Winking Face With Tongue Emoji

A face showing a stuck-out tongue, winking at the same time. Used in an attempt to be wacky, zany, or otherwise joking.

Winking Face With Tongue was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Face With Stuck-Out Tongue and Winking Eye” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😜 Crazy

😜 Crazy Face

Unicode Name

😜 Face With Stuck-Out Tongue and Winking Eye


😜 U+1F61C




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CL ‏@cehntle

@wendeserrie Yay, thank you! 😜

Osamabinladen ‏@Osamabinladaan

😂😂😂😂😂 Sorry @tonystark_1993 😝😜😜

Soul Baby ‏@Soul_Baby_Band

LAUNCH! We would LOVE to see you all on the 23rd Sept! @pizzajazzclub Please help spread the LOVE with a LIKE/…

𓂀 ‏@reallrag

they gon’ hate me regardless, that’s why I do what I do 😎😘😜

다라라라 ‏@daraxxikr

🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉 A birthday wishes for my one and only bestfriend @kwonjyongx 😜

Get_in_the_Sea ‏@GetinTheSea2

@Huma_Live Oh shittt😜😕

💧Rob Youdan ‏@robducmoto

Oops @SBSVICELAND *their* 🤔😜... it's not channel 9!

Farhad Assar ‏@AssarFarhad

@sallygr8 @sltabc @AlexDSAvery @blighty226 @Amir3851 @Thevoic02167012 @KhakanQureshi @PATHSNorfolk @bee88887…

St George's Hall ‏@SGHLpool

Huge thanks to @LiverpoolCityEx for giving us and our #MintonFloorReveal in their Top 40 Things To Do in Liverpool…

Kendrick D ‏@powerbeatman

@SherryFang4 maybe is me ?😜

Frenki ‏@Zhanpolsartre

@DISGOSTAN I know who eleven is but i haven't seen stranger things 😂😜

les mal ‏@lesmal_les

@MarzenaPaczuska @bukarolbu Gender😜

Johnkay💎 ‏@Johnkay515

@OmoGbajaBiamila I hope your grandchildren will not come and still 😥😥😥😜

🌪𝔸𝕝𝕩 ‏@alx_koko

🚨🚨Attention please🤗🚨🚨 I’m making a new loyals list since I have some people on one of them that don’t give a shit🙄😜…

Mohammad Sajid ‏@Mohamma70654361

@Baggar_Billi O ho hamary b ek hisa jor ly gy hum 😜😜

Ronan ‏@SligoChap

@BibiBaskin Get this: Wait for it!!! Soap.... but, ON A ROPE! 😜

Ⓜ️RS. Roberson ‏@Stephhhhhh892

When you see him..TRUST ME you'll see ME. Aint no catching mines solo😜

jaik ‏@_jaikob

@amandamcw17 Just adpi things 😜

Nkgau ♥️ ‏@Yuna_Nkg

So mo guy is willing to wait till I give birth😏 in the mean time we can spend all our free weekends together 😜..

Manan Parmar ‏@MananParmar2

@Shristehehehe Cutie 😍(not you😜)

Thehoselrocketeer ‏@hoselrocketeer

@4golfonline The dark chocolate one and a cup of coffee has always been a favorite of mine. 🤪😜 Golf club? No favor…

Matthew Foster ‏@MatthewFoster20

@marksparkyb85x It sure is 😜😜

شہزادی ‏@nazia390

@Saakin_e_dasht enjoy kr free k song 😜

mangkuk hayun🌻 ‏@Astagaharam

@MarcoAs01885914 Donee 😜

Ana$tasia ‏@asiaavx

@ayeedhanika wednesday 😜

Bobby ‏@BobbyC48

@Laracumqueen Sure does 😜

Buffalo tattoo ‏@alainvandoninck

@buffalo_ddr 78 keer 😜

SULTHANᴺᴷᴾ 3.O/NKPᴺᴼᴹᵉᵃⁿˢᴺᴼ ‏@Sulthanalaudin

@JarvisOfficial1 @tonystark_1993 Jarvis never lie.. Agreed.. 😜😜

random ‏@the_aberration_

@HillariusHitler Will assign you next time in my place 😜

saputriiii ‏@encibarbie

@Tempuyak18 U capaaa? 😜

Kevin Campbell ‏@1kevincampbell

@omarelkilary @afcsean89 Ben Mee’s reaction says it all 😱😱😱😜🥜🤣🤣🤣

Dannii ‏@Dannii_04

@jsh1865 Heeey pipe down pipsqueak 😜😂😂😂

Jimmy 😆 ‏@jmadge33

@AndrewLegon No aftersun? 😜

🍒 Krissy 🍒 ‏@Kristine_Lotus

@liamgallagher It's my birthday tomorrow 😜🖤💜🖤💜

Mary Lynch ‏@MJL0527

@JonathanRKnight @DonnieWahlberg Any talk of the upcoming cruise announcement over cake and ice cream?😜

Stationfor ‏@stationfor

RELATIONS_(OMG 😳I Did My Makeup #HORRIBLY to See My #Son's Reaction👩‍👦🙈🤪🤣😂😅😜 | #Aarav|SWATI BHAMBRA) has been p…

john ‏@Real623

@tvark We have alot worse coming 😛😜

Undarmaa.B ‏@Undima742

@borxann Aahahahahhaha🤣🤣, gooood luck with that l geydee odoo😜

Sonia B ‏@Sonia29739

@Overlord_34 Merci mon Will 😜

Christina Taft 🌊🎸🎶 ‏@XTinaTaft

Rooftop dinner in #BeverlyHills and at #Waldorf #WaldorfAstoria 😜🎶 #Travel #EnjoyTheTimes #NewExperiences…

k*dot ‏@sweetbbymae

when you get into a club that has a cover for free > 😜

zirazira96 ‏@zirazira96

@1004nic @redkyraa @danelraaa Kkkkk i dont think so 😜

summer ‏@_kryzelfie

My greatest enemy, yet my favorite companion. 😜🌻

Rhodie ‏@RhodieBm

@purple_cath What Richmond being 4th! 😜

Tanya ‏@tigertufftanya

@Jpana75 And they can go get stuffed! 😜

Sassie875 ‏@Sassie8751

@JonathanRKnight @ellenooch @DonnieWahlberg Some things are private . Hope you just had a lot of fun 😜😜😜

Tee Zat Starnah ‏@starnahking

@mnisim Go buy them😜😂

Yogesh Pratap Singh🕉️ 🇮🇳🇮🇱🔱⚛️🌈 ‏@YogeshP37001677

@ismail_inn0 @MajorPoonia @OfficialDGISPR Tea was fantastic. But the 'Waiter' was & still is 'Begger'. 😜😜😜

Petra Karbach ‏@petrakarbach

@RussellCroweRu I'm from Koblenz, Germany. Our local Irish Pub would be the perfect location for an intimate IGP gi…

Simon ‏@ssimon1000

@CarlosFireblade @GordonGD15 Never Fails 🤦🏻‍♂️ breakfast 🍳 had arrived here 😜😋

Mian Asad ali ‏@Mian_Log_TG

@Shararti_Baacha @jack Proud to Be Faisalabadi 😜

Gippy Grewal Fan ‏@GippyGr73667826

@gippygrewal Good Morning 👍 Tea Time 🍵 Chako chaa Da glass😜 #daaka #1nov2019 #gippygrewal @humblemotionpictures…

𝑀irella ‏@mellbelleex

7:30 new YouTube video 😜

Kentish Photography ‏@kentishphotos

@marksparkyb85x GET 'EM OFF! 😜

Otto #FBPE 🔶 #FBR 🇪🇺 #RevokeA50 ‏@OttoMecklen

@Fionna6669 @BrendaEastman10 @judi_sutherland I never called it a region 😜 that’s just insulting 😉 My point was th…

Sylvie ‏@Sylvie22177185

@HowardDonald Feeling so sorry for you right now 😢😢😜😜

مسرور احمد خان ‏@Masroor96241356

@sadafsheriff35 Be carefuly..😁🙊😜

Pragmatic Eddie ‏@PragmaticEddie

Well done Wales for your top ranking, I hope it lasts for more than a few hours this time. Proof that stats lie maates. 😜

Youngling & Feynman ‏@YounglingAndCo

@corey_gwin You actually lost 1 follower haahha Oh how they tables have turned 😜

Silence ‏@_Brunofrancis

@JuiceWorlddd If your mouth is paining you @JuiceWorlddd just know am the cause bn playing your songs sorry😏😜❤

ogueji kenneth ‏@OguejiKenneth

@zlatan_ibile called me at about 4am this morning and asked me to jump on this praise vibe 😜😜.. @zlatan_ibile I hai…

Ansgar Lasrich ‏@ansgar1702

@DickPicsCams Yummy. 😜😜😉😉

teddy 🧸🎐☁️ ‏@extracarefully

well weighing myself before a bm and post binge cycle was uh. a Mistake. im 8lbs up from my lw which was like 2 wee…



S.A.Shah ‏@syedaarijshah

@such_ka_sath Thark.. fifth generation adult game😄😜😜

SPARKYBOII💪 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@marksparkyb85x

@MatthewFoster20 The struggle is real 😜😜🍆

Spirit of India.Bengalurian ‏@bgl_chowkidar

@Ancientsporty @Lamborghini @MIT Hope the next generation wl not b on the road... Shocked.......? .... Hold on bu…

Dating Dad ‏@aDatingDad

@rachsdatefails @Nina_Dattebayo I warned you... 😜

Little Sub Nugget ‏@LittleSubNugget


colin hobson ‏@Jettco

@JoshBolt @grahamPmartin @SammyLerner Looks better than Benidorm? 😜

Azmeera Thoogudeepa ‏@azmeera7999


Manish Kumar ‏@ManishK04310507

@IMUFislam @rajnathsingh Heheheh.. One more Porki ch#@ya spotted on twitter. Now beta, Wait till you die. Same a…

Carl Gartland ‏@Carlrobertgart1

@candyplz03 Ahhh, bless ya😜😎😁👍

satish srikanta ‏@bssiyer

@zoo_bear Wait for sometime, RaGa will say the same and join BJP😂😝😂😜

Ocean Nomads ‏@_OceanNomads

Meanwhile in Australia 😁🙃⛵️😜 Have a wonderful Sunday!Meanwhile in Australia 😁🙃⛵️😜 Have a wonderful Sunday!

Thomas & Spencer ‏@pointercross

@janeyRiley18 Just steal the bucket when we see him again. Or maybe pee over the red ones 😆that will give a nice ta…

Simon ‏@ssimon1000

@CarlosFireblade He will grow into it 😝😜

Follow Your Heart ‏@wish5123

@AnjieSyd @sangitara2341 Thik achhe. Ami shikhiye debo. (OK. I will teach you.) 😜😂

Eliza Wilde ‏@wilde_eliza

@m858096081 You can book me 😜


@fvxkmimi Be careful then...we don’t want anything to happen to you😉😜

Nwanyi Ákwà ‏@jimbaybay

How we dance Zanku in Harvard 😜

Lulu76 ‏@LouiseTollick

@JonathanRKnight @DonnieWahlberg Ok we need more detail than that! Give us all the juicy goss Jon! 😜

🇮🇳Jigar R. Pandya🇮🇳 ‏@1011Jigar

@n_hiral 😝🤣😝😜🤣 unexpected

Lamar Johnson ‏@LamarJo71619873

Cant offer everything not chasing anyone down oh well!!!🤷🏽‍♂️ pool party in 2 weeks is gone be epic at our house😍😜

moradeyo ‏@dada_dread

@Chinazzar To give you one hot slap😜😜

RiNaYeaJTL ‏@AniFilemoni

@accentsin3d @OMGTheMess @HankMeyerNAPP @tanya_plibersek Yea work hard to pay ur tax for that $500m 😜😜😜

Simon ‏@ssimon1000

@maja_kenney 😜👍 it’s arrived 🍳😋

Faris ‏@TahirFaris1

@Alishbajawaid Twitter pa abhi ayee na ap to i thought 😜 abhi uthee hun ge 😂😂

The 4/20 Chilli Company (@the420chillicompany) ‏@420_Chilli_Co

4/20 CHILLI... the bastard love children of Tommy Chong and the A-Team...🤟😜 ... 🌶🌶💥💥 ... We will burn a smile on yo…

Louis Officiel 🇫🇷 ‏@BopeaLouis

Le new york times lucide 😜

My Greatness vs Everybody ‏@ZuLee27753812

@Ollieospring Thanks. I try😜

Sean Thomas 👟🧢 ‏@Thomas46Sean

@gearpigboy @The_Pig_ @Kitlad1988 @londonkitlad @shortshorniac @club_shoot @footballshorts @kitlad80 @shinyshorz…

Dan Farrell ‏@danfaz94

As it's Sunday, I should have a hot fudge sundae at some point... right? 😜🍨

❤️LOVE LIFE ❤️ ‏@Poojatop

@Mira95561075 Like you 😜

‏﮼محمد 🇸🇦 ‏@mohamd__0005

@DaniCeballos46 @Arsenal We welcome you to Arsenal as a good fans i hope you have a great time playing here. More goals more loves 💪🏻😜😛

Farhad Assar ‏@AssarFarhad

@sallygr8 @sltabc @Amir3851 @blighty226 @whywouldyou_uk @TheLamb93 @KhakanQureshi @Thevoic02167012 @PATHSNorfolk…

Steen Lærke Nielsen ‏@steenlaerke

20K "morning-MTB"......20K with mud and dirt 😜🚵

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