Face With Medical Mask Emoji

A person with a surgical mask on their face, generally used in a hospital setting, or when working with dangerous fumes.

Also seen in public places (primarily in Asia) to avoid sickness, or spreading disease. Windows 8.1 showed this as a dust mask, which has been fixed to show a medical mask in Windows 10.

Face With Medical Mask was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😷 Bird Flu

😷 Doctor

😷 Mask Face


😷 Sick

😷 Surgical Mask


😷 U+1F637




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Aziz ‏@amazing_alisson

@Iabneh The Saudi accent is the worst in the gulf 😷 I

andi ‏@_andipaige

Hot fries😷 only bag of “hot” chips I won’t eat. Trash https://t.co/aPGOl1ZB8R

Adream Olano ‏@OlanoRigo

Ima stay away from peanut butter for a little bit 😷

🌬Farore🍃 ‏@Farore5

"It is a curse..." 😷 #godofwar https://t.co/87ulUTAhFh

Shay. ‏@Leecee_18

I hate being sick 😭😑🤧😷

BeBe 💞 ‏@ambitious_bebe

First day back to work since being sick ......and I still don’t feel good so I’m ready to jere the gossip bitch who go check me boo 😷🤷🏽‍♀️😂

AG ‏@dmmm777

@RonaldosLawyer @Nihooo_1897 are u serious?! he was shit before he got injured and was all over the place 😷

King_Numair_El ‏@jgibman

@DarleneOGOrtiz By people you must mean Corey 🤧😷🤒

Spicy.Ches 🌶 ‏@chesaleyy

Just take that L. It’s a hard pill to swallow I know 🥴😷

G 🍋 ‏@bbscammer

@MattWalshBlog @Downeyangel @KayFellowz your existence is sick 😷

Linda ‏@lilymarr

2/2 Per Fox5 >54 members of a Jimmy Buffett fan club became violently ill in April while in Punta Cana at Hotel Riu… https://t.co/Tbevy7CrHG

issaADLIB ~* ‏@saahillllllll

@MistahhShah This is Facts😷

ElNeneJ🤴🏽⚡️ ‏@kJRowdyyy

Someone sent me a video going around of a nigka with a crooked dick fucking a bitch in her ass with shit all over t… https://t.co/OBRF3buM4A

Rod ‏@Rodthefoo

@TeeHefner_ I’m sick 😷

Howdy ‏@DadWithASword

@OracleofSpace Sorry king 😔 but you got diagnosed 😷😷with Virgo ♍️♍️♍️ have fun being amazing and wonderful 😤💪💯

av-yella 🧚🏼‍♀️ ‏@avyellasiena

@sidneyaliza girl I can’t even breathe 😷

Nєɢʀεᴀᴜxᴅαmus🇬🇭 ‏@1stOfHisName

@DaddyTwoTimes93 I felt like I need to go get tested just for reading this 😷

berenice ‏@bere57_

How can people live in a house smelling like cigarette smoke and air freshener mixed 🤮 😷

Aungie ‏@aungelecette

😷 Stream cancelled for Wed 6/19. Hoping to see a doctor I'm on stand by at the clinic. It's like a knife through m… https://t.co/RwlMNTlPHh

jax ‏@heyitsanggee

sick 😷

Pruitt Made ‏@xavierpruittmad

Soo i got these nasty asss videos like bitch why 😷😤😤😤😒😒🏃🏃🙉🙊🙈

IMPEACH TRUMP ‏@ChateeCathee

@InactionNever The smell.... Inside the arena. 😷

Jeff ‏@josh_kastner12

@DoobsandBoobs69 @KingRay_96 I just threw up 😷 why’d he say “nice aids bath” 😂😭

Dan Levy ‏@justsml

@kyliestew @apricotgrill Well, there's simply no way to recover it. 😷

Ty $ 👌🏽♦️ ‏@__Tyrus

@JanMarie__ Oh yeah I did see that. That’s weird 😷

Kagiso ‏@Iam_KaYGeee

@sammy_pravesh Lol I’m on Google . 😷..... or unless they showing me wrong pics

Jakobi ‏@Jakobi_98

If you like Buffalo Wild Wings, don’t talk to me 😷


@BKCHIC82 @ayo_neekz This the hair she sell sis 😷 https://t.co/Kic5cD6ZYQ

weeeen ‏@WhoWonWen

bich why did i drink 2 milk tea from gong cha yesterday knowing that i have a cold and cough 😷

ً ‏@VeliSensei

Nasty ass eggs get that shit outta here😷 https://t.co/NK8f1wjSgh

Kaylen's Mommy💎 ‏@ForverKayy_

That bitch nasty af and ain't wipe😷

SUN & MOON's🌞🌙🎉🎂 ‏@TaeildyBear_

@lilactaeil He would love to but SM hates it 😪😷

Shaay🏳️‍🌈 ‏@MyiaaPaaysoo

Fucc Kyle & Seth , yall racism is showing 🤢😷 caucasians be so mad when their white privilege gets them nowhere 🤣 https://t.co/3ke7D5KiuO

🐍 ‏@0158kg

i fucked up but not that much, im not full but it was s lot of calories 😥😷😔

B.Curry 🛫 ‏@Bcurry90

@1baabyk Man I thought they were eating out of a barrel. Didn’t realize it was a person until the end. 😷 ill still prob eat it though 😭

Anggiii 🌈 ‏@anggeosman

📍 St. Vincent 😷🤒

GudTymz ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮ ‏@LiveLoveLite

FaceBook: That Video Nasty Asf!! I can't unsee this shit 😩😩 These Niggas: What Video Is Everyone Talking About!… https://t.co/WCvnRIppQf

avree☯️ ‏@xoxoavreegirl

i’m on the episode 😷 https://t.co/k7hemmUHIk

Lorene ‏@khaliah413

@ScottPresler @realDonaldTrump What is this 🤢🥴 who birth this 🤮😷

Änţïğůā Ýųģø§ľąvįÄ ‏@imperio_nita

@anonimojerezano Ugggh herejes luteranos 😷

_ ‏@namirahalwi

Dizzy again 😷🤒

Yonna . 🌹 ‏@itsoundgood82

I feel so sick 😷

Xzanthia's Planet ‏@cddial777

WHAT'S THAT SMELL?!?!😷✌️🇺🇸 https://t.co/i5Eho3VK9S

dr baby ‏@DanniHFL

i remember when i was a kid i was like “imma be a doctor” now i watch greys and i see a broken leg and i’m queasy 😷🤮

✨Be👉🏿RT ➡ BLK✨ ‏@soverykerrie

Me fighting this cold...😷🤧 https://t.co/v6tM87piD9


@SRehmanOffice @sherryrehman how dare you to talk about legalalities about chordari 😷😷

Aishah Je ^.^ ‏@ecahraccoon

@RaeAnnie93 What about restriction of smoking in restaurant? No more ady? Last weekend i kena 😷

tee. ‏@xoshantee

that shrimp Alfredo shit can go 😷 https://t.co/IOozLXz0eJ


I Was Starving 😷 Took Some Chances 🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️💰 And Went Fed 🤦🏾‍♂️🔒

faz🗝 // new acc!! ‏@scymilkss

@annemeetskz And it's official (??) but there's no twitter notifs? They rly caught us off guard😷😷

HyperShadic01 ‏@HShadic01

I would love to continue streaming more LoZ Twilight Princess, but sick with coughing and lots of sneezing. 😷 This… https://t.co/QYaCzi1LvH

Marty Byrde ‏@O_oLookingAss

Good aids bath 😷😷😷😷

Elvasra ‏@Eliab73399883

Disgusting😷 https://t.co/UXglZvUNrZ

Ben Schlosser ‏@benschloss

What the.....😷 https://t.co/EVv12WcDiM

branca ‏@pedrolc22

q door😷

Natenstine ‏@Natenstine

Ok starting to feel like I’m part of the living again, can’t wait to get over this flu 😷 https://t.co/YZy7vYxipK

☼ Lizard ☼ ‏@_LizB0t

@knjoonmyg me, shrimp is so gross 😷

SLAYDE ‏@SaydeTyx

@YuseePapi farts will be the death of me 😷

Rach ‏@nasamo_

It’s a good night to be going thru sumn😷 https://t.co/OGz3hlZQPb

Diosy bragas ‏@diosy143

hays 🤒😷🤧

gigi 🤩 ‏@ayeyoitsgi

@_mitxhell Bc I feel bad for the less fortunate 👐🏽😔😷💔

Tyra Angelita Maria PUSSYRIOT #GiletsJaunes #Maat ‏@TyraAngelMaria

Every single day in every detention center horrendous, despicable crimes against humanity are being committed again… https://t.co/NqpUaTpW6e

Mo Chuisle ‏@imoAlwin

Time wasting 😷

faz🗝 // new acc!! ‏@scymilkss

@annemeetskz Like out of nowhere? I'm an impatient b but definitely not listening to it before the mv drops😷 what is jyp doing really

Salmon ‏@salmon_sashimie

Never ending flu🥶😷🤧

Kyle Parker ‏@TheKyleParker

I could complain about Fenton all day but seeing what Flech is doing in Philly.......yeeeeeeeesh 😷😷😷. https://t.co/gL40dRRX1V

Roman_View ‏@view_roman

After DHFL NEXT Zeel Heading towards 2 digit club Don't ask me time frame n sl 😷 #ZEEL https://t.co/ro66ed3YYR

cumslut ‏@diegxdieg

the search process for a waxing salon made me feel so dysphoric 😷

GreaseBallUSNA1971 ‏@GreasySmack

@WashTimes Nelson smoked dope his entire life = Brain dead🤧😷🤪🧠

Kaleb¹⁵ ‏@15Kal3b

@hoopfiends @tyl0r_h he did this in a real game too😭😷 https://t.co/JNdxrmFYfd

Shine ‏@MsShineYep

That video nasty af 🤢 mfs playin in shit and they like it 😷🤮

T 🇬🇾 ‏@TonyRamkoomar

This squad scary 😷🐊 https://t.co/AnJT8mhWvu

Nacho Ricardo ‏@spicyquesoman

@soberboots @28DaysMore @hdbigjourney This is the cue for HD to post that article from The New Yorker 😷😆

emily mae 🦋 ‏@_emdignan

@_fabrha enjoy HELL 🤭😷

Nick😂 ‏@Musically_Ready

1- yes😂 2- shit nawl 3- most definitely 💯 4- fuck no😷 5- lmao 🤐 6- I’m doing that rn 😂 7- hell yeah 💪🏾 8- just the… https://t.co/oxmUdpU3au

Wolfie Wanderer ‏@wolfie_wanderer

@SarcasticSadOne @feverboner Thanks for giving me four new words to add to my ignore list 😷🤢

𝑜 𝓁𝑒𝓃𝒶⚡️💛 ‏@olenaxo


eri ♡⃗ 마크 ‏@fuIlsunsgf

@miIkyhyun no. I am his GOOD friend. I think you’re bad at reading Sam. Me? Dating HIM? Imagine. 😷😷

WI_Steve ‏@WI_Steve_writes

@MattWalshBlog If you like caramel in your whiskey... 😵😣😨😷🤒👿🙊🙉🙈 https://t.co/Iaen3AIHXq

DJ Smoke ‏@djsmoke3000

Man... I hate I watch that video... I done used two cans of aerosol... About to throw the whole phone away😷

79 Days till chiefs football♒️🧜🏽‍♂️♿️ ‏@JhaiBankz

After that video I no longer will tell a shorty I'll fuck the shit out of her🤮😷 #ThanksTwitter

Navarro, Mary Joy Z. ‏@heyimijoy15

Sick af😷 https://t.co/FAxStBU82k

Sparkly 🌊💙🌊 ‏@LafizzyD

@TheRickWilson Bet he’s got an UNACCEPTABLE cough. 😷 Probably should be removed. 🙄

🦋Mary B🦋 ‏@b_altima9876

@AnnieBaby__ @Only_OneLA Right?! That smell is gonna b something turrible not terrible but turrible😷

이 밤 by JIN ‏@thatcutiejoonie

couldn’t be me😷 https://t.co/dkyX8Prhbw

dom ✨ ‏@dominiqueejanee

grits 😷 https://t.co/FKiEQiW87X

Tim ‏@timligg_

Grits?...never heard of her😷🤢 https://t.co/GFVbwT77Z2

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