofficial Haters gonna hate...he came, he won it, he scored...I guess his assists are pens too init...🙄...I gue…

Marleyyyyy ‏@_therealmarleyy

If these lashes last a 12 hour shift IMAGINEEEEE 🤫

David Pritchett ‏@DavidPritchet24

@DankyChavez @NancyPrentice6 @EricG1247 Shhhh. Adults are talking. 🤫

Quinte$$ential ‏@C_u_E

It’s other ways to get back at Chipotle tho been giving them HeLL 👿😂😂🤫

SavageLife Gordo ‏@YoungSpittaa

Elevation is separation 🤫

mariam 🏳️ ‏@lameredejesus

@arewafflesnice probably that i found about tame impala and it cured me 🤫

angel(a) ‏@angelawrld

@visionoutloud not on the west coast 🤫


@Mike_IBallRoss 🤫 don’t even respond

Dr. James Whitfield ‏@DrJamesWhit

Our teachers gave it their ALL this past spring in the face of a PANDEMIC! Everyone took notice, realizing those wh…

CLEO 𝐒ultra 🔞 ‏@cleogurll

Princess in de princess room , lots of kinky stuff happening up in here 🤫 @thekittenlounge #kinky #sexy #naughty…

Omar Alfred ‏@hoeuaintslick

Got some shit for y’all 🤫

Ty Dodd ‏@TheDodder22

@trillshammy’s bout to drop the hottest tape of the summer... 🤫

DAT LV Chico ‏@CityofSinfinest

@MrRichardson__ @thrillwill15 @james_martillo @FrankySports23 @KendrickPerkins Yes he won more with less in the tou…

Tee ✨ ‏@TeeWade_


whyumadhoeeeee ‏@JealousWhyu

@John_Gaybriel @chartdata @iamcardib I’m an undercover Barb chile 🤫

abzdino ‏@activdino

@AkhiKamz No way can't forget that night, cah' I gripped that mash for the first damn time 🤫

Sonya M. Colon ‏@SonyaMColon1

@MarilynC72 @ricky_martin @PedroJulio Ricky Martin 🤫 el double discurso 😉😉😉

trench ‏@trench21375264

i wish i could show my friends the clout i got from that one tweet but this accounts stayin a secret 🤫

China doll ‏@Chinado59513358

@SleepyEyeJaymes @Lukewearechange @NeilSul70388398 You are fast asleep 😴 Let me know when you’re ready to wake up.🤫

Andrew Patterson III ‏@PrinceDrew_III

No cap 🤫

Queen Kate ‏@QueenMeKatie

Just Because You Peep It Don’t Mean You Gotta Speak It 🤫

KYM ‏@KymmiMua

@ImNoelle_ Nobody has to know 🤫😂

stewart ‏@stewart87338131

@IAmManBearPig @Jimmy201999 @StephenNolan Pre intelligence 🤫

candace conrad ‏@Tre4HairStylist

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Robert C ‏@MrCortesOSX

@melissabstark @eileen_lennon @InnovativeEdu @seanmarnold @urbanfoxe @xtina_bas @StephaniePlachy @FarrellJoJo…

Abayarde ‏@HarryJr_24

@its_daniel22 @antonellaaaa__ Speak for yourself 🤫

Doctor Doobie 🧑🏽‍🚀 ‏@_MedStation_

A peak into the future 🤫 #theStationNYC 🧑🏽‍🚀🚀

Dr. Kymberli Barker ✝️🇺🇸 ‏@JustHere4DeNews

@CiapiG Ha! I love you! Thank you! I am definitely a cheap wine connoisseur; when I find one I like I buy a bunch w…

𝐎𝐦𝐚𝐫📿 ‏@OmarBustillos13

We just som young entrepreneurs 🚀🤫

Felix Hart ‏@FelixHart17

I got a soft spot for some one special 🤫

👻👻 ‏@gatacongelada

goin to sleep knowin that nobody can fuck me over 🤫

iamHER 💅🏼✨👑 ‏@xoQueen_Sha

Sha’s Glam House . . . Loading 🤫 Coming Soon 🦋✨

㋡ bri⁷𖧵 ‏@babieJhyun

@ccntdwn not @ your deleted quote tweet i seen dat AHHHH HA AHSKSBS bye 💀🤫

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