Face With Medical Mask Emoji

A person with a surgical mask on their face, generally used in a hospital setting, or when working with dangerous fumes.

Also seen in public places (primarily in Asia) to avoid sickness, or spreading disease. Windows 8.1 showed this as a dust mask, which has been fixed to show a medical mask in Windows 10.

Face With Medical Mask was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😷 Bird Flu

😷 Doctor

😷 Mask Face


😷 Sick

😷 Surgical Mask


😷 U+1F637




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papa ‏@ofuckynot

Be careful guys it’s scary 😷😖 https://t.co/QmzfRBnpfM

Your/Our Lives Matter ‏@OurLivesMatter4

@db778707e2a34d2 Thanks Nice 👍🏻 #Selfie #Rockon, if you please #Smile, they are contagious 😷 https://t.co/igZRhfhGGh

lisa saw mingyu her loml!!! ‏@sebongzens

MDXHDJJDHDHD the first 3 hours everyone was so energetic doing the fanchants and when its already 4pm everyone turn… https://t.co/goREOCyvVV

Your/Our Lives Matter ‏@OurLivesMatter4

@erklidanuta Thanks Nice 👍🏻 #Selfie #Rockon, if you please #Smile, they are contagious 😷 https://t.co/S3cY9EWHDw

bits ‏@ms_cldnnvs

Cant stop eating sweets then regret after because of unstoppable cough 😷

paloma negra ‏@puta_toe

One of my exes was LRT af. Couldn’t express anything bc they always saw it as a fight. The pits 😷

Deirdre ♥️’s Hiddles2🌞♏️ 🕉 ‏@LuvsGoddess10

@Mamabear0772 Yep. Unfortunately I am sick too. I have a head cold. Very congested. I feel like someone punched me… https://t.co/11k4QbzURn

بقسوماط 🥨 ‏@shaybellaban

People that come on the TL saying these things make no effort to encourage women to wear hijab. Wearing hijab does… https://t.co/v2gPfbpp1f

Dawn of the Teen Age ‏@DawnofTeenage

I’m mentally knackered with a chest infection, in bed feeling like I’ve been run over. I’ve not been ill since my… https://t.co/bngONYPMRr

MonicaRaileyBay ‏@monicaraileybay

@StinsonHunter Right wing left wing chicken wing - he is serving people cake with his hands!!!! 🤢 😷 🤮

Paul Webster ‏@WebsterMedieval

Pondering similarities between the cough & prominent members of the present government: same crap day after day, un… https://t.co/3uCDRvlaHM

Sudarshan ‏@SandeepSudarsh2

@DtPiyuNair The terrorists seem to be more sensible in their hate. Faecal worms all around😷

Estefani Ibarra ‏@estefaniiibarra

And still throwing up wth is wrong with me 😭😷

lisa saw mingyu her loml!!! ‏@sebongzens

the staffs keep playing the same songs,,nak muntah dah dengar🤮😷

Hazel ‏@Iordkacchan

what the hell i ate indomie and then i suddenly slept for like 5 hours gosh if y'all are stressed and sleeping pill… https://t.co/CHoB9oDLlF

Sandra ‏@zen_heaux

I really understand deadbeat dads, kids just do way too much.😷 https://t.co/5AfyWAxy3R

Dave Barnard ‏@dave2012barney

@CaptainSchedule @Slayer Thank you. 😷

Ashley Puckett ‏@ash_puckett

I couldn’t sleep all night!!!!! And poor @Tye_606 is soooo sick!!! 😷🤧Either we can sleep 24 hrs a day, or not at all!!! 💤💤

Gabriella Mancini 💋 P411 29262 ‏@MissGabbyGuns

@TheNudeOpera_II Had that happen yesterday at the gym, stepped into an empty tanning room. 5 mins later a girl went and used it 😂😂😷😷

블루이 ✈️ ‏@hyunbear18

Me, 22 hrs ago: Bye, Jakartaaaa! Me, 2 hrs ago: Yea, hi, Jakarta... I need a break, a holiday, a vacation; you named it. 😷

Cara ‏@OPsoccrmom

Well this is not a good start to a Haleys birthday weekend 🤢😷

Plycia Daiara ‏@ply_s

Gripe chata 🤧 😷🤒

😎 ‏@JmPerjjj

Feeling sick😷

Nunique ‏@NuniqueUK

Had 1 puff when I was 14 I thought I was gonna die! Lol most disgusting thing ever 😷 But my Jamaican side bun it… https://t.co/VdqeP8s3t5

Nunique ‏@NuniqueUK

Had 1 puff when I was 14 I thought I was gonna die! Lol most disgusting thing ever 😷 But my Jamaican side bun it… https://t.co/4KGA06Q3pq

LongLive30&Bibby ‏@_Hard6ody

My stomach been hurting for a couple days now I hope I don't have a stomach virus 😷

Katy Lou ‏@Justkatylou

@rebeccamay_00 Nice. 😷

Maddie 🐰 ‏@trulygrues0me

Yo I’m never self harming again this fucking kills 😷

Sara . ‏@issw_5

I’m so so sick 😷

MO 🦅 ‏@HussaiN_JNR

@Vintage_Utd He didn't get that ball though so yeah 😂😷

Eshaaaa w. The Bob ‏@_THICKKKmadame

This weather got me so damn sick the only thing I’m doing today is washing clothes 😷😩

^ 💚☁️ ‏@blackonblack186

today was such a looooong day i'm burnt out 😷

Stephen Coleman ‏@SteveJC81

After a fantastic week @CenterParcsUK we are home...... and I have succumbed to man flu 🤧 😷😩

AnaNido🌻 ‏@AnaNido3

Gy feels. . 😷😷😷😷😷

April ‏@momduck1985

@bellaCosmic Feel better...😷👎

macy morgan👑 ‏@macy_welch

Apparantly hangovers are not something to mess with once you turn 23 😭😷 #sendmemcdonalds

I R I S H 🍁 ‏@dengraley

Upper respiratory tract infection😷

BarunsAdmirer ‏@MadihaSobtian

Dusre shows: ladke wale scrutinise the girl's looks& character😷 #IshqSubhanAllah: ladki wale comparing who's the be… https://t.co/ZVlkKhpTON

db ‏@puyognani

this tweet stinks 😷 https://t.co/ETEor2h7Je

gab🐝 ‏@dyiyannuugh

not feeling well😷 https://t.co/LSQRjB5yqY

wingednut ‏@wingednut3

@RoseanneTwisted @drumgod1974 @KarlaBechtel @eddiek005 @SpeakerPelosi @realDonaldTrump 4 cases of swine flu 😷 National Emergency #Obama😂😂😂

kat ‏@_kkuchaen48

Goodnight yall. I'm tiredd😣😷

LL ‏@Smokin_LL

I alway manage to get sick 😷

彡☆ K ‏@kwinktwink69

@VOARAS The only way i can speak to ppl 😷

Jackie 👑 ‏@jackieleyva17

Wow I hate being sick 😷

Tonya ‏@Tonya50

I think I’m catching everybody that was around me cough and sniffles bug 🤧😷

MotherofDragons🐝👩🏼‍🎓 ‏@HullMichelle75

Saturday plans have gone down the pan. Mainly due to being awake since 4am and then having to deal with an 18y.o wi… https://t.co/kRiuwqWcHq

jersea ‏@garrenjersey

sick-o mode 🤒😷

Ideeb Iqbal ‏@IdeebIqbal

No caption needed, just look at it and you’ll find yourself 😷😷😷😷😷 #Kashmir #Kashmirlife https://t.co/0ZszCtrdB2

@Vuyo_DwebaG🌹 ‏@Vuyo_DwebaG

I thought EL is hot, King Williams Town😷

The Grangetown Left #TGL ‏@BolshevikWelsh

Plymouth 😍😍😍😷😷😷 https://t.co/tR5cDpcqUW

HC15 🦅❤💙 ‏@HC15OnTour

Think you mean Oh dear! 😷 https://t.co/uAKSzKjaR5

Federica ❧ ‏@Akane87

My room was covered in mold and now stinks of bleach and it’s not helping my headache 😷

Tina ‏@sehyoonel

thanks for help, we're ready to go 😷💕 Pls ignore my dead face i can only use a lipstick and a mascara to make mysel… https://t.co/7xNfPtgCxr

VKS ‏@vinodksubramani

What an embarrassing resolution! Not even naming #JEM WTH #kadininda @rajnathsingh ? U r a disappointment😬😷🤐. U had… https://t.co/6qMuWYS2ke

Feya gulwa ‏@Feyagulwa

@khosakho1 @Tlali_Mohau Wow, case close😜😷

sayma yeasmin ‏@Saymaripty

going to do the most significant task tonight tho😷 gathering guts...!

Cai💓 ‏@xxclairefficxx

Ahay! My heart with ate Moi's story 😷💔 @moirarachelle4 Ateeee

jess ‏@vaniIlahoodie

@wakeupatmidday wouldn’t be me 😷

domzi ‏@wine_mp3

@s4phia wbk sis we've experienced this with too many people too many times charot 🤑😷

Hira ‏@HiraShah163

@ZartashChaudhry Not a man 😷 looks like the third kind

Lee Brennan ‏@Leebrennan_lfc

@craigmacca96 @AdamAcko She’s no girl her lads 😷

Mrs. Alien 🎭🇧🇩🎭 ‏@Taemeh_7dorks

How can I survive!! 😷😷 He is so mesmerizing💜😘💜 https://t.co/Fn5aAa3RPB

Isla ‏@chlyxdpsc


피쉬 ( 이쁜 🍇 표 됴 🍇 내사랑 ) ‏@zzerofour

ok not to be me but hhh imagine if @bbhunionmy printed this into a life-sized standee so we can all pretend that Bo… https://t.co/FGbnyJ3m6O

ciaran ‏@LucendiCEZ

got chalet twice in a row😷

KennyB ‏@KennyB_23

Nigga rental smelled like a lb 😷😭

Jp ‏@jnncpaulo


. ‏@jsi120

You're right.... it deserves even more hate 😷 https://t.co/jXyXF3rUIc

K ‏@kerrieandersonx

I spent a disgusting amount of money lastnight and not going out the rest if they year 🙅🏼‍♀️😷

yū ‏@lloyd142003

Accused of a crime I was never aware of 😷

Rea Go ‏@ReaGo18

Talking to his mommy.. Get well soon Ian P.🙏😷 #MonBebe https://t.co/lb6Km3WjAI

بن حلال2030 ..🇸🇦 ‏@ss1992m

@TheFigen 😂 I feel nauseous 😷

Louiemaluyo ‏@mrlouiemaluyo

I've never seen you for a while and i hate it.😷😠

Shivam Sharma ‏@harharmahadevsh

Live cctv footage of pulwama attack..😵😵😷😷😟😟 https://t.co/EFrGnLhs8R

lil Chan 💰🥇 ‏@ThugLifeChan

How tf I get sick 😤😷

OMURICE 💕 ‏@c00kie1224


Touched by Styles ‏@THEEHAIRGOD

I’m not feelin well 😷

Van Arambulo ‏@van_sekai

Spending the weekends with sickness. 😷😔 yaw ko na 😭

Nathan Dasgupta ‏@NathanDasgupta1

Fucked it lastnight like😷

💜 ‏@o0IoVoI0o

@jakeinloveWith @snowberrytae You're a toxic solo who trashes all the members. 😷 Leave 👉🚪 @reportforV https://t.co/CEqBF8BQlK

LITE REAZON ‏@LiteReazon

"There's a war going on outside NO MAN is safe from"😷

J N N ✴ ‏@jennieguceee

f*ck i'm sick 😷

Deborah Tobias ‏@DeborahTobias

@BelindaJones68 @Bishop64 @murpharoo Makes one ill 😷

Daryann...♡ ‏@darymclet

@franzakeem This made me physically ill 😷 wdmc

Mehka khan(Hitler- 2) ‏@01shadowhunter

@chaiwithpoetry7 Allah oppa whats wrong with u again? Or is barr tu chai with poetry ...ufff😷😷

pikachu ( • ̀ω•́ ) ‏@missbreadyy

I'm supposed to be emo time tengok alita battle angel tadi 😷😷

1 8 0 8 ‏@ToeyMini2

and leave me alone. 😷

Lucy Sharp ‏@LucySharppp

I actually have the worlds biggest tonsils it’s actually vile 😷

böchök ‏@JDexJ

In desperate need of a full body massage😷🤕

Darlington ‏@DeweyBwany

@Chris_Drphil I never had a chance to save her number she was already gone by the time l started using phone's 😷😷

Cameron Yarde Jnr ‏@CameronYardeJnr

@coys100 It'll never be fine because it's soya! 😷

GamerGod88 ‏@BlankAnas

@behindthecurve_ you guys finally exposed the international lie aka "the globe", thank you @netflix for supportin… https://t.co/EUcNCx7b6S

ً😷 ‏@jmgguki

im sory if im not gonna be active till tomorrow ... im sick .. sorry 😷

Ireland 🇮🇪☘ ‏@Ire201261

@obianuju This is truly disgusting + should be stopped. I'd imagine many parents don't even know about this because… https://t.co/IyANO6QKP1

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