Framed Picture Emoji

A framed containing a photograph or painting inside. Shows a variety of scenes depending on the platform, including hills, mountains, a beach or pyramid.

Samsung Galaxy S7 displays this as the Mona Lisa.

Framed Picture was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014 under the name “Frame With Picture” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🖼️ Gallery

🖼️ Mona Lisa

🖼️ Painting

🖼️ Picture Frame

Unicode Name

🖼️ Frame With Picture


🖼 U+1F5BC

️ U+FE0F


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Evan Czaplicki ‏@czaplic

Very excited for @elmconf this year! 🧪 keynote on testing in @elmlang by @t_kelly9 🎶 musical talks from…

Vaddo Inc ‏@vaddo_inc

“The secret of #leadership is simple: Do what you believe in. #Paint a picture of the future. Go there. People will follow.” -Seth Godin 🖼

Samantha ‏@SamWOIllusions

We’re not all equal 🐒 and 👽. But you are an 🐜 @elonmusk on an orange ⏰ inside of a Salvador Dalí 🖼 You’re a📍in…

steps2change Lincolnshire NHS ‏@s2c_Lincs

🖼🎨 It’s great to see that the colouring books in our reception area are being used 🎨🖼 @s2c_Lincs #steps2change #NHS…

ً ‏@almostslove

don't leave me hanging like the mona lisa 🖼

ESOTERIC ARTZ ‏@EsotericArtz

Fuck with @EsotericArtz for the Artwork 🖼 Fuck with @YUNGSTELLSBASED for the 🔥Mixtape 🎶

Ms.Collins ‏@MsCollinsTeacha

ENG4U students enjoying the National Art 🖼 Gallery #ocsbBeCommunity @gravelvp @CapoOttawa @VinnieB_Ottawa

SuzyQ 🌞🌊 ‏@SuzRiebold

After that were gonna grab him by his P...😂😂😂🖼😬🤺


Needless to say I be hovering art 🖼 & it’s breaking my heart ♥️

`~` ‏@HoneyShrub

Thanks students for always accentuating my fat ass in your art 🖼

Dodge Hemi ‏@skinnyfort

Already rich ima trap for the art 🖼

Apryl Jones fan account!!!! ‏@ThisIsJay216

@AstronautKI @ogDupree He’s up there for me too! His music is art 🖼 u gotta know what u looking at to appreciate it cus it’s only one Nas

The Station on Ingersoll ‏@OnIngersoll

Picked up some dope stuff to hang in our back bar, The Hideaway 🖼

Manuel Clément ‏@mano1creative

The latest Arts & Culture #AR Gallery is out! @Google make sure to follow Andy for more #XR #UX art goodness 🎨🖼

drinking dummy juice ✨ ‏@luuvrzspit

@ummbryanlol Y’all are too young to understand what REAL art 🖼 is!!!

Crystal Leigh ‏@crystalleigh

@JackieAugustus frame this 🖼


Friday feel. 🖼 by Andy Warhol, 1964.

Grow Speke ‏@GrowSpeke

Super frames 🖼 being inserted in the hive ready for the 🐝 🐝 to work their [email protected]_Homes @GroundworkCLM…

naini ‏@naini_art

Thank you so much to all our recent likes! Welcome to the page. Look forward to sharing more artwork with you 🖌🎨🖼🎨🖌

Deng Lun 邓伦 Updates ‏@deng_lun

🖼 Denglun for Shining House #邓伦 #DENGLUN

Clearfork ‏@Clearfork1848

Have you seen the stunning Monet-inspired floral installation created by Dr Delphinium Design? Visit this gorgeous…

FTF Canada ‏@FTFCanada__

Photo looks familiar 📸 😉 Goodluck Joe Mac! ℹ️ For all media needs contact us at [email protected] 🖼 📸 🎥 #FTF…

Marcus 🤞🏾❤️ ‏@_markart

@theestallion Colored Pencil Drawing Complete!| Hot girl Summer 🥵| 🌑 🌑 🌑Pomegranate Prismacolor Color Pencil 🖼.

Q ‏@TheOctopusMMA

@Asian_Bad_Girl3 Beautiful. A masterpiece. The picture of our generation. 🖼

Fitzroy Provincial Park ‏@FitzroyPP

😄 As a quick reminder, the Discovery Program 🖼 Art in the Park 🖼 begins at 2pm today, at the main day-use beach…

champagnepapi ‏@STFUPATRICK

@TWlXIE Needed somethin to flex yk.. like an art 🖼

blaineloveskurt ‏@klainereunited

@Lin_Manuel Arts Education & Teachers FTW 🎤 🖼 👩🏾‍🏫 👨‍🏫 I watched this at 6:30 am and was bawling thinking about…

Mohammed Dmy ‏@DumiMed

@Pwn20wnd Ip6+ 12.1.4 fails ♥️♥️ we appreciate you hard work and helping us making iOS great 👍🏻 with your art 🖼 thank you 👏🏻👏🏻

richard besford ‏@RichardBesford

@LyndasArt1 Merry fab painting 🖼 Lynda colour’s lovely 😊

The Josh Hanson Trust ‏@JoshHansonTrust

Wow 😮 I hope that this young person’s incredible talent is picked up, developed and given the opportunity to reach…

Tiff 🧖🏻‍♀️ ‏@Honest__Sinner

Incase you haven’t seen this view in a while 🖼

The Josh Hanson Trust ‏@JoshHansonTrust

@HertsCyp @martinpgriff @reacheverygen @cpsuk @YCHertfordshire @FearlessHerts @sportinherts @VCP_UK Wow 😮 I hope th…

JamminJC❗️ ‏@radjamjc

Miami Art is something else 🖼😍

Hon Aliyu A Buruku ‏@honaliyua33

@Rahma_sadau @washafatii Very luvly picture 🖼 ❤️😍😍😘

Craftamo ‏@craftamo

🖼 The art stolen is worth 500 million, the largest property theft ever! 😨 #craftamo #artfacts

Deng Lun 邓伦 Updates ‏@deng_lun

🖼 Denglun for Joyoung #邓伦 #DENGLUN

All with Ðonghan ‏@AllwithKDH

Special cafe' and Mini gallery 🖼 Mini gallery Preview 📍HYDE Cefe’ Siam square one fl.7 📆 27-28 JULY 2019 ⏰ 10…

La Monarca Bakery ‏@LaMonarcaBakery

This event will be one for the books! Come by & express your inner artist 👩🏽‍🎨👨🏻‍🎨 Tomorrow July 20th at our Pico R…

Deng Lun 邓伦 Updates ‏@deng_lun

🖼 190719 Denglun Studio Weibo Update #邓伦 #DENGLUN

Freda Stidham Curd ‏@mustlovecats1

@BrianPNealon @AstroMCollins @AstroHardin @GoogleDoodles This is an AMAZING piece of art!!!! 🚀 🖼

dublab ‏@dublab

Today’s broadcast schedule 07.19.19 // PDT // #dublabradio Broadcasting live from Los Angeles ! 🖼 by Kari…


US state 27 Florida! 🌞 The sunshine state has beautiful features, click start creating and search Florida on…

Joy BURGER BAR ‏@joyburgerbar

⭐🍔⭐ #FieldtripFriday love! 🎨🖼🎨 The @artistsofcha @CHA_NYC toured @elmuseo yesterday then lunched with us. We highly…

Ms.Collins ‏@MsCollinsTeacha

ENG4U students research for their media art 🖼 assignments at the Ottawa Public Library 📚 #flexiblearningenvironment…

Ja➿ıE ‏@jamie_ric

📯 #COMPILATE #Tumblr 💻 That's what I (often) DO! 🇹 📷 #Art #Photography #Design #MustSee 🎨🖼 I #compile from VERY…

Community Alliance for Support & Empowerment ‏@AllianceSupport

Tree art with the seniors! 🌲 🖼

Mike Ham™️🏁🕊 ‏@MikeHamArts

Ones remaining. 🖼🎨

Susan Noble ‏@susenoble

Dressing a cattle pen!! 😬 Before and after shots of pen 21...I’ll be @artinthepen in Thirsk Auction Mart tomorrow a…


"Welcome to my fUnHoUsE"👹🤡🎪 this is my original artwork of @WWEBrayWyatt #Fireflies #fUnHoUsE #YowieWowie…

E.J. Hassenfratz ‏@eyedesyn

You’d think my phone would stop trying to autocorrect keyframing to “key framing” after a coupe years. 🖼 🔑

Tuxedo Adventure Cats ‏@TuxCatQuartet

We're going to #seafoodfest in #Springfield today😻 but apparently this place isn't it.😾 We're also going to Art for…

Mike Ham ™🏁 ‏@Mike__Ham

Ones that are remaining. 🖼🎨

G ‏@georgedurocher

My Friday art 🖼

Costa Hellen🔱 ‏@chellen1

@madeintyo Tell me this new cover art 🖼 🙏🏽🙌🏽

NC Web Dev & Design ‏@cernak_io

TONIGHT: 🎶 DDS_Duo & Jerry's Middle Finger in Soquel! 🎁 Every guest attending will receive a copy of this poster…

dog loaf ‏@KalypsoPuppy

Super adorable new profile pic <3 🖼 by @CozyCollie~ Thank you!!

Moonalice Posters ‏@MoonalicePoster

TONIGHT: 🎶 @DDS_Duo & Jerry's Middle Finger in Soquel! 🎁 Every guest attending will receive a copy of this poster…

(っ♥ ◡ ♥)っ 𝓓𝓲𝓶𝓹𝓵𝓮𝓼 ‏@SammiieFergiie

@artbysal Hi I’m Sammie I’m 23 and I love art 🖼

KCM_MakinMove$ ‏@KCM_713

@Masuta1019 @Tahoe17 “Blueface van-go” w the 🖼 Yea he not as bad as they painted him out to be w the music.. need…

Dr. Evil of Crypto ‏@DrEvilofCrypto

@PeterSchiff Eight months from now when #Bitcoin is up 500% from current levels and #Silver is still only up 3.4%,…

MLKMS Beltsville, Md ‏@CobrasMlkms

This week was packed with #SummerLearning for staff! Mr. Pieschek attended #PGATI2. We can’t wait to see new…

kc ♍︎ ‏@cryingtoes

@oofmarylind people call it trash but i call it art 🖼 😌👏

키키 ‏@kukutuktuk


Marianne Ahola ‏@MaAiJuAh

Wish You all a nice weekend 😇🙏🌸🎨🖼🎐 #ateneum #japaneseart #mingei #helsinki #finland

Danny Delevingne ‏@MAlSONMARGIELA

Happy birthday, Edgar Degas! 🖼

Ian Mackie ‏@1anMackie

@Lewi320 @TheRealBuzz Great entry, copy, enlarge and frame 🖼

Virginia MOCA ‏@VirginiaMOCA

Excited to see a visit to Virginia MOCA included in Veer Magazine! Explore our cool, comfortable galleries and take…

EclecticsConsignment ‏@EclecticsATL

🖼 Wall Decor Sale 🖼 💚Green Tag Sale 💚 For our newest arrivals, click below. #eclecticsconsign #newarrivals…

Dr Christine Sprigg ‏@DrSpriggy

@eparry16 Hey! Thanks so much to you & yours 😁😊😚. Dan brought along the mystery & jolly package 🎁. Loved all the th…

Anna Ardolino 🦋 ‏@Annaa0300

@yuliashadesign Stunning painting Yulia 🖼 🎨

SeaBass ‏@seabass

Love all my new art. All framed up and ready to hang...🖼 @phish @MikkellerBeer @keith_shore @Princeton

Leidy Karaiscos ‏@LeidyKaraiscos

It's Friday Beauties🙋‍♀️🤗 Here's a look inspired by a pinterest Photo 🖼 #motd #beauty #makeup #makeuplover…

Oldham Council ‏@OldhamCouncil

If you’re interested in learning about the Peterloo Massacre, listen👂 to a talk by @JacRiding author of ‘Peterloo:…

Tom Crawford ‏@ThomasC72256421

@DailyCaller Our President is an artist. He made the squad the center of his painting and he’s going to frame the S…

ultmt. ‏@ultmt_music

yup! I’m doing a double drop today! • d r e a m s. | out now on all platforms! • d i a m o n d s. | on soundcloud n…

UrbanCultureCruise ‏@MscUrban

The time has arrived for a cruise experience🛳🛳 like no other. The urban culture cruise. Get to experience fashion👗👔…

Ana_Pollack ‏@Ana_pollack_

El plan es: 🕵️‍♀️🏦💎🖼 (Giacometti ph unknown, tbdx 2)

Big HurtZ ‏@HurtzBig

School is officially done two degree 📜 in three years I’m proud of myself for finishing. Now to start streaming so…

Farid ‏@faridpoji

a work of art 🖼 @ Balai Seni Lukis Negara

☆JeninaCrypto☆ ‏@jeninacrypto

Follow @jeninacrypto on @Crearynet 🖼😁🎨🔜 #creary #art #cryptoart #crypto #blockchain #token #cryptocurrency

AVM Hawkins ‏@AVignaudM

Wednesday Night, I and my husband Mark, had the distinguished pleasure of installing art 🖼 by our dearly loved frie…

forum+ ‏@forumplus

Luis Ruocco also has work on display in the National Portrait Gallery BP Portrait Award and this can be viewed dail…

Kristen Jensen ‏@KristensVision

The amazingly talented randylagana created this wonderful art 🖼 of me. Thank you 🙏 Happy 😃 Friday and wishing you a…

Chyno. ‏@bluebeardfoodie

Headed to Artscape 🖼 this weekend? Looking for an equally awesome and close Medical Cannabis 🥬 Dispensary? Head to…

Black Mind ‏@iahmmedtawfiik

𝐴𝑟𝑡 Earrings 🖼.

Bakir Sheikh ‏@sheikh_bakir

When boss and me in at ❤️ Frame 🖼

What's In a Podcast ‏@WhatsInaPodcast

@justinpeterson There’s something special about seeing original art 🖼 , but this was a good reproduction. Really big, and well framed. 😁💯

Danny ‏@d_mann29

We all about respecting art 🎨 🎶 🎥 🖼

ghostmode ‏@ghostmo96065026

@iamhumblesmiles @ronaldnzimora @ayo_ifedapo The best art 🖼 is to show your real art 🖼 bro. Forget 3D advert format and thank me later.

Autism-Europe ‏@AutismEurope

Discover the amazing artworks 🖼 of #autistic artists! 🎨 We are very proud to support this exhibition with our membe…

‘𝐓𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐚𝐦𝐨𝐃♥ ‏@TshiamoRSA

@XolileXolee Second frame 🖼

GOOSE GOLDEN ‏@jonxjae

Lost Tapes all mornin until I appreciate the worth and greatness of the art lol 🖼 🎶

DarkShadeCon ‏@DarkShadeCon

Because YOU deserve a break, come to #Darkshadecon next November Meet the #Shadowhunters cast 😍 Participate in the…

Lauren Barnett ‏@Lauren_Barnett

So sorry this popped into my head this morning 🤷🏻‍♀️🛌🚫🖼 #heatwave #humid #nyc #icantgoutsideilldie #secretgarden…

Ourselves the Elves ‏@ourselves_elves

🖼 More info:


🖼 FUN FRIDAY 🖼 The movement of the plates creates three types of tectonic boundaries; Convergent, where plates mo…

Cut & Sew ‏@cutandsewdublin

The King and the new king! What a moment.... It’s not everyday your in the @IrishTimes for your craft! 🇮🇪🖼

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