Fire Extinguisher Emoji

Fire Extinguisher is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🧯 U+1F9EF


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germ ‏@germdrisch

@JuliannaRink be like 👱🏼‍♀️ |\🧯💨 👦🏼🤜🏼 🤛🏽👦🏽 /\

Eights🎱 ‏@eightclubs_

Ah it was one of thoseit quite cute actually like the lamp! 🧯💡🚒 #AmazingSpaces

Carly ‏@dreamerofpandas

I NEED THIS!!! #TheresSmokeInTheKitchen #TheresSmokeInTheBedroom 🔥🧯

ミ ‏@mypandashallfly

Another clip from glitching the heavyweight @Roland_US MC505 groovebox using a *mystery* new device off-screen! ⚠️💥…

Natalie ‏@hotdamnitsnat

But the more bad bitches, then the more merrier 🧯

ً bel&hobiLuvr_✩🧸🥣 ‏@95spjms

my gf doesn’t wanna cuddle or hold my hand rn this is homophobic 🧯

ørlando ‏@orlandodzn

Support this! 🔥🧯

PAIGER👑 ‏@DontGetPaiged_

Sign Up To Listen To Deals Now!! 🧯 (LINK IN BIO) 💯

nina winchester ‏@nina_ffm_

Fuck all those selfies I’m fucking crazy and I’m proud 🆘🧯#NeuesProfilbild

Chris Grigg ‏@cmGrigg

@toad_mrs Nonsense look at how much extra you still have to burn... 👀 🧯

Josh Blanchard ‏@JB_bowling

I wish I got the chance to compete on a lane oiled like this 🧯

Old Badger-brock ‏@OldBadgerBrock

@Melody_Muse As they say, where there's smoke, there's fire. Unfortunately, foam from a fire extinguisher is also likely to damage books.🧯

Nishad S ‏@signal_SIGABRT

I definitely 💯 thinks unit testing is important and should not be ignored. Its about learning where to place the fi…


My new single is out #UMTHAKATHI_WESWAG 🔥🔥🔥🧯💯 Get it now Fakazak link: SoundCloud link:…

latina category ‏@latinacategory

run that shit run it back 🥴🧨🧁📀🧯

Joe Thomlinson ‏@joethomlinson

Set up goals 🧯

A. Banana ‏@banana24689

Every single time 🧯🙈

JLCM105 ‏@covered_UPINTEL

The Main Stream Media, is 'BURNING' down 🔥 and NO ONE, is going to put them out 🧯 not even Their 'dumb down' VIEWER…

iLLy🖤 ‏@ReallliLLa

Say she never smoked I turned her to a stoner 🧯

Celine Dab ‏@DabCeline

@ShawnMendes @CalvinKlein Somebody call 911 my phone is on fire 🔥👨‍🚒🚒🧯 I need somebody now someone to help me out

Celine Dab ‏@DabCeline

@ShawnMendes @CalvinKlein somebody call 911 my phone is on fireeeee 🔥👩‍🚒🚒🧯

Nets #VoteEveryElection ‏@netsy01

@thomaskaine5 Thomas, put all those replies to work. #FanningTheFlames 🔥🧨🔥🧨🔥🧨🔥🧨🔥🥵 #PutinOutTheFire 🧯🚒🧯🚒🧯🚒🧯🚒👨‍🚒👩‍🚒

👑 Joshua 👑 OB1_UKnoMe ‏@k1ng_joshua

@sunkissed_jae 😂😂😂 good to know I’ll bring the fire extinguishers 🧯💨🔥👌🏾

Flame Da MoBBStar 👹 ‏@7FireFlame7

I’ll see you Soon Raleigh,NC Pull Up at 440 Nightclub📍 Tonight I’ll be in da building burning 🧯 Shit Down “OH YEAH”

Mayflower State Police ‏@MfState

Oh, what's that now? 🚒🧯 New Haven County Fire Department (-_-)7

Brent Schmidt ‏@BangBangBrent

@SchoolboyCLE “Someone say danger?” 🧯

ImNamedJames ‏@ImNamedJames

@MsAbigailMac @whitneywrightx 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Better keep a fireman nearby this is gonna get hot!👨🏻‍🚒🚒🧯

nalyD ycarG ‏@TGODylan50

In bed at 7:31 on a Saturday night what have I become 🧯


from zoeydollaz - We don’t run 🏃🏼‍♂️ from smoke 💨 we firefighters 🧯👨🏾‍🚒 - . . . . . . . . #treyofivetv #miami…

ed harden ‏@thanksphil84

@keselowski Didn’t want a too many firefighters over the wall penalty! 😂 It’s funny he sprayed the crew after they yelled at him. 🧯

FRANKIE STIEN 💀✨ ‏@frankie_s_queen

That faucet ain’t the only thing dripping, sis 💀💀💀💀🔥🧯

US Patriot ‏@arrived1630

@CBDfirefighters Can I get one of those red hose holder thingies for my yard? Hi to Spears & Chumbley!!👨‍🚒🔥👨‍🚒🧯

Delly. ‏@fidel_hamilton

@Greeezywill @Ty_croffie Oshey fire extinguisher 🧯

Emma Morgan Richardson ‏@73emmer

@shauncranfield1 A fire 🔥 extinguisher 🧯😂😂 #ohtheirony 😁😁

Thatsworrisome 🔊MAGA Hertz™️ ‏@Thatsworrisome

@MacComas @petefrt @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews @CNN @PBS @MSNBC @nytimes @washingtonpost @whpresscorps @DNC @whca Sleepi…

𝔏𝔦𝔳𝔞𝔦 🎐 ‏@SogekingPipo

I’m drippin that hot sauce 🧯

Janet 💖🎚 📚💐🇺🇸🍷🐕 & quilt shops ‏@LovelyThingsNC

@EdenMaker Can’t wait to see this! Good luck 🍀😁🙏🏻🤔🛠🧰💰🧯⏰

Dinoo🦴 ‏@KingBrandino_

Days before rodeo and FNL are musts 🧯

Poptronus™ ♏︎ ‏@Poptronus

Bechobot in space used 🧯🔦📹 to coochie

Nstra Mental ‏@MentalNstra

Get your Glow sticks ready I made something a little different than usual 🔥🧯👨🏽‍🚒🧯🔥 #beatz #funnyvideos…

joe jennings2 ‏@joejennings2

@PatFrmMoonachie One knows how to shake her ass and the other has an unpronounceable name.🧯

Stef Mattana ‏@stefmattana

When you step down the wall 🎢 🧯 . . . #fire #safetyfirst #firebeatz #fireproof #firesafety #fireextinguisher…

Manchester City Lovers ‏@ManCityLovers11

Line Up,Live Match Now🍓 Newport vs Manchester City 🧯 {#NEWMCI ♥ #NCAFC VS #mancity Live stream Here 👇 🔜 LIVE H…

Thatsworrisome 🔊MAGA Hertz™️ ‏@Thatsworrisome

What you know that isn’t so that hurts not just you & me but all of US‼️🇺🇸@PeteSantilli_ 🧯@Telford_Russian 🔥…


@_Georgia_Heat We can't wait to see you bring the 🔥! We'll keep the 🧯 on hand!

RealGaryJerome ‏@AustinActor

Seriously.... I’m so worried about the election in 2020. How do we beat *open borders *abortions of viable babies…

dj kelly gee ‏@djkellygee

Happy chappie Koby cookie XX Happy birthday little fire fighter 🧯 Loves you more always xx🎂💙xx

Travis Plank ‏@17Travis

Internet, Why are you making fun of @NatalieRacing ‘s crew member with the fire extinguisher 🧯. Instead you should…

Lori Ann Yablonski Reilly🌴 ‏@Loriannreilly

Really! What was with that! 😱🧯

Vale Council ‏@VOGCouncil

👨‍🚒 Seeking a career change or a new challenge? 👩‍🚒 🧯 @SWFireandRescue on-call firefighters can earn up to £13,000…

Emma Mais ‏@EmmaMais

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Airla Sophia 🕯 ‏@AirlaSophia

Does starting a fire mean the spell worked? 😆🎲♠️🗝🔥🧯

dohacchi ‏@hyucake

🤒😨🔪🥵red suit🤕🤒🤯🔥💣🥵😣🧨😭🔥🤯🙃🔫😫wet hair🧯😳🥵🤬♨️gloves💦🤒😱🤯🚑🥵😳😤🧨🔪🥵🤒🚒🚨🧯🔥🚀taemin😨😳🥵🤯🤒🚀🚨😭🚒🧯🧨🔪💦💣🤬🔥

JD Wakonyo Waruhiu ‏@parawakili

True👂🏿Accountability an extinguisher 🧯 for Impunity💪🏿 @HakiKNCHR @IPOA_KE @KNCHRkisumu @beryl_orao

ImNamedJames ‏@ImNamedJames

@SofiaClerici That🍑 is 🔥🔥🔥!👨🏻‍🚒🚒🧯

Project Follow Help ‏@ProjectFollowHe

Follow who retweets and likes this 🧯

Mzie Mdlalose🇿🇼 ‏@mzingaye_

@SibandaSibbs Zimbabwe is a sorry state, junta lot is cluess. How can a country have no disaster response, no first…

Andy Jeffers ‏@AndyVJeffers

Sniper Fire Extinguishers 🧯 🔥

Todd Brech ‏@toddbrech

@jeff_gluck Time for the long distance fire extinguishers 🧯

Nick LaBrecque ‏@NickLaBrecque

@erik_jones Impressive fire extinguisher for sure! 🧯

Elaine Bouma ‏@RLPElaine

⚙️ Operating power tools 🧯 Deep-frying ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 2 activities that Picture Perfect Landscaping Quinte Ltd. and I b…

John Vreeland ‏@JohnMVreeland

@wonderella Sometimes you should just let a dumpster fire burn. 👩‍🚒🧯🚒

Loulou ‏@Angeloulou_1013

Wtf is going on? I lost my wallet last year and this time I lost my Wifi even though I wasn’t drunk at all 🙍🏻‍♀️ It…

SAVVV🔮 ‏@illest_Turban

C O M E B A C K 🧯 @ San Jose, California

[◕.◕]iͭmͧmͫ ͫᓸ ‏@TummyJimmy

@AnthonyCole68 🧨 Whiz/Fizz! 🧯 "How My Backers Had Me By The Knackers!"

Paul Opel ‏@Jackandblue

When I hear about a "national emergency," this is all that comes to mind. 🔥🚒🧯👨‍🚒👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️💉 #johnnygagerocked

Nstra Mental ‏@MentalNstra

TGIF 🔥🧯👨🏽‍🚒🧯🔥 time to kick back and take some much-needed medicine 🎧💊🎧 #newmusicfriday #downtownla #chatla #beatz…

matt dawson ‏@dawsxn

Parents are having a nice candle lit dinner with friends downstairs and I’ve just absolutely Chernobyl’d the area w…

CLOUD LIVES ‏@ScottyFrys


Blackout Houston ‏@blackoutHTX


sylvia m davis ‏@sylviadavis80

@Talya8news @IamVenomous1024 @RACC_Shelter @8NEWS Whoever is responsible I’d like to set them on fire 🔥 with a good…

The Pepper Police™ ‏@ThePepperPolice

@firstwefeast @kenjeong Give your guests a treat if they make it through 10 rounds! Let’s us put out that fire!🔥🧯…

Donna Pitman KMBC ‏@DonnaPitmanKMBC

I'd add to make sure one is up and hanging in a place you can reach it. I set my @CrockPotCares on 🔥(not the pot's…

OBJuice540🅾️🅱️🔋 ‏@KingJuice540

I’m back on my shit just know that 🧯

City of Independence ‏@CityOfIndepMO

Do you have a fire extinguisher 🧯? Independence Fire shares why these are an important item for your home in today’…

GetDown ‏@koolestdaddy

@DJZEESA ft @Fabee4068 -Get Down‼️‼️🌪🌪🌪Out now on all digital stores.🔥🔥🔥🧯@Yfm @CapricornFM @971AMPRadio @kasie_fm…

CrushRush ‏@CrushRush2

Shahdi crushed Rush 🧯 1. Credited with suggesting using "hello" when answering phone? Edison 2. A wombat is a marsu…

Gillotine Grace ‏@GillotineGrace

Last day of my #OSHA #511 @teexsafety 🧯 #worklifegrind #certifiedsafetyprofessional #womeninsafety #CSP #WISE @ TEE…

Georgie Burns ‏@GeorgieBurnsNHC

What a great experience for our @N_HertsCollege Public Service students learning how to put out fires! 👨🏼‍🚒👩🏽‍🚒🧯…

lou ‏@anjeonlic

this is my vagyna 👌🏻 and this is Changkyun with blonde hair 🔪🧨🗡💣🔨🔪🧯

Footprints Day Nurseries ‏@FootprintsDN

Our #Bollington nursery had an exciting trip from a fire engine recently! 🚒🔥The children asked questions, got to tr…

FireMisting ‏@FireMisting

Sprinkler and Misting systems save lives! Fact! And they are not as expensive as you might think. For a free quot…

TenOver10 ‏@djtenover10

*Ultimate Mega Mix Platform Lesotho Presents:* _Ultimate Mega Mix #12_ 🧯 *Resident dj:* Epic 🧑🏿 *Guest dj:* TenOv…

Carpreneur ‏@kollysmith

U don’t wanna look like fire extinguisher 🧯

CANADA-Chronicles😎 ‏@ibkralph

@beegeaglesblog @rofasanten 👌 perfect point! I agree with you it’s better not to stir fire 🔥 then calling fire fighters 🧯

LEJEN ‏@HarvineshR

We threw fire extinguishers 🧯 during our high school #smks4

Diana Sturgeon ‏@DianaMarguerite

@7of69 They work....really well! 🧯👍🏼

Phenomenal#1🤘/AJStylesGOAT🤘 ‏@AJstylesgoatP1

@MsCharlotteWWE Damn 🔥🔥🤘🤘 this female says bravo. Fire 🔥 extinguisher 🧯 too sweet

illicitvoodoo ‏@illicitvoodoo

Short girls be wearing red on Valentine’s Day looking like lil fire extinguishers 🧯

pupusa papi 🇸🇻 ‏@djactbadd

ain’t shit changed but the date, see y’all tomorrow at @blackoutHTX w/ special guest @DJHappyColors 🧯 . 21+ // LADI…

FOX Sports Florida ‏@FOXSportsFL

The @FlaPanthers pull out a shootout victory over the Flames!🚨🧯 CATS WIN 3-2!🐱 #OneTerritory #NHL

21 Cabbage ‏@CoreySocial

Put out the fire 🧯

orod ‏@orod1987

@elonmusk @elonmusk sorry to bother Elon, as I’m sure you have more important things going on, but I still haven’t…

Eagles 9-7 🦅😎 ‏@Cockywill88

Hell yeah salute to @champssports 🧯🔥😎

Meech 🐊 ‏@_MoneymanMEECH

That’s krazy but it’s true 🧯

The offical stuff animals account ‏@Nick26729001

@asimo3089 firefighters team for fire station and fire truck 👩‍🚒👨‍🚒🧯🚒

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