Face Vomiting Emoji

A smiley shown to be so throwing up green vomit. May be metaphorically; to emphasise disgust at a person or situation; or in a literal sense.

Nausteated Face offers a similar sentiment, with less intensity.

Face Vomiting was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Face With Open Mouth Vomiting” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤮 Spew

🤮 Throwing Up

🤮 Vomit

Unicode Name

🤮 Face With Open Mouth Vomiting


🤮 U+1F92E


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Mike ‏@Livinlargeinpa

@AnnaApp91838450 @BreitbartNews Ah just like when you said DJT would never be President hmmmmmm UpChuck 🤮

Huscarl ‏@Huscarl1066

@anglosaxonmonk Ooh! Nasty. Hope you get better soon. I can’t remember the last time I threw up. 🤮

ERIKA ANGEL ‏@_erikangel

Some girls really act different in front of their bf.. change their voice, laugh and more lmao probably the ugliest shit I’ve ever seen 🤮

#TM22 ‏@tammymontero

Sian is her brand! Camilla has only been in business for 3 months 🤮 #TheApprentice

Hannah the hurdy-goaty ‏@Hannahthegoat90

@DDDdidggerydoo This goat certainly is 🐐+🥜=🤮

🖤$TîŁ🖤 ‏@Al87hawkStil

Stop it your doing it too!!! Yuck 🤮 https://t.co/FIyZuEPplw

Swagger Iffic ‏@GirlSwagger101

@nebulajo If it’s possible for something to taste like both metal and 🤮 at the same time, this was it.

Kaosi ‏@_kaosi

Why is Camilla trying to be underhand? Incredibly unprofessional whew 🤮 #TheApprentice

Bustin Jieber ‏@BustinJ74027175

@DeanoDigi @cryptorecruitr You have to be optimistic with #DGB its one of them coins that can make you happy one mi… https://t.co/Fx47grURST

sara ♡ ‏@sxze_

@lightmyacid definitely a tie between adel karam and hicham haddad 🤮

Salt Bae ‏@TheBradTowler

He’s not right in the head 🤮 https://t.co/aAecldO9Hk

lm5 ‏@littlelouistmix

@itsteatimelouis @soIozjm I stop wacthing it was awful 🤮

ASHLEY BAILEY 🐝 ‏@MsAshleyBailey

@rachuldiamandis @Helen_Wood86 @ScottishBantrr @Chloe_GShore Money clearly certainly doesn’t buy class. Can’t belie… https://t.co/A4aE4N0NLB

E🕊🌵🎪 ‏@EricAlcozer

I pass the ball no lay up 🤮

Cacs ‏@Lovecats4444

@To @realDonaldTrump - you said you paid daddy back for the “small” loan he made you many years ago. 🤥 Just curious… https://t.co/5gWOAaqZXX

k1195😎 ‏@LynnKB1195

@Kokomothegreat She and that whole tribe of criminals make me want to 🤮 What a whiner. Shs brought it on herself by wearing "that jacket"

James B Jones ‏@btang3621

@patspulpit This game is vomit 🤮 thus far

KR🌪 ‏@_keshaunnM

Fr! Sick of mfs!!🤮 https://t.co/MIKept3KAF


jobless pathetic losers. yikes. 🤮 https://t.co/umBCEgQB9D

!^* Blatt ‏@MatthewJanekse1

pull off & I swerve leave her feelings hurt...🌎🦇👽🤮💕®️

Anab ‏@ovoriina

I reaaaaaaaally need to find some motivation to start this assignment 🤮

Bruh-Man Upstairs Fif Flo ‏@TacosDev

Disgusting 🤮😷😂 https://t.co/gZyHnK0Mfw

Yours Truly, ‏@MadaamNicole

🚀🌎🎢🤮 @trvisXX Sac City 2K18 https://t.co/Qz7RZhFGuu

Cb ‏@Chribonn58

What the hell Is wrong with you.... did you really just say that? 🤮 https://t.co/fypuDrDFaa

Honeypot 🌞🍯 ‏@johnssteph

Rule #2: If you have something negative to say about me just keep it to yourself or at the minimum come to me perso… https://t.co/U0HhBaYYCO

Sophia ‏@sophia_789

Why the hell has my entire mouth decided to break out with cold sores 😭 look disgusting 🤮💩

Piedad Yáñez ‏@piedadyanezzz

How are you going to mistreat and basically disown a child in your family (niece, nephew, grandchild..etc) for bein… https://t.co/6U4ZuswVGn

GOAT Hefner ‏@1LocHefner

You niggas ain slime you snot wipe a nigga nose get popped 🤮

Vexed Kitten ‏@aadenise71

@Jwernly @Uhuruhsiempre You’d think she’d be happy when he finally croaks, isn’t that what she’s been waiting for?… https://t.co/Hgnd6g0nJz

Anonymous Bloke ‏@anonymous_bloke

Milk from Alan's nuts, or bikinis by Sugar. Oooooh the choice 🤮 #TheApprentice2018 #theapprenticefinal #TheApprentice

R. ‏@razan_karim

@ysmfidem @Yatii_UTR beljad this is soooo you 😂😂😂 I miss you Ayat abbas!!! 🤮

alli ‏@pupdisaster

@Kn1ghtOfCydonia Steven we’re on the same team tonight! I want Shittsburgh to lose bc they’re in our division! Go Patriots 🇺🇸 (🤮)

Epsilon Px ‏@Px_idk

I need to upgrade my pc so bad I’m playing on 100-130 FPS and it’s so bad 🤮

Mr.Fantastic ‏@M_Wezzy69

Sickkkkkk 🤮

Nana ‏@msfayaa

@stayswithskz As a wizone representative, we formally reject this behavior thanks 🤮

Corporate Curmudgeon ‏@Corp_Curmudgeon

@notcapnamerica #StephenMiller must be getting beauty advice from #shs and @KellyannePolls 🤮 he’s the saddest #incel of them all.

V E A C O ‏@veaco_1993

I’ve had 4 coupons on this weekend and every one of them was let down by 1 team! Shambles mun 🤮

Dare Daniel Movie Podcast ‏@DareDanielPod

@ContrarianPrime That's exactly how this movie is watched...BADLY 🤮

maya🌙 ‏@mayaabethany

Almond milk could really get it Idk how y’all drink regular milk 🤮

maia ‏@au_malec

@staywithmemalec yeah they totally were! did their job though 🤮 it wouldn’t have been any fun if he just sued the magazine tho 😂

Scottie Pack 😎 ‏@brianknewhouse

@TheReady1775 When the Jerry Springer show becomes reality 🤮

kiki ‏@kkyaraaa

I was just forced a shot of patron off the wake up 🤮

Laurence Grant ‏@lolgrant7

@LewisHamilton channeling #DavdGuest at #BBCSPOTY tonight 🤮

Jarrett Osborne ‏@jarrettosborne

This looks easy to a moderate healthy person... but for a guy with a bad back, nerve damaged leg and weak core it’s… https://t.co/JwYY4SSfGf

Nat ‏@natalieee_r

bullshit 🤮

Sickô Adnãn ‏@adnanforlife

Not being grimy but they be some ugly ass kids nowadays 🤮

👑 ‏@towyinn

Imagine swallowing it alive without chewing then it wiggles its way through your trachea to your stomach before it… https://t.co/SuHh0zZVX9

𝑚𝑎𝑟𝑖𝑎 ‏@rcmantical

so january 💗 february ☺️ march 🤯 (probably cuz finals) april👬 WHAT DOES THAT MEAN may🤥 ups june 🤮 july 🤫 august 🧐 s… https://t.co/5NnEHkb0rz

Ahmed Ali ‏@MrAhmednurAli

@AlainnaJJ Totally agree!!! Don’t even get me started on the ones with raisins 🤮 The only one I like is the Baci one.

haylee ‏@hhillzyy

Don’t recommend flying while hungover 🤮

trixie tang🔮 ‏@therealmarina_

i’ll never relate to these birds 🤮

Rhi♡☃️❄️ ‏@thelightisrhi

Why you looking like an alien bruh...😂😭🤮 https://t.co/FFTDevj2gH

JobCentreSUCKS ‏@DWPscumbags

@hillier_noel @Dotcott91421271 @Liambeh82699561 @KeeganBaker_OBE @QueenVicMick @cigarboyrick82 Please tell me you d… https://t.co/LLwkBq4hTu

Ian Scagnelli ‏@ianscagnelli

@gooner1947 @gooner1156 @EGianoncelli @DebGreenwoodTV I’m more concerned how painful that pie & mash will be 🤮

Tammy ‏@Tamster1212

@USMCLiberal @IcyannL @KaitMarieox Love this and she is hideous looking and even uglier on the inside. I think she… https://t.co/zjHVsj62go

K I R A ♕ ‏@KiraSharp

@Rachyy_LFC8 how wrong are these 🤮 xx https://t.co/oVUR8x5Q31

Kesha L. Gibbs ‏@missambitious22

@steve70870 I’ll be okay, either sleep it off or puke 🤮 it out. Either way I’ll be okay. Lol 😂

Brandon Castillo ‏@brandoncvstillo

I saw this small asian couple wildin at San Holo and the guy was fingering her girl. I wish I never saw that 🤮

🥢B ‏@BrookeDorion

I’m so hungover 🤮 S.O.S

Chad Kane ‏@spdgtkt87

@dallascowboys Here we go again...🤮

Surfin' Solari 🏄‍♂️ ‏@brent_know

seahawks defenders falling all over the place on this field 🤮

des ‏@dxjmnz

Y’all don’t get tired of fw raggedy bitches? 🤮

*a* ‏@icardinii

@adrimaduro @skinniar Barzagli is aight and so is Fede but the rest are 🤮

n ‏@natalielexcis

when will I come to my weekend shift not hungover ? This shit sucks I do it every weekend 🤮

Daj 🦄👽🌹 ‏@ShoeGamePapi

This nigga spongebob really made a ketchup ,onion and peanut sundae 🤮😂

May21♊️ ‏@PrettimoneyB

🤫Give a lil bitch some clout she abuse it 🥶😭🤮

PaperRouteRook💸 ‏@DreJbs

Gotta stop smoking, ain losing shit but money & time that I can be making money 🤮

DP ‏@danielap526

It’s crazy how much my voice changed after I got my tonsils removed 😬 I’ll watch an old video of mine on YouTube fr… https://t.co/dJ4UglfwmA

Cesar®️ ‏@_zcesar

Carti was the most LIT 🤮 https://t.co/AdWCuaxmny


@dcexaminer I bet he does 🤮😭🙏🏼🇺🇸

Lewis Mooney ‏@Lewismooneyyy11

@MeganHollis_ @taylxrx especially not at work😡🤮

Hank Wilson ‏@HanksHomesBG

@Moffstradamus Yeah that was rough 🤮

Lioness ‏@Lioness95834

@realDonaldTrump is disgusting.🤮 https://t.co/PEQv0JBXhV

Susan 🌊🌊 #VoteBlue 💙 ‏@SusanLittlehal1

@westerphil @realDonaldTrump @StephenMillerAL It’s so gross! 🤮

LeeAnn Reyes[; ‏@Bowler__Gurl

Being hungover is not fun... 😭🤮 #gottoolitlastnight #pukingmygutsout #somebodyholdmyhairplease

joshua bakacakes ‏@brujapedia

oh my god it was as bad as you could imagine... hella nationalism and valorized immigration narrative 🤮

G&G Lk Snoop 🦍 ‏@Lk_snoop

They tried to close the 🚪 on me I Fucked Around & Got my Feet Through 🤮💰 #M4L Catch me at the 🔝💰 https://t.co/hT3iNI19I3

KyleRL ‏@Kyleo169

@ItsRedJedi I had this yesterday man so frustrating 🤮

Ashleigh Hope ‏@ashleighhope27

I have zero minerals left for this last week of work 🤮

💎Stina💎 ‏@ChicBeauty_

@PaulaandGrace way easier) we’ll get 2 weeks to relax! So I’m just waiting up now to log in to see! Just done my fi… https://t.co/AzIRCLI4wE

🦋 ‏@imbombdotcom_

@DayshawnClayto1 Lol I need u to make fish or chicken for me please . Lol red meat is bad for you you’ll thank me later 🤮

boobie gibson ‏@KarlRoyy

“Damn shawty your ass be lookin sicko mode 🤮 today 😏” Me: :)

aboogie🤴🏾💰 ‏@aboogiee2x

y’all niggas really always think somebody want y’all girl shit is so sick 😂😂😂😂🤮

space cadet ‏@jonkassis

y’all must think you’re the shit or something huh? 🤮

RayleenGale ‏@rayleengale

@IBleedRedYellow Yeah, yuck 🤮

TAتا ‏@tehfeekah

too many people trying to do pally pally. 🤮

💚 ‏@remalies1

@Ayonnaclits @toesnub_ @savingSoliloquy ewww daddy issues 🤮 stream queen by our queen nicki 🥰🥰

k la ‏@l0vekayl4

Welp another day full of drinking 🤮

AnotherReal1 ‏@EddieMFKane803

Older niggas dating young females is sickening 🤮. Lil bitch can’t even buy a cigar out the store😂✋🏽. Y’all nigga should be ashamed

KingSlum ‏@OG_Jefe00

Bruh some of y’all post the most disgusting looking plates 🤮

Deb O'Hagan ‏@smilinganyway

@WhoopiGoldberg has her head in the sand 🤮 https://t.co/JGqWH6gYG5

Jacques Andre ‏@Jacques14101232

👎🥳👏👏👏Pelosi makes us 🤮👏👏👏Vote Trump Agenda 2020 https://t.co/RephMf5UbF

Lizzie Dagg ‏@lizzie_dagnall

Sick to death of eating chocolate every day. Feel like a drug addict 🤮

Z1CO ‏@superzezo99

What a big lie 😪🤮 https://t.co/IVhZsJ3Fn0


ASTROWORLD tonight finna be a movie 🤮

Major Mark ‏@8milereb

@Newsweek So says the most ignorant FLOTUS 🤮 who lost her law license while her looks would make a train take a dirt road

Tarah 🇺🇸 🐇 ‏@aal02115

@SebGorka Uh this is creepy and weird 🤮

Biggie ‏@BigEdwin35

Yikes 🤮 https://t.co/CUXGxpo19m

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