Anxious Face With Sweat Emoji

A look of concern, with a blue forehead and sweat dripping down the cheek.

The exception to this emoji was the Windows version which appeared to be excited. This has been updated in Windows 10.

Anxious Face With Sweat was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Face With Open Mouth and Cold Sweat” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😰 Blue Face

😰 Concerned Face

😰 Nervous Face

Unicode Name

😰 Face With Open Mouth and Cold Sweat


😰 U+1F630




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Me, a hosh and Joshua biased, watching that inside going Svt was a lot 😰 lmao. I’m happy they all enjoyed their vacation

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Jesu!!! 😰😰😰💔💔💔💔🙏God have mercy

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@trojanrabbit64 Are you kidding I don't get anything off Mrs Wookie 😰

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@flowerchico it’s a baseline kanye can rankings so it’s not bad but seeing graduation and yeezus so low😰

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@adtr it’s Friday. Please please release something 😓😰

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and it’s brownie 😰

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@Y29BAR @JCraig1010 😂😂😂 @westcottpiemont at fault. You should have sent it his way 😰😂😂

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I'm working 6 days a week cause everyone is sick or scared. 😰

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And just like that – *poof* – the Fourth Amendment was gone 😰

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Woh, woh woh!. 😰 ☠ 😨. 😰 It went behind the bed. 👽 Oh no. 🤖.

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@beynimis2m eywh 😰😰

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@populistmorons I felt that 😰

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@Dohaeragon @HBO Right? Right? I’m still not over how they fucked everything up 😰

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@amitmehra @anjali_yadav14 @tejujoshi31 @SurajHoonMain @anushka_seth @awayfearer @UrbanShrink @discopiggu Last Movi…

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My kids stay eating every hour! Every week it’s about $300 worth of groceries 😰

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@sekareps @elsyandria I feel you mbak..😰

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One of my favorite people in the whole wide world is an officer at #CookCountyJail, among THOUSANDS of vulnerable h…

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@ashpringle_ What do they say about sagittarius women?😰 maybe we were both the problem.

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Damn!!!!! These numbers are scary!!!! +869 cases in a day! 😰😰 #COVID19

maf🦋 ‏@mariafelisaa

@tiannataco Same😰

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I need so one nice, to show be hw too enjoy the lockdown because am all alone 😢😢😥😥😰😰pls help

Elen Benfield ‏@ElenBenfield

Picked my guitar up this afternoon again for the first time in ages...surprising how much I remebered instantly but…

Lysandra 🤍 ‏@LysandraAriella

That was when Cash Money Millionaires clique just started blowing up so I spent 40% of my income on FUBU and iced j…

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@northantswalks @NN_BestSurprise @BBCCountryfile @countrywalking @WalksBritain We’ve got non-stop sirens mixed with bird song. 😰

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@PlayVALORANT iv been watching streams for 50hrs+ and still no key drop for me 😰 Really just tryna #PlayValorant

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@MoseMungai Hmmm! You got me capped with this... Restarting is always allowed... 😰

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@MeanGirlDior @Byuntae_baekhu @mysugasaga @zkdlinslove @zkdlinmymuse @zdklinlove15 @kyoonglight614 yeah but ain't g…

katherine ‏@ultravioleet_


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@Sussex98 Not one of the better looks 😰


@newaviraf @Rey_Ray Beside...whole time he was trynna be inside 😰

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These snap memories 😰

Pyrah 🔥🐉 ‏@PyrahTV

@CalamityDeath Boy howdy did they ever 😰

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@Cvictoriaxx How old were you here 😰

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Sometimes, I do think if I will ever make it in life.😢😰😞 I dey sing but no body dey hear my voice . but with God e…

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@Abels4thwife Shu swait 😰😰

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@hngggggggg_ somehow manipulative 😰

Tam✨ ‏@tamsyndudgeon


Alexander (Sage) ‏@Gemini_GS_Sage

@decimo_sam His backstory still fucks me up to this day 😰

Charlotte Cramer ‏@charlottecramer

Trump had the power to save many of these people's lives. He chose the economy instead. Never forget that.😰

♡Live♡Forever♡ ‏@CherryCoffee5

@TeamPulte The amount of NO responses is terrifying 😰

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@dodleyz kaneda looks so fucking cool 😰

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Waii The Ozarks is the worst f**king place Marty could’ve run to 😰.

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No thanks 😰😰😰

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@FlGatorKing My son's friend had a marketing job with Houston XFL... he is done 😰He doesn't blame Trump though 😂

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@hemsbutt So long without any Siggy time! 😰 Hope the rest of your household is holding up okay/feeling well.

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Today is laundry day ugh 😰

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@ashleyyjxsmine She’s one sexy bitchhhh😰

Eva is 💜 @🏡 💜 ‏@EvaMM76

@IsagelC It’s 473 now 😰

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Nearly 1000 deaths UK wide today and the news leads with Boris can walk today?! Fml 😰🤦‍♀️ #COVID19 #lockdown2020

Alec Litofsky 🇲🇽 ‏@AlecLitofsky

Second row 😥😥😰

dalt ‏@daltonflynn5

Another matchday gone mate😰

Ben Cooper ‏@ben_difrent

My god did that hurt... it’s v hot still and I forgot how hard incline running was... 😩😰 first road run of the year…

D. Guimarães ‏@DuvalSemR

What THE F...? 😰

Ade ‏@Wale0knla

I’m super broke. But I also need this $10 battle pass. Follow my onlyfans 😰

Katlee 🍒😋 ‏@JustKatlee

@FootballTshepo Look, I’ll probably get attacked for this but I’ve never seen a hood of drinkers like I did in Gugu…

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that explosion tho 😰

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@Kalpeemusic @kwameweekes @Usher Whew 😰👏👏👏

Harvey Ramos ‏@HarveyHighness


CasualObs/Taylor ‏@casobsession

So how do people feel about Minecraft these days? Is it cool to stream? Will you get trolled? I like the game but…

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15 and soon ZERO🇺🇸🤮😡😰‼️👀 🇺🇸🤮😡😰‼️

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No more 330 # 😰

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Fucccck 😰😰😔😔

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@eotheod sold mine earlier this week 😰

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@zas_leo Ehn... normal level. Na naija we dey😩. Anything goes😰😰💔💔

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@Footballogue Les haters en sueur 😰😰

VICTORIA aka DogFacedPonySoldier ‏@1965vmjw

Deadly giant Asian Hornets that can 'kill with one sting' are heading to the UK - Mirror Online ****** That's all t…

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@seasalt_x @_ConnorM @beardedplectrum @phoebegeorgina Oh my god I saw these they look amazing 😰

KATRINA ‏@katrinuhluh

probably look like a zombie now. I haven’t gotten a good sleep since the lockdown started. Too much anxiety 😰

Stoopid Jackie ‏@bonexdaddie

@_jebbb I’m gonna song/yell this through my house today 😰🤟

Brother Jason ‏@brotherjrw

@alijillTN @jarrod_lachance You mean, you don't believe in DEMOCRACY! 😰😱

ソニック・ [ kobie from other world ] ‏@kobie_CYAB

just saw someone used to term “male-phobic” LMAO oh poor you 😰 it must be so tough dealing with male-phobes daily

Baking Soda Armstrong ‏@1MuchoDineroJr

Usher Pulled Out The Raw Vocal On A Nigga 😰🤣😂

Alayna ‏@afunky691_

Yall rlly be fck w da wrong ones 😰🤣🤣🤣

Brandon Green ‏@Brandonismusic

“Forming around 2 percent of the population” 😰

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@lipchaes thank u so much😰😰😰

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Today’s project is my closet, I’m stressed 😰

Santana 🇵🇷 ‏@TheBoiSantana

@RaidAway @Pamaj Yeahhh I heard 😰

Erin Revins ‏@ErinRevins

Omg I’m so fucking fed up of corona virus like bitch go fucking get rid of yourself virus , the amount of people de…

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@seanwebb87 Omg r u serious? 😰

RM's Bestie/나누미 ‏@desiExoTanZen

@MeanGirlDior @Byuntae_baekhu @mysugasaga @zkdlinslove @zkdlinmymuse @zdklinlove15 @kyoonglight614 yeah only after…

10 ‏@ssaarrrraaaaaaa

@wmznaa just like u 😰

W2W | JRK ‏@JustRelaxK1d

@AfroPig23 I can take a joke but this is to far 😰

NiamhFox ‏@niamh_fox

Omg just because Home Bargains is open doessss not mean you can just come in to have a wee nosey around or just to…

Per Kurowski ‏@PerKurowski

@retepelyod “Whatever it takes” for our children and grandchildren to have to repay 😰

Isa ‏@Isagerssen_

@konstancijaxx How dare you to be this pretty, damn 🥺😰

Sophia ;) ‏@RAiNDROPS_ON_M3

@DNPthree @iamknytro $18Patron Thank you for this amazing chance🙏 this would pay my rent 😰 I Thank You so much🌷

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@DHSCgovuk @CMO_England @PHE_uk @NHSEngland @scotgovhealth @CMOWales @PublicHealthW @healthdpt @publichealthni Why…

Semi T ‏@_SemiT

nah fcuk that! consider myself scared. 😰

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@broth12 Thank you❤️ 😰 he passed away March 23 💔

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@Yamiche Planning escape via submarine???🇺🇸🤮😡😰‼️

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@yunto_z To put Itachi! 😰

Debapriya Roy ‏@iamDebapriyaR

India reached over 6,000 positive cases. Really feeling scared right now... 😰😰😰

Livia Chu ‏@ItsLiviaChu

Stoked to go pick up some fabric today and also made an order for a bunch of fabric :D! Sadly an order got cancelle…

Tom ‏@ZeToOm

@Strava @zwiftinsider Exemple « Box Hill ». I did it yersterday but no segment on strava ? 🤔😰

Queen🐝NoMalarkey: follow $$ aka RUBLES ₽ ₽ ‏@QueB_NoMalarkey

Maybe 2??? Flim flam does this on purpose - I swore I would not but fell into it...he is counting on the overflow f…

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