Framed Picture Emoji

A framed containing a photograph or painting inside. Shows a variety of scenes depending on the platform, including hills, mountains, a beach or pyramid.

Samsung Galaxy S7 displays this as the Mona Lisa.

Framed Picture was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014 under the name “Frame With Picture” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🖼️ Gallery

🖼️ Mona Lisa

🖼️ Painting

🖼️ Picture Frame

Unicode Name

🖼️ Frame With Picture


🖼 U+1F5BC

️ U+FE0F


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He’s literally a work of 🖼 art🖼 Heck taehyung INVENTED BEAUTIFUL

🧞‍♂️ ‏@WorthyQuay

Something about nature, get me right every time 😁🖼

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Its 3 for 2 on all prints, use code PRINT ⚽️ 🖼 👍

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I just don’t have to be in reality but I’ll make art 🖼

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6 years of artistic expression. Can’t believe how many paintings I’ve created! 🖼 🎨

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Happy art 🖼

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I just feel like @KREAYSHAWN and @fewocious should make art 🖼 together

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Congratulations ⁦@SweetAppleES⁩ 🍎 Yearbook Art Contest Winners! A very talented group of 👨🏻‍🎨🖼 👩🏽‍🎨Thank you ⁦…

Mrs. Spence ‏@spenceatpizitz

Beautiful artwork on display by our amazing art students!! 🖼 🎨 🖌 @pizitzmiddle

Delaware Art Museum ‏@delartmuseum

🖼 The Mermaid", 1910. Howard Pyle (1853–1911). Oil on canvas, frame: 66 1/2 × 48 3/4 × 2 3/4 inches. Delaware Art…

Ez👑 ‏@GrownS1mba

I mean rozay verse on devil in a new dress! Nigga bars was so cold I got goosebumps! You could feel the pain in tha…


Looking to the weekend like ... #FridayFeeling ⭐ [🖼: "A Woman with a Dog," by Jean Honoré Fragonard, 1769]

Lisa ‏@mammylisa1

@Billyartist Your so welcome 😊 and thank you 🎨🖼👌👍❤

Qhawekazi Music Video on Youtube ‏@Official2Lz

New Music Let’s quickly set the mood for the festive season !!! Djs this one is for you... #nowplaying iVosho by…

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Indiana Bones 𓄒 ‏@IndianaBonesArt

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Bones of LaSalle ‏@bonesoflasalle

Smoke of a .45 by Charles M. Russell 🖼

Wallector ‏@wallector

Choose among beautiful vases and many other original decorative objects for your Christmas gifts! 🎁 😍 Find much mo…

WheelLifeNotRealLife ‏@PaulJLilly

Cracking job Ian 👏🏼 🖼 🏍 👩‍🎨

~Helen 💛 ‏@Sweetest_Mochi_

@NevDrawsAyy Aw I’d wish to own one of these- they’re literally art 🖼

Panel Wall Art ‏@panelwallart

Convert your favorite photo into canvas NOW! ;) ✈️ FREE shipping! 🖼 Ready to hang! 💰 $50 OFF 🛒…

IUPUI Writing Center ‏@IUPUI_UWC

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Coconut-Girl ‏@Coconutinbahama

Currently hanging out out and working with the above me, level three four fashion students in their classroom. I li…

[email protected] ‏@Roygbivhotmail1

Who hacked my netflix 🖼

Gerald Craig ‏@GeraldCraig2

@buske_natalie Spot on Natalie!!! Btw, your artwork 🖼 still blows me away!!❤️

Roberto Son ‏@acechapin1

@TrinityStClair Cool Audrey Hepburn painting 🖼 I’m a fan ❤️😃👍🏼

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lrbolden will be at CLTR CON Saturday November 23rd. Get your tickets now by clicking the link in the Bio! Brough…

Doug grayson ‏@dougs_life

@RalfLittle ralf please retweet my pinned tweet and in return I will draw your portrait next here is my style of ar…

J. L. Westover ‏@MrLovenstein

Trying, now available in my print shop. Get it HERE 🖼

💫 ‏@MoonIsShinning

Art: LAKIN OGUNBAWO 🖼 "Are We Good Enough" X "E Wá Wo Mi" Gallery Exhibition: NIKI CYRAN Human form: Adebambo &…


The Frame 🖼 painted by @IRISUNART #irisunart #art #artistic #artist #arte #artsy #arts #painting #paintings #paint…

JP Jermaine Powell ‏@jpyourlife

Question: What is the meaning of rich to you? . . rich. by JP . . ⭐️NEW PAINTING 🖼 “to all my 🐐 g.o.a.t.s., we were…

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If I were Lupe, rather than answer that question I’d start a conversation with you about the song’s lyrics and allo…

Megan Stride ‏@StrideMiss

Thank you @Tate for letting us be part of Steve McQueen’s amazing #year3project which we were able to see today…

A-N-T ⚡️ ‏@ANTwontstop

@ShelaenaS @BeckyLynchWWE @FanOfDaMan @TheMan_Becky76 @StoneColdSavag1 @SimpleBeckyFan @Beckyrollinsbr1 @Pdogg0711 Awesome artwork!! 🖼 👍

Barham Primary ‏@BarhamPrimary

Barham’s Year 6 Climate Change Art Exhibition. The children have been learning about #ClimateChange and reading…

International Show ‏@Intlshow

#InTheZone🚧 is available on all streaming platforms! Go grab that and tell me what your favorite line is.…

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You they squat for person room only you get 4 🖼 framed picture for wall 🌚🌚hello brother take it easy person wey get room never die

Authentic ‏@AceBeenFlashin

I’m just focused on the bigger picture 🖼

Bones of LaSalle ‏@bonesoflasalle

The Mexican Major by Frederic Remington 🖼

@AllamandaES ‏@AllamandaES

Mrs. Vonderhaar’s 2 2nd grade students’ #art work has been selected to be displayed at the School District office n…

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Self Made ™ ‏@Fendi3x_

@Jtowns_23 Facts shit like art 🖼🔥

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Carrickmore received a make over this week! 🖼👏🏻🌈🖌

Rijksmuseum ‏@rijksmuseum

When this painting went under the hammer in 1824, it was presented as a self-portrait of Adriaen van de Velde with… #ArtHEALS #ArtTherapy 👑💝🖼 ‏@ArtMallGlobal

@dianadep1 @Amyperuana @marmelyr @1Atsuhimerose2 @neblaruz @agustin_gut @CristianeGLima @angelicadisogno @ampomata…

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A big thank you to Nick for picking up Mia's latest creation, a #MiaFUTURE hoodie, and Tarnishe for getting an…

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@BadLeprechaun_ @iworldseries @redbull @MetroUK @CoorsLight @poscauk @The_Dots_UK Here’s my style of art 🖼 no where… #ArtHEALS #ArtTherapy 👑💝🖼 ‏@ArtMallGlobal

@MarkBird17 @Diamondpromoz @KZ_Howell @LisaDMeyer @KaceyKells @CanarioAcosado @LuigiIsabella2 @avilonjoel… #ArtHEALS #ArtTherapy 👑💝🖼 ‏@ArtMallGlobal

@6WxVjkfC4Ea8TEC Thanks ! All who need Help with new fresh Original Art — let’s work! We have Healing artists all o…

Distillery District ‏@DistilleryTO

@DistilleryTO #FeatureFriday! 👨‍🎨🖼 @ArtaGallery offers an impressive collection of contemporary work by both Canadi…

☭November spawned a monster ☭ ‏@Rafalution19

Serena evaluating the Popeyes special. 🤣 her nails are like mini 🖼 paintings.

✨Julie🦊Kitsulie✨ ‏@Kitsulie

@JasonFury7 Hello there! My name is Julie Kitsulie- I'm a digital artist/2D animator, writer and voice actress in A… #ArtHEALS #ArtTherapy 👑💝🖼 ‏@ArtMallGlobal

Thanks Thea!! 🖼💝 #ArtHEALS #ArtTherapy 👑💝🖼 ‏@ArtMallGlobal

@agustin_gut @CarinReport @scastaldi9 @CristianeGLima @neblaruz @Rebeka80721106 @BPerrionni @piero_agnello…

Ceal Warnants ‏@CealWarnants

Lovely surroundings for a “Let’s Riot” to live! Thank you for the pic caitairs 🏺 🏺 🖼 🏺 🏺 💓 #letsriot #cealwarnants…

Baby Yors ‏@babyors

OUT NOW 🚧 DON’T say you love 🗺 🖼 📸 @josespaillat 💄 josefina_low ✍🏼 graphic designer and typography @AddisonDeTwitt…

Kddd 🪐 ‏@Kd_lerma

Room full of love 🖼

The RHS ‏@The_RHS

Find the perfect Christmas gift this year with 10% off RHS prints and canvases! Take your pick from a quality selec… #ArtHEALS #ArtTherapy 👑💝🖼 ‏@ArtMallGlobal

Major salute !! #artFamily 🇨🇦 Thanks 👑💝🖼🌍 #ArtHEALS the globe !!!

Cecillia Yaohan ‏@CecilliaY

Art is therapy 🎨🖼 @ National Gallery of Victoria

🦃🗽🇺🇸Laura J. Powell 🇺🇸✝️🍁 ‏@badcatt3

Hanging up the current POTUS’ 🖼 is SOP, & not doing so is an insult & indicative of yovanovich’s disdain for Trump…

Josh Lempert ‏@Joshlempert

Just booked a ticket for round 2 of #portraitofaladyonfire! Very hyped 🖼💃🏼🔥

Doug grayson ‏@dougs_life

@MissyElliott Can you please retweet my pinned tweet and in return I will draw your portrait here is my style of ar…

LillROY Jimi Says 12 ‏@SaysJimi

@tommychong __ Sometimes The World 🖼🎨 Sure to Picture pic sure Sure Pic Pic Sure sure pic pic shure SHU…

KJ ‏@TheRoyalKJ

Dad’s latest painting. 🖼❤️ #alanjacoby

Kids in Museums ‏@kidsinmuseums

St Michael's School has created displays at @LauderdaleHouse based on the countries of the @rugbyworldcup 🏉🖼…

Nate Good ‏@nategoodmusic

Drip In Gold 🍯🍯🍯 prodbyninety8 🎹 @alexpsaroudakis 🎚 @daproriginals 🖼 Mixed this one ☝️ @ Virginia

Mr Evans ‏@MrEvansJPPS

@catkucia Top job! This deserves a place in a gallery 😀🖼

Panel Wall Art ‏@panelwallart

Product Name: Canvas Art Dragon Ball <3 ✈️ FREE shipping! 🖼 Ready to hang! 💰 $50 OFF 🛒…

Al B. Unsure ‏@chooky_504

@AnjleLatihaC It’s art 🖼

Ruth Moorey Art ‏@ArtByRuthM

@JANeto72 thank you for the follow #grateful 👩🏻‍🎨🎨🖼

Lovetamor ‏@522877272

No shirt 👶🏻 #VermillionxGente 🎨 #ออฟกัน 👶🏻#offgun 🖼 @AtthaphanP

genesis 🌸 ‏@wonpurin

Queen of art hoe’s 🖼 🎨🖌

Doug grayson ‏@dougs_life

@JohnBarrowman John can I have the pleasure of drawing portrait of you here’s my style of art 🖼

Doug grayson ‏@dougs_life

@jenlion can you please retweet my pinned tweet and in return I will draw your portrait next here is my style of ar…

Lisa Pearson ‏@LisaPeo

Always lovely to see @jencollingwood & talk all things @tateliverpool ❤️... looking forward to 2020 with you lot! 🚌…

Michael Kho ‏@MichaelKhoC21

_THE LOGGIA Presents_ *"TOKYO ART OF LIVING 2020"* Architecture. Art. Knowledge. Food. Music 🇯🇵 *Pop up Exhibiti…

Life Lasting PR ‏@LifeLastingPR

🖼 Colourful Ideas In Chelsea ✏️ Head over to @paper_smiths Chelsea this weekend to find @stalogy’s pop-up with a fa…

Rola Ali, MD ‏@DrRolaAli

@vi_monappa @DrGeeONE @smlungpathguy @vane_muros @tralimiguel @drsys02 @VijayPatho @doc_kartik @Swathiprabhu5…

Mrs. Fernandez ‏@_Mrs_Fernandez

@Bluedaisydeb @PeterandPaulCS @DelgobboLisa Wonderful job 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🎨🖼

Panel Wall Art ‏@panelwallart

Product Name: Darth Vader Kylo Ren and White Troopers ✈️ FREE shipping! 🖼 Ready to hang! 💰 $50 OFF 🛒…

York Disability Week ‏@YorkDisability

🖼 ‘What it is like to be me’ #Art Exhibition 🖼 An exhibition exploring themes of #disability. 📆 Sat 30 Nov 2019 u…

shannon lewis ‏@shannon03091853

@charlieBhustle2 The true definition of 🖼 Real Art!!!👆👆💯

Roy Domenech ‏@DDebroy84

@HWarlow Wow 😯! Beautiful painting 🖼! Amazing 😉! Have a wonderful 🙏day! 🌞☀️😎💐🌸🌺🖼🖼🙏🙏💗❤️

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