Woman Artist Emoji

The Woman Artist emoji is a sequence of the 👩 Woman and 🎨 Artist Palette emojis. These are combined using a zero width joiner between each character and display as a single emoji on supported platforms.

Woman Artist was added to Emoji 4.0 in 2016.

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Apple Name

👩‍🎨 Artist (woman)


👩 U+1F469

‍ U+200D

🎨 U+1F3A8


Tweets For 👩‍🎨

princess leah ‏@leahrosebeauty

Loved this eye look I did the other day #leahrosebeauty #makeupartist #MakeupAddict excited for what the future has… https://t.co/1Z9j012R0z

Makeup By Zayna ‏@ZaynaGhazi

Independence Day: Indian Flag Inspired Eye Makeup |Tricolour Eye Makeup | Cut Crease | makeupbyzayna 👩‍🎨 Happy Inde… https://t.co/tyLInxBerK

Makeup By Zayna ‏@ZaynaGhazi

Independence Day: Indian Flag Inspired Eye Makeup |Tricolour Eye Makeup | Cut Crease | makeupbyzayna 👩‍🎨 Happy Inde… https://t.co/oBN9NzVsFq

Makeup By Zayna ‏@ZaynaGhazi

Independence Day: Indian Flag Inspired Eye Makeup |Tricolour Eye Makeup | Cut Crease | makeupbyzayna 👩‍🎨 Happy Ind… https://t.co/ezcPWVMyRE

Rajat Pratap Singh ‏@Rajat_Pratap

Found these masterpieces outside my office #sluchalkart . Kudos to the artist 👩‍🎨 #amazon https://t.co/HkCu0PUdKX

I Noregretta ☠ ‏@Mithmeoi

I'm Kris. I draw lots of things, make silly comics, and sometimes I animate stuff. 😄 #ArtistOnTwitter 👩‍🎨… https://t.co/FAHOnURkJb

Esr🅰a 🇦🇷 ‏@elhusienii

the future is female .. 👱‍♀👵🧕🏻👮🏻‍♀👷🏼‍♀💂🏻‍♀🕵🏻‍♀👩🏼‍⚕👩🏼‍🌾👩🏼‍🍳👩🏻‍🎓👩🏻‍🎤👩🏼‍🏫👩🏼‍🏭👩‍💻👩🏻‍💼👩🏻‍🔧👩🏻‍🔬👩‍🎨👩🏻‍🚒👩🏼‍✈👩🏼‍🚀👩‍⚖👰🏻👸🏼🤰🏻🤱🏻👩

Cynthia Ward ‏@MyFULL2CYNTS

@VanityFair aROSE is #STILL aROSE he can TAKE u& then.... bayB GURL👧👧🏽👧🏾👧🏿👩👩🏽👩🏾👩🏾👱‍♀️👱🏽‍♀️👱🏾‍♀️👱🏿‍♀️👮🏽‍♀️👷🏽‍♀️💂‍♀️… https://t.co/KAV4ghsZgi


@_Eman3mmar_ You are his artist 👩‍🎨 👌🏽♥️♥️.

Art Me Ohio ‏@artmeohio

Practicing #Waterproof #FacePainting🎨 !🎉🎉🎉👩‍🎨👩‍🎨👩‍🎨👩‍🎨🎉🎉🎉💧🌊🌊🌊🌊 @ Art Me Ohio a Traveling Face Paint & Party Studio

Art Me Ohio ‏@artmeohio

Practicing #Waterproof #FacePainting🎨 !🎉🎉🎉👩‍🎨👩‍🎨👩‍🎨👩‍🎨🎉🎉🎉💧🌊🌊🌊🌊 @ Art Me Ohio a Traveling Face Paint & Party Studio https://t.co/buJNeEUkS7

Gabriel Caldeira Mano ‏@cxldeira

What she👩‍🦰 order🗣️, fish fillet🐟? "Your whip🚘so cold🥶" –this old thing🚗? Act like you’ll ever be around mothafucka… https://t.co/nQkEEkKXpN

give zenyatta lore you cowards ‏@greatsenpai

i'll be closing commissions, thank you so much to everyone who has commissioned me! i'll be finishing those who i h… https://t.co/9BU6TVxTNC

Nefarious 🖤🤹‍♀️❤ ‏@julesdonovan

As a #makeupartist I don't post nearly enough of my work. 👩‍🎨💄 I like what I do on others more than on myself, but… https://t.co/m5N9OxgIev

Amanda Kling ‏@Art_More_Amanda

Another Faux finish job!! The black was done before I started, and h/o needed help to fix it! The stone is painted… https://t.co/OzQvZvYANg

Scotts ‏@ScottPrint

Half way through the week...who's got something ultra creative and fun they're working on? 👩‍🎨 . #Creative #Fun… https://t.co/CE3CtxDnhv

Lawyers for Trump ❌ ‏@LawyersTrump

@w_terrence If we are desensitized to graphic and demeaning language. I think 💭 maybe we can ask these music 👩‍🎨 artist! Good point!

Patrick Shand ‏@PaddyShand

🤪🦙😳 YET MORE VENUE CHANGES 👩‍🎨🤡🦔 15th - 19th my show will be in Bar Bados (room 7) at 1:15PM 20th - 25th it will… https://t.co/MN8VCAhFRN

United Way Regina ‏@UnitedWayRegina

This is what helping children reach their full potential looks like. Well done! 🎓👮‍♂️👩‍🍳👩‍🏫👩‍🔬👨‍💼👨‍🚀👩‍⚕️👨‍⚖️👨‍✈️… https://t.co/btJQ0PO2He

PopCult Anime Con ‏@PopCultAnimeCon

☆Artist #8☆ 👩‍🎨Snickerdoots Art👩‍🎨 💻Digital art and Accessories💍 ➡️ https://t.co/MlsxzcaTUz https://t.co/IdI2HyOCT5

Courtney Rock ‏@create_MrsRock

Thank you @artcombobulated for organizing an enriching and informative day for us today! @FineArtsAISD 👩‍🎨

Torrid ‏@TorridFashion

Wrap dress: every girl needs one in her closet. Ours wraps at the perfect point to accent your waist 👩‍🎨P.S. Shop 2… https://t.co/gLzai9DU4R

PoseidonNeptune ‏@jay_jayowzen

@aliceharan Your Artist 👩‍🎨 your creativity is amazing keep doing what you do Alice . I don’t interact as much but… https://t.co/rcreZe45iG

Kate Lewis ‏@Art_Of_Flying

The negative watercolour painting style reminds me a bit of painting with resin, you never know exactly what it is… https://t.co/fwg0NW5pgb

Been HER✨ ‏@aniiseebeau

The fact that I am my own makeup artist 👩‍🎨 Jessica Rabbit eyes ❤️ https://t.co/ggF5pDYBhd


Painting the lines with Caro-line 👩‍🎨 @CaroGarcia pulls past Azarenka to win the first set 6-4 at @CincyTennis https://t.co/VuTlXGZ2LK

Art of Amelie ‏@artofamelie

Check out my newest creation: Have a wolk #artofAmelie #love #family #kidsart #pencilart #kidsfriendly… https://t.co/AuWmCAotsq

Robin Redmile-Gordon ‏@WhatNowDoc

@pnicholas79 @KFeistel89 We can see your inner child, Paul. Your so cute 🤗👩‍🎨 Love your beret.

Sophi Frost ‏@SophiFrost

@jhaleauthor you need to sign it👩‍🎨🥋🎨

Jacob Cofman ‏@JCofman

A shoutout to the podcasts I currently really enjoy hearing to: * @syntaxfm because of all the humour, fun and enga… https://t.co/B34iX1pwBZ

J A D E ‏@jadeduffyxx

@martynrobinson0 Wow that’s class Martyn! Wee artist 👩‍🎨

Jessica Vega-Eugene ‏@MzVegaEugene

Love how we are appreciating and supporting our local artist 👩🏿‍🎤 👩‍🎨 🎨 This is why I love Tampa #813 @CityofTampa https://t.co/cH89JVRfnc

Rose Anson ‏@RoseAnsonArt

@amazingraceart Aw bless you Grace. Love the encouragement and support you give. 😘👩‍🎨

CelebrationOfDogs ‏@dogcelebration

@PuppyLondonIV @FergusGreatDane You bet ya, diggy loved his! Fergus really took on the role of the artist!!! 👩‍🎨… https://t.co/W9QlQPf52R

Teresita Geraldizo ‏@tgeraldizo38

@sciokkyhuddy83 @janafisher47 ..... You are in a Class of SuperDuper Fan Artist 👨‍🎤🎨👩‍🎨🖌...👍 and have my esteemed a… https://t.co/BmJxJnrB7S

Aymen Mohamed ‏@aymenbolton

@ballydonna That looks amazing. Very talented artist 👩‍🎨

Claudia ‏@Lippschi

😍😍😍👩‍🎨🎨... decided to continue with this one #littleones 👽#insearchofthesecond https://t.co/Z9EqsPMG3L

Gabrielle Shepherd ‏@designmuseblog

Our professional and talented team can paint any room you have in mind! They can also add textures, murals, logos,… https://t.co/GwyBuN4bIv

Nikita Deshmukh ‏@niki_deshmukh

Is the drab gray of your Oculus Go bringing you down? Here's how to get artsy and inject a little life into your VR… https://t.co/788keKVMu7

-B Designs, ‏@bortugno

Present situation and preview of things to come for Chris M., because a girl needs no excuse for flowers 💐🤷‍♀️👩‍🎨😘S… https://t.co/E1Cqr4Wzom

Android Central ‏@androidcentral

Is the drab gray of your Oculus Go bringing you down? Here's how to get artsy and inject a little life into your VR… https://t.co/lnJ3jGh5p0

Maya's Brigadeiro ‏@MayasBrigadeiro

That's right, lets see your skills👩🎨👨🎨! We are doing a giveaway contest for 100 Free Brigadeiro! We want to see you… https://t.co/NQHY0MijlL

Curtis Smith ‏@Xotics_Products

👩‍🎨S T R E E T A R T👨‍🎨 Art found in everyday life ‼️ #XoticsLifestyle #Create #3D #3Dart https://t.co/bnVXidMbuj

~💜루가💜~ Hiatus :p ‏@taestyvkook

41) can you draw well? 👩‍🎨|👨‍🎨

Vanessa Johanning ‏@gardendesigner

Joy joy joy... :) 🌼🌼👩‍🎨👩‍🎨💕🎨🎨🌿⭐️⭐️🦋🦋🍀🌻🌻🌼✨🌻🌻🌿🌿🍀🍀 @ Art Studio Vkj https://t.co/gF03oIvBzO

Sara Safavi ‏@sarasomewhere

Hey Austin-area flexible-work-location people (which is, like, 2 of you?): I'll be working out of CRAFT's coworking… https://t.co/zdARaJov9G

Jed Dwight 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@jed_dwight

When people ask me why I’m a #Conservative...THIS! ⬇️ 👮‍♂️UK 👨‍🌾Unemployment 👩‍🔬At 👨‍✈️LOWEST 👩‍🏭Levels 👨‍⚖️in 👩‍🏫… https://t.co/ufVzg7bO11

Anne G. Ljostad 🇳🇴 ‏@GoogeliArt

@Artsherpa @Solitairystorm @originalmuse1 Thanks to you @Artsherpa - and Happy Painting to All friends and Sherpa f… https://t.co/fvL908VFBv

MillfieldEnterprises ‏@MillfieldEnts

Here are a few photos from just some of the activities we had on offer on our first week of Multi-Activity… https://t.co/OfTQtek2uv

S T R A W B E B B I E S ‏@cosmicuttlefish

i think emulating their work makes it easier for me to stretch my creative muscles 💪👩‍🎨

CFP Greater Wash DC ‏@cataloguedc

Great news! The @TorpedoFactory Artists’ Association (TFAA) has partnered with Catalogue partner @CarpentrShelter t… https://t.co/AIMyX7wP7n

Rose Anson ‏@RoseAnsonArt

@v65ify Ha now that’s a challenge I’m up for! 👩‍🎨😘👍

Wheaton Alumni ‏@wheatonmaalum

How did your Wheaton experience inspire your career choice? 👩‍🔬👨‍🎨👩‍💻 #WheatonMA #WheatonMAalum https://t.co/1bVKwfT8mf

Jodi Pope ‏@luvngsus

It's been a colorful morning! 👩‍🎨 #stylistjodipope #licensedtocreate #joico #joicointensity #crafthairdresser… https://t.co/QmVB65rVU1

CLHostels ‏@CommLinkHostels

Alex house got creative today at our second Art therapy day 🎨👨‍🎨👩‍🎨'Behind the mask': Reflecting on what we see ins… https://t.co/WVJtPrZu93

Moonluza ‏@MoonluzaLisbon

This time something for the Ladies👩‍🎨 At the moment there are only 4 places left for our Azulejo tile painting wor… https://t.co/45N5JhL9q3

Jody Saunders, Realtor ® ‏@jody__saunders

Wine 🍷 & Design 👩‍🎨 Hour ⏰- Beautiful Decor To Love In Your Home 🏡!! ✅ “LIKE" if its just your style Or Tag 📢Someon… https://t.co/HFDfUon52A

Charlotte 🌷⭐️ ‏@charlotteshare_

Earlier I was listening to a podcast about things that bring you joy. It got me thinking about what 5 things bring… https://t.co/ifN4bJrEiQ

Catron Wallace Art ‏@CatronWilliams

I know my creative friends will get this LOL🤪🤣🤣🎨👩‍🎨👩‍🎨 @ Nashville, Tennessee https://t.co/u31sfMN5qf

Midnight Sun FC ‏@SunFFXIV

THE WINNER HAS BEEN CHOSEN! By voting, this little fella made it to Midnight Sun FCs official crest! @Pugnoodless… https://t.co/uPGRyaXR39

Tourism Mission ‏@TourismMission

See you tonight! 👍👨‍🎨👩‍🎨🤸‍♂️👖🛍️📿💍🍔☕🛒 https://t.co/obR062KZ42

Dave Lockhart ‏@LockhartDave

@notwaldorf In that case, I'd highly recommend @Radiolab's episode "Unraveling Bolero"! 👩‍🎨🍓 https://t.co/i7dKvxltfO

Gunnersaurus ‏@Gunnersaurus

Come and join me at my annual Play Day at the stadium! 🥳 There'll be singing 🎤 dancing 🕺 arts & crafts 👩‍🎨 soft pl… https://t.co/4upekJJqQZ

Victoria Gazeley ‏@VictoriaGazeley

Behind the scenes of the artwork. Ready for some painting love. 🎨👩‍🎨🖌🖼💜🌹🐶 #lifeofanartist #artist #toolsofthetrade… https://t.co/yq5olSnTKk

Peter Cruckshank ♥🐶 ‏@PeteCapeCod

@nishimurahiroko Oh I know 🤩😎 especially if you're a fan of art or music 🎨👨‍🎨👩‍🎨🎹🎼🎶🎵

Aurélie Van Houte ‏@aurelievanhoute

Color your day, everyday 👩‍🎨 #wanderlust #france #bonjour #travelgram #streetart @ Mâcon, France https://t.co/lZLKMq8YoE

Sumit Dalimbe ‏@Dalimbesumit

I Not A Love ♥️ On Country, I love On Countries Peoples👦👨👩👴👵👩‍⚕️👩‍🎓👩‍🏫👩‍⚖️👩‍💻👩‍🎤👩‍🎨👩‍✈️👩‍🚀👩‍🚒💂👷🤴👸👳👲👱🤵👰👯👩‍❤️‍👩👫👨‍👨‍👦… https://t.co/s8Wu2ifgug

PopCult Anime Con ‏@PopCultAnimeCon

☆Artist #7☆ 👩‍🎨Phoodledoodles👩‍🎨 🖌Traditional oil paintings & digital art, Buttons, Totes, Acrylic charms, Pins a… https://t.co/Be23XnNhDc

Martin R Sterling IV ‏@DoodahPCM

Oh now we an artist 👩‍🎨 😂

Quirkycows & Friends ‏@quirkycows1

Now Available! My second piece of limited edition recycled furniture! Perfect to add country charm to you home. Thi… https://t.co/hVMBOFb4f9

Blue Swan ‏@certablue

@SheRa_Marley Scotland Street School (1906) is a fine building! Mr Mackintosh was an innovative Art Nouveau artist… https://t.co/RJTNUxhYpo

IIICE_2018 ‏@iice_otsa


Huw David Design ‏@huwdaviddesign

As the summer brings in new work, we invited a new intern, Ffion, to the studio to get her first taste of 'real wor… https://t.co/WwpTyUXtqq

ByCait ‏@By_Cait

Sketchbook page from over the weekend 👩‍🎨. #desert #acrylicpainting #sketchbook #landscapepainting #river #sunset… https://t.co/o4iSwD59BN

The ARTistico Exp ‏@ARTisticoExp

Yes, i have been working on Christmas stuff 🎅👩‍🎨 https://t.co/D6htXYcOnR

Karen Thompson 🔱 #IAMTOMMY #FreeTommyRobinson ‏@KarenTh68228076

@41Strange Do you think the artist 👩‍🎨 is obsessed about hands

Quirkycows & Friends ‏@quirkycows1

SOLD! Dougie the donkey has now SOLD and will arrive at his new home later this week! Dougie is one of my favourite… https://t.co/5r0jG60fUA

Muchokids ‏@muchokids

🎨🕮 👩🎨 Happy Coloring Book Day! Did u know that using coloring books can improve problem solving skills in your brai… https://t.co/VtvG7rFw8i

The Point Tadley ‏@Point_Tadley

The point is open from: 3:30pm-6pm- Chill out zone 🎮⛹🏼‍♂️🤾‍♀️🎤 6pm-7pm- We have a Martial Arts Teacher in to do a… https://t.co/GKa9NyLHRO

Reich👑 ‏@rakelyya

@privateagntmars Let's go girl!! 👩‍🎨💪

sato_ ‏@87sato1

✈️👨‍👩‍👧‍👧🎨🗿💛 I went to the museum. I feel calm. https://t.co/ZDKQytiXih

Pecha Kucha Stirling ‏@PKN_STIR

We're pleased to announce our third speaker for #PechaKucha Vol 3! Speaking at the event on the 6th of September… https://t.co/9iu32EEyjH

Spike Island ‏@_SpikeIsland

Baby Art Hour are creative sessions for babies and toddlers up to 5 years old. Book for this autumn 🍃🎨👩‍🎨 >>>… https://t.co/RMWzHmJoY9

อ่านนสได้แล้วไอควาย ‏@mmcoralpink

You are my Pie in the sky (✨🎥🎨+🏡🌳👴👩👩👩👩+💖💑✨)

estrella ‏@haaife

@_021799 artist 👩‍🎨

Laura ‏@LauraJaye_G

@MissC_1717 Aw I love this. 🎨 👩‍🎨

melanie watts ‏@Melaniew191

Working on the 👁‍🗨 @RealAliceCooper 👩‍🎨 Don’t worry guys I haven’t forgotten that it’s my muses day , I’ll be posti… https://t.co/D1x3jt03yq

cyanfox art 🚮💖📖 ‏@cyanfoxart

Hey everyone~ This is my public art account for original works and fanart 👩‍🎨💖🎨 Hope you will enjoy my drawings ^w^… https://t.co/IJFeRMqOmK

chameleon design ‏@chameleon_des

Right! I am waiting for my #wonderful #creative #arty room...in the meantime, I am helping my brain a little bit.… https://t.co/HYY7gu5DHC

Pablo Lounge ‏@PabloLounge

Wanting to keep those little ones entertained during the hols?👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Come check out our kids corner; we’ve got col… https://t.co/HWTmSr5Fkx

صابر حسین ‏@QaziSabirhussai

@ImranKhanPTI Mr. Prime Minister the nation 👨‍🎓👩‍🎓👨‍🎓👨‍🏫👩‍🏭👨‍🏭👩‍🚀👨‍🚀👩‍🎨👩‍🍳👨‍🔧👨‍💻👨‍✈️👩‍🌾👨‍⚖👮‍♀️🕵️‍♀️👷‍♂️👳‍♂️👱‍♂️… https://t.co/c9HDgf08cz

HIBS Hamburg ‏@hibs_hawhamburg

Day 2 of 7 days. 7 #Blackandwhitephotos of #librarylife. No humans, no explanations. Challenge someone new every da… https://t.co/HGgHYVYZOi

Kurtis Phillips ‏@superkurt15

Someone decided this morning they wanted to be a make up artist 👩‍🎨 @ Urmston, Lancashire, United Kingdom https://t.co/7qG3M2yqHa

VerciaO ‏@YnnisMon

Some of my "arts"👩‍🎨🙂I❤️to make it,too!!! https://t.co/k3BJZXiqPL

Moore Fine Arts ‏@MooreFineArts

Getting a coloured pencil lesson ready for the weekly classes. A few more layers to go but getting there. The refe… https://t.co/qpHinsFRrN

Adam Becker ‏@abeckerdesign

New reno new demo!!! Clean and clear ready for a new design and build :) love a clean slate!! 😃👍👩‍🎨 #designbuild… https://t.co/uth46PryIb

Mighty Eiky ‏@mightyeiky

Collection of Herbivores (+some omnivores) 🎨 Can you Spot which model I used twice? 👩‍🎨🎨.… https://t.co/TP7Z8rX10d

Taylor Edwards ‏@tay5jam

Definitely the coolest thing I bought in #Montana. 💚🖍💚🌲💚👩‍🎨💚 #BobRoss #HappyTrees #Shoop!!!!! https://t.co/nXgf8IXQfg


MY KINDOF 🌐#S #É #RI #É🌐🎧🥇📺🥇🎧🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇#COP||=▪ #S #E #RI #E🥇🌐🚫🌐👨‍🏭👮‍♀️🌐🚫⬆️👨‍✈️👩‍✈️#COPS😨#POLICÉFORCÉ #Innerpeace… https://t.co/8Vkk12ej0z

Sarah Novak ‏@taftartstudio

@theartofed Be flexible and have fun. It's a rollercoaster, so enjoy the ride🎢🎨👨‍🎨👩‍🎨

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