Flushed Face Emoji

An embarrassed face with flushed red cheeks. This face is blushing due to a mistake, or other embarrassing situation.

Mosrt platforms display this emoji with wide eyes and raised eyebrows, which gives an element of shock or surprise. The shame intended to be displayed on this face is not clear in most implementations, and as such this is a difficult emoji to use well.

Previous Android releases showed a more bashful character.

Flushed Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

🚩 Appearance differs greatly cross-platform. Use with caution.

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Also Known As

😳 :$

😳 Blushing Face

😳 Embarrassed

😳 Shame


😳 U+1F633




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Claire ‏@clairabellejp

What @Facebook really needs is a ‘view pending friend requests’ option. Has anybody else ever accidentally sent a d… https://t.co/L9v0MkYgiP

‍ ♛ — ᴠɪᴄᴛᴏʀ ‏@shieldxfvictory

🛡 Kisses fingers that just keysmashed 😳 https://t.co/CI1QJvh596

aysha⁷ ♡ ‏@gukkspanties


me ‏@GlenBrown15

@anniekarni Double perfect sex life.😳 Thats like 200% 😄

Benjyandthemonkey ‏@BenjyNtheMonkey

@TheLittlestBio Is that all?! 😳

katherine ‏@kmky___

@yanci_yamilex I’m glad I can open my eyes to see you 😩😩😩 my future sis in law 🥺😩😔😳😤❤️🤪🤪🥺

Dëe⚡Case6121 ‏@chenecstacy

It is still stuck on my head when i digged in jfans tweets and i see many support for jongdae but this one tweet fr… https://t.co/7mqgStVxp3

jυniσг ‏@cyamadlula

@ChainShaftInc 😳🤔Maybe 300+

Emily🧡 ‏@emilypalomo23

I’m addicted to tik tok. 😳

Munch Man ‏@TheMunchMan13

Sommer 😳😳😳

julka 🦆 ‏@billystannie

@lsaacFearless i said there's this really cute person... their name is y/n 😳😳😳

Harlyn Grace ‏@Harlyn_GraceXO

@TallPaulsLife Omg I’m not sure I can choose 😳 Hmmmmm right

Sandra Milburn ‏@sjmilburn1402

@OtherNiallQuinn My son calls me 'Boomer' all the time 😳

D a n i e l l e ♡ ‏@daniellemairead

@IanRElliot Am not gonna stab my tv 😳

@Ble Ble ‏@BleBle72800453

@TanashaDonaa @errycar10 They want them to be engineers and pilots.....that's where we miss it in Africa. I'm sure… https://t.co/22XRLMSwQV

𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚊 ‏@tinaallamm

the way my ratio is even 😳 i need to get on that

Eljay ❁ ‏@ReallyEljay

@newtxander ᵐʸ ʲᵒᵇ ᵗᵒ ᵖᵘˡˡ ᵘʳ ʰᵃᶦʳ ᵃⁿʸʷᵃʸˢ Who Said That 😳🤔🤪

omar ‏@Iukeology

@avasaraIas well... if i was in her place, it’d just be brotherly love. 😳

Stephen Drury ‏@stephen_drury90

@chiragcp1982 @talkSPORT @Mrjamieohara1 @Carra23 😂😂. You don’t think Salah and Mane were bargains at 30 million wit… https://t.co/lxNBQecAI8

Z🅰️K 💯🧢 ‏@NerdTalk87

WTF is the world coming to?! @MacPenMedia @TyJagerRadio 😳 https://t.co/5RbxXQERk3

not seth ‏@seth_asf

@johnsteezy_ best kirby vs best ganon 😳

neesh ‏@feeIyounow

y’all are out here excusing racism but stay hating on sierra? mf ur worried about the wrong girlfriend... 😳

Donna Poole ‏@DonnaDiann

@davidaxelrod @BarackObama @robreiner @joncoopertweets @billmaher I hope Lev’s atty sets Lev up w/a body guard! Tr… https://t.co/5IbWr4cIad

marissa ⁷ ‏@fantaziajin

is my passion playing the violin like.....ive lowkey been thinking about quiting I HAVE NO IDEA WHAG MY PASSION IS 😳😔

ashley 🌻 ‏@axhleyruiz

it’s always this same response.... 😳

Pirango ‏@Pirango1

@aIIuckas Thats my selfie 😳😳😳😳😳

McLovin ‏@LuvRavie

@hussleblack1 lmao 😳 wow can it just be her?

Brian ‏@Athletics89

@tyler_casper Only when listening to #Liberals speak!😳😒🤮🤢 https://t.co/0tYvPqwaEj

exopink ³⁶⁵ #Daddychen ‏@DOsthicclips

You’re gonna have to go through exo first to get through to Chen. Just know that minseok and kyungsoo ranked high i… https://t.co/Kckke2r0jk

Constance ‏@Constance_txt

I would like to go to the surface... I would like to commit... war crimes. I've heard that's what they do for fun on the surface. 😳😳😳

Ba-Nguni ‏@ba_nguni

Bathong utlwang... Tjoo this is pure madness 😳 https://t.co/farFqxbZ9E

bottom rights‼️👑 ‏@cockyypapi

what if Biden drops dead....jk....unless 😳

Tony Santana ‏@TonySantanaZA

It’s happened before! 😳🐸😳 https://t.co/Tn4mL3NeBW

FRANK&DEBBIE ‏@frankievana

@TombStoneWyatt @KarlEspo Can we say that? 😬😳

Rebecca Parks ‏@TheRebeccaParks

Brodie celebrated his 100th day of school this week! 💪🏼Trying to get a decent picture of him wearing our 100th day… https://t.co/TjzcaPd3Ay

steaming vat of asenchal oil ‏@geidiheart

uhM😳😳how do i get out of this https://t.co/7Fz9mm8DvV

Beth ✨🕊 ‏@cbr500honda

@ali__samson Oh no, 😳 have revealed gender and potential bias. This could compromise Wisdom’s identity. But she/he… https://t.co/etGmWruNBP

peepo ✨ ‏@imahyperlover

when halsey sings about head: 😳 when halsey sings about WLW head: 🤭🤭😳😳

POTSibilitiesParents ‏@POTSparents

In Today’s Light Moment ☀️ ~ Ladies, now it will be so much easier to take notes at appointments! 😳😂 #Dysautonomia… https://t.co/TtehoReiDm

ًkez⁷ ‏@lovelypjmiin

phase one is complete and i barely survived it..... and there’s 3 more?? 😳 https://t.co/npz2DRckXj

lil bit✨ ‏@LilMamiNani

My worst fear is sitting on the toilet tryna take a shit & then BOOM here comes my child🥴😳🤣

Claudia Gunter ‏@ClaudiaGunter1

Who turned out the lights? They said the gym closed at 9p and they meant it was OVER & CLOSED at 9p. Mid-sentenc… https://t.co/oNNlOZfTCL

Juanderful 🆘 ‏@IamJuanderful1

@TheMattDowell @WakeForest 11 years ago. Wow You're a youngin, and you look the same. I was accepted to Mississippi State in 1988. 😳

Futsal Shuffler ‏@RudyG_y

The Heat are looking for a trade that could be done or not 😳 Could go either way if they stick to what they have or… https://t.co/JzEezFYUtX

Folky ‏@folky707

@Autobotbettips Hope so 😳

Jason Rogers ‏@JasonTRogers

“Jason!” - Tony Hawk (Tony can’t be talking to me 😳 Don’t turn around.) “Jason! Do that air to fakie again so Grant… https://t.co/knXf9is4pp

Julie - (Text TRUMP to 88022) ‏@JulE4422

😳 ‘Several unaccounted victims' after avalanche at Tahoe ski resort https://t.co/SwWSunb2bq

kritik der politischen oekonomie ‏@FSucculent

Vibecheck 😳 https://t.co/Y9nvG6LHOn

imfunny ‏@james80597808

@THEOCLASSiCAL in a good way doe? 😳

M.⚡️ ‏@saucymeel

@jxmeercado It’s not gonna happen though 🤚 you first 😳

𝒮 #harrybackout ‏@user3270201

if y’all seein what I see... stfu 😳🤚🏽

s e r e ⁿ ⁷ ‏@SERENdipity_550

Me when I saw that someone unfollowed me : I insult them then i unfollow them 😛😌😳😳

MADE BY MOTEL ‏@madebymotel

geekin’ 😳😳😳 @AmonTobinHQ’s music was the big push for me to explore music production years ago. thanks amon! https://t.co/1wx9T2Wsxp

lexlovestrio♡ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAKKKK ‏@squeegyskep

#happybdayzak I love you so much. 20 is a big age milestone. Idk why it is but it just is so make it count. I love… https://t.co/WrnH4sFBEW

Dusty the Trusty ‏@DustinStreams

@ralongii Literally end me I'm 😳😳😳

Coolt605🚀 ‏@CoolT605

@SpacestationGG Geez😬😳

rafaela 1 year with wayv💚 ‏@gotneocity

jungwoo😳😳 https://t.co/lRj1FsqUsL

girl in the bubble. ‏@unfortthatsme

So fucking emooooo doing this shit while i'm listening to her songs 😳

serv ‏@hellguhlen

could you turn off your cell phone in my ass 😳 https://t.co/lAz6ZZLMt4

“!!✰ Sophia ⁷ 🍓 ‏@smplysuga

@DIZZYKOOK i love mustard 😳

So-fi hip-hop beats ☆(◒‿◒)☆ ‏@Funy0nion

i drew a vriska homestuck to go with her but it turned out bad so i didnt post 😳


I drew circles on my Ass and don't want to mess them up 😳#OddReasonsToQuitAJob https://t.co/VAtPR0Ydja

Heather Sinclair ‏@Lil_bocreeep

@honeydipz7 It’s soo lit lmaoo “🗣YOOO ITS ME AGAIN👅😏 I’m gonna play💪this game like *selfie montage* no one has eve… https://t.co/ntR3wSJJtz


HOLY SHIT 😳 https://t.co/q7L3RVRQHL

fel¡p e ‏@fellllllippe

damn😳 https://t.co/3RchaWSnJA

D.e.Ç.i.đ.e.r ‏@klint_klinton

@KiDiMusic Dem dey fuck up big time 3gig go expire tomorrow ano fit to use saf😠😳

Geoffrey ‏@Gil21christ

@Janet_Williams No I’ve got it completely the wrong way round. 08:00 EST is 13:00 GMT. You have to understand it’s… https://t.co/PsUZ3vQtBh

Emjay❤️ ‏@MaryjaneOkafor5

@Valhalla_X0 This is crazy😳

Peyton W Trollinger ‏@peyton_w_t

Not bad for a goalie 😳 https://t.co/nr4yAyj3oE

##Thea⁷✰ ‏@T4EBlE

i just made an fake chat between tae and koo😳😳

❄️Pamela🔮☃️ ‏@wallowscrawnies

My boys😳🥺🥵 https://t.co/MAyTTmUp6v

Millie ‏@iowmillie

@Rachael371 Jesus.... I hope you’re ok 😳

A king does not take orders  ‏@AlHaill_RSA

Who give fuck how many years 😒😒😳😳🙄 https://t.co/b0gTpF4CTQ

Gail Osborne🤨🥴 ‏@gkosborne

I’m not even gonna complain about the 15cm, Toronto’s getting this weekend. Newfoundland’s getting hammered.❄️😳 https://t.co/bQa2xp8IT4

coco ‏@milkywice

@creepersclub affetim😳

lau⁷ ‏@LetsBeLaura

holy shit... @ginagarcia_13 😳😳😳 https://t.co/Kjfwqqhl3q

𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚊 ‏@tinaallamm

thinking about the cute, athletic boy i made eye contact with at the stairs today 😳🥰🤧🤩😊🤝🙈🤪👀😗👍😝 https://t.co/O9OMLVBvzJ

Hex Takii ‏@TakiiFN

@ionocFN You like to blow😳

A³⁶⁵ #LOONAISBACK🌙 ‏@oddeyeskrr

just realized i‘ve been blonde for almost a year now 😳

Ama ⁷ ‏@hobisnoisess

did anyone notice that homeboy did the SPLITS and the the other guy just STEPPED ON HIM. ouch 😳 https://t.co/0FLpt8hqwl

aria 🔮 ‏@ariafaery

@kobcritic_ she do be looking comfey on that bed tho 😳

Reuben Ayarna🇬🇭🇸🇪 ‏@R3_Ayarna

@Goldyn_charitis Long vacation fieldwork ??? That’s also a course 😳😳😳

𝓐𝓼𝓱𝓵𝓮𝔂⁷ ‏@junglecoxk

@sopejuul This do be slappin doe 😳🖐🏼

CEO of Ballboy Arc ‏@Iwaoi_Lovebot

@nargles_exist Oh that’s super cool! Please tell me ya’ll have fancy equipment and you don’t have to pipette all of that by hand lmao 😳

obnoxious old sport ‏@preppyandemo

@katie_garnetttt 😳should have made a subset for theatre kids oops

Richard Walters ‏@naughtywalters

@Dshproductions Who says hand spankings are soft option! 😳

j. esquibel ‏@j_esquibel85

Wow I just caught a break. 😳 S/o to the nice @AdamsCoSheriff doing speed control by my house.

Henkatenkatheburr ‏@Henkatenka

@PawsonRonnie Blondes have more fun... apparently 😳🤣

charlie ‏@charlie78504962

@LatinBabeMe DAMN 😳

c ‏@yerisfear

@karlasmanners omg would it? 😳

Ricky Carroll ‏@RickyCa69392149

@MargeELDER8 @yeahunoeme @WeWillNotYielde @1933Baby @MpoppEileen @lizlogan76 @PWM62 @lunaticopresid1… https://t.co/d9jHbg0VH3

Ann⁷; ‏@whalienx93_

Woah. 90 countries????? 😳 https://t.co/qA62YGQCk4

ًmer will see superm !!!! ‏@dreamsoIo

@junhuimyg hhhhh bby ##😳😳 i'm in lov with uuu

Sal ⁷ ‏@Htaepgguk

@btsunwashedhair Y'all ain't ready for agust d 2😳

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