Squinting Face With Tongue Emoji

Has both eyes closed, sticking tongue out.

Squinting Face With Tongue was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Face With Stuck-Out Tongue and Tightly-Closed Eyes” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😝 Tongue Out

Unicode Name

😝 Face With Stuck-Out Tongue and Tightly-Closed Eyes


😝 U+1F61D




Tweets For 😝

unavailable✌🏾️ ‏@carter_clarissa

It’s my friend birthday😝😝🎉❤️ @AmourNakayla

Dorafifi ‏@syfkhsham

@hafizulhadi3 20/2/20 save the date 😝😝😝

lala💕✨👑 ‏@Heart_Cleared

Looking good, feeling good 🤩😝

@ChiChiPapii__ ‏@HugoChilenjeS

@itssprincessluu Cela kumati😵 so I can “make the gf disappear” for you😝😉

Coolie 💪💪💪 ‏@SKumarrobo

@ProudHI31956314 @kittylo33 @n4india1 Tea seller slaves are frustrated and nervous....their dream of licking rajini… https://t.co/2oQ9Dnuj71

King Adeyemi ‏@Yeahmiperlson

@da_rhoda @thisistolu Tah we don’t fight 😝😝😝😝

Elizabeth ‏@LizzerScizzor

@LilLyssaLynn Fuuuuuuuuck makes me 😝 crazy

🌹 ‏@itslaracabatbat

@Rmds_deguzman No way😝

Ruby👑 ‏@_rywehh

@Light_upVI @_naughtyQueen I sure got you in my sauce 😝

L&G🌀|dm limit ‏@bnaidermindedd


Z ‏@ZellyVibes

I’m gonna make a tutorial on how to not give a fuck lol would y’all like that ? Let me know ASAP ahahah 😈😝

Stuart McArthur ‏@_bigstu

I got so gassed when @PimpJuiceK appeared on @KSIOlajidebt ‘s diss track 😝🤟

Lis ‏@LisM87

Felicity isn’t too keen on us leaving the house for a run this morning 😝 #saturdaymorningrun #cats🐱 #disapprovingcat https://t.co/Oah4uMcTBO

highlands2hammocks ‏@highlands2hamm

Smashed our first workout on the bonnie banks of Lake Bled and decided to film it 😝 Will be uploading soon for some… https://t.co/Wotoh4eLUO

juleesa ‏@JAYGLO__

have you out like a light 😝💡 https://t.co/6gDyLVJc9y

Tushar wankhede🇮🇳 ‏@tusharwm

@Atheist_Krishna She might be mihra Khan 🙃😉😉😝😝

LAT ‏@Spitzenrheydter

YES YES YES 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 ☺️😍😘😝😁😋🤪 #BAPE https://t.co/gInciBfGA2

valerïa graçe ‏@viilovexo

@cheekstoochubby I guess I’m just you’re average boyyy 😝💓 that’s a favy, you cutie ✨

řâmķűmàŕ ‏@badboy_lovesyou

@apki__TL__pr Done😝😝

Bello Abdulrasheed A ‏@Blackshyd

Some of u will not make heaven, just because you name the Porn folder on ur phone as Best of "Sheikh Gumi” 😱🤦🏿‍♂️ 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😝😝🚶🏿

Kamsalem Isah ‏@Kamsaleeem1

@Alaanuloluwa_ @spectatorindex Because They Substituted Tea With Liquor 😝😜😁

zaaaaaaackk ‏@zackbatt31

@bsosaaaavage happy birthday B! 😝😝🍻🍻🍾!!

archerqueen ‏@archerkween

Finally 9hrs sleep 🤗😝😅

Virendra Githala ‏@iamvgithala

@HaramiParindey Incredible india😝😝😝

Ms. Glenlivet ‏@NautankiWali

@avinash_aastik @hemantbatra0 Haan. My mistake. 😝

LiLi. ‏@MaliyahFoxx

Just got some bomb ass dick Goodnight lmao. 😝🤤😴

Tom Doncaster ‏@TomDoncaster

Feeling really good today, last few hours of my shift then I’m off for 2 days 😝

Jessica 💕 ‏@jessicaleilani_

But we won against San Gabriel 31-21 😝

Nadine ‏@NadineOmeirat

@meetbassel We like to test your capability of reading body language. You know keeping it suspenseful whek 😝

Lynn ⭐️ ‏@MistletoeSprite

Rise n shine, pumpkin 😘 Waiting for him to finish his morning cup of “wake up n go”😉 wonder if he’ll notice someth… https://t.co/qyRw7hqYHM

Lillian♍️ ‏@chibearrrrr

Thank you @thetompujol @SaidTheSky @sunsetevents for another amazing night 🤟🏽😝

♡ natasha ♡ ‏@berginnatasha

😝😝 very good https://t.co/nxX5mwwdqY

pyt🌻 ‏@lexyocean

s/o to my moms who gave birth to a beautiful ass bitch who gets bought drinks when she goes out 😝🤟🏽

Syed Adil Husain pti ‏@sah_321

@mibkhan @AmirMateen2 Ye cheez 😂😂😂😝😜

Coolie 💪💪💪 ‏@SKumarrobo

@tamizhsudhakar Close enough😝😝😝😝

Dede ❤️ ‏@Prettykutedede

I tell him fuck me good put that weight on me 💦😝

Mark Rodriguez ‏@Mark_zrated

So I'm been a little more active on tweet. So what...😝

Phil Crawford ‏@phil_crawford1

@js_kay Bring him back @footynagger 😝🤣😂

𝓉𝒶𝓂 ‏@damntum

1,333,248 last night to this real quick 😝 https://t.co/QCVDvBaTJq

Coolie 💪💪💪 ‏@SKumarrobo

@itispalkova @MrIanMalcolm So what????😝😝😝....I am a rajini fan💪💪💪💪💪💪💪....podaaaa

V - 2.0 ‏@Vikas_taya

@girishjohar @akshaykumar @TheJohnAbraham @reemakagti @zmilap But @itsBhushanKumar is doing manipulation...8 cr manipulation in 3 days😝

Aileen ‏@Aileen825

@HAILdeeryHAIL @4PlanB Absolutely not 😝

cαmiιιε❥ ‏@camiiprice

Definitely recommend seeing it to those who haven’t! A comedy but also a tear jerker 😝 https://t.co/HEFAilx7HX

Wishblade ‏@TheWishblade

@GamerBeastHD And this is why I don't do economics and what not: Things change far too much! 😝

Asad Qureshi ‏@Khan_ka_Khilari

Nawaz Sharif: Me and my Younger Brother @CMShehbaz with Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mr Imran K… https://t.co/YGhAh8ox2Z

mike_shmoney_ ‏@MikesChillinNow

@gillianx3you True true 😒😝

Lopa🍔 ‏@LopaWalawalkar

@imuday02 @vinci1203 @IaroraMayank @iSourabh12 @AsliKruti @lavanya2813 @iPrince55 @HValangar @Sagar2024 @anusha_199… https://t.co/GtQnyOCZvD

Coolie 💪💪💪 ‏@SKumarrobo

@swamisaranamm Now you guys have to beg for money to renovate the temple again......means god makes you to beg for him😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

k a t o s h i 🏴 ‏@cryptokatia

@Pentium_486 @CacheBoi Lol, on the contrary, more confidence in my beliefs 🤪 but only those that can change the sta… https://t.co/MMuPJdbDUB

Ahmed ‏@ahmedyo10

@TheAnilTharani @itslitfamm We’ll see about that... try not to travel so many times this game tho 😝😂

Simon Firth ‏@Simon_Firth

Babes you getting long green neon hair extensions next @gracielou_xx? 😝

nae 💫 ‏@azhanejonese

i’m definitely bout to show out 😝

Ali Aslam ‏@haliaslamm

@ambrinmaria 😝😂🤪😉☺️😝🤨😂🤪😉☺️😜🤭😁😄😃😀😝😂🤪😉🤨☺️😝😂🤪😉😜😄😁😃😜😂🤪😜😉😃😀😁😂🤪😉😝 Please aur rou na ...

gracie marvin ‏@marvin_gracie

So excited to see my boy tomorrow 😝😝 @marcusdowdy6

Coolie 💪💪💪 ‏@SKumarrobo

@swamisaranamm Even god is nothing before the nature.....😀😀😀😀...why waste time and money on him????😝😝😝😝😝

Emily Powell 🌿 ‏@emilypowe11

@edey_ana Neither to either ♒️♍️ 😇😝😘

♥️Lady V👸 ‏@Lungy89969197

@_Ntulikazi M having that right now 😝😝

SATIVA. ‏@wardss_xo

Ahh checked my rota and I have the calmest early team , hope today goes quick 😝

Jannete 🌻 ‏@Jan_netee

A classic 😝 https://t.co/HmmGNfBT0j

нaιley ∞ ‏@mingminghailey

@JeffreeStar i literally just listen to fresh meat & decided to to a look based around that shade 😝😂 it’s 1am… https://t.co/lr2AMnncDT

niffy🌞 ‏@niffster_

@heyamine Ratchet Saturn girl 😝😝

un•loved ‏@jane_sansano

Missing the old you 😁😝

Darline ‏@deeochoa19

@Jxxxxxx8a I’m your bf and I don’t have one 😝

Bainzy ‏@notracesms

@LeaveMnsLeave @iozjrok @TiceRichard @JLongworthLML Now #Brexit has @Nigel_Farage back! Remoaners, give it up, you… https://t.co/RLo3HCzvFb

Matthew Mullen ‏@Matthew_Mullen9

Too lit of a night man 😝😉

S. ‏@Sudozai5

During the swearing in ceremony of IK, Ammi came with analysis , a bit annoyed 😂 " what! Didn't he invite his sist… https://t.co/A4UMI1gf2h

🍂 ‏@eclaveaaa

yo jasper got his new phone 😝

Elisa ‏@VoiceoverElisa

@edfringe recommendation number 1 from day [email protected] But warning! Strategically choosing row 2 may back… https://t.co/VZRDu2xY2z

logan perkins ‏@IFoundAQuarter

Buying plane tickets soon 😝😝

AUGUST 12TH 🤩🤪 ‏@layonce3005

laid up with my favorite person and he is KNOCKED out 😊💕 gn😝

Haaziq Zahar ‏@haaziq_mz

📌 Pulp ✅ Where your coffee and tart are almost as expensive as your lunch. 😝 https://t.co/EPpwBLvNtM

[email protected] ‏@Veronicahamed62

@MollyJongFast He started sweating and the makeup was streaking down the side of his face.😝😝🤢🤮

wind wolf ‏@branstew04

Oh hi @BasicallyIDoWrk just saying you should do more couple retreat lol 😝

ᵗᵘᵗᵉʸᵒ (❁ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈) ‏@sehunbaybyy

omg this is so obvious 😝 https://t.co/cnoWwRf1UJ

monica ‏@monica003426

@emvp5 and you already miss me awwwww 😝😝

ریاض محمود ‏@romanbashir

@AhmadWaleed He was natural, he was fluent and he was confident. I think he was enjoying every bit of this historic… https://t.co/7hK65huPod

day6 pcd ‏@sugaphoric

@dorkforbts ive been so into day6 these days i cant help it 😝

steff ‏@steffaniegalvan

@xylucc Yes! I just saw your snaps! It was so fun 😝

moose🏮🐉 ‏@_jailonW

Really can’t wait on this cut 😝💈

Samuel Paris ‏@Samieparis

R.I.P is when you testify against an assassin in court and he is granted bail at the end of the day.😂 😂😂😝😝😝 https://t.co/DPGsaRzJ5A

Coolie 💪💪💪 ‏@SKumarrobo

@swamisaranamm First save your swami saranam ayyappa😝😝😝😝he is under water now😝😀😀😝😝then dream about Modi 👍👍👍👍👍👍

جوسلين🥀 ‏@coolilmommajojo

Half be like “Cut my life into pieces This is my last resort😝🤟🏽” & the other be like “first I do it like thisssss..… https://t.co/8Yd5fNDf3L

델♡운 ‏@cloudfuls

i see!!!! my fan😝 https://t.co/PncNyTLtXl

Vicki Lewis ‏@16VeronicaLewis

@Noell_Nicole Right? " I just put my phone down " as he throws it against the wall 😝

Afrim ‏@afrimarl

@fachrian_9 Dasar, full of shit! 😝

PhDpeeps ‏@PhDpeeps

Poe’s Law applies to twitter, folks. If you’re going to snark, you need to label it [snark] or people won’t get it.… https://t.co/En2FIXjFdm

Thomas Brooks ‏@ThomasB070874

#PizzaShowsAndMovies MushRoom With A View 🍕😝

kayla ‏@babycupKAY

@pauls_amy The biggest spitter out of our friendship group.... @bbydest 😝❤️ https://t.co/Kd3JUzgEnp

Bella Szczęsny13 シ ‏@iamGooner_13

@JAC0B_AFC @MesutOzil1088 It doesn't look like Mesut Ozil's pose 😝😝😝

Redhead#1 ‏@purplepanda9223

I really feel like @cairo_dwek deserves more followers 😝

❤ਪ੍ਰਭ ਧਾਲੀਵਾਲ❤ ‏@pariprabh

Even I m saying this #SilsilaBadallteRishtonKa vo kahe toh criticism hum kahe toh bashing 😂 vase kya yaar faltu mai… https://t.co/DXyadc0TAi

Haroon Khan Afridi ‏@fearless_eyez

I was about two 😴 cuz been drinking all day long. After listening to this song going to have some more 😝… https://t.co/7KXozUPX3Z

Aldino Dwi ‏@AldinoDwi

@dhafintyanoorca Weekend dap 😝

ivan🐉 ‏@ivanxmoomoo

Tigger wanted a nose and ears piercing too😝 https://t.co/XtWtDHClGy

Inathi khwazayo❤💙 ‏@Inati86058565

Nelisa mchunu(fikile in uzalo)love u ....😘😘😘my sugar'n spice my evulithinga ka sbu😝my sugar n ting ting lv u grl my… https://t.co/Z7lBZ43VIS

Naren Mahato ‏@mahato_naren

@Swati0503 🤣🤣.... Welcome Chulbuli 😝🙌🙏

Czhakkia Laynne ‏@czhakkialaynnee

nw: I Love You, Hater 😝

Francesca Wellness Massage ‏@FrancescaWelln1

@julieplec @orangetheory @Michael_Trevino Dude (@Michael_Trevino) needs to get paid by @orangetheory. His Instagra… https://t.co/q7ZxeXumsa

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