Shushing Face Emoji

A face asking for quiet or silence by raising its index finger over its mouth as if to say "shhh" or "shush".

May be used as a request to the lower volume, or more commonly to ask for metaphorical silence (i.e. to keep a secret).

Shushing Face was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Face With Finger Covering Closed Lips” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤫 Hush

🤫 Quiet

🤫 Shh

Unicode Name

🤫 Face With Finger Covering Closed Lips


🤫 U+1F92B


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♏IND🅾️VER♏️ATTER ‏@D_VersThePoet

Oooooo I’m fw it 🤫😏

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when you living like this they suppose to hate 🤫💯💰

Berta Suka ‏@BertaSugaarr

@dee_waini Its pure poetry i tell you 🤫 lol

Black Rose ‏@BlackRoseTrc

@elonmusk @upulie Please 🤫

NBA CozyBoy 🌊🏄🏾‍♂️ ‏@UpNcoming_

Somethings aren’t worth giving up on 🤫

Ms.Melimel ‏@Msmelimel85

Damnnnn you Cut the tension in that room with a knife 🤫 @GetUpCrew969

Samantha Marlatt ‏@Sam_Marlatt13

@Aylalouden Guilty 🤫

Nancioooo😈 ‏@StunnerNaaanc

Keep dat shit on da low, nobody gotta know, it’s our business 🤫💯

LONGLIVENUT 🖤😇🤞🏾 ‏@LaBugg09

My freak bitch always text me COME N PIPE ME 🤫

Steve N. ‏@TheMightyNews

Jack Ross isn’t even confirmed yet 🤫

♛K. ‏@PrettyLilKizzy

• Don’t tell anyone I told you this. Guess what? 🤫 Tomorrow is Friday! 😁 ... But today isn’t, so simmer down grasshopper. 😩

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Makaila Brown ‏@Makaila_B4

Basketball Banquet Awards: Rookie of The Year, All Region 1st Team, Best Freshman(award from Coach’s son), Varsity…

Dariana ‏@forevadarii

It’s me 🤫

Shhhh ‏@PageShhh1

I fear for my nigga cos I know when I see him next I gotta greet him with 🤫

THE WAYFARER ‏@KeytaWayfarer

Healthy green smoothy...all offset by the sinful vegan burger that was to follow 🤫

... ‏@PerezKayla67

Goodnight babe girls 🤪 — Goodmorning 🤫, but idky lmaoo

#LuyandaTheGooner ‏@Luyanda_MP

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🚫🧢 ‏@__DWilliams

If you got me I got you 🤫

Von 🏀🔃 ‏@I__Get__Buckets

@DreBradley11 @coreyLhowie13 He better than clarkson 🤫

Rober 🇧🇼 ‏@TradeMktPR

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@AymenKhakwani Its nature of people so don't worry😷😷🤫

Jeffrey Wasserman ‏@jeffwass

@12Gidget25 Thanks Bridget! 🙏🏼 Wanted to write something mathy but not too geeky 🤓 My first time using Unicode…

🏁💵MOB•LIFE🔯🔌 ‏@RoseWay720

Run it up and tell NOBODY... 🤫

njb_said ‏@njb_said

@oliverdunk_ Get outta here with your maths and logic 🤫

#FREERAY 💙♿️ ‏@whitneytichera

shoot ya shot but don’t be aggravating with it. be creative and extra quite 🤫

Priddy Average ‏@ChituwaMichelle

@Mr_Psychology Shhhh! The devil will hear us 😥🤫

Cris Mel ‏@crizteeneeta

@SmolinskiJake @Weinsteinlaw @reganslatic I guess before you sit down to work you are required to stand up, salute…

雷安 ‏@RydanH

The 👍🏼 thing about living so far from a base or the main populace & living near the 🏖 & farming fields is the fact…

Pi$tol ‏@DallasLetsGetIt

Just work the plan and be silent 🤫

L ‏@oklilymay

Omg I can’t relate more to atweet than this! But once I’m home that will have to stop knowing it will be redecorate…

Eve ‏@yadorno69_evie

@MarkDice Uhh Comey should just keep quiet 🤫. He is skating on thin ice as it is with all his lies in our faces lik…

Drew ‏@MM_OShaughnessy

@PolowDaDon_Bon Straight up too bad we can’t watch the wizards...🤫

KAE✨ ‏@kaeyonceknowles

@LxrdFredo Shhhh 🤫 I didn’t finish yet

Quiet&Right ‏@local_champion

@hi_thereASIA People be like “omg I’m from VA TOO! Richmond!” Me: 🤫

River Island ‏@riverisland

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JayJay ‏@Jayxpoza

@tracymoore_ Oh and the Snapchat filters 🤫

Jay Goonetilleke💁🏽‍♂️SBALender ‏@JG_SBALending

@BrookeWVTM13 lovely 😊 summer 👗 🤫

Ashraf ‏@LFCAsh1

In the library and my stomach chooses to start a conversation 🤫

Mike Canales ‏@MikeCanales1

@starwatchtim @indystar The Secret U.S. Classic takes on a whole new meaning 🤫

Matheus ‏@giftofmimi

@_afterIaughter Omg maybe tea 🤫

GetDoughBoys#⃣3⃣ ‏@SteadmanR

Lord , Just Let Me Be Great 🤫

✨Doyles✨ ‏@_soulstealer

@charlottdudeney Doesn’t have to be a pint.... shots of sambuca work well too 🤫

DK ‏@drwkyl

< spoiled 🤫

Cornell Stanley ‏@stanleycornell1

OUR business 🤫 ain’t nobody else business🤔💯

Kris Graves ‏@gunner7125

@tobytarrant @realDonaldTrump Plus I’m sure he’s really bothered what a mediocre radio presenter thinks 🤫

Aryn Shearer ‏@ArynShearer

I’m bringing a cat home next week and my mom doesn’t know so 🤫

Joe Ligit 🙌🏻 ‏@iamjoedam

@jblsoul Herh 🤭 madam well said 🤫 smh

Steve( wo wo wo ) ‏@steve_wo_wo_wo

@MsSkarsgaard A cup of nipple a day will keep the doctor away 🤫

Big Magic Baby 💰 ‏@magicbaby__

I ain’t gone step, bitch I’m sliding through with them poles ya dig 🤫🔫🤷🏾‍♀️😭

T. K. ‏@Tom4OKstate

@KellysNotSmelly *Pssst* 🤫 it was for full legalization of marijuana.

GĮL🦈 ‏@gilnandez_

you can get over someone by hating them but that will not make u forget them 🤫

Jaceey💎 ‏@xJaceeyx

Lol one of my ex’s hmu asking me when I’m going back.😐😂 like why is that any of your business?🤫

Justin Bobby ‏@Just_B_Clay

@E_asyDoesIt no relations 🤫

𝓔 ♥️ ‏@ericaaamazing

But ima just keep quiet & keep praying about it 🤫

We Are Luton Town ‏@wearelutontown

@LutonTown Different email address and switch IP address 🤫

Black Rose ‏@BlackRoseTrc

@elonmusk 🤐 is people really.. caring about that? I’m worried about your creative team more. It’s your fault. Lol. Jk. Just saying 🤫


Secretly @TimWestwood is actually Wolverine and his powers are shredding decks and not ageing 🤫

• Woozyy🤩🌊 ‏@fyfmn

i can tell today imma be on my g shit n not give two fucks 🤫

Osama👳🏾‍♀️🥀🤞🏾 ‏@RoseFav4L

I Really DON’T Like To Vent 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ . Rather Keep Stuff To Myself Honestly 🤫💯 ...

Ryan Snow ‏@Ryan_Snow4

@weathernetwork That’s an elephant crossing the water in this pic. 🐘 🤫

jorgia QUEEN👑 ‏@jorgia___x

@rosannanazmi_ @ShawnAccess we could whisper 😏🤫

cesarsantoyo_ ‏@cesars__

Views always the goat 🤫

Da'Nayjassia👑 ‏@naaaaaaaaaayj

@cheee_01 Which they’ll never find out 😂😂😂🤫

Every Night O’Ryan ‏@SuperDuperJamal

It’s confusing cause your flirty but you ain’t gonna be the one who gon ever said you did me dirty. I got pride for…

showoutgirlz ‏@showoutgirlz003

you know ALL THEM HOES gone do the most . but you know HIS BITCH gone sit back and remain KING about this shit . 🤫👑

Destiny ‏@deswest___

Reminiscing to my birthday 🤫

Yusuf Hameed, MD ‏@yusufhameed

@pkhoopster Problem for $HMNY is poor corporate governance by Ted Farnsworth and Mitch Lowe. You can't be CEO and r…

TRAPTA$TIC 🥀 ‏@trap_tastic

big factss 🤫

Sykotiq ‏@sykotiq_chwk

@Mbava_Job @Sipho_Xokiyane @AdvBarryRoux There’s a taxi fleet owner living at Umlazi hostels ! Bt ke! 🤫

OLLIE . 👳🏽‍♀️ ‏@xolliexo

Starting today. 🤫👌🏽

alisonbennett ‏@alisonbennett25

@TODAYshow @president Trump 🤫 Keep silent and in your lane. Your comment sounds ridiculous.

Buck$ ‏@yousospicy

i was dead broke man no excuses fuck nigga ion wanna hear bout it 🤫

KingCash ‏@CallMeKingCash

My 2018 goals ⬇️ 1k subs on YouTube 500 followers on twitter 🎮🤫👑 #grinddontstop

Stacey Moore ‏@staceymooreart

Something exciting is about to happen 🤫 @TheBrooke @AlfLittle @hannahrussell26

Goof ball🍬 ‏@craziimya

Miami this weekend 🤫

Wasai 🇬🇭 ‏@rashidwasai

This summer will be huge for me 🤫

ALCapone♊️ 🦅💯 ‏@TrustNoSoul_

I barely reached my peak 🤫

Amru Nosu ‏@AmruNosu

@producerknj Theres no arabic why are ppl fighting srsly just enjoy the album 🤫

Kennedi Sierra ‏@KENibe_yours

@tylerganggg Lol shush 🤫

Ellis Williams ‏@_EllisWilliams

@celebraty Dunno what worse the fact you’re trying to Grief me but call me beautiful or the fact you’re that sad yo…

காமினி தியாகராஜன் ‏@_Kanmanii

When someone , someday treat you the same way as you’ve done to me . Let’s spread love not hatred 🤫. Dengan setulus…

Candice ‏@C103_

The comedy game is vicious 😂😂i ain’t know a bunch of he he ha ha mfs would be so cut throat😂🤫

🧖🏻‍♀️ ‏@kaileysanpedro


Reiss ‏@reissgm9

@levistephenson9 just firm you loss bro, you and your one man team are done outere 🤫☘️

zah ✨ ‏@xozahira_

Leo : I’m sorry you’re upset but it sounds like you might be jealous 😜😎🤫😬

SABRINA LOUISA 🍒 ‏@sabrinalouisax

@TJ50011 I haven’t been to the gym in over a week 🤫

Lauren Cooper ‏@LCooper4__

Move in silence 🤫

Midas Touch ‏@SalonMidasTouch

Have fun in the 🌞🌞🌞 but don't forget to protect your skin. You can still get that sun-kissed glow the safe-tan way.…

SureReality | Re*Sisters 🌊 ‏@SureReality

@mopeng @911CORLEBRA777 @tzeggers @thespybrief Don’t tell any politicians over there...🤫

Keyasia Zy’kira 😻 ‏@badbtch_keyy

You want it, I got it 😅🤫

Yolanda ‏@___delasoul

He’s a kid 🤫

Bryce Bevins ‏@bryce13131

Ego is the ENEMY #SayLess 🤫

ScottiGrateful ‏@SPimpinn

It’s getting closer to Friday 🤫😬

DreDeeeezyy ‏@deandre_durden

Look Who Managed To End Back Up On The Bird After 3 Years 🤫

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