Face With Raised Eyebrow Emoji

A face with a neutral mouth and single eyebrow raised. May be used to denote scepticism, disbelief, or disapproval.

Has been likened to the quizzical looks of Stephen Colbert, and also resembles a common expression of The Rock.

Face With Raised Eyebrow was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Face With One Eyebrow Raised” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤨 Colbert

🤨 The Rock

Unicode Name

🤨 Face With One Eyebrow Raised


🤨 U+1F928


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Indigo💜 ‏@amah_og

I never understand people who feel like because you’re rich or a celebrity you are always right. Asin??🤨#IkoroduLuckyDube

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@Ittzz_Rahul Agreed 🤨

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SKIPPERICK ‏@ricky19592097

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cody bot ‏@cxdybot

i think grimes is a indie 🤨

Akif Farooq ‏@AkifFarooqAK

@AnmolArzo Why do we need others approvals in our lives? 🤨

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Alison Ashpool ‏@ali_pops

@Keir_Starmer @ABC_West_Ken P*** off Keir and do something worthwhile 🤨

kristina ‏@feeIsomething

time will not pass all damn day and then the second it’s past midnight the hours are like 20 minutes long 🤨

Liam McGeachy ‏@liammcgeachy88

@WindlawAFC Blue and white 🤨

ًdylan ‏@fadeintodarks

okay ignore what i just asked then it's fine 🤨

k31t4  ‏@k31t4_dub

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tia ‏@acnhtia

I don't get why we have to pay so much money for someomes else's house to be moved 🤨

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@officialcici22 People think too much of them self on this bird app 🤨

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𓋹𓍑𓋴Nyatsimba Mutota ‏@rhandzistoavenu

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@ohjaai Are you a virgo by any chance?🤨

Audrey.Ms.Proper® ‏@LOW_KEY_DREY

Damn grl calling me 5 in the morning... talking about for now on .................🤨

smiling politely ‏@cakewench

Stop spying on me Mr Moore 🤨 https://t.co/HGTtZJb8l6

Alexandra ‏@alexandra44869

🤨😟😐🙄😑🥱🤢🤮— stages of me watching so many people’s stories

Kenesha ‏@KenLovely92

People will CLOCK OUT and come in the break room to buy food before they go home. 🤨 just gtfo outta here weirdo!

nicole ‏@lokifiedc

@avengethor Greater than 🤨

OUTSIDE ‏@emonieeee_

if you find out someone cheated but y’all been broke up right, y’all still gonna fight or nah? 🤨

Sammy ‏@HeyLoveIy

My name always in this geezee kids mouth 🤨

AbiOlanrewaju ‏@abiolanzy09

@Tutsy22 🤨😮🤨😐Hostel?

Sir Captain 🇸🇱 - Abu B. Yillah ‏@Black_Supahero

@joe_b_williams Looks like baked beans on ice cream 🤨

Car Hub Accra ‏@DY_Official

@tina_ketewa Maybe 🤨

ion Like Dettt 🥴 ‏@Doseof_Sj

Aye if you see me liking some shit that make you look at me a lil different 🤨 mind yo business 🌚😂

Alison Ashpool ‏@ali_pops

@BBCNews Charity means the voluntary giving of help to those in need. Maybe after this, we might be left with the r… https://t.co/oNASdZ7k7h

moonbyul ‏@byulsluvbot

let’s see how long this one’s gonna last 🤨

OUTSIDE ‏@emonieeee_

block or ignore? 🤨

Yarelis ‏@mynameisyarelis

Where’s the new season of Lucifer. 🤨 Been waiting long enough !

Arlene J Rimmer ‏@ArleneRimmerRD

Always ready! (To dive under the nearest table... 🤨) https://t.co/R0bhlBoaxZ

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