Ferry Emoji

Ferry was approved as part of Unicode 5.2 in 2009 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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⛴ U+26F4

️ U+FE0F


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Lewis Mackenzie ‏@lewismac100

It’s fair blowing this morning in #Castlebay ...gusting 48 kts, 55 mph, Storm 10 💨💨🌊⛴😊 @BBCScotWeather https://t.co/vwx9cx4iYn


⛴ Great night on the #Vltava with all ERN-EYE members ! ⛴ https://t.co/tBZalEiLMr

Incendo Development ‏@IncendoDevelop

🔥 Early start for @JKStandfield today - off to the #IsleofWight for a course with @ZorynaODonnell. ⛴ #coaching… https://t.co/0xaFbmaPyV

Fictional Countries ‏@emojicountrybot

hemisphere - 🌎 terrain - 🌃 weather - ☀️ flora - 🌾 fauna - 🐻 🐠 🐳 citizens - 🧑 🧚‍♂️ cuisine - 🍝 🥩 ☕️ urbanizat… https://t.co/knNPnEqVJV

Ryz ‏@ryziedajabers

Still waters ⛴

svenne ‏@svenne04927321

Just realized that the European refugee crisis may have found its solution in @jacindaardern’s New Zealand. I guess… https://t.co/pQqcjSveaj

Michael ‏@MichaelSeafarer

🚙 Back to work... #MerchantNavy ⛴🇬🇧 https://t.co/iAqSc6TMHk

JhoicyFeesz 💁🏼 ‏@JhoanaGwapa

Counting days to go home be like! 🤩⛴ https://t.co/7eoUe81bOM


DIALOOG HOTEL BANYUWANGI INDONESIA IN MY PERSPECTIVE MARCH 2019 📸 This beautiful pool overlooks Bali island Indon… https://t.co/WuYjqmevsg

Evolve Marine⚓ ‏@evolve_marine

Kick-start Your Maritime Career Today & Become A Successful Merchant Navy Officer.⚓⛴ Explore The World of Merchant… https://t.co/6stCKguR8k

sam🐥 lyhk day 2&3!! ‏@perfectlyjimin

off to macau!!⛴😛 https://t.co/1IEgxpXKdH

imnotokay ‏@piqaegrande

@ainabila27_ omg ship ship 😍😭✨⛴⛴

Caleb Rae Jepsen ‏@CandidCaleb

🧚‍♀️s on the ⛴


⛴A cruise & cycle adventure through Thailand 🇹🇭 🚵‍♂️ This tour of Thailand by boat and bike combines the best eleme… https://t.co/AnJP6vDVAo

Julia Kloss ✨ ‏@RealJuliaKloss

Get me back on one of these boats, because I’m trying to sail away from this rain and cold weather ⛴ https://t.co/sibXXSfWag

Shepler's Ferry ‏@sheplersferry

We’re looking forward to another successful #WinsomeWomen event this May on Mackinac!! Register soon to assure your… https://t.co/EaBgKQuF4G

posh mermaid tori🐳 ‏@xitstorii


posh mermaid tori🐳 ‏@xitstorii


♕P̶e̶c̶u̶l̶i̶a̶r̶.̶S̶h̶a̶n̶♕ ‏@KwaiiDesuuuuu

How can you Expect a Happy Beach Summer✈🛥🌅 If your place are always Lacking of Water🛥🚤⛴ https://t.co/rfBDNlairU

Doodles 🇺🇸 ‏@DoodlesTrks

@KurtSchlichter yes they did🤣 #ahoy⛴⛴⛴⛴⛴

Sian Morton 💁🏻‍♀️ 🇦🇺 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ‏@SianMorton

@jonkudelka Booking my one way trip on the Spirit of Tasmania now ⛴

robandlauraadopts ‏@robandlauraado1

Hopefully after the #rain stops here in #statenislandny ⛴ a beautiful #rainbow🌈 #rose 🌹 appears. #funfacts I foun… https://t.co/6ZZBwqxIHV

robandlauraadopts ‏@robandlauraado1

Right now it is #raining hard here on #statenislandny ⛴ I found this beautiful picture 📷 online today and I thought… https://t.co/w8FdXhmzyt

Varnia Henry ‏@varniahenry

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MR. LEE!!!! I wish you continued Joy and Blessings!!! @therealspikelee… https://t.co/2Y6GLXeb0F

( •̀ㅅ•́ ) Neemo 💜》 I ❤ YUNHO WITH MY WHOLE HEART ‏@justlikejayz


Yasmin Barrón ‏@YasminnBeee

39 daysssss ☀️⛴⚓️🍺

Haiku 4 Beto ‏@Haiku4Beto

@KatTimpf Large, are Beto hugs 🤗 For all those blessed with small jugs 🏺🏺 It was just a boat ⛴ #yourewelcome

Shepler's Ferry ‏@sheplersferry

All aboard one month from today. The fun begins Easter Sunday at 7:30am. Who’s with us?? ⛴💙🇺🇸 #RideSheplers https://t.co/dPDSS7PhLn

St Navajo ‏@St_Navajo

@CharlesTrippy 5. Time you went to China to play Ping Pong🏓 4. Became a shrimp boat Captain ⛴ 3. Time you ran acros… https://t.co/0ltJTVL1ZT


DIALOOG HOTEL BANYUWANGI INDONESIA IN MY PERSPECTIVE MARCH 2019 📸 This beautiful pool overlooks Bali island Indo… https://t.co/Mqauw8FPkW

HOT Calder & Lawson ‏@CalderandLawson

Our travel consultant Loris has recently spent the afternoon in Tauranga inspecting the Majestic Princess Cruise from Princess Cruises ⛴


DIALOOG HOTEL BANYUWANGI INDONESIA IN MY PERSPECTIVE MARCH 2019 📸 This beautiful pool overlooks Bali island Indo… https://t.co/JzmqUyVu6Z

JENNYKHA ‏@marbella_jen

I want to go home ✈ ⛴ 🏝


DIALOOG HOTEL BANYUWANGI INDONESIA IN MY PERSPECTIVE MARCH 2019 📸 This beautiful pool overlooks Bali island Indon… https://t.co/ogChOOTSrf

Wesley Rizal ‏@wrizal

Was able to get up, take advantage of my included breakfast, checkout, send my bag along, then I was off to the fer… https://t.co/jywxJUQK2j

anna matillano ‏@annamat1

500 places and 500,000 more to go! Let's go! 🌏✈⛴

agent of altron 🐍⚡️ ‏@spacehussy

@deerest_ewe My favorite !! ⛴💕 if this tugboat's a-rockin...

Nathan Warner 🇨🇦🇦🇺🚑🚒 ‏@nathan_warner

@Dr_Polarbird Very pretty!!! 😀😀 Maybe my room one day in 5 or 10 years time!! 😛🇦🇶👌🏻👍🏻⛴

Jared ‏@aJareDm

#⛴ #newfoundland #atlanticcanada @ Farewell https://t.co/RCDwW4zLHP

Fictional Countries ‏@emojicountrybot

hemisphere - 🌍 terrain - 🏜 weather - 🌦 flora - 🌳 fauna - 🐼 🦇 🐔 citizens - 👱‍♂️ 👱‍♀️ cuisine - 🍝 🥐 🍹 urbaniza… https://t.co/xG8GyRgAnM

Enalye ‏@Enalyee

@Azu_chat @MajorPraline Near👏the👏"Pont🌫de🎲l'Alma"🚳in☂France🇩🇿🗼🗽with🚾a🤳very👄nice👌view👀on🔛the🌉river💦Seine🚣‍♀️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️⛴ https://t.co/TKATx0NlZI

Bald Cats ‏@Bald_Cats

@vanillaOPRAH Done, done and done. I waiting for World of Warships beta tomorrow, can’t wait to float my boat!⛴🛳💥💥💥

Nigel Burrow ‏@Marett_Anthony

@JEPnews Be interesting to see the Opening Times and the cost of a Bacon 🥓 🥪 Butty, Cup of Coffee ☕️ and can of Cok… https://t.co/kkCZ6lu9Vi

Kamloops Blazers ‏@blazerhockey

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Captain Booch speaking... we’ll be cruising at approximately 20 knots, and will be a… https://t.co/UwQ7Hx5oI0

Amber Louden ‏@AmberELouden

So glad I moved from Kansas to Washington 🐻🦆🦅🐴🦋🐌🦀🐋🐟🦑🐙🦌🐇🦃🦔🌲🌳🌿🍂🍁🌷🌤🌬🍓🍎⛵️🛳⛴🏞🌄🌃🏙🏘 https://t.co/FdVcLZ9v8E

NH ‏@NelsonHoward

⛴ & 🌐 Unbuttoned DB. Letterman caught a lot of flack for wearing his double breasted suit coats unbuttoned. Guess I… https://t.co/ukIqfVhcNQ

baby k ‏@kittykattkash

#BelowDeck seriously I can’t get enough future yatchi coming soon⛴ #Hospitality

Hawkar Sardar ‏@SardarHawkar

#Mosul I’m really saddened by this real accident of ferry ⛴ capsizing, wishing their souls Rest In Peace, our condo… https://t.co/by43a8sWHF

Deluxe Confidential ‏@ParisArtDeVivre

This floating #art center will change #Paris' #Seine forever ⛴🎨 (Dying to see this!) https://t.co/AlEk7YOS22 via… https://t.co/0cTsMQtv7B

Silkway Travel & Cruise Inc ‏@silkwaytravel

【#Cunard | #StPatricksDay Sale】 🗣 Hurry Up, End #Mar22 ⛴【14 Nts️#Iceland & #BritishIsles Cruise】 📍Queen Elizabeth… https://t.co/nSdnlMhm02

Lewis & Harris RSC ‏@lhrsc

@RFC_Nick92 That was a good day you guys came across 🙄⛴ ☀️ 🇬🇧

Bryan N Kilmer ‏@agentkilmer

@sshtramel @JordanSchachtel The Golan Heights are sovereign Iranian territory article incoming 🛳⛴🛳🚢 ahoy!

Mark Goldfinch ‏@mark3deal

Such a classic shot of Dover Castle from Pencester Road! Route 80 at St Margaret’s-at-Cliffe has tremendous views o… https://t.co/dMSBmCGVpD

Anke Neuwirth ‏@anke_neuwirth

@nickhowardmusic I hope Hannover and Braunschweig will be on your way!👍Hamburg is a must have⛴

AJ ‏@andyjessjnr

Class to create this alongside @RFC_Nick92 if you ever get the chance to visit @lhrsc you won’t regret it, well wor… https://t.co/Y2NEXD72wx

Rosé 💋 ‏@naelewis_


Anne Ferguson ‏@afhearghuis

@miel @punchupthejam Bainbridge! 🌊⛴

🌻 Alexandra Wood 🌻 ‏@Alex_Bobsleigh

@AlmostSenseless Welcome to Sark Victoria. The island jungle drums told me your twitter handle! 😂😂😂 So I hope you d… https://t.co/f5gtUPGQe3

MattLoefflerREALTOR ‏@mloefflerRE

Floating homes.. Also known as: Boats ⛴ https://t.co/InkfJYlKH7 https://t.co/osHXsCh6Yl

Camp Casey ‏@gocampcasey

Feeling #adventurous? With a few bumps here and there, Camp Casey is just a convenient #ferry ride away! ⛴… https://t.co/lOI9cBwIqe

Aaron ‏@woopdatass13

@X_myguy @charitydesarae1 Proud of u cuzo outhere cruizin⛴

Luchz™ 💋 ‏@bubblyluchz

Warm man oy. Time check 11:30PM up. 🧭 Dose off 1am+ na.😴😴😴 Feel ko slight ang AC if I leave the curtains open! 😑 #TransAsia3 🚢⛴ Tourist 🤤

Norah ‏@noraahh202

@ttahannii @bynd666 Ships 🛳⛴🚢⚓️🛥🚤⛵️🛶

Stephen Davis ‏@SteveyD

@NoseyOne_ See you there ⛴ 🍾

PD1882 ‏@PD1_8_8_2

@AgiBergman Hope it just turns out to be a nice extended holiday and you’re back with some certainty soon! As for t… https://t.co/Jh7D1GJv5L

Paul Perrozzi ‏@GinnaPerrozzi1

@YorkshireSlang 💩 shite 🍺ajar 🤪soft. ☹️ mardy ⛴ boo’at 🥧 snap 🥶 nesh

Deborah H. McBroom ‏@roadassurance

Would you Travel Better for Less? Visit us here: Where Is Your Dream Vacation? 🌏🏯🗽🗼🎠🚄🎪🎡🚍🚲🛴🚘🚣‍♀️⚓🛫⛴🚡🛸… https://t.co/xV5CZNeoX9

Marye Stattion ‏@stattion_marye

@MattBomer @WillAndGrace Unfortunately I do not have so much creativity! ⛴

Paul Stuart ‏@paulpau1968

@WingsScotland @JimSpenceSport I’m guessing Chris Grayling as Scotland Manager would transport the National ⚽️Team… https://t.co/ae70KOo4YV

RiverVoyages.com ‏@RiverVoyages

🎊BRAND NEW DRAG THEMED CRUISE ⛴07 nights on-board U by Uniworld 🔥Prices from £2,499pp 🔹On-board performances, appea… https://t.co/iTN0dzS0kk

Anders Adamsen ‏@anderspreben

New catamaran #ferry ordered for the #Samsø to #Aarhus route ⛴ Notice the #bicycle parking, it must be #Denmark!… https://t.co/uiaR66AVOV

John Fernandez ‏@JohnFernandez1

Brilliant day gathering material today for @BBCGuernsey. Done interviews on: ⛪️ Church finances ⛴ Sea links 🐬 Hu… https://t.co/J9d5varMaJ

Israa ‏@israaaaa8

Chilling on Ma’deya window ⛴ 🖼 #ferry #everydayportsaid #everydayportfouad #portsaid #portfouad #egypt #chillin… https://t.co/Ot9YWIYgll

Gary Fulton ‏@WailandHoller

@haynesdeborah Are Chris Graylings invisible Ferries ⛴ on stand-by?

SOSAK_907 ‏@sosAK907

#Juneau great to see you yesterday! Civic engagement sure looks good on you. ⛴ ⛴ ⛴ #AKLeg #AKgov #sosAK https://t.co/1vbpkC0Ei1

Lewis Mackenzie ‏@lewismac100

Today’s views from the bridge of @CalMacFerries MV Isle of Lewis on passage from #Oban to #Castlebay ⛴😊… https://t.co/Zvn71IdZcG

KC 🍁 ‏@fly276

@PNH_Hotelier Hope the rest of the trip is going well. Hi to @MrsNHcakes too 👀⛴😎 @runningMDSrob 👀

lajan thick ‏@trippythick

Taking the boat out this weekend need more people HMU ⛵️🛥🛳⛴

Adam Young ‏@Shotlad

Good luck this weekend to the sexiest player on the #pdc circuit. You can do in my little Steamboat ⛴⛴ @adamhunt8

Axel Ziba ‏@axelziba

On the ferry ⛴ ride to beautiful Victoria to do a complete promo package for a spectacular luxury oceanfront proper… https://t.co/uJMfa6qaxk

Alan ‏@mancl1917

Don’t forget they not go be stopped🤔 have to keep moving 5mph on motorways😲 but as long emergency services can pass… https://t.co/JoLErEDbw6

Lynn Lyon ‏@lynnmurraylyon

What a year @HexagonASA ! 🚕🛳🚝🚛🚗🚚⛴🚌🚀🚙🌱🌏 #DrivingEnergyTransformation #Sustainability https://t.co/oQlarabtPe

WRESTLESPLANIA ‏@wrestlesplania

🐉⛴ EPISODE 64! Rachel and Kath talk about the purest babyface in history and current Sweet Old Man, Ricky “The Drag… https://t.co/M7PTBwLbvq

Luke Helmer ‏@HelmerLuke

Was amazing visiting Governors Island & seeing @BillionOyster in action yesterday! Such a cool project! Very jealou… https://t.co/5gzg0FyJ2t

Papa Pug Diego ‏@PapaPugDiego

Be calm and boat on… 🛶🚤🛥⛵️⛴ #boating #boatlife #boat #lake #afternoon #seattle #water #activity #calm #sailing #pug… https://t.co/3tdgN8z3Id

Luis Cintron ‏@Guichy_pr

Work 🙏👨‍🏭⛴ en Norfolk, Virginia https://t.co/qqA22aTtIp

Lewis Mackenzie ‏@lewismac100

A good bit of wind in the forecast... so a few extra ropes out tonight 💨💨⛴😊👍 - @CalMacFerries MV Isle of Lewis… https://t.co/kOOyc3OgBi

Birchwood Shopping ‏@BirchwoodSC

💛Thomas Cook UK EARLY BOOKING OFFER💛 ⛴ P&O CRUISES IONA 2021 NOW ON SALE! 14 Nights Spain, Portugal & Canary Island… https://t.co/nbJQgNUM4L

S/S American Victory ‏@amervictory

Get your tickets TODAY for the Salute to Service Cruise aboard the American Victory Ship for a chance to cruise the… https://t.co/YxQ0VVznZV

Lewis Mackenzie ‏@lewismac100

@SeanBattySTV Indeed 🙄 ... a pic from January 2018 of The ‘Maids of Morvern’ weeping in the Sound of Mull... indica… https://t.co/Ra0z6uulBU

Dr. C. S. Vogelmann | #SMMW19 ‏@DrVogelmann

Taking the Coronado Ferry ⛴ from home to #SMMW19 to see @NealSchaffer @MariSmith @derraleves and a host of other so… https://t.co/P7dv1nCNM5

Kira Ocasio-Argounova ‏@Kira_Media

@KurtSchlichter “Tsunami of cruise ship emojis.” 💥🚢⛴🛳⚓️ https://t.co/d256tRu4Oc

space 💿 ‏@viking_koya

My tl: All 🚢 🛳 ⛴🚢🛶🚢🚤🛳⛴🛥 ⛵️ing

FIFI Freight Tracker ‏@FIFreight

The America has just arrived at the Saltaire dock. ⛴

myron ‏@u2fan2375

@ultra do I need to activate my #ferry ⛴ pass?

Tim Miller ‏@Timodc

Ahoy! A must read on the MAGA national divorce fantasies roots in white power radicalism. ⚓️🛳🛳⛴⛴⚓️ https://t.co/8JyFkMDSda

Nicolai ‏@JigmeDorje23

@HackettOfficial See you in Hamburg🎸⚓⛴👂

Jennifer Di Pardo ‏@jennpardo

🛥⛴🛳 @ Victoria, British Columbia https://t.co/PJ01in9DRu

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