Fire Extinguisher Emoji

Fire Extinguisher is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🧯 U+1F9EF


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Daniel S. ‏@ThinkN_Do

October is Fire 🔥 Safety Month 🚒 Did you know, on this day in: 1722 Frenchman C Hopffer patents the fire extinguisher 🧯

Flipgrid ‏@Flipgrid

@cmccarroll27 Student voice is catching 🔥 in your classroom, Courtney! The best part? There's no need to put it out 👩‍🚒🚒🧯

Jeanne Hawk ‏@twomadds2

Just rcvd the nicest gifts from @FirehouseSubs for endorsing their Safety Fndn at This gro…

Moshe Fasten ‏@MosheFasten

@WABetaInfo It's the new emojis: 🥰 🥵 🥶 🥴 🥳 🥺 🦵 🦶 🦷 🦴 👨‍🦰 👨‍🦱 👨‍🦳 👨‍🦲 👩‍🦰 👩‍🦱 👩‍🦳 👩‍🦲 🦸‍♂️ 🦸‍♀️ 🦹‍♂️ 🦹‍♀️ 🦝 🦙 🦛 🦘 🦡…

Shake! Boston ‏@ShakeBoston

issa @minamusicuk mood 🧯 come check out Mina at our next party w/ @itsjustepicb + @45diboss and our resident…

Brian Beamish ‏@CRInvestor

Top of the market to ya! 🧯

Krysten ‏@kstentan

@buffpapilorte AY TRUE!!! I SAW HIM SA FIREMAN EP AND HE WAS 👨‍🚒🧯👀

ChampagneSuperRovers ‏@RoversSuper

🎤HELLOOOO TWITTER🎤 Your favourite likely lads have put an end to the losing streak 🔥@RoversSuper 9-4 Bad Kompany🔥…

Brute Force ‏@MrNP_Hadebe

my broe is so funny..🧯

Ways2Work ‏@Ways_2_Work

🧯 @AvonFireRescue has a vacancy for an Equipment Technician #BristolJobs #jinglejobs 🚒

Brute Force ‏@MrNP_Hadebe

you seriously wanna work here.?🧯 me: Yes! Leave.

Candia McKormack ‏@CandiaMcKormack

@mimz73 Ah, yes, those highly combustible horrors... candles + tinsel = insanity (or should that be in-Santa-y). 🔥🎅🧯

Spring Harbinger ‏@Spring_Harbinge

@pjbowles4 @dcassepoolman @1badveteran @TBruceTrp773 @RightSideSkirt @suprdupe @2018MAGAMidTrmT @ClaraLKatzenmai…

Spring Harbinger ‏@Spring_Harbinge

@pjbowles4 @DaveSchreiber3 @JoeZ56590020 @DebbieTheMOTS @DilaraEsengil @doughuntt @carysimond @DianeHelp4pets…

Catastronauts! ‏@Catastronauts

This is my survival kit. There are many others like it, but this one is mine. 🔧🧯🚀 #indiegames #indiegamedev…

yb tink 🖤 ‏@luuuhtinkkk

🧯 watch out

H-FARM ‏@hfarmspa

Using cyber technologies to improve systems for risk management: our AI society @CELI_NLP is a partner of…

Schorsch77 ‏@Schorsch77

🧯🔥 The Fire Brigade of Flemish-Brabant West uses PRTG to monitor their infrastructure. Thanks to @paesslerAG partne…

Kirsten Tingley ‏@MrsTingleyMSX

Check out the latest events for our @MSXLions, along with a special note from Mrs. Eldridge. So excited for Fire Pr…

James Wongsodiwirjo Jr. ‏@jestermedia795

#DreamTheater- #Lost but #notforgotten (FULL SONG) 😷🙏🚑🏥👍😎🤟🗜️⏰🧯💡🔌🔋📡 @dreamtheaternet - Lost but not forgotten (FULL…

Christian Guy ‏@ChristianGuy_

If you made a mistake at work last week read this for some perspective (unless of course you are the person who act…

Sascha Gabriel #GTTO ‏@bleksverdvar

Solidarity ✊🏻 with all fire brigade personnel today and every day #FBU #IStandWithTheFBU #StopTheCuts #CutsKill…

UM Emergency Management Services & RebAlert ‏@RebAlert

Final Day of 🔥Prevention Week! Are you nervous about using a 🧯? Check out this graphic 👇and you will all P.A.S.S…

Angie ツ ‏@DatAngle

@SariaArts Girl you looking hot 🔥🔥🚒👩‍🚒🧯

youngsauceboy cali🍼 ‏@calixt96

GO FOLLOW👽😈💸💊🔫🍼🧯💥⭐🎵🦘⚡🧡☣️🔥💯💸🎵🦘💊 #1063atl #Facebook #NowPlaying #socialmedia #quebec2018 #worldstarhiphop #WeTheNorth…

NCFA ‏@NoCoFire

We're concluding Fire Prevention Week with an open house! 🚒🧯 Visit any of our participating stations on Saturday,…

Franco ‏@praannkkk

Mission Impossible 🧯

Norma Jan Jan Skorgan ‏@norparjohnnie

"Fajerekstingwixer"??!! 🧯🇲🇹 🤣

Emory EHSO ‏@EmoryEHSO

🧯#FireSafety tip! If a fire is in the beginning stages, you may be able to put it out by using a nearby…

Metro Parent ‏@MetroParent

Fires can break out quickly. Is your family aware of key home fire safety measures that could save lives? Be inform…

Matt Quinlan ‏@Matt_Quinlan

@ColtonCumbie @survivorcbs @PriceIsRight @JeffProbst Thanks for the car, Bob (2007)! 🚗💨 #PriceIsRight Thanks for t…

Grinnell Mutual ‏@GrinnellMutual

Recently, a group of our employees learned how to use fire extinguishers to put out small fires — #literally 🔥🔥🔥🧯…

Miss Garman ‏@GarmanGrade3

This week is #FirePreventionWeek2018! Ask your child to share one of the safety tips we've discussed! 🚒🧯

TJU&H Public Safety ‏@TJUSecurity

Remember how to react to a fire! RACE: Rescue. Alarm. Confine. Extinguish. #RACE 🔥🚫 Use of a fire extinguisher? PAS…

Angel Ornelas ‏@UniOnTheBeat check out the new beat 🔥🧯


Yesterday, #SEPTA and the Philadelphia Fire Department observed #FirePreventionWeek by placing car cards in 2,000 S…


It's #FirePreventionWeek! Shout out to all #NovaScotia firefighters who help protect us and our property, assist in…

milfshake🥤 ‏@notyomamalieky

It’s crazy bc most wives I know always prepare themselves for them to die fighting fires 🧯 yet he died in a car acc…

Martin Wallström Cinema ‏@MartinVallztrem

his gingerybrown beard, and his hair is getting so long🔥🥤🚒🧯 (1st pic: žygimanto gedvilos)

Niels Bohr ‏@Niels_Bohr85

My bae Margrethe😍😍😍🔥🔥🧯


@ArianeStAmour @Bondinage @PolymorpheLatex WTF now Im in love thats Hot😻🤩😍🧯

Rock this Wey ‏@Rock_Wey

This is it! Friday's show with Alan and unexpected guest Chairman of @radiowey @marcbakos Listen out for the fire e…

City of Carrollton ‏@CarrolltonTX

Today is #firepreventionday 🔥🧯! Learn how to build and practice a home escape plan (for both families and seniors),…

The Magical Attic ‏@TheMagicalAttic

#SunrayBear has his check list ready on #FirePreventionDay 🧯#LookListenLearn #Look around -what might cause a fire🔥…

The Quint ‏@TheQuint

“Mumbai is LIT!" they say, literally. 🔥 The visibly cramped city always seems to be catching fire — but how ready i…

Jane ‏@janesinsane

@KraziliaLove @khalisha_t take a pic of the label with the name or chemical info, i'll help you figure out wtf it is 🧯

ABC Canberra ‏@abccanberra

On Drive with @lt_chill 📻 - Does the ACT have a problem with PFAS chemicals in firefighting foam?🧯 - How to incen…

TormentedEmu ‏@TormentedEmu

@dependent_127 Yes, Las Vegas is hot at the moment 🔥🔥👩‍🚒🚒🧯

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