Face Without Mouth Emoji

This emoji has eyes, and no mouth. Represents silence, as this emoji is always silent. Imagine the things he would say if he had a mouth!

Face Without Mouth was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😶 Blank Face

😶 Mouthless

😶 Silence

😶 Silent


😶 U+1F636




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jojo💥 ‏@Mawuliiiiiii

@__Mbah @gbengajnr I saw this tweet and just didnt pay attention to it..I come today and realize it's a WHOLE THREAAD😶the devil be wildin😂😂😂

Elisha|2🌻✨ ‏@TheDianneB

@dbswell @dbuzz6589 @Joe_Sugg Dbuzz deffos just stole your tweet😶

chloe ‏@chloemariefol

Weird to think that people could actually hate my guts from a ‘rumour’ that the didn’t bother to ask the truth abou… https://t.co/aEL4vcHQFW

Z Zulkifl ‏@z_zulkifl

@abu_rukh Bus kal Aik Car bilkul head on agayee over speeding kerty hui and Allah ki taraf se he kuch hua my wits w… https://t.co/23psSrdJVL

Shree❤ ‏@baejays

Idk what was I thinking,😶 when I copied my thoughts down..✍ https://t.co/LkEzJMtbOQ

tessa ‏@bichaotics

So now my manager needs me to make personal calls for her because she doesn’t know french and locals don’t know eng… https://t.co/RhPxavhX0M

chaelisa au (kinda) 📌 ‏@bIackpinkaus

Yay!! Update today, ily! So should I be listening to ‘Really’ or ‘See u later’ for this coming update? 🤔 (I’m hop…… https://t.co/d4c2avNwUi

caprio chvlrous ‏@THEJEFSOOOON

@LordWynlor Hayst 😶 felt like I just know how to do things but I can’t even consider myself as excellent in it.


@gotfriendsdolan Yes😶 sorry but i don't want to look like i keep monkeys on my arms

meg🌙 ‏@wiccats

@jackgaga "Bed" doesn't mean "sleep" tho😏😶

💜Tetelo (테테로) ‏@CupOfTee4

@minhoslaugh_ Well wouldn't say that to Meanhoe sorry😶 https://t.co/ISZvWwDbBz

피자🍕 ‏@fear0f90d

I doesn't want to jump into a conclusion but NETIZEN is too much in explanation ME: who cheat who now? 🤔😶… https://t.co/CWBM1gqQPV

TMHN♻ ‏@Thisistosin

250k??? This house is definitely haunted 😶 https://t.co/e0tRdfrrIr

Angela B Jones ‏@DrAngelaBJones

Jun 22 @sprintcare sends survey to get eval of srvc.😐My rating: A BIG FAT ZERO!!! IT’S BEEN 3 WEEKS FOR CRYING OUT… https://t.co/8geKqaDGhi

Angela B Jones ‏@DrAngelaBJones

Here’s how @Sprintcare celebrated this coming milestone w/me over the last 30 DAYS! Friend gives me VERIFIED unlock… https://t.co/75FgNSwxgX

#WeAreBBN ‏@IAMTols

What in The Handmaid's Tale is this??? 😶 https://t.co/VVz8bTTJ5f

🌳☀ ‏@illeomenate

"TrUsT tHe ProCeSS" said the pdutstans 😶 https://t.co/Z5GGnFfJTz

🍓𝚊𝚖𝚞𝚊𝚑𝚑✨ ‏@_jungkooksgirl

@golden_jk23 Can’t find yours either 😶

lckx ‏@swerteeeee

For those people can't appreciate me 😶 https://t.co/qlU81xdpZN

O Drizzy ‏@omar_olds95

@tsunamans 😶 I thought u was at work

🅢🅨°• 🅡🅐🅩🅘°•ᴺᴷᴾ ‏@RJ_zithu

@jangid_ja @TrgEvwT5jentm3F Everyone s not perfect bro.. Nd There r some echais lik him n every religion too... 🙄😶

Jas ‏@JasmynElaine

@liisaamariie clearly her protective styles have been working!!! 😶

notsookieee ‏@notsookieee

@fattadise my pussy taste like a baby and I still have a special place 😶

Sweet Anghel ‏@sweetcampaner

Slowly losing my sanity 😶

YO.ch ‏@chanyouch

i’m scared if SM would give me one too😶 https://t.co/Sh2PWgzDnL

SoapTown🌹 ‏@Soap408

@ylcooo @Cryaoticc Shhhh don't tell him😘😶

태용 ‏@Iedtaeyong

@kyuIkungi i'm not going touch you, worry not 😶

〽️🅰️®️➕Y 🅱️🅰️LL ‏@martyball_GANG

BIG BIG FACTS ‼️😶 https://t.co/Q0dfxYrCKq

Twenty ‏@twenty20sight

That moment when you accidentally swipe right on the dating app because you're tired and fumble-fingered. 😶 I wish my brain would stfu.

‎baino san🧸 ‏@baino0

Fuck off wae this skrtel rumour pish😶😶😶

D ディーちゃん です〜🍈 ‏@dhianne_boa27

she's in pain... 😶 i guess... https://t.co/9kXG6CI2CV

Zumi ‏@Saumyawhatsnew

Like cibil score I wish we had civil scores and I get to decide the score card model. ☹️☹️😶

Z.S ‏@kueysan

Was talking to a client about his assignments in South Korea. Soon after that, my colleague turned to me and said "… https://t.co/R5uBYCceLM

caro ‏@caro_raro

I've liked u since chemistry class back in high school 😅😶 — Omg I think Ik who u r then lmaooo DM me I wanna see if… https://t.co/LPYwSaYFGB

Hobii🤧 ‏@hohobipe

A thread of #vope A thread of love 😶 https://t.co/KEJXxVOBKn

Miqdad Hussain Bangash ‏@MiqdadHussain5

@ilhussain012 @junaidsalim_ junaid mean 90 % Paki's din't see the $ look / Shape .. 😶😋😉

Maryam Anuar ‏@Marr960

Me: *Open At-Tib Annabawi to find reference for work* Also me: *Terasa jahil jiddan & rasa mcm kena tegur left, ri… https://t.co/MVuLqEkjSb

ÀNup. ‏@SarcsticBunny

@VarunDvnFa14 😂😂😶 depends upon the script and involvement of KJO i don't think so it will be that much hyped during its release

Zaynab Shaikh . ‏@ZaynabShaikh7

Oh nah nah😣 Just be careful Nah nah😓 Love is simple🙄 Nah na… https://t.co/LjNEhmVIJd

Lizayne Zap ‏@cafedisco_

I’m using Guam’s rainy season as an excuse to get a new pair of Doc Martens boots 😶 https://t.co/KUAuGLPng2

Anna // DrAgOn AgE 🍳 ‏@smolanna_

@dayumexo i'm sorry i did ask😶

Sammie 🌻 ‏@saamaanthaax

You can’t trust some people together 😶 https://t.co/5BKqviQze6

brdn ‏@merriaaa

What the hell 😶

valerie ‏@vall9_

my cousins are in cancun and i’m in san bernardino... 😶

pemirsa netflix ‏@iputkyu

Kidneys!!!😶 https://t.co/nEymXbO5km

koorosh ‏@koorosh25261650

the vampire daireS 😶👌 https://t.co/OM0jUShs20

D ディーちゃん です〜🍈 ‏@dhianne_boa27

"there's no need for it" 😶😶😶 https://t.co/Eiat1ekKKV

jhescy ‏@jhesycal

for someone living a rather boring life, i have so much to say 😶

☠️ ‏@Ilesanmioluway1

She tripped and fell on his Dick 😶 https://t.co/5fm1GmePDb

☆ ‏@joyunt

me reply on wgl : *confused, but" oh, okay i can do this. meh. 😶

백현 ᑕITY ᒪIGᕼTᔕ ‏@unrivaledbbh

Another sajaegi artist coming back on july 😶

Bleah-czema ‏@bleah_czema

@eczemasupport Thank you! I'm just here pretending that the skin flakes coming off my face are confetti! Graphic much?😶

Roux ‏@Roux_120494

Amazing. 😶👏🏻👏🏻 https://t.co/DyNq7gos2q

D’Baddie🦄🎼 ‏@ddiamonddsss

Ion think somebody be on my mind & ion be on there’s 😶

🖤 ‏@eekangg

I love you, I miss you I need you now 😶

Sergius ‏@SrksTechies

@srdjancvijic @eliamepgr @fbieber @AleksTomanic @vtcherneva @NTzifakis @s_majstorovic @donikaemini @skacarska… https://t.co/yLH2JXfgFK

Neimy 🌹 Mingi ♡ ‏@Neimylody

Just realized that 90% of my tweets are just me panicking over Mingi and Tae maybe that's why I don't have that many followers 😶😶

The Man ‏@AhmedTVJunkie

There's a hello kitty film? 😶 https://t.co/mJmF05aWzA

ForevaAlice ‏@FoRevaAlice_

Kids "my mum used to be a pro gamer" Other kids "😶 mum why arnt you that cool man" Other parents **disaproving judg… https://t.co/iNTJKOWLX8

maise 🙈 ‏@maisemus_

@Hiho8811 @LiesByThomasJ @MYSTIC7 I thought it meant ok, not something about white power.. 😶

Aléa ‏@chaeyeoan

@RPEBASE sink sorry changlix always win 😶👋🏻

ʀᴇɴʀᴇɴ ‏@aftminki

@heeyeonaft this is beauty? i should just shave my head 😶 https://t.co/Cgk6TCPRJd

tony ortiz ‏@tonyohhhhh

Took me a few hours to mount my tv on my wall, now I cant sleep because I'm sure it's going to fall off as soon as I close my eyes. 😶

aaron ‏@oprahgif

@bIackade @DUCKIGYAL i thought you logged off 😶

katy fairy ‏@miksiedust

went to sleep at 4:15 am. woke up at 9. it's almost 4 pm now and realized i haven't eaten anything since morning 😶

M ‏@m_uddxn

I fan girled a lil 😶 @MayaJama https://t.co/xoJ6lBNQew

Ronelo Dologuin ‏@ardie_xx

Where am I?😶🤔😥 https://t.co/CnxApisSnw

bella 🌷 ‏@incredibella

TOURING EDITION 1st show: the lion king last show: come from away i think (it’s been a while) next show: maybe ana… https://t.co/BI7wOIGKzi

obliviate ‏@xxfidelicious

can’t find my bday twins, hope u notice this ahhahah september 11 pls 😶 https://t.co/n45jdyOVGt


We’re still waiting for @BMWMotorrad_IN to start proceedings at the launch of the #S1000RR 😶

ayesha ‏@ACTORJlN

if i have to go to the dentist i’ll lit rally 😶

Just another Kookie stan ‏@CeylonKookie

@astrelogy I was 10 😶 #ChoiceInternationalArtist @BTS_twt

elboebi🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕 ‏@elleneldoodle

I think I'm gonna be sick af😶😷 https://t.co/CziOHr1rl6

Aa ‏@Eyndriiiaaa

SECRET GAME (state the name, dont mention) 1. ayoko nga 😂😭 2. Chedly 3. Ched 4. love hate friendship with Mika nun… https://t.co/w3JHfw290w

InFinitE ‏@AN_InFinitE_1

Got both of them in 1st spin😶 https://t.co/J2NQCP1cVJ

pearlofLDN🇺🇬 ‏@teopista_n

@_sxraha Sorry no tears shall be shed smh what’s that😶

Theshen Moodley 🇿🇦 ‏@_Theshen

@PhilicityReeken I blame shopping centres for saying killer deals😶

Abeer ‏@Abeer_999995

@Hafedh955 @omanair All Omani going to turkey this summer 😶what’s going on guys!!

Sharanya ‏@sharanyamanola

@RobynJaneSM @websmyth @liz_e 🚶‍♀️Late evening walks to cool off! But I'll admit I had no courage to go step out even at that hour. 😶

michie_apple ‏@michie_apple

Music makes me feel better 😶

rasmus🌹 ‏@ras_musss

@andeeblayz @call_me_ayokay Won't mind you😶

🎪 ‏@satanlick

nsfw // i felt this 😶 https://t.co/Lfx593Nsnc

Tumelo Maburu ‏@tumelo_maburu

Always 😶 https://t.co/Epa0rTe8I5

RODEO OUT NOW⛓ ‏@kontrovasi

@abigail_doull @kevinsmurray @nowthisnews “Dog >>>>>> humans 😶”

Prof Mick Thacker ‏@dibbygibby

@KempOsteo We need you on this ride Mark - like riding a bike - you know it’s gonna hurt and you are going to strug… https://t.co/ZRi3lDbCQM

MelodyK✨🇸🇿 ‏@melodee_kae

It's on there by the Tini pastors 🤨 Zodwa triggered something 😶

KB ❤ KC ‏@KyubinOzone

@only1oof I'm not college yet but, I'm planning to take BS Psych also😶

Jess ‏@jenanistons

A nickname my uncle gave me 😶

TaylorTweets ‏@mztaylor2u

When you 1hr run through turns into 3 😶

γnnɒႧ ‏@uidanny_

@nickman195 @ChristinaYent you’re probably trash on the turn tables but...😶

meng™ ‏@_ellmerrcbngn

Same city, minus the excitement 😶

alao💗 ‏@jnyrsemv

you could’ve just said so😶

Super Normal ‏@umbrifer

@KerrangMagazine The oyster dickhead orchestra 🤘😶

Margot ‏@margottsregan

@CHIMPSINSOCKS Cant imagine other name than Amanada Abbington 😳🙄😶

PotterheadARMY ‏@PotterheadARMY5

Idc bout the awards n all of @BTS_twt Hyung line being too sassy, Jimin being too soft, Jungkook being too pure..ki… https://t.co/kHT4uJNdhX

dennis ‏@dennis4skin

@ex_lex_sive It’s some fuck shit huh. Don’t 😶

Mark Perkins ‏@MarkPerkinsVO

@PetraElliott Fuck!! That’s that’s no words 😶 😢

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