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Sweden Emoji

The flag for Sweden, which may show as the letters SE on some platforms.

The Sweden emoji is a sequence of the 🇸 Regional Indicator Symbol Letter S and 🇪 Regional Indicator Symbol Letter E emojis. These display as a single emoji on supported platforms.

Sweden was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🇸🇪 Swedish Flag

Apple Name

🇸🇪 Flag of Sweden


🇸 U+1F1F8

🇪 U+1F1EA


Tweets For 🇸🇪

Patric Palm ‏@PatricPalm

For tech&VC @SlushHQ is the undisputed best conf. But @uppstart has been a clear, and 🇸🇪, 2nd in the Nordics for a… https://t.co/Am8FIu0UkD

Henrik Marku ‏@henrik_marku

@BurcherPA @SwedeninAL @HadzicLejla Thank you for helping Albania to preserve its cultural heritage in these difficult times 🙏👍 ❤🇸🇪

SCAN_Monitor ‏@SCAN_Monitor

🇸🇪A074.) 30 TEMMUZ 2020 The explanation behind the black and white images #Challengeaccepted spreads on Instagram… https://t.co/9nBS3LvEQ7

★ Supporter ★ Music♫ ‏@manni_best

♫ MUSIC TIP ♫ Jon Magnusson - @jonmagnussonof Albums & Singles https://t.co/H2318jCrn0 #JonMagnusson #Singer🎤#Acoustic #SE🇸🇪

lisa ‏@clearbloodline

@breathinngws 🇸🇪 and kinda 🇭🇺 but don’t really acknowledge it

Linda Andersson ‏@americashomeTV

@PeterSweden7 Yep love it ❤🇸🇪

. ‏@sanqatab

@cali_cambuulo They hate to see the chosen people succeed ‼️ This country has failed in eradicating antisemitism, a… https://t.co/mtJl9KYBdK

Joanna Teglund🇵🇱🇸🇪😷 ‏@JoannaTeglund

Stefan looks like a kind uncle. He is PM in the Humanitarian Superpower Sweden🇸🇪 His government decided to use Swed… https://t.co/iTn5HgYPvC

SCAN_Monitor ‏@SCAN_Monitor

🇸🇪A073.) the parameters of friendly relations" + FRIENDLY WAGNER? muhaha.... WAGNER goes TURKEY VACATION? muhaha... ASDFGHJKL....

SCAN_Monitor ‏@SCAN_Monitor

🇸🇪A072.) Russian-backed rebels since 2014. The Russian government demands that the men be released. They missed t… https://t.co/6kZfLt7S44

SCAN_Monitor ‏@SCAN_Monitor

🇸🇪A071.) According to the state news agency Belta, the men work for Wagner, Russia's most famous private security c… https://t.co/aP3RQ8gHig

SCAN_Monitor ‏@SCAN_Monitor

🇸🇪A070.) Belarusian security forces arrested more than 30 suspected Russian mercenaries near Minsk on Wednesday aft… https://t.co/v6y6u0WGmp

SCAN_Monitor ‏@SCAN_Monitor

🇸🇪A069.) 31 TEMMUZ 2020 Ukraine wants Belarus to extradite 28 of the suspected mercenaries arrested near Minsk on… https://t.co/y0TvSVYS8r

SCAN_Monitor ‏@SCAN_Monitor

🇸🇪A067.) It was in February this year that the woman, according to the investigation, flew from ISTANBUL to Arlanda… https://t.co/SDrjzKDyy6

Muharrem but he is a composerⓂ🇱🇻 | 🇦🇱🇮🇹🇸🇪 ‏@ComposerSamanta

@HomerAlltheWay 2010 🇲🇩 Run Away 21th 2011 🇸🇪 Popular 11th 2012 🇸🇪 Euphoria 6th 2013 🇩🇰 Only Teardrops 🥉 2014… https://t.co/H667F1iQTq

SCAN_Monitor ‏@SCAN_Monitor

🇸🇪A066.) 3 AĞUSTOS 2020 A 33-year-old woman who was sentenced to six years in prison for smuggling six kilos of op… https://t.co/p1Lv4uOmTm

Roger Biver ‏@BiverRoger

Wish Sweden was a tad closer. Would be nice to be in a place that feels sane. 🇸🇪 https://t.co/HigktCTzud

Superboy ‏@Iamyoursuperboy

@HomerAlltheWay 2010: 🇲🇩 Run Away (9th) 2011: 🇸🇪 Popular (🥉rd) 2012: 🇸🇪 Euphoria (11th) 2013: 🇩🇰 Only Teardrops (🥉r… https://t.co/r0mmS7uThw

Sara Haboubi MA, B.Sc. (engineering) ) ‏@SaraHaboubi1

@RuminatorDan Without Sweden we would all have believed lockdown saved millions of lives. We would have believed Ne… https://t.co/mnaSh1PBsE

Liam Evans ‏@levans098

@Cjnovo992 Hes that good he plays in slow motion🧱🇸🇪

Peter Imanuelsen ‏@PeterSweden7

Here is a list of foods that are really popular in Sweden🇸🇪 - Banana and curry pizza. - Super salty candy. - Herri… https://t.co/7FeaUEw1jK

Lover of Nature 🇸🇪🖖 ‏@grnbrggrn

@HillaryClinton @BudGothmog44 Another reminder. With ❤️ From 🇸🇪 https://t.co/9BLiuEhNSE

Apex Riot ‏@Qirronis

/Riot ✊🏿✊🔥🇸🇪

Paula Marttila ‏@PaulaMarttila

Not just 🇸🇪+ 🇧🇪elderly that had been left alone to die of #COVID19. My in-depth report on Sweden's failure to prote… https://t.co/TL1f2ir4mS

jack ARIPINK MOURNING ERA - fan account ♕ ‏@arianagrrrandde

@breathinngws 🇺🇸🇮🇪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇸🇪 help i’m so yt

robin 🎶 ‏@ihavemysuiton

🇸🇪 • Vote for Sweden’s best song..

JosEsc 🌸 ‏@JousESC

Where do you have my 10 recent winners in your top ✨ 2020 🇸🇯 2019 🇧🇪 2018 🇺🇦 2017 🇷🇴 2016 🇵🇱 2015 🇮🇪 2014 🇸🇪 2013… https://t.co/x3pITbPALM

SCAN_Monitor ‏@SCAN_Monitor

🇸🇪A064.) But new infection clusters in Spain, among other places, illustrate that it can quickly turn around again… https://t.co/SUGsV0C2Vx

SCAN_Monitor ‏@SCAN_Monitor

🇸🇪A063.) for so many years. That would be far too great a loss. The situation is currently particularly difficult… https://t.co/8fyPkBxNCq

SCAN_Monitor ‏@SCAN_Monitor

🇸🇪A062.) 2 AĞUSTOS 2020 Job slaughter is expected in the automotive industry !! https://t.co/q7Nr4wSwB7 + It can… https://t.co/XXZfNnEzxs

Grete Løchen ‏@gretelochen

#Nordicstatement🇳🇴🇩🇰🇫🇮🇸🇪🇮🇸 in #UNSC on #Pandemics & #Peacebuilding @MOFAVietNam @dohungviet @VNGovtPortal… https://t.co/D24rghKWvB

SCAN_Monitor ‏@SCAN_Monitor

🇸🇪A061.) as authorities crack down harder on migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean from Libya to Europe. Accor… https://t.co/CxxazwZIMe

Ozzie ‏@Ozzie40789513

@cartoonnetwork @hbomax Will Steven universe the movie ever come to HBO nordic in sweden 🇸🇪

SCAN_Monitor ‏@SCAN_Monitor

🇸🇪A059.) A survivor was found in the sea, a man from West African Guinea who undertook the journey with his friend… https://t.co/x0kDMrymhU

SCAN_Monitor ‏@SCAN_Monitor

🇸🇪A058.) 6 AĞUSTOS 2020 TT acans haberi About 40 people are feared dead when a boat carrying migrants sank in the… https://t.co/wdsrJHZE8o

sesam ‏@sesam

9/10, not bad 🙃🇸🇪 https://t.co/18BsNZhODM

JosEsc 🌸 ‏@JousESC

I’ll probably be doing my Erasmus in Sweden 🇸🇪 next year ✨

J Farrers ‏@Jfarrers

@b_wildered2 Boom! Love a bit of scandi wordplay 🇸🇪

Hind Toufga ‏@toufga

Its been ages since I cooked this Swedish classic 🇸🇪 #köttbullar . Today I made the mashed potato extra tasty with… https://t.co/0fwRj0YZh9

SCAN_Monitor ‏@SCAN_Monitor

🇸🇪A055.) Separating the state from religion sounds like a recipe for tolerance In the case of TURKEY !!, it has a… https://t.co/nhzDBmAxWC

Pim Huberts ‏@Pim180Huberts

The # of different countries in the PDC Tour Card Holders field: 2017: 18 2018: 17 2019: 19 ✅🇬🇷🇱🇹🇵🇹 2020: 23 ✅🇭🇰🇭🇷🇨🇿🇸🇪

★ Supporter ★ Music♫ ‏@manni_best

♫ MUSIC TIP ♫ Calle Ameln music - @CalleAmeln Song ~ Morning On ~ https://t.co/NAejSkn0nN #CalleAmelnmusic… https://t.co/yzYNHPFLK3

SCAN_Monitor ‏@SCAN_Monitor

🇸🇪A053.) 2 AĞUSTOS 2020 tarihli BOŞYAZILARI: Symbol of power for 1500 years Hagia Sofia will remain when ERDUAN… https://t.co/yXR91MEmtM

Fredrik Högberg ‏@FredrikHogberg1

@FieldNotesGeo @Arsenal 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 @ArsenalWFC 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Can’t write all down so all the big leagues and the Swedish… https://t.co/YgYBhh51bz

Elias Shilazi ‏@eliasshilazi

Born 2004. 🇸🇪 Looks very interesting. Melwin Lycke Holm 2.17m high jump Elvira Tanderud 11.52 100m, 23.62 200m Mo… https://t.co/dTJ2Whuyq0

Antonio #WearAMask 🇸🇪 🇪🇸 🇵🇪 ‏@AntonioAskYou

Exactly what I feel when I see people in bars/restaurants without mask or even grocery where people fail keeping th… https://t.co/2iQcpEUtLv

Seven Of Nine🌹 ‏@malimrkimedjed

@gorskon @EdDarrell @MerProgressive Zealots? Have you ever even been outside of the country? Idk - a conference, fe… https://t.co/m8BFTyxFFP

Robin Medin ‏@YoungRobRap

@themattdemorest Matt what you have done before pro wrestling has been massive alot of sick stuff has been innovate… https://t.co/xVhjZdaldg

Slash fan Kajsa ‏@KajsaHellgren

Living on memories. Gun's and Roses in Gothenburg, Sweden 🇸🇪 @GNR_ArmySweden @GreeceSlash @EmaEmaRock… https://t.co/tT6IElQev3

𝐀𝐛𝐚𝐝𝐝𝐨𝐧 ⛧ 🇳🇴 🇸🇪🤘 ‏@lat_hund

August 12th 1996 #Bewitched 🇸🇪 - #DiabolicalDesecration 🤟 #ThisDayInMetal

AK 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇺🇸🇺🇸💪 ‏@superal999

@rodbishop15 not seen the Left raise the Sweden comparison of late. They were all excited a month or two ago as 🇸🇪… https://t.co/QGDbDRQgu3

PrimeTime Picks ‏@PTP_Specials

Boooom!!! Cash another VIP single out in Sweden 🇸🇪 Jonkopings Sodra -115 ✅💰 This game was sent to a couple follow… https://t.co/Hh6BHsa99O

Crypto Gulp ‏@CryptoGulp

Chainlink $LINK price converted to intl currencies 🇯🇵 1,650.53 Yen 🇰🇷 18,277.16 Won 🇲🇽 344.91 Peso 🇵🇭 756.35 Peso… https://t.co/oEXboOApyo

Chipolopolodiehards ‏@chipolopolodh

SWEDEN 🇸🇪 Zambian midfield general Emmanuel Banda [@e_banda_12] put in a very impressive 78 minutes shift and iced… https://t.co/fucvr1BhYx

ʙɪᴀɴᴄᴀ ✈️ ‏@panicpinkily

I'm done with Kalmar. I love this town but I don't belong here anymore. Been thinking of moving to Stockholm next y… https://t.co/X5HkklLhwq

SCAN_Monitor ‏@SCAN_Monitor

🇸🇪A051.) Both species and method of capture must appear on the packaging Green = feel free to eat Pontastacus lep… https://t.co/yDLtrIf8Jo

Canucks Abroad ‏@Canucks_Abroad

🇸🇪 @_OBOSDamallsv FT: 7' and change for 🇨🇦 @Lindsay_Agnew, as she made her @KIFOrebro debut tonight, in a game tha… https://t.co/sVP8QWJUB5

kai 🇬🇧 ‏@_kaibriggs

@clownklemens 🇸🇪 22nd 🇬🇷 26th 🇸🇪 4th 🇩🇰 2nd 🇸🇪 3rd 🇸🇪 10th 🇷🇺 5th 🇦🇿 17th 🇪🇸 17th 🇮🇹 2nd 🇦🇱 13th

SCAN_Monitor ‏@SCAN_Monitor

🇸🇪A050.) 4 AĞUSTOS 2020 This is how you see the difference between the crayfish https://t.co/kNkchWEJav + As wit… https://t.co/kT6QwfPZdL

False 9 Vintage Football Shirts ‏@False9VFS

🏆GIVEAWAY🏆 To thank you for your support so far, we’re giving away this AIK 2006-07 training shirt (M)🇸🇪 To enter… https://t.co/pAseTVNu9K

Philip Thomsen ‏@91Thomsen

JämförelseLigan 🏆🥈🥉 15 spelade omgångar av allsvenskan Jon 🇩🇰2020 3️⃣4️⃣ + 18 MP 🇸🇪 2017 3️⃣4️⃣ +13 Allan 🇩🇰 2016… https://t.co/53c2hQeqr5

Alina 🇮🇹🇮🇸🇱🇹🇧🇪🇩🇪 ‏@alinaboettcher1

@EverySingleDay0 2010 Satellite 🇩🇪 no ranking yet 2011 Popular 🇸🇪 no ranking yet 2012 Euphoria 🇸🇪 no ranking yet 20… https://t.co/qn5ZjciURo

NCL 1892 ‏@NCL1892_

Full time Asian corners in Sweden 🇸🇪 @DIF_Fotboll @DailyStatCards #DSC https://t.co/xfrkldoeWD

Ozzny Tips ⚽ ‏@OzznyTips

🇸🇪 Ljungskile v AFC Eskilstuna: Over 2.5 Match Goals @ 1.88 BOOOOOOOOOOOOM ✅✅✅ ♥️ Like if you won too!

Peter ‏@peter_cafc

@JasonMorgan1 @MA59006806 This is one of the reasons the club must be saved . ❤️👊 Save Charlton !! Peter🇸🇪

SCAN_Monitor ‏@SCAN_Monitor

🇸🇪A049.) That is why she says that in recent weeks she has investigated other types of aid organizations around the… https://t.co/6vwItwjFmW

SCAN_Monitor ‏@SCAN_Monitor

🇸🇪A048.) 4 AĞUSTOS 2020 Zara Larsson has discussed different ways to use the money she received for the advertisin… https://t.co/bX9ukUkVIs

karl rothwell ‏@karlyboy71

#Damallsvenskan 🇸🇪 2020 @scparametro2016 @MundialesyCopas @sam4wigan @CephasTendereza @LesleyAngu Results https://t.co/8ovVTBYjEc

den högerextreme (AfS 🇸🇪) ‏@mats738

@realDonaldTrump @foxandfriends @MariaBartiromo Also We in Sweden 🇸🇪 want you for president. Please win! As you did… https://t.co/QaaarDZMh9


@YfrontFanzine @NewellsCDT @fdr_clothing Love it ✅⚽️🇸🇪 @big_goldie_ @fdr_clothing @jeffred3098 @adamsarchive @goldys_logic

Andrew356R$ ‏@Andrew356R

@Maggerlot Yep the glory days of touring cars imho 👍🏼 Yes Sir that is a lot of Lingon. Ah good old Felix, I hope he… https://t.co/Ah7oCf6XQ8

SCAN_Monitor ‏@SCAN_Monitor

🇸🇪A047.) "I do not comment on anything regarding politics or the like", she writes in a message to Sportbladet (bu… https://t.co/jrk3bvm2rT

SCAN_Monitor ‏@SCAN_Monitor

🇸🇪A046.) 4 AGUSTOS 2020 Singer Zara Larsson has broken off the collaboration with the Chinese mobile phone company… https://t.co/blgTebd0Q5


Sweden 🇸🇪 Malmo v Orebro 🏆 Over 9 (asian total) corners ✅ Thanks @DailyStatCards for supplying the stats https://t.co/QHfTqglSZC

DoomRivel ‏@doomrivel

Wanna go see Rammstein again anyone for Leangen Travbane 🇳🇴, Ullevi Stadium 🇸🇪 or Principality Stadium 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿?

Lilmix At Home🏠🇸🇪 ‏@Lilmixgg

[#CSGO] We are happy to announce our new Lilmix.Talents lineup!🔥 They will compete in ''Höstsäsongen of @SECSGO R… https://t.co/iuyhN8fC9W

C A S U A L 1 9 0 7 #EvdeKal 🏠 ‏@ultracasual1907

IFK Haninge 🇸🇪⚽➡️🥅 [1-0] 2️⃣✅ https://t.co/LzxpmOPc2J https://t.co/qQusmAhUkS

SCAN_Monitor ‏@SCAN_Monitor

🇸🇪A045.) 4 AĞUSTOS 2020 Several countries, including France, TURKEY and Qatar, have announced that they are ready… https://t.co/pFbB4l8w37

@gunnerscommunity ‏@gunnerscommuni2

🇩🇪 Lehmann 🇨🇲 Lauren 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Campbell 🇨🇮 Toure 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Cole 🇫🇷 Pires 🇧🇷 Gilberto 🇫🇷 Vieira 🇸🇪 Ljungberg 🇳🇱 Bergkamp… https://t.co/sXRpAZqDty

Howard Smith ‏@jackslad2000

@PeteOlusoga @mateybass @Hells_Bells0506 Read my post...I said governments should get their act together to avoid p… https://t.co/3RCNMxV721

Haldun Demirok ‏@DemirokHaldun

@gonultol @DimitarBechev Since the🇺🇸general public isn't interested in such matters, it may be a secret for them.… https://t.co/XbG1Pye0lz

Andreia Rodrigues #WearAMask ‏@AndreiaSaveSwe

First thing I heard after finishing an exhausting workday in preschool: Tegnell on radio saying "there's no signs t… https://t.co/zaJzVzQ0wm

SCAN_Monitor ‏@SCAN_Monitor

🇸🇪A044.) 4 AĞUSTOS 2020 Several countries, including France, TURKEY and Qatar, have announced that they are ready… https://t.co/ESXWEQh1m0

Matin Rahmani ‏@matin_rahmani

Thank you Excellency Ambassador @CarolineVicini for your efforts in further strengthening bilateral relations betwe… https://t.co/3g1qmM7Cv6

SCAN_Monitor ‏@SCAN_Monitor

🇸🇪A043.) 4 AĞUSTOS 2020 TT acans haberi The outside world is reacting to the explosions in Beirut… https://t.co/40jrWPAf6N

Genie 🌌 ‏@EurovisionGenie

@EverySingleDay0 2010 Satellite 🇩🇪 🥈 2011 Popular 🇸🇪 🥇 2012 Euphoria 🇸🇪 4th 2013 Only Teardrops 🇩🇰 🥇 2014 Undo 🇸🇪 🥈… https://t.co/LpjZS3fo3n

BTTS Leader ‏@3betsaday

Latvia 🇱🇻 ✅ Finland 🇫🇮 ✅ Sweden 🇸🇪 ✅ Champions League 🇪🇺??? https://t.co/CQXaIZD9BD https://t.co/g7RDoXLqhr

Åke Pilblad 🇸🇪✝️ ‏@bilsbro

Tyrant Kamala Harris Calls for Twitter to Silence Trump and Delete His Account - Democrats Continue to Crap on Bill… https://t.co/InOBB4Dm1V

BIG TIPSTER - Football Tips ‏@BigTipsterr

✅ Wednesdays BOTD Lands! 📝 Dalkurd FF Match BTTS 📈 @ 1.70 💰 + 2.80u 🇸🇪 Jonkopings Sodra 1-1 Dalkurd ‘77 ❤️ Like i… https://t.co/Ladoa1oyuc

Inplay Money Club⏱️💰 ‏@ClubInplay

GOOAAAALLLL⚽⚽⚽ 🇸🇪 Malmo FF 2️⃣-1️⃣ (72') #inplay #inplaymoneyclub

GSA Football Trading ‏@GSASportsTrader

Going for a half point lay the draw in IK Brage game (1-1) 🇸🇪⚽ #inplaytrading

Celtic Soccer Show ‏@CelticSoccrShow

Most internationally capped footballers to play for Celtic: 🇮🇪 Robbie Keane - 146 🇨🇮 Kolo Toure - 120 🇰🇷 Ki Sung Y… https://t.co/2zhU5kregJ

SenseiSam®️ ‏@Senseisports1

🥋🥋🥋 Elite Group 🥋🥋🥋 ☑☑☑☑ WINNER ☑☑☑☑ #Sweden 🇸🇪 IK Brage 🆚️ Norrby IF ☑☑☑☑☑☑☑ 🧨BTTS YES 🧨 ☑☑☑☑☑☑☑ Retweet & Like… https://t.co/K9gWpJpJNv

karl rothwell ‏@karlyboy71

#Damallsvenskan 🇸🇪 2020 Latest scores 74' https://t.co/R9eW7JdE4U

The Telegraph ‏@Telegraph

⚡️ “Was Sweden right all along? 🇸🇪” #coronavirus #covid19 #lockdown https://t.co/pVAzz0uDtH

🏅Seguindo Quem Segue A Vida IFB SDV 🇧🇷👏👥➬ ‏@dyoleosumiranda

What is your nation? 🇬🇭🇪🇸🇵🇹🇿🇦🇳🇬🇪🇬🇧🇷🇩🇿🇺🇸🇵🇰🇹🇷🇿🇦🇹🇳🇬🇩🇳🇪🇩🇰🇯🇵🇹🇬🇪🇷🇲🇦🇭🇹🇹🇹🇨🇦🇮🇳🇭🇷🇰🇵🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🇫🇮🇵🇪🇸🇦🇷🇺🇮🇶🇫🇷🇵🇾🇲🇾🇱🇷🇵🇷🇨🇺🇨🇬🇻🇳🇨🇳🇰🇷🇸🇾… https://t.co/N6n7doTwjG

Tipster on Fire ‏@tipsteronfire1


The Bad Man Tipster ‏@TheBadManTips

Here come Malmo! 🇸🇪

Jan-Jaap van Halem ‏@janjaapvanhalem

@baspaternotte Is die weer open? Lekkere airco-kids-drop-off-while-eating-all-you-can-eat-Swedish-meatballs 🍲🇸🇪

Magnus Larsson ‏@Maggerlot

@Andrew356R It’s new for 2020 as well. Rickard must’ve raced that one in the mid 90s. For me it is. When I’m havin… https://t.co/IAQIP48UJw

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