Face Vomiting Emoji

A smiley shown to be so throwing up green vomit. May be metaphorically; to emphasise disgust at a person or situation; or in a literal sense.

Nausteated Face offers a similar sentiment, with less intensity.

Face Vomiting was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Face With Open Mouth Vomiting” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤮 Spew

🤮 Throwing Up

🤮 Vomit

Unicode Name

🤮 Face With Open Mouth Vomiting


🤮 U+1F92E


Tweets For 🤮

Michael Dawe ‏@Diddoms

Australia Day honour - AM : For services promoting and supporting convicted paedophiles and blaming their child vic… https://t.co/Jz3EieZisY

peruvianprincess 🥀 ‏@naomiivega

y’all niggas really ain’t shit. Hoe ass. 🤮

Becky ‏@Beckavan

@teck1002 It makes me want to puke to even think it, but I’m hoping they win too. 🤮

Nordicblue ‏@nordicblue5

@BreitbartNews No ‘King’s X’. Carey Isn’t watchable. 🤮

thickita ‏@nikkblinkky

I can’t believe I’m actually attracted to men 🤮

Juwan🤘🏾 ‏@_Deuce2wo

Woke up stomach feel horrible 🤮

🌊 Annie Edmonds ‏@aedmondsauthor

@shannonrwatts @VP Satanic is what this looks like. Waiting for her head to start spinning while puking all over ev… https://t.co/9EZ8Nr0D6X

RinaTee ‏@RinaTee__

@_Allianaaa Im sorry for your poor lungs 🤮

jocelynn 👑 ‏@jodizzlemanizzl

Who 🤢 in the fuck 🤢 raised y'all 🤮 https://t.co/AK3OaWJEXM

hannah 😎 ‏@hann8537

@Maddie_Vals I was and then I didn’t get into res and sadly - can not afford Cape Town living costs 🤮

RocPartIV ‏@Roc4EvaEva

@510uBeezys @CampsiteKilla I don’t think like that man. From the circus of players my front office used to put on m… https://t.co/eQjG0SpyXi

Kookaburra ‏@Guuguuburra

@mirandasdevine Totally irresponsible 🤮

🦋 ‏@crakedhoe

@medicoloife1 Its all about how bewafa a woman is but if a man does the same thing nu agha ba khalaq wai che oh sar… https://t.co/t96970UVvT

DP ‏@Peeeples

@STEVEMR216 Hot Sauce Lee Rd big foul 🤮

Lilienne ✨ ‏@UglyStickkk

@ceedee67 yes ate yuck!!!! 🤮 https://t.co/LYHSvaBiWA

𝕷𝖎𝖑𝖎𝖙𝖍 ‏@GabyHerstik

God I’m so thankful my brand doesn’t rely on being like everyone else 🤮

ً ‏@0UTER0RBlT

@blissfulruin nvm u said bebeh brb puking 🤮

T. 🤍 ‏@Baditude2

Niggas are mad corny 😂🤮

#ɢᴀʏཞɪ ⁷ ‏@miyaohtae

how to block a picture? 🤮

Justine⚡ ‏@Justinee_Marie

@Gambitronic I'm just still in shock. But I shouldn't be, because it's fucking Truro. 🤮

How Cute ‏@tonbotomoe

But I spent more on 3 night stay in hotel then on all 3 flight tickets 🤮

ally ⁷ 💘 ‏@w1ntertete

can that stalker stop like ew 🤮 when will they get the hint that twice wants nothing to do with him https://t.co/KYK1JHYIv4

E 💿 ‏@elenyewest

@harsizzle @JerryHo99 who told u to post ur pissing habits on twitter 🤮

Anisha 🐯 ‏@sidsvarun

Doctor creepy heard sameera talk shit about him 🤮

Valarie Northup ‏@Valarierogers60

@AChVoice @elemental @theemaya I heard the meatless burgers are more fattening then a regular MD Hamburger 🍔 Uhg 🤮

La Senorita Pura ‏@ThahMabuza

Ok... I finally finished "A Briefer History of Time"... I feel real sick for taking this long to read a 179 page book 😫😫😫🤮

😜H3llo ‏@H3llo10

@iAmMuzicKing I'd kill them, plead insanity 🤮

Lupe🌞 ‏@lupaeee

Bro you’re cancelled sorry. 🤮

Trino Gomez ‏@trino1204

Jager is gross 🤮 can’t believe I use to drink that shit lol

KeithScott ‏@djkeithscott

A woman with cheap shoes disgust me 🤮

Ralphy ‏@ayeeralphy

All hoes ain’t sweet ... they messy 🤮


getting bitter @ your friends doing better is some type of gross energy like damn bitch u live like that.. 🤮

JUSTICE❤️🥰 ‏@JusticeEmari

Can’t stand a mf always tryna be in the mix 🤮

Arjun 🇮🇳 ‏@arjun_siva

@krishashok Hahaha....I almost thought they'll both cringe because tofu is 🤮

bella ‏@76019818

@deniseshrivell Yes but she is rich therefore favoured by god. 🤮

Maisa🦇. ‏@maisa19999

I had so much coffee I wanna 🤮!!

Elize #KAG #Trump2020 ‏@LeiSurz073

Disgusting. If you wonder why they are facing #coronavirus this might be your answer 🤮 https://t.co/NOahOB3gCU

هانا🌺 ‏@h_zahn__

Would it kill to at LEAST not eat them alive 🤮 https://t.co/CaOjiZOVRb

C a r l ‏@carldizooown

Trash clothing line 🤮 https://t.co/J6juUNJVjw

Bella ‏@beerdad420

Joke or not this is sexual harassment and 0/10 okay to even be joked about, especially when the princesses go thru… https://t.co/ly2MHmSEqB

😼 ‏@vloneshlime

@avrxge @notmaassa Fr bruh imagine liking Die Lit 💀💀🤮

. Pretty MF ‏@_NAYSIAm

That shit nasty bro 🤮 https://t.co/C4tqcCY1P0


I don’t understand people’s obsession with seafood I don’t like the taste smell or texture of it so I don’t eat it.… https://t.co/uKgBE7h86H

aey ‏@imnayeonslave

and y'all are still following him and his sick mind 🤮

Abi ‏@acrazycatmom

when ur already nauseous but have to brush ur teeth & then when u get to ur tongue 🤮

Tiw ‏@RapStarChae

@ddalgay He is 🤮

Miss Mommas ‏@MOLLY_EBO

@Kinggston1 Ewww bars 🤮

KS | Kam Steele ‏@kam4ran

Guys, he only gets one free stock per game, Waft is balanc-🤢 waft is bala-🤢 waft is ba-🤮 ...i can’t even say it

Angie Rosie ‏@Angietherose

@dearmothica Your album photo > 💃🏽✨🙌🏽 The date > 🤮

Who's That Girl? ‏@lizzynaza


txna ‏@cheezecoke

U guys still stanning this bitch??? 🤮 https://t.co/EnSVDt34Kr

러러𝔃𝓮𝓷💚🌱 ‏@chenLe_lovr1122

@renjungay damn u follow nctzens ?? 🤮

Rea ‏@RemegioYvett

I don’t need to compete with u 🤮

Pam Pistoresi ‏@PamPistoresi

@Simondlewis @AOC OMG! AOC is so awesome 🤮

Mary Ellen Bock ‏@Minock56

@HCDotNet @LynnWoodcock2 Lots & lots of skirts & high heels!🤮

Stephen Scholes ‏@SScholes79

I bet dreadful Leftie @BlakeJohnson wishes he got the Blackarm-Day-lament-blah story to-day 🤮

BladeOfWicca ‏@TelRitter

@Cums_well I just..... Can't. Srsly. Can't.🤮

Becky With The Good Hair ❤️ ‏@x_Neenee_

It Be The Hoes You Cool W Who Wanna Suck The Same 🍆 You’ve Nutted All On 🤮

alexander ‏@alexanderdaud_

@memefess i love you cor-🤢 i lo-🤢 i 🤮 sorry yall, can't say the name

BRIA 🌏 ‏@Ozifteddy

It is what it izzzzz 🙄 Goodmorning 🍻🤮

Pam Pistoresi ‏@PamPistoresi

@ARmastrangelo She must be bulimic and was just happy she saw Schiff speak making her purging so much easier! 🤮

♡alice♡ ‏@alicemcha

I actually think I’m going T total 🤮

Rain ‏@Burc34e

🤮 fairy yesili #bernalacinigörmekistemiyoruz

VickyChow ‏@Victori35619148

@DenSow57 Taste like chicken.🤮

cynthya ‏@cynthyagluck

Not to be all 🤮 on the TL but......my heart is so full. 2020 has already given me one of the best months of my life <3

✨𝓇𝒾𝒸𝒽𝒶𝓇𝒹 ™✨ ‏@rychrd_2ng

@ScottMorrisonMP Yes, thots n preyers 🤮 #AlwaysWasAlwaysWillBe https://t.co/WTwuqxXVwK

LindaFaylon ‏@FaylonLinda

@ronkeadejare Ew, you did not win the genetic lottery at birth 🤮

Celso❄️ ‏@CelsoJerez

It’s 1 am & I’m up, feeling sick as f with a huge headache 🤮

2020 is here ‏@Wendypup2

@supergrover4 Fake grass and outdoor table 😎👌 Spas are just a breeding ground for all sorts of bugs & bacteria 🤢🥺😷😵🤮

C. ‏@_turgon

Watched The Founder. Disgusted by that man 🤮

Saanvi 🌸 ‏@Lil_MissTrolls

@Shahrcasm Who's this lal chunni wali woman 🤮

Sarabia ‏@Sarabia__

@ImpatienTourist @JasmineInThe6 Daaaaaaaamn!!!! I’ve. Never thought about that! 🤮

domesticgoddess81 ‏@domesti61497654

@TeenaLee9 @donwinslow @GovMikeHuckabee Jesus 🤮

ayeitssarahhh🦋 ‏@Princess_Sar1

People that still worry about their ex 🤮


@trchaly Yay you 🤮

; Dani 🌻 ‏@alicenowondrlnd

Bente Uno 1. 8️⃣ 2. ☕ 3. 5️⃣ 4. ✔ 5. Boris 😍 6. C 7. 💚 8. Sweet 🍯 9. Both 10. 23 // F // OrMin 11. 4️⃣ 12. Truth 1… https://t.co/kACUc72Tge

sAng ‏@ryztmy

Hangover 🤮

D Fullen 🇺🇸🌊 ‏@dhfull50

IMPOTUS3 just keeps going lower and lower! BUT, he cares about people! 🤮 https://t.co/BjpO2tZ0pc

none of ur concern 😘 ‏@LovelyyLioness

Honey buns & Pop tarts cereal are HORRIBLE 🤮 https://t.co/uSGLkSQIXU

lynn loves Kacchan's knot ‏@bestialynn

What petname do you like being called? 1.🤨 2.😓 3.😓 4.😕 5.😏💘 6.😕 7.🤨 8.🤮 9.🤮 10.😊😏 11.🥺🥰💘💖 12.🤮 13.🤔 14.☺️ 15.🤔 16… https://t.co/6rFa8BdXhs

Denno🐐 ‏@DennoJm

Just one more comma 🤮

Funkelstern👻 ‏@Funkelstern921

🤮 Seriously? https://t.co/bmKMFYhKFB

LENISHA ❤️🤪 ‏@IttyBitty_Black

Why I just called this boy my bd name 😭🤦🏿‍♀️ I need to stop talking when I’m sleep Forreal now he think I love my b… https://t.co/lySqJWlPmn

Aus’Kedibone ‏@ithank_you_

Realizing that the person isn’t exactly the person I fell inlove with 🤮. https://t.co/HOw7qau2Rt

kb. 🪐 ‏@eukhera_5

At all 🤮 https://t.co/LQWBCLXnUj

Sosa 🥵🥶 ‏@StLo__

Y’all don’t understand , anybody can look good with a full face of makeup 🤮

MasterSharky ‏@MasterSharky

Wow, I can understand the call to #changethedate. But this bloke is just next level, imagine hating your own countr… https://t.co/cWUnPOKfSH

DerAuftrittdesUntergangsbeginnt ‏@Kaidanofthealps

@romepix @payreadstoomuch Yeah. The rich of old times where so humanitarian. 🤮

RJ 📊 ‏@BD_Mogul

Either the @uber or the @astonmartin Make a choice 😂😂😂🤮@DawsonGant

::: StarrSpanPort ::: ‏@StarrSpanPort

@profanityswan @Jsoosty No he isn’t. Sees a bloke who admittedly looks mildly Tim Nice But Dim, decides he looks a… https://t.co/cBSRSK6Ahi

𝕵𝖆𝖉𝖊 ⚰️ ‏@SweetJadeeMD

I CANNOT stand this, people singing karaoke with a monotone ass voice 🤮

Idiot's Lantern ‏@whysoglumchum

@Thunderflask Deep fried crispy pig's intestine. 🤮 Sometimes you've just got to NOT let curiousity get the better of you.

Kimber Hussein Obama ‏@NLuvWitUOnly

@Teesa_Michele I'm noticing it seems 2 B a new algorithm. All of a sudden if someone U HAVE followed, puts a "❤️" o… https://t.co/cRsjbb6mSL

💜Summ€rLak€rKitty💜 ‏@kitty_again

@DrippyKemp IDK y it takes so long to dl update etc. You should check out the new installs for Fortnite 🤮

Slater ‏@slater1182

@howdotheystill1 @grizz2350 @OverByTheRiver @GeraldoRivera @realDonaldTrump Typical fake news post. No link... No f… https://t.co/AOrr99Fy9h

💎 ‏@ChocolateeD0ll_

Can’t wait to get drunk asf with my BFF later 🤸🏿‍♂️😈🤮

RonnieRose 🌹🧸 ‏@Purttyy_kittyy

@THATNIGGAVIEL I Grown Ion Fw Lil Niggas 🤮 i Need a Big Nigga a Big Bag A Big Dick 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Edsu

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