Fork and Knife Emoji

A fork and knife; a set of utensils used to assist in the eating of meals. Displayed with the fork on the left, and the knife on the right.

Fork and Knife was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🍴 Cutlery

🍴 Knife And Fork


🍴 U+1F374




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♠Josh L♠ ‏@3650Antonio

@StaceySaranxxx Fuck! Those tits are so edible and juicy 😍😋🍴😉

Cappello Ghandi SQ ‏@CappelloGhandi

Food For The Heart & Soul🥩🍖🍗🥙🍴 Come Taste The Difference❤️💕 #Fresh #Fridays #Trendy #Fridays #Food #Passion…

Amber ‏@ambergraaace

sleep for dinner 😋🍴

󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀 ‏@cwoses

@everlysong 😣missed out 👋👩‍🔧 on ViCtoWey WoyaLe🙈🍴Why weave! 🤠

Best Recipes ‏@BestRecipesUK

🍴New Recipe🍴 Baked Cod with a Chorizo Crumb This is a simple and quick dish with great flavours! The chorizo crum…

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Claudine Mae Leysa ‏@POPSTERklawdin

She goes silent when gutom 🍴🐷

Hell💀Beatle ‏@hellbeatle

Watching #ConversationsWithJonFavreau & I realize how im in need of a bluray box set of #DinnerForFive 🎥🎬🍴🍝☕…

East Beach Cafe ‏@EastBeachCafe

Job opportunities at East Beach Cafe 🍴🌊 #jobsearch #westsussex #frontofhouse #backofhouse #thomasheatherwick…

Belle Vale Shopping ‏@BelleValeSC

Craving something hearty and filling for tea tonight? Try this delicious vegan lasagne recipe from @IcelandFoods !…

Suburban Green ‏@suburbangreenuk

Friday at last, put a spring in your step this morning with a delicious @suburbangreenuk breakfast - served from 10…

Bianca Lois Paras ‏@LoisBiancaaa

Team lunch 😋🍴

Mei 🌸 PERSONA 🌸 ‏@lensbyarmy

🍴Tongin Traditional Market It's a food heaven. It's cheap and very delicious!! You can have Japchae, Tteokpokki, K…

Mei 🌸 PERSONA 🌸 ‏@lensbyarmy

🍴금삼고로케 (Croquette) 📍77-4 Tongin-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul I bought the Cabbage Wasabi and it taste reallyyy good. The…

Mei 🌸 PERSONA 🌸 ‏@lensbyarmy

🍴Tongin Sweets This place sells Egg tart for 3000₩. And it taste SO GOOD. The sweetness is perfect, not too sweet…

Extra Supportive 🤖 ‏@extrasupportive

@SwtchDesigns nice one, I love what you're doing here. ✌️ 👌 ⛽️ 🍴

Carly Lunt ‏@CarlyLunt17

Happy Friday😍❤ this week has gone so quick🙊 so looking forward to this weekend💖🍹🍴

🌱(最強) ‏@_happa_o0


SmithsBar&Grill ‏@SmithsGrill

Is it the weekend yet? 🍳🍴☕️🥂 #Spring #BrunchLondon #Londonfoodie #eat #yum…

peak stans usa ‏@kongtapeaks

goodnight i love 🍴 and elliot 🥺

Freshly Milk ‏@FreshlyMilk

Very big #shrimp #wontonsoup #latelunch #yummy • • • #🍴 #instafood #sharefood #instaeat #foodstagram #heresmyfood…

Ian Crawford ‏@SpoonSense

Thank you @MetroUK for raising the profile of cutlery 2 down: Cutlery item (5) 👍🍴#staysafe

𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗻𝗴𝗸𝘆𝘂𝗻'𝘀 𝗻𝗼𝘀𝗲 ‏@mmonbby

@OfficialMonstaX We got japanese bops!!! english bops!!!! Now we gotta have Spanish bops kings!!!!!!!🍴💕

lilcorey_ ‏@_MindYaBizness

Hungry 🍴

1918 Bistro & Grill ‏@1918BistroGrill

LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT LUNCH SPOT? Our cool and lush outdoor dining area is just gorgeous this time of year. Breez…

🦆 Norman Erikson Pasaribu 🦆 ‏@nrmnp

Intan is the author I look up to. I loooove her fierce, genius, fearless writing. Take time to listen to this. You…

KNIGHTOR WINERY ‏@Knightor_Winery

Dessert is on us this Sunday! 🍴🍷Dine with us for Sunday lunch this weekend, enjoy a delicious main course from our…

Ken ‏@_NewOrleansbaby

Starving 🍴

Croeso Lounge ‏@CroesoLounge

Hero Burger 🍔 Beef patty, chorizo, American cheese, fried red onions, chimichurri salsa, chipotle mayo, tomato an…

peak stans usa ‏@kongtapeaks

🍴a family.. 🥺❤️

Ms. Kelly ‏@BeBoldBK

On this weeks episode of my sleep schedule is all over the place, i overcook, and being in my kitchen is my safe pl…

Hendery’s 黑鬼 | RENJUN YEAR ‏@kunctv

Me: Hey Cheol whats for dinner? Seungcheol: 🍑🍴

Harris ‏@harrissmai

@UCImbb Eat up 🍴

Radstone Hotel ‏@Radstone_Hotel

Treat your mum next week with Dinner, Bed & Breakfast from £89.00 for 2 people 🥂💐🍴A special deal for a special woma…

Cappello Ghandi SQ ‏@CappelloGhandi

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+ Zer🌎8️⃣ ‏@Danilo_G8

+ You Kno Exactly What I Want Why I Would Neva Get It🍴❤️


@mapofseokjin omg 😱💯 my bias 💓💞is feeding us🍴 🤤🔥today!!!😍🥺💦 thank you jason oppar!!🥰🥵

notjustine ‏@MehJustine

@_trishanggggg Wait im keating 😋🍴

Dragne Marius ‏@marius_dragne

A good morning is when you have granola for breakfast 🍴💙 · #food #granolalover #instafood #fitness #breakfasttime…

Albion House ‏@albionhh

Excited for the weekend sun and stunning views like this from your room? ☀️🌊🐶🍴 Make the most of the weekend by bo…

ToddlePass ‏@ToddlePass

This week on ToddlePass - art, cooking, music and more! 🎨🍴🎵👶 -

ً ‏@scybulb

eat well, haechan 🍴

Emma Mendes da Costa ‏@emxme

Homemade roasted sweet potato, parsnip, beetroot and carrot. It's the @cowleyclub vegan beer and cider fest AND…

Sadiq ‏@AdeshinaDanjuma

@emmadefano1 @TeamUpRGC When you dine with the devil @Netanyahu you need a longer 🍴

Maya Mexican Kitchen + Bar ‏@Maya_Dubai

That sizzling feeling at our Mas Mas Brunch 🍴

BWTTIHS ‏@martin6446

@dodo The bigger cop is licking his chops.🍴

France in the PH 🇫🇷🇵🇭 ‏@FrenchEmbassyPH

Behind the scenes with Chef Miko Calo & her team at the French Residence 🇫🇷🍴🇵🇭 #GoûtdeFrance #GoodFrance…

♔Sire ‏@UrMajesty_Sire

Boneless Bangus (milk fish) for #FishFriday 🍴😋👌🏽👍🏼🙏🏼 . . . #fishforlent #lentfriday #lent #fish #bonelessbangus…

Chefletics ‏@Chefletics

Out at @pdfoodandwine with @chefantonia kicking off with The Taste of Italia at Toscana Country Club.🍴🍷 @ Toscana C…

Forkster Music Promo ‏@FORKSTER_2013

🍴👍FORKSTER👍🍴 #Friday ahead music SALUTES >> @jasoncaine @circlethecrown @prongmusic @blackveilbrides…

Henry Bravisk ‏@bravisk

Lunch 🍴 with a view... 🏔 . . . #bort #grindelwald #swissalps #switzerland #myswitzerland #iloveswitzerland…

💀 ‏@PetaGrace

New tame impala song is feeding me in ways I didn’t know I needed, thank u @tameimpala 🍴👽

smol tits 🍒 ‏@stilltits

Pare mailaf 🤤🍛🍴

Stoney Bobby Flay ‏@StoneyBobbyFlay

Breaded Honey Cardamom Salsa 🍴⚡️

joselyn ‏@amorkhiyun

@lcvetwce idk but im eating regardless 😋🍴

kat ‏@Griim_Reaperr

I spend a lot of time holding the refrigerator door open looking for answers 🍴

Marco Baudenbacher ‏@ChefBaudi

CREAMED VEAL AND SPAETZLE Veal scallops - cream - white wine - herbs - homemade spaetzle🍴 — Comment: Super tender v…

เมษา. ‏@Masah_ii

Lunch with boss 🍴

Ariston Yazzie ‏@ArisToneYazzie

@SherianaWoods Did you just said NDN Tacos... 😋🍴😀

Marcus Danus ‏@MarcusDanus

@VtM_Bloodlines I can't believe it's real, i'm so hyped that right now i love everything in the universe. Thank you…

SLAM ‏@SLAMonline

EVERYBODY EATS 🍴 The scoring breakdown from the Nuggets’ win tonight is insane. 🤯

Beach Front Property ‏@BeachFront718

@RasCityEnt #HUNGRY🍴 premiering on @SIRIUSXM @Shade45 real soon 😋

Hary ➐ ‏@badboyfaiy

@bpwildin eat this 🍴

Joneeeeeeel ‏@kaizzhaha

Eating buddy 🍴

Osman Ch ‏@chuzair9595

🍕🍴🍽️ @ Forks N Knives Pizza Kitchen, Faisalabad

Ed ‏@Kilroy0826

U.S. livestock called at risk for foot-and-mouth disease outbreak 🧐Feed the Democrats Lunch 🍴

𝕄𝟘ℂℍ𝕀 ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) ‏@mr_M0CHI

🍤🍴Amazing oysters 🤤

Atomic Elbow ‏@AtomicElbow

@TaraRushton @A1F1E9 You and Coop should have the LF's around for a barbie then. ♨️🍴

jan-ne ‏@jnnchrstnrlln

not today 🍴

Erin Hoover ‏@614hoover

ja morant is a fuckin dog🍴❄️ @igotgame_12

JenM_Curry ‏@JenM_Curry

I think he does indeed love that hamburger steak! Lol! 🥩🍴 @EatFellowHumans #GroceryGames

Humble. ‏@StokesNBA

Can’t for KD to leave warriors 🍴🍴

ALT 105.9 ‏@ALT1059

Science!! 🍴#ALT1059

Tasting Australia 🍽 ‏@TastingAus

Home to a number of premier wineries, cosy accommodation spots and an interesting variety of culinary experiences,…

Jimi💚 ‏@Priceless_Jim

They pulled up on me with dinner & beverages aaaaand provided a house fork🍴😩😂💙

d o k o 🍒 [ comms open ] ‏@dokocana

@_ceha 😭 *wipes tears* I'm now craving broccoli 🍴

Gladys Ts Jakarta ‏@TsGladysa

Hppy lunch 🍴 @lithium66 @indo_shemale1 @jockosrocket @waria_highclas #ladyboy #ladyboyjakarta #shemalejakarta…

Karen Wilson ‏@KarenWilson

Currently, I’m roasting a Whole Chicken from scratch. I’m serving it with Corn, a Potato & some Greens + an Onion &…

AJ ‏@Aj7P_

@UCImbb Dinner time boys 🍴🤞🤞

Blade ‏@ziggucci

Alright y’all thought I was an ODU basketball fan 😂😂 but I’m really a UC Irvine fan now fuck it go Anteaters 🐜🐜 🍴 🍴

Hubert Rey Marquez ‏@hubertcpnpn

📍SSC-R Captain’s Galley 🍴

mike bojesen ‏@mbojesen4

‘tis the season 🍴🍴

Bizko Selassie ‏@Bizko_Selassie

Oh damn 👀👀👀👀👀🍴😋

PATRICE ‏@patreeengggg

@_cynieka lets eat 🍴

mana ‏@mana_s821

・ ・ ・ 🍰tata 생일🍴 ・ ・ ・ #ケーキ#🍰#strawberry#cake#sweet#yummy#food#foodstagram#lol #instafood#smile#happy#instamood#lfl…

Michael ‏@_michaellora

Apple sauce for days🍴.....

camilla (•ө•) ‏@ptgyeom

@astrotagon we are 🍴🍴🍴

Edwin ‏@edwinmundt

Andrew 🍴🍞 was drafted in the sixth round as an overager. He's going to be a good NHL middle six winger. Incredible…

bakker1337 ‏@bakker1337

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🤠   🍴🍴🍴 🍴 🍴 🍴 👇 🍴🍴 👇   🍴 🍴   🍴  🍴   👢 👢 howdy. i'm the sheriff of fork and knife

Patricia. ‏@patri41_

Elijah Hughes. Have yourself a game.🍴

Sweet Deals ‏@SweetDeal5

special DEAL LYFT $50 Ride Credit with RideSharing app LYFT promotional Code 😊👉MIGUELT👈😊 #BaconCounty #Georgia Thanks🍴

sia ‏@itsealtiel

first time nako nag eat alone this year😂🍴

Pluto Poetess ‏@PlutoPoetess

Ostara! Such a beautiful sacred day! I went to work(🍴), ran 2 miles(💪), helped my grandma with groceries, and went…

Jethro Bundy ‏@Utahsnowguy

waching finel 4 with mom write now 🏀🍴

DeQuavious Martin ‏@DaRealQua

@MAHDTHAGOD whatever it takes! Eating 🍴

MAP OF THE SOUL |민윤지🧕✨ ‏@sparklingbyeol_

@biskutgolden 🍫🍴 *innocent*

Chelsea G. ‏@badatkissing

I cordially invite you to eat my ass 🍑🍴

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