Anxious Face With Sweat Emoji

A look of concern, with a blue forehead and sweat dripping down the cheek.

The exception to this emoji was the Windows version which appeared to be excited. This has been updated in Windows 10.

Anxious Face With Sweat was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Face With Open Mouth and Cold Sweat” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😰 Blue Face

😰 Concerned Face

😰 Nervous Face

Unicode Name

😰 Face With Open Mouth and Cold Sweat


😰 U+1F630




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@MR701_ I may need an Android then 😰 Apple slackin.

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@Mimirk_63 😰☠️🤣 Omg I died from humiliation! *faints in exaggeration * 😘

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For me this hit home because I just walk away from an emotionally abusive man who didn’t want to be dumped.He manip…

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i just realized what he meant by knowing what the lamp could do...😰

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@eelmaith Why are you so sad 😰😰😰

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cursed image😰

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are you ready jungkook?😈 ʸᵉˢ ᵈᵃᵈᵈʸ ᵗᵃᵗᵃ😰😓 feel my wet😫 slippery tentacles🤤 go up your anus hole😈 you like that don’…

✌💙MusicHead💙✌ ‏@BelindaBalleau1

@SoyBoyManBun No thanks. I'm good😂😂 seriously...petrified of alligators😳😰

Mel🔪 ‏@lingling_rose28

Work is so fucking horrible omfg I should have never picked up I should have let them struggle. Lol 😰

James Jensen ‏@JamesJe73211787

@JUDITBENAVENTE Am so sorry 💔😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😰😰😰😰

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ‏@earth2kristaa

I’m losing my voice 😰 ‏@newscomauHQ


jess ‎⎊ ‏@roseyniaz

i had the worst high tonight i’m so anxious i’m 😰😰

Thainá Marquês ‏@thainamarquesz

trey songz - song soes 🥺😰

Tiny Protests ‏@TinyProtests

🌥️ 🚁 🏛️🏬🏗️🏟️🌳🏛️🏛️🏨🏛️🏪🏟️🏟️ 👮🏽👮🏽👮🏻‍♀️💨🔥😲 😓 😐😰😟😮 🚔👮🏻🚔♨️💨😖😥😭😢🤐😤😐 🚓👮🏼👮🏿♨️♨️😰😡😳😡😦😡🙄😯 🏦🏟️🏭🏬🏟️🏭🏭🏬🏟️🏪🏦🏭 THE POWER OF THE…

❄️ ‏@shabrinanora

This coronavirus is scaring the fuck out of me I really didn’t need flashbacks from the maze runner series😰

aimee ‏@Aimeesnotsavage

I’m a childhood Alzheimer’s survivor, I’m thinking about starting a go fund me 😰

AL Powers ‏@ALPowers18

@Ordinary1World I'm glad someone is breaking a sweat 😰

Nicola CP ‏@NicolaChP

@Abramjee So awful 😰. My condolences to his family, friends and colleagues

Ange ‏@Angevon

@LadyKrile I really wish we could use the dpad to move 😰

s t e p h a n i e ✨ ‏@xoxosf_

It’s scary af having an upstairs & downstairs. I was just taking a shower & I swear I kept hearing noises downstair…

𝑯 ‏@Hs7b_

i do not understand this...😰

tío ‏@MONTstrosity

@FabioLaHeem She gon change your life at her current age. I don’t even want to imagine her prime 😰

Jayycee🖤 ‏@Enimsaj____

Def scared to get my gun license 😰

nikki🪐is seeing harry ‏@stylezgucci

im nervous for the falling music video🤧😰

softcore puns🐙🍑🖖 ‏@BellseaChel

@17clementine Same 😑😰😖😞

jessie ‏@jvssiec

clarissa just hell my handdddd 😰 wow

Drea ‏@andreamonaee

😨😨😨😰🤯 my mind rn . goodnight on that one... a fuckin legend she is, OKAY?!

#1 rengoku stan ‏@MCGENJlS

My fight or flight instincts always kick in each time I have to see Adam driver on my tl 😰

Danielle ‏@daaaaaanIMAL

@itsNICKSNIDER I hate I know why is going to be in my nightmare tonight. 😰 fuckkkk I would be so scared.

Sarah Mohamed ‏@sarahm1026

@razanelmutiagin Time to fix up 😰

I’ll stan(d) (t)all⚡️🦔🐉🍥🍀 🎴 ‏@kameal4561

@lickmytayhole @Kidd_Sprewell that looks detailed and cool, but imagine trying to bathe, lie/sit down, or do pretty…

Danielle ‏@daaaaaanIMAL

@Unexplained I would literally call the cops while taking a million puffs of my inhaler hoping not to have an asthma attack and die😰

Fire Tiger 🔥🐯 ‏@leizyldesigns

He says the hospitals aren't helping people. They are giving them anti-inflammatory and sending them back home. I h…


Life is 🤣😁😍😘🙄😶😑😐😥😅🥺😓😰😢😭

Mixed by Nitro ‏@Nitro_Mixx

Burhh! Man gatz buy car this yearr, Harmattam and Bike don't go well 😰🥵

Kevin V. ‏@KevinVTweets

So much tearjerkers in season 4 of #MyHeroAcademia...🥺😰😭 #RipSirNighteye #RipMiraiSasaki

han ‏@amazinqdan

oomf said . silence 😰

river ‏@riverpxce

i’m way too overprotective of mitcg he could breathe the wrong way and i’d be like FUCk ARE U OK PLZ BE HAPPY 😰😓😥HEHE SMILE ILY!!€

雨夜 #staywhelmed ‏@aheadofthenight

@kiniroyume Walao...😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰 lmao and I don't use that phrase often SIGHS

Zheka Yamani Asikin ‏@ZhekaAsikin

@tribunnews Whut😰

Ava/Ready for Feb 5th ‏@stansoonkyu

@wigsoul @dubschaeng No offense but I don’t like Hyunjin’s teaser they did her dirty 😰

Nina ♥ ‏@_ninaababee

I really got Redbox movies for my mom and me to watch, pizza and wine and she ditched me for the chisme with my tia…

Tiffani😼 ‏@tpd__xoxo

I think I’ve smoked everyday for the past 5 years lol no breaks or anything. Whewwwww 😰😰😰

JerickP. ‏@Wclfrvrjp

Next loan please😰

♥ ‏@niskyy

I would be terrified if I saw this on my ring camera 😰

Tre ‏@DEONTRE1104

Every day I try to keep going in life knowing that y’all not here no more. #01-26-17 #08-26-18 MISS YALL SO MUCH. U…

stoney sav. ‏@sav_karcz

finally realizes that i’m actually leaving for italy in 30 hours and my bags actually need to be packed in 10 hours…

Jenna ‏@JenSmileyScott

But...but...why is there an arugula shortage? 😰

Nina ♥ ‏@_ninaababee

@katherinecoreas Maybe next year if not possible this year 👀🤔 Airbnb’s are cheap but the flights are pricy 😰

___Blaire ‏@SourPatch_Bee

Ugh, why would he just send me that....😰

DessaBetSayless🤐💯 ‏@AyHendu

@evathisevathat That shit right around the corner frfr😰😅

Tshepo ‏@tzhepom

Waitse😰😢, oo’tlhoko, as we watch Liverpool cruises weekly like that chap. Mara go siame!! #ManUKeMasepaNet…

TabloidCouple ‏@TabloidCouple13

@CNN Yeah... So authorities said. Sometimes they make up their own damn stories. But that's super sad I cannot beli…

Emma ‏@emma33288642

Prom dress shopping is hard I repeat prom dress shopping is hard 😰

Yolanda Álvarez ‏@Babelia1

This looks like a great, highly personal interview on @marianne_vos, but unfortunately @delimburger allows no subsc…

Syd ‏@sydney2342

bitches want to be me so bad...😰

Chae. ‏@chaeyeonrt


Paola Brett ‏@paolabrett

4 mins into #TheCasketeers and I’m balling my eyes out 😰

Hairham ‏@Beanzilla2019

BRO! I’m getting traumatized by these certifications for child abuse. I gotta take a break every 5 minutes. 😰 this…

Martin ‏@nerdboii14

That Modelovirus hitting 😰

LIL CHRIS C4 ! ‏@lilchrisc4

I remember downloading this demo and playing the online trial shit 😰

🙄 ‏@Meagohmyeggo

Tell me why Isla woke up, crawled out of bed, turned the strip lights on, and told me bye before she opened the doo…

TabloidCouple ‏@TabloidCouple13

@CNN 😨😯wow that is a sad sad story OMG I couldn't even imagine 😟🥺😰

KJ🧚🏽‍♀️ ‏@K_J_23

@neneknowles She scares me 😰

Renato ‏@renatobga_1

Do u believe?😰😥


@PRSLegislative 😰This 😓year Im Not 😔appply😭

nkuli. ‏@iamnku

Head is spinning like a cyclone. 😰

alpha ego omega mental ‏@bigcumbaby

@MissTrashes I don't like to get soap in my eyes it makes me cry 😰

Daniel Alexander ‏@Mickeyplease

@Gutter_Spice AND you’re funny? 😰

🇵🇭 jEaNN🌻💜 Turning Up with the J-pop🌈👆 ‏@Ann_Niji17

I'm already tired getting up those stairs once 😰 Ganbare 💪

🌹Xaval Contractat🌹Ho❌ ‏@LiberatedPipe

Oh god no 😰

cƖair de Ɩune ‏@pricillyaregins

its like we got a new surprise everyday 😰

THANK YOU ELEANOR◟̽◞̽ ‏@StoryofEleanor_

well then get back together PLEASE my heart cant take much more of this 'waiting' you know? 😰

chis @ #5YearsWithGFRIEND 🐥♥️ ‏@angrysowon

@amouryounghyun is that sinful 😰😰

CLM* 2020 ‏@Charles32862415

Here is your script for the job. Lol Oh I forgot you are MIA on me😰

tshegoWAogo ‏@tshego_w

This is Sad😰💔

. ‏@rhodatway

Mask fkn on😰😷

lulll_lan ‏@Yuco_Len

@gothic_holic_6 I've been trying. But I can't go abroad now, it may last until summer😰Hope 2019-nov die out early🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Yasminie⁷ ‏@hobis_hoe

@yeoswrId I can’t just choose any😰

karen ‏@kcien_

i didn’t glue my eyelashes down enough to last a 14 hour shift 😰

. ‏@auleleitia

😰 shhheeessshhh

so soft ‏@npueu

@TheMaroonPi Kilgrave was so creepy scary I couldn't finish watching JJ only. Abandoned it half way. 😰

Sir. KG  ‏@NuBuSoK

@anelisa_tuswa Sorry man 😰💔💔😭😭😭😭

A ‏@azeaa_a

Lowkey miss Ghana now 😰

ashley garcia ‏@ashleyg43468365

I need @laurasboutique_ to have a HUGEEEEEEE ass sale 😩so I can budget to buy everything in my cart cause these bills are killing me 😰

Alex ‏@alexandriaarey

I’m really about to go to players with my MOM 😰

cybel ‏@cybelguinares

@thadsssss crazyyyyy 😰

Valdez🌟 ‏@V4LDEEZY

@daphnee_viallet My babyy❤️😰

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That shit crazyyy y’all 😰

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