Face With Head-Bandage Emoji

A face showing a bandage wrapped around the head. Used to show someone who has been injured.

Differs from the face with thermometer, which is for a common cold or illness;  or the proposed nauseated face, which is green, appearing as though it may be about to vomit.

Face With Head-Bandage was approved as part of Unicode 8.0 in 2015 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🤕 Bandaged Head

🤕 Clumsy

🤕 Injured


🤕 U+1F915


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TexasSon🇺🇸WAKEUP🙏 ‏@Smoochie6005

Looking at my Twitter tonight and I had a bunch of WEDNESDAY stuff so I snapped at that it was Friday. Wrong again… https://t.co/gjqQ340I4s

Nasi Goreng Putihan ‏@antiazahra

Every 'first thing' 🤕☻

Hail.Manda Still ‏@Mandz4Real_

Only I Can Have A Headache& Maintain It Through Out The Week.... 🤕


last call to do this before i unpin it and post the final update🤥it lowkey flopped but 1the9 stan twt is small so 🤕 https://t.co/hHBU1DAH6m

Sam🔥 ‏@SameeraSpeaks

@aniqa_bhatti Can completely feel the pain 😓🤕

PG ‏@Panch_garibay10

If only this shit was that easy 🤕 https://t.co/1ZQhfgB9O7

Ja-Me-Lee-Ah🏳️‍🌈 ‏@IamMeliaa

I Had To Stop Living For Other People, Because When I Won We Won ,But When I Lost I Was On My Own .🤕

Louise ‏@imLouiseJuan

Yooo when did i tweet thisss lmaaaaooo 🤕

Oracle Components FC ‏@OracleCFC

📋 Here’s how we line up for today’s Semi-Final 🆚 @HighlandsFc! ⚽️ 🔄 A couple of changes to the Starting XI this we… https://t.co/UXD1voBFwv

Louis ‏@LouisPartington

Fully wrote myself off working today 🤕

C ‏@CalRM_

I know she thought she had a hit 🤕💩 https://t.co/i6zDThZJiZ

TJSavage❣ ‏@_xHisChocolate

Feel like I’ve been up for a long ass time.🤕

Clement ‏@Clement69094738

@akua_ohenewaaa I just heard that one day all the slim girls might disappear 🤕

Me, Self, & Rockoo ‏@ModernDayROCKOO

Bro I’m so mf 😓🤕

Martin Camacho ‏@mcamachoh98

While everyone catching them Zzzs, I’m over catching fades with crackheads 🤕

Sean Ford ‏@SIGH4dakin

Haven’t left the state in a year... feel like I’m serving a sentence 🤕

tee ‏@gttseungri

there's like one post about it 🤕

frances june (戴艾茘) ‏@francesjunete

Chest discomfort secondary to stress secondary to internship 🤕

em b ‏@embaldwinx

Need to stop consuming so much alcohol 🤕

Blueberry ‏@lilyros85624885

@ningyo227741 I am working all day 🤕😣

Gresford Athletic FC ‏@GresfordFC

TEAM NEWS: A few of our regulars are out today. ❌ @JoeNewton_7 - unavailable ⛔️ @Tomfree17310577 - suspended 🤕… https://t.co/lCVXyNZ3o5

Dels ‏@itsdelshel

I only planned to use premiere but now I’m on after effects too and I can see lightroom and photoshop in the distance 🤕

princess🌸 ‏@ssrose_x

@Former_Prince 10% in 5 years is not a blessing at all 🤕

SiwatNapatn_浪韬 ‏@SNapatn

@gunnapatn @perthppe @Mmarksiwat @m34nismind So baby finally had dinner.🤕

𝑫𝒊𝒏𝒆𝒐. ‏@carol_dhii

Can't believe this guy came to sit next to me just to annoy me... 🤕😭😩

🍃🍃Karen🍃🍃 ‏@dropfootfrog

I went to urgent care yesterday turns out I have the flu. 🤕 I guess my flu shot wasnt enough to protect me. I hot l… https://t.co/9oeE9xNKBW

Soph✨ ‏@sophyh_

If lizzie gets cuffed before ibiza I swear to god I'm killing her 😡🤕

d.❥ ‏@chillldess

really just had that crazy dream..🤕

zuly #WEAREHERE #JUS2 ‏@notzuly

@nadia_jellylove if you read yunho's pov u would know 🤕😌

Harold Siyaya ‏@HAROLEGEND

Kusal Perera has just played one of the most remarkable Test Innings in the history of the game. How have we lost this Test match?🤕 #SAvSL

May. ‏@MaybeItsMamie

Let me get ready for work 🤕

spacekaseCLT ‏@kase3k

@alyssaruane Saaaame 🤕

Jaycxx ♡ ‏@JaycBatchar

Unlimited crabs & shrimps. Lord 🤕

i'm kai; ↷ #March4th. hobiuary↵ ‏@s0ftuwus

So.. what's ur name, age && birthday?? i just know yall by ur @ tho..🤕👉👈

Paddy Jarit ‏@jaritpt

...and if you fall and get a boo-boo 🤕 I know someone who can fix it! 🤓 https://t.co/W6ePylz0wl

𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐥𝐚 ‏@plutonamgi

AND in his more recent videos he seems to have changed? like i watched a video where he said ‘n-word’ and not the a… https://t.co/VkSwChEXpx

Muhammed Nabeel Ghori ‏@GhoriMuhammed

Fever 🤒 and headache 🤕.

TSHEPI MORELIFE ‏@tshepisomolefe0

Cricket 😫🤕

MmaMotse 🍭 Gofiwa Basima 🦋 ‏@Bibie_g

@theleratobelow On most days I force myself to eat. I hardly ever have appetite. Most of the food I cook ends up in the bin. 🤕

' amareah ' ‏@aqqlandmarr

I Don't Kno Where My Head At ,, One Minute Im Happy Tha Next Im Not 🤕 .

amahle amantombazane 🌹 ‏@AmahleNgwane3

@zimesimelane The little boy freaked me out. 🤕

Fuego ~ ‏@Mangwala1

The trousers 🤕 https://t.co/GzL9S9Rsy7

Cheyenne ‏@fucckinmess

exfoliating masks and laced blunts 🤕 https://t.co/guTqnNnlBB

mells ‏@melissavqxz

Lmao my dog really just looked at me like that and then looked back at the tv 🤕 https://t.co/afWsV3UiTu

ETGF 🙏 ‏@Iam_samanii

@DJSPINALL @inecnigeria The news was aired around 1a.m not even a day @DJSPINALL themma jokes 🤕

Debs ✨ ‏@deborxh

Ngl I have never come across a girl who thinks like this, such backwards thinking 🤕

Rick Roberts ‏@RickyBobby1872

@Simmy41 The caring city 🤕

alexxa, two x’s 😎 ‏@alexxajeshawn

@andrewgilll not willingly 🤕

elyathegr8 ‏@elyathegreat8

I just don’t want you to get hurt 🤕

Rexlin ❤ ‏@itz_rexlin

@deepa_vj Boring da 🤕

VonDonLulHoee ‏@VonDonHxe

I Think I Got Food Poisoning🤮😢🤕

Noha :') ‏@NohaHamouda

Why am I so stressed and tense like this ? 🤕

home10thwin ‏@kjivocals

@kyvngmyeon they could’ve kept her 🤕

Chiseled ♋️ ‏@ZHerb___

Dude all ya so wrong, with ya cheap asses not wanting to tip. “Get another job” lmao ya sad ass penny pinchers. Ple… https://t.co/3lVQqamV0i

allison ‏@_abrown05

@emilyymcbride @brookieebeth That was the most horrible tutorial 🤕 yikes

Bakeeee ‏@__SmokeahontaS

Just Bust My Ass So Hard iGot A Headache 🤕

CRYPTONETWORK1 ‏@cryptonetwork1

@AltcoinSara Indeed 🤕😞

communist stoner ‏@dsativa99

Real moms wait til the weekend to get sick 🤕😩😢 #fml #creepingcrud

Mikhile A. Williams ‏@MindOfMikhi03

@nate_sterling @DomHThompson @CopycatDan @Angelo3000k Rah woke up to a madness 😂😂🤕

t ‏@cloudsbobby

bye see you in 4 months or less. please dont unfollow me 🤕 https://t.co/Wd5vTlAlws

AHMD. ‏@SoWhatBlowMe

haven’t we all been thru enough omg why am i sick now 🤕

𝐣𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐚𝐡 ‏@TheLifeofJai

not feeling it today by camila cabello is my aesthetic dont @ me 🤕

Manuel ‏@HeroHenshaw

@_WOL3 @Osastheking @Oluwa_kayinsola @BadGuy_Skinny @ademide_g @Tomiii_i What did I do to you? 🤕

ComedyKilledMe ‏@KilledComedy

@eicarttracie Worth it 🤕

Limited Edition ‏@kellynicolas

Almost every february he got injured 🤕 https://t.co/qGr4nYa1Ji

your fav 💕 ‏@TiyangP_xo

I just realized I lost my Vaseline 💔this is so unlike me 🤕.

Jha’brea.b ‏@oshantiij

i hope one day we embrace it and never let them take it 💕🤕

okiecontreras ‏@okiecontreras1

Why takeoff always got a hard ass flow? 🤕

light skin keith sweat ‏@rbc3x

I feel ashamed for forgetting how elite So Far Gone 🤕

Sunnyside Gardens UK ‏@SunnysideN19

Very fine specimen of an urban 🦊, tho missing a tail 🤕 (local #nature near ⁦@SunnysideN19⁩.) #Archway https://t.co/zVWDbjvmlh

Lesley Thomson ‏@MrsTsixtysix

@LeeMadgwick I’m bedridden too 🤕 https://t.co/8ucV5buD7u

böchök ‏@JDexJ

In desperate need of a full body massage😷🤕

imani 🍯 ‏@colormemanae

I just can’t believe me, I have the worst luck ever 🤕

rome ‏@bIondfelix

guys 😳😳 problematic man🧔🏻💫tried to threat me 😰🤕 https://t.co/9kNxwOQM8C

ol ‏@olivergandy_

benny L just blew my head off in my own living room 🤕

Stanley Sausage ‏@hamishroza

Mums not happy with me 😏😏 I’ve just terrorised next doors cat 🐈 ( @Fonz_ would be proud 👍) The only physical action… https://t.co/ufCTDno3I2

Son ‏@Sonia_co_uk

Especially when they’re different genders 🤕

Ken Teken ‏@1ncu8us

@Talk_2Abby Ouch! 😡 I'm not surprised - someone else suggested that. 🤕

/////// ‏@gorgeousehs

A sudden headache 🤕 geez, people!

$krilla Tha Sovereign 💎 ‏@Tone2Timez

30in. ona foreign sliding wit dis 30 on me 🤕 I be on my vamp shit 🧛🏿‍♂️ up until tha early mornin

☝🏾 ‏@MDB_Omi

@jojo_zapata She been dirt 😂😂 “Oppiana” 🤕

JET ‏@HunchoJACK747

@Dev_Durant I’m drunk still I quit drinking yo 🤕

زریاب ‏@BrownParisian

@rajabm94 Indeed, it’s sad he got injured in 2015 else we could’ve beaten Australia with him & Wahab 🤕

e l i s e 🍯 ‏@_looneykicks_

@lysalyss1 make my skin crawl 🤕

ANGEL ‏@_neliyooo

@Former_Prince it’s risky tho... one time i almost fell in love 🤕

maliyah 🥰 ‏@Maliyahhhhh

ion have the appetite to eat shit but yogurt 🤕

Jack McCoubrey ‏@JackMccoubrey

Rugby > my body this morning 🤕

nas ‏@bpcultes

@HSYMMD i’m done 🤕

stelly♋🇩🇲 ‏@estellej_xox

@EmanKellam @alekona666 She's what!? PREGNANT?? 🤕😂😂😂

ashley ‏@AshleyBorgonia

Can this sickness go away so I can get back in the gym 🤕

Kgoshi ‏@Android_leo

Lemme go see if I can still lift weights😭🤕

bm x ‏@BaileyMcmanus

@JakGardiner don’t kid yourself, take a day off jak 🤕

BRATZ ‏@__SashaDoll

@FlSpearo_Nate @konteter it’s 7:33am and your thinking about me billy bob 🤕

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