Ferry Emoji

Ferry was approved as part of Unicode 5.2 in 2009 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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⛴ U+26F4

️ U+FE0F


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Pat Downing ‏@LibertyAlways_

@USNavy @USCG @Southcom Thank you for defending our freedom - You are always in our thoughts and prayers and we are… https://t.co/XMUpkOoRSe

Bren Bren ♏️ ‏@bpierskalla

I beat Zack in Battleship and now he won’t play me again ⛴


🗣NSW HEALTH PUBLIC NOTICE We have moved to a brighter & more secure building. Our new address is 1300 Anzac Parade… https://t.co/eZP53jZgSS

Karen Woods ‏@kwjourno

Fantastic beast in #Nantes ⁦@lesMachinesNtes⁩ #France spotted last year on our ⁦@BrittanyFerries⁩ holiday. See for… https://t.co/Icip0WpSHJ

Aodhán Michael Connolly ‏@MichaelAodhan

🚨 Relaxation in Drivers Hours Rules - Reduced Rest via Ferry ⛴ 🚨 @deptinfra confirms drivers can avail of a reduced… https://t.co/pHUCFmhUeT

Lara ‏@ladysayuri54

@Amat_Porn @officiallyaspen ⛴🛳🏙8jKWLn] Hey guys ! I am looking for a real man... Dm me #افلام_سكس #سكس_عربيُُ 😋… https://t.co/XBwx1CB93D

Cecily Reading ‏@joycreated

@ErykaSphynx 🏠⛴🏚zgCpyq Hey guys ! What do you think of me #cuteteens #JulioOut https://t.co/m0OWF4xD7B

Seamus Leheny ‏@Freight_NI

🚨 Relaxation in Drivers Hours Rules - Reduced Rest via Ferry ⛴ 🚨 @deptinfra confirmed tonight that drivers can avai… https://t.co/ey6wLiA9BI

Karen Woods ‏@kwjourno

Happy memories of holidays in #Granville #Normandie last year. Looking forward to returning with ⁦@BrittanyFerries⁩… https://t.co/vfxaKjLbYq

Bessy V ‏@Bessytta

@BradMacGlobal @TrishJewison @BCFerries That is a beautiful picture and it’s a very great idea what BC ferries ⛴ is… https://t.co/HRGeiuiHG8

David C. Moore ‏@CougarCentreSLC

It isn’t just airlines ✈️ like @WestJet @AirCanada @Delta or others furloughing crews |⁦@BCFerries⁩ ⛴ lays off 1,40… https://t.co/m0G2gEaNY3

Anthony Bianchi ‏@anthonybianchi

Puget Sound #pacificnorthwest 🏔 ⛴ @ Seattle, Washington https://t.co/NWkTIBiuUx


A first for @RACO_DF National Executive today with our meeting held via @zoom. Improvise, Adapt and Overcome! Spot… https://t.co/YPcfrRPRuE

Scottish Maritime Museum ‏@Scotmaritime

⛴👀 Fridays sailings. M.V. Hebrides - Calmac ferry built in 2001. Endeavor - General cargo vessel built in 1991.… https://t.co/h7H6xiQIV6

DANIEL MACDONALD ‏@danielmacdonald

@castlenes @NASA Fixed the Cat Ferry, with the worm. ⛴🚀🌊 https://t.co/VnaCyDIKvr

Mister JD. ‏@misterjaydee

Around-the-world phonecall with @catfish278; docked in Port Canaveral, awaiting her mail... 🥰👩‍🌾👋📬🦷⛴🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿☎️🦥🇺🇸💜 T… https://t.co/aX7Ujtzw1S

Popeye The Headcover ‏@PopeyeHeadcover

Evening all - tonight’s chateau select 1. 🔯 🚶‍♀️ 2. 🦵⬅️ 🤢 🚽 ☀️ 3. 🦷 🦉 🐝 🐓A 4. G®️ 🥚🚽🤢 5. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🔯☀️ 6. 🌪🍖🟤 7. 🔯… https://t.co/yNg06xMbmy

min ‏@tbzkore

this😌one✨is💅🏽for🤷🏾‍♀️the 💯boys🎾with💍the 🚴booming🏅 system 👩🏾‍🦱 top 👨🏿‍🍳down⬇️ac🎆with🥦the👐🏽coolest🥶system When 🕰he 🤴🏻… https://t.co/BVrSjJSXSo

Lewis Mackenzie ‏@lewismac100

Missing your ferry experience 🙁 ...here’s some memories of a year ago today ⛴😊 #lifeatsea @CalMacFerries MV Isle of… https://t.co/2rG3On1dcQ

Splitexpress.com ‏@splitexpress

Hope everyone is safe and well. A few photos from last summer to remind you and inspire you ❤️ We’ll still be here… https://t.co/0raxORh7UH

ricardo ‏@ricardoreport13

@wsferries That's a double rainbow!🌈🌈🌈☀️💼📲⛴👨🏻‍💻🤦🏻‍♂️🚦💵📧📤📩

Natalie Roseberry ‏@MrsRoseberry3

When your 2nd year anniversary cruise gets canceled due to the #coronavirus but you still get the daily updates as… https://t.co/OV8c0CzdaD

Mary Revercomb ‏@timarymaui

@VisitMV @VisitMV social distancing from my home on another island on the west coast, San Juan Island in NW Washin… https://t.co/l1z0BjGMoV

Constance H. ‏@Constouche

Welcome onboard @Clotilde_Leroux ⛴ https://t.co/Vu4CLDuTmV

RogueSoulArtist ‏@RogueRomantic

Sometimes I feel like we're tweeting on the Titanic. ⛴

Pacific Environment ‏@pacenvironment

Excited to see @GGZeroMarine #hydrogen ⛴ moving forward in our hometown San Francisco. A visionary #shipping projec… https://t.co/nDwppDBKSf

Senkū ‏@khieeeeen

and i stopped at 102 bc my eyes fall down. now, shall we continue? full speed ahead to the great adventure of scien… https://t.co/8LPMeQB6Uy

🦋 ‏@7calvarado

this🥵one✨is💅🏽for🤷🏾‍♀️the💯boys👨🏿‍🦲with💍the 👅booming🗣system🎚top 🏎down⬇️ac💨with💋 the cooling❄️system📡When 🕰he 🤴🏻come 🐪… https://t.co/9tMyWUjQ0e

ShrinkerBell ‏@ShrinkerBell

@UPS @WhiteHouse Thank You UPS❣ 👏👏 My Brother's Been There 15+ Years!! Thank You For Your Dedication To Recognizing… https://t.co/EwwCxYrBKd

For Scotland in the Union ‏@bcs_scotland

@pocket_rocket96 Yet another plastic paddy no doubt with the handle Jungle. Though hilariously he misspelled it in… https://t.co/D89SGpF2Tz

becca ‏@TamingofdeSchuh

self seen and self held 💞🤯🤦🏼‍♀️😇🤓🥵🥱💩💩👂👂🙅‍♂️💅🏻👯‍♂️👩‍👩‍👧‍👧👡👛🦩🍀☘️🍃🌚🥝🥓🍼🍷🏏🥉🎯⛴🗽🏦📞🧯💸💸💸💸💸💸

Locked On Clippers ‏@lockedonclips

⛴Hot Takes, Zubac’s season, and Zoom Meetings⛴ Taking a look at Wednesday’s Twitter poll results PLUS a spicy take… https://t.co/sMYrgVh4HM

Lil 💭Times Up. YOU decide who you want to 🐝! ‏@Ellen102646

@AmberSmithUSA I'm crying. I'm crying because we need a way out. Its not happening. Its just not happening! In this… https://t.co/GPBWZ35hSO

Lil 💭Times Up. YOU decide who you want to 🐝! ‏@Ellen102646

@Scaramucci @karenamyatt Imagine the lives he saved. Imagine the courage. Imagine his love for those under his watc… https://t.co/TcNSry2y3E

鋼鉄むい@4/5(日)21時通販 ‏@KotetsuMui

【✈️🚌For people who are living abroad and using https://t.co/t9YbLclaCK⛴⛵️】(国外在住の方へ) Deliveries in some areas are d… https://t.co/o93R80axv0

Juan Jose Trejo ‏@jjtrejoa

#Repost total_boat with @get_repost ・・・ . 🛥🚢⛴🛳⛵️ FELICIDADES/ CONGRATULATIONS . 👉🏼 @jjtrejoa 👈🏼 . Seleccionada por/… https://t.co/fQVJmDcdDR

HBur7 ‏@HBur7

Ok time to give #BlackSails a shot... I keep seeing posts about it.... Hope it’s good... I really need good entertainment ⛴

Jana ‏@citytowncanine

Ok, another post I had to shamelessly steal and share. 😜👌🙏🙊👀🏝🌅🛳⛴☀️ and I'm short in emojis. @ Les Iles Grenadines https://t.co/8wWNRSu4ix

Michael Seafarer ‏@SeafarerMichael

Good Afternoon from Colonsay, an extended time alongside for us today as we deliver road tankers carrying essential… https://t.co/BG74csiStB

TravelTk ‏@TravelTK__

We don't know when, but we'll get you there! Trips•Ships•Planes•Champagnes 🏝⛴✈️🥂 https://t.co/JpwkrXuRZT

Ahmad Be_لعل🇵🇰 ‏@AhmadBilalSahi3

@mariha_farhan Oh! Love this Movie ⛴

KnoBrain3r's Intermittent Thinking Society #KITS ‏@KnoBrain3r

In the Navy⚓ You can sail the 7 seas🌊 In the Navy⛴ You can catch a bad disease🤢😷 In the Navy⚓ Trump's the one you g… https://t.co/vPRB6AqNNO

Munch Pudding ‏@MunchPudding

@charsworld90 Ibiza is so beautiful. We took the ferry for the day to Formentera ⛴ & then hired a car to see the wh… https://t.co/B9ehc6vH1Y

may kur ‏@maykur1

@carmindabrendel 😷🤒🤮🦠くThe border / The wall ? The border / The wall く⛴✈🚅? Well controlled? or Failed plan? I heard… https://t.co/aEHP7IhrMF

#Nadaan Parindaa 🕊️ ‏@kanwali2

@anagha_SG Ohhh Anagha take care, ab Sab aik hi ⛴ ke sawar Hain...the situation is locking down my mind...but I will not stop trying...😔

Loretta Mulholland ‏@LorettaMulholl1

@CalMacFerries Wonderful - a very fitting tribute ⛴🎶🎵👏👏👏

Stuart Wilson ⛴CalMac⛴ ‏@Stuart_CalMac

@ShonaMac24 @Robbie_Calmac @CalMacFerries @CalMac_Updates @calum_nicolson Oooh. We could get a good wee debate going here! 😄 ⛴

Mathieu Maes ‏@MathMaes

#Belgium and #EU freight forwarders are worried about demurrage and detention costs. ⛴🇪🇺🇧🇪💶💶💶 #logistics #shipping… https://t.co/1u77Po44im

Shona Nic a’ Mhaoilein ‏@ShonaMac24

@Stuart_CalMac @Robbie_Calmac @CalMacFerries @CalMac_Updates The finest vessel in the fleet!! @calum_nicolson 😁⛴

Janet-Ann MacCuaig ‏@jamaccuaig

@Western_Ferries Here is Riley - a regular on the Islay and Bute runs and his doggy cousin Murphy lives in Dunoon 🐶… https://t.co/SDflsmWh9d

WCCB News Rising ‏@WCCBNewsRising

The Finals are set in our #RisingMovieMadness bracket What movie will be named the winner? Will is be… https://t.co/4cHoqJu5rP

HistoryHunter ‏@HistoryUnter

@andy_owen63 @DTV_Broadcast Wonderful Can’t wait to be back down to Newhaven to catch the Dieppe Ferry ⛴

sAs ‏@xkzltxez69y18cr

@Fr_VanNyverseel Please enjoy your trip carefully ✈️🗻⛴🏝🚢🚅🚗

Visit Gravesend ‏@visit_gravesend

#GraveshamDYK? @LightVessel21 was built in 1963 & is a unique 40 metre steel-hulled lightship. She saw most of her… https://t.co/AUJdsaENsQ

Kim Rattray ‏@rattray_kim

@IOWightPolice Cowes side of the chain ferry 🙂⛴

Frimley Select FC ‏@FrimleyGotf

Thanks @BinsteadCOBFC 🤛🏽 1️⃣ The Badge 2️⃣ The Players (On the ferry ⛴) 3️⃣ The FAN 😂🤷🏻‍♂️ 4️⃣ The most important… https://t.co/GieJTVtfhG

Brannon Besse ‏@brannon_besse

@keithnet52 @mclayton1970 Sink the ⛴⛴...😂

Scottish Maritime Museum ‏@Scotmaritime

⛴👀 Thursdays Ships. Coastworker - Small Tug. Helga - Container Ship. MSC Monica - A container ship.… https://t.co/LAhWfTqavu

_the.deadly.sins_ ‏@KaziNeha3

🎑🌉🎑⛴ Medium: acrylic . . #arte #acrylicpainting #painting https://t.co/nrVVU1hnpL

Aker BioMarine ‏@AkerBioMarine

Wondering how life in Antarctica is like? 🌊❄️ Here are some pictures of our fantastic crew, our lovely lady Antarct… https://t.co/23YSFW1rls

#DRFOG ‏@therealDRFOG

Hey @CaptMattSyrett some interesting maths to be done here for the Navigator👨‍✈️⛴, particularly for astro & tidal c… https://t.co/yVOgIc5PR6

#DRFOG ‏@therealDRFOG

@_chrisfawkes So for the Navigators👨‍✈️⛴ among us a 'standard' tide is 6 hours and 3 minutes not 6 hours 12 🤔 ...… https://t.co/WelD5my3u2

Malte Humpert ‏@malte_humpert

@cryopolitics I just saw it in German news because you know "Don't ram a German icebreaker" makes for good headline… https://t.co/uv4GowL9mN

John D. Stanton ‏@JohnDStanton3

2 40% of the US is infected and in the 🏥 systems. 258 million people have #C19 below, here's 🙏🏼we never hit this th… https://t.co/ufyVRPlJPB

John D. Stanton ‏@JohnDStanton3

1 A Hospital Referral Regions map with 3, 20% US population figures, indicate the Infection Rates to Overwhelm Cap… https://t.co/sAzYLqLAc8

LYIN' DOG FACED PONY SOLDIER @DobieLover on Parler ‏@DogloverMmat65

@Hoosier_Native @PoliticsPot @Dennisabm @PersevereEver @TonyTatano @SeanTDel @TrumpSugar @JohnnyNowhere @GoofyGary7… https://t.co/7rKn1Eu8ci

Disinfect Democracy - Humanity depends on it. ‏@signsaresaying

@MMACSCOT @belle_levesque @lraitt @CPC_HQ The slack jawed masses, irretrievably disconnected from their survival fu… https://t.co/G3Uu1YCMao

John D. Stanton ‏@JohnDStanton3

A @POTUS #PartisanPoliticalPOTUS45 Moments after Dr. Brix added GA & FL to the top 5 list of ensuing #COVID19 hot s… https://t.co/xuCqY9OPNJ

Tiny Situationist ‏@PetitSituations

⛴ : please take some time to resent at the sky

I ❤️ This City ‏@ilovethisbot

I ⛴ Castries https://t.co/8GVl4tZunJ

SSBCrackExams ‏@SSBCrackExams

Good Morning 🙏🏻🌞🌅🌄⛴ #INSVikramaditya is a modified Kiev-class aircraft carrier and the flagship of the Indian Navy… https://t.co/fSaztLtu48

Reagan Agramon ‏@agramonica

"Cruise ship with coronavirus-infected passengers pleads Florida to let them dock." - out in the sea for weeks. ⛴🚑🌡… https://t.co/n0OiTLTwCc

Reagan Agramon ‏@agramonica

LA Engineer derails train near USNS Mercy, all because of conspiracy theory. 🤔🤔🙄🙄🧐🚄🚄🚅🚅⛴ #TrainToLA #USNSMercy… https://t.co/2AYwJEgclT

Custos Ⓜ️aris ‏@EatSleepJumpKKG

#DontRushChallenge .. Get you a man that can do all 3 😆... 🤵🏾🏃🏾‍♂️⛴⚓️ #BoredAF #usatf #HighJump #CleanedUp #USCG… https://t.co/IKlXm5hkQw

NewOrleansNativeTour ‏@NONativeTours

Just a quiet night by the river ⛴ #NativeTours https://t.co/PCKNY4L9wb

🌻🌸Julie🦊Kitsulie🌺🏵 ‏@Kitsulie

Guess some of my favorite movies using emojis! Stolen from @BenAGoodLife 🤓👧🌱🌿🦷🎶 🦊🐶 👸🐸 👦✂️✂️🖤👧 ❓🖼🐰💋 ☕🍔🕺💃💉🚬 ⛴👦👧❄💀 🦖🦕🌳🌲 🦁👑 🧒👩🧑📝🏢👻👧👧🌳❄

Blinded By The Bite! ‏@BlindedBite

View while waiting for my ferry ride home ⛴ it doesn’t suck to be me right now. Drinking it all in, grateful for t… https://t.co/rdr4wJA8lU

Ali Volkan Uygun ‏@avuygun

For 3 ply disposable mask please contact me 👍😊🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳✈️⛴🚛🚂 @ Ningbo https://t.co/YsZu5CakCE

Renee Lanza ‏@ral618

Went for a quick lunchtime run today to log some miles for #wewalk2020 and ran into this 🤦🏻‍♀️ Slowed down the pace… https://t.co/8h6zvCo6i0

🤍JIFF🤍 ‏@FKAscumm

@JGeorgeDrawz Ferry ⛴ https://t.co/pkDF6hWVqB

Vaguely Ginger ‏@VaguelyGinger

@Feuxverts @bbclornag @CalMacFerries @NicolaSturgeon @NHSaaa @nhsaaachoir Our @CalMacFerries ferries did that too- brilliant! 👏 ⛴

Helen Averley ‏@helenaverley

I was writing a report today and inadvertently wrote #RampUp I have never said such a thing before! In less on a ferry ⛴

Alex ‏@aroseblush

⛴ Virus-Stricken Cruise Ships Cleared to Dock in Florida ⛴ https://t.co/80TrOrHGI8

HONEY GERMAN ‏@HoneyGerman

Who wants to see inside the Navy's largest hospital ship #USNSComfort? This is the one docked right here in NYC 🙏🏾… https://t.co/2Kzx4UET6u

Power 105.1 ‏@Power1051

Who wants to see inside the Navy's largest hospital ship #USNSComfort? This is the one docked right here in NYC 🙏🏾… https://t.co/sjqZAsIvrk

Barbvain Von Minaj ‏@SylvainCucktier

This🥰one✨is💅🏽for🤷🏾‍♀️the 💯boys🎾with💍the 🚴boomin🎙system 👩🏾‍🦱 top 👨🏿‍🍳down👇ac💨with🥦the👐🏽coolin☃️system 🌨when 🕰he 🤴🏻co… https://t.co/J7MJVtdvFz

Barry-John Ryan ‏@BJRYAN1977

@TimOSul58400702 @CoriordanO @PaHerlihy1 That a typo my buddy Tim - did you mean week 🤣 #TopMan don’t think we will… https://t.co/ZpAeFViEsL

1851 Trust ‏@1851Trust

The Trust Team (family, neighbours and even ⛴ & 🐶!) were taking part in #clapforkeyworkers 👏🏻🥰💙 We wanted to add ou… https://t.co/j9wrau2MlY

Lizzy 👑💁🏻‍♀️ ‏@Minnie1601x

Loved hearing the North Sea ferries having a little toot on the horns #easthull #clapforkeyworkers #ClapForTheNHS ⛴ 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Ms. Hynes ‏@MsEmilyHynes

Day 17: Exploring Petty Harbour ⛴🌊 @MQPSchool #GetOutsideMQP #GetOutsideNLESD https://t.co/dAQgKjeYYJ

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