Framed Picture Emoji

A framed containing a photograph or painting inside. Shows a variety of scenes depending on the platform, including hills, mountains, a beach or pyramid.

Samsung Galaxy S7 displays this as the Mona Lisa.

Framed Picture was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014 under the name “Frame With Picture” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🖼️ Gallery

🖼️ Mona Lisa

🖼️ Painting

🖼️ Picture Frame

Unicode Name

🖼️ Frame With Picture


🖼 U+1F5BC

️ U+FE0F


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Kings2Queens Quality (K2Q) ‏@FliCity_Musiq

Dropping New Song Art 🤫🔥 🖼 #K2QPromo #K2QEnt #QualityVisualsInc #GramilyGraphics #HellaGramzPromo

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ‏@i2kander

@speedoru actually this is art 🖼

Q ‏@Quela__

Well that was fun... family.. 🖼.. the heat though ☀️.

Kate O'Brien Art 👩🏻‍🎨 ‏@KateOBrienArt

Come and visit the shop in Stockport Indoor Market @stockportindoo1 @stockportmarket @SKOldTown Open today from 9am…

Naomi Vona ‏@mariko_koda

“Neon Caravan” will soon reach a new owner 💛🧡 Thanks so much 🖼🙏 . . . #naomivona #naomivonart #degreeart #justsold…

Harlow Council ‏@HarlowCouncil

It's a busy day in #Harlow today! As well as the festivities in @TheHarveyCentre and @GoWaterGardens and the Chri…

輝きヒーロー キラキラが止められないよ ‏@tjsvarez

Hylas and the Nymphs, John William Waterhouse huhuhu (╥﹏╥) one of my favorite paintings 🖼

Bianca Bowers ‏@BB_Writes

: I wore the red dress and posed my porcelain skin against the backdrop of a gothic city With a slice of moon in th…

Fresco ⚡ Nomad ‏@chinofresco

🎨 🖼 @ The Modern at Art Place

Michael Perry -Mr Plant Geek ® ‏@mr_plantgeek

@PaddyandScotts Yeah!! It’s an art 🖼

2Point0 🤖✨ ‏@kollywoodnow

#SATHYARAJsNext🎥🗳!! Less than 🔻🖐Hrs to Go for 'Power-Packed'🖼💥 Title Launch🎀 by Social Activist⚖🏴, Thozhar…

🎶Ceejay🎶 ‏@Ceejay1011

@shizukinakada The black tights make a perfect picture frame 🍑🖼 I want a closer look 😜

Bianca Bowers ‏@BB_Writes

: You’ve opened my heart to its core with your love Like nightingales, it sings Like a full moon, it glows My muse…

Wohuhlof ‏@Wowolfz

@Qwerty_Soda Some of my art 🖼

click the link! ‏@JoenVazquez

****JOEN***** - - - ▶️ See the vision. Be the Art 🖼 Paint 🎨 Perfect Pictures. - - - . - -DM for your workout pla…

Martin Manchester ‏@PonakaMartin

I'm framing this 😍😘🖼

asyra funnisa ‏@nesaqueenn

thankyou for making mylilboy’s bio 👶🏻🍼🖼

asyra funnisa ‏@nesaqueenn

thankyou for making mylilboy’s bio 👶🏻🍼🖼

Constantino Republican ‏@terracotta05

Well, going to call in a night. Love your tweets.We do not always agree;however, respect you and your opinions. Fo…

Jeffrey Aspacio ‏@jaspacio

The #LosAngeles County Museum of Art 🖼 is an #art #museum located on Wilshire Boulevard in the Miracle Mile vicinit…

` ‏@ddenachi

◌ ⁺ ˖˚🖼 ) ddenachi's Faceclaim !

Sarah LaDuke ‏@SarahLaDuke

🖼🚨 It’s us! By Evy! She drew much more abstract versions 4 years ago that hung on our fridge until we moved. 🖼 🚨

Cosmic Fox ‏@CosmicFoxLife

the digital era has done nothing but hold the mirror to what our society has become 🖼

Kollywood ‏@Kollyfilms_offl

Its ⚖🏴Social Activist, Thozhar #ThirumuruganGandhi 👱✊ is Launching🎀 'Power Packed'🖼💥 Title of #...

2Point0 🤖✨ ‏@kollywoodnow

Its ⚖🏴Social Activist, Thozhar #ThirumuruganGandhi👱✊ is Launching🎀 'Power Packed'🖼💥 Title of #SATHYARAJsNext🎥🗳 Toda…

Sweetee_Pie ‏@Sweet_Teeee_Pie

Finally have everything put in place in my room now I just need to find a dresser and some 🖼

Ezwed ‏@1zwad_10

CPD Sports 2018 🖼 . #Cpdians #RHBians #Officemate #Friends #BadmintonAcedemy

Lessie Nieves-Paugh ‏@ribbonotes

I might post some ink wash art 🖼

Syàz 🍌 ‏@syaz_iwwan22

"DE’ COLLECTION" by Syaz Iwwan on @behance: Do follow me on Bèhance. All collection in there ! 🖼

Kollywood ‏@Kollyfilms_offl

In New 🖼📲Insta Pics, 'Smiling Princess😊🌸' #KeerthySuresh 👰💖 goes Angelic in White👼.. Just ADORING...

2Point0 🤖✨ ‏@kollywoodnow

In New 🖼📲Insta Pics, 'Smiling Princess😊🌸' @KeerthyOfficial👰💖 goes Angelic in White👼.. Just ADORING😍, Isn't..…

nurul afiqah ‏@sketchjjj

argh my mind right now~ 🤣🤣😲😲😵🤪🎢🖼🌈🌊

Blu_almond20 ‏@BluAlmond20

Think ima go to dip n dab take her painting 🖼 get her a bottle of some fine wine to sip on 🍷

Alexander Sommer ‏@somm08

@hks55 😱 nice painting - could be art 🖼

Miguel Romero ‏@SpruceDust

@AvaGG People are weird! Why do they even care about how a girl’s hair looks if she’s isn’t with you or married to…

anexpatabroad ‏@JoBrettAD

It’s the last day of @AbuDhabiArt 🖼 Don’t forget to visit today so you don’t miss out! Read more on the blog…


I just purchased 6 days from today next friday on the 23rd of friday. Black Friday my art 🖼 will move in to its hom…

CrankyOldWitch🧙‍♀️🌊🇺🇸🌊 ‏@BiddyCranky

But decorum right? Right out the window! 🖼



ᴇʟɪᴊᴀʜ ᴍᴀɴᴏʀ ‏@elijahmanor

@Aimee_Knight @WeWork 😲 So nice! I wouldn't mind visiting a place like that, but for me #remotework is the way to g…

Maddie 🧚🏻‍♀️🧝🏻‍♀️ ‏@maddi_winks

it’s arts 🎭 & crafts 🖼 nite 🌒 @ my apartment. sign up for tutorial class below:

MichaelKeen Tapdasan ‏@mkeen8

🖼🎎🇯🇵 “I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” - Vincent Willem van Gogh // Happy weekend!😁

MichaelKeen Tapdasan ‏@mkeen8

🖼🎎🇯🇵 “I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” - Vincent Willem van Gogh // Happy weekend!😁 @ Taito-ku, Tokyo, J…

*~fReAkOnAlEaSh~* ‏@_emilyoloughlin

I just realized I have a lot of weird cat paintings hanging on my bedroom walls 🐱✨🖼

Dajshon ‏@DajshonG25

NEW ART 🖼 GALLERY SHIT! Turn up the Gang ❄️🔥❄️

joel shaji ‏@joelshaj87

hate 🖼

slickwdaglick ‏@youngslickFNG

one step closer to slick Van Gogh ❤️ 🖼

📱Sir Ezio John CROW ‏@Ezio_CROW

I love this 🖼 Giovanni Arnolfini and wife

B•rit•tany (n) ‏@FortyMittens

Oxnard is REALLY a great piece of musical art 🖼 🎶 ♥️. You did magnificent @AndersonPaak

Desi Gonzalez ‏@desigonz

Lol this thread 🖼🐄

tom bochichio ‏@TomBochichio99

Anderson paak album is a work of art 🖼

Sharon Ramos ‏@sharondc2ric

InLight public art exhibition at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Outdoor light-based art. 🖼 💡#artexhibition…

G4 ‏@HenritOoOo

@metacritic Add LM5 by Little Mix 👑👑👑👑 it’s art 🖼

EMLeonard ‏@emleonard66

@WyattEarpLA Absolutely!!! Double matted in gold frame. 🖼

Vybz Pedrotel ‏@iRealPedro

Kinda porn 🖼 in picture 1 ?

Angel Ballance ‏@angelballance

Here’s a game: Share one of your most unforgettable college memories in the comments below. 🖼 I’ll go first! I wa…

lu D-43^__^ ‏@tecoguinho

n above all else, make sure your art has a soul 🖼

Anne ‏@WrathOfBom

Essie is a hunter...but whether she’s good at it is another question 😆! This my 2nd card for #atcitupwithfriends Or…

Emily Bennett ‏@EmilyBe34558184

@PeterGadiot Beautiful your eyes can spot good art. Great knowledge of art 🖼

Saving Shepherd ‏@SavingShepherd

Friday Night Lights ... Saving Shepherd style 😉 Catch a pic of 1 of our “Unplug 2 Connect” billboards, let us know…

An-Nhien Nguyen ‏@annguyen_art

Yesterday's opening reception for the #curio2018 show was a blast! It was so nice seeing everyone's creative take o…

Kathleen Rock ‏@RockatOakHill

Art inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. We love GRACE Arts! Thank you to the volunteers that helped us today.…

Anne Marie Tennison ‏@theboosmom

So incredibly grateful for all this amazing mom does for nautilus_k8 🖼 Art, Read and Lead, PTSA, Community Club, pr…

Moses Washington ‏@MrPresident_51

I’m here for it!! 🖼👏🏾 #SCtweets

UJAH ‏@ubcujah

Visual Arts majors/minors: we want to publish your artwork! 🎨🖼✂️ You’ll be interviewed about your creative practice…

Alison Fowler ‏@AliCatArt

Super excited about my next show! ✨Art & Sparkle✨ Teaming up with @bijabijoux for a holiday art and jewellery sh…

Krister ‏@truffletweeter

@CFinNYC @hairrence @peacefulwrrior @GlendaBurgess @evewrites @Peepsqueak @SusanaDeLeonMD @SuzanneArtMusic…

ً ‏@tinytimes

this is a pretty picture 🖼

New Age Gigaba. ‏@trutagxnation

@LiillNenee Lets do this💪. Ifb asap. IG- trutagx. 🌈⛷🖼.

Patrizia Iuliucci ‏@patriziaiuliucc

Art 🖼 Galaxy 🌌 Diamonds 💎 Edit by: @patriziaiuliucc . . . . . . . . #art #edits #photography #portraitphotography…

Kenneth white ‏@Kenneth43959568

If I win the RSL art 🖼 union prize which you would hold me to I would sell the property an donate the items to ch…

temacc ‏@temaccth

It was about, you are in your room. And I’m in my room then i got a missed call from you. Then when im trying to ca…

Brandi Alderson ‏@bnatural35

Gotta love kid art 🖼. #avery #livinghisbestlife🤣😆🥴😍🤩

Kevin Uhlig ‏@kevintuhlig

Fine Arts Friday 🖼 at CCHS is cool! Making some origami, painting cookies, figure drawing and then heading to the S…

Ned Braden ‏@Puckefeller

This is a work of art 🖼

Bruce Springsteen ‏@brucebass_

A picture of art 🖼

Likeable Asshole.. ‏@GED_Larry

izzythedj special guest DJ #Tonight culturelounge757 ...Everyone Free All Night 🎨🎉...Dress to be admired 🖼

Mumbrah ‏@LenaPakis

"Autumn Landscapes" Gallery @Quidd 🖼 🎨 p

🦀🦀🦀 ‏@ali_lacy

Rosie brought home some artwork from school this week 🐶🎭🖼❤️ @socialpetpineville

ariel 👑 ‏@itsariel_dani

Join Spelman Dance Theater for their first Gallery Sessions performance Saturday, Nov. 17th! 💃🏾 🖼 Our students and…

Acid Betty ‏@acidbettyrocks

🍦Featured yard sale item #2 ✨ . 🍦SAVE ROOM FOR DESSERT🧁! Soft foam Mint Chip ice cream cone hat & matching shoulde…

puff mami👑 ‏@__andbeyondd

Join Spelman Dance Theater for their first Gallery Sessions performance Saturday, Nov. 17th! 💃🏾 🖼 Our students and…

SLICK PIMPIN ‏@slickpimpin75

1 of my favorite ppl ruthapplessoto did a painting 🎨🖼 of me 🤗🤗🤗🤗 n I must say she did a DAM GOOD JOB 👏🏾 in it…

Precious!!! ‏@LuisNSGD

Follow everyone who retweets and likes this 🖼

Sharnee Fenwick ‏@SharneeFenwick

And this morning we are doing some Christmas 🎄 Painting 🎨 #ChristmasCraft 🖼 #EzraIsTheKing 👑 #EzraDavid 💙…

Lo Profile ‏@profilecity

ARTWORK✅ MUSIC COMPLETED ✅ NEW EP BY LO PROFILE @profilecity ⚡️⚡️COMING SOON ⚡️⚡️ . . . butcher_se on the 🖼…

🍂 Hexibell ☕️ ‏@xoHexibell

Tomorrow’s agenda: clean the house, laundry, exercise outside and get some fresh air, and then draw draw draw 🖼

Refah. ‏@RAf46468862

@ChristiesInc I have Art 🖼

American GPC ‏@american_gpc

@kenradio Depends what talent we are talking!!! Leonardo da Vinci was talented by Spiritual inspiration and nowaday…

FrWn ‏@furwinrey

inhave sudden urge to do art 🖼

Maurice Beats ‏@BeatsMaurice

Let make art 🖼 something no one could ever copy in the world create my own peace and great I really am a creator

A-L ‏@ALplena

- PoP UP ArT ExPeriencE - thanks to yacoartelatinoamericano 🎨🖼 #Art #ArtGallery #Arte #VictorRodriguezNYC

The Magnusson Group ‏@NJArtnAntiques

Fine Art Friday! 💐🖼 A rare still-life painting by Claude Monet titled ‘Bouqet De Glaïeuls, Lis Et Marguerites’ rece…

Tallie L. Brinson ‏@TallieLBrinson

Shout out to paarica for the work of Art.🖼 🙏🏾🔥❤️ #love #King&Queen

Framers' Workshop ‏@FramrsWrkshop

Antique stereoscopic images framed custom with some pretty French lines! 🖼 @ Framers' Workshop


⛈ 🌪 🌧 = 🖼 So very cool


The NORM Board is Exploring the Art of Rhematology as they prepare for the 2019 conference.🎨👨‍🎨👩‍🎨🖼

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