Face With Medical Mask Emoji

A person with a surgical mask on their face, generally used in a hospital setting, or when working with dangerous fumes.

Also seen in public places (primarily in Asia) to avoid sickness, or spreading disease. Windows 8.1 showed this as a dust mask, which has been fixed to show a medical mask in Windows 10.

Face With Medical Mask was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😷 Bird Flu

😷 Doctor

😷 Mask Face


😷 Sick

😷 Surgical Mask


😷 U+1F637




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robert pearce ‏@robertp54542472

@IlhanMN You the dems r bent as a nine bob note , let in rapes and drug s keep that wall up and keep them out 😷

Lamar Yoda ‏@LamarYoda

Luka is 89th in the league in Assist to Turnover ratio. 😷 worse than Michael Carter-Williams

Tommyb826 ‏@Tommyb8261

@tracylynn0220 Ohhh wait...😷

Heidi Marsh ‏@HeidiMarsh

It’s a new day in Real Estate! 😷 I’m excited to show this gem 💎 of a home a 3 Cliff Trl to these buyers! They won… https://t.co/gRwvb9eywZ

Aliza ^Holiday Baking Stan^ Pearl ✊🏾 🇵🇷 🖖🏾 ‏@AlizaPearl

Uhura’s Angels show what 6 feet and Not 6 Feet looks like. Only missing our cloth masks 😷 @YurisNight Live is onli… https://t.co/NQlPdxyU7x

Brian Rocks ‏@BrianRocks1964

New life, shoots of recovery, the balance of nature😷 #hope https://t.co/yqtJhbDDSi

Donna Rapado ‏@DonnaRapado

Sigheow.... I guess you're right. Such are these days. 😢🙈😷 https://t.co/W8Hakb12gB

frankgotti ‏@franckgod

Ion give a fucc Sunday we having a cookout 🗣 but still wear ya mask😷

RJ Barath ‏@RJBarath

Always be polite and just don’t be nasty 😷 You be the reason to make someone happy 😃 #KuttyStory

Chris Creamer - SportsLogos.Net ‏@sportslogosnet

Pandemic or not, I still gotta support the team 😷 @BlueJays https://t.co/ymvxOPWD5Q

Ambivalynt ✌ ‏@SquidFroYo

@BarackObama Thank you Mr. President. Good lookin' out. 😷 Class is in session, Dumbkist. https://t.co/rqDe2Gn3uZ

MOJOMAN ‏@goal4best

@blunted_james Surprise sales have not shot up ,with Everybody hoarding toilet paper🤪😷

David Wagner ‏@WagnerDavid

Does anyone else feel like you're smothering when you wear a mask? I can barely stand it. I can't imagine how hospi… https://t.co/ZGJEIbU4e4

LDee ✝️🇺🇸 ‏@LDee_Calif

@Coltsfan2306 Go call the doctor.....🤷‍♀️😷

Geoff Bansen ‏@WeatherGeoff

Here's your 2PM Doppler sweep. We're still tracking rain & #SNOW showers across W. #Connecticut this afternoon. Wh… https://t.co/qNZx20A6LE

SUNO FM 89.4 ‏@SUNOFM894

Let's Fight COVID-19 Together 👥 💯Tips To Consider 🙌 Wash hands frequently. 😷 Wear mask. 🕴️| |🚶 Keep social di… https://t.co/fUAj8ybR0n

Adam Picard-Knight ‏@KnightPicard

@Sandyann641 It sure is. As it's these people who will know doubt be rushing out to the coast Sun, Mon. Sunbathing,… https://t.co/ZgreF7Z7p9

Y♡ ‏@yenihqz97

Please😷😂 https://t.co/WJnXwhIyIS

Triggered By Trump ‏@TriggerdByTrump

“Everyone has been so amazing” Yes, they’re doing their jobs! Why aren’t you? #TrumpISResponsible 😷

IKECHUKWU ‏@Game54376379

@plentykwanta Don't cough oooo 😷

Jam Jars 💔 ‏@jamienickidee

i think the biggest red flag a man has ever showed me was when he said "moe's is better than chipotle" 😷😷😷😷

Packet 802.11P ‏@PacketFox

Hey @Google, turns out face unlock really isn't useful when your wearing a mask 😷. Shame the Pixel 4 doesn't have a… https://t.co/IsfVLpZyKl

@ℑ.𝔞𝔪.𝕻ø𝖑ýℭ𝖆𝖗𝖕🔥🇰🇪 ‏@Nyaberih_

So we are netflixing na huyu dem hataki kuweka Nywele yake ponytail😒ama kutoa sighns za Game ya God🤒😕😷 Movies are a scam😂🚶

Jaydan Amundson ‏@jaydan_amundson


jackey d ‏@jackeyd

@keeylyme Aww you’re so sweet!! Thank you. Be safe if you’re going to post office 😷

💞Maleeha Shoaib 💞 ‏@Izzat_Ma_Aab

@Theomerbutt yh dua mry hazoor ny 6 mahiny phly ki thi 😷🤓

AyeitsmeRog ‏@Forefather2003

I should be in Edinburgh right now. Bloody virus 😷 ruined my plans

D ‏@quatermass3

@certiunkxwn @jeremycorbyn Rubbish!....all countries are running short!!..do your homework!!...maybe your supplies… https://t.co/WhVw2ylFVF

maco ‏@maco05636886

😷😷😷🙏🙏🙏 Children learn through observing Adults should set good examples for them 👏👏👏👏👏

💪🏾Kelly#ADOS/ST.PETE FL👊🏾 ‏@kelly50164142

Because he wasn't wearing a mask!!!😷ridiculous-- https://t.co/IHgvtxnltS

@brownbear ‏@roBrownbearb

My husband and I have said those very words. Husband ( 82ndairborne) me,A Vietnam Gold Star Sister 🦅 one of many 🌻🥀… https://t.co/gf1MRmB3GK

Joan Moody ‏@JoanMoo54646202

@DrAmirKhanGP Stay safe. You are an ispiration. ❤️🌈😷xx

preeti kaushal ‏@kaushaldp2

@ashokism Sir, I work in software company and our product team is based out of Shanghai. Rozi roti ka sawal hai 😷

Monica Clarice ‏@Monica_Clarice

@dandrasimmons How is your mom doing during this crazy time 😷 ? Hope you all are doing well !

Mary Christa Carbonneau ‏@carbonneau_mary

Early Corona briefing on CNN and MSNBC....HELP🥴😷😩😌🧐😝☹️😔😣😖😩😫

Fans of Nargis Fakhri ‏@vanessafakhri

@asabere_solomon @BATMANhoot @vanessafakhri 600 Followers on my Twitter account please😷😷

Rochelle P ‏@Roportm

How is it they tell people get off and they aren’t WEARING A 😷🤔 https://t.co/8HEJol2nW4

swt hrt ‏@MirrSee

@soloMenez @toolzbabe buses are soo dirty tho 😷

Beat 99.9 FM PH ‏@thebeat999ph

#DriveTimeShowPh with @alanthebeat 😷 ▶️Like dis like [email protected] #GoodFriday #GoodVibrations https://t.co/u4nzicLKgj

Rich Hannigan 😷 ‏@RichardVeii

President Trump delivers good news on Good Friday! I think there is a connection! 💞😷🥼🙏💞 https://t.co/8MsHV1n9dH

Rhonda V. Williams ‏@rhondajean0526

Hiking at High Falls! 🥾 🐶 🌲 😷 #highfallsstatepark #hiking #bassetsofinstagram #bassethound #socialdistancing2020 @… https://t.co/jPHTKA0Ejw

ghost baby! 👻 ‏@hailsofbullets

i bet he smells like mothballs and stale sweat 😷 https://t.co/qCUsta2n7F

Your Guardian Angel 🇺🇬 ‏@TobiasWhales

@nat_rickie Rickie show me around 😷😷

- ‏@xsummerx1904

I’m really sick 😷 fml

Smarie 🦋 ‏@ShawnRobb3

@maddow @maddow Wisconsin hospitals only have 7 days of PPE left at best. Have @GovEvers on please...we need it asap!! 😷😥

Stephen Smith ‏@smiggy6773

@piersmorgan Tory government not acting sooner getting PPE for these brave NHS staff. They knew this virus was com… https://t.co/55TULbapcv

Loading ‏@lordferragamo00

My cellmate 💙 Quarantine day: I’ve lost count 😷 https://t.co/c8XiQnWKhU

Cherize ‏@cherezze

I’m surprisingly doing alright so far check me on day 76 😷🥴 https://t.co/zknvj1Eikk

Sinister JSIN ® ‏@SinisterJSIN

😷 🚫🙌🏽 luv this. great idea. Rite Aid. 🏆🥇 @riteaid Newcastle DE help stop the spread of #COVID19 https://t.co/3iuwS8LVPM

•K✨ ‏@kxurtney_

i just wanna know if we are going back to work april 30th or not 😷

錢科 ‏@corey5048

Top story: @rys_bartosz: '患難之交🙏🏻🎁😷 500 thousand face masks just arrived in Poland donated by our friends from Taiwa… https://t.co/JdXrUCH93b

luna ‏@lunaqueenkitty

@orgasmdotng @PelcinemA_ Like butt naked with your weeny dangling 😷

Aeronotiqz © ‏@AeronotiqzInfo

Can you dance and looking to go viral?! @STGDMoneyTurnUp is shooting the music video to unreleased track “Money D… https://t.co/ilYzByYHx3

inés ✨ ‏@berryburritoss

el whatsapp 😷😷😷

Whatever ‏@chalodafahojao

Don't forget to put your mask on.😷

Janus Rose, Post-Apocalyptic Delivery Dyke ‏@zenalbatross

Quarantine Day 32: - the cute girl at the grocery store can’t tell i’m smiling at her under my mask - can’t spit… https://t.co/2ZNGQQNedB

mark greenfield ‏@gingermark666

@mlleSilhouette He will have a strong wrist 💪😷

Flatten the Curve 🆘 ‏@colemarie

@richb59oncemore @GerryConnolly Soldiers overseas do it. Oregon does it. Are you a bot? Vote by mail has been arou… https://t.co/LKyW2mKpqU

Wayne ‏@whiteboi311

@ItsMightyGoat Could play* im drunk😷😵😚 #COVIDー19

Thomas ‏@Rom_TAlan

Not parsing words here ... but djt just said that he is happy with only 60,000 deaths. Whether it could or will be… https://t.co/5WVZdSUyEX

bobfrost (nbLittleGem) ‏@bobfrost

@IainDale @LBC @Dr_Ellie How many NHS deaths. Back of envelope. 1.3 million employees = c2% of UK population. 89… https://t.co/PR9Ovu0ilh

Anoti Abbey ‏@sptaa__

Niggas no de wear masks 😷 on these streets anymore

Coronavirus Disease Tracker 🤖 #COVID19 ‏@COVID19Tracker

🕕04/10 18H #COVID19 #Coronavirus 🌎😷1,650,210 🏥1,605,640 💀100,376 👍368,669 🇺🇸😷475,749 🏥431,179 💀17,925 👍26,645 🇬🇧😷7… https://t.co/3D3scYrSCu

Canadian🇨🇦Maple CCRN ‏@ICU_traumaRN

I saw a lady biting her nails at the grocery check out. 😷 🤮 https://t.co/ytGbyi802H

SimpleaRock ‏@RockSimplea

WHAT YOU NEED KNOW ABOUT THIS OUTBREAK ASAP! 😷 | This Video Will Leave Y... https://t.co/6SjHNm55dN via @YouTube

Lexi😜😜 ‏@lexilexVlone

#QuarantineLife Day 34:😷🦠🧪It’s lasting way longer than expected and I want to keep helping out🤍! I’ll be sending th… https://t.co/5TZABNH6cF

Judy Ponderosa ‏@SwankMouse

Right ?!! 😂😁😷 https://t.co/9IDeQ09e5j

🇮🇳राष्ट्र-प्रेमी🇮🇳 ‏@_A_R_V_I_N_D7

When someone go outside without wearing mask 😷😷. Virus:. Tere me kis baat ka attitude hai bhai ? 😁😂😝… https://t.co/j1oWarPfpe

Dr Zania Stamataki ‏@ZaniaStamataki

@double_whammied @guardian Thank you for your kind words 😷♥️💪

Lauren Thomas ‏@laurenthomas

I spoke to the CEO of DTC bag company ⁦@CARAASPORT⁩ about how/why it pivoted to make non-medical-grade masks for wo… https://t.co/bNY5q4TGAz

paula and Dillon 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ‏@paulathene

@PointlessBrexit China did it 😷🦠get a grip 🦠

Ronwe ‏@Ronwe7

@AnikaFrancisca Thanks, be safe, take care, 🌹🌹 😷😷😷😷🌹🌹I love red ....

Seth Hernandez ‏@Setha_Saurus

Also it came with a Kaskade Mask that I will now wear at all festivals. 😷

Torp £ (Torpyoung) ‏@Torp_E_

@LekkiHoodFinest I no dey talk much, E get why 😷

Carlos Alberto Laux Guillen ‏@Kaka_Laux

😷 em Brazil https://t.co/z3vfyJ2kcX

medmask.co.uk ‏@MedmaskU

@_melgaunt Agree, more positivity and more preventative measures 😷

GrabCAD ‏@GrabCAD

Grab it: Face Shields with 3D-Printed Visors Model 😷 https://t.co/cq0KOItFlp COVID-19 protective equipment is urge… https://t.co/H7TFk6NceK

k💫 ‏@kajalch07

@ViratBomB @BeinGasH18 @anilSmsd7 and one more. Lucky to have them in my life.❤ (DON'T TAKE THIS TWEET AS BUTTERING) 😷😂😭

Lacey #VoteBlueNoMatterWho #Equality4All #PRU4life ‏@lacefire7

😠Well tweeps the insanity continues. 320 Covid-19 masks that I ordered in march are stuck in china because the mali… https://t.co/5Yc4EABCk1

Magnificently Huge ‏@MagHuge

😷New! EP130😷Gen-X Takes A Sick Day In which we pick our favorite game from The Price Is Right & wax nostalgic abou… https://t.co/PbNpUFRshD

Roman ‏@RomanUshakoff79

#COVID19 10.04.2020 😢It’s more than 100,000 deaths already and 18,000 in USA? And it spreads so quickly in Russia… https://t.co/4IjrtSy8dz

@SashaBanksWWE is the real deal. ‏@BacksWillSnap

//. Replies might be a little slow. Not feeling so good. 😷

Six Times ✋🏻☝🏻 ‏@007VVD

Why do girls use lip fillers? 😷

Bella Dawn ‏@BellaDawn01527

@ABCWorldNews Give public transportation workers MASK they too are exposed daily to the people’s germs y the invisi… https://t.co/FDbCeMZFF7

Dakk O'Day ‏@Dakk_Oday

@BoSnerdley @WashTimes Everyone is saying hell no 👎 to certificates. Most people said hell no to masks 😷just a few… https://t.co/HgfGJsbuKG

Yaway ‏@yawayglobal

“They’ll never keep us down!” 🙏🏽🖤💪🏽 #mamafrika | #studiovibes ✊🏽🎶☀️ 👑dj_idem x @yawayglobal 👑 . . . #afrovibes… https://t.co/tEdTNy5ycm

Debi #teamhope ‏@DebiCallow

@VWurm68 That would be ... get well 🙏😊😷💞😎

Meghan Blaze ‏@LuLaLove_meghan

@CashApp My #cashappinbio is there! 🙏🏽🤞🏽 😷🤒😭 $MeghanBlaze

Jeanne Cohen ‏@jeanne2400

@thehill @AOC Please put your mask back on & remain silent!😷🤫 Those campaign donations were designated for a specific purpose!

Dan ‏@RiddimMeThis

It’s now mandatory that I wear a mask while working😷 https://t.co/9ppX0owMXD

Glasgow City of Science and Innovation ‏@cityofscience

In our newsletter this week.. 😷@Kelvinside1878 Innovation School produce PPE 🖥 @NHSGGC use technology to brighten… https://t.co/Le4VgcgpoK

Phani Shankar ‏@phanishankar

@parikhm Privacy 😷

Mpumalanga No. 1 ‏@Stronger_m_sa

@_Hybreed_ Sitsi Lion King Abo Pumba 💃😂😷

ThatguyNasir ‏@ThatguyNasir

@_uyuyuiii @BigLeonard_77 “The nasty shit water”😷

The Future Is Female ‏@femaleisfuture_

We are all in this together and we are one day closer to putting this behind us 😷 @thesim_pod @CookinWithGrief… https://t.co/SWMgp9mfiI

Sbootcamp FinTech ‏@sbcFinTech

👨‍💻@afontao, @Finnovista Co-Founder & Managing Partner, refers on how #Innovation and #Fintech accelerate the econo… https://t.co/PHVxGjngTH

GurBaaz Singh SaNdhu 🦅 ‏@bazsinghsandhu

@AlishaSpeak 😷 I hate smokers

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