Face With Medical Mask Emoji

A person with a surgical mask on their face, generally used in a hospital setting, or when working with dangerous fumes.

Also seen in public places (primarily in Asia) to avoid sickness, or spreading disease. Windows 8.1 showed this as a dust mask, which has been fixed to show a medical mask in Windows 10.

Face With Medical Mask was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😷 Bird Flu

😷 Doctor

😷 Mask Face


😷 Sick

😷 Surgical Mask


😷 U+1F637




Tweets For 😷

pseud ‏@geeordon

Twitch stream chats are 99% memes gross 😷

Kyrene ‏@kyrene_burias

It’s too addictive 😷🤤 https://t.co/Jjks7vroYU

Gemma Kuster ‏@GemmaKusterd

Can this cough seriously just do one, I am so bored of never ending coughing fits 😷

Ryan Alexander Wright ⚡️ ‏@THEREALWRIGHT_

Wing stop is nasty 🤢Buffalo Wild Wings is Nasty 😷 don’t @ me https://t.co/SCckqRxBuR

⭐ ‏@EjAgena

Sickkkk 🤒😷

Peace of Wakanda ‏@BishImNotYoBird

How do you wake up EXHAUSTED..*CHECKSBLOOD* Of course its a 4...I need beets and liver STAT 😷

•VikIsBaeStar123• ✨❤️ ‏@AlesynGrubb

I’m sorry I haven’t been on here for the past 2 days. I’ve been sick and I have no WiFi at home 😷😖

itty bitty titty tris 🍒 ‏@TrisMayores

boiiiiii ang hirap ng fucked up ang bowel movement while having period 😷

Alan Kaye ‏@Alankaye9

Working on it right now, let you know shortly 😷 https://t.co/V3HaZyWI6o

HiR🅰 S🅰Her ‏@hirasaher4418

@AymenKhakwani Its nature of people so don't worry😷😷🤫

joana ‏@joanaanastcio

Turn off 😷

Jilliangirlw ‏@JillyAW

@andylassner Looking at so much Fake news from Fox. 😷

🍃 ‏@pamelay_rms

And now I'm experiencing the consequences of not eating vegetables. 😷

Rob Friedman ‏@PitchingNinja

Chris Archer, Filthy 88mph Slider (release/spin/slow). 😷 https://t.co/ibm6BuscWk

LaxJ1 ♡Keep Going♡ ‏@Lax_J1

He looks irreproachably handsome❤😷 https://t.co/HeJ8bcY1Cg

Bic Flair ‏@TellyLaFlare

Ain't she the shawty that has herpes? 😷🤒

Tamsin 🌞 ‏@tam5inmiles

13 reasons why has taken it way too far 😷😪

〽️ay🤪30 ‏@__ItsLaybandz

I wish my daddy never got sick 😷I’m sick and tired of being sick 🤕

Brianna ‏@briannalemonn

school stinks..😷🤢

cj ‏@crystaljeniefer

Cold 😷

Lady Eccentrik ‏@EccentrikB

Why I dnt eat meat 😫😷 https://t.co/Qysur3v9RL

Rishi😎Prabhas ‏@prabhas612

Filmfare don't deserve neither #Prabhas nor #AnushkaShetty because they don't get films in fare(fair😂).. They ear… https://t.co/Lx5C3Vn0bN

Alexis Akins ‏@lexxxxx_luther

The people that get fast food for breakfast every morning really makes me want to barf, like do you know how much u… https://t.co/RvwXBnrPif

💎 ‏@DiamondKay91

Mommy know i only complain when I feel like death is near too. Idk wyd this is but suck u moda Devil battyboy 😪🤧😷

Marie ❤ #WeLoveYouDani ‏@PiperCim

Feeling bad for not sending Kath the daily reminders this week... I‘m sick 😷

TheFighter ® ‏@JaviiFighter

@giftofmimi You are so disrespectful but like the fav like the stans I guess. 😷

Prash ‏@callmegees

@kartihk848 @ajaymadhavanin It's a choice producer took end of the day it's people choice I feel anyway I don't thi… https://t.co/ykw8DR2Dml

Funsize Lex ‏@A1__Z2

The el smell worse than the sub 😷😷

ailyna ‏@ailynuh

My roommate annoys the fuckkkkkk outta me 😷

Indranil Banerjee ‏@Indrani84532042

@SuPriyoBabul I don't know why top BJP TOP LEADERSHIPS ARE MUM about Bengal violence by tmc goons 😷

Iman ‏@firmandiaz_


Saadia ‏@Sudashian

@willyelvis1 No it ain’t 😷

chins ‏@chinsnwag

this is getting too common, but something around me is SMELLING😤😷

Clinch ‏@ClinchEU

There is nothing better than seeing people get what they deserve 😂😷💀

erica ‏@ericaahohmann

@BrookJaeckels @TheFunnyVine I hate everything about this video 😂😷

Sian ‏@sianyw1980

Fox 🦊 Poo 😷 is rancid!!!!!! #todayihavebeensickinmyownmouth #nocuddlesforjacko

Kelley ‏@nanogeekette

@SikhProf 😷 Solidarity, friend. I'm ready to potty train mine. 😭

chloe/taekook au📌 ‏@peachboyjk

I just woke up and I already feel sick 😷😷😷

Alayna ‏@Urfavlayna

I woke up out of no where sick af 😷

jammy ‏@vividloco

@hyuktoritrbl Watch it and die with me 😣😷

Tj ‏@Tj_paris30

@SheridanSorohan I'll cut it when I get off😷

Will B. Free ‏@2Small2Fail

🚽#SewagePruitt🌏STENCH 🐽‼️ of😷#BuDonicPlague💉INFECTED 🏚#CarsonLarceny🤑 👑#Kakistocracy👑+ 📰#NoNunesGoodNunes🙉 🤕… https://t.co/bor8Y6gWIW

MyKeila ‏@MyKeilaTierra

@DiamondZyk 👀 I'm just getting over a stomach "bug" 😷 what's wrong with you?

🌟bruha🌟 | asd 📌| nsfr ‏@caryltwts

this picture called me a whore and i said "only for you" 😩😷🤤 https://t.co/HDJzw2lkvr

Fariha ‏@13fariha

@PS114voter Brave doesn't suit him call him beghairat 😷

C Y 🦋 ‏@cysy25

Here comes the sipon. Ano to, monthly? 🙄😷

Rochelle Fazon ‏@RJFazon

Not now 🤒😷


Mfs be choosing like shit 😷

Jamee Maximoff ‏@jameeblakee

Mr. Stark, I dont feel so good 😷😓

ً ‏@ultsgay

i wont livetweet . promise 😷

NyQuinn ‏@SlowClassKai

@spaceagepimpin3 Lmaooo not from you niggaaaaa. 😷

André 🍺 ‏@dredre_british

Feeling nauseous too 😷

Mr Anti-Social! ‏@mrsociable123

@gymwanker2 No women who are too muscly 😷 You’re toned stay that way ☺️

Ray ‏@HoppingFrogz041

@0967Hotpink Thank you kindly. Found that I'm allergic to doxycycline antibiotics, so they switched me to clindamyc… https://t.co/8o4GKberIs

Jayarr ybanez ‏@jayarr1232

Get well fast 😷😢 — feeling sick

Aldo Kwaku Adabunu ‏@TheGrand_Rascal

Ah well....😷 https://t.co/WRrwYX3gSC

❓ ‏@melodoramatic

the amount of rts on this thread 😷 https://t.co/Mhu85vTtl1

Hessa ‏@HRS938

My head feels like it’s going to explode 😷🤧🤒

Notorious ‏@marlyywhite

All those rainy days caught up wit me😷

Daryl Lorette ‏@dlorette

@corybowles That's why I like to play Doctor! 😷😁

jin’s leg specifically @ Animazement A19✨ ‏@jinispowerful

Wow i missed the vlive and im boarding now so im missing the comeback show too this is just my luck 😷

Krista Lynn ‏@krayyy_sta

Allergies on a 10🤧😷

Ellie Hutchinson ‏@ElliHutchinson_

@InsideNo9Tweets @BBCiPlayer Eww yuck lol 😲😷😷 think I'm going to be sick 🤣

🔥Daniella🔥 ‏@daniellaflame90

Haven't been doing much lately. #stomachbug hit our house😷 and I've been #feeling #overwhelmed with other things t… https://t.co/HVYyG4wSHi

Папа был прав ‏@helencoultas

@kelechnekoff I hate that thing where people scrape one long finger nail under the other to get out the nastiness there 😷

Scott Easton ‏@scotteaston13

ill as fuck 😷

SmoKey ‏@AidedWarrior

@Pterodactylsftw U should go on a run if it's a mucus ordeal an air out the house because I'm sure sickness lingers… https://t.co/yxgnkBbsaB

Slim✨ ‏@_SlimCuteAss

One day I feel fine and now I feel terrible 😷🤒... I need to get some strong medicine today 😩

Charlotte Meads ‏@indigoaura_x

I forget that we live not far from the countryside, the smell of poop is filling the air 😷

Megan Routley ‏@Megannroutley

iPhone X is a great an all until... you have to pay £101 .59 for the first month 💀😷

Lynde Mushavhanamadi ‏@lynde_l

Yeah 😷🤮 https://t.co/syLWfmwLoH

🌹 ‏@JuiCyMuva

It stink outside 😷

Ashish ‏@ASRanjan007

Only these two humans on planet earth loves sir Bradman Stuart Binny Devellier. to keep in his/her team ♥️🙏😷 https://t.co/Q0i3C1fHUA

PR 👑 ‏@D_awaraa

You ppl have many things to counter him bt all u came out with this ?? And then u blames EVMs 😷😷😷 https://t.co/6Uy7sLuYZ8

ryn💖👑 ‏@ryn_jialover

suddenly all the trolls come out to play...🤢😷

زارين 🇲🇾 ‏@ZarynAsnawi

Charcoal for buka 😷

Jimmy Roberts ‏@JimmyRoberts1

@SouthamptonCC And how much pollution does that generate for us all to breathe in? 😷

Debora Lethuba👠👜💕 ‏@DeboraLethuba

@News24 @BISouthAfrica I'm never eating a polony again 😷😷

Smara Sparkes ‏@SJ_Sparkes

Nah it ain’t right putting a paper straw in your mouth 😷

Daniella Daclan ‏@danielladaclan

sick 😷

Meowdlski 😺😻#NHS❤#JC4PM🌹 #ToriesOut🌹👍🍾🥂🍷😺 ‏@mah0n3y

@theresa_may If only we believed a word you said 😹 Do tell us about how you're 'supporting' 😷♿ people (into suicid… https://t.co/AD2Uc6lFhZ

🦄 ‏@ChlooWilliams_

Dunno how girls can walk around in summer with their toes out and not file or paint them😷

Lesley Davis ‏@mcclaymagic

@inspectorboxer Yep, I got hit by the convention crud as well! Blah!😷 Feel better soon.

SaveOurLungs ‏@SaveOurLungsTW1

‘Spectacularly underwhelmed’, ‘7 months to tell us what we were already saying’, ‘disappointing’- just a few of the… https://t.co/ZyceI3qIUc

D4rkEnergY ‏@D4rkEnergYYY

This poll is much more about crypto and toilet doors - you will figure that out later 🤨 You are at a Big Crypto-Ev… https://t.co/GX7KaQQMsI

Stephen Glover ‏@Stafford_SteveG

Awesome 😎 day in #Chernobyl 😷 https://t.co/a43fME4S0m

. ‏@Fgsxo

@TanookiKhalid Souhail is back?? 😷😷😷

grown ups in spandex ‏@MamekuzuRai

yall still making t pose jokes huh morgan voice 😷😷😷😷

Covfefe Christy ‏@truth_seeker_17

@JacobAWohl She looks ill 😷 and demented. She needs to stop 🛑 and confront all of the wrong she has done.

Giselle🦋🦄🌷 ‏@zamsxbey_

Literally threw on anything for the simple fact I know they going to send me home for being sick 😷

Paul Greenhalgh ‏@paulgreenhalgh1

Seen some motts in my time but Lily Allen’s is one I can honestly say looks absolutely hanging. Like a ginnel on a council estate 😷

✨⚡️不審女戦士🌸ストーナームーン🌙✨ ‏@trueassfacts

@canicuIa 😰😷 stomach flu is the worst!! Take it easy and watch some tv or smth ❤️❤️❤️ I hope you feel better soon

#ThandoForMissSA ‏@Nobomvu_T

Same 😭😷 https://t.co/rb18DjjbIq

jenny ⏅ ‏@_jenniferjiang

@ahanni19 Powdered cheese is nasty 😷

💀Cinnamongirl💀 ‏@NYRaiderette

@Jrocitzdaroc @HermanJamer @raiderdave7774 @mental_floss That's even worse .😷

Micaa ‏@MicaMAB

the end of thirteen reasons why is actually disgusting omg how is that even allowed to be screened ffs😷😷

Bre Lindsay🦋 ‏@BreJohnette

Never eating at Ruby Tuesday’s again! My boyfriend and I decided to eat there last night...as we were getting ready… https://t.co/XmUZ1bCcy1

taylor leckie ‏@tleckss

honestly no idea how anyone could like apple sauce😷

Th real truth ‏@iykesamy2015

After many years Abacha ate Unforbidden fruits and he still trend on Twitter Me: this man soul no rest in peace sh… https://t.co/rphWwwJSTR

S O H A I L👓 ‏@Kashmiri_Boy16

I don't trust people who take pictures with Candy camera 😷

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