Face With Raised Eyebrow Emoji

A face with a neutral mouth and single eyebrow raised. May be used to denote scepticism, disbelief, or disapproval.

Has been likened to the quizzical looks of Stephen Colbert, and also resembles a common expression of The Rock.

Face With Raised Eyebrow was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Face With One Eyebrow Raised” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤨 Colbert

🤨 The Rock

Unicode Name

🤨 Face With One Eyebrow Raised


🤨 U+1F928


Tweets For 🤨

TheReal AV (Playrunna A.V.) ‏@PLAYRUNNA_AV

@jhanyaaa Lol no I don’t have a fb! 🤨 haven’t for a while

🦋 TS7 🦋 || SAVE MNL48 1ST GEN ‏@xxj2ne7ts

Youtube deleting views again. 🤨

ᴘᴀᴜʟᴀ ‏@rosxplre

madayon unta ning "busy weekend" oy 🤨

certifiied_j ‏@bigdawgj2

when school don’t be pointless then they can worry about attendance!🤨

Candy ‏@Candyrose_BTV

@john_fls @christina_gungl @RaeVan87 @rainbow_brite06 @angela_mostowy @KatieJLester @kezzafiske61 @RavensNests… https://t.co/nQQH3SxfOD

𝓔𝓵𝓰𝓮𝓷𝓮𝓮𝓿𝓮 💋 ‏@myel_legal

I don't want to play with your stupid games. If I say I don't want, then don't you dare force me to make actions th… https://t.co/YVWvAAHyMs

Christine ❌ ‏@MDNAistheQueen

@MENnewsdesk 36 and 31 but neither have a bank account? 🤨

Daehwi ‏@captaindaehwi

@BASSlSTKANG Why do you put that love emoji bro you make me nervous 🤨

Julian S. Rivera ‏@ThisBoyJuJu

positive vibes but in a bad mood.. I’m weird af lol 🤨

kevin keenan ‏@k_keenan7

@ClydeSSB 🤨 two red cards, manager in the stands, Celtic player in hospital needing surgery Celtic do their talking on the pitch .. 3-0

abby ‏@abbxxxxx

as soon as i start eating my daughter starts crying .. 🤨

Al ‏@lowkeyal_

Maybe I focus on what people not doing 🤨

ɴᴀᴛ ミ☆ loves sannie to the moon and back ‏@sunnyjeno

@flopetyflop whats different about this one 🤨

🌸 Omar 🌸 ‏@fallinallinkaty

@xfirework No sure about Taylor debuting this week 🤨

SlayQueen.Doll ‏@__1000___

WTF do my son love his morning wood😳🤨 Like seriously that shit cray cray to me🤦🏽‍♀️

. ‏@KieqzR6

@uncertt @RunPlot_ @Revolt_Robbie Ohhh nvm then 🤨

Open Minds ‏@OpenMin14217448

@CNN Yeah, it’s the same group of people who think Jussie Smollett really is the gay Tupac... 🤨

💜Gaëlle💜 ‏@IpurpleBTS_97

@outrotear041 Really 🤨

call your rep demand impeach hearings now ‏@notUnitePink

but no legislation 🤨 https://t.co/czI5YqT1hJ

fleur's asya ‏@gayvaIdez

@lovrverse HOW IS THAT HOT 🤨

[email protected]@colleens8844291

@real_farmacist You are out of your mind. 🤨

ń ‏@RilwanNajib

Be there!🤨🔥 https://t.co/3gEIlibo8q

Naeeeee💕 ‏@Dae_Hating

Well rested , I think imma cook this morning 🤨 maybe not .. I honestly don’t feel like it though

Aja ‏@ajamariee

Literally my last 5 days of work before I move and they really be trying me 🤨

گلاب جامُن ‏@Zehra_Shabbir

@Gothickid_ @AsliBinLaden I thought the same 🤨

Andi Hannaway ‏@Andifemale

#cats sleep weird 🤨 https://t.co/oJR05Gu8eF

#Dubb™ ‏@SmashDaSavage

Yo hol time 🤨 ***blueface*** yeaaa Ight! https://t.co/TFSiP674hN

🍫✨ ‏@lovetaytay__

My kids be having me fucked up, we ain’t friends 🤨

Asyouwill ‏@Asyouwill2

@SamHeughan When you’re at work, trying to focus on typing your notes, then someone sits down next to you trying t… https://t.co/wkzya3ZL9K

The Ghost ‏@Mitchas23

@LanceForman I hope the panel grasped from the audience, what 3yrs of frustration, 3yrs of being lied to, 3yrs of p… https://t.co/vvDVGikuuy

Sandra ‏@Sandra60213617

I wanna slap every single person whome I don't like.🤨

JazmyneMonae👱🏾‍♀️ ‏@JazmyneMonae

Misery loves company 🤨

Lauren Rice ‏@LDR1995

@HoneyImHEATH 🤨 say what lol

Jahim ‏@Jahim21

I use to be in the streets like everyday aves you can’t go cause they Neva play 😌🤨😤💯👌🏾 #jahim #artist #rapmemes… https://t.co/9b7afddwuQ

Bigteeroc71 ‏@bigteeroc71

@RothenbergESPN Curious, Numb,🤨💯💯💯

make it ryt🌌🌌 ‏@j_rd_229

I suddenly wanted to read books😂🤨

TME2407 ‏@Nonamemama1

@realDonaldTrump My president cannot spell correctly. Ahhhhhh good old America. 🤨😆😳

Zeus ‏@EasyMoneyZeus

Those KD 12's hard.... thinking about those or Nike hyperquickness.... 🤨

𝘼𝙡𝙞𝙭 🍜 ‏@InnerDaddyIssue

@femebot That’s the only thing you’re gonna correct? 🤨

drew ‏@909fresh

So we just gone act like Canes bread better than A Popeyes biscuit?🤨

Mrs.Tesfaye ‏@s_dot__

I be hearing shit about myself that I didn’t even know 🤨

kamonad ‏@kamonad

Red flag in #AzerbaijanGP again. Kvyat is out. Who next? 🤨

THEE GEMINI 👯‍♀️ ‏@heyvryee

I’ll kill y’all hoes please don’t play 🤨 https://t.co/wFeEDStxbs

Ana🤩 ‏@livingincolor1

How you associate with bitches that don’t like me 🤨

Nick Geeee ‏@nikka_tina

They released Hunt instantly but suspended this clown? 🤨 https://t.co/AbkNKDgQbD

Dennis Maykowski ‏@MaykowskiD

@DalaiLama A bit skeptical? 🤨 All blessings come from God. What you’re describing is the Cult of the Self! https://t.co/GkZ4l7IXew

Mac Dramastic ‏@DramasticMusic

@loveiscool25 No da fuck she ain’t either 😂🤨

integrity ‏@Integrity526

@cvpayne Great country we live in, yes?😁🇺🇸 Majority of population never know how well economy doingb/cnot what subv… https://t.co/FT6ZdOAhhL

idarmawan ‏@idr

@darwis_alim @VIVAcoid we call it footloose strategic, and didn’t know the substance what is competitive advantage… https://t.co/hpmolpevaM

Kevin West ‏@anchorbrewer

@realDonaldTrump Geez, Donny, ever heard of spellcheck? 🤨

Nikki 🌻🌼 ‏@wishesneedmore

@RescueReality1 No I am not taking your litter box 🤨

Open Minds ‏@OpenMin14217448

@T0nyR0ckyH0rr0r @Anitakwiatkow12 @CNN @AlisonKosik The problem with being stupid is that facts don’t seem to matte… https://t.co/Xd48JU2bKJ

Priyanshu Pal ‏@priyanshupal_

@RafaleNehru @Nothing_0___ @BdkBlessing @sonamJain001 2001 mai BJP thi 🤨

Dan Sacharoff ‏@SacharoffDan

@markkiszla Always positive!🤨

RALI$ ‏@msnewmoney

@vanitysanity_ He turned around like hold up 🤨

Pierre Mercier 🇨🇦 ‏@lac_kipawa

@Marina_Sirtis @JoeBiden You really think @mschlapp would let his daughters with @realDonaldTrump alone? He’s a LIA… https://t.co/WnpZUbuZV3

Arvind Kalia ‏@arvkalia

@TheAnfieldTalk Easy now...Remember the last time we started thinking about GD during a title challenging season...… https://t.co/MVndPOCfGB

Kade Jones ‏@TheKadeJones

@JaiHawkFly @sawsinn @gucci1017 @AtlantaFalcons If he does this “ALOT” then show me at least 5-10 more times of this happening 🤨

Suzi Bruno ‏@plaPRpro

What???? @NYCMayor has truly lost his mind. When are New Yorkers going to stop the insanity? Hot Dogs affect the c… https://t.co/GsYohRcEso

MsDee ⚾️ ‏@femaleatlhawk

@SocialsavantLLC @xavip @escott1028 Exactly! Folks hated on Sark HARD! Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t the ideal choi… https://t.co/LwK8zV4CU8

قلام بيلي ‏@Glambily

hmmm and why dont you do it???? 🤨 https://t.co/Nf8fZQW8nr

auntcrystal ‏@lilbit2498

@jaygatties @ndn4pete ha! i didnt catch that part either 🤨 that is a dead giveaway lol

D5_FanAccount ‏@D5_Fanaccount

@MrAubaAubaV5 Exactly! ....main terrible countries that cause violence and war ... well done that’s really something to be proud of .... 🙄😒🤨

Kike López🐲 ‏@KikeL1590

@nemx_ Whaaaaaaat????? 🤨

tL ✨ ‏@worthaTRILL

@sgunh33 Had a Meeting w my other parents at 8AM & they weren’t there 🤨

Ade Of Nigeria ‏@Hammdriller

You walk past row 32. Find your seat somewhere at the back (back o), then you hear one pretty lady saying, "Ya. I'm… https://t.co/tEoHhDuqbE

Hammad ‏@7ammad86

@Sariyal_here 🤨 i don't want this 😭

JHeeeeem ‏@DaReal_Jstar

Quality really just scheduled a meeting for 3PM today. 🤨

Calyse Cerwyn ‏@little_honedCer

@KnightlyFlower You stole my pic without permission. 🤨

LeudaNic ‏@surewhyknot

@Warrior_1 You lost me at runs for fun. 🤨 https://t.co/uLQEJRCH9T

DonkeunMakaléyod🗡 ‏@Mo_oHa_MaD

@Dija_Foreal @amira_deuzou M.A.R.S.U 🤨😒

Jimmy ‏@JR_seve7

New York sports has taken a big turn this year 🤨

GoodGooblyGoo😜 ‏@msail17

@realDonaldTrump There u go again #braggerinchief bragging about what a President is suppose to do...this is part o… https://t.co/9OmtFlmxE8

ang✨💓 ‏@saaiintwest

ya'll shitting on people like nba youngboy for admitting he has herpes, making all these jokes but you're telling y… https://t.co/mbcMeNOmAV

jigga ‏@iLLNana____

This bitch gonna tell me I probably don’t know what it’s like to really be black because I’m light skinned. Like bitch what 🤨

j o e y ‏@JaCkYJOJO_

@javisclem Ppl want drama..... ughhh people just leave each other alone ffs 🤨

𝔓𝔯𝔬𝔩𝔦𝔣𝔦𝔠✨ ‏@jeannemonae

My manager wanna call and ask I wanna come in today 🤨 nope y’all should’ve kept me on the schedule .

Psychoroid ‏@psychoroidsound

@luxdubz Blankets...in a pig 🤨🔥?

1Horn Prinzessin ‏@trullatrienchen

@woinerd21 @the_Real_Toni85 @Talanie1 @Lola_flennt Na gut 🤨

Rusty Crossland ‏@rustycrossland

It would be censored on Twitter 🤨 https://t.co/jYGQ8wQ4PY

Wilma US CrackenHack ‏@capuchinster

@ActualPengy Good job I'm not in that Northamptonshire then... 🤨

Roadkill7 ‏@Rdkill762

@IndivisibleNet Pick any kindergartener and they could do a better job, they know right from wrong already 🤨😉👍

Beisbol...until football ‏@netillaman

@MJADetBos Something only used now to get you to buy something. 🤨

ً ‏@silkhwa

@shooters4woosan Hand taemin over miss 🤨👋

james andrew graham ‏@PainterJim

It’s takes @BarclaysUK 0.000001 second to charge me for being £10 overdrawn but takes them over 4 working days to c… https://t.co/bve2Acq3dS

Justine Rudkin ‏@ScouseMicrobe

THIS! "When you finish for the summer?" Erm, last time was June 2008...........🤨 https://t.co/Aag4VXTjft

Cheryl DeBarros ‏@Cherylbde

@OttoTitsling @geek4beauty Just silly..no need for a comment like that.🤨

jammyjinx👅 ‏@jammyjinx1

Some things I get asked on twitter is funny ‘does your dad know you do this’ yeah I send him daily links to my pornhub page 🤨😒

Tee💙 ‏@tharden03

I have every intention on doin absolutely nuttin this weekend 🤨

Queen Tea ‏@MeadowsTahlia

@Parapuzosia @bbibbibbh @efemeral_ @LordSilverang @BaileyDelay @margosiim @Blake___1988 @ladbible Funny you say tha… https://t.co/n8zeymhnap

Erin Metcalf 🍃 ‏@eirewolf

#NoSpoilers !!! Doing so now will jeopardize our friendship. 🤨 https://t.co/PPKfMOHho4

Pepe the Turtle ‏@hotteabreak

4/ despite having a 98% accuracy rate.🤨 - “It also includes provisions that cld lead violators to face a Class A misdemeanor or fines.”

Mafi Arif ‏@mafiarifm

Tf I'm crying watching "what would you do" 🤨

ArchieBoy ‏@fishface60

@margatesunsets Says you from Westgate on Sea...🤨

L ‏@louismush14

@toastofworcesta @DawnNeesom @Femi_Sorry @CarolineLucas Definitely sharing that tweet, it's hilarious 😂 what would… https://t.co/hyd60nlinU

R. Miotto E. ‏@r_miotto_e

@write_wherever Me too! 🤨

KShari ‏@kshari89

$AAPL why are people so shocked it’s down, the chart showed you last week it was going down 🤨😒🧐😂 https://t.co/oAg8w2hCmx

2ndGradewithMs.G ‏@2ndGradewithMsG

A good lesson today in the importance of checking your work. And how FRUSTRATING it is when you have to work around… https://t.co/Kbaln0czS2

TENEEVA ‏@TeneevaA

@trnjnl TRUE AGHH! Swimming 🤨

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