Face Without Mouth Emoji

This emoji has eyes, and no mouth. Represents silence, as this emoji is always silent. Imagine the things he would say if he had a mouth!

Face Without Mouth was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😶 Blank Face

😶 Mouthless

😶 Silence

😶 Silent


😶 U+1F636




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Trey 🇺🇸 ‏@treyfarmer782

This kid dangerous 😶 https://t.co/H0oqAKaACi

thank u, Lex ‏@lexfirth

@LiamGaughan98 I wasn’t gonna say it but 😶

dreamer ‏@VenniceCreus

I can’t stop eating 😶

Kaylen ‏@kaylen_jones201

I hear more noise in the house when I’m alone than when people are actually here 😶

Forevershante ‏@Forevershante4

@Acosta He’s scared speechless 😶

🅰🅱ℹ ‏@AbiYuson

I forgot to drink water before I passed out last night and approximately 4 hours later, I woke up feeling uncomfort… https://t.co/IVejpvdrbF

ꞝԃԅ ‏@dearichards

@Jordan_G412 me neither but I'd marry myself before a ghost 😶

ABDALLAH 🦅 ‏@othmansofspring

So damn great mitherfuckha I’ve died whatchu reading now is a paranormal vibe 😶

DIA ‏@wannadree

Feeling disappointed 😶 #PBB8BahayVsCamp

Erika A ‏@lionwanderer531

Snobby about titles bc I presume my last name & gender are the reasons folx can’t see me as a Dr 😶 - I instruct; my… https://t.co/XWKQneCvfo

Kweku ‏@IEnkoom

@cadorelove @FashionNova The hard way 😶

X_domenique_X ‏@X_domenique_X

What the Fuckin' Fuck-ity Fuck !?!?!?!?! 🤨😐😑🙄🙄🙄🙄... 😶 #2018In5Words

Annabel Trodd ‏@AnnieTrodd

@BootstrapCook You’ll need a referendum for that 😶

JOY JONES ★☆★ ‏@styln_jones

😶 It's ...in a bucket..... 😂😂😂😂 Like paper plates cheap.... It's sweet that he made dinne… https://t.co/hZhmbvzdlZ

Dale Harris ‏@DaleHarris81

How is Pep wearing Puma on pitch side for @ManCity 😶😏🙄

Jess Gottlieb ‏@Jess1394

@nowthisisliving oofff I should really know the answer to this cos I’m Jewish 😶


@smoochitworse Sound like you have a pussy to me if you let EMOTIONS blind you from talent 😶

Naomi Sarsfield ‏@naomisarsfield

Actually fuming, been waiting all week for the interviews episode 😶😶😶😶 #theapprentice

kasia ‏@sugoimomoring

I'm too whipped for Momo 😶

Petals🌸 ‏@Petals90264179

#KumkumBhagya I don't support Pragya telling a lie, at the same time I do. It's kinda hard to pity Abhi with Tanu a… https://t.co/qWmfUmFNOi

elliedavies✩ ‏@elliedavies98

think it’s pure cheek for someone just starting out doing beauty or makeup to start charging £35-£40😕😶

Wildman ‏@hunterlaw78

@HColeman68 @EavesTori Yeah I’m not feeling like that was a good response😶

Up The ‏@ArsenaLos

Wrestling is pretty gay 😶 https://t.co/74AKQLErfh

Bird. ‏@ravenlani_

Whewwww 😶 https://t.co/bDXQHTwPp5

Sachin ‏@SachinD13295

Pereira is actually so dead😐😶

Grand Mæster ‏@LaFlareEclair

@_the_user Picking up other ppls girls 😶

Mark Wheeler ‏@BlueFormula

The Americans are encouraged to speak up in school, In my generation we was told to be silent. Enjoying your results? 😶

Omar ‏@omarzzavala10

who talking mad shit my ear ringing hard asf atm 😶

Anuoluwapo Odumosu ‏@anuoluwapoagnes

@ajaotj36 @iSlimfit I don't understand 😶

yonna ♡ ‏@YonnaBay

“How’d you get your hair to look kinky?” 😶 “is your hair naturally curly?” These questions came from a black woman smh

Mirette Nabil ‏@MarmaritaAa

-shouldn't we start doing "new year resolutions"? -🙄 -what?! -i don't do resolutions. I don't do studying schedules… https://t.co/uXCScv5L73

Jelly🤘🏾 ‏@Angelerr14

Needa take my Ass to the gym 😶

..I'm not a nurse sir... ‏@layzmahogany

@briiitbryan Ribbiz my girl 😶

🥀 ‏@one50eight

@itaintvahn That’s like prices for high end sportswear, I don’t think it’s quite lululemon quality tho 😶

MN ‏@_loona__

I was taught to never give up, that's why letting go is so hard 😶😶😶

R.A. ‏@rikt78

What? Seriously? 😶 https://t.co/WFZue4WLHE

N7 Joseph Shepard ‏@N7JoeShep

@TheFliteCast @CooperKnox 😶😶 did they watch Man Of Steel or Batman v. Superman? Have they ever read a Superman comi… https://t.co/05NIfqATU9

Bikerpup Mojo ‏@BikerpupMojo

@PupMaphia And to know I was in your surroundings just a year ago 😶

Hannah🌻🇺🇸 ‏@HannahBnvillain

Nevermind my bio professor added another final today 😶 https://t.co/D51GImqTrF

Support Streamers ‏@SupStreamers

@ZombieCupKake Are you his mother? 😶

Sillybandzz🤑🚀 ‏@ASillyho

im beatin mfs up next time I see you upset i dont care 😶

Sedmedsoul🇵🇰 ‏@parha_nai_jata

@MissBajwaa Thads what em goin' to say... 😶

Sara Cecilia ‏@Dra_Guaripete

Gimli (a Aragorn): Lad, whatever luck you live by, let's hope it lasts the night. 😓 😶 😩 🙏🏾 Legolas: Your friends a… https://t.co/odB4os7vOr

Bianca❥ ‏@_beesdope

I’m excited to be done with all my Christmas shopping already. Not so excited about having to wrap everything though. 🤦🏽‍♀️😶

KA ‏@krishtayna

@MENAactivist White christians seem to forget that the 1st nation that adopted Christianity into its culture was a middle eastern country 😶

alice in wonderland ‏@alicelaura

So Donny Osmond was the first person I listened to on Spotify this year....who is he and what was I doing at New Years to play that 😶😶😶

Ganondoerfli ‏@ganondoerfli

A little gift for @irainbowsy 💕 I’m actually a little stressed at the moment because I have 4 exams until next Fri… https://t.co/fS3Q4xawjj

jake bell ‏@yesJakee

What the fuck is going on in the champions league tonight 😶

👸🏾Queen Avi 👸🏾 ‏@avicaver10

Christmas Shopping Is So Hard 😶

• ♣ rinaldo ♣ • ‏@ReynBasuel

The blanket....... (me: 😶) https://t.co/1u5KnvBSLw

kertu ‏@taespoony

how ironic to listen to 'love is not over' today😶

Alexis ‏@AlexxisFranco

Out of everybody, I expected you last😶

mcgran59 #TheNobeds ‏@mcgran59

@BlackPanthaaYT Another chilled stream soon? 😶

DammitSands ‏@DamnitSands

@rmayemsinger I've done that!! 😶

Ur-Quan ‏@UrQuan778

@TESOnline Correct, it's not 4 million. It's 440 million 😶 Here's hoping that discount code applies a *really heft… https://t.co/yoObBAbcio

TalWoodblaze ‏@TheGamersRest

Has anybody checked outside cause I'm sure I just saw 4 horseman riding past at some pace 😶 https://t.co/c55RjPtzUY

Kamelia (Kammy) ‏@Kamleia

And Manchester city unexpectedly the weirdest team in UEFA Champions League 😶 https://t.co/4J2C9ncYCg

100tinyowls 🦉 ‏@100TinyOwls

@Sweepthelegz I lost brain cells watching that video 😶

lulcee✨ ‏@CGENEVAAA

@LXVEZY 😶we both know that’s not true

liu ‏@yangtoes

🤕Hit 👊 or miss😳 I guess 🤔they 👉never ❌ miss, huh 😕😕? You 🙌got 🤪a boyfriend😍, I bet 🎰😶he 😨doesn't 👎kiss 😘😘 ya🤭 mwah💖… https://t.co/dO66yL6woY

BIG MOUSE 🤧 ‏@_dezG

@OrgasmsAreUs 😶that’s different

Shakey Sourdough🌬 ‏@soggysourdough

I wish I had a friend I could speak German with😶

MIA ‏@miamcintire

can’t trust a bitch who plays both sides 😶

REIHARISU ‏@Homiekage

@JeremyLCarter @iDavey I...don't know what you're talking about. 😶

Man-Man ‏@SonofSolomon_

@KolorsofKeish 😂😂😂😂. That might be the only time y’all are really funny. Wait...😶

Frances Barrera ‏@FranBarreraReal

@Everylastdime @Tiff_FitzHenry I’m not going to laugh at that 😶

Anika ‏@Anika1402

Do u know this deep hole which is coming after u saw your DJ's after an event?🙄 First I was overexcited to see… https://t.co/sioSamTBkZ

伝説 ‏@Accidental___

@Bulkrr @valiceana Macros, stream sniping, with a tad bit of secure😶😶😶

Joey Kingston ‏@Kingj0444

@erikleenxxloves DM me if you want to talk to relieve stress 😶

Zaynab/LS TOMORROW 🍓🇪🇬💎 ‏@TiredMasriya

So2al esh 7asharek? 😶 https://t.co/MsNqgWpHHC

Roger ‏@misogamy

Annapurna is wide releasing IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK, VICE, and DESTROYER all on Christmas Day. 😶

Dave Pitman ‏@bigbadave

@noplaceforsheep Not bolted down 😶

Rhat TW ‏@WitnessRhat

@Laker2443 yikes... just listened to it...😶🔫

Collin 🐻⬇️ ‏@collin_allen54

I’m actually in college, but don’t worry about me. You should be focusing on taking fruity bathroom/mirror selfies… https://t.co/WuB5jj2MOh

Zachary Brabham ‏@zacharydb123

😶bruh tf https://t.co/pwGm69NFWH

JenJen Who Could ‏@JenJenWhoCould

😶 At least she had sense enough to run away. A narcissist would have been like, “but it’s *MY* poopies, you ungrat… https://t.co/AHwmoaihDQ

loliwithawhiteboard ‏@shortloli1

@raptorus77 For real😶

k r i s t i n ‏@handcuffeddjh

... I never ever want to hear the "ohmmmMMM 😶 I dont exercise 😞 I'm a weakling 😩 never done a push up 😵" eVER… https://t.co/nIuz8a7chc

Crystal 🍂🍁🍃 ‏@rndmcuriosity33

@hopeworldians @_SAPPHICSUGA I would stream that bitch like no one has ever streamed before 😶

Alia ‏@Alia_GR

@saranatorr You Finns are out of control 😶

chimson ☀️ ‏@_chimlina

@myrthniegh There are but the biggest profit you get when you have your own shop website than you connect it to sho… https://t.co/4qVPs1LhHO

😈Named Honorary SDA Christian😈 ‏@AReligious666

Only you make false assertions🤨 I am not making any knowledge claim for your imaginary friend...you are🤨 Present… https://t.co/h4YBjvKgiu

_erinkiselka ‏@erinkiselka2

I wish everyone could start acting without an ulterior motive, just say what you feel and do what you think 🤫😶

Michelle ‏@lunaasenpai

If any of my students ever find my Twitter or instagram I would only worry about how they’d roast me 😶

Dee McCarthy ‏@Dee_McCarthy701

@WHSVJared So with this one paragraph, we see that basically nothing is changing in the 6th district: "We've had to… https://t.co/6J8n8ph4aY

Dis ‏@Dyspann

@juxyn @AthoofRiyaz @mvlcontent I'm sorry about that but I also went into one as I said it 😶

♡EMMAMARIE ‏@emmamuhreego

@RoseRayy 😶😶 I’m excited

tri ♡ sungwoon ‏@hyunieult

i dont remember which but im pretty sure they gave him those and the black ones with his initials 😶

❄️Logan_Sanders❄️ ‏@Galaxy_Queen161

//2. Imma shy bish 😜😶

Mona. 🇵🇰 ‏@InnoxentSoul__

@SyedAbdullahBi1 Ni not that 😷😷wo kuch or tha yeh kuch or 😶😌

𝕁𝕒𝕪🖤 ‏@godisgrandeee

@dreamishh Omg I didn‘t know that....🤭😶

negus ‏@annassuliman

Watch everybody that you keepin’ close to you 😶

Dean Evans ‏@DeanReds70

@SophWalks @Youngfaldo I thought that's what old people played with 😶🤔😉

Jimmy Reyes ‏@jimmyreyes_08

Why people irritate me so fast 😒😶

HorseWithNoName ‏@mufan5624

@DavidBflower Thank you. Not being that informed on all things lunar,I was unsure if the moon 🌙 lit up from the R o… https://t.co/eTYwF9oahs

stacy ‏@takeabooow

here’s a happy me at another @entershikari show. but now i’m drowning in deadlines and i have no idea how to surviv… https://t.co/QVkjwtzzTk

NickTheWinterArtist ‏@NickTheIrkenArt

@sp_2233 He’s already made some Loud house art :/ but the thought he might do it again, just from that pic.............. pray 😶

T⚽ne Lfc⚽Vcf ‏@tuLuFC

can't we play like this in the league again 😶 I'm enjoying it 🥰 VAMOS @valenciacf

i misses yoon too 🐈🐈 ‏@hepinanda

@sugaupdates oh..he know JB???😶😶😶

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