Face With Thermometer Emoji

A face shown with a thermometer, presumed to be feeling sick. May be used for a patient in hospital, or for a common cold.

Differs from the proposed nauseated face, which is green, appearing as though it may be about to vomit; or the face with head-bandage which is not sick, but has been injured.

Face With Thermometer was approved as part of Unicode 8.0 in 2015 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🤒 Ill

🤒 Sick


🤒 U+1F912


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GRBŁ✨ ‏@Gliinn_

I hate being sick😭🤒😷🤕

Rob ‏@OgRob_

@iRogerDodger $10 a lesson 🤒

(っ◔◡◔)っB_Fern ♥ ‏@bytrack_bytrack

ป่วย จึงถือโอกาสเล่นมุกนี้ 🤒 it’s a blessing in disguise! You are my One Pill to ease the pain #wonpil https://t.co/55wL0mwXWE

kay ‏@kaylamaya_

Flognaw or these? 🤒 #whyamipoor https://t.co/BvDinYDyLL

Dakota🌸 ‏@Westerkamm21

sometimes you gotta just bite your tongue and move on 🤒

AK❣ ‏@Ashlyn_Kaay

sometimes power hour is the only hour 🤒

Eli⚡️ ‏@Elinaranjo12

@juangarza73 It says car not truck 🤒😂

## ‏@Mvni__

Rns want a daily just to lower on coils, but I also want a race car 🤒

Em ‏@humblemily

Always in my feelings 🤒💛 https://t.co/11On10lp2W

Jenny💋 ‏@grrr_itsjenny

I’m seriously trying to fight this sickness awayyyyyyyy 🤒

Reeze. 🌹 ‏@_thereezabells

Sick leave 🤒 https://t.co/MunadfS1Ey

ASStroworld ☄️ ‏@BenitaHasani

the future i wanna live is too big to be in this small ass town 🤒

DAN 🇾🇪 ‏@2bobforREAL

Can’t remember ever having such an interrupted sleep before! The flu is horrible 🤒

Jaylene🦋 ‏@jaylene___xoxo

i hate being sick 🤒

JIM🐾 ‏@jimxgrrd


wm ‏@xo_wendee

Please torture me so I can die 🤮🤢😷🤒 https://t.co/uGcChi8Upf

Yucu❤ ‏@Athini_Mfanta

@solofelang_ Girl is sick but she's going anyway😷🤒

Zay ‏@RunItUpZay

@ftkhamryn Thats better than the 24th 🤒

Canada ‏@Runnersbunzz

# BC #BritishColumbia 🤢🤢🤮🤧😷🤒😷♨️📛🌋🔥🔥🔥Keep your fire and smoke 💨 to your own province!!👎😷🤒🤬 You should pay 💰 for all… https://t.co/d2j6I7QO2L

Bliss ‏@Blazing_Bliss

@bibiegurl1 Aks queen doing what they do best. 🤒🙌

AJ ‏@goatdinez

Need more long sleeves, hoodies and shoes 🤒

juice box 🤩 ‏@Julecialove

oomf really went mia on me wow 🤒

krubo🕊 ‏@krubomilller

To win the retreat, we all in too deep playin' for keeps, don't play us for weak (someone said)🤒🔥🔥$krubM #TRAVISSCOTT #astroworld

XclusiveBayb🤤 ‏@staylit_ashyra

You btcs b like “ima whole snack” with a whole STD. Bitch your food poisoning 🤒😭

honcho isaac ‏@Isaac_Rocha_23

@viewsfromvans Or is it desert rat gang? Whatever it is I apologize don’t want any of that 🤒

Cae ‏@kyrios230

In bed cos I'm dying of a cold 🤒😷

Geralene ‏@_geralenee

Nah fr tho 🤒😂 https://t.co/U51bUbwAsE

Bee ‏@biancaAtienzo

Oooh. I can feel a flu coming soon 😷🤒

Boona 🤤 ‏@_destiny_donye

I feel like shit 🤒😕

t$immzz🦄 ‏@tatyanasimmonds

jus tryna wear someone’s name around my neck 🤒

🦄👑$ÕŁïŻŻŸBØ3ŁØ👑🦄 ‏@Solizzybo3lo

@NICKIMINAJ Thisss teaaaaa guhhh 🤒

mari🌻 ‏@MaricruzGamero

My little sister and Sosa officially start their Senior Year tomorrow 🤧🤧 they grew up to fast 🤒

reagan ‏@kissljy

@itztaeyong hmm,, idk then 🤒 i wish i could help more >:(( i have no brain cells

Obong Roviel 👑 ‏@RovielOG

@LukaszQuan Go and sleep mbok 🤒

MJ ‏@mjantaran

I don't feel so good 🤒

roly🤪 ‏@EspinoRoly

@Inspecct happens to the bro all the time 🤒 https://t.co/8vJ8fm8u1d

Andrew Uchiha ‏@ItsMuelaTime

Girls really be surprising me son.. crazy asses y'all come pero caliente diablo!🤒😅

Tyler Bey™ ‏@_TBIDDIES_

@Repine13 @SDinwiddie_25 @FlyDre21 @AlecBurks10 @1MrBigShot @Dwhite921 @J40Scott @mh_GFM @kin_wright25… https://t.co/ujh6gaD3gc

aldorodrigo ‏@aldorodrigo

4 Predictors of radiograph-confirmed #pneumonia in adults with acute cough: 🔹Temp >37.8°C 🤒 🔹Pulse >100 🔹SaO2 <95%… https://t.co/A2GfsnhPqf

📸 ‏@yvng14jayr

See Why you had to throw the waffles in there 😹🤒 @Zachtyvm https://t.co/DXAhwJLbKH

Lil E Steady SackChasin 🤘🦍 ‏@456_lilesavage

This How You Gone Look A Few Times Out The Year Dealing With Crazy Bitches 🙄😂🤒 FUUUCCCCKKK THE THINGS I DO FOR LOVE… https://t.co/zWp6ZBBjl9

CUERNO DE CHIVO 🔫💥😤🚾 ‏@millymarc801

@iMaury2009 @Cici_LaaLaa You right tho. 🤒

taits. ‏@Taitummb

what should i cook 🤒

Beautiful mystery® ‏@mexi_steve

It’s kinda late and I’m kinda tired but kinda not 🤒 it’s also an invite to hop in my DMs 🙊 https://t.co/StjEFyIliU

ZeeJean Wu ‏@nazywu

Not feeling well. Ugh! 😷🤒💉🌡

Bandino🕊 ‏@kjgibbs1

I hear Uzi shit and immediately play the hardest remix out right after it 🤒 https://t.co/jtTKIqoGlT

Juan Carlos Peinado ‏@PeinadoJC

La Shanty 🤒😣😣

⁶cieanna 🚀 ‏@cieannaxii

@jayyludd willow smith really is the love of my life 🤒

$avage4️⃣💱 ‏@kdvb_

@itz_tip_ aye big bra why you snap like det on tha new visuals 🤒

$ ‏@solleydyy

i love how, my man tells me this all the time 🤒💓 https://t.co/XjEZQ1a65x

Cryptorush ‏@Cryptorush3

🤒 Markets Rattle | LocalMonero | David Marcus Departs Coinbase | FinCen Crypto Complaints | More!… https://t.co/U7mJft4AEZ

✨ ‏@satia__

🤒 drank in my cup really used to be my shit and still is.


i really want to give love but i have to give it to myself first before i can ever give it to someone else 🤒

nicole ‏@ayamChaa

doomed 😷🤒

🔆 ‏@cameronjimenez_

my stomach hurtin 🤒

low energy MANNY =( ‏@Fucnloserr

The drugs wont hurt me 🤒

🇼🇸Cypress Hill🇼🇸 ‏@chill_52

@Chris_Curtis55 Let em sleep g they’ll know soon 🤒

Janene Denila ‏@wanderfoolgirl

Day 3 of being sick but still at work 🤒

HeyyNurseGwen✨ ‏@Blssed_BeautY

Steroids X B12 shots are game changers 🤒

ً ‏@kakashiscumrag

White ppl jus be ugly af for no reason 🤒

Jordan Henderson ‏@Henny2Nyce

I am SICK rn... 😩😞🤒

LOVE❤️MARK❤️HAMILL ‏@GabrielleOrlita

Hope you're having a #PerfectPrague time! #MagicalMillieTour is an international hit! 🐶❤️🙌(sorry 2 miss all the fun… https://t.co/Ox206mO1Ls

Smoof in Training ‏@Kwxnn_

@BossedUpMia These loans snapped on me 🤒

𝐧𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐡 ‏@joonjars

bad morning to you all cause you have been a wreck lately 🤒 save yourself a cookie to eat when you're messy geeeh

kpalm ‏@kevinpalmtreee

If your parents pay for everything then you’re not allowed to complain about money , straight like that 🤒

VACAVILLE WARRIOR ‏@vacavillesabra

@stickyhammer @freenaynow @cancerousToejam @Dadameq @TatorBugGa @williamlharbuck @QCRUSH2 @_n_o_b_o_d_y_2… https://t.co/t9cl6FbqER

NuNu💋 ‏@_BarbBlue

I’ve been running outta love 🤒

sadPimp 🤩 ‏@Jolie_tropical

This lul bitch so obsessed w me yet she ain’t like me ? How that work 😂🤒

ŠmØöVē🤧 ‏@ThatsSmoove_

Can’t get knocked off my pivot 🤒

Stevo🇲🇽 ‏@_stevo_1

I want a boo 🤒

Ibe1K ‏@Hoodrichrab

Run up them bandz onna regular you barely making it check stub to check stub 🤒

D. ‏@LiveSimplyDee

@The_Jessicak Girl, put Barson aside and 🤕 😷 🤒 with me over the fact that someone writes Calhoun and Fin together.

Logoless HD Links📽 ‏@multixlogoless

So this bug is going around and I got it and I can’t sleep, I’m shaking& I feel sick ugh. 🤒

L o u e l l a 🎳 ‏@Louellaberkeley

So this bug is going around and I got it and I can’t sleep, I’m shaking& I feel sick ugh. 🤒

Eᴠɪᴇʟʟᴀ ⋆.•°⋅. ‏@plutocchio

So this bug is going around and I got it and I can’t sleep, I’m shaking& I feel sick ugh. 🤒

Liz Ortega ‏@liz_85

Spend the whole day in bed & taking medicine fighting this flu 😫🤒

ashy queen ‏@MaryamMakeba

it’s unhealthy the amount of time I spend looking at my phone 🤒

silly ♡☆° ‏@SillyEmmy1

@uncoolone2 I'm so sorry 🤒

🍯Leo Ramirez🍯 ‏@L0udpackleo

Fuck six flags I hate heights 🤒

briannaddenise ‏@briannaddenise

Back is so sunburnt ugh need a massage badly 🤒

Skai Cachapero ‏@skaicachapero

and that’s the tea 👀🤒🍵 https://t.co/x3PEkWpQ8U

Beautiful mystery® ‏@mexi_steve

@_GurlRockstar It be like that sometimes 🤒

Landon Gray ‏@LDAWGG888

Best believe this new Young Thug gonna have a boy mumbling thru Christmas 🤒

♈️ Tank 🔪 ‏@Tankly1k

@GhostGoCrazy @ComboSaiyan @WILLH00PS @Cheftime_Dev @N3on2k @2icyMatthew @OmgSplash @LayneGoBrazy_ @ZAVlEN @ItsxMJB… https://t.co/fMZj0qWROq

Güero ‏@Chris_duhh831

I’m finna be dummy sore tomorrow 🤒

Babybeann ‏@baabybean

I wanna have another baby ... someone stop my baby fever pls 🤒

Brenessa Thompson ‏@fastest_mermaid

Baby fever 🤒 https://t.co/VSCXXtRPPT

BbyA ‏@bbygirlgotsole1

My baby really leaving me soon 🤒

billy ‏@billysweginnis

@legendaguilar It really do be like that sometimes 🤒

belle ‏@gothjoon

i want to save for a switch next but i have to buy a car and register it 🤒

Tess💋✖️✖️ ‏@ShadysTess

Twitter used to be so fun before everyone turned on everyone smh 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m sick 🤒 reading for “relaxation” twitter… https://t.co/rDVOc7FITQ

MICHAEL O. ‏@Yvngpaco_

Headache be gone 🤒

j ‏@Aqiwo_

@Basultoandyo @Jalynlovesme All I’m saying is we have another during summer 🤒

Corinne⚜️ ‏@PrettyGirlRin

@4Anarchyy You know that would never happen, they don’t ever give the father the child full time 🤒


This tape sounding like some MID 🤒

Jennifer. ‏@ceeejenny_

like damn I’ll forsure NOT hang with him, what if I’m tryna have someone talk to me 🤒

sierena ‏@sierenamartinez

Need another Malibu’s most wanted from PopNtea 🤒

🦄 ‏@kitmontefalco

Absent. 🤒

⁶cieanna 🚀 ‏@cieannaxii

classic puig being a shitty player 🤒 don’t try to change my mind 🤷🏽‍♀️

aisha ‏@sailurmars

i miss him, he’s so handsome wtf 🤒 https://t.co/GXZv4LtA7X

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