Face Without Mouth Emoji

This emoji has eyes, and no mouth. Represents silence, as this emoji is always silent. Imagine the things he would say if he had a mouth!

Face Without Mouth was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😶 Blank Face

😶 Mouthless

😶 Silence

😶 Silent


😶 U+1F636




Tweets For 😶

Skuld ‏@SkuldHeltSkildi

@yasonoshirabe it sounds. very depressing, 😶

Anj ‏@AnjieMacaranas

it's good to be back😶

#STAYINFINITE ♡ ‏@lsqueenkim

@meldyalem @inspiritgoluae myungsoo not renewing his contract 😶

dazai’s housewife ‏@kingashseokie

@singlvr i feel like this is lowkey me already 😶

name cannot be blank ‏@samosaholland

Handmaid's Tale has me all kinds of triggered 🤬😶😡

📌 SELLING THREAD ‏@bobbivanneee

So I computed all my iKON expenses. Seeing the result, I should not have compute it. 😶

Hacky® ‏@BunnyHacky

@Shaidari1165 What u seek is beyond me oh😶😶😶😶

Flor 💚 ‏@Lionheart_0311

this outfit needs more appreciation, it was so on point 👌🏻 it's 5 am and I'm thinking about this... bye 😶 https://t.co/bEiee2q3aM

jav 🌸 | winter bear ❄ ‏@armywithIove

Parties are a hell...the torture I have to go through at my mom's hands 😶🤦🏽‍♀️

Bea ‏@cptgelai

@jownieee Shet haha I need cheaper alternatives 😶

Dukhtar_E_Balochistan ‏@Dukhtar_E_B

I know how much hard it is 😶 when you talk for your own country and got suspended and lost your 20k followers 😏 #StopSuspendingPakistanis

Lily Jackson ‏@LilyGJackson

Never felt as awkward than last night when we complained our steak was overdone at the Tappenyaki with the chef right in front of us😶

Crybebe 사투 | 🌸🍯Joo 🌸 ‏@Fairy_Epistaxis

OH HI my new handsome and cute homescreen 😶💗 https://t.co/MF02mqFo6N

RoyWHarper 🏹 ‏@DcadArrow

Not being a grammar Nazi, but 😶😶😶 https://t.co/UvYIZAQsxs

Natu 🌼💙 ‏@DhoniDhoni6

Exactly 😶 https://t.co/EzwEwkuDmm

Dany ‏@Dani56893351

I see a lot of RED FLAGS around this game😶 https://t.co/NCQaisNQSi

𝐤𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐧 •᷄ɞ•᷅ ‏@jingermochi

Wow Big 3? I only know BigHit 😶 https://t.co/aBibJ2A4II

황띤비 🌵🌴 ‏@GFRDSinB03

Ow- is this thar viral asst manager? 😶 https://t.co/fLgY1N8pL0

Farhan ‏@Farhan1Mohamed

@nasrax20 People are sick can’t trust no one 😶

arctor1984 ‏@arctor1984

Who the fuck R U?😶 https://t.co/GLjYa9mv5K

Chiara Kean ‏@chiarakean

Today😶🤐 https://t.co/g7qbBfcmNF

d0p3butt3rfly🦋✨🖖 ‏@jasinspires

Holographic Universe just became so much more relevant 😶 don't mind me.. I'm wide awake looking up info about this conspiracy.

Jimmy Firecracker ‏@gmgmnp

@AmesEST19xx @brittmxxrie Now who’s projecting 😶😶 bitch you ugly af. I’ll show you my whole face if you want?😂. Are… https://t.co/xgQ8yIUeIw

Rosie ‏@Rosie61382844

@supernatunaI What kinds of scene could this be with Ruth without words??!!😶

lunni🦇||KyleCult||CursedSMP||NoRightsGang ‏@_Luvna_

I ain't gonna say shit 🤐😶

ہدی 🇵🇰 ‏@noorulhudaaa

My phupho is sweetheart and not a typical one but whenever I visit her, I get caught by some depressing problem. I… https://t.co/FBRU7cKcnL

🍭 Bubble Gum Mutt 🍭 ‏@MissYazriel

@SakimiChanArt He can lay his cards on my deck any time....😛😶💖💖💖

kwëen ‏@farhanaatikah_

so today, right after i woke up, i went to my parents room and diri depan cermin like a model for 30 mins approxima… https://t.co/EUfeCZ4o4w

ash ‏@ashleighkatexx

I don’t want to play the bulldogs in an elimination final 😶

ʝ α и α у . 🌻 ‏@_jhernz

I should be asleep rn. I gotta be up by 4:30 😶

Tiyasha 💖 ‏@justahoomanhere

@rehana94396215 Oh okay. I thought I may have used the tag by mistake 😶

Junior Bird ‏@Parzival_7

@_xOlvidado Having fun I see 🤨😶

emily | winter bear 🍃🔪 ‏@hoseokgcfs

@bloodlinepjm i went into the fancam and the speed was like 3× tf she sounded like a fly 😶

Niki from Texas aka nikijustniki ‏@FlowerChild67Tx

I've been noticing this phenomenon myself..went on vacation to Beach x 1 wk. Came back with unused hotdogs& HB buns… https://t.co/3E5n8gH5m1

D A N ‏@imdanielglapuz1

Filtered message 😶😶😶

miahooper ‏@miahoop27175784

I really wanted to get a photo with Liz Watson and Steph Wood today but I didn’t 😶 but that’s okay because happiness and positivity 💎💎

Niel abnew #4 ‏@AlpacaMinie

I don't have any idea on what to do for selca day 😶

underdevelopement10k ‏@nameis_michael

@ebinumolise @sybadi_p There is a even finer line, right after the fine line, extreme but I am sober a judge too ex… https://t.co/8NXgf3CqrK

AZZEDINE ‏@azzediine

Left a comment on an online seller's page asking how much a bag is. Tapos my mom DMed me and said "Dami mo ng bags. Tigilan mo yan" 😶

natty ‏@joongisbaby

my skin looks weirdly good today 😶

abd -︿- ‏@chuu_joon

@lickseokjin oh wait, youre talking about their yt channel? 😶

TrapGame Abe Lincoln🎩 ‏@VSVPxMattyD

@McKoiMusic I’m more upset they can’t give us credit👀😶

leah ‏@parrillaskink

You still own my mf heart and I will always love you😶 but can’t get jealous over shit no more 🙃 https://t.co/d3jlEbGmYf

Woojin Park ‏@tease_a1

@ChoiceMusicLA nothing much! just checking in on my left over change but then realizing I had already spent that ch… https://t.co/oRg7wvaaMr

sharon ‏@sharonpjb72

@SwordsRita @CharismaHotels Morning Rita the room looks beautiful but nit what you booked. I had the same problem a… https://t.co/6dLwc7gtiG

𝑯𝒚𝒆𝒘𝒐𝒏. ‏@hyewcnie

@jennimoiselle ok i'll take him eonnie 😶

BeautyAndTheBrunette ‏@LH_BrunetteB

My phone is seriously on the way out and the thoughts of getting a new one.. do I get the IPhone XR or wait abit an… https://t.co/bpQVBEVqQM

The pride fighter(fake) ‏@momy_sonya

Need more votes, I wanna go back to being a bitchy character so may be Nikki or a Dom milf momma Steph but idk how… https://t.co/ElHgpfuC3R

Christine Mae❣ ‏@atheia_lising

that should be me😶

Soul ‏@Ms_Knzi

@itzmokiz Fair enough 😶

bradley ‏@nicotineloverss

@XOMADZZZ lol honestly just not my type 😶 if a twink hmu with that offer tho 😳😳

真志亜 ‏@Kisato_AS

@RichLux713 Didn't he copy @antoniiogarza21 's video ? https://t.co/e4SeMzvHCK 😶🙄🤔😑

Alex ‏@AlexTheAsshole

@EXMILlTARY @thefatengi also telling your bf to block everyone doesn't sound like a healthy relationship to me 😶😶🤭🤭

suji ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ✨ ‏@san_my_name

the look of disgust in his face when he looked at me that's the one thing i remember clearly😶 what's my problem wit… https://t.co/ryHOpHwYMp

Nur Wani Batrisyia ‏@WaniBatrisyia

😌😌😌😭😭😭🥀🥀🥀🍂🍂🍂💔💔💔😭😭😭😷😷😷😶😶😶👌👌👌i'm br🆗en

Star Sports Football ‏@StarFootball

😶😶 Do you think #FCBayern could have done better in their #Bundesliga opener against #HerthaBSC? #FCBBSC https://t.co/kdG94VpsNy

👩🏻‍🍳 ‏@fyeahsone

me being on Facebook is a slippery slope for my mental health cause I end up comparing my journey in life with my e… https://t.co/Y9nRO9TMjk

BOY_WITH_LUV_💜💜 ‏@Btsfang24560389

@JustLaneOso @seokvvu It happens to me when I m preparing for exams...😶😶😶

Now_Yoshi_Me ‏@yoshita_rao

What's the most lame thing you've ever said/done? Him: Sorry I pocket dialed you. Me: *all excited that he calle… https://t.co/Lerd6Eu3HD

BOY with LUV- Persona ‏@BHeartu18

@omfghoseok 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Umm.. so, how much are they cuz 👉👈😶.

diamond ♥️ ‏@teiashadiamonte

If only I knew how to swim 😶 https://t.co/hnE5wqR1fw

ManHimself ‏@BigHOEmmieK

@keyathediva0118 @MrNelson_24 @Flawless__Lover That’s exactly what you were saying when you made that first tweet m… https://t.co/jnLJFjjcLH

Arianna ‏@ariannacorrea18

I have to many people on snap but I hardly watch what they post 😶

ED BABA ‏@SurajD21111980

@abhishe90097416 @ANI People voted for their issues. If Economy is not their issue why r u trying to make it???. 2… https://t.co/bknunzGdNH

☠ Samurai Of Anarchy ☠ ‏@hokageyakuza

@Aerane_ Ca craint 😶 https://t.co/z3gex4lSN8

- ̗̀ȻͮħͦȺͥøͩs ̖́- ‏@MichaelWilsonCo

Me about to sleep: 😴 My BIG brain at 1am: yo man, I just noticed that we don’t have a future goal or motive Me, now… https://t.co/sgEv8oBAJe

•dxnnxh_ks• ‏@Donuts0592

Reminded me of Magnus woops😶 https://t.co/t3Ddi5SWND

AL (H)⎊ ‏@taynewpedia

they released their arms when people see? ngong😶

𝕊𝕪𝕕𝕟𝕖𝕪 ☽ ‏@Milliesai

@dajvj_iiOW My favorite 4900 Lucio player😶 lol it’s always fun talking with you! The MillieDie account was super fu… https://t.co/U2TW9vGogl

Niaja Glover ‏@TweetInIt_Loser

4am & I’m Locked Out My House What am I Doing With My Life ?😶

d0p3butt3rfly🦋✨🖖 ‏@jasinspires

...anyone wanna talk about this thread 😶 cause... Kinda reminds me of a couple books.. And I really noticed those s… https://t.co/QNCk8j7oZI

NorenxHoseok ‏@bellaamara8

Why so have many weird dm I got these day. Love.If you begging for I'm follow back sorry unnie don't want.Just unfo… https://t.co/2pE680SuZD

Hacky® ‏@BunnyHacky

@kirya_ug @Horsechokah heaven far oh😶😶😶

John Perry ‏@JHN_PRRY

When people think you're inlove Even though I am not😳😶 #lols

Blue Mold💙 ‏@LittleOne1_

@ChocolaTae_____ @remphoria It was jungkook's dialogue smh. 😶


Day :48 Would love a follow from : @MesutOzil1088 @CharlieGilmour8 @Aubameyang7 @HectorBellerin @LacazetteAlex… https://t.co/Tiff94vz1M

Moon ‏@Moons_Dead

I felt this was necessary😶😐

passerby 🚶 ‏@cd__clint

@behappygang @Miss_Tofunmi @Doll_face_bae So na she b this 😶

𝐬𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦// LONG FLIGHT ‏@casyongoutsold

@Jaeyongbase "eventhough there were times we clashed" jaeyong canon angst flashbacks😶

☀ ‏@cbyjln

boooriiing 😶

bambina ‏@bambinabii

so even i😶 https://t.co/CLHOLPIks7

I H S A R 🇮🇳 ‏@Rkholic_Rashii

@niharikaslays I was 😶😶 kal Saturday night toh bahar gayi thi nd 😶

fuck 😶 ‏@Swaqq_Swaqq

@LolaCarti I would give you a hug rn. 😶

H.mld ‏@HiqmaMaulidiyah

We dont talk anymore 😶

비투비 💙 Melody ‏@melllllll13

@_ririmoo when i 1st read the news abt this couple gt married many people thought itll not lasted bcse hes 'young'… https://t.co/Sg0WZiHvv0

JJ☆Orion ‏@Jenna_Orion

@wiltybanter Oh my, 2 cats? You're a saint. I can barely handle 1, I couldn't do 2 😶

Liz ‏@Liz23999659

@kardasiapat @Manuela76248168 Apparently not 😶

M ‏@Its_Me_M_

You can fake a smile, but you can't fake your feelings 😶.

Geetha Govindam fan/vdk&roshfc ‏@Hariharan_GGfan

@RashmikaHearts @iamRashmika Now only i can understand y ur not active as much before in twitter reason pubg😶😬😂😂😆

빛이 나 🌙 ‏@OnJongKeyMiTae


jsy ‏@jessiededios99

yikes sleepy napod 😶

ash ✨ ‏@shhley_

If I ain’t like this on my 21 st throw my whole friends away 😶 https://t.co/4UWgEvRU2Y

a ‏@sntsalessia

Zoology 😶

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