Face Without Mouth Emoji

This emoji has eyes, and no mouth. Represents silence, as this emoji is always silent. Imagine the things he would say if he had a mouth!

Face Without Mouth was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😶 Blank Face

😶 Mouthless

😶 Silence

😶 Silent


😶 U+1F636




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Zee sunisa ‏@zee_sunisa

ทวีตอย่างนี้ใช่อ่ะป่าว😶? plz...to play GOT7's songs and talk about them 🙏🙏 @NRJhitmusiconly #GOT7 @GOT7Official

Churail ◟̽◞̽ ‏@ninastyles_12

@MustufainAhmed Kb hain active 😶

gigi 💛 ‏@gissellexoluv

Finales tomorrow :))) yay ( crying inside ) 😶

fien ‏@froydel

My fave cafe has a chalkboard wall and chalk in the loos. I wrote “please pray for my 2:1” two days ago, and someon… https://t.co/nlsIOE91lT

Noble Nwachukwu ‏@MrNwachukwu

@x_rico_love_x So was he a burnt peanut? 😶

guyASA9 ‏@__guyASA9

@trujillllo Woooow😶, I read all of it and half the shit on there done or just random 💩.

Wina🌷 ‏@ardhia_852

I always thinking about this when i see Xinlong😶

Nick Angers ‏@vanfullapuppies

@AbuzzDesigns @Beachbody @CizeItUp I realized there are no pics that can show a good lifting day...my #makethemaker… https://t.co/SeMQU77sNJ

Kaif ‏@KaiffYT

@Lillinx1 Who sent this tweet then? 😶

Lyndsay Faye ‏@LyndsayFaye

It's reeeeeeaally ugly here. 😶😶😶 #Perast #Montenegro #gross #travel https://t.co/lBEx3pTEBZ

andromeda ‏@andreavsworld

its 4:39 am why is @suphector still on the TL and in my notifications 😶

Nathan Young ‏@nathan_young92

One month to go 👶🏻😶

Hannah Gardner ‏@Hannahg0594

Cannot wait to be sat by a pool without a care in the world 😶 17 days can’t come quick enough! 😪

Preeti Wadhwani👩‍💻 ‏@pwadhwani2592

If you're missing this you going to miss alot of fun!! Like me 😶😶 Register today for this!! 👇 Check out this… https://t.co/N4LNkafVYy

Forum ‏@forum_shah1

@ShaadiDotCom Looks like I missed this one 😶 Why didn't someone tell me 🙄😅 #WonderfulUs

shea ‏@dearestloki

@datingrobert torpe - meaning someone who can’t admit their feels to a person or is cowardly 😶

cici🍋🌿🐨 ‏@dowoonshark

sally need to chill 😶

Lori⚡️ ‏@loribethanygrif

Always dragged my mum for double checking bin bags before she got rid of them but I just checked mine for the first… https://t.co/de8rXymJQV

judy jetson hooker ‏@hey_cruel_world

So, I’ve just started watching #TheHandmaidsTale and could it be anymore appropriate viewing on #repeal eve? 😶

Queen Of The 80's ©🎶🎧 ‏@Queenofthe80s

@stephaniemain2 No words 😶

Daniel ‏@DesignFootyIG

@LFC @NBFootball Wrong type 😶

Comma😜Fullstop ‏@HeerSays_

Comma ko izzat do full stop 😶 https://t.co/Tpx6cYaUvY

Uncle D ‏@Almighty_D_

Running off 3 hours😶

Wendy Mitchell ‏@WendyPMitchell

Ooooooo yes, just realised I forgot to mention the IDEAL bit - sorry @IDEALStudyTweet 🙈🤦‍♀️ hope I’m forgiven😶x https://t.co/dDvmJpWI1B

Ragul Kumar ‏@Ragulkumar1207

@vanish_forever With all these sacrifice, at the end of the day name they getting is Pre******es. Sad for them. 😶

Jamileh✨ ‏@Kazie_Babie

@Brown_Gawdess97 @AriAngel_xo LOLOL ! gotta just leave them alone cause truly we be using them cause they're convenient 😶😭😂

Megan Penberthy ‏@MeganPenberthy

@JodiBrunskill Oh god really might have to skip it like, everyone seems to be scarred 😶

CSpells ‏@CMSpells

Imagine being in a place where the Wifi is so slow that that it takes 11 minutes to upload ONE photo to Google Drive...one photo...😶

Fhsxo ‏@Fatima_fhsxo

Zain's juzzbaatt adding up to my anxiety like anything 😶 https://t.co/69w3yBaB1m

Trisha Tubida⚓ ‏@trisha_tubida

Im gonna miss G10 pips 😏😶

Bâlâ💚Jî🍁 ‏@little_balaji

@Cutiee_Akshu Sorry epo than twitter Ku vanthen😶... Lunch um Saptachu😜😜

sean ‏@babashookt

An HR staff just added me on facebook. Going ✈️ mute 😶

🐝ǝɔuᴉʌ🐝 ‏@sweetenervince

a bitch is getting the hang of it 🙂 i'm so happy for me🙂 yes yes yes 😶 https://t.co/NhIH1nIMgS

daph | SAVE FOR EXO’S GRAND CB ‏@heyitskad

POTEK. HOW TO BE SWERTE LIKE U 😶 https://t.co/vcsQQ7oQXH


Sorry for being inactive 😶

The traderpreneur ‏@IgFx19

@Cryptonary_ This market is the best example of greed and fear 😶

SAMCRO ‏@Tooley1878

@usmanov1878 I'm a electrical buying manager, but training to become a PM... so need the knowledge 😀😶

Claudia -106 // exams📚 ‏@hopelessopus5

if we count instagram then 3 😶🤦🏻‍♀️ https://t.co/SoqnKKwxVx

Uncle Elroy ‏@SahBoogs

Can’t win w women just gotta deal w it 😶

Tʜᴇ Sᴛᴏʀʏ ᴏғ Lɪɢʜᴛ | SHINee World Support ‏@aretri_ashawol

@irm_cik Like i said, when they only like 1 person, i don't think they'll give a damn about the group stuff 😐 It's… https://t.co/7Uj5oO93DB

A ‏@_Ayooluwa

@UyeeOsagie Lmaoooo. I wish it were 😭. Haven’t smoked in almost 6 months 😶

d ‏@iaradurog

lmao Daniel Padilla is getting married na diay? 😶

Amber ‏@Ambilina12

97% for my Business Studies essay and 80% for my Communication Design social cause illustration 😶 My academic life… https://t.co/lYcb0wcE1u

Kenneth😂 ‏@knnthyngrn

@Ajljrrr @jimuelrafael I hate you naaaaa😶

Luciel🍋 ‏@RaffoDeLaigo

BANANA MILK!!! FOUND YOU!!! huhuhu 😃😶😊 https://t.co/1CJp4UzGhU

The Lazy Lawyer ‏@BBTheorist

@Shah94Hiral I donno. Something wrong with the proxy app I have been using, I guess. I am also getting same message… https://t.co/v8vn3INSiQ

nancy ‏@watchdjh

omg im famous 😤😣😶 https://t.co/f2Ntnp1ghR

Vio.CrepsularAesthetic ‏@Onyxular10

What happened to our own quote "Together, forever Always and forever"😶

Mandy ‏@SweetAsMandy222

Me: (look on my face that clearly says I Told You So) Husband: don’t look at me like that, you’re the one who saw i… https://t.co/4cJ2AilIrF

Sanjanarajput ‏@Sanjana80227865

@bts_bighit It's 5:02 now..but stll not started..😶😶can't wait anymore

reigne ‏@reigneallsndra

i wanna do vlogs 😶

Ann 🌻 ‏@RitzelAnnRB

I thought you're the one who will cheer me up last night, but you're not. 😶

G🌹C ‏@eugenieann_

what is this weather😶

대원의 와이프자기 👰 ‏@pinkdaewon

im giving up 😶🔫 https://t.co/19y98FEgH5

George Smith ‏@01234george

Can’t do anything on my phone without something popping up saying “we’ve changed our privacy policy” yeah mate ever… https://t.co/jlqyacLcVf

Ukhun Efosa ‏@Krypticknwledge

Lagos is filled with broken hearted girls...... And they've got only themselves to blame 😶

Donnie ‏@__Donniee__

Every nigga with gone kill! So I stay out the way 😶😶😶 literally

Seokjin's crystal snow ❄ ‏@KayLovesOT7BTS

Waiting for bangtan tv 😶😑

eℓℓe 🌻 ‏@luckyheaven

@bbkomurola Omg 😶😶😶 I've been blessed by this photo

Chloe Wheatley ‏@chloeyvonne0306

When your nearly 2 year old son has better lips than you 😶


I’m constantly hungry. 😶

Jess. ‏@queenjessiej

Time to travel back to uni and cram in as much work on the train as I can 😶😶😶

jann ‏@Jann_Red

Santa Clarita Diet is not about eating healthy 😶

nido ‏@byronnjr

@piahnggg Thank you po 😶

K ‏@KarrllaaD

my dad put some kind of chemical in my room so now my room is the living room 😅 and i think my brothers want me bac… https://t.co/rThz7AWnPR


Jurgen Klopp highlights Real Madrid player as the weakest link for Champions League final 😶 https://t.co/398iLK7T6W

Olive #yyxy ‏@OLIVlATHELOONA

@shuhuaseyo I am... What is that?! 😶

Moody's Point ‏@Zana_Alexis

@Just_ThattChick @_KingVay I pick the meat out 😅😶

PsCoys🇬🇧🐴🎮⚽ ‏@MarkWoodland76

This is insanity right here! 😶 https://t.co/THTfvWe4Yt

Aneesa ‏@_aneesaxo_

I need to revise 32 lectures by next week 😶 what a joke

gytha ogg ‏@_Gytha_Ogg_

@TheMERL @Milkabot My mother then. Sorry! 😶

JaeY8N's ❤ El 🍋 ‏@namhoney0802

@Jae_Day6 so, what's ur fav colour? 😶😶😶

ஜெய் ஜண்டா _/\_ ‏@AmNo_One

Congress has asked all it's members to speak about sterlite issue it seems. 😶 https://t.co/EYWFo9KTsn

heather 🌻 ‏@heathmarie1313

What I don’t understand is that people are blaming bullying and mental illness on everything that happens in 13 rea… https://t.co/vmZbgVexop

chub 🍊 ‏@98tangerine

@chvvernonn Ahhh i see 😶😶

Pikashu ⚡️ ‏@shuhuaseyo

Baby Hyejoo, what’s this? 😶 https://t.co/1t4w7ZVdmP

mama mo ‏@janeparassi

you're my shawty😶

drea 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@nowlivinlovin

@ddlloovaato @Kehlani age restrictions 😶 you??

Nathaniel joseph ‏@nathjoeetim

Sometimes we care more about the people we should not care about .... 😞😞😞😶

Kimv 🌸 ‏@kimvvvnamuag

Yah, I'm insecure, not with your face (NEVER) but with the kind of love he had given to you and it's goddamn hurts.😶

Sandeep 💞⚽✌ ‏@Sandeep112018

@Endless_girl Really, but why😶

Karissa ‏@jeikarissa

So probably, gonna be watching Sid & Aya this 30 at CDO. Alone.. 😶

علینہ ‏@pengtastic

First year uni has flown by 😶

💐 ‏@bjulynesalas

when I’m irritated or angry at andrew I tend to hit him aloooottt.. and I’m realizing now that I gotta stop that 😶

I'm temporarily locked, can't reply or dm back :( ‏@mariebiscuitsz

@shafzaps No it's the same amount, my followers are fine but my following list is messed up It says I'm not followi… https://t.co/vgTSNR0buA

Yolanda ‏@thequeen0000

@LoriGreiner I am an Inventor but got my money stolen from me when I tried to get HELP NEVER did it again. 😶🤔😭😢😩

j a e j o o n g☆ ‏@Naaaaashhhhhhh

@daysofyeol Thats yoinger sibs fr u. 😶😶 Two days ago just bfore breaking fast i bloody bang the door and *@#^#& at… https://t.co/yJ2N0PaMg3

TonyW 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ‏@WinoGentry

@HTScotPol @RuthDavidsonMSP NEWSFLASH: Politician doesn’t answer question directly! Can send you a lifetime supply… https://t.co/3964vyc2tH

WinstonDeGres ‏@WinstonDeGres

@TotallyDan08 Man's best friend for one Cheetos 🙄😶🤔 #justsaying #GoodMorning

bethlakemm ‏@bethkemmish

When I was like 15 I thought I’d tempt fate was stepping over these all day.... my cat died that day 😶 never again https://t.co/vUxGtzDoOQ

Olive #yyxy ‏@OLIVlATHELOONA

@MlNTYOONGIE Just pick any food under $10 okay? Haha. So... You dislike me?😶 Okay, I am sad.

o 💘 ‏@smolxlili

you already know the first parts of season 2 that i watched on netflix were the end of 2x12 and 2x22 😶 https://t.co/6PCrCWB2xS

Lostinthe70s ‏@Masher07

@FoxNews @HeatherChilders I block many people...haters...😶

Diane Lockhart’s Son ‏@Belmuh

@Bulela_ For lonto, pls buy me lunch 😶

AAAA AAA A ‏@Eggsaturday

Who would win in a fight? 😶 or 👤

Ahmed Sheikh ‏@Dilbar_mere_

@Fairy_Talk @Trash_Talkerr Haii ... 😶

jellal ‏@Itsmeaysel

Happy Birthday Tibugol. Love you so much kahit palaaway ka😶 Thank for 3 or 4 years of friendship! We've been throug… https://t.co/MjVmYZMJAv

|| KR🍁 || ‏@Justinns_Shawty

"It's not coming out anytime soon!" This line just .. 😶😢❤ https://t.co/b48XFCVfNC

🌻 ‏@Myles_Lorielai

It’s okay to not be okay 😂😶

Saul Garcia ‏@saul4real

I didnt sleep 😶 https://t.co/6MiuWm5pGt

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