Face Vomiting Emoji

A smiley shown to be so throwing up green vomit. May be metaphorically; to emphasise disgust at a person or situation; or in a literal sense.

Nausteated Face offers a similar sentiment, with less intensity.

Face Vomiting was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Face With Open Mouth Vomiting” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤮 Spew

🤮 Throwing Up

🤮 Vomit

Unicode Name

🤮 Face With Open Mouth Vomiting


🤮 U+1F92E


Tweets For 🤮

💋💋💋 ‏@QveenxTrap

Females throw up 🤮 one time & start going baby shopping 🛒🚶🏽‍♂️sis you Drunk🤣

Marita Sørensen ‏@Minniecsgo

@mattyeCS 🤮 thats all i have to say to that

jose martinez ‏@MartinezJoseIII

guys are really putting their juuls for sale on your snap story 😂🤮

Art of Pokémon TCG 🇯🇵🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ‏@ArtofPokemonTCG

@brayshgaming It needs to be wrecked though. I don’t want someone picking it up and treasuring it. It’s a stinking… https://t.co/ZksAi1yrBJ

Paul D ❌ ‏@paulski111346

@NevilleD35 I laughed so hard I 🤮

ETang ‏@TangrediErin

@LisaMei62 @PJMedia_com Oh Lord a new low...🤮

Tammy Redmond ‏@TammyRedmond

@LisaMei62 @PJMedia_com I really can’t believe anyone I know would spend the money on one let alone wear one!! Just… https://t.co/GeTcATQYzh

court🧚🏽‍♀️✨ ‏@_chantiaaa

i really wish you bitches would stop giving these niggas the big head, got them thinking they some they not 🤮 🤣

Aaron ΦΒΣ Wheatley ‏@dynastyent

#NowOrNever ❄️ Merch for my Album is now available❗️🔥💙🤮💯 Please SUPPORT by purchasing your merch TODAY❗️💯 . 🎧 Now P… https://t.co/JP6cD58tLz

Pep Talk ‏@PepTalk1894

Oh. Dear. God. That's revolting. You made him nuke Mickey Lidl!🐁🤮 https://t.co/wnAZsnBtzG

JDee ™️👑 ‏@KING_C4LI

A roach came out my sink bright and early for homecoming 🤮

Genesis❣️🏳️‍🌈 ‏@_Segaaaa

Well ion eat there anyways 😂🤮 https://t.co/ojl8aWZsN0

Malibu’s sister 🤞🏾😇 ‏@ChocolateSoDope

Only sick individuals eat chitterlings 🤮😭 idc idc idc

Reign Of the Membrane ‏@MarvinMembrane

deregulated numbers of centrioles can lead to cancer...no one knows what you do and yet you give us cancer. tell my… https://t.co/JKaUTabRWu

ßrittany ‏@Brittanny_Bitch

Swear to god I am going to start handing out deodorant to all the smelly kids in class!! 🤮 Come on y’all, DO BETTER!

🇳🇬🇳🇬Abdulkadeer🇳🇬🇳🇬 ‏@ashashakano

@iwdboocads @SuwaiNas Lol ewwwwww. 🤮

Natalie Rose Buchanan ‏@natalierose_xox

The Kindergarten Teacher movie on Netflix is making me so seriously uncomfortable ugh 🤮

Trice💭 ‏@WildFlowerRUSH_

@realblackariel Ohhhh fuck noooo 🤮

IG: SlayPlug 🇨🇴 ‏@TheRealSicka

@NittyGeez Disgusting n bold for that like bitch I jus seen u not wash yo hands 🤮

Aaron ΦΒΣ Wheatley ‏@dynastyent

#NowOrNever ❄️ Merch for my Album is now available❗️🔥💙🤮💯 Please SUPPORT by purchasing your merch TODAY❗️💯 . 🎧 Now P… https://t.co/oZ9Ggkw1ma

🧜🏻‍♀️sweet jones🧜🏻‍♀️ ‏@ErinMichellex3

My stomach virus is back... wtf 🤮 or maybe I’m pregnant 🧐 one of the 2 🤷🏻‍♀️

legendary chalice 😋 ‏@prettymskiller

Yo. I'm watching the @Ghostbusters with @Lesdoggg .... the scene where @melissamccarthy becomes possessed? 😮😶🤮 WHOA.

Trappin ‏@Trappin2Tappin

@AimbotBrandon When im throwing up 🤢 i think im going to take the day off 🤮

emmacarruthers ‏@emmacarruther14

Some boys need to learn to have a bit more respect for lassies!🤮 Love you loads @chloereid179🤩💓💕💗💖💘

Rachel Turner ‏@rachelturner433

That couture club brand is the ugliest thing ever it’s like gym king 🤮😂😂😂

Roxana Cervantes ‏@Roxiecerr

I swear forcing myself to eat is probably the worst 🤮

🔥🔥 🐶 Shep ☕️ 🔥🔥 ‏@Shep133

@SoCity_girl Bleach! 🤮

‎ً ‏@KnockItAWFF

moneybagg yo & kevin gates are disgusting for that 🤮, show some damn respect

Melissa Fryer ‏@melfryer123

Whennnn GROWN dudes subtweet people they don’t even follow jus bc jealous 🤮👀😂 #ew #creepy #byeugly

[email protected]@dayne118

@kathygriffin Bet OUR President chaps liberal ass's even more today after it was announced his approval is higher t… https://t.co/SauqGGvY2G

Hugh Jassburn ‏@HughJassburn

@Herring1967 🤮 enjoy it while it lasts. You’ll be back behind me again soon. I mean in the chart, not... you know..… https://t.co/Ew4XlTUqAM

pragya ‏@cpvetown

🤮 hi sofa u are so funny and pretty i love u please move to california u can live with me

lingling 💋. ‏@x0nenee

i really got a fear of public bathrooms 🤮.

Aaron ΦΒΣ Wheatley ‏@dynastyent

#NowOrNever ❄️ Merch for my Album is now available❗️🔥💙🤮💯 Please SUPPORT by purchasing your merch TODAY❗️💯 . 🎧 Now P… https://t.co/wpyaBtLNYt

🎸Marveloso Matt 🦅 ‏@DirtyStardust

@bbw_jane Chilli doughnuts too?!? Mental 🤮

anthony maitre ‏@maitre_anthony

@LATiffani1 @bonniemurphy Caio, chow in her butt hurt case 🤮

Preston Rabe 跑 🦁 ‏@FinessinFrosty

I be drippin and swaggin of course 🤮 https://t.co/IAcOqF6oFl

Ali 🦒 ‏@princess_alik

Working with only dudes, the shit I hear makes me wanna wash my ears with bleach 😅 especially since one of them is my dad 🤮

Jangowolf ‏@jangowolf

In case you cant tell it is a mountain throwing up in space. 🤮 Starting bid is $10,000.

SlimNoThicc ‏@Dreas_Logic

Yuck. 🤮 https://t.co/w9CJQ0aItM

ALIAS✨ ‏@_Janayeee

🤮 Don’t Hype It❗️❗️ https://t.co/lSETfLCnIB

Sophie C ‏@SophieC63701895

I’m sick 🤮

Denise 🍉 ‏@deniseee_gg

@_geegeem Yeah cus ion like rats bitch 😩😭🤮

thats crazy.. ‏@cassikaa

The regrowth in this hair is disgusting 🤮 a redye is 1000% needed rn

Reggie Fox ‏@artfulreggie

Finally well rested after being queasy all night~ It’s like you hit 30 and acid reflux comes knocking at your doo… https://t.co/wNGGXB7ZHj

Kyle Patrick Ryan ‏@kylepatrickryan

@AsiaKateDillon You see, if he *says* he loves people, he can spew hate as much as he wants. It's the Trump recipe! 🤮

🌈🐠 ‏@The_AApocalypse

@jsphdeal Vile creatures 🤮

Valeria🥀 ‏@valeriag316

Bryan will always remember the time where I flipped on him for dipping his chicken nugget in my buffalo sauce caus… https://t.co/XEhrqxKQbv

🇬🇧🇮🇷 Zainab ‏@ZaINaBiiiii

@kengarex @oldpicsarchive Sick not awkward! 🤮

Colbaire ‏@ballnlikecolby

@Mygan_InThe_Cut All them shits trash 🤮 go cold turkey puss

Stephanie D'Souza ‏@StephDSouza1

@BibleGirl666 OMG! That sounds so bad, what are you? 🤮

Livry ‏@zLxryy

Kids a drama queen ; literally starts beef and talks shit to everyone 😂😂🤮 https://t.co/LjgbXRnbSc

KingTRAVV ‏@KingTRAVV810

@ItsShake4ndbake you at 3K mt 🤮

Sar ☕️ ‏@sarforalltosee

@MattU_Plym @TitchenerBaby Absolutely. BUT SHE KEEPS GOING BACK FOR MORE! 🤮 #thearchers

Kirsten ‏@Kirsten69382750

@BillOReilly Obviously he wants it 🤮

❌ Real Deal Dude❌ ‏@Real_Pats

@DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump Bob is busy seducing kids, Don Jr.! What's your problem anyways! 😆🤮

Nerf Me Bro ‏@nurf_herders

@elle_chiefelk He also stated that he wants a relationship with his son... yes, the one he tried to have killed. 🤮

🌶🎃⚡️♓️ ‏@jherron_15

Just cuz it’s starting to get cooler outside doesn’t mean you stop wearing deodorant!!! I can still smell your stank, ya nasty. 🤮

YAYA 👽 ‏@Oxoxgee23

I tried bringing stuff back but I was too hungover to deal with life 🤮

Morgan Currie ‏@morgancurrieex

Lassies have no respect for themselves 🤮 embarrassing rlly x

Cass ‏@throughbeingcjd

Love when I walk out of a Wawa and there is some worthless scum chain smoking by the garbage cans, thanks guy 🤮

Motshwadiba ‏@BIZKID_WORLD

Some brands are just parasitic man, disgusting. 🤮

Bia ‏@nabihahmal

I can’t believe my mcm shaves slits in his eyebrows 🤮

audrey vaughn ‏@Auuudds

Why did i have surgery the same week as my 21st bday 😭 i can’t even think about having a drink rn 🤮

Nafisa Aliyu ‏@simplynafi

@Iam_Abdulaxis @Yakubu_dk Noooo this ain’t fair, the way I throw my phone 🤮 ... my heart 😰😰😰

🌚 ‏@sxhalol

Nothing hurts more than when Sara is pissed w me😩😪🤮🌚🙄🤪🤪

isaac ‏@sauc_y

@beesandhoneyy I think the place I saw was washing needles 🤮

Mary ‏@Dylanesque2604

#danaPeRINO is ass kissing the 32 nd district democ🐀. She makes me want to 🤮 fox is close to falling off the cliff… https://t.co/59asqRRbEj

Sick Of Politicians ‏@MrMojo4PM

@DesignationSix When will people like this disappear off to their Heaven? Can't wait. Make the world a better place... 🤮

Manney Uto ‏@BrosManney

@dibie_victor @henryshield Ha 😮you didn’t see! GMB contested 3x and lost! 2014, Upper class formed nPDP, joined O… https://t.co/YxeiBXkm1W

Tayler ‏@mommataye

@CarmelaRayXO No but what on the actual fuck omg 🤮

Leslie Webb ‏@LeslieW73969152

This stinking prick needs to be deported along with his vermin followers. 🤢💩🤮 https://t.co/0RLqbPw52S

La cloud of video juegos ‏@cloud_juegos

@RenaPippiDon fake news 🤮

bel ‏@anabelish

@abstex I totally read that in his voice too 🤮

ARI ‏@__Ajai

I see you picked up all my ways, I feel responsible 🤮

سمَايل هِشَام ‏@TheBasma

@elghareeb_a Comprehensive in Zayed. 🤮

claire ‏@claireeyangg

BK is always so fucking filthy... 😑🤮

Aaron ΦΒΣ Wheatley ‏@dynastyent

ben.tricks 💨🔥🤮 Mod: avidlyfeinc Stacked Able RDA: @augvapeofficial Druge Juice: american_liquid_co Blueberry Deligh… https://t.co/nzvHxiIVXF

tony's 🌎🕸 ‏@ntoine801

I don’t even wanna look at alcohol 🤮

ste:~Ph 🐉 ‏@__stephaniec_

happy birthday to the biggest mugrosa I know !! 🤮:) @loops_10 https://t.co/wG9Dgy6r81

allie🌻 ‏@allrussrae

Sara, HAPPY BDAY! Ur the actual sweetest. Hope it’s better than this pic 🤮. ily and hope you have a gr8 day. You de… https://t.co/sBSI33UuTU

young queen.👑 ‏@_qayette

Man son just blew me tf away he dead ass wrong his fart was so stank 🤮

Lani Del Rey ‏@whenthugscryy

This cashier asked me if I was over 18 and I said yes and then the guy behind me was like “she looks 12”.. Tell me… https://t.co/Y1nOwF0Yzg

Gracie Sunshine ‏@GracieSunshine1

@shawn_p_lyons That spider looks huge!!! 🤮 https://t.co/nQXTy79GNQ

Concrete Prospect Entertainment ‏@CPEnt2

📢 Official Hip Hop Mix by @InnaCityNash is Out now 🤮 Name a song you can hear 👂🏼🎊🎊 https://t.co/Wlz4rDvyAz

Destinee ‏@_destinymarie3

I had so much going on this weekend that I acted like I didn’t have any school work and now here I am with so much shit to do.. 🤮

Kookoo ‏@dvarma678

@Shehla_Rashid @ShefVaidya @karanbhasin95 I think she byhearts and vomits 🤮

Rick ‏@Nerdy_Sama

@slashKarlyy Karly... seeing this once in discord is enough 🤮😠

🇪🇺 J. Larriand 🇪🇺 ‏@larriandJ

[email protected] hopefully there's no-one in the middle class who has any trust left to his promises (well, his most har… https://t.co/c5Ryr9j0CL

david taylor ‏@dt297

Me before the game = 🙏😊 Half time= 😱 Full time = 🤮 https://t.co/L7dgUGre3u

Winter Santiago🌬 ‏@de_shamar

@LavishLayy I don’t eat meat on the bones( no ribs,chicken ,pork chops)🤮

sandisandz ‏@sandzpari

@liyeezus Not even. They’re not my parents 🤮

shi 🐉 ‏@shimiyarivers

I hate when niggas feel comfortable enough to touch me 🤮

vegan_warrior269 ‏@VWarrior269

YOU steal milk from BABIES!!! Y’all perverted #dairyharmers Shame on you 💔🤮#DairyIsScary #DitchDairy… https://t.co/N5ZFbd0LLZ

kj martin - VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! 💀👻🎃 ‏@martin_kj

If Ted Cruz loses - I can't wait to hear how Donald blames Ted and throws him back under the bus. If Ted wins (🤮)… https://t.co/Jw5zdP87XL

🌺Tricia🌺 ‏@TriciaRenee18

@TriciaKayleigh I’ll trade you for some celery 🤮😂

Jim Vermillion ‏@JimVerm18

@Buckeyes Sounds like espin is at it again! They can’t stand OSU out recruiting the sec! 🤮 One reason I don’t watch espin!

SliⓂ️🧞‍♂️ ‏@asapb5

@ravennyra @Amb__2 I hate ketchup 🤮

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