Fountain Emoji

A water fountain, found in a park or other public space. Used for decorative purposes. A variety of styles of fountain are shown across different platforms.

Fountain was approved as part of Unicode 5.2 in 2009 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

⛲ Park

⛲ Water Feature

⛲ Water Fountain

Apple Name

⛲ Fountain


⛲ U+26F2




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🌦️    🏢😐😪🤤🏪 🏦😒😟😵🏪 🌲😣🙁😓🏭 🏟️😭😕😱🏛️ 🏪😯🙁😥🏪 🏬 😮😥🏭🏛️🏦🏭🏬🏬 🏦🤐😶😒🚙🚓🚕🚗🚛🚐 ⛲😢😲😧🚛🚛🚓🚛🚑🚌 🏗️😠😱🤔🏟️🏭🏬🏢🏦🏢 🏭🤤😡🙁🏢 CLOSE THE PAY GAP!

💫Happiness Now ❤️Love Works ‏@MsRamzula

I get Bellagio's owner is also #GOT fan Amazing ⛲ show! Only in Las Vegas! 🤩 #VegasNights

#JesusChrist151 #JesusJohnRL151 #MessiahJohnRL151 ‏@TorchofGod

#OffTheGrid #GreenAces #GreenAcres #MyGirlfriend lives, works, loves in the #FaithfulChurch #MileHighClub109…

mineta🍇 \^_^ | nsfr ‏@hisoseok

1. I'm an aquarius! ♒⛲

Alfie Cezar ‏@alfiecezar

Bound to explore the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia. High tech na rito, labour saving machine na ang magpipri…

Sarah ‏@TruthsWithSarah

Checked out the Botanic Gardens with my bro!! Here are some of the sights! Vlog to come!! 🦆🐤⛲🌷🌻🌳🌴 #botanicalgardens…

شهد عبدالله. ‏@shodiz_

a Day to Remember : Good Day, Special Friends, MEC Group, Good CBT, Rainbow, Rain, Ramadan,Almusana’a,SEMOAKSH, 9:4…

Zlatan Leko ‏@ZlatanLeko

@EnjoyNature Byutiful evening ⛲from Split 🌅

emoji horoscope ‏@emoji_horoscope

♒ #Aquarius #EmojiHoroscope ♒ 🔮 May 20th 🔮 Rendesvouz at ⛲ today. 🐉 will help you at work. 💉 will bring you great joy.

Mantan Terindah Raisa ‏@Ijat_11

@nurjazielah Miracle ⛲

Zlatan Leko ‏@ZlatanLeko

@Tatiana5oz @JeanetteEliz Happy week Tatiana ⛲

PANCHO😈 ‏@Roymm9



🏫💙 Never lose your faith! 💞💞 Awesome Picture ⛲⛲⛲ Picture by 🌟🌟🌟 @polabur 🌟🌟 ✔️ ✔️ #friends…

Jessica Dene Earley-Cha 🍓 ‏@chatasweetie

@ChloeCondon @DoesitPew @tsmith We have one with and without an outlet. The electronic one is better (warm seat in…

Zlatan Leko ‏@ZlatanLeko

@waitwaitwait11 Happy New week Sabrina⛲ 🌇

TheLynnProject ‏@project_lynn

Water show fun at Epcot on a beautiful Saturday 🥰⛲🌐 Is it just me or do you wish you could just play in Disney foun…

Dennis The Retwicher👈🏾 ‏@iamdennismusya

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Chris ‏@Dilettwat

@BrigitteBidet Like the 👩‍🏭🧖🤺🧘 ones, or the 🥔🥒🍡 ones, or the 🏚️🗽🎠⛲ ones, or?

Réka Romsics ‏@RekaRomsics

I had such a fantastic day in this beautiful park 🌄⛲ I like live here. ❤️☀️

Rocky ‏@Robbinrakesh

@AgerwalNidhhi @tarak9999 Love u nidhhi papa for u r warm wish⛲

Tom's Thumb Nursery ‏@tomsthumnursery

✨⛲ fun fact: In feng shui, water can bring you wealth&prosperity. By activating the water element in your home or…

Rio ‏@RioSuperstar

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world. 🇮🇩⛲🗺️

Libra♎ ‏@FayyazWrites

save water ⛲💦💧 Drink Beer 🍻🍺 😂😂😂

ᴅʀᴀʏᴢᴇɴ ‏@drayzen_au

@miuirom @syrus_jeslin Squeeze! ⛲

®💒🅱🆎💹@ 🐝 ‏@BabyBeretta1

🔫Murderers still on the loose murdering people! They must be all destroyed. 🚓⛪💰 🙏👶👮🚢⛲

TREVONNE McGEE ‏@SkillfulWriters

🔫Murderers still on the loose murdering people! They must be all destroyed. 🚓⛪💰 🙏👶👮🚢⛲

arumot ‏@TOMURAM

@JSutthinan @Suriwatsa21 I went to park today 🌲⛲🌹

Seele Vollerei ✿ ‏@StigmaHonkai

"I'm Seele Vollerei, and Orphan with a Legendary Stigmata. One day I will be with Sis Bronya..."…

Rio ‏@RioSuperstar

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world. 🇮🇩⛲🗺️ . #waterfalls #naturalwaterfall…

Nagaraju Sontia BC B ‏@BcSontia

@tarak9999 I Wish⛲ U Many more Happy😄😃😁 returns of the day Tarak anna

เดียร์ ‏@deerforyou_

̷♡̷ °° We With Luv °° ̷♡ ➡ now open register ➡ only bts @BTSXBWLUV 𓏤 ᛍ🏩𐬹ᱸ𓍹 𓍻ᱸ𐬹⛲ᛍ…

Tiny Protests ‏@TinyProtests

🌦️    🏢🏛️🏢🏛️🏭🏢🏗️🏦🏛️🏢🏛️🏢 😥😭😒😟😶😧😣😟🤐🚔🚚 🚗 😣🙄😭😶 😔😦😑👮🏾🚚🚕🚙🚛 😥😔😪😱🤤😪😧😳😔👮🏼‍♀️🚕🚌🚕 🏦🏢⛲🏢🏦🏟️🏛️🏨🏪🏭🏨🏗️ WE WILL NOT BE SILENT!

Kimberly N Barnard ‏@BarnardKimberly

Attempting to get a photo at Trevi, lol!! 🇮🇹⛲ #BarnardEuroTrio @ Trevi Fountain, Rome Italy

PerformanceFertAG🌾 ‏@PerformFertAG

Encouraging cells to divide, “Cytokinins are like the Fountain of Youth for plants ⛲” INCITE Foliar Treatment: bio…

christian ‏@MCSinlao

I'm exactly where I need to be ⛲

poetic_osh ‏@OshPoetic

䨻 䨻 @poetic_osh on twitter 𖤝᭄ິ̸⃬⃬ܳ ︶︶︶︶ 𖤝᭄ິ̸⃬⃬ܳ 䨻䨻䨻䨻 [...⛲] — Hello guys! My account will be a "thread acc" ded…

중국남방항공 ‏@ChinaSouthernKR

Do you know about the Trevi Fountain in Rome?🇮🇹 It means that if you throw a coin, you will visit Rome again⛲ If…

arumot ‏@TOMURAM

🌲water fountain ⛲🌲

Alfie Cezar ‏@alfiecezar

Manly Warf Ferry and Yifang Taiwan milk tea experience before heading to Chinatown. 😍✈🌊🗻⛲🌇🌅🌈🚢🏄😎 #Australia #Sydney…

[email protected] ‏@lhermani848

⛲During cold condition

Charles Lee, Jr ‏@Kolt4JC

It's NOT About Who They Are But Who They Think Themselves to Be. Love and Innocence Is Humanity's Holy Kingdom...…

Shubham Bothra ‏@ShubhamBothra8

All About Yesterday 🌊⛲ — at Crescent Spa, Resort & Water Park

Rochelle Dimalanta ‏@Rochelle_Aloha

I promise that you'll never find another like me 💖😘🎙🌺🌞🌷⛲ #glam #motd #goodvibes #xoxo

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Statue be! 😂👭🏛⛲

Dawna jo ‏@RamagliaJ

@gacupdating Damn that's nice ☀ ⛲

Michele Duffy ‏@MicheleDuffy18

@realDonaldTrump According to Iranian Press TV, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei says that Iran does not want a…

Abd'samad ‏@Infajay28

@inside_oau In case you're still in dire need of water, remember the fountain ⛲ at Faculty of Agriculture 🌴 never goes dry!!! 😂😂😂

📚 Eeyore's Tales 📚 ‏@EeyoresTales2

@MollyMoggy26 Awww, testing the water temp to make sure it's almost equal as the water in the new fishie bags! How…

KIᗰᗷᗩ ‏@KimbaTheWitch

💙💎💙🏰💙⛲💙🐬💙 Good Night Lovely People I cannot say it enough, Thank You for all of your kindness, generosity, guidanc…

Pattie L. ‏@PattieL06796161

@1SunnySideSue I agree!! ❤️💐🌷🌹🌺⛲🙏💞

Xtra Doze ‏@fenris_struker

If your girlfriend is not a source of Blessing in your life, Bro I think is time to shuffle the park ⛲.

Kimberly N Barnard ‏@BarnardKimberly

Roaming #Rome in #PokemonGo ! 🇮🇹⛲❤️ #CommunityDay #Torchic #RomanHistory @ Rome, Italy

💙 Debra💙 ‏@debrane22280565

@gacupdating OMG... How lucky is @Zak_Bagans he lives in another world !! So relaxed. ☀️😎⛲🥛

rachael collins ‏@rach71069

@bionicanadian @NexWebSites @Cynthia55678360 @LlosaLee @Wrix2 @ursobuursula @ChristiWalling @kasiyonopeci1…

Rick Wesley ‏@RickWesley80

Rick in the dining room of "Parco La Serra" in Castellana Grotte, Italy. 🍽⛲🏛 #rickwesley #singer #songwriter #axelf…

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Genevieve Boiko ‏@Gen_Boiko

@Biela25 Enjoy the warmth of a Sunday afternoon, Diana.🌴⛲🌴

Tiny Protests ‏@TinyProtests

🚁 🌥️   🏭😠😳😱🏗️ 🏛️😩😤😣🏪 🏢😞😞😡🏨 🏦😫😖😩🏛️ 🌲😑🤤😐🏛️ 🏦😟🤐😧🏭🏬🏦🏦🏢🏨 🏟️🤔😖😬🚛🚑🚐🚐🚓🚗 🏦😖😩😳🚛🚑🚓🚙🚌🚙 🏛️😵🙄😣🏭🏢⛲🏨🏦🏢 🏢😠😡😰🏢 NOT ONE MORE!

Victor Maisano ‏@VictorMaisano

It tastes as good as it looks when your in the desert. 💦 🎀💝⛲💦 . 🏃💨🌵⛰️ . . #RibbonFalls…

Northern ‏@northernassist

⛲ Why not try #Huddersfield for your next family fun day? Bring your little ones down to Playworld, a state of the…

April Mcdearman ‏@AprilMcdearman

@jackaverymusic @ZackCaspary Your singing BIG PLANS I can tell because the screen behind you looks like the backgro…

Victor Maisano ‏@VictorMaisano

We didn't listen, went chasin waterfalls. 🎀💝⛲💦 . . 🏃💨🌵⛰️ . . #RibbonFalls #TrailRun #OptOutside #NorhKaibabTrail…

melania barksdale ‏@22345ae6

1️⃣ SOUTH AMERICA 🇺🇸 BRAZIL 🇧🇷 NODE 🗽 ⭐ ⭐ 16 ⚡ 60 ⛲ 🏰

melania barksdale ‏@22345ae6

1️⃣ SOUTH AMERICA 🇺🇸 BRAZIL 🇧🇷 NODE 🗽 ⭐ ⭐ 16 ⚡ 60 ⛲ 🏰

namakubrandku ‏@jeffwibisono

Reposted from ⛲The Largest Artificial waterfall in the world flows from this Chinese Skyscraper. 🗼It flows 108m t…

Rohit ‏@rohit1128

Fountain Square #cincinnati #fountainsquare #⛲ #fountain @ Fountain Square

Rick Wesley ‏@RickWesley80

Rick at the entrance of "Parco La Serra" in Castellana Grotte, Italy. ⛲🏛 #rickwesley #singer #songwriter #axelf…

Rick Wesley ‏@RickWesley80

Rick at the scenic fountain of "Parco La Serra" in Castellana Grotte, Italy. ⛲🏛 #rickwesley #singer #songwriter…

Kimberly N Barnard ‏@BarnardKimberly

Horsea-ing around in Rome! ⛲🐎 #GoSnapshot

Charles Lee, Jr ‏@Kolt4JC

It's Just So Miraculous to Ne YOU, Becoming More Yourself Before OUR Mind's Eye. 💘 ⛲ 💘 The Heart's Reality 💕 #StayGolden #TheNextStage

Ohio. Find It Here. ‏@OhioFindItHere

Union Terminal's Fountain is back on! ⛲ This legendary icon, once a transport hub -- now a museum center, is a must…


#Porch #decorating mistakes and how to fix them! 🌻⛲🌼 via @coastalliving #realtor #realestate #realestatetips…

Drive Gadgets ‏@DriveGadgets

23 Simple Fast Food Hacks That Will Change Your Life Check out these #hacks for saving some…

Chef Rav ‏@AngieAngierav69

@PetsatHome Think they need a new pool 💦⛲

O_O Semele ‏@CyberTal3s

Androgeo : 🌕🌑 +_+ ⛲ 🍍 💄 🐉 ✔ 💗 ♈

Holly Wigmore ‏@HollyBWigmore

Fountain of youth, knowledge, beauty and beer ⛲

Ripley Heatwole Co ‏@RipleyHeatwole

Get some fresh air after a long day. We love the landscaping here at The Cedars! ⛲ #lake #river #pond #water #sea…

UofG English Lang & Ling ‏@UofGEnglishLang

Look for the wugs to find us today in Kelvingrove park! We're next to the fountain ⛲

Doc Leo SA ‏@DocLeoSA

•° R E L A X A T I O N. .📸💥🧖🏿‍♂️⛲🌴🇿🇦✨ #xhosa, #photographer , #mobilephotography , #photooftheday , #photography ,…

HARSH SHAH ‏@harsh2015shah

Before exit polls my prediction for 2x19 India grand election results ... win for India and Modi will be by leading…

riz 🦋 ‏@jirroooo

living in winter, i am your summer 🌃⛲

Homer's Car ‏@homerscar

Homer is driving drunk😱 and has collided with a fountain ⛲

gain mutuals ‏@BTS_tri

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@mjfree 🌉⛲🎶🎸☕🦈🍞🐡🥥🍏😍🎶🎸🐡🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄 -ABIGAIL MAY ARNDT "I TRIED TO GET THE MOVIE, BUT I DO…

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