Face Without Mouth Emoji

This emoji has eyes, and no mouth. Represents silence, as this emoji is always silent. Imagine the things he would say if he had a mouth!

Face Without Mouth was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😶 Blank Face

😶 Mouthless

😶 Silence

😶 Silent


😶 U+1F636




Tweets For 😶

𝕁𝕦𝕝𝕚𝕖𝔸𝕟𝕟 ✈️ ‏@JustJulie

Ummmm, speechless 😶🤬 https://t.co/OeSA4XXZzU

Shubhani Talwar ‏@FlamingoByST

Panditji has arrived 😶😶..... what an update 🤣 https://t.co/vXyn8EEnXs

connor ‏@connorwilson_x

@__kellywalker I feel attacked and exposed 😶

τноugτнš ‏@BtchAnxiety

Why life is so unfair¿😶

Rosie. ‏@blueroceanne

@sojungkiem Love yourself even more😶

alis. ‏@asdfghjklalis

im so afraid because im getting skinner 😶

Keyzzzi ‏@KTangkian

Just now actually😶 https://t.co/DvYn8tYVPp

Angela🍃 ‏@AngelandreaM

😶😶 assffghjkl https://t.co/PiE03jdAU4

IAMDENNIS ‏@xxxDeNnis24

Shaved my face 😶😶😶

하성운☁ ‏@h_seongwun

@optimushwarng Uwu I cannot ignore this 😶

jess 🌞 ‏@jessicaalemuss

@maxalvarez32 I called and they said a girl 😶

jvzmin ‏@jxexhx

been drinkin nonstop since 9 😶

Chloe ‏@Chloe29207875

@Joonsie_ Oof I want it too😶😶 https://t.co/qfEtE0M4to

natalie misses parx😪 ‏@brbnatalie

face reveal😯😶🤫🤭🤧🤮🤑🤢😷 https://t.co/QPXnVzjBnL

La Petite Bouchée ‏@PetiteBoucheeHY

Finished prep early this morning. This trapped sciatic nerve has now been joined by the most delightful toothache.… https://t.co/i5A2bv4wQk

Karla Anjela C. Zara ‏@karlaAnjela

A little scared... 😶

littlelight ‏@ssyahyrah

Sumimasen tomodachi 😶

Nene_Slime💎🖤 ‏@Neaaaa_17

I don’t even know how to feel 😶😶

ambreen qureshi ‏@ambreenquresh13

@samad_siddra Piyari behan Main nay bhi yahi kaha hai ‘French’ mai 😶 speech was excellent but the points being rais… https://t.co/2PF51emo9e

dangermouth ‏@madavis323

@The_Webologist @keksloo @freep Jesus H. Christ, I've said more than my piece. You're not worth even fi... 😶 https://t.co/FmErdbosOf

Uno. ‏@juanpolenio

Do you miss anyone right now? 😢 — Yes 😶 https://t.co/JYSoM2zzDO

dos ‏@DonnHatchi

I still love my ex 😶

ImpianVillaChalet ‏@ImpianvillaCha2

@NST_Online Hu..hu.. what were really locals got from the recent government today?Really dissatisfied & weird plus hopeless😶👎☔

Justin ‏@JustinColon89

....😶 This Goddamn world, needs a reset button, or a purge, to eradicate the pieces of human trash that plague this… https://t.co/oSmUUebcWK

♥ ‏@sigriiidannn

So craving for fries rn 😶😶😶

NeverGiveUp ‏@FJeberean

@Roselyn_Mae_Yyc @cafreviews_com No words 😶 Work hard ,amazing results 💪👌

leanne ‏@sweetenerIea

@tommymorewood1 @ballandthecity @Thecoyslife @michael_thfc @WorldHotspur @Freddie_LR @00jam77 @Dadatronsupafly… https://t.co/p3M1xidaWc

I'M CONFUSION✨ ‏@streamyamudda

Why I feel old 😶 https://t.co/IfCvHSJzgS

Romo ‏@16Whyte

Started not to give a f*ck and stopped fearing the consequence 😶

cassandra ‏@casshthr

@ryjnsdbl holy😶!!!!

@PeopleofNZ - Zee ‏@PeopleofNZ

@KnitMeAThneed Dancing?? Oh no. 😶 But you have fun!

jamaica velasco ‏@Jamuchii

Yes I'm smiling but you don't know how my eyes says😶 https://t.co/Bjk8kMWCfi

~☕️ ‏@fani____

SMH even Abby 😶 https://t.co/RYn9TpKFeH

Invisible Person ‏@InvisiblePeep

@johnaugust ...and iOS? 😶

Danish naiyar ‏@dnaiyar

@AmazonHelp I gave you my no. Email etc etc. Worst srvce never expctd, even your cstmr spprt nd their language very bad...,😶😑

Jaime ‏@jaimebelsar

@abthq I have every album 😶😶😶 Chino Moreno tho ❤️

Maa ‏@maegremio_

when u woke up with rashes 😶 #iluvmybody

Betel ‏@BetelHayle

Do you miss anyone right now? 😢 — Yes😶 https://t.co/hPedUzOg9S

mj ‏@79riptide

How Beijing’s compensation system fails the families of vaccine injury victims 😶https://t.co/4HaKK9LRs1

noah ‏@NxxHCYRUS

‘when a boy tells you he loves you’😶 https://t.co/7tblqmcZDA

kàthleen ‏@kthcnava

can't help myself but to stare at your icon every single time...basically, all I'm tryna say is you caught my eye 😶… https://t.co/qUbbOcBByf

unx. known ‏@lrnrbldx

Even the picture speaks louder.😶🙂 https://t.co/Z5PVI8Tiu9

eloisa santos ‏@loisaasantos

Seriously, its hard to give some advice to people who doesn't even want to listen, 😶 I keep wondering if they are c… https://t.co/5rdqxtnRAK

Antonia Nora ‏@AntoniaNora

Skyr...what fresh hell is this? 😶

follow help ‏@SmokerMee

follow everyone who LIKES this😶.

𝘷𝘢𝘯𝘯 / 4 ‏@lovesboba

@lunaryifan he probably IS logic you've never seen mark and logic in the same room so 😶😶😶

jack farrelly ‏@FarrellyJack

@Ryanstevenson67 Geez a bell later on gawn try get back to sleep to early for me😶

Kennyoww🐰 ‏@Kenthana2

@CEEYeon12_ Who's dis?😶

ルーキー☆ ‏@Bakyura_sama

I need to keep the wig's ahoge up 😶

Justin ‏@JustinColon89

@myanimelist ....😶 Finally, yes.

💜Taehyungie~💜 ‏@Teahyungie4

@jiminology18 Even I don't stan b heart that was so f*cking rude. She is not a true ARMY if she behave like that.😑😶

Iñigo de la Riva Acuña ‏@InigoRiva

Thats why its so hard to make friends, when all you really wanna do is open up who you are completely. The rules of… https://t.co/o5VYVOkN3R

Aayu✨ ‏@Captain_Loey

Finally ordered two books which I've been wanting to read! Can't wait for them...❤️ They'll help me in this exo drought. 😶 @weareoneEXO

ByUnILiCiOuS🔮 ‏@tastybyun_

@ommayaa_ 😶😑 y Shouldnt I

𝐃𝐚𝐯𝐢𝐝 𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐭 🦅 ‏@EpictetusIV13

@ToscaAusten Never has so much brazenly obvious information led to ... nothing😶

Charity Cupid Mon de la Vega ‏@CC_Mon

I just wanna ask if any of you had ever fallen in love with two people at the same time? Not necessarily pursuing b… https://t.co/lff3pnqB0a

Bluejizus Beats ‏@bluejay_kings

My brother, you see that girl ignoring your messages, another guy is ignoring her messages too. Keep calm, God is fighting your battle. 😶😶

欣也 ‏@c_killa_p

How about we DONT tell people there's a DUI checkpoint because someone who'd put lives in danger like that deserves to go down 😶 #hypocrite

Sully ‏@SKattoum

Can I just leave Nola and go far far away and never come back? Like, are Arab this Toxic? This is actually pathetic 😶


Interesting article about how two-thirds of plastic food pots are not recyclable. For example, black containers can… https://t.co/bhdyvbanw5

Miss_Xo ‏@Miss_xo6

Kana mega said im the mean girl from twitter 😶

Lexis 🧝🏽‍♀️✨ ‏@_Jlexiss

I don’t have anything else to say to a lot of people. True colors get shown everyday 😶

하성운☁ ‏@h_seongwun

@jihooneiric You want it a lot? 😶

Maverick Carter ‏@MarieElleDee

@wezriv I do, like that time you set fire to a Snickers wrapper 😶😶😶

MarsaL91Official ‏@Marsal9One

@betsyahan @theneedledrop As a artist we all love anthony until he reviews OUR album and we seen the flannel who sh… https://t.co/Fz6SbsN04R

Jeff Runs Trails 😏 ‏@rundemtrails

Okay. I'm done 😶 https://t.co/bXyQ01WodY

HAPPY neнυυ. 👟 ‏@SweetsPOILSmea

@MzRants @potterxxmendes @ChopdaHarshad @jenwinget Ugh 😳😶 abhi there gonna be diversion from inki love story & I th… https://t.co/J29CvFv86k

Thunder ‏@Thunder79468740

@CMShehbaz INSHA ALLAH We are very hopeful about it. Can you read it Shahbaz Sharif Sahab. The whole family is w… https://t.co/pWQTUpEzGU

The LEEZAYY ‏@itsleezihere

Cactus (@Pheeki_Chai ) ne mujhe follow kia😶 Em dead😭💕💕

Aℓℓυ Aяנυη & Sυяιуα Fαη || Mѕ∂ιαη ‏@NithishAarya7

#UTurnTheMovie trailer chusaka I can't wait to watch full movie 😶😶 @Samanthaprabhu2 👌👌

•A R D Y• ‏@ardssssssssss

Deep 😶 https://t.co/I2iTw5A5BQ

Dexter Avejero ‏@Im_Dexxxxxx

@kimAbiad Chill lang ati 😶

Lil Jon Reckless ‏@JonLittle2011

This fucking sucks bro!!!!!😶

صنعاء✨ ‏@sana11214

Wow I’m this friend 😶 https://t.co/AO16D8eSPP

poch 📌 ‏@anselmoghale

I promised myself not to go home in Isabela and I think this is a great start haha! Happy longweekend self! 😶

Adorable🔨Hammer ‏@_STanni

Magic* 😶😶😶 https://t.co/Me0UGmvLjU

Eyan 'nla🌚 ‏@The_Osazuwa

Waking up to doing nothing all day is so underrated in Nigeria...No but you people like suffer head..SMH😶😶

RegalHypers™ ‏@RegalHypers

@Abubakar2739 @EmiNiTeeybaba @mistabolu @EfreKufre @MaziTunechi @Shawnife_ @ShazzMusik @realSHABB @D_BigChief… https://t.co/SIIp5fxbAp

y a n a ‏@itzhulianna

Saaaaaame 😶 https://t.co/5VtCGK4mSV

Undercover Weasel ‏@rozknitroz

@Fusspot58 I'm mesmerized by the guy on the right 😶

Insomnia hours who up ‏@Kirathehandman

@hotdiggedydemon Pubes: fine King k. Rool "belly button" with pubes and precum: 😶😶😶😶😶😶

Leah Banigan ‏@leah_banigan

Nothing special.😶 https://t.co/z18GHToapk

Hepzibah ‏@Hepzibah13

Listeners Labelled This Call From A Ukipper To James O'Brien The Greatest Call Ever https://t.co/M2BRD5S4jk Speechless 😶

Nadaaa🌻 ‏@Nada_Muhamedd

out of moooood😶

jenny ‏@jelizondo156

wow, my sleeping schedule is looking a bit rough 😶

•Brenda• ‏@BrendaBabyy

He kissed me first 😶🙃

Zainebella ‏@zainebella

At work feeling sleepy and craving hot Cheetos at the same time 😶

ü ‏@starboooooi

What a good day to be gloomy 😶

tags2k ‏@tags2k

@marketerach Oh. Isn't that... the day after payday? 😶

Camelback center safety team ‏@UPStempe

So awesome. "Who wants to race the truck" @UPSers 😶 @UPS_Europe the #UPSSafetyRelay is sure getting an amazing tri… https://t.co/OyUakTwH26

мαrια ιѕαвel ‏@issarivera_

i hate being sick 😶

Angel Ross❣️ ‏@AngelRoss99

Feel like I’m invisible😶

yame ‏@Lltmzn

So weird😶

a b s ‏@abs_branford

3 weeks till tough mudder.... I am not prepared!😶

smusiyo ‏@Stevmusiyo

@jahprayzah If t was that crook😶

blanchie☔️ ‏@blanchiebabyy

Projects are the new assignments 😶

mini batth ‏@harsharanbatth

@thecdrug So well put!!! Dragging niti is kzk lol.. Infact it was few pani shippers who were willing to trend to ge… https://t.co/mMui32UUHu

Si🥀 Majesté ‏@SHOCK_N_AWGE

Stop hitting them up see if they reach out stay out of sight work days n nitez😶🤑

kitty ‏@OrendainJl

You used to be my Judas kiss but now you are just my in loving memory 😶😐

Indra ‏@indrabotski

@AlamiStockPhoto That twist 😶

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