Flushed Face Emoji

An embarrassed face with flushed red cheeks. This face is blushing due to a mistake, or other embarrassing situation.

Mosrt platforms display this emoji with wide eyes and raised eyebrows, which gives an element of shock or surprise. The shame intended to be displayed on this face is not clear in most implementations, and as such this is a difficult emoji to use well.

Previous Android releases showed a more bashful character.

Flushed Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

🚩 Appearance differs greatly cross-platform. Use with caution.

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Also Known As

😳 :$

😳 Blushing Face

😳 Embarrassed

😳 Shame


😳 U+1F633




Tweets For 😳

TJay ‏@TeachH3R

Lol I love this. But yes get you some hot sauce; that’s just weird 😳 https://t.co/ZqJhBuvs72

Bee Camp ‏@BMillerCamp

Holy cow! 😳 https://t.co/ChpPD8uUww

Emma Cox ‏@scyian

@ajuptonwrites We found it in the wood ages ago. Then found it again in storage in the garden. 😳

shooter for jungoo ‏@taesjmins

slept for 11 hours again 😳

justme ‏@Joanne0511

@MikillPane Oh my.......😳😱😱

𝒶𝓁𝓎 ‏@namutaee

buss down yoongiana 😳

محمد الجبر ‏@dmemedical

@souza5 😱😳I cannot imagine why my team was weak defense day by day

h!autumn. ‏@ououwuunu

@americanootr_ jaebum is the real deal yo. he exudes bde 😳

spiritual soul 🧘🏾‍♂️ ‏@officiallytheeq

Or really be a Future but Russell in disguise 😳🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ *its a evil world we live in* https://t.co/D3EfE0j5Ap

sakura ‏@izonesakurae

@jagsonwang anytime, sunbaenim—!😳😳

Ibrahim Mamadu ‏@IbrahimMamadu

Wairaminit! Is dat not the guy from NEXTFRIDAY! "DoyouknowwhoIam!" Oga Nigerian sexy Butterscotch, wia u find dat m… https://t.co/1Z6FAnEPMc

Paula Joseph ‏@PaulaJo41820905

@lilbulli1031 @KatTheHammer1 @PantSuitLover @HCDotNet @DaRealGrizzle @RealMattCouch @kenningtonsays @RealMAGASteve… https://t.co/oKWZ4htecM

Olivia Pope♒ ‏@foreignattitud3

I really need to buy my meek and baby tickets 😳

Shawn Landers ‏@shawnlander43

@DeepStateExpose I think your new bank account deposits are starting to cut the blood off going to your brain😳

ℓαναиуα° .м 🎭 ‏@_itzlavanya

@itsDineshraja Ithu double meaning ah 😳😳

Brown🦄Unicorn ‏@KelEldine

Damn this nigga just made me dizzy 😳🤯😌 https://t.co/VAQIwmgiwx

dave hammond ‏@davehammond7

@JonathanRamsay1 @NotoriousNill I think that’s bobby munk!! 😂😂😳

maga🌹 ‏@mojedaa_

surprised i’m still not sleepy😳

🍏LOONA XX | HOBIUARY🍎 ‏@lunaseoks

bro yes bro let’s get a joint bank account bro bro?😳 let’s make this //real// 😔💍 b-bro...🥺 https://t.co/0BmzcxbZA3

Nikkolokoy ‏@NikkoGQ

I'll make love to you when you love me too..😳

C•O•F•F•E•E🎐 ‏@MyMagicShop01

This is what I saw in the whole vlive 🤭😳💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 MEOWW 🐱 @BTS_twt https://t.co/OlqQpXrCNC

Christina Clarke ‏@Christina_97x

Some people are fucking weird in the head it’s actually embarrassing😳😳😳 why would you lie about things you don’t even need to lie about?!😳

Khả Tú ‏@RayM0802

@cafe_army @BTS_twt its me 😳

💕 K A M A L 💕 ‏@Ladki_Anjani_Si

@grewalinder12 Calm down 😳 Bolne do ❤


@ArrowFilmsVideo I know not Arrow, but still spooky! 😳

Rose Marie ‏@Rosemarie4311

@AnnCoulter OMG! Hell continues to be frozen over... I agree with Ann, again!!! 😳

Q U E E N C E S S Y 👑 ‏@cesssangela

@RensitaWinner @mnl_carms Yay teageng 😳

ar. 🍃 ‏@aestxticars

@soobinloves thankk uu lovi my lovelyy😳💘

Huntdog1952 ‏@huntdog1952

@Uncle_Jimbo @RepublicanChick @AOC Awe! If She Only Had A Brain! 😳😡🤬❗️🇺🇸 https://t.co/Jv1Yf92csS

Dean 🇬🇧LUFC ⚽Leeds! Leeds! Leeds! 🎵MOT🎵⚽ ‏@CoatonDean

@LivCookefs But can you do it on a cold wet Tuesday night in Hartlepool?😳🤔😂😂⚽☔

Furazz ‏@frazzzal

Me: I’m studying behavioral psychology at uni— Everyone: so can you read my mind thru my facial expressions? 😳 https://t.co/ZM86ALffoe

Jay Kreutner ‏@CrossCutMaker

Wait for it.... series #2 You need to be baptized to be saved😳 Wait for it...😐 By the Holy Spirit

Tehreem🍀💚 ‏@lostgirlbts

Awww there so cute😳 https://t.co/grf9J5XmCV

カルロ 🎹✈️🍣❄ ‏@TinyTubby__

@GinieConsuelo_ Luh i wanna see 😳😳

Jerry C ‏@jerrycolfer

@jensun123 @ChrisMattia74 @KenDavidoff 💯 %! Let’s not delude ourselves that the Met handling of this will have impl… https://t.co/RIHNSxb0bN

마야 변 iamMya🦋 まや ‏@PrincessxMya61

@WeeklyChris Really? So TikTok is the new thing?!? 😳

ربيع ‏@rabiih

@pamoula 😳 Really?

asia☺️ ‏@slimmmbabyy

son this song making it no better😭😳

bells ‏@jeonggukkstan

amazing!!! 😳 How after dis The Earth n O longer suffers with carbon dioxide emission!!!! 🤗 ^^ https://t.co/OtrtFM6Uwx

Pitchforks & Torches ‏@Boconn22

@jcpenni7maga @66foxtrot @realDonaldTrump @DavidJHarrisJr @marklevinshow @VortexVixen45 @HH_kathy @ForrestCSmith… https://t.co/8sxcvzyvWE

Dennis O'Reilly ‏@dorvito67

@cabgirle @appseyes What about my £25? 😳

ally💕 ‏@18Allyssamae18

Shettt ❤️😳 https://t.co/hKS41ewncX

TJ Official 😈 ‏@tj93official


Danielle ★ ‏@d_gill88

I’ve never driven in snow, but everyone seems to be going way too fucking fast. 😳 https://t.co/BpYuHhAZ3h

A. Otero ‏@JimaOteroA

@markber75420991 @APPGbanking @rupert_jones @WSJ @MoJGovUK Unfortunately, there are far too many legal cases agains… https://t.co/rDmis2XFBP

h!autumn. ‏@ououwuunu

it’s been only three days? it feels like we’ve already reached our first anniversary 😳 https://t.co/fZPo5SFZD6

marean ‏@mrn_gzs

@yeotzeu but i appriciate u 😳

🔨Esther Baker 🔨 ‏@Esther9982

West Midlands Police inspector sentenced for indecent images - BBC News oh no. Of course uniformed officers from Bi… https://t.co/dHcwwoJi1i

Lupus Rex ‏@Meijin_X

Why does this washing machine sound like a jet engine? 😳😳

Alyssa Martell ‏@lyssmarri

Why why why why why why why why why is alll Jaxon ever says 😳🙄


How did I even wake up this morning ? 😳

Oshom Bob ‏@NtotheHizzo

@hutkysheera I have to admit I must work on this 😳 I don’t say it casually but if I get slightly ticked off I do start 😳

James Taylor ‏@jamestaylor20

What an unbelievable game and win for Sri Lanka 😳👏 Great finish! #SAvSL #KusalPerera👌

Lesbiariana ‏@bottom4toulouse

@HaydenSwift13 Taylor literally hopped on Tom Hiddleston's d*ck just months after Calvin for the media attention. Dont even try 😳

GinaAlexanderPicozzi ‏@lambskin92

@iainp9 @bikeplod She certainly fell on her head!!!Brain damage is the only answer to her statement 😳

мιηs✨ ‏@MaheenK2000

b-but can we talk about the extra heavy voice tho 😳 https://t.co/sLA6565sYS

no 1b no opinion ‏@roseanne_5555

and lisa's orange justice 😳

Mandisa ‏@MandisaM9

Proteas 😳

ミンジュ ‏@kangmindu

@Ieenaikyung You miss me, eonni 😳

Hank #RIPLenny ‏@HankBoxerdog

@karaheward @LovelyBoxerLilz @ScoutBoxer @Thomas_F81 @chrissiepebbles @TaniaMariaWelch @whiteboxerlayla… https://t.co/mixltjplPI

ً ‏@grandeskween

IF you could switch lives with 1 little mix member for 1 day, who would it be and why? — jade idk why😳 https://t.co/4Pv4kNNX29

The Applegate's ‏@AndrewAplegarth

@FamilyFizz @VidCon Sadly we'll be missing it this year! 😳

Kate 🍂 ‏@Katie_Watts23

Literally @_AllieNicoleee last night... -Comes to bed and lays down -Lays there for a minute "Is it okay if I slee… https://t.co/UN68uGtPH2

Rosanna Cuthbert ‏@pelicanbeach

Thank you for inviting me to celebrate 100 Day! I was surprised how long 100 seconds felt. I predicted that I would… https://t.co/gItndUY7L7

Medusa Cartel . 🤪 ‏@Ohshxtnemo

When a niqqa say pussy is pussy I automatically assume he fucked a crackhead 😳😂💯

Hamooy Gacal ‏@hamooy_gacal

@OyooRabar You have so much hate😳

media ‏@mediab47

happy bday riles!! thank u for all the laughs, dance parties, & unforgettable mems! i love ur sweet & wild heart so… https://t.co/VEEuCjD8Iw

CJ🤠 ‏@royaltytho

@LolitsMj Peepee deprived or sleep deprived?😳

Gary Westwood ‏@GaryWestwood2

Chicago Mayor Proposes Paying 1,000 Residents $1,000 A Month "With No Strings Attached" | Zero Hedge WHO ON EARTH C… https://t.co/CEIcU6zrW0


Jk still holding Jin when he fell down 😳 everyone's worried about his knees but Jin is athletic asf y'all. He will… https://t.co/msa3xJzUeM

🇬🇧 IceNineCarl 🇬🇧 ‏@ITZGamingBlink

@KylePaddickYT @pepsi We can work from home, oh oh, oh oh ... I kinda test video games 😳

sam ‏@flowerperrie

i cant believe i tweeted her about cameltoes😳😳😳😳

Sara ‏@sarmccaf

My close friends having kids almost, ALMOST, gives me baby fever. And then I come to my senses like whoa wtf they almost got you there😂😳

Maz ‏@Damemallymaz

@4_kinelle @bobmca1 Except she’d forget the girls name 😳

Nabila Asad Khawaja😈 ‏@NabilaKhawaja

@zedan_doaa @MeherKhanAnsari Seriously 😳 oh God how did I find these ppl in my life??? But I’m glad I Did life is s… https://t.co/v9sxWbrCoN

DWALT ‏@WorldofWalts

😳I’m signing my son up for gymnastics.., literally the same damn day😂 https://t.co/PBiHqXYoEt

Kevin Framp ‏@BigKev67

“In the top 10 of Test innings ever played” according to John Etheridge. Bloody hell. To mix my sporting commenta… https://t.co/9CGdxeNMYd

Ndilimeke  ‏@Graceful_Meke

@KadHenga Ow really???😳😳 Not all men are trash mboli, orghhh!!! I forgot that’s just a movie 😩😩

Darcy Armstrong ‏@DArm91

@HilareeBanks This is my front and back yard lol 😂 😳 https://t.co/RE11ACGcKy

Nella💍 ‏@ohmrsruby

@journalsforeign Needy exists😳

welpPpPp ‏@dizzydolxn

@emmachamberlain are you pregnant😱🤯😳🤩

Ken 3142. Gillette: The best a trans can get. ‏@kledger48

@selkiesong @JeanneCStewart @thatwordgrrl @MatildaChops @The_Terroirist You don't really do reality, do you? 😳😳😏

Kawêne™️ ‏@KaweneRodrigues

#Affinitweet Secret Crush EduardaFernandC secretly loves you! 😳 Who loves you in secret? via https://t.co/kAKnG7Mfx7 https://t.co/roqQi37bcn

lia || honeybun 🐱🐰 ‏@yoonieskoo

@ibti_18 @SoyeonLegend @sukidropzz69 omg im so hAteFul and RUde towards your fAves JUST BECAUSE IM AN ORBIT 😳😳😳😳😳 https://t.co/yAhblBjV6G

자나 ‏@jungwoosvisual

[🍯] hello????? you're so adorable???? like for real????? and i have nothing to say besides how cute you are and how… https://t.co/FLVSNZQVBR

Putin’s Chef ‏@JebBoosh

Once again Don Jr. proves Eric is the smart one. 😳 https://t.co/m5y30jezUn

Adebisi ‏@blaktruth25

Imagine you miss the slide 😳😳😳 https://t.co/CN8vF8QFUn

deya ‏@dyaanaraa

the way that yoongi can make me the happiest just by seeing him smile is another level of power. 🥺🥺😳😳🙊🙊🙊 https://t.co/vk41Jcr7YT

eda ✨ ‏@cirifionas

I just bought fc nd and re2 😳 idk how to save money hhh

🦋𝖘𝖍𝖆𝖋🦋 ‏@maseramati

flex king 😳😔✋🏻 https://t.co/2fYQ6EQ0Id

Rep ‏@rkhongjee

@JahnviGautam @_sabanaqvi Relax.... 😳😳😳

LongrichBlackie ‏@Nikkyra1

@adeoluwawa The innocent revd with experience 😳😳

SSOM. 🤟🏻 ‏@somikuah

@SIRJINHWAN I'm yours Oppa. 😳

eli is tobio's world ♡ ‏@giantobio

@STARBIXUAL i m-mean why wouldn't i notice someone who's lovely and wonderful like you... 😳 https://t.co/7HcujUIheS

Dar Lamb/Sinclair ‏@darlenelamb

Woke up thinking I slept through my alarm clock! 😳 Then realize it’s Saturday and I get to sleep in whoop!!! Back t… https://t.co/KDcfnHCgAK

👑 ‏@__Thabo

@LaoneMAG Snitch snitch 😳😂😂😂

Phe 🌻 ‏@TheHoodGotPHE

My eyes went straight to that sharp ass toof 😳😳

Chrissy🐝 🇪🇺 🎼📚🌊😼🧘🏼‍♀️🐚 ‏@opheliaknee

My kind of day ... 😳 https://t.co/5PDR7VL2OK via @YouTube

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