Face Vomiting Emoji

A smiley shown to be so throwing up green vomit. May be metaphorically; to emphasise disgust at a person or situation; or in a literal sense.

Nausteated Face offers a similar sentiment, with less intensity.

Face Vomiting was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Face With Open Mouth Vomiting” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤮 Spew

🤮 Throwing Up

🤮 Vomit

Unicode Name

🤮 Face With Open Mouth Vomiting


🤮 U+1F92E


Tweets For 🤮

Don ‏@concordpapa

@Kris_Sacrebleu Yuck 🤮

Lucy x ‏@LucyWilde15

It’s disgusting 🤮 https://t.co/4HFrE8OnTN

Anton Le Grandier ‏@AGrandier

@WilliamDuguid1 Och,its hard to blame big Gammo...I mean Jackson."Currying favour" is,I think,the phrase. Hmm-gammon curry............🤮

PsyQo TAC - Leader ‏@PsyQoTAC

@CallMeRaiin Not even a quad feed, trash 🤮

VinceThePrince 🇺🇸 ‏@VincethePrince5

@ewarren @ewarren your mom and dad when you were an ugly little girl must of filled your head with all types of gar… https://t.co/elIk3NZ0e1

Matthew Lee ‏@matthewleemur

@DumbocratsSuck @voxdotcom Asian cockroaches and German cockroaches is what I specifically hate. They bite, breed f… https://t.co/lyNaFNJBcr

Elizabeth ‏@elizafai

@AnonOpinion411 Probably a pot of butts 🚬🤮

cam.got.fanz ‏@FanzCam

if there’s a problem, i’ll call my slattts 🤮🐍✅

stacié ‏@staciedaniel_

wheEew... 🤬😠🤮 https://t.co/LWT7Qi3CFn

🇯🇲🇱🇰 ‏@_callum17

Waiting for this A boogie x Lil Durk project 🤮

mike picone ‏@mikepicone55

@Frogerta Key Word = #Authentic 🤮

Hiroya ‏@Hiroyamxmxm

sick boy 🤮

ƔҨℳi ટƔℓaℜ㊧㉷® ‏@Dope_Template

Come to think of it, this video epitomizes everything this government stands for! Promise and fail! 🤮 https://t.co/Vn3j3qFvjs

RUFFWAYY_DRE™✋🏾 ‏@All_mightydre

I smoke swishers don’t pass me no wood 🤮

Danielle D. ‏@daniiDxx

Hearing Ken and Barbie talk about their hair first thing in the morning. Gag me 🤮

Maes 🦋 ‏@Maes_TrD

@nXcbsmb03peXR4d 😂 yeah i dnt think she'd buy clothes with her salary unless she is gettin for her wedding with yalçin 😱🤮

Mich Lasagna ‏@Micha_Alvez

@mightbegilly @Bryanx54 😂😂😂😂😂 such Boeing colours to use though. Brown/beige clothes 🤮

Hazael ‏@Hayzaelicious

These chicken sausages taste like death 🤮

Erik Sikkema ‏@ErikSikkema

@ZDP189 Eating lunch and seeing this 🤮 https://t.co/RuqpjGItZZ

Mojalefa Ramotsi ‏@MojalefaRamots2

@MbalulaFikile And I know You Know hore Mr Koko His an EFF Fighter, In EFF we Promote Education Not Corruption, Mr… https://t.co/UHYzwbmAp4

Diamonique ✨ ‏@ItsDiamond_

Woke up feeling sick asf 🤮

mariah ‏@powerslidelive

i just drank milk 🤮

world of westie ‏@worldofwestie

@DEB131E Oh no❣🤮

Glenn Vasquez ‏@wetpuppy12

@dbongino Me thinks he’s trying to angle his way into a “Presidential Pardon” 🤮 In the future ... of course. 🤔

Kyle Mattmiller ‏@KyleMattmiller

@JsmallSAINTS @WWE Gotta be Mike and Maria 🤮

gillie thegreat1 ‏@4cornnerboy_

ACV is awful 🤮

reilyn♡ ‏@catholicspitt

last night I drunk texted the guy I like (🤮) and he told me to drink lots of water which was cute but then called me dumb 2 seconds later

Abhi Athavale🇮🇳🇮🇳 ‏@athavale_abhi

Asshole. Whenever I see your face I get a urge to vomit 🤮 https://t.co/RpwE6Wykic

Emma Hope-Fitch ‏@emmahopefitch

@SaHreports Sore thumb every time. Is he trying to do a sexy face in the bottom right? 🤮

Muyideen Dösumu ‏@DeenDosumu

Spurs above Inter? 🤦🏾‍♂️ City above Arsenal? 😩 Arsenal above Milan?!! 🤮 https://t.co/QiBNm5M1s8


@js3ni Oh god 🤮 when you put it like that LOL

Nina Figueroa ‏@khaleesi_nina

Jwu. Not feeling well 🤮

AV_27 🦇 ‏@Av_2701

@FrenkieRole_ Her arms tho 🤮

Bobbey 🌊 ‏@konwinks

@k0nicroad he does look skinny but I need to see it just once bc he havent try any beside blonde and that orange hair 🤮

Kacey †Cooper ‏@Keep_ItMovin_

😩 poor baby lmao he ain’t even know the half nah 🤮 it gets worse 😂 https://t.co/7VTmqESJpv

Mark Lannon ‏@lannon1

@DanYellsBoy It was in fairness, I used to be a fan of Ethan, I’m not anymore 🤮

FPL Over-Thinker ‏@GoonerFPL

@FPLMartiaI Every fixture would of helped IMO. Beggars can’t be choosers. I will likely only have 5 players with a game 🤮

Kushy_NOV18 ‏@djkimmy_kushts

My son always comes from his dads house with the plague and gives it to me 😒🤮

Greta Maibaum ‏@MaibaumGreta

@mattyglesias May they all contract an incurable disease, maybe? Where a cure might have been found if they hadn‘t… https://t.co/4s6MgfdT4d

ॐ ‏@TrippieSydd

True, I don’t fw wings 🤮 https://t.co/9zCZsdt6fZ

moni natasha ‏@moni_natasha

#AbductedInPlainSight is one of the most disturbing and horrendous stories of real crime I’ve ever seen. On… https://t.co/sYvmdsB6sJ

jayla🌻💕 ‏@xbadgyaljx

@junthealpha @muhfugginjkells @Kj_KingFinesse I See This BOFL! Niggas Mehson 🤮

Archo Hindoyan ‏@ArchoKhoury

Yes people enjoy the negative stories...I hate talking politics, listening to fake news !!! Be informed and don't r… https://t.co/683hTGLs0j

shedy ‏@shpendrashitii

trash 🤮 https://t.co/I6yYFXA0q2

كليثم 🇦🇪 ‏@klaiithem

disgusting 🤮

safe place🌺 ‏@myausworld

omg guuuuys please report 😱🙊😭 this levi girl is a pjm anti 🤢🤢 she needs to be block asap 😠🤬 ewww i can't believe pp… https://t.co/8gy6XBGuCu

Jordan Callaghan ‏@dirtyharrycal

What the actual fuck 🤮 https://t.co/y4ZMUVKpjL

nb ‏@niicb_

This is absolutely ridiculous and disgusting 😤🤮 https://t.co/QxrzqdwcXZ

Algonquin Hockey ‏@GonkHockey

🚨GAME DAY 🚨: The boys defend their title against Westboro 🤮 in the❗️Matt Bruce Cup❗️tonight at northstar. We need a… https://t.co/jlJ1YBpfX8

russell ᴬᴰᴺ ‏@cringeworthy12

@genuineADN same same 🤮

Michelle Bradley ‏@Shell__B

Just finished this packet of crisps I purchased a hour ago from @Tesco Broughton & they are 2 weeks out of date!! 🤮 https://t.co/t2r3jaTuhD


@mykeemae @phamswing but why cornflakes though 😭🤮

kathleen. ‏@Kathleenobrodo

So over being sick 😭🤮

. ‏@MrCharKnowles

@Morgs_London Him and Torres in our box 🤮 absolute nightmares my guy

Paul Rivera ‏@paulengs_riv

Stop texting me bitch!🤮

Organised Chaos ‏@Economist_Chaos

@O_Aldeao Sick 🤮 jokes Nxiiii

bianca ‏@biancathekid

i can’t believe i used to listen to halsey 🤮

luigi, rn ‏@luigiphxo

just feeling my oats. might delete 👎🤮 https://t.co/IN3XOIoSOW

c a i t s ‏@caitsk

@Jaynesharp It’s the ya they chat about him fondly .. the mum smiles throughout thinking of him 🤮

Terrean ♠️ ‏@HomieSayWHAAAAA

Stomach on 20 this morning 🤮

Jill. I support #AmericanDOS #Tangibles 🌹🐶🐈✡️✏️ ‏@WinningWordsPro

@bourgeoisalien @GavinNewsom @KamalaHarris Oh gross. 🤮

#JIMIN #약속 ❣ ‏@waitingforpjm1

Disgusting 🤮 https://t.co/t0auuEGQXE

Junje Pole ‏@junjep_

WHAT’S IN MY MOUTH CHALLENGE HAHA NAPKIN WITH CHAMPORADO HAHA 😂🤮 watch here: https://t.co/G0BItcO16g… https://t.co/KlaFZhRoAe


Nah man I could never be with an ugly man 😭🤮 https://t.co/7Atg6y3vSA

🇺🇸MAGA ~ Democrats are Psychotic 🇺🇸 ‏@ConsrvativeDiva

THIS 👇🏻👇🏻 is @TheDemocrats @SenateDems 🤮 https://t.co/3iZC1JmWA0

🦋🔮 Kye 🦄💙 ‏@KLuminati13

I’m usually on Facebook.. I’m starting to like Twitter A LOT more. I used to hate it. 🤮

Margareth Tiquia ‏@marguedeblois

Work from home 🤮

Katie ‏@KatieRelentless

I need to find my glasses bc i’m done being blind for however long it takes me to wake up saturday mornings. Satu… https://t.co/QXTcmyDSg8

Ben ‏@Hoolxhan

@GxyIe His bio 🤮

Deborah Tobias ‏@DeborahTobias

@AnthonyCole68 @InsidersABC @barriecassidy @farrm51 @markgkenny Enough Ruddock on @ABCTV this week. That shameful p… https://t.co/AKrC8U67Eq

🦁 ‏@Myky_Dan

Flow sick I might vomit 🤢 🤮 @YFNLUCCI

Miss Chele ‏@Miss_CheleBelle

Had to call off from work today. Excuse: I’m suffering from @realDonaldTrump fatigue 🤮

shánnn ‏@shanngalvan

@charIiens U made my day extra special 🤮

Jill. I support #AmericanDOS #Tangibles 🌹🐶🐈✡️✏️ ‏@WinningWordsPro

@angelgrey81 @GavinNewsom @KamalaHarris He's a person, right? He was quite vulnerable in that moment, wasn't he? See? Go, Kamala! ✊🏾 🤮

A•Y•A•🇿🇦 ‏@AyandaDlamini_

@TimesLIVE Misleading headline! Sies 🤮

Romeo Flowers ⚘ ‏@Romeorumiii

@_bongine101 Costa used to be one of my favs until he spit in that other dude mouth 😭🤮 that's the most vile and dis… https://t.co/HzjnAYDMv6

imanleila ‏@imanleila

Last night was messy. 🤮

shane jessica ‏@shanietaetae

ha may fake braces??????? 🤮😂 https://t.co/BVRD3lEoYe

lexi 🥀 ‏@urg0d

does the puking stop¿? 🤮

MJ Dunstan ‏@DunstanMJ

Rep. Ilhan Omar Will Be Featured Speaker At CAIR Fundraiser https://t.co/NSmbuVfnjZ via @WayneDupreeShow...... WHER… https://t.co/LlUy9VfAK8

Leshego Mammei🌹 ‏@HerNameLesh

Inconsistency 🤮 https://t.co/nEmw9VbsTk

childish tomisko ‏@TomisinEtti

My housemates are disgusting!!! Can I just have enough money to live alone!! 😩🤮

#MAGA ‏@gill_ri

OMG seeing his face again 🤮 https://t.co/lP2qKdToZs

Scarles J ‏@Sjayyyu

I couldn’t even eat my dinner last night because I felt so disgusted 🤮

SplatterYourClart ‏@Ruthisback357

@stickysimba Brother 🤮

KF 🌈 ‏@dbitchycode

@lanimrevilla @bongrevillajrph Forever your face. Forever na magnanakaw 🤮

sonic the h hedgehog's dilemma ‏@breakbearr

Social anxiety goin off toniht baybeyy 🤮

Sathnam Sanghera ‏@Sathnam

@salihughes I did the same with my first banana 🤮

nim ‏@SyahanimZhr

i can smell it from here 🤮 https://t.co/I9VU0IbxW8

janieza angel ‏@bltzrjanieza

big yuck to cheaters 🤮

Omar ‏@bateekhh

I’m gonna fucking vomit 🤮 https://t.co/F7G9aBNaTi

lemsky ‏@irwaninsomnia

Mumet 🤮

Jay Mac ✨ ‏@jassymac23

As you should. People arent washing their face?! 🤮 https://t.co/s9gOVxB3sl

serena ‏@chynaberrii

Never saw Jay Z the same after “Take a picture of us while we’re joking.” 🤮

tori loves jae ‏@xuxiwayv

@TPK_nepuh It DOES SUCK and the people are so stuck up 🤮

SO(u)Lmate ‏@anuuhespayos

Myghad puro sorry 🤮

VOTE VOTE VOTE ‏@hopefuloptimist

@Kris_Sacrebleu Ick 🤮 what a nasty thing to see before my breakfast!

Jaime G ‏@humanjaimeg

@CBSNews So wait is it ok to keep virtue signaling and saying this is all because of Trump's America blah blah 🤮

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