Fork and Knife Emoji

A fork and knife; a set of utensils used to assist in the eating of meals. Displayed with the fork on the left, and the knife on the right.

Fork and Knife was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🍴 Cutlery

🍴 Knife And Fork


🍴 U+1F374




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Kin's Farm Market ‏@KinsFarmMarket

We believe that fresh quality produce should come handpicked, straight out of the #farms and right to your dinner t…

🇺🇸Beth St.James🇺🇸🐸 ‏@BethStJames2

@RepMikeTurner @dollarstore360 @POTUS Thank you and Jordan, Stefanik, Nunes et al; for an awesome job! Happy Thanksgiving 🍗🍴🍷

Vanessa Castillo ‏@vc_stylist

Brunch in #Ojia 🥂🍳🍴 (@ Ojai Cafe Emporium) on #Yelp

lizquen lang keb okie 😘😘😘 ‏@Chace091

Waiting for our free meal 😂😂😂🍴 from burger king

Gators Against Reitz Plasticware ‏@GatorsARP

#SustainabilityTip If you want to continue to reduce plastic utensil waste in all parts of your life, purchase reus…

كنده ‏@kforkindah

15- 2welve Moons 🍴 Cozy/Comfy café 🍴 The choice of colors helps in focusing.. very neutral 🍴 try their V order; l…

Joseph Olawale ‏@jwals_

@TemmyDeeds Hmmm am sure she meant fork🍴

soyamelon ‏@soyameIon

made u lunch 👉🏻👈🏻👩🏻‍🍳🍴can i be wifey ....

Joseph ‏@JOEMANmkay

This is curry weather 🍛🍴

Rocky Polo ‏@RealRockyPolo

#Diy #popeyeschickensandwich #chickfilachickensandwich #hybrid #fusion ubereats hellskitche…

Boston 87.7 FM ‏@B87FM

✈AND Now, Back 2 #TheDish💋 Serving Up The Last Dish Of The Day🍴📀🥄!👌🏾👅✌🏾 WEEKDAYS ⏳ 2:30p to 3p 📲 Call/Text (617) 4…

Arrow Video ‏@ArrowFilmsVideo

Sharpen those carving knives and prepare the table 🦃🍴 Your #Thanksgiving treat is almost here! BLOOD RAGE is headin…


We are excited to have @MealsPlus sponsoring our lunch this year at #TechADay! 🍴

John Tidwell M.S. ‏@Tidwell_MS

Oh, Hospitality Club, how we love you! Thank you for serving up a delicious meal for all the staff today! 🦃 ❤️ 🍴…

brittany mueller ‏@ilovegan

(#ad) New post! #Vegan Pot Pies with Flaky Pastry 🌱🍴 Get the recipe: Made with…

Alexander ‏@vlexromero

@Kennessyy bone apple tea 🍴

Society Aberdeen ‏@SocietyAbdn

Aberdeen restaurant to host French wine dinner 🍴🍷 @TheBieldsideInn

UC Irvine ‏@UCIrvine

Interested in how #brain science will shape the future? Check out this FREE event tomorrow evening hosted by…

David Estrada ‏@R8ERS209

@Jennibar_ Slow Feet Don’t Eat!! 🍴🤷🏻‍♂️😂

IMPOWER Consulting ‏@IMPOWERconsult

Our drinks reception and dinner is buzzing already! Looking forward to catching up with 80+ DCSs, DASSs, councillor…

SakuraHostelAsakusa ‏@asakusa_hostel

Good morning from Asakusa! Our breakfast is served everyday starts at 4:30am - 11am. Also, you can use our kitchen🍴…

Andrew Edwards ‏@EdwardsAndrew31

@jammycat8 Aww thank you am probably going for some drinks and a meal 🍴 how are u. Did u hear about spurs getting a new manager 💋💋♥️♥️

Queen's Head ‏@Queens_Belton

Now that is what you need to see in front of you on a dreary wednesday evening!! 🍴

lucky ‏@_1lucky

@LFCVik @Saucymartial Please. 🙏🏼The only silverwear I’ve seen in the last 10 years apart from one 🏆 is this kind 🍴🥄

Plaza Azteca ‏@plazaazteca

There’s no better place to spend Wednesdays than Plaza Azteca! We ensure you a truly memorable experience! 😉 • • •…

CALIBER enterprises ‏@calibere

💼🍴Another meal...Another client consult. @calibere #caliberehospitalityconsulting #Ce11…

Rockett Power 🚀💥 ‏@RissaRock_614

I keep thinking about this pineapple upside down cake I'm finna make 😍😋😋🍴🍰

고먐미 ‏@flyhunfly

@VanasLife Thank you so much😭 I didn’t even realise the time. Eating is needed🍴👩‍🍳☺️🙏🏻

LovelynAmazin🥩 ‏@SoLovelynAmazin

EYE am a proud OMNIvore. EYE will eat somebody’s mama if ever a situation arises where my survival is dependent upo…

MHG ‏@eatmhg

Wednesday night dinner featuring Hickory Smoked Salmon @Triogrill 🍴

Trio Grill ‏@TrioMerrifield

Wednesday night dinner featuring Hickory Smoked Salmon 🍴

scott24fit ‏@scott24fit

#HerbalifeTip: Know your #CalorieBudget! Many people overestimate the amount of calories they require every day.🍴

B Good ‏@buzyntexas

Nice fall day to sit outside and eat lunch 🍴 on the patio

Blockley Cafe ‏@BlockleyCafe

😍Enjoy our 'Refined Dining Experience' every Friday Dinner here @blockleyvillagecafe🍴🍷 Our three course dinner menu…

West Allegheny Environmental Club ‏@waenvironment

Eco tip of the day!! Try not to use plastic cutlery, it can’t be recycled. Instead bring your own reusables! 🍴

Susan Fiorenza ‏@susanf1028

@tyler_casper Fork 🍴

Dennis Tan ‏@dttheemperor

@RachelStarrxxx Delicious Rachel. 🤤💦💦🍴🙏😘

Maritim Hotel Malta ‏@maritimmalta

🍴🌟Always a great reason to eat out! 👍🏼 📘Check out our menu: 🌐 Make your reservation via:…

The Stables Hereford ‏@stableshereford

Something for the FESTIVE PERIOD! 😍🎅🏻 CANDY CANE GIN! 😮🎄 “Think Candy Cane in gin form - red, delicious, with a ca…

Café Parisien ‏@_cafeparisien

✨ Our Christmas menus start on 2nd December ✨ Who is joining us for Christmas with some delicious French classics?…

UCSC Dining ‏@UCSCDining

Reminder: It's Cultural Cuisine Wednesday today! 🇻🇳🍴🇻🇳 Come enjoy the tastes of Vietnam at the Porter/Kresge DH for…

The Navy Yard ‏@NavyYardPhila

Tomorrow is the LAST day for #lunchtrucklineup in 2019! @Baken_Bacon, @DrWutzit, @DumpNRoll215, @themeatwagonbbq, a…

paul hickey ‏@todaysmenu

Send the gift of food💚💜🍴 -

reese ‏@creatorthetyIer

we eatin good🍴

Jen Zug ‏@jenzug

Last week I ate dinner with the residents and had to use a spoon to eat my salad so.... check out our wish list!🍴🥄🍽…

Peter Sisco Broker ‏@RedDoorLondon

😱😮Do you need this in your kitchen!? 🍴 #LondonOntarioRealEstate #LondonOntarioBrokerage #LondonOntarioHomes…

Laura Mansfield ‏@yoginigangsta

Same. 🦃 🥧🍴

MyrtlesChickenAndBeer ‏@MyrtlesChicken

Good luck sharing our fried pickles with your table. It's every man for himself! 😉🍴

Bakers Restaurant ‏@Bakers1958

You can't take your eyes off this Rib-Eye! Time to treat yourself 🥩🍴 . . #BakersRestaurant #AmericanFood #LocalEats…

United Way Chicago ‏@unitedwaychi

Each month, our partner Food for Greater Elgin serves thousands of neighbors in the north suburbs🍴 Not only do shop…

Y’allDon’tHearMe ‏@yalldonthearme

@karav3lo @_DustCollectors Whether it’s the kitchen or the lab, Karavelo stays cookin that good stuff 🍴 🎵

Gabrielle ‏@887799gmailcom1

This group of eating🍴🎉🍾🥢🥂🍽❤️😛🥳

CTSBoxOffice ‏@CTSBoxOffice

It’s Thanksgiving Day at CTS!! 🍗🍴We are all so very thankful to work with such amazing people! And... HAPPY BIRTHDA…

Charlie's Paintball ‏@paintballCYPC

My reward for being such a good patient at the doctor's ..a quick bite at my fave yummy place.. 🍽🍴🥤🌮🥙 — at Benjamin…

Yoko's Jewelry ‏@yokojewelry

New!✨ Silver Color Hair fork🍴I’ll list it on #etsy and website today! . . . #etsyseller #etsyfinds #etsygifts…

brad clit ‏@clubinterrupted

cliff booth really out here double checked up in his levis tonight imma feast 😛😋🍴

Blvck.Royalty ‏@Royale_Lez

They even have "Pork Free" options 🤗 #TimeToEat 🍴

Traphouse Cashy 🦁 ‏@OGCashyD

everybody must eat 🙏🏽🍴

BOS Marriott Copley ‏@MarriottCopley

Hey there, @BOMABoston. 👋 Welcome to #MarriottCopley! We’re ready to celebrate with you at your TOBY Awards Dinn…

The Beach Deck ‏@TheBeachDeck

Enjoy stunning sea views from every table! 🌊 Open everyday from 9am-5pm ❄️ Book now for breakfast, lunch or dinner…

Epicater ‏@EpicaterTO

Really enjoyed this hearty Italian lunch from @proteinchefs today! Exactly what you need for the winter szn ❄️🍴…

Menches Brothers Of Perry ‏@MenchesBroPerry

One of our daily specials: Chicken stir fry 🍴 #menchesbrothers #perry #chicken #stirfry #chickenstirfry #togo…

Atokatha Ashmond Brew ‏@Atokatha

Don’t knock it. I put salt, pepper, sugar, butter and a dash of cream on my #grits. Had some Saturday at…

Gabrielle Kramer ‏@Gabriel80087043

Meal prepping has saved me so much time and stress! I highly recommend anyone with a busy life to do this🍴

Menches Brothers Of Massillon ‏@MenchesBroMass

One of our daily specials: Chicken stir fry 🍴 #menchesbrothers #massillon #chicken #stirfry #chickenstirfry #togo…

Thornton Hall Hotel ‏@thornton_hall

Enjoy a taste of the festive season with us here at Thornton Hall this #December 🍴🌟 Prices start from just £24 for…

Rachelle Lucas ‏@TravelBlggr

Me too! 🍴#iExploreChat

Molly Daley ‏@mdaley15

So grateful for my friends @welblair and @Trianglemancsd for setting aside some of their valuable minutes to share…

hazzalouis ♡ ‏@hazzaLouis3

My lil bro tryed to make me romantic dinner. 😂💝🍴 Fireplace, milk, cookies.. he said I remind him of Santa 🎅😡 I thre…

#LoveDarlo ‏@lovedarlouk

🍴 Say hello to @voodoocafeuk's festive menu, featuring some familiar dishes and some new tasty treats exclusive to…

Jefé.. ‏@Cocaine_krazy

I’m ready to eat lunch 🍴

Adamaru ‏@AdamGrenade

A lot of you noticed my quick text words in the last video. I have no excuse. #ThiccPenny 🍴

Chime ‏@ChimeTunes

The Monster bois are back! Round 2 of the infamous kitchen mix incoming 🍴🍳 @Teminite @PsoGnar

🌸 ‏@HakunaTheFckNot

You know you are that hungry when you are watching the movements of your delivery driver on google maps. 🥵🍴

Angela Murton ‏@ispegi

Tea-making tunes…🍴🎶

Yellow Bird 💛 ‏@CHEROKEEKEYS

Oxtails For Lunch 🍴

Projecto FollowTrick ‏@ChilliF0ll0w

Retweet come on and join 🥚 🥖 #1FIRST 🍴

Bre 👑💚🍫✨ ‏@Lovebresheree

It’s really going down now ! 😋🍴 I made these premade Mozzarella stuffed turkey meatballs and pesto zucchini noodle…

Jazzy 🧚‍♀️ ‏@jazzypeacock_

3 empty plates, beef stew absolutely demolished 🍴


Cooking chicken and chips for dinner 🍴 hope I can eat having trouble eating

🌊🌊JoJo🌊🌊 ‏@ProudJoJo8

@realDonaldTrump YOU ARE DONE!🍴 #ImpeachAndRemoveTrump

Only☝🏿e$$ence™ ‏@ddyrekee

@mpjay11 Keep going up king 💪🏾🍴🚀

emeka onelum ‏@cyrilemeka

She said fork 🍴.. FFS!!!! 😒

Oluwaloseyi ‏@Agbaje02

@VantagePee @sunkility @xenazeee @penpenrempe @i_am_hazzan @Gbollade @deejaydamifresh @dulcisphotos @Chizzy_ace…

The Strand House ‏@StrandHouseMB

🍴The holiday season is officially here! The annual Pier Lighting & Holiday Open House is TODAY! Be sure to book you…

Chelsea ‏@romaineeeeee

I love when my job caters lunch😋🍴

Don Snow ‏@AwmmBoy

These women gotta mfs losing control 🐱🍴🥊

Staybridge Suites London - Heathrow Bath Road ‏@StaybridgeLHR

Meet, communicate and network, all over free drinks and nibbles. 💬 Here at Staybridge Suites, we host three evening…

usui takumi || ia bc life sucks || ‏@suzuyAh_

@ii_mcklla y did u skip meal??? Hahshshs eat plenty 🍴

Castelli's at 255 ‏@CastellisAt255

We're your go-to spot 📍 But what's your go-to meal? 🍴 Tell us about it below🔽 . . . #CastellisMoonlight #AltonIL…

SimplyCook ‏@SimplyCookcom

Perfect curry starts with the perfect paste and we tried 10 before finally mastering the delicious blend for our fr…

Lundin Mill PS ‏@LundinMillPS

Extending on interests in shopping we made a start to an online shopping list. A rich opportunity for learning acro…

Matter That Matters ‏@MatterThatMatt1


RU Business School ‏@RutgersBSchool

Rutgers Future Business Leaders of America are hosting their annual Dinning🍴with the Distinguished! Students don’t…

Donovan's Steak & Ale ‏@Donovan_Steak

Now this is what I call a Friday night🍔🍴 . . . #DonovansSteakAndAle #NYEats #MaloneNY #NYFoodie #MaloneEats

半死半生🐉 ‏@hennything55

@Fernanda100199 You definitely the whole cake 🎂 🍴

Windsong Ranch ‏@WindsongRanchTX

@DreesHomes are crafted for living... and master cheffing 🍴⇢

Laurelwood Shopping Center ‏@ShopLaurelwood

Have you picked up your chocolate turkey for Thanksgiving from Dinstuhl’s? 🦃🍫 The perfect addition to your Thanksgi…

Planet India ‏@PlanetIndiaFood

Planet India serving pure vegetarian homemade Indian food, 70s beats and smiley, happy, young people. 🍴…

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