Face With Medical Mask Emoji

A person with a surgical mask on their face, generally used in a hospital setting, or when working with dangerous fumes.

Also seen in public places (primarily in Asia) to avoid sickness, or spreading disease. Windows 8.1 showed this as a dust mask, which has been fixed to show a medical mask in Windows 10.

Face With Medical Mask was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😷 Bird Flu

😷 Doctor

😷 Mask Face


😷 Sick

😷 Surgical Mask


😷 U+1F637




Tweets For 😷

Jamie 💔 ‏@JGuapo_91

This shit I can’t make up 😷

BadBlood 2k 💉™️ ‏@BadBloodGC

Prayers go out to @iamTMONEY2k he is sick with the flu 😷 🙏🙏 @Big_Brudda_PURP

Princess Chelsea. ‏@dearchelseaa

Trying the “wet sock treatment” to zap out this cold trying to come through 😪😷

JRocc ‏@JRoccc412

Snakes everywhere😷

𝐓. ‏@tchalumet

@RomccStrijd Catch me like this: 😷

Usman Ali ‏@usmanali_ksa90

@fatimaalmadhoob When you care for someone more than they deserve, you get hurt more you deserve 😷

2900Records*🐝 ‏@WholeLottaRed

You naked😷 put some clothes on man https://t.co/xFukjCPwW7

longLiveMy 💙 ‏@aallyyy_cattt

I’m so mad cause I wanted tacos all day and I finally got my auntie to make it and it was sooooo fucking nasty 😷!

JB ‏@BarrowsJustin

Don’t put salt on my beer at the bar, I will send that shit right back 😷

EL CHAPO ‏@the_unthink4ble

that chipotle slapped earlier but I’m payin for it now 😷😂

UwU❤💕💕||NCT PROMPTS❤❤ ‏@kittyjohnyong

Gonna release more prompts after my outputs later 😷😷✊✊

#TheDarckCirclesMadeAPeace ‏@AnaColasito

@1975tear when you do it is fine ... but when I do it is wrong?😕 how much hypocrisy!😒😷

Kadeem Gaines ‏@kadeem_gaines

Asparagus stinks 😷 ha

سما ‏@ffgvvvxd6

Bored in bed, don't feel well😷 #GirlsThatSquirt #ديوث #بنت #انحراف #سندوله #بوث #اسمر #نيك #سكايب #شفشفة #صغير… https://t.co/rAlEGk9aiz

fayaaa. ‏@shahirazamri_

@AskRapidKL morning , bus 171 wvb6074 aircond tak berfungsi ke? 😷😵

Brandon ‏@richter_rauzer

@kepaability Look at his TL, never even gets a single like on anything he says. Used to be called "ConteToCFC" 😷

𝒦𝒾𝓉𝓉𝓎 🐱🔮 ‏@DaddyLovesThis

my bosses brother definitely wants to fuck 😷😷😷

××× ‏@YourMonay

When I get cramps I get in weird a** positions to stop the pain thinking that’s really gonna help i feel like my in… https://t.co/YQzhgXT5Ww

BabyCakes 💋💞💁🏾 ‏@issaSquirt

Nd I bet his breath stinks 😷 https://t.co/HZA5SNZMqB

christine (cy) ‏@chrxtinemae

wow i am so sick 🤕🤒 what is good allergies?¿? 😷😤

🦇PJ ‏@PJmiekidzandi

@geffe71 @MLB_PLAYERS @Dodgers @redturn2 @YasielPuig @Cody_Bellinger @ClaytonKersh22 *A CORRECTION needs to be plac… https://t.co/vtiA0xLZRM

Quayvo ‏@joshtoolive__

@JWaveeey THE SICK ✖️ NASTY 😷

Mamba 🐍 #8 ‏@OTW_Goofy

Ohhh boy what I’m known for 😷

𝒽𝑜𝓃𝑒𝓎 ‏@honeyyjessel

Everybody keeps telling me not to worry but that’s when i start to worry 😷

El ‏@El94089939

Another test is coming right up...this time I really had to prepare. No classes but still studying...what a bummer😵😷

😜ActionJackson😜 ‏@IAm_AintShytTim

Support Solutions Think I’m About To Sit Up I’m A Nasty 😷 Ass Hospital Too Watch A Grown Ass Man Sleep

ShyMoneyy💸 ‏@Shyonnnn

People cut so different 😷 that’s why I stay to myself

🎃[email protected]🎃 ‏@khana_chi

Day22: My cold has reached the annoying phase where it's getting hard to talk. 😷 #Inktober https://t.co/V3NRXlPpnG

Lottie Williams ‏@lottie_willsx

@ghddal I know I can smell u from here😷🤡

MountainDREW ‏@AndyyyMcD

👀👀The double left-hand inside out jimbo.. 😷😷😷 https://t.co/pF2fcaN7kq

Kat 💛🌼 ‏@ka11erine

I had no idea there was this much sexual assault supporters in Houston 😷 https://t.co/BQYq7Zsf0I

K-Dub ‏@DVOWoods

😷😷 sick https://t.co/FtuRjMJKxb


@singledadjohnny Well, its technically not a skirt, but my half-asleep brain processed it differently 😷😷👌🏼

Carolina Blitz ‏@KeepBlitzin

@amberella06 😂😂😂. We gotta chill, before our tweets help the Falcons win 😷

peter winter ‏@Peter_following

@hannahhaysxxx Poor baby. You look so sweet and cuddly. Hope someone gives you some love and you get better soon! 😘😷❤️

VOTE NOV 6TH! ‏@KeepJulez

RoccStar looks like his breath stinks.... 😷 #LHHH

ZAC CONNER ‏@zacthemacattack

Put somebody else on there for football. Terry trying to lose his job😷 https://t.co/FvTqGjvxqk

Princess🦄 ‏@Dhet_Btchh

McDonald's food have me running straight to the bathroom, shit run right through me😷

MannyAlejandro🤑 ‏@mannyfrfr

@51wayz @Ashlee_Rezin @Suntimes Hella not smh 😷 that’s Brazy

Chey Vandyke ‏@Chheyy

I hate the change of seasons 😩🤒😷🤧🤕

CoyBaby PROMOTIONS ‏@TrilogyEntertai

Being sick sucks 😷👎🏽😩

Gie ‏@jussgie

Niggas say this ? 😂😷 https://t.co/FegaXZNt1y

ɐᴉɹoʇɔᴉʌ 🕸️ ‏@veehdz

@mgonza08 I also took today as a mental health day,I feel ready for the rest of the week now. 🤒😷

Elaine Schloeder ‏@becktreckie

@No1_momof3 @KrisParonto @BarackObama It doesnt fit their narrative so no outrage. If Trump acted nasty to Saudis a… https://t.co/DEo23fjdEY

play girl 🍒 ‏@SerenaPinkk

I’ll never be excited about any of my pregnancies EVER! Idc! I get too sick 😷😒

NV ‏@niccivanlux

So many frauds and wannabes 😷

Darren Darren ‏@darrenj_mcfly

Jason Tatum 😷.

Nana ‏@BLACKPINKSslave

@iadorekassy @BBHminus1 @JiminSmols Please stop😷 my heart is gonna explode

Say Goodbye ‏@MateoForteo

we don’t got no drugs you should try it😷 https://t.co/MFm3FptU7z

🤗 ‏@harryzvogue

Even his own stans are like 😷 https://t.co/EWmuzfZOeN

Mya Florea Walker ‏@_YOURBOMBSHELL

So y’all nasty nasty😷 https://t.co/MRAwUSpjm9

Zion Sanders ‏@Z_baaby21

It’s ladybug season..disgusting😷

Marcus Smart all defense 🇰🇪 ‏@kenyan_kaos

Tatum with the left hand double in n out 😷😷😷😷🤧🤧

rafa ‏@rafastinks

Mfs Be Eating Discharge like Owwwweee She Got That Wet Wet. Boy U Eating Cream Of Mushroom 🤢🤢🤢🤮😷😷😷

monet ‏@monetlllittle

@Camryyn__ @SchafferCohen yuck🤮😷

Nov. 16✨ ‏@i_am_tamera

Cocoa butter stinks 😷

दिपु डंगोल ‏@diputwitte

@shreereg You want butterfly to hover on your head permanently. 😷

Kyla ‏@kylaaamari3

Not feeling well 😷

Robbie ‏@robarrowsmith

@nicki_mtm valentine’s day getting close to 9 months ago 😷

Sage(: ‏@Sagee_M

Who uses Zig Zags anymore?!😷 #TRASH

CoopStayWildin ‏@cooptrey54

It’s 40 degrees outside and you musty!! 🤢😷🙅🏽‍♂️

ً ‏@imyoongsus

that girl that had the spider in her mouth is under interscope too 😷

blakewind8 ‏@blakewind8

These 12 hour shifts are killing me😷😩 #rip

V A N E Z A ‏@vanzjoyce15

Good Morning 😷🤧

e46yohnni ‏@yohnnivert

@MellyyyyMells Me too, It better not be the flu 😷

Sandi🖤💛🖤Bruins ‏@BruinsSandi

Its been over a month fighting the chest infection. Now it seems Ive become more sick😷 Hoping this will help till I… https://t.co/p2IjFFSKFL

terminal tears ‏@TearsTerminal

I suffer from some pretty major anxiety and depression my name is terminal tears 😷💧

Enrique 🇨🇱 ‏@garoukike

US ppl: "Thank you (Him) for his service" Killing defenseless children, women and the elderly, taking away their s… https://t.co/E8RTwYnb0j

🐷🌸Shania 💝 mono. 😑 // check 📌🌸🐷 ‏@taekslefttiddy

him and his son in exp huh? damn you stingy 😷😷😷😷 https://t.co/sEeTsAntZu

CK2K (1-2) ‏@_CK2K

I swear Ron Baker is an undercover hockey player with the injuries he gets 😷

#FromTheBottomTV ‏@WoozyWill_FTB

Ewww...she really put Sugar in her grits? 😷😅 https://t.co/uDnrZYft5v

Elaine Schloeder ‏@becktreckie

@ninigirl84 @KrisParonto @BarackObama You r so sick 😷

Stormssss❣ ‏@StormieRivers21

@litttleshitt But like why..? 😷

🌞 ‏@AyyeeSteff_

hell nol 😷🤮 https://t.co/W1CNEQ3NsK

Vampire Hunter DYSP ‏@silas216

#flusucks😷 @ Between the Darkness and the Light https://t.co/GlgYyMgAL0

Dréddÿ ‏@jhndrdd30

get well saatin @malapitanandre 😷

〽️💕 ‏@riahmiaa

this happened to me before.. an I got right out the car 😷 https://t.co/x3acHbkHm1

Luz Mia ‏@HereIsMyVoice4U

I did two big things today🇺🇸I cast my vote 🎉And I got my flu shot 😷#VoteThemOut #EndCorruptionNow #VoteBlue… https://t.co/6Sgpd3Cl0Q

Heejin ‏@hnyheejin

I wanna play pubg with y'all but I'll probs die 5 mins later 😷

Henrik #FreeAssange ‏@hec4x4

@Tweeterist_ @ragipsoylu ... “looking for a head” ... 🤔 that should not be too hard around there, according to recent reports 😷

DreaAlexis ‏@Dreaa_Gunn

Ew y’all nasty 😷 https://t.co/QzibTZdp3B

ashlyn ‏@ashlyndill95

@tannah_s I really hope you don’t get strep like me 😷

Taylor Ann ‏@Tpayne714

When you become so disgusted with someone being near them makes you physically sick 😑😷

Brigid Mercedes♡ ‏@bmercedes1210

I hate being sick 😷😭

berry ‏@vegjb1983

@KobrickCryant 1-5 2points 😷

Ann Marie Gideon ‏@AnnMarieGideon

Nurse Sylvie needs some of Nurse Jessica’s sass to rub off on her! 😷 https://t.co/MWo713pvvG

Sundul Wooten ‏@Sundul_A

@a_mcconathy I’ll never forget the gnats we killed w/ hairspray in that same apartment 😂😷

ﻣﺤﻤﺪ حصيف ‏@hasifthejugg

How can i not be worried😷😷

K I R A 🤪💜 ‏@K_Littyyyyy

Landin Foreva Want Burger King 😷

Aminta Walker ‏@animeamy1

I’m tired of being sick! It’s been a month now! 😷 #bronchitis #pneumonia

Roni ‏@winedrunkswxft

@ihopetheyshine_ Yeah i just saw the tweets and shit 😷😷 Big yikes. Unfollowed. Wish i would’ve payed attention sooner 🤮

Brianna Elizabeth ‏@brielizabethh

It is 2018 who still smokes cigarettes nowadays 😷

Samantha ‏@sami55832

Soooooo.....girls remember this before you go holding your bf/husbands hands after they come outta the restrooms 😂🤢😷 https://t.co/RVXyV0kSxr

didi ♡s raei ✨ t-4h ‏@jejuprince

@jaeminshair everyone keeps trying to make me soft 😷 ...❣️💝💘💖💕💗💓💞

🅱️U$$DOWN⬇️🅱️ENNY ‏@Supreme_mighty

I got the stomach flu 😷 🤒

Lizzy Kay ‏@Awkward_izzy_1

@tasteslikesalt Disgusting 🤒😷

IBRAH MAL❤ ‏@ibrahimmalcolm

@radjoa How can you support Manchester united and Chelsea simultaneously. Impossible ❤💙 😷😩😂😊 #CFC #MUFC

Cal Camp ‏@GRmyPlayground

@brotherdorian I smell that thang from here. Gesh😷

Twan ‏@AntwanAchim

Licking a L on an empty stomach 😷

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