Face With Medical Mask Emoji

A person with a surgical mask on their face, generally used in a hospital setting, or when working with dangerous fumes.

Also seen in public places (primarily in Asia) to avoid sickness, or spreading disease. Windows 8.1 showed this as a dust mask, which has been fixed to show a medical mask in Windows 10.

Face With Medical Mask was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😷 Bird Flu

😷 Doctor

😷 Mask Face


😷 Sick

😷 Surgical Mask


😷 U+1F637




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Vero ‏@vmuniz24

@njmuniz7 You have depression 😷

Poeticgirl86 ‏@poeticgirl86

@terrarieve I'm not supposed to have chicken. But liver I should!! I can't have liver 😭😭😷😷

Reciprocal Of Zero ‏@Haseef_Offl

@gibberish_subs @Prabhan2510 Haha yeah and it looks kiddish 😷

XF Tape 🐧✂️📔 ‏@XFtape

😷😷😷😷 stay at home stay healthy

Gloria Rhea “Captain Gigi” Grante ‏@Gloria_R_Grante

😷 #Wuhan #WuhanCoronavirus #WuhanPneumonia #2019nCoV #nCoV2019 #nCoV #coronavirus #HMPV #Humanmetapneumovirus | "Th… https://t.co/Ev9ZnN3B06

DaisyX ‏@daisy__lx

@spectatorindex It was going to. But then it was canceled. 😷

D A Y A N G ‏@dyangenuls

I dont feel good 😷

Caleb Zaire Fowler ‏@CalebZaire

YOO YOO YOO!!!! Wtf is that shit 😷 https://t.co/1Ctsry9cvR

Maria Banks ‏@mareeuh_

We should just close down the airports 😩😷 not trying to get sick!

H.Mulay (Jahagirdar) ‏@hemantraomulay

@PotekarPrashant One and only 😷

Rocio. ‏@RocioBautista10

All this smoke is making my head hurt 😷

Doris Zelaya ‏@DorisZelaya5

@beverlyfelix3 @pritchhunter @crystal3241 @emmanuelobi476 @FREEBetsyB @PamGibs64104547 @Peacengod77… https://t.co/7SdzPFhvIZ

🦋 𝒅𝒆𝒗𝒊𝒓𝒂 ‏@katahilangmakna

omg we going to die together! 😍😷🤧😎 https://t.co/TZEYpmEnp1

spring🍒 ‏@bomslover

@OnlyRiihanna i cant even focus i only see ti putting his grubby hands on her😷

Akhil Taraka Ramudi Abhimani ‏@Akhil4NTR

@NaveenPolishety 😂😂🙏 the most underrated actor ....😷🤐 https://t.co/g3c7XBtfnr

•𝒔𝒆𝒓𝒆𝒏𝒂• ‏@Serena450326

Takecare yourselfff😷❤️❤️❤️@tiffanyyoung

n ‏@njmuniz7

@vmuniz24 You have t mobile 😷🚫

Joelle ‏@jo_jo_joelle_

@1stnovem I went to report and block on my other account and saw He gained followers some how. I’m sick 😷

🌸såkürå üçhìhå🌸うちはさくら 🌸 ‏@TheCuTeSaKuRa

@Saschiha I hope so,maybe zombie movies like train to busan influenced me that is why i kept thinking this way,butv… https://t.co/bvQZjbyGwK

⏎Maria Killa Curvez♡ ‏@Jigglez7


🧕🏼🎋🇿🇦🇧🇴🇲🇽🇮🇳🇨🇦🇨🇳🏀🇹🇭🐒! ‏@nuekaleev169

Watch what happened at 1:44 in @milalacane's broadcast: Shanghai ☔️ 😷 https://t.co/qoPuwbjq50

FrogFather ‏@FrogFather1

@TheChulaDiaries @EmmyStar79 I hope you were wearing at least an N95 face mask 😷

Sai Thet Naung Tun ‏@STNHH

Lockdown City Wuhan... 😷😷😷😷😷 https://t.co/14ety4ZvPt

Priyu🦋 ‏@ajith_priyadhi

@Crazy_brundha Bitter truth 😷

¥ @ ©️©️ ‏@_YAKKK_

The lingering smell of that stench as well 😷 https://t.co/5C6hb6oCqN

AM2K ‏@_AM2K_

@Ba15Returns @masturtrolI64 @HoodieJPaxton And I’m definitely not a marlins fan 😷

Saudi and that’s enough 🇸🇦🇧🇭🇦🇪 ‏@SaudiArmy7

@k5up2 @Ephemeral011 @RealthingUlli @Turki_AlOwerde @ScheyChris @gassan_z @aLhuR_900 @MBSittioneLOVE @with_dun… https://t.co/VwAMTfLUm0

dr.nova🔺🎸🌈 ‏@valerieflames

@misanthrobey trash caption but why is diddy wearing a cream jacket and white pants he’s ruined the crayon box look here 😷

B. ‏@MsKayBelle

What in the actual fu- 😷😷 https://t.co/zz4PW3mdBR

✨Shane’s World✨ ‏@Rockstarr4200

Stop using spit 🌊 as lube it's flu 😷 season.‼️

7 ‏@7ermizi

@SofiaRRahim Sorry to hear that. Hope you recover soon. And stay safe we're facing novel coronavirus issue 😷

A.w.A ‏@_Boriquaaa_

I automatically lose interest in people when they say “come over “ or let me slide . When I haven’t been taken on d… https://t.co/bvMlGbUm3O

Gilbert Solis ‏@Gilly_Goober2

Feeling so sick and competition is tomorrow 😷😭🤢

cla 🍀 ‏@_karisx

sometimes i just need someone to lend me an ears 😷

Chris ‏@chrise3498

So many people worried about Coronavirus that the movie Contagion 😷 is trending on Apple TV again.

Asshleighh ✨ ‏@ashleigh_tgc

@TennStateQues I’d rather lick sandpaper 😷

eungeung ‏@tallestpinks

everyone and pandas all around the world please take care yourself because #coronavirus is spreading fast right now… https://t.co/030DaY41uD

king brat ‏@GhostSkunk

@NotFlamm Last time it was someone @ ing mean macros and whining about how lethal content is on the same level as p… https://t.co/fqIGUZYZAO

Beez💪🏾 ‏@ThereGoBrandon

I gotta roll up I cannot sleep for shit I’m miserable as fuck I’m havin got flashes 😭😷

Peter ‏@Peter66695090

Prevent pneumonia in action, from the self!😷😷 https://t.co/2GG9Fs5dRN

ellen zee ‏@ellenzradio

@2017Guitarman wash your hands like your doing surgery .. really clean those veggies 😷 https://t.co/XoKBYb5nZX

Kelly Goodling ‏@Savage0078

@vaccinateluxifR Nope don't like hairy chests, back or shoulders😷

RK Jain ‏@rkj28

@tinkerbell9958 Really😷

edilina💕 ‏@sinohin_edilene

not feeling well🤒😷

Superstar Ranveer's fan ‏@ranveersmine

@TheSambitsamaI I can see all this happen in bwood in a few years 😶😷

Bochra Tunisia ‏@Bichettt

China 🇨🇳 this is how they get viruses 🦠. Their evil manners of human scum boiling and or skinning alive innocent ca… https://t.co/UVkPxAblfj

Amer ‏@amerhyatt

@BlessedUmmati looks like someone is highly inspired by nityanand.😷

Suck My Potatoes ‏@imranciabatta

@iamfalliq Wear ur mask abg faliq.. 😷

B ‏@blainesisco

You mfers nasty 😷 https://t.co/9A30R105nq

JASB ‏@91jasonng

And...??? They're all confirmed in the line-up for Seoul, nobody asked you to mention them with your oppas group. N… https://t.co/3aLw0Bk2fm

Amber Coxhill ‏@ACoxhill

When you're too poor to miss work, but you don't want to get everyone else sick 😷🤧 https://t.co/hfBvuRGa5Z

Dallas/M.L.E. ❤ fan4ever✌🌈dem/ ‏@Dallas3331461

Amen baby and I do believe in Kharma for sure. ❤Dallas💜🆘🎸😷❤🌊🌈 https://t.co/wDlEPS0UuT

Dawn Bazely ‏@dawnbazely

😷🤧🤒 Want to eradicate the #fluvirus from your home? Treat the place like a hospital | @JATetro Feb 2018… https://t.co/ZWIiJh8MrW

Haleigh 🔑 ‏@kitthaleigh

With all these viruses going around I’m scared to go out in public 😷

You Can Call Me Sir ‏@YouCanCallMeSi6

@prettylildemonx OH that's not good 😷

emo hip hopⓋ ‏@Loquita_Vegan

White people will not wash their hands and refuse to vaccinate their kids and be the first to be all “oh no Chinese… https://t.co/KQfpatNFVW

suki ‏@filter_coffee1

@LWilliamsio @ChinatownLondon +1.. bit scared to go 😷😷

the real lil d ‏@beholdurdestiny

Every establishment should be nonsmoking for cigarettes. 😷

🌲Alyson🌲 ‏@nosylaeel

Please tell me these travelers will be quarantined for a minimum of two weeks?!? 😷 https://t.co/2YVXzDO9xZ

Outside Commissar #OC ‏@iSiphoSihle

@iTsoaeli The clicks ones are not 2ply bayarobha labo😷

「 ᗪᕼ߷ᖇᗰᗩ 」𓂀 ‏@nisconi

@__azza y'all start wearing mask😷 guys! https://t.co/4HTlxKFY2O

Anna ‏@annatheloon

A case of coronavirus has apparently hit Harajuku... Guess I better avoid Tokyo for a while😷

Alberto🙁 ‏@AlbertoIsWack

In my bed dying 🤙🤙😌😌😷🤒😷🤒I’ll let y’all know when the funeral is

QUEEN LAYAH ♏️ ‏@loveablelayah

@IilGreg @954Cobi & it’s dirty asf 😷

Gemma ‏@gemma_r0se

definitely getting sick 😷

Tia everyone wished they had ‏@Trii_yonce

@ddddeeeebbb Like it’s one thing to have your chanclas on but barefoot?! That’s out😷 I def wear my sneakers if I forget my chanclas lol

♋️ mil⁷ ♋️ ‏@_amilabubakr_

Duty calls 😷 https://t.co/SgVubDpqZQ

Nej ‏@jennyisms

Prevention is better than cure. We we’re masked all day when we were in Binondo. 😷 🤣 BTW, we see a lot of people w… https://t.co/yV4s92cIG9

Steve Ruiz ‏@Steveo1314

@GregNorberg Makes me sick 😷

Eneiser ‏@YoungLegend_1

Gdk die y fuck the opps😷

lil ube bread 🐝 ‏@elijahdsuarez

@katestrashbin tinder sux don’t download it 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 me and my friend literally spent 3 hours in his car swiping th… https://t.co/2AcOePOyvz

Tay ‏@Tayllaaaguuuuhh

ew being in public. 😷

fafa ‏@iffadarwin

anniversary for death 😷 https://t.co/zcBm7WYb7c

𝔦𝔫 𝔦𝔫 🌙 ‏@iynuhh

andaming chin chan su ugh 😷

king honey whiskey. ‏@marinaxmata

i cannot be bothered to look any less sick 😷 https://t.co/MFGlQ5R6Ht

Joshie C ‏@JoshuaCurry_

I was really hoping the 30 million gds wouldn’t make the album cut of Birthday Suit but I was wrong welp😷🥴

Vineeth ‏@DhoNiTR79

@Balupbrs C Rohit VC Guptill 😌😷

_Ofjoseph ‏@_SimplyNnanz

Throwing up bag after bag 😷 I just want it to be over🤢

Kxng ‏@Lxtty1

What's wrong with this generation?? I can't believe y'all really don't like people to like wtf they want😷🤔🙄 https://t.co/EWxtsXeHjc

Neesh ‏@nessshhh

Ugh I feel sooo sick 😷

Haryo ‏@haryooo_

Dropping low😷

polisi ‏@ahzarca

dara arafah is already cancelled since she made that sexist video then yall praise her back when she dragged lucint… https://t.co/IFWWYnPDkJ

𝔅 ‏@itsAriaBench

Meanwhile Chinese were evacuating here in the Philippines😭😫 WEAR‼️ YOUR‼️ MASK‼️ PEOPLE‼️ And also bring with you… https://t.co/xz0OBaU5JT

Jermain Paul ‏@JermainPaul

Adidas zx 930🔥🔥😷 never released since 1987. Come on adidas release them one more time https://t.co/WEYQyoKJ3r https://t.co/85D387oxTh

ماریه ‏@berriebellaaa

Moat 😷😷😷 https://t.co/5ritkTMCel


Did they really just do that? 😷😷😷😷 https://t.co/DccnhGowEU

குட்டி பையன் ‏@itzkuttyzz

@itz_satheesh @Itz_Sumiii 😷🚶 Falling in love

zahrat al zumourd ‏@AlZumourd

obgyee cause nausea 4 me wallah 😷😐 even its info it seem like I am taking ob/gynee course🤮

lashes 💋 ‏@redheadlauraa

The one thing i can not tolerate is bad breath 😷

hi_todayis_D0ubleS💙💛 ‏@RV_DoubleS

@fAiDaRaveE Influenza is still dangerous 😷

Don Quijote ‏@JMolina1321

Sobrang fcked up! 😖😷

RobGee🐊 ‏@_RobGee40

And he just a sophomore 😷 https://t.co/Q82tts4g0S

🥺 ‏@zobeeel

vomited four times already sugod pa ganina 10 am🤕😷

yourBiTCHcallsMeNELL ‏@RoBoyNell

Idk who needs to hear this but “bitch you look a fuckin mess 😷🙄fuck off my TL”

(رخسانہ )Rukhsana ‏@Rukhsan60611175

@azhargu81111679 Opes ye to me soch hi ni😷

Fakri_zawi ‏@ZawiFakri

@internetatira Smell stinks 😷

💖Molly Weasley💖 (not really, dear) ‏@MamaMolly2018

@TOPublicHealth @MackayIM Only 3 hours away.... getting droplet masks tomorrow morning. 😷

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