Ferris Wheel Emoji

A large rotating wheel, often found at a carnival or fair.

Ferris Wheel was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🎡 Big Wheel

🎡 Fairground

🎡 Observation Wheel


🎡 U+1F3A1




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Brianna🌺 ‏@jst_me_bri

EDC was soo amazing😭🎡🎉im really sad its over😥

Dominic Puopolo ‏@jesuschrist4610

@UN @potus @angelcandice @AdrianaLima @DeptofDefense @us_navyseals @usmc @USArmy @FBI @usnavy @usairforce… https://t.co/ofN3eLePOZ

Sereia e shallow now🧜‍♀️ ‏@aline_mermaid

🎡 em The Official London Eye https://t.co/qI7viIhZ6L

Ry 💀 ‏@RileyGlascock

Still in a day dream over EDC 😭💓✨🎡

Dominic Puopolo ‏@jesuschrist4610

@UN @potus @angelcandice @AdrianaLima @DeptofDefense @us_navyseals @usmc @USArmy @FBI @usnavy @usairforce… https://t.co/fEHC3rKQjQ

Dominic Puopolo ‏@jesuschrist4610

@UN @potus @angelcandice @AdrianaLima @DeptofDefense @us_navyseals @usmc @USArmy @FBI @usnavy @usairforce… https://t.co/r1dhp1NhLE

𝒷𝒷𝓎 𝓋 🥀 ‏@wittlenessa

Until next year EDC 🌀🎆🎡 @_Ramirez_22 https://t.co/30khs797mh

Donna ‏@donnajanelle

edc, you blow me away every time ✨🌼🎡 @ Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) https://t.co/kD69PiEkRc

Dominic Puopolo ‏@jesuschrist4610

@UN @potus @angelcandice @AdrianaLima @DeptofDefense @us_navyseals @usmc @USArmy @FBI @usnavy @usairforce… https://t.co/KrzTHDr2LT

Valencia ‏@lavishmami_

This day was so fun with them! I miss the fair🎡💕 https://t.co/JiNJyBGVse

Basspapi ‏@joavibes

Vegas you were good to me once again! And @EDC_LasVegas was fucking lit, cant wait for next year 🎡🌋🤘🏼thank u daddy… https://t.co/9btQTiyWtL

bryce fox ‏@Kawaiiboots

EDC weekend has been a blast!⚡🌻🎡 https://t.co/ICn17PXrJU

flrd_girl_00 ‏@jizcal

@Baby_Cee13 @TexasEDMFamily @UsaEDMFamily @RaversOfAmerica YESS KEEP PLUR ALIVE 💖🎡💞🦄💜☮️💟 https://t.co/JNi2OSWNlg

plot bot ‏@plot_o_matic

Act 1: 🎭🐋🐼 Act 2: 🐍🐋🐍 Act 3: 🐼🐋🎡

Dominic Puopolo ‏@jesuschrist4610

@potus @angelcandice @AdrianaLima @DeptofDefense @us_navyseals @usmc @USArmy @FBI @usnavy @usairforce… https://t.co/Aa37VDHzXj

Jiminssi ‏@TamTam_127

I love Canada’s Wonderland 🎡🎢🎠

Dominic Puopolo ‏@jesuschrist4610

@potus @angelcandice @AdrianaLima @DeptofDefense @us_navyseals @usmc @USArmy @FBI @usnavy @usairforce… https://t.co/IgNBKdv8vx

Dominic Puopolo ‏@jesuschrist4610

@potus @angelcandice @AdrianaLima @DeptofDefense @us_navyseals @usmc @USArmy @FBI @usnavy @usairforce… https://t.co/dTKKZn6ezX

Kay ‏@kayleydenise

low key happy af EDC weekend is finally over lol now I can stop feeling so sad bc we missed it 😢.... but we’ll be home next year 🌈🌼🎡🎆

Dominic Puopolo ‏@jesuschrist4610

@potus @angelcandice @AdrianaLima @DeptofDefense @us_navyseals @usmc @USArmy @FBI @usnavy @usairforce… https://t.co/AxMnNPqRhM

yezenia ‏@luvIetter

🎡 -> ur so sweet omg 💓💓 -> BEST bio -> funny ;0 https://t.co/yxfUmGt4Yl

margareth sitepu ‏@Margareth_AyeQ

Just casually posing on the one of most popular entry tourist attraction in Aussie. 🇦🇺🎡🎢🎠 @ Luna Park Sydney https://t.co/gMzu2VnevL

Dominic Puopolo ‏@jesuschrist4610

@potus @angelcandice @AdrianaLima @DeptofDefense @DHSgov @us_navyseals @usmc @USArmy @FBI @usnavy @usairforce… https://t.co/apImGtFn3h


Wow ! Spectacular closing set @CHEFSAYMYNAME at @EDC_LasVegas this morning. 🎡🌸✨👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #EDCLV2019 #EDC2019… https://t.co/D5cPH71IqK

lil mafia ‏@Lil_GaeA

Got to see @yungpinch live last night at @EDC_LasVegas wtf!!! 😭😭🥰🖤⚡🌼🎪🎡

FZR ‏@AhmedFaizia

https://t.co/CcsBjVsMts I still sometimes hear mum singing this ....... 🎨🥁🎼🎡

_ℳąʑųęȑ23. ‏@23_mazuer

nobody understands how excited i am that my daughters birthday is gonna be in the summer so all her parties can be outside 🎡🎠🎪

Earthing Bot-Art ‏@olivesbotart1

___________________ ☀️⚪⚪☁️⚪⚪ ⚪🌈🛫💦⚪💫 ⚪⚪☁️⚪ ⚪ ⚪ 🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 🏕️🎡 🏕️............... 🌱🌱☘️🌱🌱🌿 ___________________ -Si… https://t.co/ycaqhGxcHT

RedCoach ® ‏@RedCoachusa

Perfect day for a ride on the #OrlandoEye, would you agree? 🎡 @vamosamiami #Orlando #RedCoach https://t.co/gyQL9fMY6D

Daniel Embrey ‏@DanielEmbrey7


Jen Schroeder ‏@jennuhhniicole

Take me back to BAMA, can’t wait for Hangout Fest next year 2020 🎡

R'♡ ‏@Reemo0oh_22

What r u spinning 🎡🛸!

lumpiaaa mami ‏@_caamz3

Hate myself for not taking pic/videos at EDC, but love myself for living in the moment 🎆🎡🌼

Deanna Acosta ‏@uscdeanna

We had so much fun at the fair last week! 🍿🍭🎡 @AcostaSDavid rzylstra thestoebers #fairatheritagepark @ Fair at Heri… https://t.co/qdYE0YjR5W

ExchangeLA ‏@ExchangeLA

Let’s keep the energy alive with the Official @EDC_LasVegas Recovery Party ft. a secret lineup this Friday, 05/24!… https://t.co/LgLaL85vNP

GUSD Special Education & Student Serv. Department ‏@GUSDSPEDSTUDSER

Such a great Friday with the second graders from MCA! Thank you to all the second grade teachers that made the expe… https://t.co/7PzLKVXwNG

★ LEMA ★ ‏@djlema

Closing EDC Party 🎡 @marqueelv with @camelphatmusic @sonnyfodera @djvixenonline & Myself Grooving ☀️ https://t.co/NoMEhOUW3S

SHORTAY ‏@hellokimkitty39


J.Hernandez. ‏@_Navahoe

EDC i gave what i gave & what i gave was LOOKS. ⚡️🌼🎡🔥♥️🍑🔫👀 https://t.co/25A657QjTJ

Troublemaker🔜EDC LV🎡 ‏@littleambybaby

So mad I only got pictures of my day 3 outfit 😭😭 but here it is. Better than nothing... ✨🌈🎡❤️ https://t.co/Yzd31uNRyA

AisleMemories ‏@AisleMemories

🎡🎠💕 looks like fun - more of these fun engagement photos are over on AM at the link in bio. 📷 @jasminewhitephotogra… https://t.co/Hpq9hRjhw2

Mick ‏@MDosNK

"abroad" ***Flicking through catalogue of recently dropped Aleague coaches lol 🎡🎡 https://t.co/D7hkfgCDXI

jose angel ‏@jgeldivino

🎥🏟🎢🎡🎆🎇🎠💥❤️🎸🌈#edc #edclv #edclv2019. en Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) https://t.co/e1i6G293Sd

Brian ‏@BrianMSTL

Check it out! @BLVDIA is giving away two VIP EXPERIENCE PASSES! The winner can choose between passes for Friday OR… https://t.co/iDx3vwb3Df

sar ‏@artsylix

stolen from my tl but how do u see me? 🎡: i want to be your friend 🦕: you’re intimidating 🌠: one of my favorite… https://t.co/PXNqhhgaDp

kaitlyn morgan ‏@kaiittnmo

Carnival food 😍😍🎡

Gabe👽🔮🗿🔜EDCLV👾 ‏@Aka_gab3

One of the most memorable experiences I have ever had. Thank you EDC I'll see you next year. 🎡🎆 @EDC_LasVegas https://t.co/taIoyBU8SN

Terry McDonald ‏@MemorableTours

Memorable Tours ... We do it all, so you don’t have to! Contact us today to start planning your Fun 2020 Senior Tri… https://t.co/sWWEAHtJsw

Kas ‏@kaspalmerio

@rylie_giancola I'll only go if you go on the fairs wheel with me🎡

Projecto FollowTrick ‏@ChilliF0ll0w

RETWEET and GAIN join the Community 🎡 #1FIRST 🥥

Carmen Lynette ‏@Carmenidaa

Didn’t have to quit my job or get fired after all ! See y’all next year 🎡 🎇 #EDCLasVegas https://t.co/Lp1UFjlvBO

Sunset Plaza Mall ‏@SunsetPlazaMall

☀️🎡 The sun is peaking out, the carnival ride lights are flashing and the smells of freshly made funnel cakes are b… https://t.co/80QD0B6GOE

Arya Stark’s Tour Dj 🐺 ‏@ReJecTReef

Lost my phone, my GoPro and my voice. But I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world. I gave #EDC everything i… https://t.co/kx4ZvlLA5d

MARK LONDON ‏@marklondonlive

late #nites during #edc #hangovers & #hotels lasvegas mixology #djs #promoter #og elgallo_brand #champagne keep you… https://t.co/opduuCqaam

Earthing Bot-Art ‏@olivesbotart1

___________________ ☀️⚪⚪☁️⚪⚪ ⚪🛬💫🌈⚪🚀 ⚪⚪☁️⚪ ⚪ ⚪ 🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 .......... 🏎️🎡.......... 🌱🌱🌲🌱🌱🌷 ___________________ -… https://t.co/dIEer6Gzz8

🧸 ‏@awshelby

@Abstrvct Ferris wheel 🎡 begs to differ

KSC ‏@kimdogs8

@thatintaminguy And KD this weekend w/Rawkz!! ❤🎢🎡

Leia Mancillas ‏@MancillasEISD

We had such a fun time today @MorgansWndrlnd We got to ride the train 🚂, be a meteorologist 👉🌡🌞🌤⛈, ride the ferris… https://t.co/QA0LgB155x

Meaghan Leona ‏@meaghanleona

eye spy...🎡 @ The Falls in Niagara, Ontario, Canada https://t.co/VSE2QjM8NS

SATURNYNE ‏@DarthSaturnine

-NO MEASLES!!! -YES!!!!!! went dancing in Brooklyn over the weekend!! -Wheewwh!! "I HAVE THE POWER!!" 🎡🗽🏩👩‍❤️‍👩💑… https://t.co/xdlnhzc2Lp

Aℓιna✨ ‏@mellowbby08

First time at edc, & it was the most amazing experience with amazing people ❤️🎡✨#EDCLV2019 https://t.co/L2NoQauIt7

🥇 ‏@dripppset

I made a house track and like it 🎡 🌝 https://t.co/JKwtQ2giyL

Makeupnet ‏@Makeupnet

@mannymua733 using staceymariemua X @bperfectcosm Carnival 🎡 Palette 💙 Click image to shop now 🛒 . . . . . .… https://t.co/P8Rtit0sc1

jisoo kim ‏@jitsoobp

• julez upchar • 🎡🎡 https://t.co/ctUPP2ZaYZ

xohayᴰᴬᴮˢᵉᵃᵍʷᵏᵈᶰˣᵇ #JANCOKBACK ‏@rljischu

╭xohay's upchar♡╮🎡🎡 https://t.co/N58qrW9q6g

Jιѕooyα ‏@TxJisooya

(jisooya's upchar 🐢) offthepage_js: 🎡🎡 https://t.co/K5KlkHzP8E

AD💕🌸 ‏@ENGEL011202

Last night 🎢🎡 https://t.co/IxcPG2oFzh

Jisooya. ‏@PR3CIUOS

{ update chara }offthepage_js: 🎡🎡 https://t.co/7vijxwbrHo

Zelic JFB ‏@jizsooya

♡ˎˊ˗ zelic upchar ¦ 🎡🎡 https://t.co/4wfrf28jXv

d🌼🌵 ‏@dlynnzagami

Living our best lives 🎡 https://t.co/dZm0Oby8di

Paige Buckmaster ‏@PWEBuck

Check it out! @BLVDIA is giving away two VIP EXPERIENCE PASSES! The winner can choose between passes for Friday OR… https://t.co/9l5WMDsOwZ

♕ ‏@jalynnalissa

I love my rave fam so so much. thank you for making my first EDC a memorable one. 🎡🖤✨ #edc #EDCLV https://t.co/fowEGNZeC0

Eckahhh🧘🏼‍♀️🐬 ‏@eckahhh

HOLLYFUCKKKKK EDC 🥺😭💛 that was amazing 😍🎡🥳 I’m so fucking tired , I can’t believe I did all 3 days sober afffff 😭 #Edcwasadream 💓

Thom Cutean ‏@TCutean

@CLyK76 Stay frosty! I would be a muddleshucks if it happened to me! 🍭🌿🎡

Jeanette ‏@j_cherney

A fun day at the Virgil Stampede with cousins & friends, and a mini photo shoot on the way home! 💖🎡 @TMcCann3… https://t.co/R4vUZlPfue

ChantelMonique ‏@badpassion24

Going to the fair🤗 💕🎡

Dominic Puopolo ‏@jesuschrist4610

@angelcandice @AdrianaLima @DeptofDefense @WhiteHouse @DHSgov @us_navyseals @usmc @USArmy @FBI @usnavy… https://t.co/xK5wR1viXS

m a d i s o n 🌻 ‏@madisonbuettner

That 70’s show 🌼🎡✌🏻 https://t.co/PU6EdvSlJG

DD Lewinsky ‏@Lady_Leo_Minaj

#SixFlags🎢🎡 #WeOutHere😁 #GirlsJustWantToHaveFun👭🏽 #BlackGirlMagic💖 #BlackGirlsRock👭🏽👩🏽‍🎤 #GoodVibes❤💛💚… https://t.co/fbMKpzo1MM

👉🏻Aylin...👇🏻#cherry◽◻️◽◻️💫🍫🍒 ‏@Aroly_YO

@ThShaher @Thalaxa @hassanabbas732 Congratulations 🎡🎉 @hassanabbas732 🎠🎢🎪🎂🍾

Dominic Puopolo ‏@jesuschrist4610

@angelcandice @AdrianaLima @DeptofDefense @WhiteHouse @DHSgov @us_navyseals @usmc @USArmy @FBI @usnavy… https://t.co/DPWNLoG8rO

KBlondieB🦋 ‏@KKatywapp

@EDC_LasVegas was amazing. @CharlottedWitte blew my mind the most 🔥✨🎢🎡 S/O to @PasqualeRotella for creating such a beautiful experience ❤️

👁️ ‏@FemiAbodunde

@fteconomics "The artist picks up the msg of cultural & technological challenge decades before its transforming imp… https://t.co/mZqBCbLeuq

Mariah🐢 ‏@venegasmariah1

Favorite video from this weekend!!EDC I’ll see you next year 🤩🕺🏼🎆🎡 @justinG5Nine https://t.co/xRlseB6slD

Event Architecture ‏@eventarchus

Fun in the sun at @EDC_LasVegas with our YumYum, OIO & OIOXL! 🌸🎡☀️ #EDC #EDCLV2019 #ElectricDaisyCarnival… https://t.co/5mZLNrAoHg

ᵘᵘᵘʰʰ ‏@zvhrwd

i learned so much about myself over the weeknd, i fell in love with myself and my friends under the electric sky, t… https://t.co/MoXjQ7qKxM

Dessie Bien ‏@dessiebien

🎡 Here’s a song for you… Folding Chair by Regina Spektor https://t.co/GG7dDUHXQP

#Chutuhawerp ‏@zaddyrxffin

My Boy . 🎢🎡 #Chutuhawerp https://t.co/UIBAIaopnB

Brit. ‏@Bardii_B

One more day until I’m poolside with my girl🌴🌴🌴 #floridabound 🏳️‍🌈✈️🎡🍭🎆🧡

OrangeCatCoffee ‏@ohrangecat

Tues May 21 Coffee Selections: ☕️Plantation Blend ☕️Chocolate Peanut Butter💫 ☕️French Vanilla ☕️Decaf Brazil Cerrado ☕️Decaf Carnival Creme🎡


@One1directiona1 TRUE WORDS OF ADVICE TO ALL DECEIVERS/FAKERS🙄😂🎡💃 https://t.co/e1DoKhv3Ug

🌕na Goulart ‏@iamluanagoulart

🎡🇬🇧 @ London, United Kingdom https://t.co/Q6j4oKioLB

𝒥𝒶𝒸𝑜𝒷 ‏@jacobbbyyy

EDC was definitely one for the books 🎡🎉

⭐️HOLLY🌟HOLLIDAY⭐️Mrs B⭐️ ‏@hol_holliday

☕️Cup of tea and #RHSChelsea #bbcchelsea on catch up, in the hotel, ready for tomorrow 🙌🏾🙌🏾🇬🇧🇬🇧🎡🎡🎡 I am seriously e… https://t.co/8N9LXyUzg0

Shelly Raihala ‏@ShellyRaihala

Unexpectedly, & rather interestingly (though I'm defo NOT a #Theatre-Oriented peep), the #Raymond gal said they hav… https://t.co/gIFLxL76Ko

ミキオ ‏@_mickeyohh

Day three of EDC 😎🙏🏼🎡🎶 https://t.co/2vBcME3oZU

Arturo ‏@salcedo_arturo

The 2019 Kimball Park Carnival dates & times!🎡🎠 July 3rd: 5pm - 11pm July 4th: 12pm - 12am 8pm-8:50pm: The National… https://t.co/Z8mWmRSeVr

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